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Ravens Pats Playoff

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Ravens @ Patriots Wild Card Playoff Preview

Posted on 08 January 2010 by Derek Arnold

Ravens Pats Playoff

Ravens Pats Stats

For the second time in as many years, the Ravens head on the road for Wild Card weekend to take on the AFC East Champs, who are quarterbacked by the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year. A season ago, it was Chad Pennington and the Miami Dolphins. This time around, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots – a bit of a step up, no?

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were 8-0 in Foxboro this season, and have NEVER lost a home playoff game together.

Whoopdie do.

The past is the past, and as Ray Lewis says, the Ravens aren’t going to play “the mystique of the Patriots,” they are going to play the Patriots. The Patriots, who, by the way, are not the 3 Super Bowls in 4 years team of earlier this decade. Look no further than the fact that they are even playing on Wild Card weekend to prove that they weren’t as dominant in 2009 as they have become accustomed to. Mike Vrabel, Rodney Harrison, and Tedy Bruschi are nowhere to be found on the defense. Their leading receiver, Wes Welker, was injured in Week 17 and will miss the entire postseason. They were only one game better than the Ravens this season, and if Mark Clayton could have held onto that fateful pass, the records of these two teams could easily be reversed.

None of this is to say that the Ravens will go up to Foxboro and make mince meat out of the Pats. Of course not. However, there is more than a glimmer of hope for our purple and black.

Adding to that hope is the fact that the Ravens have played the Patriots extremely close in their last two meetings, only to fall short in the waning seconds. They don’t seem, for instance, to present the kind of match-up problems that the Colts historically have for the Ravens.

Still, the Ravens will likely need a perfect game from all 53 players (and however many coaches) on Sunday to advance to the AFC’s divisional round.

As Drew Forrester points out, Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh will need to be on point.

The running game will be crucial – ball security and yards after contact from Ray Rice and Willis McGahee will go a long way.

The Ravens’ receivers will have to get open, and not have balls bouncing off their hands in critical situations (see: the aforementioned Clayton, Derrick Mason in Pittsburgh).

The pass rush and secondary will need to come together. Without Welker, the Ravens will be able to turn their attention to Randy Moss. Doubling Moss all day will obviously be the way to go, as the Ravens have no defensive backs who can even dream of containing #81 one-on-one. Welker’s replacement though, rookie Julian Edelman, is no slouch. Edelman caught 37 passes for 359 yards and one score this season, and is basically Wes Welker Light. He doesn’t worry me nearly as much as Welker would, but if the Ravens’ corners, especially Dominique Foxworth, have another bad day tackling, the WR screen to Edelman could prove plenty effective for Brady.

Blanket Moss

As far as the pass rush, there have been signs of life recently (3 sacks in Oakland, 4 in Pittsburgh). Bringing down Brady though, is a bit more difficult than tracking down Fat Ben and Ja-suckus Russel. He went down only 16 times in 16 games this season. The key won’t necessarily be sacking him a bunch of times, but forcing him to throw before he is ready, and, hopefully, making those (rumored) injured ribs just a bit more painful. If Brady has time to throw, it won’t matter how many guys the Ravens put on Moss, or how many torn ligaments Patriots receivers have – he will CARVE UP this secondary. If the Pats are facing a 3rd-and-15 or something equally preposterous, and Greg Mattison again decides to bring his patented 3-man rush…well, Ravens fans might as well just turn off our TVs.

All of the Ravens will have to keep their heads in the game and focused to avoid stupid penalties. B’More ended the regular season as the most penalized team in the NFL, showing that through two years of John Harbaugh, the zebras still see Brian Billick’s band of thugs when they see those purple jerseys. Of course, some of the same guys that were getting stupid penalties under Billick are still doing it under Harbaugh, so they are to blame more than the coach is.

Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata, we’re looking at you. There WILL BE a roughing the passer flag on Sunday. Bank on it. When it comes, accept it and move on. Don’t argue about it. Don’t change the way you are playing. Just move on to the next play, and hit him again.

As far as Joe Flacco, well, if Natty Joe’s day resembles in any way the afternoon he had in Oakland, he’d better have his golf clubs ready. Flacco will need to do a much better job of recognizing the blitz, moving in the pocket, and above all, GIVING HIMSELF SOME TIME AT THE LINE. It’s been a season-long issue, so there is really no reason to believe it will be corrected this week, but, when the Ravens’ offense is huddling, there are routinely 5-8 seconds on the play clock by the time they reach the line of scrimmage. Methinks this is another reason that Joe does so much better in the no-huddle – he has TIME to make reads at the line. When the play clock is winding down, you can tell that he doesn’t even scan to see where the pressure is going to come from. Without turning it into a hurry-up (which could hurt the cause of keeping Brady on the sideline as much as possible), Cam Cameron should plan to use plenty of the no-huddle on Sunday.

If the Ravens can put a full game together – control the clock with an effective running game, move the chains on 3rd down, keep Flacco upright, make sure tackles, avoid stupid penalties, be smart with timeouts – there is no reason they can’t go up to New England and keep their season alive.

Brady and Belichick have another gear for the Playoffs. It’s time for Harbaugh and Flacco to prove that they do, too, by taking what has been an underachieving, up-and-down team, and hitting their stride at the perfect time.

