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Patrick Willis looking forward to challenge of facing Pitta

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on Ravens fullback Vonta Leach) “Vonta Leach is a good fullback. He is an All-Pro fullback, a Pro Bowl fullback, and really I almost feel like he is the last of the dying breed of what you can call a real fullback. He is a tough guy and a guy that every play you have to come with it.”


(on not letting Vonta Leach into the second level to block) “Really it’s just recognizing what’s going on and recognizing the play and just going after it. You have to understand that you have 10 other guys on the defense and if you do the job that you are supposed to do and let the guys help you with the rest.”


(on his relationship with Michael Oher) “That relationship is good. Every offseason we try to get together and hang out. I love Big Mike like a brother man and he is an awesome guy. Like I said, in the offseason we try to get together and hang.”


(on if it will be odd to see Michael Oher on the other sideline) “No. I don’t want to use the word odd. It’s going to be a blessing to play against someone that you played college ball with and someone that you admire as a person. You wish him well, but at the same time too, we want to win. We are going to do everything we can to go out there and compete at a high level and we want to win.”


(on if he has met up with Michael Oher yet in New Orleans) “No, we haven’t met up yet this week. It’s just crazy with everything and the media stuff we have to do. We have our own teams and we have our own practices, but we are going to try to get together one night this week and see if we can get something to eat if we can.”


(on the growth of Ahmad Brooks this year) “Ahmad is one of those guys that we have been together now for the last four or five years. Just to see how far he has come since the first time he came with us as part of this team has been amazing. It’s been a big change of how he goes about his work and wanting to understand and show us how much it means to him and how much he cares, and showing that the previous things that he had that might have held up his head didn’t matter anymore. He was with us to make a new home and to be better and to make this team a better defense. He playing outside linebacker the way it’s supposed to be played. To play linebacker in our defense you can’t be just a run-around guy. You have to be a stout guy and be able to take on blocks and set the edges, and he does that for us week in and week out. That’s the kind of guy I want to be in the middle with because they set those edges and keep us from having to run a whole lot.”


(on where he is in his career compared to Ray Lewis) “I never have been a person to talk about myself. I tend to let others do that. My job is to go out there and compete all the time at a high level and be the very best football player that I can be. People always make comparisons of me to other people. I have the tattoos I have for a reason. On the inside when I flex, it says ‘I’m me.’ What that means is I have all of the respect in the world to the guys that they compare me too. Those are guys who have been there and done that and guys who are doing it right now at a high level. I just hope that someday I can have that kind of name when people talk about linebackers; I can be one of those guys that are talked about. At the end of the day, I can only be me and I can only be the best football player I can be. I hold myself to a high level and I hold myself to a high standard and each day I want to be able to look myself in the mirror when I come off that field, or come off the game field, ‘Did I give it my very best?’ If I can do that, then I am OK with me. I am never satisfied but I am OK with knowing that I can answer that truthfully because only I know if I did. At the end of the day, I can only be me.”


(on becoming a leader on the defense) “I have never been a big ‘ra-ra’ guy. I have never been a guy that gets up in people’s face. There are all types of different leaders in this world. Some people lead by example and others lead by words. Some people lead by not saying anything and people just feel it. I am the type of person that has always been taught to work for what you want and to work for what you want to accomplish. I am a lot better worker than I am a talked. Just let me show you and you just watch. I will show you want we are talking about. To have the kind of guys I have played with over the years and the kind of guys I am playing with now. It’s not hard to go out there and show them because those guys care and they want to win. Anytime that you have a group of guys like that, it makes your job a little bit easier.



Super Bowl XLVII – Wednesday, January 30, 2013






(on how much media he is consuming) “Obviously, when you are walking by the TV right now there are only two teams. There are only two football teams left. It’s just us and the Ravens. When you walk by the TVs you see them talking about the Super Bowl. I don’t like reading the papers a whole lot. I don’t like to sit down and listen to what people have to say. At the end of the day, everyone is going to have an opinion and if you get caught up in what they are talking about and you are not a strong-minded person then you can let it bother you. I try not to pay too much attention to it.”


(on why the 49ers will win if it’s a close game) “If it comes down to a close game it will be because we made more plays and we executed more. It will be because we wanted it more.”


(on what the biggest challenge on Sunday will be) “Our biggest challenge on Sunday will be going out there under the bright lights and playing a complete football game from across the board, offense, defense, and special teams. It’s hard because sometimes you might have two phases, sometimes you might just have one, but if you can get all three phases then a lot of time that guarantees you a chance to win.”


(on playing in the Super Bowl) “It’s going to be crazy man. I never really been a super bug emotional guy when it comes to making a play or winning the game, but right now we are here at the Super Bowl and it’s a normal week to me with a whole lot more media. I’m doing nothing that I wouldn’t do at home during a regular season game. I don’t like using the extra energy that I don’t have to use. Why change anything? Why change your routine and the things that got you to this point. This week I really don’t think it’s going to hit me until the night before. I’m usually like, ‘It’s game day tomorrow, let’s go.’ All during the week it’s just preparation and getting yourself in tune. It’s just getting yourself mentally there and physically there and then the night before the game, I think that’s where my nerves start moving and it’s hard to sleep. I’m like, ‘OK, it’s coming.’”


(on the pending case between former NFL players and the league regarding player safety) “That’s something that I don’t really want to get into. Like I said before, if people have something wrong with them, then I guess they are going to say what they have to say. That’s the talk and subject right now. I have nothing to do with that right now. I am doing alright. I don’t know. I don’t want to touch on that subject.”


(on how he will calm his nerves before the game on Saturday night) “Really man, the biggest thing that I try to do is before I go to sleep on Saturday nights. I just sit down and I will pray. I just ask the Lord for peace and say, ‘Lord, let your will be done.’ At the end of the day His will will be done regardless of what we want the outcome to be. I just pray and hope that when I go to sleep at night that he will give me peace. I wake up in the morning and am ready to go.”


