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LB Bowman says he’s Ray Lewis fan

Posted on 31 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on whether he was a Washington Redskins fan growing up) “No, I was a Cowboys fan. I think that’s because I wanted to go against the grain. Being the youngest in the house, being the baby, my mom, my brother, my aunts, everyone liked the Redskins; so I decided to go to the rivals with the Cowboys. It’s always been a great time whenever those two play each other.”


(on whether he remembers a game when there was so many great linebackers playing on the same field) “No. The first game we played against them last year, they were able to get us. That’s the only game I can recall. It’s going to be a great matchup. It’s been talked about for a long time. People have been hoping that the Ravens and 49ers got into the Super Bowl, now it’s here. Both teams have to go out here and put on a show and play lights out.”


(on whether the 49ers or Ravens have the best linebackers) “We’ll see on Sunday.”


(on the best Ravens linebacker) “I’ll go with Ray (Lewis). Ray’s been doing it a long time. We’ve definitely modeled some of our game after him. He was able to put the linebacker position at such a high standard. It’s helped everyone at the linebacker position. I’m a fan of Ray’s and excited about him and hope that he felt like he gave the game everything he had.”


(on his relationship with Patrick Willis) “We’re always by each other, always talking. On the field we do what we do. Off the field we’re brothers. Any time I need to go to him or talk to him about anything, he’s always willing to listen or give me an answer; and vice versa. That’s the type of person you want in a teammate. I admire him off of how humble he is and how down to Earth he is. I tell him all the time that that is going to carry him a long way. If he can just stay the same, stay down to Earth and treat people the way they need to be treated; and he definitely does that.”


(on what makes the 49ers linebacker core so dangerous) “What makes us dangerous is our confidence is through the roof. Our work ethic is through the roof. Anything that we have to do in regards to the 49ers, we’re willing to do it. Some teams and coaches may not be on the same page. We’re all on the same page with our coach. We understand what he wants and what he’s trying to get accomplished every single week, and it’s just been working out for us.”


(on why he chose Penn State) “I went to Penn State when I saw a video of LaVar Arrington. He mentioned that ‘If you play linebacker you’d be crazy not to go to Penn State.’ I always thought of myself as a really good linebacker, at different levels, but I always thought I was pretty good. I didn’t want to let this opportunity slip up. It always stuck in my head throughout the whole process. I chose Penn State and when I got there it was linebackers, linebackers, linebackers; doing everything right. That motivated me to play my game or pick up little things from guys who had already been there. They put linebackers in the league and that is where I’m trying to go. I hold a standard in my game to represent Penn State and where I come from, and how hard and how much coaching I received in playing linebacker. It’s just been working out for me.”


(on the 49ers linebackers) ‘I believe we have to win this game. I think a lot of doors will open for us, all for of us, at the linebacker position. Right now is the game that will solidify any type of talk or hype. It’s kind of like a sense of security. If you want it, if you want to be held at the top, then we have to win this game. That’s what it comes down to.”


(on how they will approach the Ravens) “Getting them (the Ravens) off their rhythm. Teams come out and they try to start a rhythm and if they have success then it will be pretty tough for you to stop them. Just breaking their patterns, getting them off their rhythm, making them do something they really don’t want to do and putting them in long-distance situations and I’m sure we’ll be fine. Last year, the game was so amped up, due to the brothers playing in it. It was just a distraction. This year, we’re down here, we’ve been down here earlier this season. We’re familiar with everything and we’re just focusing on the game.”





Super Bowl XLVII – Thursday, January 31, 2013






(on how the team has handled the postseason ) “The postseason is win or go home. None of us wants to go home yet. I think that’s how we’ve prevailed through the Falcons. The work that we’ve put in and how far we got last year, we just don’t want to let it happen again. We don’t want to feel that feeling again. We’ve definitely zeroed in just a little bit more than the regular season.”


