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“The Reality Check” Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

Posted on 12 September 2012 by Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark’s rankings…

32. Miami Dolphins (Last Week: 28)

Perhaps it’s time to work on changing snap counts

31. Indianapolis Colts (31)

Andrew Luck didn’t look terrible, though.

30. Cleveland Browns (32)

Pat Shurmur can’t wait too long for math lessons.

29. Buffalo Bills (16)

What a disaster. It can’t be as bad as it looked…can it?

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (26)

Nearly stole a road win. I can vision quite a few close calls this season.

27. Seattle Seahawks (27)

You can’t lose to Kevin Kolb and improve.

26. St. Louis Rams (25)

They got hosed by timeout mismanagement. They’re still lacking targets for Bradford.

25. Oakland Raiders (21)

I think we understand more why guys like Morgan Cox and Nick Sundberg have played through injury.

24. Carolina Panthers (17)

They ARE still capable of running the football, right?

23. Minnesota Vikings (24)

I guess we have our answers about Adrian Peterson…

22. Arizona Cardinals (29)


21. Tennessee Titans (20)

The Patriots will make a lot of teams look bad.

20. Kansas City Chiefs (15)

I thought they were better defensively.

19. Cincinnati Bengals (9)

They aren’t this bad. They just got their ass kicked.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (22)

It wasn’t an eternity ago that they were a team on the rise.

17. Washington Redskins (30)

I’m not all in yet, but it’s hard to not be impressed.

(Glenn’s rankings 16-1 on Page 2…)

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“The Reality Check” Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

Posted on 05 September 2012 by Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark’s Rankings:

32. Cleveland Browns (FINAL 2011 Ranking 29)

Best case: Weeden and Richardson thrive, Browns are at least competitive
Worst case: Folks in Cleveland clamoring to draft new QB to replace soon to be 30 year old

31. Indianapolis Colts (31)

Best case: Luck and Pagano are next Flacco and Harbaugh, Sanchez and Ryan
Worst case: Rookie QB can’t fix everything

30. Washington Redskins (27)

Best case: RG3 plus solid defense equals better than expected
Worst case: Redskins football is still Redskins football

29. Arizona Cardinals (20)

Best case: Skelton or Kolb solidifies QB position, keeps Cards in NFC West race
Worst case: QB’s are so bad David Gerrard comes to Phoenix

28. Miami Dolphins (23)

Best case: Tannehill is real deal, Dolphins are interesting for more than just TV show
Worst case: Cutting Chad Johnson becomes only highlight of Phins’ season

27. Seattle Seahawks (21)

Best case: Russell Wilson as good as advertised, Seahawks are surprise of NFC
Worst case: There was a reason the guy was available in the 3rd round

26. Jacksonville Jaguars (26)

Best case: Gabbert to Blackmon is new Brunell to McCardell
Worst case: No progress from Gabbert, MJD holdout concerns linger into regular season

25. St. Louis Rams (32)

Best case: Bradford legit, Fisher brings credibility
Worst case: Still not enough weapons for Bradford, health issues remain

24. Minnesota Vikings (29)

Best case: Ponder develops, Peterson bounces back, Jared Allen still dominant
Worst case: “Ponder” goes in dictionary with definition “significant NFL Draft reach”

23. New York Jets (19)

Best case: Rex knew something we didn’t about Tebow
Worst case: Somehow Greg McElroy is best option under center

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (30)

Best case: Doug Martin solidifies offense, Bucs show signs of two years ago
Worst case: “The Lightning are going to play this season, right?”

21. Oakland Raiders (16)

Best case: Dennis Allen better than we realized, Carson Palmer returns to form
Worst case: Group of talented players does not equal very good team

20. Tennessee Titans (17)

Best case: Jake Locker ready for primetime, Chris Johnson bounces back
Worst case: Jake Locker not ready for primetime, Chris Johnson doesn’t bounce back

19. Dallas Cowboys (15)

Best case: Romo finally silences doubters by finishing games
Worst case: Cowboys exactly like every other season with Romo under center

18. San Diego Chargers (13)

Best case: This is finally the year everyone stops calling for Norv Turner’s head
Worst case: Chargers underperform and Turner stays…again

17. Carolina Panthers (24)

Best case: Cam Newton a legitimate MVP candidate
Worst case: Still not enough defense for it to matter

16. Buffalo Bills (25)

Best case: Healthy Fred Jackson and Mario Williams combine to keep Bills near top of AFC East
Worst case: Ryan Fitzpatrick wasn’t worth the money

15. Kansas City Chiefs (22)

Best case: Health issues aren’t a factor, KC reminiscent of 2010
Worst case: Matt Cassel just not enough to compete against Manning, Rivers, Palmer in AFC West

14. Philadelphia Eagles (14)

Best case: Michael Vick
Worst case: Koy Detmer?

13. Detroit Lions (9)

Best case: Lions build off of successful 2011
Worst case: Stafford injury questions haven’t gone away

12. Atlanta Falcons (6)

Best case: Falcons become Super Bowl contender we’ve assumed they would be for last 3 years
Worst case: 4th and 1 hangover lingers

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (7)

Best case: They have Ben Roethlisberger. How bad can they be?
Worst case: Todd Haley and Ben Roethlisberger have a legitimate fist fight before every game

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