(on the problems that Dennis Pitta presents) “Dennis Pitta, he has emerged to be a good tight end for them. He is a guy who is very elusive and can stretch the field. He is one of the guys that I’m sure I am going to have my times of covering and I am looking forward to the challenge. I really am. I still say that there are very few linebackers that go out there and they cover the way that I do in our packages. It will be a great challenge to go out there and showcase not only play the run and play in the box, but I can play outside of the box as well. It’s going to be a key point I’m sure when I am on him. I am looking forward to the challenge.”












Super Bowl XLVII – Wednesday, January 30, 2013






(on how Ray Lewis has influenced him as a linebacker) “He has influenced me in the sense that he has played the game for so long at a high level. He plays with passion and he plays with enthusiasm. I call him the Mufasa of middle linebackers. He is just that type of guy that when you watch him you just say, ‘Wow.’ The legacy that he is leaving is a legacy that I feel like will never be forgotten for as long as football is around. He will be one of those names that for as long as people talk about linebackers people will say, ‘Wow, that Ray Lewis.’ That’s the kind of passion that I try to play with. That’s the kind of passion that I strive to play with. That’s the kind of passion that before I even knew who Ray Lewis was, I have always tried to play with. To see him do it at this level and be recognized the way he has, and to see his play, when people talking about passing the torch, that’s the kind of torch that I want to see and I’m sure other linebackers are also. When you watch him play you say, ‘Wow, that’s a bad dude.’ That’s what I have been a fan of, his passion for the game, his heart for the game, the way he plays every snap and the way he plays every play, play in and play out. That’s for real. I just hope that someday, when I am done playing this game, that when I am done playing that they can say those same things about me as well.”


(on why he wears number 52) “It’s one of those things that when I was drafted they asked me and said, ‘What number do you want?’ They gave me 51, I think these are the numbers, 57, 58, 59. Honestly, I’m an even number guy one. Two, 52 just looks so much better than 51, 58, 57 and 59. Maybe that’s just me. Not only did that number 52 look better, I also knew that a guy that I know right now and at that time was wearing that number. It’s one of those numbers that if you wear that number you have to represent. I said to myself that this will be a number play into. This will be a number to represent. At the end of the day, there are expectations behind this number and for this number. You have to show what this number is about and since the time I was drafted I was saying that I have to have 52. If I could have had my college number of 49, then I probably would have had 49. That’s where it is six years later.”


(on how he has adjusted to living in California) “Living in Bruceten (Tenn) and then going to Mississippi, then going to California, it was a big change. You don’t know what you don’t know. Coming from the small town I grew up in, when I went to Ole Miss, I thought, ‘Wow man, this town is huge.’ Other guys would come from Florida and Louisiana and I played with some teammates that would laugh at me and say that this town is small and complain about how small it was and I was talking about how big it is. Then I got out to California and I will never forget that when they picked me up from the airport, and all of the sudden they took me city, I don’t know if we went into San Francisco first or San Jose first, but either way, both are just very, very big places. I just remember being like, ‘Wow, this is a lot of cars. How am I going to drive in all of this traffic?’ Little by little you learn to adapt and now I call San Jose and San Francisco my home. That’s where I bought my house and hopefully that’s where I will be for a long, long time.”

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Vernon Davis won’t bite when asked if Ray Lewis can cover him

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on how competitive he was against his brother) “We were very competitive, me and my little brother. He always wanted to get the best of best of me, but I wouldn’t let him because I was the older brother. It’s great having a brother because you keep that competitive edge, you never lose it. I know what they are going through, the Harbaugh brothers, because I have a brother.”


(on getting back to practice) “It will be great to get back to work. It seems like it has been a little while because we have been doing so much with media and things like that. I’m excited to get back to work and put the game plan in.”


(on Colin Kaepernick being so calm) “There is something about Kaep (Colin Kaepernick) that no matter what happens he always keeps his composure. That is what I like about him. He is always under control, no matter what. It’s a great thing. I am just happy to have him be a part of this team.”


(on when Colin Kaepernick became the starter) “How did Kaep (Colin Kaepernick) find me in that last game we played Atlanta? It’s all about how the defense plays you. In the past, during the regular season, the defense would turn into coverage and it wouldn’t allow me to get open. What happened in the Atlanta game was they took their eyes off of me and I was able to get open numerous times and he found me. That’s what it is about. It’s about each and every week, you never know what’s going to happen, but you always have to be prepared.”


(on what he remembers about last year’s Thanksgiving game against Baltimore) “I remember we lost. I strongly believe we should have won that game. We travelled. We had one day. We didn’t rest. It’s probably the amount of rest that we got in that game. I strongly believe that.”


(on whether Ray Lewis can cover him) “We’ll see. I guess we’ll find out.”


(on the development of the offensive line) “That group, the offensive line, they have come a long way. We’ve been building the offensive line since I’ve been here, trying to get it right. All of a sudden, it pops just like that. (The offensive line is a) great group. (They are) very competitive and guys who want to be great, every last one of them. You have Joe Stanley, Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis. (It’s) a young group destined to be great.”


(on high expectations as a rookie) “A lot was expected out of us coming in, but it takes time. You have to build, work your craft and mold yourself. It’s rare for someone to come into the league and make an impact like that, unless you’re Colin Kaepernick.”


(on appreciating Colin Kaepernick) “He knows that we appreciate him. Look at where we are now.”


