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SI’s Wertheim doesn’t know what to make of Nadal’s early Wimbledon exit

Posted on 25 June 2013 by WNST Audio

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Federer to Meet Djokovic for First Time at Wimbledon

Posted on 05 July 2012 by jeffreygilley

Roger Federer has accomplished everything a professional tennis player is capable of achieving but is still hungry for more.  The sixteen-time champion must get past Novak Djokovic tomorrow morning if he wishes to hold the Wimbeldon Trophy once again.

This dream semifinal will be the first time Djokovic and Federer have ever faced eachother on grass.  Federer leads the all-time series, fourteen to twelve but Djokovic has had the upper hand as of late.  Djokovic has won six of the last seven matches with his only loss at Roland Garros in 2011.

For Federer to beat Novak, he must take advantage of the crowd who will most likely be on his side.  Although Federer is usualy calm on the court, he must show emotion early to get the crowd on his side.  But this will only be a small part of the epic battle tennis fans accross the world will be anticipating.

Both Federer and Djokovic are great transition players.  This means that at one moment, they can be on defense and seemingly out of the point completely when all of a sudden, they can hit shots from unbelievable angles to transition from defense to offense.

Although both are very good defensive players, the grass court will prevent points from lasting a long time.  Running down shots will be a lot tougher seeing as grass makes the ball bounce lower.

Because grass causes the ball to bounce lower, Novak must stay away from Federer’s backhand when serving.  Federer loves to slice off the backhand return which sets up two options, both good for Federer.  The slice will either cause an error into the net or will force Novak to hit the ball with little or no pace which allows Federer to hit a passing shot.

Federer has the overall game to beat Djokovic but must play one of his best matches of the year.  I expect the crowd to be behind Federer as Andy Murray would stand a better chance against Federer should Murray advance to the finals.

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