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Bristol, CT - May 23, 2013 - Studio A: Doug Glanville on the Baseball Tonight set.(Photo by Joe Faraoni/ ESPN Images)

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Doug Glanville breaks down thrilling first week of MLB playoffs

Posted on 13 October 2015 by WNST Staff

Bristol, CT - May 23, 2013 - Studio A: Doug Glanville on the Baseball Tonight set.(Photo by Joe Faraoni/ ESPN Images)









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Turning out the lights in Pittsburgh…

Posted on 04 January 2015 by WNSTV

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Mike Flynn talks Patriots football with Nestor

Posted on 18 November 2014 by WNST Staff

Nestor caught up with old friend Mike Flynn to discuss the recent dominance of the New England Patriots. With another impressive win Sunday night, New England looks to be a favorite yet again to make a postseason run. LISTEN HERE.

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markakis-game saver 8-20-14

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Posted on 26 August 2014 by Tom Federline

Thursday, August 21st – Birds up by 9 on the Spankee’s and 9 on the Boo Jays. Four (4) days later, August 25th – Birds up by 6 on the Spankee’s and 8 on the Boo Jays. Just when you start thinking – the Orioles (73 wins), might just be able to coast into the playoffs – BANG – O’s get  swept/outplayed by the Chicago…….Cubs (58 wins). That downer coming right after riding high sweeping the Chicago……….White Sox (59 wins).  Then to add salt into the wound, the Cubs sweep came at the hands of former Orioles, i.e. Jake “I’m on juice”” Arietta, Pedro “Strope Me Strope Me” and finally the guy who never pitched one inning for the O’s but collected a heckuva paycheck – “One hit” Wada. Up/down/hold on – roller coaster is at turn 1.

On top of being swept, lets add some more salt, O’s fans get the official news – Machado is gone for the rest of the year. Not that you didn’t know that already, especially if you had seen the knee buckle (live) that night. But you go, Orioles front office and media relations. You go, with your weak attempt to fill our minds with hope that it was only a “strained” ACL. The knee bent at almost a 45 degree angle and “it’s just a strain?” SO, during this past year we have learned Manny is not so “Mucho” Machado with week knees, week/slippery hands and bad aim. It’s a shame, Machado was just getting into playing shape, after missing preseason and over a month of the regular season. Machado threat gone joining the Wieters threat that was gone.  Down and further down – keep holding on through turn 2.

When the O’s are hitting, there are moments of, “Man – the Orioles may actually have a shot, they got this.” Unfortunately, those moments are to few and far between. But……….. those moments…… are there. The Orioles are still in first place of the American League East. They didn’t get there by luck. They don’t give up, they show sporadic confidence and even with the injuries they are fairly solid in the field. At least CC Sabathia is out for the year, so he can’t sabotage the O’s by taking Markakis out for this years playoff run. Up/Up and Up – getting ready for turn 3.

The dilemma is, they are probably going to need more game saving catches (Nick). They are going to need late inning wins and walk off home runs. They are going to need someone to pick up the offensive slack (Steve Pearce). They are going to need some serious staring pitching (Chen?Tillman). They are going to need some “lights out” relief pitching (O’Day/Britton). They are going to need some Orioles Magic (Buck-Buck). Down/Up/Down/Up – through turn 4.

Can the pitching save the Orioles? It’s going to have to. I’m feeling better about Cruuuuuuuuuz. If any team had a decent pitching coach, Jones would be out 90% of the time. Feed him down and away and he’s toast. Davis needs a shot of “juicy juice”. Brady – where are you? Isn’t that your job – “Juice” without getting caught? Davis whiffs and the whole stadium feels a breeze, consistently. Can we get Mark Reynolds back? Whoops weak moment there – forget that one. When the opposing team gets  Markakis out – their odds of winning the game quadruple. There is minimal threat left in the line-up. Wieters gone. Machado gone. Davis – no threat. I’m a big fan of Delmon Young – we need to see more of him. At least he is a major league hitter. Coast/Down/Coast/Up – getting set up for the final stretch.

Then there’s the secret weapon – the manager. The O’s have a shot with Buck-Buck. Buck-Buck is going to keep these boys focused. One of the few criticisms I have on Buck-Buck is, I wish he would get tossed more. Yes, I was and always will be an Earl Weaver fan. It’s going to take the leadership of Buck-Buck, Markakis, Jones and Hardy. If the O’ lose another key player – we are not going to be on any roller coaster ride. So you have your choice – The O’s Rollercoaster or the “Love Rollercoaster” – (Ohio Players). Both rides affect the blood pressure and adrenaline levels. I recommend jumping on both. Go O’s!