(on growing as a man and a player) “Growing as a man, I had to go through some stuff first. I had to figure this thing out, find out who I was as a player. (Mike) Singletary helped me channel my emotions and really find out the best route to go. Putting my teammates first was the best thing I could’ve done. Once I did that, things started to happen for me. I started to see the game differently. It wasn’t about me anymore. It was more about my team. I enjoyed it. I still do. Everything that I do, I put my teammates first. To me, that’s the mark of a true leader. That’s what I want to be. I want to be a leader and have guys continue to follow.”


(on whether he has seen a change in Michael Crabtree) “For (Michael) Crabtree, he had to grow. He had to find his niche, just like anyone else. He has done a great job for us in terms of making plays and being there when we need him. It’s truly a blessing to have him be a part of this team as well. Michael Crabtree has turned it on. I’m happy for him and I’m happy for his future.”

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Justin Smith says Niners must gang-tackle

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on his time in Cincinnati) “I enjoyed my time there; I’ve got a lot of friends (there). We didn’t win a ton of games there, but I learned a lot about football from Dick LeBeau to Marvin Lewis and Jay Hayes and those types of guys that I learned from. It was definitely part of my growing process.


(on Ahmad Brooks’ growth as a player) “As a football player he has matured, as well as a person. His ability to make plays and change direction is something you don’t see in a lot of people, he is a crazy athlete. It’s all started to come together in the last couple of years for him.


(on playing against the 49ers offensive line) “We do it in training camp, it’s no fun. They are a good group across the board; they’ve got the right amount of nasty dudes, and they’ve got the right mix. They’re smart guys, they always give us crap because they say we always go right or left, and they have to know a bunch of stuff. They are the right mix of dudes. I thinks getting Alex Boone in there, really cemented it, with his mentality, the way he goes about stuff. Joe Staley, really leading the group, the way he plays. Mike Iupati, (Jonathan) Goodwin, that mentality on that side sets that offensive line apart.


(on preparing for Tyrod Taylor) “We worked on the pistol, the option, in case he was to get in and in case they have him in certain packages. We worked on those adjustments and what we do and how we would stop them.


(on how much his tendon is torn) “I’m not sure the exact percentage, I think 50 or something. A little bit over maybe.


(on surgery and rehab) “I really haven’t gone to the doctors yet. I figure I will do that after the Super Bowl.”


(on retiring) “I’m not going to retire after this year; I would like to come back and try to get here (the Super Bowl) again. I realize my career is definitely winding down. I’m not saying I’m going to play another eight years or something like that. I want to play at a high level. I don’t want to just be a back-up guy a mentor-guy. I want to help the guys as much as possible, show them all of the stuff I’ve learned from other guys. It’s all just passing the torch, everything you learn from the coaching staffs. I want to do that while I’m playing. These guys will be in good hands. I mean, that room is a good group of guys, good football players and a good football coach in (Defensive Line Coach) Jim Tomsula. Any time you’ve got a Ray McDonald in your room, you’ve got Issac (Sopoaga) in there, Ricky Jean (Francois) coming up, they are in good hands.”


(on how much being at the Super Bowl means after a long career) “I think I appreciate it more, being older than if I was younger. If you’re younger you’re just like ‘Ok, get in the league, play a couple of years then you go to a Super Bowl.’ I think everybody has a different experience, a different process and this is mine, so I appreciate it a little bit more. I know how hard it is to get to this game; getting to the NFC championship last year, then being able to get back, appreciating the whole process and how much goes into it as well, how much work, how much work we have done as a team. Not only the talent level that is in that locker room, but the coaching staff as well that brings it all together to get to these spots.”


(on stopping Ray Rice) “I think the main thing is you’ve got to gang tackle the guy, not let him get through the line of scrimmage. Once he gets on the smaller guys, it’s kind of a mismatch in the secondary, because he’s so powerful and elusive. They do a lot of things with him, catching out of the backfield, throwing to him, he’s a big checkdown route for him. They get him the ball in about every poissible way they can.”


(on getting to practice today) “It will be good. We went over there yesterday and got a workout in. It will just be good to get back in the normal routine.”


(on this team’s mentality) “It’s a good group of guys who just pulled together and kept that momentum going from last year and rode it in to this year and got back to the NFC Championship Game and we were able to get over the hump and now we are here in the Super Bowl.”





Super Bowl XLVII – Wednesday, January 30, 2013






(on who will win) “This game is going to be about physicality. The winner is going out-physical whoever they are playing. I think it’s just going to be about the physicality of the game.”


(on the challenge of playing in the Super Bowl) “I think it will be just like any other game. We will be going over our pictures, seeing what they’re trying to do, how they attack us, and how we can stop the offense and not really worry about all of that other stuff.”


(on his technique of rushing the passer) “You are working in a phone booth in there. You’ve got to deal with the center, so you don’t have a lot of room for moves, which works out good for me since I don’t have any. I try to go right through them.”


(on going against the Ravens offensive line) “They are a talented group of offensive linemen. They are about as similar to our group as it is. They are big. They are physical. They come off of the ball. They run their zone scheme exceptionally well. The running back knows how to cut off of them. It’s just a group effort and they play well together.”


(on the last two years) “Football is all about winning. I’ve enjoyed the last couple years, we’ve won a lot of games over these two years. It would be hard not to enjoy.”


(on converting from a 4-3 defensive end a 3-4 defensive end) “I gained some weight, the abs are gone. As you get slower they keep moving you in. If I’m ever playing nose guard it’s probably the end.”


(on getting on the practice field) “It’s good, we get done with this stuff (media) and get back to football and get back to what you’re down here for.”


(on having two weeks to prepare) “I don’t think it’s beneficial since both teams had the week off. It is what it is, you go with what they give you. This is the schedule. This is what we’re both on and both teams will be ready to play on Sunday.”