(on what Joe Flacco is able to do at the quarterback position) “He’s able to run an offense, an offense with a lot of weapons that he has. Joe does a great job being very patient and realizing the look that a defense is trying to give him, and he finds the guy he wants to give the ball to. We are going to have to be patient also, on defense, disguise as long as we can and see if we can get a big play on them.”


(on whether he is concerned with his teammates injuries affecting their play on Sunday) “I’m not concerned. It’s the Super Bowl. At the end of the day, when you wake up that morning, all pain goes away, every pain. You don’t feel anything but your adrenaline rushing and you just want to go out there and give it your all. I’m not worried about it. Half of the guys in this league have been playing hurt since Week 10. It’s part of the game. Pain and all of that will be out of their system by the time Sunday comes.”


(on Jim Harbaugh improving his press conference performances) “You guys (the media), probably about eight or nine weeks, have been commenting on his podium technique. I think he’s starting to get the hang of it and being patient with the questions and giving you a good answer. It’s good, now that he’s facing his brother, so you don’t know what the two are going to say on each side.”


(on how bad Jim Harbaugh wants to beat his brother) “He wants to beat him. I know he does. If it was me, I would want to beat my brother, especially on such a big stage with such media attention. You know you’re going to have bragging rights for awhile. He’s been coaching very well, not too much talking about his brother, but making sure that we practice well and that we’re focused and that we’re the best prepared the way we need to be prepared.”


(on having to see his coach have to congratulate his brother if the 49ers lose) “That’s pretty bad. There is only going to be one person happy in this game, and that’s the Harbaugh family. Jack and his wife will be happy, but someone is going to go home with a sad face.”


(on two brothers competing against each other) “Brothers compete the most when their parents are watching. Parents are going to be like, ‘Y’all calm down now,’ and try to break it up to keep everyone happy. At the end of the day, it’s your team versus his team, and you have to win. Brothers always have been competing since day one. He can deny the questions all he wants, but if you have a brother, you know that he wants to win and beat his brother very bad.”


(on what impresses him most about the Ravens defense) “They’re a physical football team, just like us. A lot of the Ravens are similar: character, the people that they have on their team is really similar. What’s going to separate us is the commitment we’ve made to this year and their commitment, and who’s going to go out there and play the best.”


(on Ray Lewis) “He is respected by me tremendously. Coming from the D.C./Maryland area, I’ve been hearing about Ray since I came out of the womb. I’m a fan of his. He’s coming to his last game. I know he is going to go out there and play his heart out. The guy has really set the linebacker position very high, set it at a high standard. I’m blessed to be in this era and be able to play this game with the things that Ray has done in previous years.”

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Bowman says Ray Rice underestimating San Fran LB’s ability to cover him

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on how competitive he was with his brothers growing up) “We were very competitive. We’re still competitive to this day. Anytime you get a chance to go up against your family member, it’s a little bit more personable, but at the end you can laugh about it. Before it happens we definitely want to win, so I know how (Jim) Harbaugh is feeling.”


(on if it was good to get back to football and practice today) “Yes. We started off yesterday walking through, but today we can run around a little bit.”


(on if he felt like he was out of rhythm with all of the time off) “No, not at all. Everywhere you walk, you see the Super Bowl. You see 49er helmets. So you’re always going to be in rhythm when you see that.”


(on how he and Patrick Willis contrast one another on the field) “I think we complement each other well due to the fact that we’re very similar in athletic ways. We have a chance to disguise a lot of our defenses because we can do a lot of the same things. I just think that gives us an advantage. When going against opposing offenses, they really can’t get a read on what type of defense that we’re in because we’re staying put. We just benefit from it.”


(on stopping the run on Sunday and how important the linebacker corps will be to ensure a win for the 49ers) “The biggest thing is to stop the run. Whenever you can make a team one-dimensional, it gives you a better shot to win the game. That’s our job in the middle, up-front, front seven, just to stop the run and once we do that we’ll be able to let them loose on the outside.”


