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Terps OC Locksley says Larose ready to step in for Madaras at LT

Posted on 06 November 2013 by WNST Staff

Offensive Coordinator Mike Locksley

On battling injuries:

“In this sport, injuries are going to be a part of the game, it is a contact sport. Whether you lose a guy to an injury or whatever the reason is, the amount of games we have left our options are to get the guys prepared and ready to play that we have available. That has been the approach and that hasn’t change much. It’s a matter of spending our time and our energy on trying to get the guys ready to play that we have available; that’s something that we’re very well versed at and that we will continue to do the things that move us forward.”


On left tackle Moise Larose:

“Well, obviously for us to recruit him, he meets what we’re looking for from a skill set standpoint. He’s a guy that played as a freshman even prior to these injuries; he’s a guy that we’ve held in high regard in terms of his ability. I think he’ll do well, he’s shown the ability thus far in practice to pick up things. He’s the guy that we decided to bring along as the season went on and was able to take some meaningful reps earlier in the year for us and we’ll support him and do things to protect him as much as we can as well.”


On maintaining continuity with Moise Larose at left tackle:

“That’s something we’ve discussed from a personnel standpoint all the time and it’s probably Randy [Edsall]’s biggest strong point. He has pretty good gauge and temperature on the personnel moves and decisions that are made. Obviously, him being the head coach, those decisions come through him and he takes our opinions on things, but I think he spends time studying our roster, knowing and anticipating having to do certain things. For us, the continuity is always great to have, but we’ve always done things to prepare for worse case scenarios and that’s just how Randy sets up our practice schedule and that’s how he sets our reps. As I said before, it starts with him in terms of our ability to move past whatever adversity we face as a team. The next man up mentality is something that we have embraced.”


On Moise Larose’s preparation this season:

“He was part of our second team and the way our schedule sets up our second team guys get about 40 percent of the reps. The way our schedule sets up in practice, the one’s take about 60 percent of the reps and the two’s get about 40 percent and he’s been a two since the start of the season. So it’s not like taking a guy like Shawn Petty, who was play linebacker/outside linebacker and moving him to quarterback where there weren’t any reps whatsoever. So he has been involved in the game planning for the past eight or nine weeks, so there’s some retention there. For us, it wasn’t as much as a big deal as some may think because he’s been taking those reps in practice, maybe not a lot of game reps, but enough in practice if he was needed he’d be able to step in.”


On running back Brandon Ross’ status for Saturday:

“He’s been practicing. We talk personnel on Thursday, so we’ll see how he does today and tomorrow and have a feel for him.”


On the status of quarterback C.J. Brown:

“Same thing, he’s been practicing. He’s been doing well. He looks as healthy as I’ve seen him. I don’t see any difference in him. I know prior to a couple weeks ago when he was a little banged up, but he’s practiced well and he’s the guy and we’re moving forward, getting him ready to go have a good game on Saturday.”


On Syracuse’s defense:

“The big thing with them on defense is that they’re a pressure team. We’ve watched six, seven game breakdowns of them and 60, 70 percent of their snaps have some form of pressure whether it’s zone or man. They want to be a pressure team. They want to get after you, create confusion and bring blitzers from different places. Luckily, for us we face that in practice and faced that in quite a few weeks. We’ve had some work at it, but obviously we haven’t executed it the way we need to execute to get W’s like we want.

“They are a hard-nose tough team and we know we’re going to get their best when they come in here on Saturday and for us it always starts with going back to taking care of the things that we can control on offense. I thought we did some decent things in our last game, but we didn’t do enough of them. One of the things that jumps out at me on offense is the ability to sustain drives; we’re either a big play or bust in my opinion. When you want to win games and beat good teams you have got to be consistent and not just rely on big plays and that’s something we’ve talked about. Some things that we’ve tried to lock in and focus on during our bye weeks is getting back to being fundamentally and technically sound so that we can execute the assignments.”


Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart

On getting some players back from injury this week:

“We’re just practicing and seeing how everyone is going to fit in to what we’re going to do this week. You let everybody go through the week and see how they look and then on Thursday we sit down and as a staff we sit down and talk about how everyone has progressed through the week.”


