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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (1/20/10)

Posted on 20 January 2010 by Jack McManus


Chad Reuter is live in Orlando. He is covering the East-West Shrine Game. He states that many of the players in this game have great potential. Reuter discusses some of the wide receivers available. He explains that the underclassmen who declared early have boosted the class of pass-catchers. He calls Golden Tate a possible target for the Ravens in the draft. on the topic of quarterbacks, Reuter explains that after the second round, not much talent will be available. He also believes that Tim Tebow will drafted much higher than many people expect.



Dave Steckel of the Capitals is now on with Drew. Steckel scored the game winning goal last night against the Detroit Red Wings. He talks about the leadership Alexander Ovechkin provides as a captain. Next, Steckel talks about maintaining focus during a time where the team is running away with its division. Steckel also discusses the upcoming Olympic break. The players spend much of their time relxing before spending the latter part of the break to get back into shape.


Bob in Parkville calls in to talk about the earlier segment on Marvin Harrison. Bob believes that Harrison definitely shot the man in question. He goes on to say that this type of issue is far too common in the NFL. He states that nothing in any other sport compares to this.


Lomas Brown, of ESPN is next welcomed in. He begins by talking about the Colts-Jets game coming up this weekend. He is torn on which team he believes will win. As for the NFC Championship Game, Brown thinks the Vikings defense puts the team in a position to win. He states that Brett Favre came back to win a Super Bowl not just reach the NFC Championship. Finally, Brown talks about the CBA bargaining. The owners are asking for the players to assume a large loss in the percent of profits.


Merton is the next caller. Drew quickly jumps on Merton’s offer to take the Orioles from Baltimore too. He thinks Indy could turn the team in to a winner just like it did with the Colts. He makes sure to treat us with the Colts fight song before he leaves.


Art in Bel Air calls in. He wants to let Drew know he agrees that fans who no longer care for Matt Stover just because he played for Indy are wrong. He doesn’t care what team Stover chose to play for if it was the best situation for him.


Head coach of the Towson basketball team, Pat Kennedy is the next guest. Drew lets Kennedy know that whenever he accompanies a local team to Philly they lose. Therefore, Drew will stay away from the city for now. Kennedy admits that the losing hurts his team, but morale is still high. He states that the team is doing well in the paint right now. He is not upset about the team’s level of play despite the fact the team has not met expectations.


Jason Fagone of GQ joins Drew to talk about his story on Marvin Harrison. After publishing this story ESPN has revealed that the FBI is restarting investigations on Harrison. Fagone discusses with Drew how Harrison has returned to where he grew up despite his monetary success as a pro football player.


Miles from Owings Mills wants to make it clear that most Baltimore fans would welcome Stover back with open arms if he were to return next season.


Dan in Fallston is the next caller. He blames Stover for demanding a guaranteed contract from the Ravens when he knew the team did not give them out. Drew emphasizes that Ozzie Newsome made the decision on Stover and the idea of John Harbaugh not wanting Stover is false.


Lots of discussion on Matt Stover this morning. Bill in Essex talks about Matt has almost destroyed his legacy in Baltimore by going to play for the Colts. Drew points out that the Stovers are very sensitive to these types of issues becuase of their desire to be a part of the community.

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Blog & Tackle: Stats to check out on WNST.net

Posted on 13 January 2010 by Chris Pika

There will be plenty written and said in the next few days about the Ravens’ AFC Divisional Playoff matchup with the Colts on Saturday.

If you don’t know how much sports information resides on WNST.net, here is a great example of what you can find if you click on the grey bar at the top of the page where it says NFL: A head-to-head analysis of the Ravens and the Colts in 2009, and each team’s individual stats.

Ravens-Colts 2009 Comparison

2009 Baltimore Ravens Stats

2009 Indianapolis Colts Stats

I will have my “How I See It” column with a Ravens-Colts prediction up early Friday morning, but these team numbers should give you something to discuss with your friends leading up to game time.

All four games this weekend will be too close to call, in my opinion. The big surprise may come in New Orleans, where the Saints are vulnerable against the Cardinals. In fact, all four road teams (Arizona, Baltimore, Dallas and New York) have good reason for optimism against the division winners they face.