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Machado 6-7

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Orioles Have Issues

Posted on 09 June 2014 by Tom Federline

A little over one-third of the way in and this current Oriole team is no playoff contender. At this stage in the game, it does not even look like either of the two wild cards are going to come out of the east division. Don’t get me started on the TWO (2) wild card teams and one game winner-take all scenario. That is bogus! For future (and from a past) blog – I say 142 game season (players salaries adjusted/decreased), season is from mid-April to mid-September, 3 division winners/ 1 wild card, 3 out of 5 Division series, 3 out of 5 Championship series, 4 out of 7 World Series. Season over by 2nd week of October. Ok enough, had to get that out there. Bottom line – O’s at current rate there will be no October ball anyway.

Oriole Issues – challenged starting pitching, questionable middle relief, no closer threat (yet), minimal clutch hitting, to many men left on base, increased errors, no catcher and lack of team discipline. All that and they are in second place of the American League East with a 31 – 30 record. To put in perspective -that is the 7th best record out of 15 teams in the American League and 14th out of 30, in both leagues. It is amazing they have been able to hold on as long as they have, considering the inflated pitching ERA and loss of their major signal caller and part backbone of the team (Wieters).

I see a team not focused. Next time you’re at the Yards, check out the dugout, during and in between innings. Buck-Buck does NOT have a handle on the boys. There should be a rule – ‘No one goes down the tunnel unless you are due up and require warm-ups for your at-bat. No buffet snacking during game. No video games. Just stay out of the tunnel and all it’s amenities.” Watch game, with teammates, on bench. That should not be tough requirement for the over-paid, spoiled, self-indulged roster players. Buck-Buck should remind them of their hourly rate.

I see a major bust in Jimenez. BTW – nice move Orioles magazine editor – putting Ubaldo-more on the cover of the first Oriole magazine this year. See blog from Opening Day – “Play Ball”.  One, maybe two decent games? He’s 2 -7 with a 5.01 ERA. Yeah, there’s a #2 starter for ya. “O” wait-a-minute, that’s right the weather has to warm up in order for him to perform at a comfortable level. Hmmm – seemed pretty warm to me for about a month now.

I saw a youngster breakdown and act his age this past weekend. Well, actually the over-paid, spoiled, self-indulged “star-in-the-making” acted more like a 10 year old. Team discipline? Manny-O-Manny, did you need your Mommy this weekend? Over -reaction on Friday night. Whined all weekend. Lackluster performance on his Bobblehead night annnnnnnnnd thennnnnnnn, yesterdays throwing of the bat. Fine him, suspend him, send him to his room with no snack before bed time. Maybe he was just miffed that they used a JJ Hardy look-a-like bobblehead instead of using the picture of himself he has hanging above his bed as the model.

Whatever the case, Machado still has some growing up to do. Ok, he’s still young, he will be 22 in July. Nope, not buying that one either. He needs a mentor. He needs a taste of Humble Pie.  He needs a butt kicking. He also needs to be put in the 6th hole and out of the #2 spot. He’s an inning killer. In particular, the first inning. Markakis is rolling at that top spot and it’s getting wasted. This is a case for Buck-Buck, Jones or Markakis to take control in the clubhouse. Actually, it’s a job for his parental units. Enough of that embarrassing situation.

The team appears in disarray at the moment. The boys holding this thing together are: Markakis, Jones, Cruuuuuz (until they pop him for juicy juice again) and Hardy. Pitching: Thank you Wei-Yin Chen, Bud Norris and Zach Britton – saving graces. Wieters being out – hurts offensively and defensively. The captain on the field is out and it shows. If the Orioles stay at current pace, it’s going to be a frustrating year. It’s time for Buck-Buck to “Whip It” – Devo. And whip it good! Get the boys back on track. How about one step at a time – just beat the Bosox!




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NFL Championship Weekend Picks and Analysis

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NFL Championship Weekend Picks and Analysis

Posted on 17 January 2014 by Nick Dorsey


The divisional round of the NFL playoffs did not quite live up to the hype that Wild Card weekend provided for the fans. The match ups were great, but there weren’t any 28 point second half comebacks or any type of upsets. It is all good because the next round provides fans with the best possible championship games that anyone could have asked for. The NFL has had parity across the league this season, but the match ups for the upcoming championship weekend were predicted amongst many of the critics in the preseason. Before getting into the games predictions and analysis, I want to look back at what stood out in last weekend’s games.

