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NFL.com’s Huguenin says Towson’s West will be 2nd or 3rd Round pick

Posted on 11 January 2014 by WNST Audio

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Coin toss to determine 16th pick in NFL Draft for Ravens, Cowboys

Posted on 30 December 2013 by WNST Staff

If we had told you at the beginning of the season that Kyle Orton would end up playing a role in the Baltimore Ravens’ future, would you have believed us?

Okay, we’re stretching a bit-but the outcome of Sunday night’s de facto NFC East Championship Game did end up impacting the Ravens moving towards the NFL Draft.

The Ravens and Cowboys were among six NFL teams that finished the season with 8-8 records. NFL Draft Order tiebreakers are determined by weakest strength of schedule, which handed the Chicago Bears the 14th pick in the Draft and the Pittsburgh Steelers the 15th pick. The Ravens’ 2013 Strength of Schedule was .484, matching the Dallas Cowboys.

Therefore, the Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys will be part of a coin flip to determine who will get that #16 pick. Coin flips are traditionally held in February at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. The loser of the coin flip will receive the #17 pick in the Draft.

And you thought that the drama of the 2013 season was over in Charm City.

Here is a rundown of the Top 20 picks in the NFL Draft, courtesy of NFL.com. The remaining 12 spots will be determined during the course of the NFL Playoffs.

1 Houston Texans 2 14 0.559 SOS
2 St. Louis Rams (WAS) 3 13 0.516
3 Jacksonville Jaguars 4 12 0.504
4 Cleveland Browns 4 12 0.516
5 Oakland Raiders 4 12 0.523
6 Atlanta Falcons 4 12 0.553
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4 12 0.574
8 Minnesota Vikings 5 10 1 0.512
9 Buffalo Bills 6 10 0.520
10 Detroit Lions 7 9 0.457
11 Tennessee Titans 7 9 0.504
12 New York Giants 7 9 0.520
13 St. Louis Rams 7 9 0.551
14 Chicago Bears 8 8 0.465
15 Pittsburgh Steelers 8 8 0.469
16 Baltimore Ravens* 8 8 0.484
17 Dallas Cowboys* 8 8 0.484
18 New York Jets 8 8 0.488
19 Miami Dolphins 8 8 0.523
20 Arizona Cardinals 10 6 0.516

*Draft spot to be determined by coin flip.

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In wake of Pitta injury, Ravens ink veteran TE Shiancoe to one-year deal

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In wake of Pitta injury, Ravens ink veteran TE Shiancoe to one-year deal

Posted on 28 July 2013 by Luke Jones

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The awful news of tight end Dennis Pitta potentially being lost for the season after suffering a dislocated hip on Saturday was followed by the signing of veteran tight end Visanthe Shiancoe a day later.

After general manager Ozzie Newsome visited with Shiancoe in Owings Mills on Friday, his signing to a one-year deal became a no-brainer with Ed Dickson moving to the top of the depth chart and the Ravens looking for another experienced tight end to fill the void left behind by Pitta. The Morgan State product is entering his 11th season in the NFL and has caught 243 passes for 2,677 yards and 27 touchdowns in time spent with the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, and New England Patriots.

Shiancoe spent last season in New England but did not record a reception in four games as Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez topped the Patriots depth chart. His best season came in Minnesota in 2009 when he made 56 receptions for 566 yards and 11 touchdowns playing with future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre.

The veteran will wear No. 81, the jersey formerly worn by wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

At 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds, the veteran should provide quarterback Joe Flacco another target in the red zone, but the question will be how much Shiancoe has left at this point in his career.


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Bovada gives Ravens 20/1 odds to win Super Bowl after Draft

Posted on 29 April 2013 by WNST Staff

Courtesy of Bovada, (www.Bovada.lv,Twitter: @BovadaLV).