If you are not one of the many people traveling to Indy on the WNST Purple Playoff Trip or by other means, please join us at 8 pm here on WNST.net for the Playoff Purple Haze Live Chat with news and info from the Lucas Oil Stadium press box from Drew Forrester and Glenn Clark and your comments and questions during the game.

Click @BlogAndTackle to follow Chris Pika on Twitter

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (1/12/10)

Posted on 12 January 2010 by Jack McManus


Dan from Fallston next calls in. He talks about how the Ravens only passed the ball 10 times this past weekend. If the team is able to run the ball that often, the team is probably in good shape no matter what.


Stan Cotten, the play-by-play voice of Wake Forest, is next up with Drew. He discusses the up and down season Wake has experienced thus far. He calls the team’s inconsistent nature “odd.” Cotten next turns to how the Demon Deacons will try to shut down Greivis Vasquez. He states that Vasquez will definitely get his points, Wake must just limit his overall impact on the game. Cotten agrees with Drew that the ACC is having a down year this season.



Drew and Glenn talk about the decision Bill Belichick to defer to start the game. Both agree that in the playoffs, it is very important to start off with the ball in order to have a chance to seize momentum. No team can assume there will be a close game and they can “steal” a possession by taking the ball in the second half. Glenn also brings up the fact that the Colts have never won after a first round bye in the playoffs.



Steve in Edgewood is next up. He brings up the idea that the Ravens should knock Manning out of the game early on and deal with a fine or suspension later on. Its probably not a good plan.


Jerry from Timonium calls in. He brings up a previous game against the Colts in which Peyton Manning abused the secondary early on. He states that the Ravens need to get off to a much better start and rush the passes more effectively to have any chance of winning.



Tom in Rising Sun is the next caller. He compares that Patriots receiving corps to the Colts. Drew states that he believes Colts receivers and tight ends are much stronger that those of the Patriots. Tom also asks whether or not Flacco will be able to get back into a rhythm passing the ball. Drew explains that the team’s plan was not to run the ball as much as they did.


Patrick Stevens joins Drew to talk about the Terps. Stevens talks about the scheduling issues for the mens’ basketball team. After the teams victory over Florida State on Sunday night, the team had a short turn around before having to face Wake Forest tonight. On the topic of Wake, Stevens talks about how the Demon Deacons also lost to William & Mary during their out of conference schedule. Stevens next discusses with Drew how the ACC is most likely not as strong as it has been in recent years. Stevens states that if one player a night other than Greivis Vasquez can step up, the Terps will be a dangerous team. To finish up Stevens talks about how the CAA is a very strong basketball conference this season. It is a distinct possibility that a team could get an at-large bid out of the conference.



Kevin in Baltimore is the next caller. He asks Drew what advice he would give to Tiger Woods. Drew talks about how Tiger may now be able to play better golf if all his other issues are off his mind. He goes on to say that it was a very good idea for Tiger to “disappear” for a while.


Ross Tucker from Sports Illustrated is on with Drew to talk about the NFL playoffs. He first talks about how he really believes that Ravens have a solid chance of beating the Colts this weekend. Tucker thinks that the key to the game will be the pressure the Raven defense can put on Peyton Manning. Drew mentions that if the Ravens can get off to another strong start, they have a chance to win. Tucker also speaks about the thrilling game between the Packers and Cardinals this past weekend. He explains that the way the Saints finished the season leaves them in a vulnerable position to lose to the Cardinals.


John from Canton calls in to talk some Ravens. He starts off by talking about Ed Reed’s tendency to lateral the ball. He states that all the other defensive players should not get in a position to receive a backwards pass.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (1/7/09)

Posted on 07 January 2010 by Jack McManus


Jim Nantz who will call the Ravens-Patriots playoff matchup this weekend comes on with Drew. Nantz invites Drew to see him before the game. He talks about the teams’ previous game that was the Raven’s first loss of the season. Nantz next explains how the league has turned into an offensive league. He states that through the draft and hiring decisions the Ravens have adjusted well to this change. After talking to Harbaugh, Nantz says that the coach believes that team is better at every aspect of the game.