(on Ahmad Brooks’ work ethic) “Ever since he got here, he has worked hard. I remember in Cincinnati he was a talented guy and he worked there, but he has really taken it up to a different level when he got to San Francisco. He said getting cut was the worst thing that ever happened to him and was really an eye-opener for him. He has used it for motivation. He has busted his ass every day, got in the starting lineup and been going full-speed ahead ever since. He’s a big part of our lineup.”


(on getting pressure on Joe Flacco) “I think there are different things you can do. Being prepared for how they are going to attack us and do some stuff to counter.”


(on the 49ers advantages over the Ravens) “The advantage of knowing what we have to do to stop them. We know their game plan and we know how we are going to attack it. We are just going to try and shut the run game down.”


(on getting turnovers) “It’s something that (Defensive Coordinator) Vic Fangio and (Secondary Coach) Ed Donatell talk about all the time. It’s no secret if you win the turnover differential you have a better chance of winning. I think it’s something that if you put in the front of your mind you have a better chance. When you are going to make a tackle, consciously (trying) to go for that strip, go for that punch out. When you go for that sack, don’t just get that guy down, but go for the ball. You’ve got to be careful how you go for the ball around the quarterback, but go for the ball and try to get it out. They put a stat on the board yesterday that winning the Super Bowl, a plus-three (turnover) differential is 100 percent.”








Super Bowl XLVII – Wednesday, January 30, 2013






(on what changed the team into a Super Bowl contender) “We go to Philadelphia, they are up 20-0 at halftime, and we are able to come back.  I think it just kind of cemented this group, like ‘OK, we’ve got something here, let’s keep rolling. We are not feeling our way through the season anymore. We are starting to believe.’ That winning attitude starts coming out. Even in Atlanta, we are down 17-0, the sideline never wavered. It’s just a testament to the guys and the confidence and ability of this team to come back; score, stop them and get it fixed.”


(on Baltimore’s offensive scheme) “They are pretty similar to what Indy used to do. They like to run the stretch scheme, make the corners and safeties have to come up and make tackles, really get on the perimeter. Those guys make a couple of tackles then they go over their head with the play action. I don’t see them changing and I don’t see us changing. We know what they are going to do and we are going to try and stop the run with a little bit lighter box. If we can do that we are going to have a good day, and if we can’t do that, we are going to have a rough day.”

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Manningham missing chance to face Ravens in Super Bowl

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff


(on talking to the younger players who have never been to a Super Bowl before) “I’ve talked to a couple guys. Just don’t blink. Cherish these experiences that you’re going through. [Not] too many players come to the Super Bowl and win it. Go out and play your heart out on Sunday, that’s all I can tell them.”


(on what he remembers about going to the Super Bowl with the Giants last year) “Just being new to it. Last year was my first year even making the playoffs. I never played in a playoff game until last year. Just go out and do what you have to do. We didn’t get [any] younger, so go out there and play your heart out.”


(on how long it takes to come back down to earth after winning the Super Bowl) “The first game of the season next year. You’re not playing games, so they’re not doing anything but talking about it anyway. We talked about the Super Bowl last year going into the season. You’re thinking about it, but you’re just trying to get back to that same position.”


(on his catch in Super Bowl XLVI) “I was on the left side, New England’s side. I re-did my route because it was Cover Two. I stayed in bounds and Eli [Manning] just threw a perfect ball.”


(on how tough it has been the past couple of weeks being injured and watching the team run through the playoffs) “Yeah, especially when you know that you can make an impact on the field. Plus, when you know your team is good and you can see the road that they’ve taken, you can see everything unfolding. It’s crazy.”


(on what lured him away from the New York Giants to come to the 49ers) “I just wanted to make an impact and come in and contribute to this team knowing that I played against them last year and I knew how tough they were. I wanted to come bring my toughness with me so that we could be right where we are right now.”


(on how 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh compares to Giants head coach Tom Coughlin) “They are always going to have their teams ready to play and ready to play hard, and keep a disciplined team. The mentality ­–  you have to go out there and go get it – they’re not going to lay down for you. Go get the W, that’s all that matters.”

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Moss believes he’s helped Crabtree grow ahead of Super Bowl

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on wide receiver Michael Crabtree) “I think first and foremost Michael really has all the skills to be a complete wide receiver. If he did not have him so high. I just think that he just needed somebody really older that has really been through what he has been through to be able to get him down that path. Not look at me as a father figure or anything like that, just more as a friend and a teammate. Like I said yesterday, the first thing that I told him was that I am not here to replace him or do anything. I said (to him), ‘Man, I want to play with you and let things happen together.’ He has had a hell of a year man. I think it is his best year in his professional career. Only thing I can hope is he continues to be the person he is. Keep making plays.”


(on if he enjoys playing with Crabtree) “Yeah, because I think that I can speak for the whole offense, Crabtree has made some phenomenal plays this year. I think it starts out in practice really. I have not been here, I just came for camp. I do listen and I do read. The things he was doing in practice—and I told him ‘The things you do in practice you have to be able to let them roll on over to the field.’ Like I say, speaking for the whole offense he has got us out of some traps this year with his hands and run after the catch. He has had a hell of a year. Only thing you can do is just tip your hat off to him and hope it keeps going.”


(on getting back to practice) “I think that we have been here the last couple of days and we have been out walking streets and out eating. Sort of what I am saying is we have gotten our fun out of the way. We are here to do a job and that is to play football. I think that (Coach Harbaugh) said it right, I am excited to get out there and practice today. We have a defensive back, Tramaine Brock, and he gives us hell each and every day. I actually am ready to go out there and compete with him today. So I am excited, I really am.”