There were common themes amongst the two number one seeds I noticed in both their games. The Seahawks and Broncos both got out to hot starts in their match ups and looked as if they were going to blow the other team out by half time. Great teams know how to put other teams away when they have an opportunity to do so, better known as a kill. We see the great Quarterbacks “kill”, if the opposing team is ineffective or making mistakes consistently, those great quarterbacks make them pay for those miscues and “kill” the other teams chances at a possible comeback. If you look at both these number one seeds, neither team could “kill” off the opposing team and put them out of the game. Drew Brees and his offense were not effective at moving the ball at all until the late fourth quarter. Once the rain slowed down and came to a halt, Brees was able to throw it around and began to put points up. Seattle had a 16-point lead, but was unable to continue to add to that lead for quite some time. They did not put away New Orleans, so when Brees led a scoring drive, all of the sudden a game that felt like it was one sided, was now a close game once again. Marshawn Lynch did later score a touchdown to increase the lead, but New Orleans did have a chance at the end of the game to make something happen to potentially tie the game.

Denver’s game was almost identical to Seattle’s. Denver had a 17-0 lead heading into the third quarter. San Diego was trying to run the ball throughout the contest, but they were ineffective for three quarters. The defense made key stops to keep the Chargers still in the game. Once they opened up the playbook and let Phillip Rivers throw the ball, their offense began to move the chains and score points. Denver scored another touchdown to extend their lead, but ultimately the Chargers almost had a shot at tying it. The defense forced a 3rd and 17 for Manning, but he made the conversion that ended the game. As stated above, a game that virtually felt like a blowout was still close when the Chargers scored a touchdown. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos did not get the “kill” in the first half or third quarter, it took a 3rd and 17 conversion to get it.

Indianapolis almost seemed like the favorite heading into Foxboro after their 28-point comeback victory against the Chiefs. I mentioned in my last predictions post that this matchup was the easiest for me to pick and had New England by 13. Instead it was a 21-point rout by the Patriots, but one that no one could have ever predicted. They put up 43 points without Tom Brady throwing a touchdown pass. If you would have told me the score of the game before it started and said Brady would not have thrown a touchdown pass, Indianapolis would appear as the team that would have scored 43 points. That was not the case as the Patriots running game was tremendous, especially Blount. Along with the defense that was causing turnovers, Jamie Collins stood out the most. This is a different side of New England we have not seen in a long time, scary if your trying to game plan against them now.

The best match up of the weekend was a solid game across the board. Two great defenses against two of the better up and coming young quarterbacks. Everyone was more interested to see how Cam Newton would play in his playoff debut and I thought he did well. His last interception was a bad throw, but other than that he was good against a great 49ers defense. He had about 270 yards through the air and above 50 on the ground. I liked the way he was using his legs to get some yards at a time versus that defense, making third downs more manageable. What I did not like was the conservative feel to the play calling. Similar with the Chargers, I felt like the Panthers tried to run the ball too much at one point when it was not effective. Carolina has been great on offense this season because of their great balance, but after a while in the playoffs, you have to turn your best playmaker loose. I just felt that they never let Cam turn loose and let him make the big plays that we are accustomed to seeing. Its not like he did not have success early, his throw to Steve Smith for the first touchdown is as good a throw as your going to see. Also, the quarterback sneak on the goal line is a head scratcher. I like that call usually, but not against the 49ers linebackers. Move Cam around to the outside or run the Gator package and let Cam jump over the pile if anything. It is very clear the Carolina needs more weapons on the outside because Steve Smith isn’t getting any younger and Ted Ginn Jr. just does not quite cut it as a second option on the outside. Other than that, Carolina is a great young team and this wont be their last trip to the post season. Now with all that review done, onto the championship round predictions.


New England 33 Denver 31

Brady vs. Manning, what else could you ask for in the AFC championship? The two greatest quarterbacks of this era and one of the best quarterback rivalries ever, this championship will live up to the hype. Unfortunately for Denver, they will not live up to the hype. We saw what impact the loss of Chris Harris was last round; you know Tom Brady is well aware of that. The main reason why the Patriots will move on and Denver won’t, Bill Belichick will outcoach John Fox. Belichick is one of the greatest coaches of all time and he is a genius. He is going to come out with a game plan that will be the difference. Imagine how difficult it is for Fox to game plan against the Patriots, a week after they ran the ball that effectively. Tom Brady does not have the weapons offensively that Manning has, but he will make it work against the Broncos defense. I see New England running the ball effectively early, but turning Brady loose early on as well. If Brady can have the run game working his way, their play action passing game will deteriorate the Denver D. As for Manning and his offense, I see them scoring early and often too. It will have to come down to what defense is opportunistic and forces the key turnovers. I see the Patriots defense doing so, similar to what they did last week against the Colts. If Denver does get a lead early, it wont matter because if they don’t “kill” off Brady, he will come back to hurt you. Bottom line for this game, never count against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.