Odds to win the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII        

San Francisco 49ers                              6/1

Denver Broncos                                    15/2

New England Patriots                            8/1

Seattle Seahawks                                  9/1

Atlanta Falcons                                     12/1

Green Bay Packers                                12/1

Houston Texans                                    18/1

New Orleans Saints                               18/1

Baltimore Ravens                                  20/1

New York Giants                                   20/1

Chicago Bears                                      25/1

Pittsburgh Steelers                                25/1

Dallas Cowboys                                    28/1

Washington Redskins                            28/1

Philadelphia Eagles                               30/1

Cincinnati Bengals                                35/1

Indianapolis Colts                                  35/1

Detroit Lions                                         40/1

Miami Dolphins                                     40/1

Minnesota Vikings                                 40/1

San Diego Chargers                              40/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers                         40/1

Carolina Panthers                                 50/1

Kansas City Chiefs                                50/1

St. Louis Rams                                     60/1

Cleveland Browns                                  75/1

New York Jets                                       75/1

Arizona Cardinals                                  100/1

Buffalo Bills                                          100/1

Oakland Raiders                                    100/1

Tennessee Titans                                   100/1

Jacksonville Jaguars                             200/1


E.J. Manuel – Will he start Week 1 for the Buffalo Bills in the 2013 Regular Season?          

Yes                  +200

No                    -300

Geno Smith – Total Starts in the 2013 Regular Season   

Over/Under                   4½


Matt Barkley – Total Starts in the 2013 Regular Season  

Over/Under                   2


Tavon Austin – Total Receiving Yards in the 2013 Regular Season 

Over/Under                    800


Tavon Austin – Total Receiving TD’s in the 2013 Regular Season    

Over/Under                    4½


Ziggy Ansah  – Total Sacks in the 2013 Regular Season   

Over/Under                    4½


Barkevious Mingo – Total Sacks in the 2013 Regular Season        

Over/Under                    3


Jarvis Jones – Total Sacks in the 2013 Regular Season    

Over/Under                    8


Tim Tebow Props

Tim Tebow – Will he start a game as a QB in the 2013 Regular Season?     

Yes                  +400     (4/1)

No                    -700      (1/7)


Tim Tebow – Which position will he play in his 1st Offensive play in the 2013 Regular Season?        

QB                               1/2

WR/TE                          3/2

RB/HB/FB                     5/1


Tim Tebow – What will happen first for Tim Tebow?           

Throws another TD Pass in the NFL          -500    (1/5)

Admits to having intercourse                   +300   (3/1)


Tim Tebow – Will he join the Montreal Alouettes in 2013?

(Note: Montreal owns Tebow’s CFL rights)  

Yes                  +1000   (10/1)

No                    -2500    (1/25)



Odds to win the 2013 Stanley Cup      

Pittsburgh Penguins                  7/2

Chicago Blackhawks                 15/4

Boston Bruins                           17/2

Anaheim Ducks                         12/1

Montreal Canadiens                   12/1

Los Angeles Kings                    14/1

St. Louis Blues                          14/1

Vancouver Canucks                   14/1

San Jose Sharks                       16/1

Washington Capitals                  16/1

New York Rangers                     18/1

Toronto Maple Leafs                 20/1

Minnesota Wild                         22/1

Detroit Red Wings                     28/1

Ottawa Senators                        28/1

New York Islanders                    40/1


Odds to win the 2013 NHL Eastern Conference           

Pittsburgh Penguins                  3/2

Boston Bruins                           4/1

Montreal Canadiens                   11/2

Washington Capitals                  8/1

New York Rangers                     17/2

Toronto Maple Leafs                 12/1

Ottawa Senators                        14/1

New York Islanders                    18/1


Odds to win the 2013 NHL Western Conference          

Chicago Blackhawks                 7/4

Anaheim Ducks                         11/2

Vancouver Canucks                   13/2

St. Louis Blues                          7/1

Los Angeles Kings                    15/2

San Jose Sharks                       8/1

Minnesota Wild                         10/1

Detroit Red Wings                     14/1


2013 Stanley Cup – Exact Matchup      

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Chicago Blackhawks                 11/2

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Anaheim Ducks                        14/1

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Vancouver Canucks                  16/1

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. St. Louis Blues                         18/1

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Los Angeles Kings                    18/1

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. San Jose Sharks                      20/1

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings                    30/1

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Minnesota Wild                         25/1