Ravens 28 Patriots 24

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Live From Owings Mills: Flacco Dealing With Stiff Bruised Hip

Posted on 08 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

4:15-INJURY REPORT: Ravens-

QB Joe Flacco (hip)
LB Tavares Gooden (groin)
TE Todd Heap (neck)
LB Jarret Johnson (back)
LS Matt Katula (elbow)
WR Derrick Mason (knee)
DT Haloti Ngata (ankle)
CB Marcus Paschal (back)
DE Trevor Pryce (head)
S Ed Reed (groin)
G Marshal Yanda (knee)
S Tom Zbikowski (neck)


OL Dan Connolly (ankle)
QB Tom Brady (right shoulder/right finger/rib)
WR Julian Edelman (forearm)
DE Jarvis Green (knee)
T Nick Kaczur (shoulder)
WR Randy Moss (not injury related)
CB Shawn Springs (knee)
DE Ty Warren (ankle)
TE Benjamin Watson (knee)
DL Vince Wilfork (foot)

2:17-When asked “How did you get a shovel and a sword on a plane across the country?” by a reporter today, John Harbaugh immediately started laughing-then responded by saying “President Obama is asking the same question right now probably, right?” John explained that the Ravens did NOT bring a shovel and sword across the country, but instead had some of their “friends at Stanford” provide those things to him.

Here is a picture of the new patch the Ravens are sporting in practice this week…..


A follow up question was about rumors John’s brother Jim Harbaugh may be a candidate for the currently open Bills head coaching position. John said Jim was “happy” at Stanford, and still had a goal to win a Pac 10 Championship. However, John said it would be a “thrill” to have Jim join him at the NFL level, and added “he could do it.”

2:16-Hear from John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco NOW in the Audio Vault at WNST.net. Don’t forget that for the quickest updates from 1 Winning Drive-follow us on Twitter (@WNST).

2:08-It does NOT appear to be an injury concern-but certainly it is worth noting that Joe Flacco left practice early today and received treatment in the Trainers’ room. When we saw him in the locker room, it appeared as though he may have been in pain (hip). When asked, John Harbaugh said Joe was “fine” and he left early because he had “finished his work” today. Joe said the hip was a little “stiff” and he was dealing with some bruising.

11:51-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where the Baltimore Ravens are walking through before Sunday’s AFC Wild Card showdown with the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. We are scheduled to hear from John Harbaugh around 1:50 this afternoon.

All Ravens (including CB Marcus Paschal, who missed yesterday’s practice) were healthy and participating in the brief portion of practice open to the media today. The Ravens again worked inside-somewhat surprising given the weather question mark they’ll be dealing with in Foxborough Sunday. I can tell you that the team’s specialists (Matt Katula, Nick Sundberg, Sam Koch and Billy Cundiff) have all worked out outside at times this week to be prepared for weather/field conditions at Gillette Stadium.

Remember when Matt Katula was first battling his elbow injury this season and we found out Willis McGahee was capable of being an emergency long snapper? A Ravens offensive skill position player was bragging to us today about how he played every position in High School, including punter. When I asked how long it had been since he punter, he said “Yesterday. I punt everyday.” A Sun reporter asked him how far he could punt and he answered “at least 45 yards.” With our interest peaked, he tracked down a football and proved that indeed, he could punt a great distance. The Ravens have needed an emergency punter before (remember Kordell Stewart punting against the Jets at the Meadowlands), and this player certainly could fill that role.

Back shortly with more.


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Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 08 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Friday!

Let me start by saying “Thank You” to everyone who came out to our Brian Billick “Milkshake Social” at Chick-Fil-A Nottingham Square last night. It was a TREMENDOUS turnout, and a very cool event. A SPECIAL “Thank You” to Steve Pavlovsky-the Godfather of Chick-Fil-A Nottingham Square, who I believe I managed to convince to adopt me last night. Steve also took the time after our event to show me a Chick-Fil-A Chicken sandwich secret, called “Carolina Style.” For those wanting the inside info, these are your ingredients……


….You’ll thank me. Let’s see what everyone has to say…..

1. WNST.net’s Nestor Aparicio thinks Ravens fans aren’t fired up for playoffs

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I guess I have to agree-but I’m certainly understanding of fans who don’t decide to invest the money in a 9-7 team that has gotten questionable play in a number of crucial areas. That being said, I can’t WAIT to get on the bus tomorrow morning in White Marsh and head to New England to watch the Ravens. Like I said, if you want to challenge me in Pop-A-Shot basketball tomorrow night at Dave & Buster’s in Providence, feel free. But I will kick your ass.

2. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says Ravens sporting new patches after Harbaugh’s postgame speech

Unfortunately, I can’t take still pictures in the locker room-although I might try to sneak one today if possible. The shovel and sword essentially represent a “Keep digging but stay fighting” mentality that Coach Harbs has tried to pass off to his team. Find out more by checking out this clip of the post-game speech after Sunday’s win over the Oakland Raiders……

3. The Sun’s Edward Lee says McGahee not ‘comfortable’ with being backup, but not concerned about it right now

Anybody not think this was the case? Of COURSE Willis McGahee doesn’t want to be a backup. But Ray Rice is THE guy in Baltimore now-there’s not even a way to argue that…..at all. You can hear Willis’ comments in the Audio Vault at WNST.net. He didn’t say the wrong thing, he was just honest. As long as he continues to work hard while he IS a Baltimore Raven, I don’t have a problem with him admitting that he’d probably rather be somewhere else.

4. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Cameron hasn’t been contacted by Bills


If I had to guess, Leslie Frazier ends up getting the job in Buffalo. That being said, I think Cam probably does deserve another chance as a head coach. And in fairness, Buffalo might be the perfect spot for him-as they can’t REALLY have great expectations up there. If the Ravens don’t advance past the AFC Wild Card round this weekend, I would expect Cam WILL be contacted, and will get a chance to interview.

5. 4 of 4 Boston Globe analysts pick Pats to win Sunday

If you add the analysts on “The Comcast Morning Show”, you can make it 6 of 6. During our “Picks and Comment” segment this morning, Drew picked the Pats to win 24-14, and I picked the Pats to win 26-17.

Look, NO ONE wants the Ravens to win more than I do, but Tom Brady has never lost a playoff game in Foxborough. I can’t just ASSUME that Joe Flacco will be the 1st quarterback to go beat him.

But I’ll be hoping.

6. ESPN.com’s Greg Gaber says Harbaugh worst in NFL in saving timeouts for crucial situations

I know Ed from Park Heights doesn’t put any value in this statistic, and the statistic alone is not the issue. The issue is that John Harbaugh really struggles with game management AND the team tends to struggle with get play-calling in quickly AND Joe Flacco often struggles to adjust at the line.

They’re all issues. The statistic is just a representation of those things.

7. SI’s Tim Layden says 6 sure fire future Hall of Famers will be on field at Gillette Stadium Sunday

You know the list-Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Junior Seau, Bill Belichick, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. I don’t think Ed Reed is a slam dunk (and Randy Moss might not be either) YET, but I probably agree with the rest of the list.

Of course, this is what happens when you get good teams together….they have talent, arguably historic talent. It will be a joy to watch these teams, there’s no doubt about that.

8. The Sun’s Dan Connolly and Jeff Zrebiec say reunion with Miguel Tejada ‘unlikely’ for Orioles

I guess this can’t be surprising since Garrett Atkins is going to be the guy at 3rd base. I know some people will say Tejada can just play 1st base, but there’s no reason to just ASSUME Miguel is a 1st baseman.

That being said, the Birds need to sign SOMEONE to play 1st base. Michael Aubrey should not be the guy…..but he probably will be.

9. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester says Blow Horn Equity, Angelos group attempting to be “stalking horse” in Pimlico, Laurel auction


Our long civic nightmare continues?!?!?

My “leader in the clubhouse” remains David Cordish. The tracks remain more valuable to him for multiple reasons than they do anyone else. He has slots rights (so he can make money off his own facility) AND he’s a local guy who cares about the state and the horse racing industry.

10. Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Seminoles will be tough defensively for Terps

They’ll be tough all around for Maryland. The good news for the Terps is that they don’t shoot lights out, and the shouldn’t run up a 12 point lead early in the 2nd half to make things tough. I’ll say Terps 81-73. But of course, I WOULD say that. The game is on Comcast SportsNet (Fox Sports Net nationally) at 5:30 Sunday from Comcast Center. Someone will need to keep me updated while I’m on my way back from NE.

11. Maryland Official Site says Terps women blown out in ACC opener at NC State

This is exactly what I was saying about this Maryland team. We have NO IDEA if they’re any good or not. There’s no one who has the responsibility fall on them if things aren’t going well. They are clearly MUCH better in College Park than they are on the road-I think that’s fair to say. But it will be a dogfight for Brenda Frese’s troops in the ACC.

12. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Maryland’s Nick Ferrara named freshman All-American

He’s deserving. He was asked to do a lot this season with Travis Baltz hurt, and he should certainly solidify the position for the next 3 seasons. There’s a few other positions that need to be solidified still…..

And finally, I leave you with this.

College football season wrapped up last night with a bit of a thud (although credit Texas for making a game out of it even after Colt McCoy left on the first possession of the game), but certainly there were a number of more memorable moments throughout the ’09-’10 campaign.

One of my favorite moments had nothing to do with football. Instead, it happened just 7 days ago before the Sugar Bowl when country band Lady Antebellum sang the national anthem. Really REALLY freaking good.

Talk to you later from 1 Winning Drive.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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Win or Go Home

Posted on 07 January 2010 by bigbrad

I’m a little tardy on this post, but better late than never, right?


Anyway, it’s no secret anymore that the Ravens have an extremely tough challenge ahead of them as they head north to take on the Patriots, a team that they have never beaten in the Ravens 14 years of existence. But hey, there is a first time for everything!


There are a few key match-ups that I feel are important, and one of my loyal readers have also mentioned that he feels the same way. So let’s go through them to see exactly what the Ravens are going to have to do in order to pull out a victory on Sunday afternoon.


The biggest concern, and one that has been a dark cloud over the Ravens all season, is the Ravens’ secondary against the opponents’ receivers. And the Patriots have one of the best in Randy Moss. If there is one good thing going in favor of the Ravens is the unfortunate injury to Wes Welker this past weekend. However, at the same time, Julian Edelman is his backup, who just torched the Texans with 10 receptions and 103 yards this past Sunday. Needless to say, the Ravens are going to have their hands full. Moss is obviously going to have to be double-teamed as much as possible so that not many balls are thrown his way. And whoever is matched up against Edelman and the other Patriots receivers is going to have to shut them down. One thing I would like to see is a lot of help from our safeties, whether that is Ed Reed, Dawan Landry, or Tom Zbikowski. I actually wouldn’t mind a new look where all three of them are back deep, offering as much help as possible to our secondary and linebackers.