Sean Salisbury now joins Drew. He says that he is looking forward to a hard-hitting, good game between the Ravens and the Patriots. Drew tells Sean that he is sticking with his Super Bowl pick of the Chargers over the Packers in the Super Bowl. Drew states that he thinks the winner of the Green Bay-Arizona game will defeat the Saints. Sean agrees that a physical team could take down the Saints.



Devin Barclay is the next guest. He is a Maryland-native and was the kicker for Ohio State this past college football season. Barclay is a former professional soccer player. After his short career, he walked on at Ohio State and began to kick field goals. He talks about the pressure of playing for such a prominent national power house, like the Buckeyes. He next discusses why his soccer career did not pan out. He states that one thing can never determine one’s career. He explains that a multitude of factors led him to step away from the sport when he did.


Steve from Pimlico calls in. He brings up the fact that a team’s quarterback makes or breaks the coach. He gives the example of Bill Belichick before and after Tom Brady was the starting QB.


Drew talks about a comment Mike Paskoff made on his blog this morning. Mike then calls in and the two get in a heated discussion. They talk about Drew’s decision to lose a game on purpose


Brian Billick makes his weekly appearance. He begins by discussing the excitement of wild card weekend and the uncertainty for some head coaches. He next talks about the Cleveland Browns’ situation. The team is carrying some momentum into the offseason by winning its last four games. Brian explains that he is not sure what direction Mike Holmgren will take with coach Eric Mangini. Drew reminds Brian that the Buffalo Bills play the Ravens next season. Brian responds that he believes the Bills will find a top young coordinator to the head coach. Before he leaves, Brian says that Dallas will beat Philly, Green Bay will beat Arizona, the Ravens will beat New England, and New York will beat Cincinnati.



Jalen Parmele of the Ravens joins Drew early this morning. He starts off by talking about how it is exciting for him to able to make a name for himself in the NFL. He also states that he hopes to be a part of the mix for the kick returning job next year. Next, Parmele explains how the game this upcoming weekend will be special, since it is his first ever playoff. He also discusses the difference between returning punts and kicks. He states that he has not returned punts since high school. On the topic of preparation for the Patriots, Parmele says that the team is doing  essentially the same thing as the other weeks.

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A Coach Could Learn A Lot From That Guy In New England .....

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A Coach Could Learn A Lot From That Guy In New England …..

Posted on 10 December 2009 by Rex Snider

I will never write a blog centered on telling John Harbaugh how to coach a football team.

Quite frankly, I’m not qualified.

But, I do know a thing or two about changing cultures and motivating people. From creating a facelift of an organization or simply “tightening up the ship,” I’ve participated in the process.

And, I think we saw the latter, yesterday, in New England …..

Sports fans are fickle. You’re a very temperamental bunch – and when someone conveys a positive thought about a competitor, that same person is immediately dismissed as a “traitor.” Right?

But, if you set your personal feelings and contempt aside, I think you’ll find some value in the way other organizations conduct their business. Managing people is not a science – it’s an art. And, some leaders are very, very good at it.

The New England Patriots haven’t secured THREE SUPER BOWLS, in less than a decade, because they’re lucky. And, their success isn’t tied to surreptitious video footage of other teams, either.

If you’re rationalizing the Patriots success to anything other than GREAT LEADERSHIP, PROVEN TALENT and a COMMITMENT TO DOING THINGS THE RIGHT WAY, you’re just making excuses and lying to yourselves.

It’s that simple.

Yesterday, Bill Belichick sent Randy Moss and Adalius Thomas home – because they were late for practice. Yeah, it was snowing. Yeah, the roadways were messy. And, yeah, people are expected to assume a responsibility and plan for the expected and unexpected.

The New England Patriots are on the brink of surrendering the AFC-East lead and its time to “tighten up the ship.”

Do managers (and coaches) treat employees differently? Sure, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. You’ve gotta know the personal strengths of each performer and each player requires a differing level of discipline.

Former Cowboys Head Coach, Jimmy Johnson, likes to tell a certain story when he makes the lecture circuit and motivates audiences around the country …..

During their run of dominance, in the mid-90’s, Jimmy Johnson encountered a lack of discipline during a classroom session, where players were watching footage of the previous game. When the video ended and the lights raised, Johnson found Emmitt Smith and another player; a fringe offensive lineman, sleeping.