(on emerging as an every-down linebacker and his ability to cover in the passing game as well as stopping the run) “I just pride myself covering guys, whoever it is – fast, quick, whatever – and I think that’s what you need to separate yourself in this league. You have to be able to do something different or unique and a lot of guys can’t do that at my position.”


(on what to expect from him in this game) “Me to leave it all out there on the field. It’s the last game of the season. We can rest later.”


(on who the best athlete on the team is) “Probably Isaac Sopoaga. He’s about 350 (pounds), can throw the ball probably 100 yards, can catch, can run, can lift whatever he wants to lift and can eat whatever he wants to eat.”


(on how much responsibility he needs to have when Ray Rice is coming out of the backfield considering Rice’s unpredictability) “We’re always matched up on running backs, so I’m not too much worried about it. You have to realize what’s at stake and focus up a little bit more, key in on what to expect. Ray’s a great athlete also. I know they’re going to try to get him the ball as much as possible, but Coach (defensive coordinator Vic Fangio) has done a great job with calling the defenses at right time. So, I’m sure we’ll be in the right defense in the right situation.”


(on if Ray Rice is the most dangerous player on Baltimore’s offense) “They use him a lot on their offense, even on third down. You don’t see too many running backs that’s a go-to guy on third down and they definitely try to get him the ball.”


(on his ability and Patrick Willis’ ability to cover tight ends one-on-one and how it provides an advantage for the defense) “Half of it goes to our ability to do it and half of it goes to Vic’s (Fangio) feeling of what type of situation it is. If they’re running short and intermediate routes or if they’re going deep. So, all of that comes into play when you’re covering a tight end or wide receiver. You have to know the situation, the down and distance because if you think something’s coming and it’s something else, you could get beat. So, it’s not just about the athletic part, it’s the knowledge of the game. All three of us – me and Pat and Coach Vic working together – we just take a lot of pride in covering the tight ends and wide receivers.”




Super Bowl XLVII – Wednesday, January 30, 2013







(on if he and Patrick Willlis’ positions are interchangeable) “Yes. If the game speeds up, we go to what we know, 100 percent, no mistakes because it’s going so fast. But, if the team’s tempo is slow and we’re understanding, and we’re in a rhythm, we’ll mess with their heads and sit still.”


(on how difficult it is to pick out a guy like Ray Rice who can hide behind offensive linemen) “It’s not that difficult. I don’t know, I can see him.”


(on if Ray Rice is underestimating the 49ers linebackers ability to cover in the passing game) “Yes, he’s underestimating. We’ll have to go out and show him on Sunday. I’m looking forward to it. We’ve all worked hard to get this far. There’s going to be one winner in this winner and it’s going to be the Harbaugh family.”


(on his high school experience at Suitland) “It was a great experience. I was able to play varsity since I was a freshman – basketball and football and I was able to have success in both. My junior year I decided to just stick with football just because I wasn’t getting any taller and the letters were coming in for football. I was just able to let the fans, my classmates and teammates fill me up and say I had an opportunity to be great. I was just playing the game back then. I was blessed with some talent. I was able to earn a scholarship to Penn State and that just went well for me. I was able to earn my degree and make it to this level.”


(on putting the last two seasons into perspective as well as his relationship with Patrick Willis during that time) “It’s like you see what you can get in front of you. We refused to just let it disappear. We refused to take a day off. As far as me and Pat, we don’t take days off. We’ve been working hard ever since we’ve met. Pat had a rough four years while he was with the 49ers and we were able to get this thing rolling together and we want to win this thing together.”