San Francisco 23 Seattle 17

The most fresh and best rivalry in the NFL owns the NFC championship game. San Fran comes in after two straight road wins and Seattle comes in after a home win vs. the Saints. Seattle has gotten the hype all of the preseason and during the regular season, as they should. They have a great defense led by the cocky secondary group known as the Legion of Boom. The Seahawks also have the toughest home crowd in the NFL, where they hardly lose. They have blown out the 49ers two straight seasons at home, but the third time is a charm. San Francisco is the most experience team out of the two and they were in the Super Bowl last season. They will get back by taking down the Super Bowl favorite Seahawks. Seattle comes into this game with all the pressure on them, which benefits San Fran. I have made it known throughout the regular season that when it all came down to this game, the 49ers would be victorious. They have the best personnel to match up against Seattle’s defense. Their secondary is tough, but Boldin, Crabtree and Davis are the perfect set of weapons to have facing them. The offensive line and Kaepernick’s legs will buy him time to throw to these weapons with the Seattle pass rush coming at him. As for Seattle’s offense, they are reliant on Marshawn Lynch to carry the load. The 49ers defense is yet to allow an individual one hundred yard rusher all season, that spells trouble for the Seahawks. If they are unable to run the ball, this forces them to be one-dimensional with Russell Wilson. That is not his game because he likes to utilize the play action to get him moving outside the pocket. Carlos Rogers looks to be back in the49ers secondary, which is great for that unit.

Percy Harvin as of Thursday has not been cleared to play. Throughout the regular season, the biggest point I tried to stress was who the bigger difference maker would be for their team when this match up came about. Percy Harvin and Michael Crabtree were injured throughout the majority of the regular season, but both were set to return at the tail end. There was a whole lot of buzz in the offseason when the Seahawks traded for Harvin, but I was not sold on it as much as every other expert in the country was. He has never shown he can stay consistently healthy and on the field. Crabtree’s impact on the other hand, is huge. That is Kaepernick’s number one target and we have seen that since he has made his return from a pre season Achilles injury. Crabtree will be the biggest difference maker in this game and one of the main reasons why San Francisco upsets Seattle at home to move on to the Super Bowl for a second straight season.

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NFL Playoff Predictions, Who Wins the Super Bowl

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NFL Playoff Predictions, Who Wins the Super Bowl

Posted on 03 January 2014 by Nick Dorsey


Wild card weekend is just about upon us and the hunt for the Lombardi trophy is here. It has been a great NFL season with so much at stake the last week of the regular season. There were teams that have clinched long ago and also teams that got great fortune getting in to the big dance. It is time to make my playoff predictions for the whole entire playoffs, round by round.

Wild Card Weekend:

#3 Bengals defeat #6 Chargers

San Diego is a team that got the great fortune to be in this position. After losses by Miami, Baltimore and a crucial penalty that was not called in regulation, San Diego gets their shot at the Bengals. Phillip Rivers has been tremendous this season, deservedly so he is back at the Pro Bowl. He has done wonders with an offense that consists of Danny Woodhead, Eddie Royal and rookie Keenan Allen. I want to pick San Diego this game, but it’s about time the Bengals start living up to their consistent pre season hype. They have all the talent to go the distance; Andy Dalton is the ultimate wild card for that team. The defense is still very good despite the losses of Geno Atkins and Leon Hall. That defense and AJ Green will make the difference in this game, as well as Giovanni Bernard out of the backfield.

#4 Colts defeat #5 Chiefs

Andy Reid has turned around this team from number one overall pick to a wild card contender. Jamaal Charles has been as good as it gets in the NFL at running back. The defense has been a story as well for the Chiefs, led by Tamba Hali. Bottom line for this game, I’m taking Andrew Luck over Alex Smith to win this game. Smith is considered a “game manager” which he is for Kansas City, I just don’t see him being able to go out and win a game in the end when it counts. Andrew Luck is difficult to beat at home, despite his lack of talent surrounding him, lackluster offensive line and non-existent running game. I’m picking Luck to get his first career playoff win and it wont be his last.

