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Ravens tidbits

Posted on 16 May 2008 by caseywillett

Here are a couple of Ravens interviews from on the team website and other websites:
Terrell Suggs talked to NFLPA about his passions outside of football. Terrell is a big movie buff and has plans to start his own movie production company. During the season he will review movies for the team’s website.
Todd Heap recently sat down with Rich Eisen from NFL Network and discussed everything from his injuries last year to Brian Billick and John Harbaugh.
Mike Duffy who writes for BaltimoreRavens.com does his best job of shooting a Cloverfield/Blair Witch Project video recently at the Fiest 5k. (WARNING: Not for those with a weak stomach)
James Walker from ESPN.com was at Ravens mandatory camp and has an article on Ray Lewis.
Also if you want to check out the Ravens cheerleaders while they are doing a swimsuit calendar shoot, BaltimoreRavens.com has a ton of videos, articles, and blogs.
 Wonder when we are going to do a WNST swimsuit calendar?
Here is an interesting article about Keon Lattimore and Ray Lewis from the Star-Telegram.

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That Old Shoe

Posted on 27 April 2008 by roblong

Have you ever had a pair of old shoes that fit your feet like a glove?

Everyone around you would tell you that it was time to get rid of those shoes. There were shoes out there to do the same thing the old shoes did, but better looking. The old shoes had scuff marks on it, had worn down soles, and other issues old shoes would have.

Now, when you dress up and wanted to do other things, you would wear other shoes, but the old pair served it’s purpose.

I’ve been told all weekend to go to the NFL Network for draft coverage. I did, but I returned to my old shoes.

Now, I believe the NFL Network is a better for NFL coverage on a daily basis, but for draft coverage, ESPN is my old shoe.

ESPN is comfortable for me during draft coverage. I tried the NFL Network on, but it doesn’t fit right. Nothing’s wrong, but ESPN is better, for me, during the NFL draft.

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Live from 1 Winning Drive

Posted on 26 April 2008 by caseywillett

So it is a little bit of a maze to get through the front door here as Sal Pal from ESPN is doing his live shots from just inside the door. Down the hall just outside of the auditorium Scott Hanson from NFL Network is set up to do things. Inside the auditorium is the t.v.’s that are set up for the media to watch the draft.
It is pretty quiet around here right now, not a lot of movement from Ravens staff. As I drove into the facility, the owner’s car was not even here yet. I personally am about to go check out the dining room set up for the media which has great food and projector screen’s with the draft on it.

Driving in I heard Jay Glazer of Foxsports report that the Falcons are going to take Matt Ryan with the number three overall pick, and now there is talk that McFadden is going to the Raiders. So I can eliminate my belief that Ryan is coming here and hope that I am right by either Branden Albert or Keith Rivers falling to the Ravens.


There are several rumors flying around here at the facility:
-Rams and Ravens on the phone talking trade. There have even been reports that Terrell Suggs could be included in the deal. There is belief that this could be a move by the Rams to try and get the Falcons to jump up in front of them to take Matt Ryan so the Rams can still take Long and get another pick.
-There are also rumors out there that the Ravens could be talking to teams like the Saints about moving back to take Chad Henne.
I am still going to stick with Branden Albert who Mike Mayock of NFL Network has Ravens taking.

A funny moment happened on NFL Network when Adam Schefter was talking about the Ravens moving up with the Rams he mentioned that last year the Ravens were going to move up to take Brady Quinn. Billick then said they were not really pushing to move up for Quinn. He then said that he did not thing that the Ravens had enough to move up and take Matt Ryan, but said he did not think he was going to get fired either.

So the word I am hearing is that the Ravens think that Joe Flacco will be there when they pick at 26. The though process is that Henne will be gone before then. There is a distinct chance that both of them could be there or could be gone. If they are both there, I say they take Henne.
I also would not rule out the chance that Brandon Flowers could be of interest to the Ravens at #38.


