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Justin McGuire: O’s must find reliable starters to make 2016 great

Posted on 19 April 2016 by WNST Staff

Justin McGuire joined Nestor to discuss the Orioles’ promising start to the 2016 season and touched on a variety of topics, including their surprise 7-0 start.

“It’s the best start in Baltimore Orioles history,” McGuire said. “It’s a bit surprising that they started out as well as they did. I think the reason they did is kind of what we expected, hitting a lot of home runs and scoring a lot of runs. That’s kind of what we expected from this team…if they can keep that up, it’s going to be a real interesting year.”

While there are mostly positive things to say about the Orioles’ offense, their pitching may prove to write a different script as the season unfolds. Justin touched on the newest starter in town, Yovani Gallardo.

“I think if you’re flying on Gallardo to be a top of the rotation guy, that tells you all you need to know about that rotation,” McGuire said. “If you look at the numbers the last several years, his velocity and consistency has been down, and he’s been pretty uniformly awful after the sixth inning the past couple years. We saw that a couple days ago too, he is a guy that runs out of gas and doesn’t get deep into games for you.”

Justin continued to discuss the starting pitching, and made it clear that he feels that area of the team is the key to a successful 2016 season in Birdland.

To hear Nestor’s complete chat with Justin McGuire, click here:

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Ed Frankovic: 3rd period of Game 3 “Very Embarrassing to the NHL”

Posted on 19 April 2016 by WNST Staff

Ed Frankovic and Nestor made the pilgrimage to the City of Brotherly Love for Game 3 Washington Capitals series vs the Flyers, and any thought the the Flyers would grab momentum back on their home ice was eliminated midway through the game as the Capitals took a commanding lead and things got out of hand inside the Wells Fargo Center.

“Very embarrassing to the NHL what transpired in that third period on Monday night,” said Frankovic. “The Capitals took advantage of the Flyers essentially melting down, not only their players but the fans. I go back to maybe fans throwing rats on the ice in Florida where there were some delay of games, but I’ve never actually been at a game when the people in attendance were whistled for a delay of game for throwing things on the ice.”

Frankovic continued to discuss the Flyers fans and he didn’t have great things to say about his experience.

“Last night, it wasn’t so much overzealous, but they were just being sore losers,” Frankovic said. “They were clearly frustrated. It’s kind of a shame to see that on what was supposed to be a glorious night of celebrating Ed Snider. I don’t think Mr. Snider would have been pleased with that. The Capitals certainly made them pay, they didn’t retaliate with their firsts. Instead, they retaliated by putting the puck in the net.”

Ultimately, the Capitals are looking like the clear best team in hockey as they have taken a commanding 3-0 lead over the Flyers. While they look to be in prime position to advance to Round 2, how will they fare once they advance as the pressure mounts given the recent playoff failures of the Caps?

“There’s nothing not to like about the Capitals right now, except for their history,” Aparicio said.

To hear Nestor’s complete conversation with Ed Frankovic, listen here:

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Mike Harmon: Can't dismiss Manning allegations

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Mike Harmon: Can’t dismiss Manning allegations

Posted on 17 February 2016 by WNST Staff

Mike Harmon caught up with Nestor this week, and among a variety of topics, they discussed the ongoing Peyton Manning scandal that has recently rocked the NFL landscape.

While many people heard about these allegations for the first time in the days after Super Bowl 50, Mike was aware of the rumors surrounding his time at Tennessee.

“This is something that has been sitting in the ‘left nav’ of a couple of websites for quite a while, to go into those technical web terms of left navigation as you go through your main articles,” Harmon said. “It’s something that’s been percolating in the past, but that’s just what it is, because of the settlement and such, everybody had kind of put it aside.”

“Some are trying to dismiss it, but you can’t,” Harmon said. “Some are trying to parse through and figure out if it’s just a locker room prank versus an assault.”

To listen to their full conversation, listen here:

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Dennis Koulatsos: Terps loss to Wisconsin "almost predictable"

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Dennis Koulatsos: Terps loss to Wisconsin “almost predictable”

Posted on 17 February 2016 by WNST Staff

Our great friend and partner Dennis Koulatsos, General Manager and partner at Koons Ford of Security Boulevard, checked in with Nestor this week to give his thoughts on the Terps, Cam Newton, the upcoming NFL combine, and much more.