Montreal Canadiens vs. Chicago Blackhawks                  14/1

Montreal Canadiens vs. Anaheim Ducks                         35/1

Montreal Canadiens vs. Vancouver Canucks                   40/1

Montreal Canadiens vs. St. Louis Blues                          50/1

Montreal Canadiens vs. Los Angeles Kings                    50/1

Montreal Canadiens vs. San Jose Sharks                       55/1

Montreal Canadiens vs. Detroit Red Wings                     90/1

Montreal Canadiens vs. Minnesota Wild                          65/1

Washington Capitals vs. Chicago Blackhawks                20/1

Washington Capitals vs. Anaheim Ducks                        50/1

Washington Capitals vs. Vancouver Canucks                  60/1

Washington Capitals vs. St. Louis Blues                         70/1

Washington Capitals vs. Los Angeles Kings                   70/1

Washington Capitals vs. San Jose Sharks                      75/1

Washington Capitals vs. Detroit Red Wings                    125/1

Washington Capitals vs. Minnesota Wild                        90/1

Boston Bruins vs. Chicago Blackhawks                          10/1

Boston Bruins vs. Anaheim Ducks                                 28/1

Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks                           30/1

Boston Bruins vs. St. Louis Blues                                  35/1

Boston Bruins vs. Los Angeles Kings                             35/1

Boston Bruins vs. San Jose Sharks                               40/1

Boston Bruins vs. Detroit Red Wings                             70/1

Boston Bruins vs. Minnesota Wild                                  50/1

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Chicago Blackhawks                30/1

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Anaheim Ducks                        75/1

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Vancouver Canucks                 90/1

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. St. Louis Blues                        100/1

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Los Angeles Kings                   100/1

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. San Jose Sharks                      100/1

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Detroit Red Wings                    175/1

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Minnesota Wild                        125/1

New York Rangers vs. Chicago Blackhawks                   22/1

New York Rangers vs. Anaheim Ducks                           50/1

New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks                     66/1

New York Rangers vs. St. Louis Blues                            75/1

New York Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings                      75/1

New York Rangers vs. San Jose Sharks                         80/1

New York Rangers vs. Detroit Red Wings                       125/1

New York Rangers vs. Minnesota Wild                           100/1

Ottawa Senators vs. Chicago Blackhawks                      35/1

Ottawa Senators vs. Anaheim Ducks                              90/1

Ottawa Senators vs. Vancouver Canucks                        100/1

Ottawa Senators vs. St. Louis Blues                               110/1

Ottawa Senators vs. Los Angeles Kings                         110/1

Ottawa Senators vs. San Jose Sharks                            125/1

Ottawa Senators vs. Detroit Red Wings                          200/1

Ottawa Senators vs. Minnesota Wild                              150/1

New York Islanders vs. Chicago Blackhawks                  40/1

New York Islanders vs. Anaheim Ducks                          100/1

New York Islanders vs. Vancouver Canucks                    125/1

New York Islanders vs. St. Louis Blues                           150/1

New York Islanders vs. Los Angeles Kings                     150/1

New York Islanders vs. San Jose Sharks                        160/1

New York Islanders vs. Detroit Red Wings                      250/1

New York Islanders vs. Minnesota Wild                          200/1

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Your Monday Reality Check: Ravens’ Draft actually provides offensive answer

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Your Monday Reality Check: Ravens’ Draft actually provides offensive answer

Posted on 29 April 2013 by Glenn Clark

Since the Baltimore Ravens claimed a 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, I’ve found myself asking one particular question in regards to QB Joe Flacco. I’ve probably asked some 15 or 20 NFL analysts who have appeared on “The Reality Check” on WNST that same question.

“Do the Ravens need to put the right playmakers around Flacco to prop him up or should they assume he’s good enough to make lesser players around him better?”

I have probably tended to lean a little bit more to the former. I made my feelings about the team’s decision to trade Anquan Boldin over a desire to save a couple million bucks quite clear. The Ravens however have made it clear at least thus far that they’re operating with a lean to the latter.