As Jimmy Johnson tells it, he woke Emmitt and told him to pay attention. He also woke the other player and told him to “GET OUT.” There is, indeed, a difference in how respective players are treated for the very same transgressions.

But, yesterday, Bill Belichick took a different approach …..

He is uniting the TEAM, above anything everything else. And, I’m betting it works.

The Patriots are 7-5, with just a one game lead in their division. Their remaining schedules finds contests against the Panthers, Bills, Jaguars and Texans. They’re not losing the division against this lineup.

And, Bill Belichick is ensuring it.

I’m certain there are people openly predicting the demise of the New England Patriots. You’re wrong. In fact, they’re likely to go on a serious run toward another AFC Crown – and, perhaps, 4th Super Bowl Championship.

Yes, the New Orleans Saints handed the “Brady Bunch” their collective asses, a couple weeks ago. But, they might’ve also provided Belichick and Brady with an up-close and personal blueprint for getting the job done.

But, this really isn’t about the New England Patriots and their playoff chances.

It’s about the Baltimore Ravens and their hopes for football, in January.

I love Baltimore …..

And, I’m a RAVENS FAN.

But, I respect the New England Patriots.

To that end, I’ve seized occasional opportunities to draw the similarities between John Harbaugh and Bill Belichick – especially in cases of evasive and surly treatment of the media.

I’m just hoping Harbaugh has a “Little More Belichick” up his sleeve – even if it means sending a couple players home for the day.

The flagrant on-field breakdowns must stop. The meltdowns and lack of personal composure must stop. These transgressions hurt the TEAM.

Once again, I’m not qualified to tell a Coach how to COACH.

But, I’d like to think I know discipline, when I see it.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (12/3/09)

Posted on 03 December 2009 by Jack McManus


Drew describes his confrontation with Steve Melewski last night. The two talked about Drew’s previous “Cheap Shot” at Melewski. Melewski told Drew to not come back when the Orioles are good again.


A caller brings up the possibility of Tiger’s wife going to jail, if the truth involves her assaulting Tiger. This causes Drew to talk about the double standard involving domestic violence. When a man beats his wife it is a disgrace, while when a woman beats her husband it is often considered funny. The same caller also discusses the issue of rowdy fans. Drew reminds him that the athletic department must not offend the students while telling them to simmer down a bit.


Gary Van Sickle from Sports Illustrated is the next guest. He is also on to talk about the Tiger controversy. He thinks everything will become even more interesting when more women come out about past affairs. He states that we have crossed the line from news to gossip. He next talks about The Golf Book which was written by the editors of Sports Illustrated. Van Sickle made contributions to the book. He calls it a perfect gift for Golf fans this holiday season. It will contain multiple never before seen photos. On the topic of what is next for Tiger, Van Sickle believes that in reality Tiger can still do whatever he pleases.



Phil Mushnick of the New York Post is now on with Drew to talk about his article about Tiger Woods. Mushnick’s point is that Woods has been given special privileges since the start of his career. He believes that nothing will change regarding Tiger’s golf game or the treatment his fellow golfers give him.



Old Man Mattison calls in to talk about his defense. Drew asks him if he is proud of how well his defense is doing. Old Man Mattison explains that he HAS been told that his group has been playing well. He also lets everyone know that Bart Starr has never seen the “dipsy doodle” before.


Nestor calls in to talk with Drew. He continues on the topic of college fans. He explains that the schools must do more to not allow intoxicated students into sporting events.


Another caller who was at the Towson game last night talks with Drew. He discusses the behavior of fans at the game. He explains that he has not seen something like that at the Towson Center before. He also talks about the prospects of Towson’s season.


A caller chimes in on Drew’s earlier cheap shot. He wants to put more blame on the high members of the athletic department.


Brian Billick now makes his weekly appearance. He will at the Detroit-Cincinnati game this weekend. He starts off by talking about the New Orleans Saints. Instead of talking about the high-powered offense, he focus on the defense, that he calls very physical. Brian now moves on to the job openings that will inevitably open around the NFL. He does not believe that as many coaches will lose their jobs as last season.