#3 Eagles defeat #6 Saints

When Carolina sealed the deal for the NFC South division title, you knew it was trouble for the Saints. They consistently struggle on the road; they are a completely different team when they play indoors. Philadelphia is a team that is being overlooked. Chip Kelly’s offense has caught fire as of late, due to the great play of Nick Foles and a rejuvenated Lesean McCoy. Foles has only thrown two interceptions all season, I like that heading into the playoffs. A quarterback making good decisions with the leagues leading running back that is a dangerous combination.

#5 49ers defeat Packers

Aaron Rodgers made his return in Week 17 defeating Chicago to win the NFC North title. He played a great game and made the play at the end when it was needed the most. Temperatures in Green Bay for the game are going to be below freezing, which should favor the Packers. I like the 49ers in this game. Its asking a lot out of Rodgers to come back this late after an injury and expect him to take this team the distance, especially starting against this defense round one. San Fran does not typically play in this type of weather, but a team that has a rushing attack led by Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick get my pick.

Divisional Round:

#1 Broncos defeat Colts

Andrew Luck got the best of Peyton Manning when they first met early in the season at Lucas Oil stadium. That will not happen again. Denver is at home and loaded with offensive firepower. I cannot say the same for Andrew Luck. Ever since Reggie Wayne went down, the offense has struggled a lot more. I cannot imagine a scenario in which Luck can outscore Manning in a Denver shootout.

#2 Patriots defeat Bengals

Tom Brady should be in the MVP conversation, but he wont be because he doesn’t have the Peyton Manning stats. Brady has done way more with a whole let less and still has his team as the second seed. This is the time of year where Tom Brady shines and he will do it once again. Cincinnati has been banged up in the secondary, which does not bode well for them. I’m taking Brady at home because I don’t believe Andy Dalton has what it takes to be the difference at Foxboro.

#5 49ers defeat #1 Seattle

My biggest upset pick of the post-season. I have made it known throughout the whole season that if there is one team that can knock off the Hawks at home, it is San Fran. Seattle showed some weakness at home, losing to the Cardinals. The 49ers have the defense to contain Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson. Aldon Smith is back to being in his all-star form and he helps take that defense to a new level. Percy Harvin is finally back for Seattle, but how much of an impact can you really expect him to have at this point without hardly playing? I like the offensive combination of Crabtree, Boldin and Davis against the Seattle defense. Boldin has been big-time in the playoffs before, would not be shocked to see him do it again.

#5 Eagles defeat #2 Carolina

It has been a great year for Riverboat Ron and the Panthers organization. They are proof of how great drafting quickly translates to franchise success. Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly both won their rookie of the year honors in their rookie years. Cam Newton has been great all season, making smart decisions when throwing and showing better patience in the pocket. I don’t think they lose this game because of the offense. The defense in Carolina has gotten a lot of the attention throughout the season by the media. They have been great this season, but I still see a weakness that will get exposed. Their front seven is as good as it gets, but their secondary is shaky. Desean Jackson, Riley Cooper, Zach Ertz and Brent Celek will do their best to show that. If the front seven does not get consistent pressure on Nick Foles, it will be trouble for the Panthers. Nick Foles has been one of the NFL’s best QB’s when facing the blitz. So if Carolina cannot bring him down, watch out for the Eagles in the NFC championship game.

Conference Championships:

#2 Patriots defeat #1 Broncos

Even when odds seem all against him, never bet against Tom Brady. He does not have the best of weapons to work with, but don’t ever count him out. The pressure will be all on the Broncos to win this game, which favors the Patriots. We saw what happened earlier this season between the two teams, New England stormed back to win after a 24-point deficit. This will be another chapter to the epic Manning/Brady rivalry that we have been so fortunate to see. Bottom line, it will be cold in Denver, maybe even wintery weather. I’m taking Brady in this one over Manning. After this one, people might begin to wonder why they didn’t vote Brady for MVP.

#5 49ers defeat #3 Eagles

The Eagles have had a great season under first year head coach Chip Kelly, but the road ends here. San Fran was in the Super Bowl last season and I expect them to be back. Philly has been known for their constant trips to the NFC championship, but not for their trips to the Super Bowl. I like San Fran to shut down the run and force Foles to beat them. If you allow the 49ers to pin their ears back and get to the QB, that’s trouble. The 49ers make their return trip to the Super Bowl, fortunately for Jim Harbaugh, John wont be on the other sideline.