Another concern that has been brought to my attention is the Patriots’ defensive line against the Ravens’ offensive line. The best way to counter their D-line, led by Vince Wilfork and his 325 pound frame, is to establish an early running attack so that the defense will be keying on Ray Rice and Willis McGahee, which will open up the secondary so that Joe Flacco can have some targets to throw to. In order to establish this early run game, we are going to have to have extra blockers stay in, meaning Todd Heap and Le’Ron McClain. We may even need these two to stay in for pass protection as well, since it seemed last week that the Raiders were continually getting a hand on Flacco, even more than the four sacks that they recorded. At the same time, however, Flacco is going to need to feel this pressure and go to his check downs earlier, or get rid of the ball. He is going to get hurt worse than he already is one of these days if he doesn’t learn to do this.


And if the Ravens can get off to this strong early running game, they can keep the Patriots’ offense on the sideline, preventing them from scoring on the Ravens’ defense. It isn’t going to be an easy game, but nothing in the NFL ever is. If you look back on all of the Ravens’ losses this year, they have been to quality opponents where the Ravens had a chance late to pull off a win. We all remember Mark Clayton’s dropped pass late in the fourth quarter against these very same Patriots. I expect another game very similar to the one in week four. Hopefully this time, there will be a different result. I definitely do not want this game to be the last one for the Ravens this season.






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Posted on 14 December 2009 by Glenn Clark

Ravens Tuesday. It’s the Tuesday Top 7. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of it.

You deserve props…..

1-Drew Brees, Jason Campbell and Donovan McNabb

Holy crap the Redskins won!!!!!! HOLY CRAP WHOA OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!

In all seriousness though, Congratulations to the Redskins for beating the Raiders. It’s a lot like that one time I beat Steve Butler in 9th grade in a 1 mile race. It would have been a greater accomplishment if Steve Butler didn’t resemble Ray Bachman…


2-BJ Penn and Frank Mir

Look, I know some big things happened at UFC 107 Saturday night in Memphis-but the world of Mixed Martial Arts was flipped upside down this weekend. Why you ask? Because “Alabama Pride” was……..canceled. WHAT THE HELL?



Butterbean vs. Tank Abbott? DMX vs. ANYONE? I’d pay $1,000 for this card if I had to.

But apparently DMX wanted to fix the fight so he’d win. And then all of a sudden the Butterbean fight wasn’t happening either. Suddenly the card looked like this…..


WAIT……COOLIO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I STILL HAVE TO WATCH THIS!!!! COOLIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But according to The Big Lead, the card was CANCELLED!!!

I’ve never wanted a single thing investigated more in my life….

3-Alexander Semin

Okay, so the Capitals won a game, then they lost a game. I watched neither-as……I needed to catch up on the episodes of “Glee” I still had on my DVR???

In other hockey news, did anyone else know that Bemidji State was ranked #4 in the country?!?!?! HOLY CRAP LET’S GO BEAVERS! (Thanks to Puck Daddy for the tip.) And also, how…..in the world……did this video exist without me ever knowing??

4-Ryan Grant, Ricky Williams, Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Fred Jackson and Thomas Jones

So the Dolphins somehow managed to beat the Jaguars in a game that helped and hurt the Ravens’ AFC Wild Card chances at the same time. The game was attended by 60,000 fans at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. That doesn’t seem that bad; except when you consider that the game was played in BEAUTIFUL weather in a city where there was NOTHING else going on, and there were MAJOR playoff implications. And, um, Ohh! Jacksonville Municipal Stadium holds over 70,000; CAN hold over 80,000 for big games, but only HAS to hold 67,000 to be a sellout. YET SOMEHOW THEY CAN’T FIGURE OUT A WAY TO SELL THE FREAKING GAMES OUT!!!!!!

Somewhere, there’s an a-hole who still thinks putting a NFL team in Jacksonville was a good idea……


5-Patrick Patterson, Julian Vaughn, Juan Fernandez and Reggie Holmes

Watching college basketball this weekend reminded me of something. SOMEHOW I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO POST THIS LAST WEEK!!!!

Thanks to WNST’s Chris Bonetti for letting me know about it. It didn’t count, but Boston College’s Reggie Jackson might as well be called “Mr. December”……

6-Vitali Klitschko, Paulie Malignaggi, Timothy Bradley and Vic Darchinyan and Mark “TNT” Tucker

All of these people won boxing matches this weekend. Tucker won his in Westminster. It was clearly the most exciting thing that has happened in Westminster since…..


7-Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson and Wes Welker

Brandon Marshall set a record in a loss. Which seems just about ABSOLUTELY RIGHT for Brandon Marshall.

Meanwhile in Foxborough, Panthers players claimed Randy Moss “quit” on the Patriots. That may be true, but it isn’t a concern for me. What IS a concern for me is that I haven’t posted a single picture of Gisele Bundchen yet to celebrate the birth of her and Tom Brady’s child……


8-Ricky Dobbs

I went to Philadelphia Saturday to enjoy the 110th Army/Navy game at Lincoln Financial Field. I didn’t know I was in Philly until I dropped a pen on my way in and was booed by the entire city.