After a rough home loss to the Wisconsin Badgers, Dennis notes that it’s not easy to play with a target on your back, and the #2 Terps certainly fit that bill.

“They are the hunted,” Koulatsos said. “When you are the number two team in the country, you’re everybody’s biggest game. You’re circled on their calendar, and whether you’re home or away, they’re coming after you for sure. So you got to bring your ‘A game’ every single night, and these are still kids. It’s hard to expect them to rise up every single time. To me, the way they’ve been playing, this home loss was almost predictable.”

Not only did the Terps lose, but Diamond Stone’s technical foul during the upset ended up costing his team more than just one game, as he will be suspended during the team’s upcoming road game at Minnesota. Dennis expects Stone to learn from this mishap.

“It’s all part of his growing process,” Koulatsos said. “He is very very young. They’ve insulated him the best that they could. But again, these are young kids and his emotions got the worst of him, and he’s going to pay a penalty.”

To hear the full conversation between Dennis Koultatsos and Nestor Aparicio, listen right here:

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Tom Sorensen on Super Bowl 50: Panthers couldn't handle Broncos defense

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Tom Sorensen on Super Bowl 50: Panthers couldn’t handle Broncos defense

Posted on 15 February 2016 by WNST Staff

Tom Sorensen covers the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer, and he joined Nestor and WNST to discuss the Panthers magical ride to a 15-1 regular season on their way to ultimately losing Super Bowl 50 to the Denver Broncos.

Tom pointed out that while the Panthers have the same sort of atmosphere surrounding the team as the Ravens do, as far as football being the main sport in Charlotte, this is the first year that the Panthers were the toast of the NFL.

“The NFL has long been the number one sport here, and after that it’s college basketball and college football, but this is the first season the Panthers have had where they were recognized as the best team in football,” Sorensen said. “They attracted so many peripheral fans, and it was cool to see. No matter where you went, whether it be the grocery store, bars, or gym, it was what people were talking about.”

As for the Super Bowl, Tom doesn’t think you have to dig too deep to understand what went wrong for the Panthers.

“It was a pretty simple game,” Sorensen said. “They could not handle that defense of Denver. It’s a truism, but the best defensive team usually wins.”

To listen to Tom Sorensen’s full chat with Nestor Aparicio, click here:


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Ovie Mughelli: Running game still necessary to win in NFL

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Ovie Mughelli: Running game still necessary to win in NFL

Posted on 15 February 2016 by WNST Staff

Former Ravens fullback Ovie Mughelli is now a sports analyst for 680 The Fan in Atlanta, and after catching up with Nestor and Luke at the Super Bowl in San Francisco, he hopped on this week to touch on a variety of NFL topics.

Ovie discussed the lack of emphasis that NFL teams now put on running the football and having a good fullback compared to years past, but he pointed out that having a great running game is still an essential when developing a winning formula.

“Remember two years ago when the Dallas Cowboys finally had success, it was Demarco Murray making Tony Romo look like he was a mix of John Elway and Peyton Manning and Brett Favre all mixed in one, because he didn’t have to worry about the box not being stacked of people out there waiting for the pass every single time,” Mughelli said. “Having a balanced offense always gives you a better opportunity to win. The fullback gives you that balanced offense, having someone to lead the way for the tailback, even when the offensive line breaks down, I think it absolutely necessary now.”

Of course, the former Ravens fullback admits that he is a bit biased with his thoughts.

“Obviously, I’m a little biased as I’m a fullback, but year after year, the teams that go deep in the playoffs and get to the Super Bowl are teams that are balanced and at least have some semblance of a running game,” Mughelli said.

To hear Ovie Mughelli’s entire conversation with Nestor, listen here:



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Chris Burke: Cam Newton not going after fumble much worse than press conference

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Chris Burke: Cam Newton not going after fumble much worse than press conference

Posted on 15 February 2016 by WNST Staff

Chris Burke covers the NFL for Sports Illustrated, and he joined Nestor this week to discuss a variety of topics including the Peyton Manning scandal, Cam Newton, the Big 10 basketball environments, including Purdue’s Mackey Arena, the NFL combine, and much more!