Super Bowl:

#5 49ers defeat #2 Patriots

It will take everything for New England to defeat the Broncos in Denver without Rob Gronkowski. I cannot imagine Tom Brady being able to squeeze out another big time win with the talent that surrounds him, especially against the 49ers defense. The Patriots defense will have trouble accounting for the balance of this 49ers offense. The running game is loaded and the weapons on the outside will be too much for New England. Kaepernick gets his first Super Bowl title, as does Jim Harbaugh. If Tom Brady can somehow win this game, he will be the greatest QB to ever play in the NFL. Unfortunately for him, San Fran will have too much firepower to win this game.

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Posted on 11 December 2013 by Thyrl Nelson

There are 3 weeks remaining in the season for the Ravens, and all other teams for that matter. The good news is that the Ravens are very much in control of their own playoff destiny; if they win their remaining 3 games nothing can keep them from the playoffs. There is however, still little reason to believe that the Ravens will win all 3 games. The other good news is that they probably won’t have to. The bad news then, is that there are a myriad of possibilities on how the season plays out and what it might mean from a Ravens perspective.


Here is a comprehensive breakdown of all scenarios and possible tie-break situations the Ravens might face as the season winds down:



Record 7-6     Conference Record 6-4     Division Record 3-2

Remaining Games: @DET, vs NE, @CIN



Record 9-4     Conference Record 7-3     Division Record 2-2

Remaining Games: @PIT, vs MIN, vs BAL

This one is pretty straightforward, if the Ravens are going to catch the Bengals they have to beat the Bengals…they’ll also need Cincinnati to lose at least one other game. Any tie between the Ravens and Bengals would go to the Ravens because it will require the Ravens to beat the Bengals for the second time this season, thereby giving Baltimore the head-to-head tiebreaker.



Record 5-8     Conference Record 4-6     Division Record 2-2

Remaining Games: vs. CIN, @GB, vs CLE

At 8-8 Ravens would lose the tiebreaker, either by division record if they failed to beat CIN (they’d be 3-3 to PIT’s 4-2) or by common opponents The Ravens beat HOU lost to DEN, the Steelers lost to OAK & TEN, meaning the Ravens would be 7-7 vs common opponents and the Steelers would be 8-6.

At 7-9 the Ravens would win the tiebreaker if they beat the Bengals and the Steelers lost to either the Bengals or Browns with a 4-2 division record to Pittsburgh’s 3-3. The Steelers would win the tie breaker by common opponents if the teams wound up with the same divisional record.



Record 7-6     Conference Record 6-3

Remaining Games: vs NE, @BUF, vs NYJ

The Ravens have the tiebreaker vs the Dolphins by virtue of their head-to-head victory over Miami. That could change though if the tie is between more than just 2 teams.



Record 6-7     Conference Record 3-7

Remaining Games: @CAR, vs CLE, @MIA

The Ravens have the tiebreaker vs the Jets by virtue of their head-to-head victory over New York. That could change though if the tie is between more than just 2 teams.



Record 5-8     Conference Record 4-6

Remaining Games: vs AZ, @JAX, vs HOU

At 8-8 Ravens would win tie-breaker by conference record if they win 1 more AFC game. If Ravens lose to CIN & NE but beat DET the tie-breaker becomes strength of victory (common opponents are PIT, HOU, NYJ & DEN both teams would be 3-2).

Right now the Titans 5 victories are over teams with 26 combined wins and they’d have to win their final 3 games accounting for 14 more wins so far for a total of 40 opponents’ wins. The teams that the Titans have beaten and would have to beat have 21 combined games remaining.

The Ravens 7 wins are over teams with a combined 36 wins and 1 tie and would have to win one of their last 3 games over a team with 7, 9 or 10 wins. That plus the 26 games that those opponents have remaining would seem to position the Ravens in control of the tiebreaker over Tennessee at 8-8.

At 7-9 the Ravens would win the tiebreaker by conference record with a Titans loss to Jacksonville or by common opponents with a loss to Houston. If the Titans lost to Arizona instead the tiebreaker would instead go to strength of victory where the Ravens wield a heavy advantage.

*At 7-9 there would also seem to be a likelihood that more than 2 teams would be vying for the spot.



Record 6-7     Conference Record 3-6

Remaining Games: @DEN, vs OAK, vs KC

At 9-7 the Ravens would win the tiebreaker over San Diego by conference record 7-5 or 8-4 to the Chargers 6-6.

At 8-8 the Ravens would win the tiebreaker over San Diego by conference record 7-5 or 6-6 to the Chargers 5-7.

At 7-9 The Ravens win the tiebreaker over San Diego 6-6 to the Chargers 4-8.


3-Way Ties

*Multi-team ties require divisional ties to be broken first. Refer to above for Ravens Steelers tie break scenarios.