On the status of defensive back Jeremiah Johnson:

“He’s pushing through. I think that he’s a kid that really wants to be out there, but we have just let the injury take its course, and when it’s time he’ll be out there. But he’s doing a good job keeping he’s spirit up.”


On moving defensive lineman Andre Monroe to defensive end:

“I just think as we progressed through the week and looking at things during the bye week, we are just still trying to move people and parts around that put the best product on the field.”


On defensive lineman Zeke Riser:

We’re doing what Zeke knows. The thing about Zeke being here is helping the guys understand the language we speak, that’s where I think he helps the most. It’s hard when you get to a new place and you’re injured and you’re trying to watch, but you’re trying to get rehab, all those things take a toll on you and then you have to catch up. I think he’s had an opportunity to catch up.”


On the game against Clemson:

“The truth of the matter is, there’s no such thing as moral victories. You go into every game and you want to have energy and have a stop them whenever you can every time you can attitude, and we just have to come out of this bye week with the fined tuned things that we talked about; being good on third down, stopping people from scoring in the red-zone and win sudden change.”


On the vibe amongst the unit after a sudden possession change:

“I took this from coach Wade Phillips, as soon as there is sudden change, coach [Greg] Gattuso and I get them together before they run on the field, we assess the situation, I tell them what we expect them to do whatever the case may be, tell them what defense we’re going to be in and send them on the field so that it’s a common force and not just them running on the field from all over the place.”


On Syracuse’s offense:

“I think they have a very athletic quarterback. Not that we haven’t seen any athletic quarterbacks, every game presents its own challenges. They’re a good run team, I think their center does a good job in communicating the run blocking as well as the protection, and the quarterback gets the ball out of his hands and if he can’t, he runs.”

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Maryland set to recognize former Syracuse player Sadat-Singh

Posted on 06 November 2013 by WNST Staff

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Between the first and second quarter of Saturday’s game between Maryland and Syracuse, the Terrapins will recognize and pay tribute to Wilmeth Sadat-Singh, who was not permitted to play when Syracuse visited Maryland in October of 1937.

The event was brought to the attention of Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson by Kumea Shorter-Gooden, the Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at the University.

“After visiting with Kumea Shorter-Gooden and reading Mr. Sadat-Singh’s story, we felt compelled to recognize him for his significant accomplishments and contributions,” Anderson said. “We look forward to welcoming his family and friends to Saturday’s game against Syracuse for an on-field ceremony.”

“Today’s presentation really speaks to the leadership of our athletic department,” said Kumea-Shorter Gooden. “This tribute is about honoring Wilmeth, but it also stands for so much more. We know Wilmeth’s name, but there are so many African Americans whose names aren’t known who experienced similar incidents of racism. I hope, in some way, this can help with healing for all of them. And I see this as a re-affirmation of the university’s commitment to transcend its past and to be fully equitable, diverse, and inclusive.”

Sadat-Singh was a standout two-sport athlete at Syracuse, starring in basketball and football for the Orange. The Washington D.C., native was noted for his ball handling and scoring ability on the court and his speed as a halfback on the gridiron. Sadat-Singh only took up football after arriving at Syracuse.

After college, Sadat-Singh, a native of Washington, D.C., shelved a promising professional basketball career to enlist in the U.S. Army in the months following Pearl Harbor.  A member of the first graduating class of what later took the name of the Tuskegee Airmen, Sadat-Singh lost his life when his plane went down in Lake Huron on a training flight in May of 1943. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

In 2005, Syracuse raised Sadat-Singh’s No. 19 jersey to the rafters at the Carrier Dome for his contributions to the University and its athletic program.

Sadat-Singh’s family will join Anderson, Syracuse Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross and Maryland football legend and pioneer Darryl Hill in an on-field tribute and recognition on the video board.

Sadat-Singh’s family will be presented a Maryland football Wounded Warrior jersey in recognition of his military service.

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Edsall says QB Brown will “be good” to return Saturday

Posted on 05 November 2013 by WNST Staff


Head Coach Randy Edsall 

Opening Statement:

“It is good to get back out to playing again this week, after having last week off. We got a chance to work on some things and get some guys back in the fold. We’ll see how the rest of the guys do this week with practice and we’ll see where we are with these injuries coming back. We’re playing a very hard nose and physical football team. We have to be ready to stop the running game on defense and handle their quarterback, Terrel Hunt, who is getting better at running the plays. They have an aggressive, attacking and blitzing defense that we’re going to go up against on Saturday. We need to make sure that we have a good week of preparing and understanding all of the things that we could see and will see. We have to make sure we go out and don’t turn the ball over, so we can give ourselves an opportunity to win and make sure that we can get some turnovers to help us win.”