(on if he was frustrated waiting for his opportunity or if he knew that in 2011 he would get his chance) “I was young. I don’t know. I didn’t really let it get to me. I was very patient. Whenever you’ve got guys like Takeo (Spikes) and Pat (Willis) in front of you, you can’t really complain. You just have to make sure you’re working as hard as them, you’re preparing like them and you’re just sitting back. They eased me in there on third downs my rookie year. I’m a fan of Takeo Spikes. I’m a fan of Pat. I got placed in a unique situation where I know I can get better in this rookie year because Takeo and Pat are going to take all the snaps. I know I can get better off the field without playing and just see little things that can help my game next year because next year I’m going to come back and I’m going to really be ready to play a 16-game season. All those things were in my head. My rookie year, I enjoyed it. It was the best, but my second year I came back and I wanted to play and I was able to get in a right situation to be able to do that.”

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Niners LB Bowman says Lewis deserves attention he’s receiving

Posted on 29 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on how Penn State University prepared him for where he is today) “Penn State’s prepared me in a way that’s definitely made me mature. Just going through Joe Paterno’s program, he’s definitely made me understand life a little better, I think, and a lot faster than a lot of guys that come into this league. It’s taught me how to treat this league – this job – as a business and treat your body and the whole body of work like you’re a professional because that’s what the coaches are really looking at.”


(on going up against Baltimore’s offense) “They’re a good offense. They wouldn’t be in this position if they weren’t. We just have to go out there and play our game. They do a good job getting the ball to their playmakers, scheming against good defenses. We just have to go out there and execute the game plan that (San Francisco defensive coordinator) Vic’s (Fangio) prepared for us and I’m sure we’ll be OK.”


(on what San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh has meant to the team in terms of keeping them focused on the game) “His message was simple: sacrifice the partying, the leisure time that we’re going to have, the family members. Sacrifice all that because this opportunity comes one time. If you can’t sacrifice all that, you’re just really wasting all the work that you’ve put in for this long throughout this season. So, this team is very veteran-like, understands the opportunity that we have. Coach just gave us the heads up, but he wasn’t worried about the distractions or anything because of the guys we have on this team.”


(on if San Francisco has a curfew for its players) “Yes, we have a curfew. Don’t know the time right now, but he gave us two days without curfew. Starting today, we’ll have a curfew and he’s zoning in on the game.”


(on if he thinks that San Francisco has an advantage because they played in New Orleans previously this season) “I don’t know if it gives us an advantage, but I definitely think it gives us less things to worry about. When I say that I mean the distractions. I mean we’re familiar with the area. We’re not going to let anything grab our attention and take away our mindset from the game. I think it’s a sense of comfortability here. We’re really keyed in our assignments.”


(on how it makes him feel when he hears himself being described as an elite linebacker) “It makes me feel great, but it’s nothing. I still have a lot of football left to play. I’ve seen guys talked good about and they continue playing and if they’re not playing well, they’re talked bad about. The success is great right now. The attention is great, but I just want to continue on and continue getting better and see where I end up at the end of this whole thing.”


(on his message to everyone back at home in the Washington, D.C. area) “My message to everyone back at home, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for affecting me in every way. Thank you for teaching me everything that I’ve learned. Thank you from making me who I am. No one around where I’m from, or my area, would ever imagine anyone would be in this position. I just want to say thank you to everyone that had anything that had anything to do with supporting or really actually doing it. Just thank you.”


(on his thoughts on NFL Media Day) “It’s exciting. I figured it’d be like this, everything that I expected. At the end of the day, my high school coach use to say on things like homecomings, ‘Everyone comes out and wants to go to parades and do all the festivities, but at the end of the day they remember who won or lost the game. At the end of the day that’s the most important thing and that’s what I’m focused on.”


(on how important defense will be in the game) “Defense is always important when you’re on the road, when you’re not at home where you’re comfortable at. Defense is important because you don’t know the struggles the offense is going to have early in the game. It’s two great quarterbacks in this game. I’m looking forward to it. Joe (Flacco) got us once before last year, but I think we’re a better team, a better defense and the stakes are much higher.”