Here is another sleeper pick and I was told about this guy at the combine and that the Ravens like him…Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson. They attended his pro day this Thursday, there is come concerns about him coming off of a sports hernia.
I also could see the Ravens trading up higher into second round. Perhaps they could call the Falcons to try and move up a spot or two if the quarterbacks are still there.


So as the second round gets ready to come around, I still think that the Ravens could be looking at Brandon Flowers from Va Tech or Phillip Merling from Clemson.
If you want to hear the Ravens take on drafting Joe Flacco and hear directly from Joe, check out the audio in the Toyotaliveweb audio vault.


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Thoughts from Ravens camp

Posted on 18 April 2008 by caseywillett

Here are some of the observations from seeing Coach Harbaugh run a practice for the first time:
          Everything is done with a sense of urgency and purpose to it. The word I heard several times today was tempo.
          The attitude of the offense seems to have changed and there seems to be a feeling of holding up their end of the bargain.
          The rearranging of the lockerroom is interesting. Ray Lewis use to have two lockers, now he has one and the other one is basically boarded up. The lockers that are not in use have boards in them that prevent players from taking over them. Corey Ivy and Sam Koch are now locker mates, several of the veterans still have the same lockers as before.
          Players have been warned about their music being played to loud in the lockerroom and that people will turn the music down.
          TEAM,TEAM,TEAM, is written on a sign right as the players walk out of the lockerroom and head to practice.
          The benches that players use to sit on during practice are now gone and even media are not allowed to sit and watch practice. This is not something a lot of the media do anyway.
          The players practicing in their game fitting jersey’s brings a different look to practice. Interesting to see the players on the field and seeing the name on the back of their jersey.
          With the injury to Quinn Sypniewski, which does not look good at this point, I think the Ravens might look in the second day for a tightend. Todd Heap is coming off of an injury plagued season; Dan Wilcox is still not back on the field yet. It will be a position that the Ravens will have to address.
          All the players were impressed with the way that the veterans have showed up for camp in support of Coach Harbaugh.
          Chris Chester says he has put on weight and is around 305 now and wants to stay around that weight. Chris is going to be given the chance to prove that he can be the starting center for this team.
          Ryan Clady is an impressive looking individual.
          Mike Mayock from the NFL Network was at the Ravens practice today chatting with several members of the Ravens organization.

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One new and old Raven come to Baltimore

Posted on 13 March 2008 by caseywillett

The Ravens added some depth to the team this evening with the signing of free agent LB Nick Greisen and cornerback Frank Walker from the Green Bay Packers. Greisen was impressive last year when he was with the Ravens, and a lot of the coaches talked about how quickly he picked up the special teams and defensive packages. Nick was also a good guy to have in the locker room. As I wrote earlier this morning, this may even be more of an indication that Gary Stills could be on his way out of Baltimore. Greisen was solid when he filled in at linebacker and was very solid on special teams.
Frank Walker will be a guy that will probably get a lot of looks at the nickelback position for the Ravens and will add some veteran depth at cornerback. Here is the scouting report on Frank when he was drafted in the 6th round by the Giants:
6th Round – CB Frank Walker (5-11, 200lbs, 4.51, Tuskegee):
Scouting Report: Smooth and fluid athlete with good size. Does well in bump-and-run coverage. Can run with receivers deep and has burst. Raw – needs development. Big hitter. Aggressive against the run, but needs to wrap up better when tackling. One draft report said he has been timed in the 4.35-range and did not give up a reception in six games his senior season
It will be interesting to see what happens to Derrick Martin, Ronnie Prude, and David Pittman. The one advantage that Martin has is that he is very solid on special teams. It will also be interesting to see if Walker can wrestle away the nickel position away from Corey Ivy.
Again much like Ayanbadejo, these are not moves that are going to be the lead story on ESPN or NFL Network tonight, but they are adding solid depth to a team that had some glaring weaknesses at positions last year.

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