On facing his alma mater:

“I have great feelings. I love the place. They gave me an opportunity to get my education and start my coaching career. I have very fond memories. I spent 15 years of my life playing and then coaching. I met my wife there and she got the better end of that deal. It’s always a place that will have a special place for me. All of the friends that I have from there are special. So, you just worry about what you’ve got to control in terms of getting ready to play the game this week. “


On the left tackle position with the departure of Mike Madaras:

“Moise [Larose] is at left tackle, [Ryan] Doyle is at right tackle, Jake Wheeler is the backup at left and Nick Klemm is the backup at right. I feel really good about it.

“Situations come up and you deal with him. Moise is the best guy to play that position for us, so he’s out there. I know that we’ll do a good job and he’s been working hard. He’ll give everything that he has and I’ve been impressed with him since he’s come in here. Sometimes people get pressed with things maybe a little bit quicker than they would like to, but that is part of the game. You’ve got to adapt and overcome those situations.”


On Syracuse:

“Watching them on tape, defensively they are very aggressive. They do a lot of blitzing and give you a lot of different looks. [Jay] Bromley has eight sacks. Their linebackers, Cameron Lynch, Marquis Spruill and Dyshawn Davis, are very active. Those guys run really well and the secondary is sound and solid. That’s the thing when you watch their defense. They put pressure on you and give you a lot of different looks. Offensively, they’ve made a change for the Wake Forest game and moved Ashton Broyld to the outside and brought in the young man, [Brisly Estime], to play in the slot. He caught some balls for them and had some good plays. They like to run the ball and a big thing that you’ve got to be able to do is stop the run. With their running backs, [Jerome] Smith and [Prince]-Tyson [Gulley], rushing for almost 200 yards a game. To add to that, I am extremely impressed with the videos I’ve been watching on Terrel Hunt.”


On earning their sixth win and gaining bowl eligibility:

“I told our kids. They know what they want to accomplish. They have the goals in mind of what we want to accomplish so they understand what’s there. I told them, we’re a 5-3 football team. Where we want to go is up to them. I thought we had some good practices last week and I thought Sunday they were focused. They know what’s on the line and now it’s up to them to go out and practice well this week and work to try to get the sixth win this week.”


On the health of quarterback C.J. Brown:

“He practiced last week, and hopefully barring any setback or anything this week, he’ll be good. As far as that, it’s the depth chart, that from a health stand point, it was there before as a health stand point, but now the doctors and the trainers and all them, watching him do the things, he was good. Now we just feel that’s the way it will turn out this week too.”


On place kicker Brad Craddock:

“Well, I think Brad is a great role model for everybody on our team. You see that he’s a semifinalist for the Lou Groza award this year. And you take a look at the year he had a year ago, and then to see the amount of work that he put into getting better and wanting to improve himself and never complaining or having a bad attitude, all he did was go out and work his tail off, was motivated and worked on his craft to put him in that position.”


– Maryland –

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Hopkins wilts in second half at Syracuse

Posted on 16 March 2013 by WNST Staff

SYRACUSE, NY – Host Syracuse used a 6-0 run in the first quarter and a game-ending 5-1 run to fuel a 13-8 victory over visiting Johns Hopkins in men’s lacrosse action at the Carrier Dome Saturday afternoon. The Orange trailed for just over two minutes early in the game and then took control before holding off a Blue Jay rally that trimmed the five-goal deficit to one early in the third quarter.

Syracause (4-1) got one of the runs its known for early as Luke Cometti answered Holden Cattoni’s game-opening goal and the Orange then scored five goals in a span of just under five minutes to take control and grab all the momentum.

Back-to-back goals by Henry Schoonmaker broke the 1-1 tie and gave SU and 3-1 lead and Hakeem Lecky, Scott Loy and Derek Maltz all added goals before the first quarter was over to make it 6-1.