The Ravens lost six starters from their Super Bowl winning defense, replacing them with potential starters in Chris Canty, Marcus Spears, Elvis Dumervil, Rolando McClain, Michael Huff and top Draft picks Matt Elam and Arthur Brown. At this time, three starters from their Super Bowl winning offense are currently not on the roster and the Ravens have replaced them with…well…I mean…I guess they DID draft a reserve fullback?

Coming out of the NFL Draft, the Ravens still find themselves particularly thin at receiver. Torrey Smith and his freshly-trimmed locks lead the way with Jacoby Jones, Tandon Doss, David Reed, LaQuan Williams, Deonte Thompson, Tommy Streeter and Aaron Mellette falling in some sort of similar order behind. The Ravens will certainly have high expectations for TE Dennis Pitta (who we might not see back in Baltimore for awhile as he hopes to get a long-term deal) as well as fellow TE Ed Dickson.

This group makes you believe the Ravens are thinking more along the lines of “Joe Flacco is good enough to make these guys better.” It’s not so terribly unthinkable that this group could help the Ravens win a third straight AFC North title. Certainly the New York Giants felt comfortable enough with Eli Manning under center that they were willing to simply elevate Domenik Hixon and some unknown receiver from UMass named Victor Cruz going into the 2011 season. For their troubles, the Giants were rewarded with their second Vince Lombardi Trophy in the Tom Coughlin era.

Returning with this group would inherently mark a belief that Joe Flacco has reached the level where his ability in Jim Caldwell’s offense is enough to make those he throws the football to better. A decision to obtain a veteran WR cut before the start of the season (similar to what the Ravens did with T.J. Houshmandzadeh in 2010) or to deal for a veteran WR (similar to what the Ravens did in 2011 with Lee Evans) or even to add one more current free agent receiver (Brandon Stokley remains on the market?) might mark more of a belief that the team still needs to help prop up their quarterback via more talented offensive weapons.

A similar situation continues to play out at left tackle. 5th round pick Ricky Wagner is unlikely to be of any sort of help this season, meaning the Ravens’ options are Kelechi Osemele, a possible return of Bryant McKinnie and similar late offseason considerations.

The Ravens may well believe Flacco’s quicker release in the Caldwell offense makes the need for a left tackle upgrade less necessary. The team won a Super Bowl with a left tackle who played significantly in only one regular season game. The Super Bowl winning left tackles in the prior three seasons were Jermon Bushrod, Chad Clifton and David Diehl. All were nice players, none Hall of Famers. The quarterbacks they protected for were Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning.

The Ravens made it quite clear that they feel Flacco is in that group, giving him a contract worth $120 million ($52 million guaranteed) this offseason. That decision made the organization’s faith in their sixth year starter evident, but the decisions they’ve made since then have made it even more so apparent.

The roster we see at OTA’s and minicamp in the next month won’t be a direct reflection of the roster that invades Denver September 5th to face the Broncos, but there won’t be many drastic roster changes to be made.

The Ravens won’t be better offensively in 2013 because of the big splash they made in free agency. They won’t be better offensively in 2013 because they drafted a hot shot receiver or mountainous offensive tackle out of the SEC at the back end of the first round.

Instead, they’ll hope to be better offensively in 2013 simply because of how they REALLY spent their money in free agency…their quarterback. They clearly think the guy is ready to make the rest of the group even better.

I guess my question has essentially been answered. The only question moving forward will be whether or not the decision was the right one.


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Ten thoughts on Ravens’ 2013 draft picks

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Ten thoughts on Ravens’ 2013 draft picks

Posted on 28 April 2013 by Luke Jones

Because I refuse to put a grade on a draft that needs a couple years in order to truly be evaluated, I instead offer a thought on each of the 10 selections the Ravens made in the 2013 NFL Draft this weekend.

Some are serious, others are not, and you can guarantee you won’t find a silly letter grade attached to any of them.

1. Round 1 – S Matt Elam, Florida
Thought: The Ravens are over the moon for Elam, but you do wonder if his propensity for the big hit will draw untimely penalties in the same way Bernard Pollard would.

2. Round 2 – LB Arthur Brown, Kansas State
Thought: No one will ever be Ray Lewis, but Brown’s skill set provides the Ravens with a complete linebacker who’s strong in pass coverage, something they were severely lacking.