(on helping the 49ers defensive backs)  “I think that I have seen enough football to kind of know that what I see is what I see. I have given some input. Have they used it? I really do not know. If they see something going on out there, I expect them to come over and talk to me about it. That is what teammates do. That is what football is all about. It is very important for us to get out to a fast start and be there for one another. We have one game left. After that, it will be a long offseason. I think it will be a long offseason if we lose, but a short offseason if you win. Like I said, we are teammates and I think whatever we can do to help each other out. Let’s win a game.”


(on writing a book in the future) “I have not really figured it out yet. I just know that I think for people to understand me a little more, to understand what I have been through, I would like to write a book. I really do not have a title for it right now. I think once it is all said and done and everything settles down for me, slows down a little bit, I think I am going to write a book. A lot of you guys at this table, I have never seen you before and I know you do not me. You just know what you read. I think for you to really understand me and what I come from and how I do things, you need to read it.”


(on what people do not know about him) “Well right now, I am playing in the NFL. When the book comes out you will be able to sit down and read it. I am not trying to write a book that is going to be disrespectful and like that. I think it is just something like when you go to Starbucks to get coffee or you go to see people and read a book, I would like for people to really sit down and enjoy my book. Get to know me a little better. Like I said, I have been through a lot and I put a lot of heart, soul and dedication into this. Sacrificing each and every day to make sure I go out here and prepare myself to be the best. I think that is going to be one of the main focal points of my book. The approach that I took to be how I am.”


(on the importance of the 49ers locker room getting to know him) “Yeah because I think that they already had their perception of me already made up. Good or bad, I did not really care. I just wanted to let them know I am all the way in. I told Coach Harbaugh back during the OTAs and minicamp that, first of all, I wanted to make the team and then be able to go out here and make plays. The playmaking has not really been there this year, but, like I said, everything else has really been there.”





Super Bowl XLVII – Wednesday, January 30, 2013






(on quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s improvements) “I really do not know. I would say his preparation I guess. (Kaepernick) has come into being our starting quarterback with his eyes forward. Not looking on either side of the road. Just keep it straight forward. I would say his preparation because when he came in, everybody makes mistakes, but you could see some of the mistakes he was making and now he is ready to lead. That is something you can appreciate in a quarterback.”


(on Colin Kaepernick’s toughness) “I think his inner toughness is as tough as his outer. I like him. I really do. I like everything that he does and everything that he stands for. The kissing of the tattoos and all of that. I like him, I really do. I am a fan of his.”


(on what he has learned from the team’s younger guys) “I think being around a group of young guys does not make me feel so old. What I mean by that is there are days I have come out, been a little achy or a little sore and not really ready to go out there and practice. Then you get the jokes and stuff coming from Aldon Smith, Michael Crabtree, Carlos Rogers and C.J. Spillman. It is really something that motivated me to loosen my bones up and get myself ready to practice.”


(on what the young guys say to him) “You name it. Really, you name it. It is nothing that I have not heard from them just as far as my age. Like a lawn mower—you know how you start a lawn mower up and you have to pull the string to start it up? They are talking about, ‘Moss let’s get ready. Go ahead and start your lawn mower.’ It is all in fun. It is not out of disrespect. They have to have somebody to pick on. It goes both ways. We have a great time. Being around those great groups of guys who are young and keep me young too.”


(on Jerry Rice disagreeing that Moss is the greatest receiver of all-time) “Everybody is going to have their opinion. I do not live on numbers. I really do not. If you sit here and just said who is the greatest running back? Statistically it is Emmitt Smith. People would say Barry Sanders, Gale Sayers or Jim Brown. Their numbers do not match Emmitt Smith, but people would say Emmitt Smith is the best running back.”


(on how to judge the best receiver) “You make your own judgment. You really do. I know what I think. I am not going to sit up here and tell you how to look at it and how to judge it. I think when it comes to going out there, making plays and helping the team do the things that they are able to do to win the game—I think I am the greatest receiver ever, point blank. Next question.”


(on people’s reaction to him calling himself the greatest ever) “I think that it speaks of the impact that I have made on this NFL football league. If Joe Blow would have said it, I do not know if it would have been in USA Today. Since Randy Moss said it, it is front of the sports page. Like I said, I just try to stay humble and do my job. That is what I am able to do. I am able to come out and try to say these things, but I do believe in my heart and my mind I am the greatest to ever do it.”


(on the 49ers offensive weapons) “It goes on. We have a lot of weapons really. I think it is really true to say there is not really enough balls to go around on this offense. I do not mean that in a disrespectful way. I just think that we have so many weapons. We have tight ends. We have receivers. We have running backs, and injuries do occur. When Kendall Hunter went down, LaMichael James came in and stepped up. (Mario) Manningham went down and we have a young A.J. Jenkins. He has bloomed and been able to go out here and make a couple of plays for us this last month. This team is very talented. When it comes to salary caps in this league, it is hard to really keep a talented team together for so long. Hopefully the 49ers can keep them a good team together because it is a great core of guys and they love to play football.”

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Kaepernick says Jim Harbaugh vital in preparing him for Super Bowl

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff


(on how it will feel to be back out at practice today) “It will be good to get back out there. That’s where we need to be in order to get ready for Sunday.”


(on how much head coach Jim Harbaugh has helped him since he is a former quarterback) “He’s been a great coach. He’s done a lot for me – making sure that this team is going, this offense is going, and making sure all of the quarterbacks are ready.”


(on what he has done to better himself since getting into the NFL) “I think there is a lot of experience under my belt now. [I’ve had] a lot more time in the offense and on the game field. I think that’s the biggest difference between now and then.”


(on the development of WR Michael Crabtree and Kaepernick’s relationship with him) “Crab is a great player. He does a lot of things well and he’s a very physical receiver. He wants to get in the end zone every time he touches the ball. As a quarterback, that’s something you love.”


(on whether the coaches and receivers have talked to him about when to throw his ‘fast ball’) “In practice, they do. Come game time though, nobody says anything. Any way that we can get the ball in their hands, they’re going to be happy.”