The Blue Jays halted the run with the first of Wells Stanwick’s three goals on the day, but a Matt Harris goal on a scramble off the ensuing faceoff made it 7-2.

The Blue Jays hopped back in the game by scoring four of the next five goals before halftime to make it 8-6 at the half.

Stanwick’s second of the game with just over nine minutes remaining in the period was followed 24 seconds later by a Lee Coppersmith goal in transition to slice the deficit to 7-4.

Loy’s second of the game pushed the lead back to four for the Orange, but junior Rex Sanders and Stanwick struck late in the quarter to account for the 8-6 halftime score.

The Blue Jays, who fought through nine first-half turnovers and were 2-for-2 with the extra-man in the opening 30 minutes, trimmed the deficit to 8-7 less than three minutes into the third quarter when freshman Ryan Brown notched his eighth goal of the season with an extra-man strike.

Johns Hopkins won the ensuing faceoff after Brown’s goal, but a turnover led to Lecky’s second of the game to give the Orange a two-goal lead again.

Senior goalie Pierce Bassett made two point-blank saves to keep it a two-goal game over the next six minutes, but Syracuse worked Loy free along the goal line with 5:25 remaining and he beat Bassett on the doorstep to extend the lead to 10-7 before Loy added his third in the final two minutes of the quarter to make it 11-7.

Junior Brandon Benn scooped up a loose ball in front of the goal and fired into an open net less than two minutes into the fourth quarter, but Matt Pratt answered less than a minute later and a Dylan Donahue goal closed out the scoring 10 minutes later for the Orange.

Loy led the Orange with three goals, while Schoonmaker added two goals and one assist for SU, which outshot the Blue Jays 39-29.

Stanwick paced the Blue Jays with his third straight four-point game on three goals and one assist, but no other Blue Jay posted more than one point on the day. Bassett posted 11 saves in goal for JHU and senior Mike Poppleton won 14-of-23 faceoffs and grabbed seven ground balls, but the Blue Jays’ 17 turnovers and SU’s hot shooting in the first quarter (6-of-11) was more than JHU could overcome.

Johns Hopkins will return to action next Saturday when the Blue Jays play Virginia in the second game of the Konica Minolta Faceoff Classic at Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium.

#4 Johns Hopkins (5-2) 1-5-1-1/8
#11 Syracuse (4-1) 6-2-3-2/13

GoalsJ: Stanwick-3, Sanders, Benn, Brown, Cattoni, Coppersmith. S: Loy-3, Schoonmaker-2, Lecky-2, Cometti, Maltz, Ward, Donahue, Harris, Pratt. AssistsJ: Greeley, Stanwick. S: Marasco-3, Barber, Cometti, Donahue, Maltz, Schoonmaker, Ward. SavesJ: Bassett-11, Schneider-0. S: Wardwell-3, Lamolinara-5. Shots: J-29. S-39.EMOJ: -3-for-6. S: 0-for-4. Attendance: 6,292.


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Hopkins, Syracuse renew rivalry Saturday at Carrier Dome

Posted on 15 March 2013 by WNST Staff

Television:  ESPNU

The Game: Johns Hopkins (5-1) leaves the state of Maryland for the first time in 2013 as the Blue Jays travel to Syracuse (3-1) to renew one of the great rivalries in college lacrosse.

A Look Back: Johns Hopkins improved to 5-1 on the year as the Blue Jays topped UMBC, 13-7, last Friday night at Homewood Field. Syracuse made it three straight in the win column as the Orange topped St. John’s, 13-11, in the Whitman’s Sampler Independence Classic last Saturday in Chester, PA.

Series History: Johns Hopkins and Syracuse are meeting for the 51st time in a series that dates to a 4-4 tie in 1921. The Blue Jays lead the all-time series 27-22-1 and won last season, 11-7. SU had won five in a row against JHU prior to last season and has won the last two meetings in the Carrier Dome.

These are the Facts: Johns Hopkins enters this week’s game against Syracuse with an all-time record of 929-299-15 (.753). The Blue Jays own nine NCAA titles, 29 USILA titles and six ILA titles for a total of 44 national championships.