3. Round 3 – DT Brandon Williams, Missouri Southern State
Thought: It’s great that the 335-pounder can walk on his hands, but that act of athleticism is too reminiscent of Kyle Boller being able to throw a football through the uprights while on a knee at the 50 for me to really care.

4. Round 4 – DE John Simon, Ohio State
Thought: The Jarret Johnson comparisons have already been made, but did Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer mean “John” or “Simon” when he said he’d name his son after the new Ravens outside linebacker?

5. Round 4 – FB Kyle Juszczyk, Harvard
Thought: General manager Ozzie Newsome didn’t dismiss the idea that the Ravens could keep both Pro Bowl fullback Vonta Leach and Juszczyk on the 53-man roster this year, but it wasn’t a ringing endorsement of the idea either.

6. Round 5 – OL Ricky Wagner, Wisconsin
Thought: The Ravens technically drafted a left tackle on Saturday, but Wagner’s feet aren’t quick enough for the position at the next level, meaning he’ll likely find a home at guard or right tackle with the Ravens.

7. Round 6 – DE Kapron Lewis-Moore, Notre Dame
Thought: Still recovering from a torn ACL suffered in the BCS title game, Lewis-Moore is one to watch for 2014 after being a co-captain and four-year starter for the Fighting Irish.

8. Round 6 – C Ryan Jensen, Colorado State-Pueblo
Thought: Raise your hand if you had never even heard of Colorado State-Pueblo — who brought back football in 2008 after a 24-year hiatus — let alone this offensive lineman prior to Saturday afternoon.

9. Round 7 – WR Aaron Mellette, Elon
Thought: You’ll continually be reminded he’s a seventh-round pick from an FCS school, but it’s difficult not to be intrigued with the 6-foot-2, 217-pound frame and eye-popping production (210 catches and 30 touchdowns in the last two seasons).

10. Round 7 – CB Marc Anthony, California
Thought: You have to feel good for Anthony making it to the NFL after putting up with years of jokes about Cleopatra, Jennifer Lopez, and being a Grammy award-winning singer.

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Taking a look at new Ravens from Draft Day 3

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Taking a look at new Ravens from Draft Day 3

Posted on 27 April 2013 by WNST Staff

The Baltimore Ravens added seven new players on the final day of the 2013 NFL Draft.

In the 4th round (129th overall pick), the Ravens selected Ohio State DL John Simon. Here’s a look at Simon from the Buckeyes’ 2012 win over Nebraska…


And a look at the OSU pass rusher from their 2012 win over Penn State…


And here’s Simon campaigning to get on the cover of the EA Sports NCAA Football video game…


We saw Brandon Williams’ arms Friday night, his new teammate’s are pretty impressive as well.

Simon received high praise from OSU coach Urban Meyer (courtesy of Eleven Warriors)…

Also in the 4th round (130th overall), the Ravens selected Harvard FB/TE Kyle Juszczyk. Here he is in action from Senior Bowl week…

And an overall career highlight package for the Crimson H-Back…

Juszczyk shared his excitement via Twitter…

Where he had previously shared his disbelief about how much someone was charging for his autograph…

In the 5th round (168th overall), the pick was Wisconsin OL Ricky Wagner. Here’s a look at Wagner from the Badgers’ 2011 loss to Ohio State…

In the 6th round (200th overall), the Ravens went with Notre Dame DL Kapron Lewis-Moore. Here’s Lewis-Moore’s performance in the Fighting Irish’s 2012 win over USC…

Based on this magazine cover, I think we can guess Lewis-Moore has a pretty good personality…

He also seemed quite upbeat despite ACL surgery after the Orange Bowl…

Lewis-Moore had a fun interaction with ESPN’s Rick Reilly…

In the 6th round (203rd overall), the Ravens brought Colorado State-Pueblo Center Ryan Jensen to the team. Here’s a highlight package from the 2011 season…

The CSU-Pueblo team did a “Harlem Shake” video last year…

Jensen Tweeted out a photo earlier this month of a quote that you might be familiar with as a Ravens fan. It’s one of John Harbaugh’s favorites…

In the 7th round (238th overall), the Ravens selected Elon WR Aaron Mellette. Here’s a career highlight package for Mellette…

And some highlights from the Phoenix’s 2012 loss to North Carolina…

Someone is going to have to let him know that his hat (and any friendship with Duke’s Ryan Kelly) is now completely unacceptable…

With their final 7th round pick (247th overall), the Ravens selected California CB Marc Anthony.  We were all thinking the same thing.