Drew is now taking his “Cheap Shot from the Bleachers.” He talks about the unacceptable behavior of fans at college basketball games. He also places blame on the administration for not addressing the issue either. He explains that fans are sometimes uncontrollable. He asks what is wrong with people who make the games a bad experience for everyone else in attendance.



John Feinstein joins Drew this morning. He talks about this weekend’s BB&T Classic Basketball Tournament. He is a major contributor for the event that raises for the Children’s Charities Foundation. Feinstein also discusses other newsworthy events in sports, including the Tiger Woods situation.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (12/1/09)

Posted on 01 December 2009 by Jack McManus

BREAKING NEWS: Ralph Friedgen will RETURN next season.


Charles Davis from Fox is up to chat with Drew. He begins by talking about the upsets in rivalry games this weekend. When it comes to instate rivalries, records often do not matter. No matter how much coaching is done, young players will look forward to the more meaningful games the week after. He next discusses the upcoming search for a coach at Notre Dame, now that Charlie Weis has officially been fired.

There has been a lot of discussion this morning about Mike Preston’s comment about Paul Kruger. Drew and Glenn discuss the role of race in the rooting interest for local fans. It is brought up that although Kelly Gregg is not a Pro Bowl player, you see many Gregg jerseys at M&T Bank Stadium each game.



Lomas Brown joins drew to talk some football. He starts off by talking about his Lions. He explains that Detroit recognizes the team’s improvement despite only having 2 wins. He states that the team still must learn to finish games more consistently. The city is united in support of Maryland-native Jim Schwartz as head coach. On the topic of the Monday Night Football game, Brown expresses how impressed he is with the Saints. He states that right now the Saints do not look like they will lose this season. Moving on the Ravens, Brown talks about the lack of fear the Ravens defense strikes into opponents this season. This has been a trend throughout the league. Parity has caused every team to compete week in and week out.


A caller brings up the Saints’ high-powered offense. Drew talks about the other strong offenses around the league. He points out that the Bengals have lost to the Raiders and scored only one offensive touchdown against the Browns since the loss of Cedric Benson.


Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times is on to talk about the Terps. He first discusses the future of head football coach Ralph Friedgen. He states that the longer the situation drags on the more Maryland’s recruiting will be impacted. Stevens also explains that even if Friedgen is fired, it will be difficult for Maryland to make a big-time coaching hire. The school is in the middle tier of the ACC at best.

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At long last, welcome back to the Unassisted Triple Play. You may have noticed my absence over the past several weeks. Probably you didn't, but I'll pretend that you did. Anyway, my inactivity has been largely the result of...

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And We’re Back

Posted on 30 November 2009 by Sam Angell

At long last, welcome back to the Unassisted Triple Play. You may have noticed my absence over the past several weeks. Probably you didn’t, but I’ll pretend that you did. Anyway, my inactivity has been largely the result of moving from Baltimore to Hartford, CT, where I now work in the sports information department at the University of Hartford, covering the men’s basketball team among other sports.

While I await my triumphant return to Baltimore to take on UMBC in an America East tilt on January 14, I’ve been keeping up with all the action from afar.


There was a moment last night when I thought to myself “a team that loses to a third-string quarterback has no business being in the playoffs. At least I won’t have to work myself up into an ulcer the rest of the season.”

Well, my health insurance at the new job just kicked in, so bring on the gastric acid!

I think any Ravens fan holding out hope for this season probably has a frame of mind similar to mine – the team hasn’t lost any games it shouldn’t have, and with the possible exception of the second Cincinnati game, they have been right in every game all year. Give me a second chance at the Patriots, the Colts, the Vikings…give me a third shot at the Bengals…I’ll take my chances.

That said, despite the fact that many fans and experts anticipated a Ravens blowout with Dennis Dixon in there, the Ravens needed a game like last night. They needed a do-or-die situation against the team they simply seemed incapable of getting over the hump against. They needed to prove that they aren’t seemingly the most snakebitten team in the history and get over the hump in one of those games. And they did it.