As for Cam Newton and the talk surrounding his Super Bowl post-game press conference, Chris had an interesting take.

“To me, not going after that fumble late in the game was worse than the press conference,” Burke said. “It’s such a scattered post-game atmosphere, it’s all jammed into one spot, both teams, it’s a curtain that separates them, and Cam was right next to where the Broncos were. I can understand why he was upset and short with the media.”

That said, Chris would like to have seen Newton handle his media responsibilities differently.

“He’s got to handle that better,” Burke said. “He’s a veteran quarterback now, he’s the face of that franchise and one of the faces of the NFL. He’s got to be more professional in that situation. But like I said, what happened on that fumble where he just sort of pulled up and didn’t try to dive on it, that bothered me far more than anything that happened in the press conference.”

To hear Chris Burke’s full conversation with Nestor Aparicio, listen here:


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Ed Frankovic: Caps regained their form in close loss to Dallas

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Ed Frankovic: Caps regained their form in close loss to Dallas

Posted on 15 February 2016 by WNST Staff

Our resident WNST hockey expert Ed Frankovic hopped on with Nestor to give a Washington Capitals update.

Though the Caps fell short to Dallas 4-3 over the weekend, they made a furious comeback after being down 4-0.

“The Capitals threw the kitchen sink at Dallas in the 3rd period,” Frankovic said. “It really was their best 20 minutes of hockey in a long time. They got back to playing a style that fits them, and a style that they’re going to have to play in the playoffs if they’re going to win that trophy that they want in June.”

“When the Capitals play the way that they did in that 3rd period, I don’t think there’s a team in the league that could beat them,” Frankovic said.

To hear Ed Frankovic’s entire chat with Nestor Aparicio, listen here:

Attention Capitals fans: Come join us at Buffalo Wild Wings in Bel Air as we’ll be spending “Leap Day” with Caps head coach Barry Trotz on Monday, February 29th at 730PM. Click here for all info

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Jeff Potrykus: Badgers taking MD crowd out of game was key

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Jeff Potrykus: Badgers taking MD crowd out of game was key

Posted on 15 February 2016 by WNST Staff

Jeff Potrykus covers the Wisconsin Badgers for The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel , and he checked in with Nestor Aparicio to discuss the Badgers upset road win at Maryland over the weekend.

Potrykus said that the Terps upset win over Wisconsin during the 2014-2015 season acclimated the Badgers to the atmosphere in College Park.

“It’s interesting because the UW who went there last year loved that environment,” Potykus said. “They said even though they lost that game, it was a great environment to play in and enjoyed the atmosphere, and the guys this year were prepped for it.”

Potrykus believes taking the crowd out of the game was a big key for Wisconsin this time around.

“Two things happened. One, they got off to a fast start, and once Wisconsin built a double digit lead, they took the crowd out of the game,” Potrykus said. “Maryland made some surges in the second half and the crowd got into it, but Maryland was never able to get the crowd enough, and Wisconsin had some answers to make that a quieter place than most people are accustomed to.”

Jeff Potrykus went in to talk about the Badgers adjustment from Bo Ryan to Greg Gard, their NCAA Tournament hopes, and much more.

Listen here to his full chat with Nestor:


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Marty Conway: O's season ticket strategy "unorthodox"

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Marty Conway: O’s season ticket strategy “unorthodox”

Posted on 15 February 2016 by WNST Staff

Our good friend Marty Conway joined Nestor this week to talk all thing sports business, and one of the main topics of conversation was the Baltimore Orioles substantial increase in their season ticket prices.

Marty found it to be very unusual that the Orioles waited this long to announce their price change for 2016.

“This was very unorthodox and probably more than likely reflects the current management structure in the organization where Peter Angelos will be signing off on this to the point where he needs to see it and feel it,” Conway said.

“It’s also very unorthodox, I would think, to reference in the press statements about it, the signing of players and things like that,” Conway said. “Everybody understands that, you do not have to articulate that in your releases with respect to ticket prices. Unfortunately what they ended up with was headlines that say two things. They say a 20% ticket increase, that’s the number one headline, and the second headline talked about this being the result of signing players.”

To listen to Marty Conway’s entire discussion with Nestor Aparicio, click here:

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