Turns out it was a different guy.

Here are some highlights from Cal’s 2012 loss to Stanford…

Hear from Simon, Juszczyk, Wagner, Lewis-Moore and Mallette in the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault at WNST.net.

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Ravens make 10 selections in 2013 NFL Draft

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Ravens make 10 selections in 2013 NFL Draft

Posted on 27 April 2013 by Luke Jones

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Coming away with seven more defensive players on the final day of the NFL Draft, the Ravens will now look to the next phase of the offseason with a new batch of rookies.

The Ravens selected Florida safety Matt Elam with the 32nd overall pick, addressing an immediate need at safety following the departures of Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard earlier this offseason. Of course, Baltimore still would like to address needs at inside linebacker, wide receiver, and left tackle, and the profile of this year’s draft suggested the best value would fall in the second, third, and fourth rounds.

General manager Ozzie Newsome and the front office expressed optimism on Thursday night that plenty of “draftable” players remained on the board as the Ravens entered Friday slotted to have the 62nd and 94th overall picks. Considering they originally held nine third-day picks, the Ravens were a good bet to trade up at some point Friday night and did so in the second round in order to draft Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown.

With their third-round pick, the Ravens chose defensive tackle Brandon Williams of Missouri Southern State.

In order to move up to the 56th overall pick, the Ravens surrendered their original second-round pick (62nd overall) as well as the 165th (fifth round) and 199th picks (sixth round). Coincidentally, the 199th pick was acquired from San Francisco when the Ravens traded Anquan Boldin at the beginning of last month.

Elam and defensive coordinator Dean Pees met with the local media on Friday afternoon. You can listen to the press conference HERE.

Here’s a breakdown of what the Ravens were able to add over the last three days:

Round 1, No. 32 overallS Matt Elam, Florida
Round 2, No. 56 overallLB Arthur Brown, Kansas State
Round 3, No. 94 overallDT Brandon Williams, Missouri Southern State
Round 4, No. 129 overallDE John Simon, Ohio State
Round 4, No. 130 overall (compensatory)FB Kyle Juszczyk, Harvard
Round 5, No. 168 overall (compensatory)OL Ricky Wagner, Wisconsin
Round 6, No. 200 overallDE Kapron Lewis-Moore, Notre Dame
Round 6, No. 203 overall (compensatory)C Ryan Jensen, Colorado State-Pueblo
Round 7, No. 238 overallWR Aaron Mellette, Elon
Round 7, No. 247 overall (compensatory) - CB Marc Anthony, California

* Compensatory picks may not be traded.

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Missouri Southern State DT Williams taken with Ravens’ third-round pick

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Missouri Southern State DT Williams taken with Ravens’ third-round pick

Posted on 26 April 2013 by Luke Jones

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — In an attempt to beef up their interior defensive line, the Ravens used their third-round pick to select nose tackle Brandon Williams of Missouri Southern State.

Playing at a Division II school, Williams was a three-time All-American and has a combination of strength and agility not typically seen at his position. At 6-foot-1 and 335 pounds, he will likely compete with Terrence Cody at nose tackle when Haloti Ngata doesn’t slide to the inside on Baltimore’s revamped defensive line.

He ran a 5.37-second 40-yard dash and possesses the low center of gravity ideal for interior linemen in a 3-4 defensive scheme. His performance at the Senior Bowl put him on the map as a legitimate mid-round draft prospect despite coming from a small school.

“I always knew I could play at that talent and level,” Williams said in a conference call. “I just had to prove to the NFL that I could do it. I always believe in myself every step of the way. It just gave me the opportunity to just show my talent and show that I belong in the NFL.”