Now we know that Joe Flacco can win a game in the last five minutes if he has to. For all the greatness of his first 29 NFL games, he had yet to do that. A blowout would have been nice for our collective psyche, but going into last night, it didn’t matter if they won in overtime on a field goal or were resting the starters by halftime – it would just be one win, and they might very well need another one in Pittsburgh in late December to shore up a playoff berth.

That game will likely feature Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu and Chris Kemoetu, which has to be the hardest-to-spell trio on any inactive list in NFL history. The chances of the Ravens going into Pittsburgh and blowing the doors off the place are slim, but it is a strong bet that they will be in the game. If the Ravens find themselves down late in the game, they can look back at last night and know that they have a quarterback (and a running back) capable of moving the ball and getting them what they need to extend drives and seasons. If that hadn’t happened yesterday – even if the Ravens had won handily – that knowledge would not be in the back of their heads going up against the Super Bowl champs in a hostile environment. Now it is, and that will prove invaluable down the stretch for a team desperate to win and move on.

At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself for the sake of my health. In the meantime, Dennis is no Juan. And thank God we got the better half of the dynamic surveying duo.


With the Patriots and Saints underway tonight in one of the most hyped games of the season, and the Ravens and Steelers extending the best rivalry in the NFL right now with another classic last night, this week’s prime time games may end up bailing out the NFL for an embarrassment of a Thanksgiving opening course. Now, I won’t blame them for the clunker that Giants-Broncos ended up being. No one could have known that Eli was still more serious about his squash career than the Giants’ playoff hopes. But to pair the Cowboys with the Raiders, especially when the laughingstock that is the Detroit Lions had to be featured somewhere, was inexcusable.

The league has two teams locked into Thanksgiving every year. No one in their right mind could have counted on the Lions for a decent showing, even in a storied rivalry game. There’s only so much you can do with them, but that should have left the schedule makers pouring over the Cowboys’ home schedule trying to set up one of the best possible games for Thanksgiving.

So they look at who might be good coming into the season. in addition to their star-studded NFC East rivals, the Cowboys play Golden Boy Matt Ryan (who is no Chris Redman, mind you) and Philip, LT, and the Chargers in the Taj Mahal of football this season. So naturally, in the search for a marquee matchup, the NFL picked……..the Oakland Raiders?!

If the game on the field featured Jerry vs. Al in a tete-a-tete, then I could see it as fantastic holiday viewing. But that football game was more of a snorer than the tryptophan. Congratulations NFL, you’ve ruined Thanksgiving.

Of course, just like every other problem the NFL has experienced over the past 15 years, I’m sure they will find a way to Blame Baltimore. If the Ravens hadn’t ruined Jerry’s finale for Texas Stadium, maybe he wouldn’t have had to push for such a patsy on Thanksgiving. We knew that Le’Ron McClain was a power back. We didn’t know his footsteps would still be causing ripples eleven months later.


Normally I use this space for something irreverent and funny. Not today. Today I have something very serious to talk about with all of you. That, of course, was the mysterious disappearance of my Orioles and Ravens car magnets from my back bumper over the weekend. To whoever took them – assuming a Connecticut hoodlum reads random Baltimore sports blogs – I want them back. Put them back where you found them (the dirt outline of the “O” and the Ravens oval sticker are still there, so you should be able to do that no problem), and all will be forgiven. Otherwise, I will have you traced, and will send members of the UConn basketball team to steal your computer.

In the meantime, if any of my loyal readers have extra “O’s,” Ravens stickers, or any of the other things I’ve been missing from back home (Natty Boh, Berger cookies, Utz crab chips, Barry Glazer commercials, etc.), I would be forever in your debt.


No bigtime musicians born today, so today’s Happy Birthday goes to Simonetta Stefanelli, a.k.a. Apollonia from the Godfather. No one mastered the days of the week quite like her, and she still ranks in the top 50% of women drivers. And much like this blog, when she hit you with the thunderbolt, you were not going to forget it anytime soon.

Glad to be back everyone, talk to you all again soon.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/18/09)

Posted on 18 November 2009 by Jack McManus


A caller questions Drew about the relationship between a coach and the general manager. The GM always has the final say because of the financial situation. However, good front offices work together with the coaching staff to assemble the best team.