State Rivalries: Without question the Blue Jays play one of the most difficult schedules in the nation and a big part of the schedule are the in-state rivalries the Blue Jays have. Including the win last week against UMBC, JHU is 59-7 (.894) against teams from Maryland under head coach Dave Pietramala.
That’s 103 Games Over .500: Johns Hopkins head coach Dave Pietramala picked up his 166th career win when JHU knocked off UMBC and he now stands at 166-63 overall. Included in that mark is a 143-46 record at JHU and a 23-17 record in three seasons as the head coach at Cornell.
Pietramala ranks second all-time in school history in career coaching victories as only Hall of Fame coach Bob Scott (158 wins from 1955-74) has more victories than Pietramala while patrolling the sidelines at Homewood.

Must be the Speech: There must be something to what Johns Hopkins head coach Dave Pietramala says in the locker room that sparks the Blue Jays as Johns Hopkins holds decided scoring advantages in the first and third quarters through six games. JHU has outscored the opposition 27-7 in the first quarter and 24-10 in the third. By contrast, the Blue Jays hold just a 20-17 scoring margin in the fourth quarter and are deadlocked in the second quarter (13-13).

Balancing Act: Johns Hopkins counts seven players with four or more goals and 10 players with four or more points through six games. In all, 17 different players have found the back of the net for JHU and 20 players have at least one point.

EMO Clicking: The Johns Hopkins extra man unit connected on 5-of-6 chances against Mount St. Mary’s, came back with a 4-of-6 showing against UMBC and is now 17-of-29 (.586) on the year. Johns Hopkins currently leads the nation in extra-man offense. Seven different players have scored at least one extra man goal for the Blue Jays with freshman Ryan Brown (6), senior Zach Palmer (3) and junior Brandon Benn (3) leading the way.

Stanwick Breaks Out: Sophomore attackman Wells Stanwick enjoyed the finest game of his career in the 19-9 win over Mount St. Mary’s last Tuesday as he totaled five goals and four assists for nine points. Previously he had never had more than two goals, three assists or four points in a game.
He followed that with a two-goal, four-assist effort in the win over UMBC to push his season totals to 12 goals and 11 assists for 23 points. The 12 goals already surpass his total from last season and his 23 points match his total from a year ago.
Stanwick is the first Johns Hopkins player to post nine points in a game since Kyle Barrie had five goals and four assists in a 17-3 win over Navy in 2003. He is also the first JHU player with back-to-back six-point games since Dan Denihan did it against Villanova (8), Ohio State (6) and Maryland (7) during the 2000 season.

Poppleton Rolls On: With a 15-of-21 performance against Mount St. Mary’s and a 12-of-19 effort against UMBC, senior faceoff specialist Mike Poppleton continued his strong work at the X for the Blue Jays.
Poppleton, who ranks first in the nation in faceoff winning percentage, is now 82-of-112 (.732) on the year and leads the team with 44 ground balls. He also improved to 272-of-422 (.645) in his career with his efforts last week.

Benn Continues Hot Streak: Junior Brandon Benn scored four goals in the win over Mount St. Mary’s to run his season totals to 18 goals and one assist in five games. He currently leads the team in goals and points.
Benn’s four-goal effort marked his fifth straight hat trick, making him the first Johns Hopkins player with five straight hat tricks since Conor Ford turned the trick late in the 2004 season. The last Johns Hopkins player to post six consecutive hat tricks was Dylan Schlott in 1998.

Cattoni Emerging: Freshman Holden Cattoni played in two of the Blue Jays’ first three games, but didn’t register a point in those two outings.
That changed quickly as the hard-shooting lefty punched up back-to-back two-point games against Princeton and Mount St. Mary’s. He fired home a pair of goals againt the Tigers and added one goal and one assist against the Mount.

What Brown Does For Us: Freshman Ryan Brown has stepped in and made an immediate impact for the Blue Jays. Brown has seven goals and three assists through six games and leads the team with six extra-man goals. He has registered at least one point in five of six games this season and his six extra-man goals already match the team-leading total Brandon Benn punched up a year ago.

Sanders Breaks Through: Junior midfielder Rex Sanders entered the 2013 season with one career goal to his credit. He has already far surpassed that total as he has scored seven goals through six games. Sanders is tied for fifth on the team in goals (7) and is tied for eighth in points (7).