Ravens, Dolphins & Titans

At 8-8 if Ravens beat DET, lose to CIN & NE tiebreaker goes to MIA by conference record.

If Ravens lose to Detroit beat CIN or NE, TEN eliminated by conference record, then Ravens win head-to-head vs Dolphins.

At 7-9 Tennessee is eliminated on conference record unless their loss is to AZ. If TEN loses to AZ and all teams are 7-9 with 6-6 conference records and strength of victory would decide the tie. Here’s a strength of victory refresher:

-The Titans 5 victories are over teams with 26 combined wins. They’d have to beat Jacksonville and Houston with a combined 6 wins so far.

-The Ravens 7 wins are over teams with a combined 36 wins and 1 tie.

-The Dolphins 7 wins are over opponents with 41 wins so far.

The 3 weeks remaining in the season and the successes and failures of the teams beaten by the Ravens, Dolphins & Titans in those 3 weeks could change a lot, but for now advantage Dolphins.


Ravens, Dolphins & Chargers

Chargers eliminated by conference record. If Ravens and Dolphins are tied in conference records then Ravens win head-to-head vs Dolphins, if conference records are not equal winner is determined by conference record.

Ravens, Titans & Chargers

Chargers eliminated by conference record, revert to Ravens Titans tiebreakers above.

Ravens, Jets & Titans

Jets eliminated by conference record, revert to Ravens & Titans tiebreakers above.

Ravens, Jets & Chargers

Ravens win by virtue of conference record.

4-Way Ties

Ravens, Jets, Titans & Chargers

Jets and Chargers eliminated on conference record. Refer to Ravens & Titans tiebreakers for the rest.

Ravens, Dolphins, Titans & Chargers

Chargers eliminated by conference record. Refer to Ravens, Titans & Dolphins 3-way tiebreaker for the rest.



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Steelers Poised to Take Advantage if the Ravens Trip Up

Posted on 04 December 2013 by Thyrl Nelson


Throughout the disappointing parts (which have constituted most) of the Ravens season, there has been one consistent reason to remain hopeful. That reason has virtually nothing to do with the Ravens themselves, or anything that they’ve shown us on the field so far; the best reason for Ravens fans to have remained hopeful throughout an otherwise trying season has been the mediocrity of their competition. Actually, calling the “competition” for the 6th and final playoff spot in the AFC mediocre might be giving the field too much credit; the longer the competition wears on, the more evident it becomes that no one seems capable of simply stepping up to claim the post-season berth.

While the Ravens have played better of late, they haven’t exactly played well. Nine field goals and two touchdowns in their two most recent wins has been enough to get the job done, but still far from confidence inspiring. And while the “must win” scenarios that the Ravens have faced and succeeded against, is mildly encouraging, those scenarios, fortunately for the team, have occurred during the “lay-up” portion of the schedule.

Sunday against the Vikings isn’t so much a “must win” as it is a “better win”. The Ravens could probably survive a loss to the Vikings from a mathematical standpoint, but let’s face it…if the Ravens can’t muster a win this week, at home, against a bad team, with their backs all but against the wall, there’d be little reason to believe that they could rise to the challenge that is the 3-game gauntlet of @DET, vs. NE & @CIN to finish out the season.

Moreover, the Vikings should present the Ravens with not only a chance to continue winning, but also with a chance to get their offensive act together, as the Minnesota defense has been one of the league’s worst against both the pass and the run.

Every year, football tends to change with the onset of cold weather, which usually benefits the Ravens and teams like them (i.e. the rest of the AFC North). This year the Ravens haven’t played a brand of ball that’s likely to get better with the dropping temperatures. Unless the Ravens find ways to run the ball effectively, and even more importantly to perform well on the road, the 3-game home stand they’re set to finish on Sunday will have been little more than a late season tease, a hook to keep us interested and hopeful before the Ravens shortcomings ultimately catch up to them.

The Ravens may not have to win out, and if we’re being honest about what we’ve seen so far, they probably won’t (or can’t). Still, the Dolphins resurgence has been improbable at best and nothing about the Titans, Chargers or Jets looks scary at all. That would leave the Steelers.