Williams thought there was a good chance that the Ravens would draft him and said he met with the team informally at the scouting combine. However, he did not have a private workout or visit with the Ravens.

According to general manager Ozzie Newsome, Williams was identified early in the third round as the player the Ravens wanted to select at the end of Day 2. In addition to free agents Chris Canty and Marcus Spears, the selection of Williams continued to address the defensive line, which was a clear deficiency of Dean Pees’ unit last season.

“We have really bolstered our front seven big time,” coach John Harbaugh said at the conclusion of the third round. “I just think we are going to be deep. We are going to have a nice rotation up front. It’s going to be a very formidable group.”

Williams was tabbed with the 94th overall pick on Friday night.

The Ravens will resume picking on Saturday, with their first selection set for the 129th overall selection near the end of the fourth round. Baltimore has yet to draft an offensive player after selecting safety Matt Elam, inside linebacker Arthur Brown, and Williams to reload a defense that lost six key players this offseason.

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Ravens trade up to take Kansas State LB Brown in second round

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Ravens trade up to take Kansas State LB Brown in second round

Posted on 26 April 2013 by Luke Jones

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Making their first selection on the second day of the NFL Draft, the Ravens addressed another need by trading up to the 56th pick of the second round to select Kansas State inside linebacker Arthur Brown.

Baltimore swapped its original second-round pick (62nd overall) with the Seattle Seahawaks to move up six slots in order to take the coveted linebacker. General manager Ozzie Newsome also gave up fifth-round (165th) and sixth-round (199th) picks to complete the trade.

The 6-foot-1, 231-pound linebacker has excellent range and athleticism and will be expected to compete for a starting job at inside linebacker. The Ravens like his ability to drop into pass coverage, which was a deficiency of their linebackers over the last couple years. His 4.58-second 40-yard dash time shows the potential for Brown to hang with speedier tight ends and running backs in coverage at the next level.

“We think he’s a four-down linebacker who can play in passing situations, play the run, and also play special teams,” said assistant general manager Eric DeCosta, who was concerned he would come off the board before their original second-round pick. “We are very excited.”

In two seasons as a starter for the Wildcats, Brown finished with 201 tackles, three sacks, and five interceptions. He was one of the Ravens’ famed “red-star” players during the scouting process and a two-time captain.

Brown began his career at the University of Miami but transferred to Kansas State after little playing time in two seasons. He received first-team All-American (The NFL Draft Report and the Football Writers Association of America) and first-team all-conference honors last season and coaches of the Big 12 named him as the conference’s Defensive Player of the year.

“To walk into a school and be a fresh face and get that honor — that’s hard to do,” said director of college scouting Joe Hortiz about Brown being named a captain at Kansas State. “You have a lot of guys that are established there, and his teammates recognized that. He’s a great kid. He’s a great leader. He passes all the intangibles.”

The 22-year-old didn’t visit the Ravens but completed a private workout for the organization the weeks leading up to the draft.

Inside linebacker was one of the team’s pressing needs following the retirement of Ray Lewis and the free-agent departure of Dannell Ellerbe. The Ravens appeared to address the position with the signing of 2010 first-round pick and former Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain, but the 23-year-old was arrested last weekend in his hometown of Decature, Ala., leaving his future with the organization in doubt.

Based on his underwhelming size for the inside linebacker position, Brown takes the comparisons to Lewis in stride and is eager to compete to become part of the Baltimore tradition of defense.

“I can improve in really every area,” Brown said, “and it’s just a matter of time, just a matter of commitment and a matter of dedication and just the willingness to invest time and develop my weaknesses. Just to go out there and learn the scheme and being able to adjust to the concept.”

Coincidentally, the 199th pick surrendered as part of the package to move up in the second round was acquired from San Francisco when the Ravens traded wide receiver Anquan Boldin in mid-March.

Brown’s younger brother, Bryce, currently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and was a seventh-round pick in the 2012 draft. The linebacker was forced to sit out the 2010 season after transferring to Kansas State, explaining how Bryce beat him to the NFL.

If you missed new Ravens linebacker Arthur Brown’s conversation with WNST.net’s Glenn Clark earlier this month, listen HERE.

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