And kudos to the staff at The Linc for supplying not only cheesesteaks in the press box, but also these……


9-Rudy Gay and Carmelo Anthony

I don’t root for the Wizards. Partly because they’re terrible-but more because they play in Washington. You see, the Redskins play in Washington. Therefore, I despise everything about the place. (Except for this gal I know who lives in Columbia Heights. But that’s only because she’s not REALLY from DC. If she were REALLY from DC-I’d probably despise her as much as I do the rest of the city. OH! Except Ben’s Chili Bowl too. Boy I’m rambling again…..)

The point of all of this is that because I don’t have a NBA team to root for, I usually just root for players who went to Maryland or who are from Baltimore. Sadly, with Juan Dixon now out of the league-I’m forced to choose a new favorite player. Melo was the easy choice, but after Rudy Gay’s 41 in a win over the Heat……I might have to think about this some more.


Rudy Gay……

OR……….The Birdman?

(Edit from GMC: Clearly, after accepting Jim Calhoun’s money there is NO chance I would root for Rudy Gay more than Melo. I still root for Rudy because I love Charm City; but screw Jimmy C-Note and screw UConn.)

10-Lucio Gonzaga

Elsewhere in soccer, Virginia topped Akron to win the College Cup. Which leads me to another thought.

F*ck the Hoos.

Seriously, how could anyone ever by okay with a group of people that looked like this……


11-Turner Gill and Jim Harbaugh

Cincinnati is going to need a new head coach. I don’t think they’re going to hire Brad Jackson as I previously recommended, so I offered another suggestion…..



A guy who I have never heard of before (and who apparently has never seen the sun before…..)


Is now the WWE Champion. HUH?!?!?!?!?

Also, Michelle McCool did something at the WWE “TLC” event Sunday night. What was it? No one cares…..


13-The Clark Family “Cookie Baking Day”

I’m not really sure how every year I manage to skip out on the part where the cookies are made, yet end up taking home a BOX of cookies. Sorry I missed the baking to watch Navy win another Commander-In-Chief’s Trophy, but thanks for making sure I ended up with plenty of pizzelles!


14-Jason Derulo

The song of the fall. I don’t really even know the words, but I’m hooked….

15-Jason Sudeikis

Unfortunately, we do NOT have the ability to embed videos from Hulu on here-so I have no choice but to direct you HERE to view his OUTSTANDING performance as PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem.

The bad news from SNL Saturday night? Bon Jovi is TERRIBLE. And I mean TERRIBLE. I know they used to be really good, but they just aren’t anymore. It’s not enough to say they’ve gotten “bad”, either. They are unthinkably terrible. It lead me to ask this question on Facebook Saturday night: “Do you think Bon Jovi’s sole purpose at this point is to make sure they beat Aerosmith in a ‘which band got worse at the end of their career’ contest?”

You make the call. Bon Jovi…..



You got lucky…….

1-Golfers not named Tiger Woods

I guess the party’s back on???

2-Greivis Vasquez

I love GV and I’m happy the Terps beat Eastern Kentucky; but since we’re talking about Venezuela (and we are!), I have no choice but to post a picture of the Avellan twins. You’ll thank me later.


Good lord.

3-Mo Williams

Yeah, but he’s no Rex Chapman…..

4-Mark Ingram

Dude…..there wasn’t REALLY someone sending a text right behind Mark Ingram while he was winning the Heisman Trophy, was there?


This country is amazing.

5-Matt Albers and Cla Meredith

Cla Meredith is missing a “Y” in his name. You know who ISN’T missing a Y in their name? Yasmine Bleeth…..


6-The Luckiest Dang Gal on the Face of the Planet

Guess who spent her weekend laying around the house hopped up on pain pills after having surgery to insert a plate and NINE pins into her shoulder? That’s right, Ol’ Droopy Eye…..


Yep, there she is. Ol’ Droopy Eye. Lookin’ good. And as if THAT wasn’t enough, TLDGOTFOTP even got to take “The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Radio Entertainment Today” to dinner!

Someone’s living the American dream…

7-Kate Hudson

Letterman was WAAAY too nice to her…..

Of course, I guess when you look like this…..


You get preferential treatment to someone who looks like this…..


You’re a zero…….

Roy Williams


As if I needed another reason to hate this clown. Welcome to Coach K-ville, ass.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983……


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A Coach Could Learn A Lot From That Guy In New England .....

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A Coach Could Learn A Lot From That Guy In New England …..

Posted on 10 December 2009 by Rex Snider

I will never write a blog centered on telling John Harbaugh how to coach a football team.

Quite frankly, I’m not qualified.

But, I do know a thing or two about changing cultures and motivating people. From creating a facelift of an organization or simply “tightening up the ship,” I’ve participated in the process.

And, I think we saw the latter, yesterday, in New England …..

Sports fans are fickle. You’re a very temperamental bunch – and when someone conveys a positive thought about a competitor, that same person is immediately dismissed as a “traitor.” Right?

But, if you set your personal feelings and contempt aside, I think you’ll find some value in the way other organizations conduct their business. Managing people is not a science – it’s an art. And, some leaders are very, very good at it.

The New England Patriots haven’t secured THREE SUPER BOWLS, in less than a decade, because they’re lucky. And, their success isn’t tied to surreptitious video footage of other teams, either.

If you’re rationalizing the Patriots success to anything other than GREAT LEADERSHIP, PROVEN TALENT and a COMMITMENT TO DOING THINGS THE RIGHT WAY, you’re just making excuses and lying to yourselves.