(on distributing his allotment tickets) “I have all of my 15 tickets and I gave them all to my parents to distribute to the rest of the family. That’s not my business.”


(on how the 49ers offensive line makes his job easier) “They have been doing a phenomenal job blocking people. In pass protection, I’ve barely been touched. In the run game, they’re opening up huge holes for our running backs. They open up the edges for me when I’ve been running. As an offensive line, they’ve been playing lights out.”


(on the transition from not playing to becoming the starting quarterback of a Super Bowl team) “It was tough watching this team do well and not being able to contribute. For me, what kept me going was the fact that I might get an opportunity to get out there. When I did, I need to take advantage of it. I think that is the biggest thing.”


(on whether his relationship with QB Alex Smith has gone as well as it could) “I think it has gone about as well as it could. Alex has been phenomenal and he’s done nothing but things to help this team. He’s done nothing but help me. I mean he’s been great through it. To me, I’ve just been keeping my head down and trying to keep working.”


(on how crazy the week has been for him) “It’s a little bit weird for me. It’s not necessarily crazy, but it’s something different.”


(on his experience being recruited to go to college out of Pittman High School) “My recruitment was very minimal. I had one scholarship offer and that came one week before National Signing Day. To me, it’s something where you just have to hope for an opportunity and do anything you can to get one coach to like you.”


(on the challenge of losing WR Mario Manningham and LB Kyle Williams to injury) “It has been tough. I think (RB) Kendall Hunter has been another play that we’ve lost and he was a big contributor to our offense. I think all three of them played major roles and were tough losses. This offense and this team has to adapt to it.”


(on what pushed him to pursue a football career over baseball) “I was a better baseball player in high school and a lot more heavily recruited. To me, football is what I love and it’s what I wanted to do.”


(on how important it is to have an additional week to get ready for an opponent) “It gives us another week to really scheme up their defense – get extra looks at what they’re doing. We’re really trying to detail them out. Any extra time you can get looking at something, the more comfortable you’re going to be with it, and hopefully, the more prepared you are.”


(on working at the Manning Passing Academy and his connection with TE Vernon Davis last week) “I was at the Manning Passing Academy. It was a great experience. I got to meet Peyton and Eli, and get some tips and pointers from them. In terms of Vernon coming alive last week, he’s a matchup nightmare. When he’s against a linebacker or safety, we expect him to win every time. He is really gifted out there.”

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S Whitner says Niners have to know where Rice is at all times

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on if it’s easy to stay focused on football this week) “Well, when you have the type of guys that we have, we really like to play football. We’re really not here for everything else. We’re here to play football and to come back with a ring. So, yeah, it’s easy for us to switch off and on.”


(on the biggest way LB Ahmad Brooks has grown this year) “He’s just tremendously focused out there. And you can tell it – he was second-team All-Pro. He’s out there getting to the quarterback. Even if he doesn’t get sacks, he’s putting a lot of pressure on the quarterback, setting the edge on the run, getting all of the blocks, being extremely physical, tossing a lot of tight ends around, and that’s what we like him to do. So, that’s why he was second-team All-Pro.”


(on the successes of Brooks and DT Ray McDonald that gets overlooked) “He and Ray are extremely physical on that side, teams do not run the football to that side. Really, teams can’t really run the football on us at all. We have four guys up there that are extremely physical, extremely talented, and they really make this defense. That’s why we play like we do, because those guys go out and work the way that they do. All four of them are top guys in the National Football League.”


(on a unique challenge that Ravens RB Ray Rice brings to the game) “Well he’s a smaller guy, so he can hide behind some of those linemen and pop out at the last minute. Extremely shifty, and they like to use him in the pass game also. Try to work your linebackers. Joe (Flacco) can go deep, and (if) the second or third receiver isn’t open, you better believe it’s coming down to Ray Rice – and Ray Rice makes a lot of plays in the pass game also. So we have to know where he is at all times.”


(on the challenge facing Joe Flacco) “Extremely, extremely strong arm. Likes to take chances, but he’s extremely accurate on the deep ball, also. Some other thing we’re going to have to do is understand that when he’s being pressured in the pocket, the play can sometimes be extended. If you’re not continuing to stay deep in your deep zones, then that’s when you’ll get beat. We understand that, it’s something that we haven’t really seen, and we just have to keep those guys in front of us and not allow them to get behind us.”


(on the different strengths of the Ravens wide receivers for Flacco) “They start off with Anquan Boldin. Extremely physical guy – they move him in the slot. He’s really their possession receiver, but he also goes over the middle, breaks tackles. Fearless guy. Extremely strong, extremely quick. Not the fastest of guys, but extremely quick and can get behind the defense. Then you go to Torrey Smith. Torrey Smith is extremely fast, probably top five in the National Football League as far as pure, straight line speed. And that’s his deep throw. When he wants to go deep, he’s going to Torrey Smith. He can run other routes, but his specialty is going deep. And then you have (Dennis) Pitta. Pitta is starting to emerge as a top guy for them. He’s getting behind the defense, he’s scoring in the red zone, and he’s becoming just a reliable, all-around guy for them. Developing into a top tight end in the National Football League. It’s hard to jam him, so we’ll have to be physical with him. He’s pretty good. And then Ray Rice. He uses Ray Rice also in the pass game. Everybody knows what he can do in the run game and the plays that he can make, but as far as getting up into receivers and making them miss, catching the football and making big plays, he’s probably, right now, one of the top running backs in the National Football League in terms of being able to receive the football out of the backfield. So, they have a total group of weapons for him, and he’s been utilizing them well.”