Super Bowl XLVII – Tuesday, January 29, 2013







(on if Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis has received too much attention for his final game) “Ray deserves the attention that he’s receiving with him leaving this game. It’s a great thing for him. Like I said, he deserves it. We’re not mad about it or feeling like we’re not getting enough attention. I want to say thank you to him for putting this game and the linebacker position at the level that it is.”


(on what problems the read-option presents and how does a defense counter it) “A lot of quarterbacks can’t run as fast as Colin (Kaepernick). He’s a guy that’s very good with his feet and also can stand in and deliver a great ball. So, having Colin on our team is a huge challenge for opposing defenses. I’ll be the first one to tell you, you think you’re up on him when he’s running, but he’s running faster than what it looks like and he’ll get past you. He’s a guy that we’re glad to have on our team.”


(on how surprised San Francisco linebacker Aldon Smith was when he won the team MVP award and what that does for him) “I don’t know how surprised he was, but I voted for him. I think he earned it. I think when he received the award. You have a way to go, either continue getting better, hold yourself even higher or you can stay the same. Aldon’s the type of guy that will continue getting better. As you can see he’s gotten better from last year. We’re excited about it. Hopefully he can win it again.”


(on what it’s like playing with linebacker Patrick Willis and how they feed off one another) “We feed off each other a lot. Throughout any game, me and Pat are always on the same page. We’re always just talking about anything. I think when it comes to it, our defense having any type of success, me and Pat have to be on our job and we’re always on it. That’s what our team requires with both of us and we enjoy doing our job.”


(on how much Patrick Willis has helped with his development as a player) “He’s helped a lot throughout anything that this level has brought to me. Pat’s been there whether I needed to just talk or have a question. He’s always had the answer. He’s just a humble guy. You’d think coming into this game a guy that’s held at such a high-level would accept a young guy like me and really show me the ropes and give me every opportunity to get as far as he has in this league, if not close to it. I’m just blessed to have him as a teammate.”


(on what he likes about playing for defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and what he’s meant to the team) “I love Coach Fangio. He’s just the coach/coordinator that you want. He’s never mad, never too happy. He’s always just being the coach that he is whether we did something wrong and not playing the way that he knows that we can play. He’s always got words of wisdom and doesn’t make you feel like you’re playing bad or doing something wrong. He just gives you a way of understanding and knows that you can do it and get better. Just him understanding the type of players that he has – guys that can run. His calls are chosen with knowing the type of players that he has in certain situations. I think Vic’s the perfect fit for us. Everything’s just been working out for us this year.”


(on how the defense meshes together and plays off one another) “We just play together. We push each other. Anytime anything happens out there on defense that we don’t feel comfortable with, it’s our jobs – Ahmad (Brooks), Aldon (Smith), Pat (Patrick Willis), me –to get it right and get it stopped. I think that’s the reason we’ve been having our success. I think that’s the type of guys that you need on a Super Bowl team, is guys that anytime adversity comes you find a way to overcome it. That’s what we’ve been doing all year.”


(on if San Francisco is a team that can be good for the next decade) “Yes, I think so. We have an opportunity to be great, but we have a huge game on this Sunday. To get to what you’re talking about, without a doubt, we have to win this game.”






Super Bowl XLVII – Tuesday, January 29, 2013







(on what will be key to stopping the Baltimore offense for him and the entire defensive unit) “Me specifically, I’ve been trying to prepare the way that their offensive coordinator is thinking. If they’re having success at one thing, will they come back to it in a different look or things like that. Me just staying focused, recognizing the situations in the game, understanding what my defensive coordinator is thinking at the time he calls a play, that will put me in the best position to defend the offense.”


(on how familiar he is with the team’s history) “I’m very familiar. Those guys set the bar pretty high for us guys who’ve come after them. We’ve been hearing about it, crush for six, bring that ring back. So, the pressure’s on and this is the team that deals with pressure in a very good way.”

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