It’s that simple.

Yesterday, Bill Belichick sent Randy Moss and Adalius Thomas home – because they were late for practice. Yeah, it was snowing. Yeah, the roadways were messy. And, yeah, people are expected to assume a responsibility and plan for the expected and unexpected.

The New England Patriots are on the brink of surrendering the AFC-East lead and its time to “tighten up the ship.”

Do managers (and coaches) treat employees differently? Sure, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. You’ve gotta know the personal strengths of each performer and each player requires a differing level of discipline.

Former Cowboys Head Coach, Jimmy Johnson, likes to tell a certain story when he makes the lecture circuit and motivates audiences around the country …..

During their run of dominance, in the mid-90’s, Jimmy Johnson encountered a lack of discipline during a classroom session, where players were watching footage of the previous game. When the video ended and the lights raised, Johnson found Emmitt Smith and another player; a fringe offensive lineman, sleeping.

As Jimmy Johnson tells it, he woke Emmitt and told him to pay attention. He also woke the other player and told him to “GET OUT.” There is, indeed, a difference in how respective players are treated for the very same transgressions.

But, yesterday, Bill Belichick took a different approach …..

He is uniting the TEAM, above anything everything else. And, I’m betting it works.

The Patriots are 7-5, with just a one game lead in their division. Their remaining schedules finds contests against the Panthers, Bills, Jaguars and Texans. They’re not losing the division against this lineup.

And, Bill Belichick is ensuring it.

I’m certain there are people openly predicting the demise of the New England Patriots. You’re wrong. In fact, they’re likely to go on a serious run toward another AFC Crown – and, perhaps, 4th Super Bowl Championship.

Yes, the New Orleans Saints handed the “Brady Bunch” their collective asses, a couple weeks ago. But, they might’ve also provided Belichick and Brady with an up-close and personal blueprint for getting the job done.

But, this really isn’t about the New England Patriots and their playoff chances.

It’s about the Baltimore Ravens and their hopes for football, in January.

I love Baltimore …..

And, I’m a RAVENS FAN.

But, I respect the New England Patriots.

To that end, I’ve seized occasional opportunities to draw the similarities between John Harbaugh and Bill Belichick – especially in cases of evasive and surly treatment of the media.

I’m just hoping Harbaugh has a “Little More Belichick” up his sleeve – even if it means sending a couple players home for the day.

The flagrant on-field breakdowns must stop. The meltdowns and lack of personal composure must stop. These transgressions hurt the TEAM.

Once again, I’m not qualified to tell a Coach how to COACH.

But, I’d like to think I know discipline, when I see it.

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Top 10 NFL Players of the Decade

Posted on 09 December 2009 by Tom Clayton


With the decade coming to an end and the fact I love list I have decided I would do a list of the Top 10 players in each major pro sport over the next three weeks.  I have taken into account only the players stats from the 2000 season up until today. 


Today I will begin with my list of the Top 10 NFL players of the last ten years.  I am a person who believes that leading a team to victories can trump big numbers…so here we go.


1.      Tom Brady

The quintessential winner of the decade Tom Brady is the modern day equivalent of Joe Montana.  Brady has led the Patriots to NFL dynasty status with three Super Bowl titles while putting up incredible numbers.


30,084 yards   219-96 TD/Int   2602-4111 Comp/Attempts   63.3% Comp.   6 Rush TD


94-29 Regular Season Record   14-3 Playoff Record


3 X Super Bowl Champion

2 X Super Bowl MVP


4 X Pro Bowl


2.      Peyton Manning

While Tom Brady is the winner of the decade no quarterback has even come close to putting up the pure passing numbers of Peyton Manning.  Manning is well on pace to break almost every passing record in the books and has been the best regular season quarterback by a mile.  Peyton and the Colts have only missed the playoffs once this decade and have been the most consistent regular season team in the NFL.


41,439 yards   306-133 TD/Int   3504-5312 Comp/Attempts   65.9% Comp.   15 Rush TD


113-47 Regular Season Record   7-5 Playoff Record


1 X Super Bowl Champion

1 X Super Bowl MVP

8 X Pro Bowl



3. Ray Lewis

The best leader of our generation Ray is also the greatest defensive player of the decade.  In the end Ray may go down as the greatest linebacker of all time and will be viewed as one of the most intimidating, intense football players of all time. 


1,010 Tackles   22.5 Sacks   21 INT   12 Forced Fumbles   2 Def. TD


1 X Super Bowl Champion

1 X Super Bowl MVP

2 X NFL Defensive Player of the Year

7 X Pro Bowl


4. LaDainian Tomlinson

L.T. has been the best running back of the decade and the most valuable non-quarterback on the offensive side of the ball.  In an era of showboating and end zone dances L.T. is a throw back player that shows up and does his job.  On top of being an electrifying player L.T. has only missed three games in the decade at a position that may be the most brutal in the league.


2,825carries   12,321Rush Yards   135TD    521reception   3,867 Receiving Yards   15TD



5 X Pro Bowl


5. Randy Moss

Without question Randy Moss is the most physically gifted player of our generation.  If you were creating the perfect wide receiver you would end up with Moss who is the perfect combination of size, speed, and hands.  If you could take away Moss’ two years in the football abyss that is Oakland he may have been even higher on this list.  Other than those two years Moss has been the model of consistency with six 1,000 yard-10 touchdown seasons.