(on the importance of San Francisco’s secondary against the Ravens’ deep game) “Our secondary is going to be huge. Not allowing his guys to get behind us and keeping them to a certain amount of big plays in the football game is going to be huge. And it’s huge each and every week, though. It’s not just because of the Super Bowl, it’s each and every week. But they have, arguably, one of the fastest guys in the National Football League in Torrey Smith. He’s been getting behind the defense all year long, especially over the last four games. You’ve seen a lot more (Anquan) Boldin going a little deeper, and they have tight ends that are getting behind the defense. So we have to be disciplined in what we’re doing and have to understand that sometimes, when the rush looks like they’re getting there, he’s still going to be able to extend the play and he still has a strong enough arm and accuracy to throw it deep and get it to where it’s going. And we just have to be aware of that.”




Super Bowl XLVII – Wednesday, January 30, 2013







(on what San Francisco’s secondary needs to do to keep the Ravens receivers in front of them) “Well we can be very detail-oriented, and that starts with everybody in the secondary, from the nickel to the outside corners to both safeties. If we’re in a cover-two and the corners are supposed to get a really, really good jam on them to break the rhythm of the play, he has to be detail-oriented and do that. If the safety is supposed to be two yards from the top of the number, 14 yards deep, with a good pace on the inside receiver, then he has to be detail-oriented and get that done. A lot of times when you see mistakes happen on the back end, it’s because guys aren’t really detail-oriented. They don’t really know their responsibility, they’re probably guessing, or they want to do something on their own. Every play you see happen out on the football field, there’s somebody that didn’t do something right, and that’s why it happened.”


(on if it’s a coincidence that two hard-hitting teams like Baltimore and San Francisco are in the Super Bowl) “I don’t think it’s coincidence. I think that when you play the game the way we play the game and the way that the Baltimore Ravens play the game, good things happen for you. We play an old school style of football, we play a physical style of football. Stop the run, and then we get after you in the pass game and get pass rushers. That’s how you win football games. It’s won up front, really, with the offensive and defensive line, and really with us affecting quarterbacks. So, it’s no coincidence.”


(on the tough reality that injuries can play a big role in players, such as Alex Smith, losing their jobs) “It’s tough. I don’t think I’ve ever had to deal with that. I might have had to deal with that once, when I was in Buffalo and Perry Fewell, the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants now, was my defensive coordinator. I think I might’ve hurt my hamstring or something and Jairus Byrd, who was a first year free safety went in, and I think we were playing the New York Jets, and he had two interceptions. Next game he had two interceptions and the next game he had one, and then he had two again. I kind of went through a similar situation myself, with then having to be a role player and probably play some nickel and come in on third down, something like that. So it was extremely tough to deal with, but knowing the guy that Alex is, Alex will get out of this and he’ll go somewhere and play football and he’ll win some games. He’ll let this fuel him, and that’s the way he can deal with it. He’s been dealing with it great so far, Kaep (Colin Kaepernick) has had a great year, but I believe this is not the end for Alex Smith and he’ll do great things.”


(on if he worries that injuries may cause a change in football in the future) “I don’t worry where football is going because I know a lot of money is involved in this to where people can come up with the research and come up with the plan and come up with an idea to keep the game going. I do worry that moms are not allowing young kids to play now, who might have an opportunity to learn something from the game, be able to use it as a tool to further themselves educational-wise, and not really allow them to enjoy something that can be wonderful to you. I know that a lot of people worry about the brain and the neck and all that, but there are ways to play the game the right way and not be injured. There’s a lot of players out there on defense that think they’re flying in and diving headfirst and showing toughness. That’s not the way to play the game. There’s a way to play the game of football, and you know, we’re not perfect. We can’t really prevent injury. It’s going to happen sometimes. That’s why people love this game, it’s like gladiators out there. That’s why people love the big hits on ESPN and all that, it’s like gladiators. Not too many people can go out there and endure this to do this. That’s why people love it.”

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49ers QB coach Chryst says Kaepernick not likely to take huge hit

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on the read option) “It’s unique in the sense that you’re requiring the quarterback to be an element in the run game. The NFL, everyone has big boy pads. Everyone is going to hit. Everyone is going to try to hit. What we’ve found over the last decade with running backs is you like to have more than one running back because of the physical nature of tackling, the physical nature of running the ball. Fortunately for us – I don’t think I can make a sweeping statement – (Colin Kaepernick) Kaep has done a great job of knowing where his lanes are to run the ball and also avoiding those blowup shots. We saw what happened in Washington. We don’t want people hurt at the back end of a long run of a gainer.”


(on how to avoid big hits as a quarterback) “Just the innate feel for, ‘Where is my first down?’ It’s great to get a first down. Where is the out of bounds? When is the appropriate time to slide? Again, these playoff games, you’re going to do whatever you can to win, but it’s during the course of a long 16-week season. What are you going to do to protect yourself and protect the ball and also score points?”


(on the amount of information going through Colin Kaepernick’s head during a game) “First off, he did a great job at Nevada, so I think we benefitted. He’s been doing this for more than just the last 10 games. The decision-making process that goes into a split seconds is really as attribute that he has. Kaep does it well. You see other people do it well. If it spreads, you have to find the right kid to do that. They have to have the right speed and athletic ability to have that quick mind to make the read and then capitalize on that. I’m sure you can find others, but how deep is that talent pool.”


(on how you find a good running quarterback) “When teams were coming out with the wildcat look, there was a quarterback that Miami drafted, Pat White from West Virginia. There are other people who are on rosters, Tyler Thigpen from Coastal Carolina, a quarterback that has that run ability. You have to understand the evaluation in college because teams are moving the ball in college doing it that way. Can it convert into the NFL? I think that will be an interesting thing to follow, especially with Chip Kelly with the Eagles and see where this goes. I don’t know if we know right now because we’re just at the entry point of this. I don’t know where this is going to take us.”