We wrote them off for dead after an 0-4 start, but the Steelers are still very much alive for the 6th seed, and maybe in better shape than even the Ravens right now. Pittsburgh has home games against Miami, Cincinnati and Cleveland remaining, along with a week 16 trip to Green Bay. They’re only ½ game down to the Ravens in division record (2-2 to the Ravens 3-2), which would be the first tiebreaker in any scenario involving both teams. The worse the record needed to claim that AFC 6th seed winds up being, the greater the chances that a tie would have to be broken. Divisional ties (like one between the Ravens and Steelers) have to be settled before the winners would be compared to teams from other divisions. And if Baltimore and Pittsburgh wind up with equal records both overall and in the division, the Steelers would win the tiebreaker by virtue of common opponents.

*Despite the Ravens superior record in conference, divisional ties go from head-to head match-ups (1-1) to divisional records and then to record vs. common opponents. The Ravens and Steelers each have 2 uncommon opponents; the Ravens lost to Denver and beat Houston, the Steelers lost to Oakland and Tennessee. That’d give the Steelers a better record vs. the 10 common opponents each has faced in the 12 other games.

There’s still hope, I suppose that a “Trip-gate” suspension could await Mike Tomlin, which could have a real impact on the race between the two. More likely though, barring the Ravens simply winning out, it’ll remain a battle between the NFL’s most bitter rivals until the end of the season for the playoff spot that no one seemingly wants to claim.

The Ravens’ work is far from done, and unfortunately the Steelers are far from done too.

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Orioles Are Hanging

Posted on 18 July 2013 by Tom Federline

Their record is 53-43, 10 games above .500. Currently, occupying third place in the toughest division in baseball. Three starters and two reserves representing the Baltimore Orioles at the All-Star game. Almost two-thirds the way through the regular season and playoffs are seemingly within reach. Not a fantasy. Not a fluke. Not on our wish list. Baltimore baseball is back. Baltimore baseball is a hot topic. Both locally and nationally. How ’bout ‘dem O’s, hun? I have one word to describe the play so far this season and the performances of O’s stars at the All-Star game – “Respectable” – Rolling Stones!

Come on now, how did it feel having FIVE Orioles at the All-Star game? How did it feel having Chris Davis in the HR Derby Contest? How did it feel when Davis singled Cabrerra around to third? Adam Jones’ double? JJ Hardy knocking Jones in on a fielder choice? The orange shoes? And finally, Man-ny’s web gem at third?Baltimore Oriole uniforms were positioned on the field. Yeah, national baseball fans and media – we have a team. We have a manager. We have a hard core fan base, that’s “runnin’ with the pack”. Uh-oh, there’s another song reference – name the artist?

AL 3 – NL 0. Nice knowing the Orioles will have home field advantage in October. Ok, that’s wishful thinking. But, not to be dismissed as in years passed. Last year was a surprising run. This year, they are expected to be in the race. They have the offense. They have the defense. They have the heart. They have been fairly injury free (minus Chen). Bottom line – pitching is suspect and if they lose Weiters, no October. They have the best offensive threat combo in baseball, whether it’s 1-2 or 2-3. These two set the stage:

The line-up is “respectable”. The fill-ins/replacements may need some tweeking. Our back-up cathcer has the respect of the pitchers and a cool name, Taylor Teagarden. Unfortunately, his bat is even cooler. Reimold, batting .205, is a designated “out”. As opposed to a designated “hitter”. I like the Flaherty/Casilla platoon. Have not bought into the return of Roberts. Please Buck-Buck, lose the Brian Roberts Bromance, put him 8th or 9th where he belongs, until he gets hurt.

Pitching? Can you make it to the Promised Land when your “Closer” already has 7 losses? Did you see the performances Tuesday night from other teams “Closers”? Jimmy JJ Johnson, needs some Orange Kool-aid. Currently, the O’s currently, do not have that “Lights Out Threat.” World Series teams need one. Starters: Chen, Gonzales and Tillman are formidable. Will Hammel hold up? Is Feldman the “surprise”? Good riddance, Strope Me, Strope Me – learn to wear your hat right. Middle relief: the O’s savior at this stage of the season. They could carry the staff. Pitching wins World Series.

Whether the Orioles have the pitching or not. It’s fun! They have a shot! They don’t give up. I enjoy listening on the radio. I have become accustomed to the radio being a little ahead of the TV broadcast. I get fired up when Gary Thorne “In Our Side” is not announcing. It’s summertime in Baltimore – the weather is hot, let’s hope the O’s get hotter!

Sidebar: ESPY Awards last night – Were you lucky enough to catch Robin Roberts’ acceptance speech on receiving the Arthur Ashe Award? A truly inspiring, heart- felt delivery. She referenced Jimmy V’s speech from 20 years ago and masterfully interjected a quote of her own “…..you can face any challenge, when fear knocks, let FAITH answer the door.”



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