Bassett Solid Through Six: Senior Pierce Bassett hails from Arizona, but the chill of the early season in Baltimore hasn’t slowed him as he currently boasts a .600 save percentage and a 7.33 goals against average. He ranks eightth in the nation in goals against average and sixth in save percentage. He posted 10 saves in the win against UMBC and became the 10th Johns Hopkins goalie to reach the 400-save mark (406) in the process.

Durkin Fuels Defense: Johns Hopkins head coach Dave Pietramala has the luxury of returning the nation’s top defensive player in senior co-captain Tucker Durkin, who has picked up right where he left off a year ago.
Durkin currently ranks third on the team in ground balls (14) and leads the team with nine caused turnovers. Durkin counts exactly one-fourth of JHU’s total caused turnovers (36) to his credit and is the anchor of a Johns Hopkins defense that ranks 11th nationally in scoring defense (7.83).

Scoring Droughts Abound: Despite the new rules in place this season that aim to quicken the pace (and thus increasing scoring), the Johns Hopkins defense has been able to hold the opposition scoreless for long stretches this season.
Siena, Towson and Michigan each drew blanks of at least 15 minutes and all three had two droughts that lasted at least 13 minutes. Princeton was more productive in its win against JHU, but did have one scoring drought that covered more than 11 minutes, while Mount St. Mary’s went more than 18 minutes without a goal at one point and UMBC was held off the board for 24:04 to open the game and 13:01 later in the game. I’m Honored: The Blue Jays return four players who earned All-America honors last season in seniors Tucker Durkin, Pierce Bassettand John Ranagan and junior Rob Guida. Durkin earned First Team All-America honors on defense, while Ranagan and Guida grabbed second team honors at midfield. Bassett earned honorable mention honors in goal and he, Durkin and Ranagan are two-time All-America selections for the Blue Jays.

Odd, But True: Years ending in “3” have been kind, and unkind, to the Blue Jays. Since the formation of the NCAA Tournament in 1971, Johns Hopkins has advanced to the NCAA Championship game three times (1973, 1983, 2003) and the NCAA Semifinals once (1993) in the years ending in three. JHU fell in each of those three title games with the three loses coming by a total of four goals. In each of those instances the Blue Jays subsequently won a national championship within two years.

Representing the Stars and Stripes – Part I: Johns Hopkins head coach Dave Pietramala will serve as an assistant coach for the United States at at the 2014 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) World Championships in Denver Colorado. Pietramala will serve under Richie Meade, the head coach at Navy from 1995-2011.

Representing the Stars and Stripes – Part II: Johns Hopkins sophomore defender Rob Enright was a member of the United States Team that won the 2012 FIL U-19 World Championship in Turku, Finland. Enright is the 17th Johns Hopkins player to represent the United States at the U-19 Championships since the formation of the event in 1988.

Working Overtime: The Blue Jays have won their last three overtime games dating back to the 2011 season and are 19-9 all-time in overtime under head coach Dave Pietramala.

Streaking: In case you didn’t notice, Johns Hopkins is 25-6 in its last 31 games and 30-8 since the start of the 2011 season.

Poll Position: The Blue Jays are ranked fourth in this week’s USILA Coaches Poll and fifth in the Nike/Inside Lacrosse Media Poll as well. The Johns Hopkins Athletic Communications Office uses the USILA Poll to represent JHU’s official ranking at the time of a game. Prior to falling out of the top 20 of the USILA Poll on April 26 and May 3, 2010 (JHU was receiving votes in both polls), the Blue Jays had been ranked in the top 20 in 367 consecutive polls dating back to the first poll in 1973.

More Poll Position: Including this week’s USILA Poll, there have been 401 weekly polls since the inception of the poll in 1973. Amazingly, JHU has been ranked in the top 20 in 399 of those 401 polls. The Blue Jays have been in the top 10 in 378 of the 401 and the top five in 299 of those 401. Johns Hopkins has been ranked number one 104 times since the poll debuted in 1973.

Palmer in Rare Company: Senior attackman Zach Palmer led Johns Hopkins in scoring with 27 goals and 26 assists for 53 points last season. With that effort, Palmer became the first player at Johns Hopkins with 25 goals and 25 assists in the same season since 2007, when Paul Rabil totaled 27 goals and 26 assists. The 25-25 feat is rare at Johns Hopkins as Palmer is just the eighth Blue Jay to reach this mark since 1980 (the eight have turned the trick a combined 13 times).