(on running quarterbacks being great athletes) “I think that their athletic ability is really great. Andrew Luck is a great athlete. Kaep is a great athlete. (Ryan) Tannehill is a great athlete. He played two years at wide receiver. But again, can they kind of package that, their athletic ability? And their teammates around them, do they have good teammates then when the appropriate choice is to give it to a teammate that they can make hay as well? I think the learning curve is shorter. I think the college game continues to evolve and is well taught at the college level. Also how the league is, there is an expectation that these guys do come in and play and not just park them on the bench and sit around. I think that’s all comes together to create the situation we’re in right now. It’s really exciting actually because you’ve got so much young talent.”


(on the his brother, Paul Chryst) “Like any family, he’s three-and-a-half years younger than me, so we don’t always listen to the same music. We probably wouldn’t chose to drive the same car, but a lot of ways we’re a lot the same. Paul is great because he’s so low key. He thought it was great that he could go to a Steelers game because the Rooney’s invited him and he put on a Mike Webster jersey, go to brunch and then go to the game and feel perfectly at home. He loves the city of Pittsburgh because I think that’s his personality. He doesn’t want to try to impress people in any way, shape or form, but he’s a really great guy and really loves football. I really think the good thing that happened is he has a lot of good guys around him on his staff. You get to know the staffs and they’re all different. They’re shoulder to shoulder. They’ll find good players, and players will get it. You bring them in for a recruiting weekend and there is a certain vibe that you get, a certain feel. I think it’s very consistent with how the city of Pittsburgh sees itself. I really do. He was thrilled because the Penguin coaches kept coming over. He was like, ‘Can you believe this? This is great.’ Because they felt at home. That’s the overriding feel. He said, ‘This is great. You wouldn’t believe how nice the people are to me. It’s been a great fit.’ I know he’s excited, not just about the recruiting for this year, but down the pipe that the team will continue to improve. I know that for a fact.”


(on switching from Alex Smith to Colin Kaepernick) “First of all, Jim has such a great feel for the position, as you would expect, not just on gameday or not just during the week with the quarterbacks doing drills, but getting the right guy in the room. He came in the door, we evaluated a large crop of quarterbacks, and we had a really good feel for him and that he was a guy that would fit our culture. As a result, we’ve got the right guys in the room the begin with, ultra-competitive but not in a scorch the earth policy that if things aren’t going their way they’re pouting. The team is still the most important thing, but they’re allowed to compete within that and then go shoulder to should on gameday. That’s a credit to Jim. Once the guys are in there, I know we have to work really hard with the game plan and preparation. Our schemes are as creative as you can find. It’s important to run the ball. There is a lot of throwing offenses, but that’s hard to do week in and week out when every team is trying to stop you from running. That opens up your play action and you’re able to drop back element as well. The room is busy.”

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CB Brown says 49ers will have “multiple guys” play Ray Rice

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on containing Ray Rice) “Just have multiple guys play him. We have linebackers who can cover. A lot of teams don’t have linebackers that can run like that. We have guys who can run sideline-to-sideline and they can also fill holes. The biggest thing for us is to just know where he’s at on the field, guys to know their responsibilities and guys to win those matchups.”


(on stopping Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta in the red zone) “It’s just a matchup game. Boldin is doing a great job of getting separation on guys, using his strength (and) using his body. (Joe) Flacco is throwing the ball pretty high to where only receivers can get it. Guys just have to challenge them to make plays.”


(on how the team stays so even-keeled) “We don’t sweat. I think the biggest thing about this team is that we don’t sweat. We understand the situation. We understand what got us here. To have confidence in ourselves, we will always have that and we understand that.”


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Gore says Niners also in New Orleans for “business trip”

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff




(on getting back on the field) “I’m ready to get back to practice and get ready for Sunday.”


(on getting being in New Orleans for the week) “You’ve got to know what you are down here for. It’s a business trip and you know what the most important thing is, and that is winning the football game.”


(on his first play with the ball) “I hope I can break it, that would be good, but everybody likes to get hit to get the butterflies out and to get going.”


(on if an NFL locker room would be tolerant of a teammate being openly gay) “I don’t know. It would be tough. If you are gay, you are gay, I don’t have a problem with it. If that’s what (you) want to do, I’m fine with it. That’s their business and you shouldn’t be in another man’s business.”


(on dealing with the media and how distracting it is) “There’s a time for everything. There’s media time, but you always think about the game no matter what so I’m fine with it and enjoying it. You know what you are here for, to win a football game. You have to have focus if you want to win.”


(on the secret to playing well in big games) “Just be yourself, whatever got you there, do the same. Do whatever it takes to win, blocking, running, catching.”


(on being a quiet guy). “I’ve always been quiet. I like to just chill and watch and let everybody else do the talking and not waste time.”


(on the watches he got for the offensive linemen) “(They were) about $4,000 apiece. I got them for the five linemen, I got one for Delanie (Walker) and Bruce (Miller).”


(on his anticipation for Sunday) “It’s a big game. I’ve dreamed about playing in this game a long time, I’m excited and ready.”


(on this team’s locker room personality) “They are one of the best. We have great guys in the locker room we all respect each other and no one looks at each other any differently. That’s one of the reasons why we are here today, we have no one selfish. Whoever’s week it is, we let them have that week and do whatever it takes to get the win.”


(on the young players on the team) “It’s great, seeing (running back) LaMichael (James) come in and seeing him change. When he first got in he was not playing that much and now he is helping us get wins. It feels good to see those guys out there making plays.”


(on getting kids active and healthy) “What I want to tell all of the kids is that when I was young I used to go outside, run around and play basketball, play football and it helped me a lot with my skills and getting to the level I’m at now. I want to tell the youngsters out there, you can do the same.”

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