762 Receptions   11,533 Yards   116 TD


4 X Pro Bowl


6. Tony Gonzalez

While every player on this list will be a surefire first ballot Hall of Famer, no player stands a top his position like Tony Gonzalez.  When all is said and done Gonzo will lead all tight ends in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns and will have cemented him self  as the greatest tight end of all time.  Gonzo is also one of the most durable players of the decade only missing one game in the last ten years.


817 receptions   9840 yards   66TD


9 X Pro Bowl


7. Michael Strahan

The only retired player on the list Michael Strahan went out on top as a Super Bowl champion.  Strahan was the most feared pass rusher of the decade and broke the single season sack record with 22.5 in 2001.



1 X Super Bowl Champion

1 X NFL Defensive Player of the Year

4 X Pro Bowl


8. Ben Roethlisberger

The youngest player on the list “Big Ben” has already led the Steelers to two Super Bowl titles in his first six seasons.  Ben won’t put up eye popping stats but he is a born leader that thrives under pressure and has a knack for the big play on the big stage.


18,119 Yards   120-80 TD/INT   1444-2273Atts/Comp.   63.5% Comp.   12 Rush TD


57-25 Regular Season Record   8-2 Playoff Record


2 X Super Bowl Champion

1 X Pro Bowl


9. Ed Reed

The quintessential ball hawk of the decade, Reed has a nose for the big play no other player perhaps in the history of the league.  Reed patrols centerfield like Willie Mays and comes up with big plays when the Ravens need them most.  Reed has been criticized for freelancing too much but his big play ability offset the negatives of his vigilantly defensive style.


453 Tackles   46 INT   5 Sacks   9 Forced Fumbles   6 Def TD


1 X NFL Defensive Player of the Year

5 X Pro Bowl


10. Champ Bailey

In an era where the NFL has adjusted its rules to favor the offense Champ Bailey has remained the premier corner in the NFL.  Bailey is a true shutdown corner that uses his amazing physical gifts with a football IQ that is second to none.  Bailey comes to play every week matching up one on one against the opposition’s best receiver and almost always winning the battle.


608 Tackles   39INT   1Sack   6 Forced Fumbles   3 Defensive Touchdowns


8 X Pro Bowl












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Posted on 09 November 2009 by Glenn Clark

Ravens Tuesday. Our Tuesday Top 7. But I’m not sure I’ll be able to find 7….

You deserve props…….

1-Kurt Warner, Josh Freeman, Drew Brees, Matt Hasselbeck and Phillip Rivers

Josh Freeman is the greatest rookie kicker since Mark Sanchez!

But seriously, how embarrassing is it to be a Packers fan today? A week after losing to Brett Favre, you lost to the freaking Tampa Bay Buccaneers!!!!

I guess it could be worse. You could be rooting for this team……


2-Fedor Emelianenko


…..is WAY better than anything I’ve seen on CBS in recent years. Well, other than this anyway……


I don’t care what Summer Bird, Mine That Bird or ANY other horse says. It is ALWAYS embarrassing to lose to a girl.

Unless of course you’re losing to Kelly Brook in a “Flattest Stomach” contest. She can win that. Actually, I’ll let her show me hers and then I’ll just forfeit. Sound good?


4-Michael Turner, Cedric Benson and Chris Johnson

I CANNOT BELIEVE there was a Washington Redskins fan on my Facebook page talking trash Sunday night. The Washington Redskins are an embarrassment to the NFL. It is LAUGHABLE. Even this guy isn’t proud…..


5-The Young Men Representing our Country Playing Football for the United States Naval Academy

It wasn’t Navy playing Notre Dame Saturday. It was the United States of America. That’s right, the good ole USA kicked the TAR out of the Fighting Irish Saturday, which is exactly the way it should be. Notre Dame sucks. South Bend sucks. Touchdown Jesus sucks.

I don’t care if you can even pronounce Niumatalolo. If you weren’t rooting like hell for our boys from Annapolis Sunday, you’re not a good American. This man is a hero…..


This man is not……


6-Kurt Busch

Kurt Busch won this weekend’s NASCAR race 500 at Texas Motor Speedway. I know because it says it right here on my computer screen.

I was really hoping to put together some good shtick here, but I just don’t know enough relevant talking points when it comes to NASCAR. I could make another joke about NASCAR fans being obnoxious drunks, but I choose not to make easy stereotypes. There’s probably just a small group of bad eggs giving the rest of the crew a bad name…..

7-Dallas Clark, Randy Moss and Mike Sims-Walker

How….in the HELL……are the Jacksonville Jaguars 4-4? The Jags are TERRIBLE. Makes you feel even worse about the Ravens, really.

And while we’re talking about receivers, was Chad Ochocinco really expecting a chance to “pay off” an official with a dollar yesterday?


Or was this totally spontaneous? Chad Ochocinco is either really stupid, or a total genius.

Sort of like Glenn Clark.

8-Mike Knuble

The Washington Capitals were big winners on Saturday night-so…..yay?

I LOVE making fun of Washington, DC. The people there are terrible, the sports teams are awful, and I’d rather spend the day with Rick From Reisterstown than find myself having to travel in their area. That being said, the Mayor of our city is now standing TRIAL.

But then again, that crap-hole down there would probably elect this fella mayor again if they could…..