Matt Bradley of the Washington Capitals is now on with Drew. He scored the game-winning goal to beat the New York Rangers last night. He talks about how the team played strong with out their star Alex Ovechkin. He next speaks about the goaltending situation. He explains that it is beneficial to have two capable goalies. He moves on to the effectiveness of the team’s power play at this point. He states that the team is not trying to be too fancy right now and it is working.



Steve Lappas from CBS College Sports is the next guest. He is a former head coach for multiple Division I basketball teams. He starts off by talking about big-time teams visiting smaller schools. Yesterday, the Clemson Tigers played at Liberty. He calls playing at home the biggest advantage in college basketball. (I guess it didn’t help the Flames much). Lappas next talks about the outlook for Maryland’s season. He calls Greivis Vasquez a great all-around player.


A caller agrees with Drew’s blog this morningand goes even further to say that Matt Stover should receive a standing ovation.


Ross Tucker is now on with Drew to talk some football. He starts with his thoughts on the Larry Johnson signing. He states that he does not think that Johnson will be in a fourth-string role like Marvin Lewis says. Tucker explains that the Super Bowl teams rarely turn out the way it appears during the season. Therefore, he does not believe the Colts and the Saints will meet in the playoffs. He next explains Bill Belichick’s reasoning for his decision to go for it on 4th down. He talks about the statistics that back up Belichick’s choice.



The head coach of Towson’s final opponent, James Madison, Mickey Matthews is next up. He starts off by describing how his team has started to come together late in the season. The team faced one of the toughest schedules in the nation this year, and the team has improved noticeably because of it. Matthews hopes the Dukes will carry this momentum into next season. He next talks about how Rob Ambrose has helped change the philosophy of the Towson football program. He calls them a very capable team.



Rob Ambrose joins us this morning to talk about the Tigers before the end of their season. He brings up how his team has never given up. Despite the team’s struggles this season, the players love the team and the school. Regardless of the opponent, the Tigers fight each and every week. He next talks about the importance of having a good quarterback in order to make the next step to the FCS playoffs.


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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/29/09)

Posted on 29 October 2009 by Jack McManus


Glenn next talks about the story about Andre Agassi’s new book. He describes his shock in reaction to this news. He has always been a big fan of Agassi and would like to talk with about his book soon.   


Glenn gives a report about the Ravens injuries. Tavares Gooden and Ed Reed missed practice yesterday. Gooden had a head injury and Ed Reed was out due to injury. Both players are expected to play on Sunday, but more information should be available today.


Sean Salisbury is next up to talk some football. Sean Salisbury isn’t picking up, so we will need to move on.


Ryan Fagan, from Sporting News is on to talk with Glenn. Fagan starts off by talking about Cliff Lee’s great performance last night. He states that Lee was in the zone last night, as evidenced by his catch of Johnny Damon’s pop-up. He next talks about how the impact of home-field advantage in the World Series is exaggerated. He says instead winning game one is the most important indicator for who will win the series. He also states that the Yankess need to put last night’s game in the past and forget their struggles against Lee.



Rick calls in. He talks about Drew’s hatred of Philadelphia. He tells Glenn to at least halfway root for the Phillies. He personally will root for the Yankees. He also gives us his rendition of New York, New York.


A caller wants to congratulate Cliff Lee on his complete game last night. Glenn talks about pitching is what makes baseball special to watch. Homeruns can be exciting, but they do not provide good baseball. The caller points out how the Orioles would not make a move to acquire a player like Lee. Last night, Lee became the first pitcher in World Series history to not allow an earned run or a walk while striking out at least 10. (Thanks to Chris for this info). 


Brian Billick makes his weekly appearance. He talks about his even last night, Billick 101. He explains how he enjoys talking football with the average fan. He agrees with the public’s idea that the Ravens secondary needs improvement. He also talks about the improvement of the Arizona Cardinals and the importance of back-to-back playoff appearances for the long-troubled franchise. Brian next moves on the Packers-Vikings matchup. He believes that the Packers fans will show great respect for Brett Farvewhen he first comes on the field. He also states that the game has a great deal of importance for both teams aside from the attention on Farve. Brian calls the Saints the most complete team in the NFL. Brian next speaks on the lack of parity in the league this year. The difference between the good teams and the bad teams is vast.

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