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Let’s watch the Yankees crumble today in the aftermath of the blown call on Teixeira

Posted on 09 September 2012 by Drew Forrester

Just as I wrote last Thursday, the Yankees are going to leave town today no longer in first place and with their tail firmly tucked between their legs.

Remember what I wrote?  “You’ll be fortunate to win two of the four games, more likely to win only one and, of course, there’s always a chance you’ll go 0-for-4 in Charm City.”

And that looks like how it’s going to play out.  With Wild Pitch Freddy Garcia on the mound today, the only way the Yankees depart Camden Yards with a Sunday win is if they score 7 or 8 runs.

(Yes, I’m fully aware that Mark Teixeira was safe on Saturday night, for those of you who are about to hit the down arrow and comment in the space provided below.  So what?  That would have only tied the game.  Who knows what would have happened after that?  That’s like blaming Billy Cundiff for the loss in New England last January, like a lot of idiots have done since then.  His miss only cost the team a shot at winning in overtime, it didn’t actually “cost the Ravens the game”.  But why let reality play a factor in the discussion?  So, yes, Teixeira was safe last night.  Deal with it.) 

Speaking of Teixeira and last night’s umpire gaffe, it will be interesting to see how New York responds today.  Do they have the heart to come out for today’s game and “turn it on” after having one half-stolen from them last night?  Or will they just curl up in the fetal position?

I’ve watched all three games of this series and I’ll tell you what stands out to me.

The Yankees are old.  And fairly one dimensional.  Their pitching staff stinks like one of my 2-year old daughter’s diapers.  They’re just not that good.

All you have to do is look at the top of the 9th of Saturday’s Orioles win for proof.  Bases loaded and no one out, down 5-3.  The “old Yankees” (as in, the teams of three or four years ago) would have piled on there, with a double into the gap, a floating single into shallow right field and another double to finish off a five run uprising and an 8-5 win.

Last night, Nick Swisher couldn’t get the job done.  And neither could Teixeira.

Sure, A-Rod turned on a pitch from Wei-Yin Chen on Friday that most Division 1 college hitters could have belted out of the park (speaking of out-of-gas…that’s Chen), but #13’s bat speed is about 60% of what it was five years ago.  I hope he gets some firewood together to keep himself warm in this, the November of his career.  Swisher looks lost.  Teixeira is hurt, obviously, so it’s probably unfair to judge him, but he looks like a guy in dire need of a few months off.  Their oldest player is their best player.  I’m not sure if that says more about the Yankees or more about Derek Jeter.

They’ll hobble out of here today and continue on with their quest to make the post-season, but from my viewpoint, the Yankees are just trying to will themselves to wins now.

Here’s one piece of good news for Teixeira, who injured his hamstring in the 2010 playoffs and had to watch some of the post-season from his couch:  You’ll be on that couch again in a few weeks, resting comfortably.


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