Palmer Among Career Active Assists Leaders: Senior attackman Zach Palmer notched two assists against Mount St. Mary’s to run his career assist total to 67. He currently ranks ninth among all active Division I players in career assists.

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Maryland football to host Syracuse for first time since 1991

Posted on 11 January 2013 by WNST Staff

ACC Announces 2013 Conference Football Opponents

Terps to play host to Boston College, Clemson, Syracuse and Virginia

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Atlantic Coast Conference on Friday announced the football conference opponents and sites for the 2013 season, incorporating new members Pittsburgh and Syracuse into the 14-team league.


Maryland will host ACC opponents Boston College, Clemson, Syracuse and Virginia at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium in 2013. The Terps will play at Florida State, NC State, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.


The complete 2013 ACC Football Schedule, including specific dates, is expected to be announced in early February.


The Terrapins’ non-conference schedule features home games vs. FIU (Sat. Aug. 31) and Old Dominion (Sat. Sept. 7), a trip to Connecticut (Sat. Sept. 14), and a showdown with West Virginia on Sept. 21 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.


Maryland Football 2013 Schedule


Date              Opponent            Home/Away/Neutral

Aug. 31          FIU                      Home

Sept. 7          Old Dominion       Home

Sept. 14         Connecticut          Away

Sept. 21         West Virginia        Neutral (M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore)


Conference Schedule (Dates to be announced in early February)

Home: Boston College, Clemson, Syracuse, Virginia

Away: Florida State, NC State, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest


– Terps –

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Orange you glad we can celebrate Purple Friday with twice the color in Baltimore?

Posted on 07 September 2012 by Nestor Aparicio

I walked into BWI this morning and it was quite a mixed breed. I saw six Orioles hats and shirts and just three Ravens items. Alas, Baltimore is conflicted amidst an unprecedented occurrence – Orioles prosperity has made us all feel a little orange for the first time ever.

But that doesn’t mean on the eve of Monday’s season opener in Baltimore that we can’t find some “mixed marriages” of purple and orange. We here at WNST.net have ALWAYS been a mixed marriage of purple and orange from the very beginning:











We’re in our 14th year of wearing orange and purple at the same time everywhere we go.

We’ve NEVER stopped talking about the Orioles and the Ravens…every day. Win or lose.

So far, I can only name two other sports teams that bear the color scheme of orange and purple. Earlier today, Josh Charles tweeted that he thought they didn’t look so good together:









Clearly, I have always had room in my heart for both.

So do these folks…

And, please don’t send me any “cease and desists” here, Mr. Angelos.

I didn’t create them. I’m just passing them along for your enjoyment.



































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Join us for WNST Orange Roadtrip to Fenway Park & Boston (Sept. 21-23)

Posted on 05 September 2012 by WNST Trips

Join the WNST crew as we we take our first-ever Baltimore baseball roadtrip to Boston to see the Birds battle the Red Sox at Fenway Park on Sept. 21 & 22.

WNST has been in existence since 1998. We’ve taken more than 11,000 Baltimore sports fans on roadtrips over the years and we’ve NEVER taken a playoff-push September on-the-road-to-the-postseason trip until now!

We’re very excited about the opportunity to see meaningful baseball at Fenway Park in the fall!

Our WNST orange charter bus will depart White Marsh Mall area at 6am on Friday, Sept. 21 and arrive in Boston for a late lunch. We’ll provide transportation to and from Fenway Park for Friday’s 7:05 p.m. game and again on Saturday for a 1:05 p.m. contest.

Our trip will return early Sunday morning and we hope to be back in Baltimore in time for lunch on Sunday afternoon (and of course, the Ravens home game that night with the New England Patriots).

WNST Fenway Roadtrip includes:

Roundtrip motorcoach transportation provided by Gunther Motorcoach

One outfield seat to two (2) Baltimore at Boston baseball games (Friday & Saturday)

Two (2) nights hotel accommodations at Holiday Inn Express-Waltham

Food, beer, light snacks for ride to Boston on Friday morning


SINGLE ($475)

DOUBLE ($350) two people in each room

TRIPLE ($325) three people in each room

QUAD ($300) four people in each room

How many in your room?

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