9-Gabriel Ali-El

And once again, Poly is a big winner over City. Over 8,000 fans came to M&T Bank Stadium to watch the 121st edition of the rivalry; which represents all that’s good about high school football.

I wish I had moments like this in high school. Sadly, most of my memories at Perry Hall involved unfortunate nicknames and bad hair. Which is basically how the rest of my life has played out, too…….

10-Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray

Riddle me this, Batman. Swiss Indoors result not withstanding, Roger Federer has won FIFTEEN grand slam titles. Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray have COMBINED to win 1.

Yet…..this is Novak Djokovic’s on again/off again girlfriend Jelena Ristic….


And this is Andy Murray’s girlfriend Kim Sears……


And yet Roger Federer was CONVINCED he’d never do any better than Mirka Vavrinec???


11-Phil Mickelson

Was more popular in China than Tiger Woods. Although, I’d prefer being BETTER than Tiger Woods-but that’s just me.

Also, since the HSBC Champions event was played in Shanghai; I’m reminded that Lucy Liu was in the movie Shanghai Knights, and should probably be in every other movie in the world……


12-Jordan Shipley, Julio Jones, Zach Collaros, DeVier Posey and Graig Cooper

Holy crap TCU is ranked #4?!?!? God-I haven’t asked you for much recently. I asked you for the Redskins to lose to the Lions-and you sure delivered on that. Now, I PRAY that you PLEASE allow TCU or Boise State to find their way into the Top 2. Please deliver losses to Texas, Florida, Alabama and Cincinnati; and PLEASE force the BCS to have to stomach one of these teams getting to Pasadena.

OR…..please deliver Lea Michele from “Glee” to me for Christmas. Either one will work….


13-University of Arizona

You thought this might have something to do with the Wildcats’ big win over Washington State Saturday. It doesn’t. They might go to the Rose Bowl this season. Who cares?

You see, the U of A held their first ever “Undie Run”, and that is ABSOLUTELY the most important thing that could ever happen ….in the world.

Here are the pictures……


14-Chicken Parm


Let me suggest something to you. The next time you’re going to a wedding; purchase your gift a few weeks in advance. Then, when you get to the reception to enjoy dinner-instead of thinking to yourself “I better eat 50 dollars worth of food”…..you’ll say to yourself “Dude, the free food here is AWESOME!” You see, if you buy a gift weeks in advance, you’ll forget about it by the time you get there.

Of course, you’ll be suicidal again after you see the gift sitting on a table and say to yourself “WHY THE HELL DID I JUST SPEND 40 DOLLARS ON SHEETS?!?!?”, but at least you will have enjoyed some damn fine Chicken Parm.

15-Seth MacFarlane

Both episodes of Family Guy were awesome last night, and his comedy special with Alex Borstein wasn’t bad either. That being said, I’m pretty sure THIS GUY is still having a better month…..


You got lucky…….

1-John Harbaugh

Lucky that fewer people will take you to task for the comments you made last week. I’m going to make this comment quickly. The Baltimore Ravens do NOT want to be the Philadelphia Eagles. The Baltimore Ravens want to be the Baltimore Ravens. I don’t care what Andy Reid has done in Philadelphia (but for the reference-what Andy Reid has done in Philadelphia does NOT include a Super Bowl), and I don’t care what your philosophy was there. I want to win….in Baltimore. Having a nice group of guys is nice, having a winner is nicer. I don’t want to be the Dallas Cowboys, either. But to think that the Philadelphia Eagles have been a much greater organization that Jerry Jones’ bunch is laughable. The Cowboys are NOT what’s wrong with the NFL. Now get over yourself, and go win. Stop trying to be Andy Reid. We don’t want Andy Reid here. We want a damn good head coach who doesn’t want to be like anyone else.


2-Viewers of the Richmond/Villanova game Saturday night on Comcast SportsNet

Hey, I can see how this would happen. This is basically what it sounds like every morning when we turn the mics off on The Comcast Morning Show. Video NSFW. Unless of course you work for Comcast SportsNet…..where you can basically say whatever you want these days…..

3-David Baumann

George O’Leary’s Central Florida team lost 35-3 to Texas Saturday. Somehow, I still feel like Notre Dame would be better if they had hired him.

The significant thing about the game is that afterwards, O’Leary attempted to kick David Baumann-a TV and radio reporter in Florida-out of the postgame press conference because he correctly reported the night before the game (citing anonymous sources) that two players would not play.

Which lead to this classic GEM, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel….

“It is our preference, if not policy, that member of the media confirm any player injury status with the sports SID prior to release,” UCF associate athletics director Joe Hornstein said after the Texas game. “Regardless of anonymous sources, we ask our members of the media for that courtesy.”



No school…..ANYWHERE….can have a “policy” like this. A reporter can report WHATEVER HE WANTS when he gets the information. Citing an anonymous source is what must be done TO PROTECT THE SOURCES!

I get it, Joe Hornstein and George O’Leary work in a city where most of the news revolves around this man….


……but if a reporter gets a story and goes with it; they’re a GOOD REPORTER. THEY DON’T WORK FOR YOU. MEDIA MEMBERS DO NOT WORK FOR THE TEAM THEY COVER! A lot of media members in Charm City could use that reminder…..

4-Fans inside Sun Devil Stadium Saturday night

Holy. Crap. Sadly for Sun Devils fans, Arizona State still lost to USC. But relax, your state still has plenty of things going for you……


5-Darvin Moon

A logger from Garrett County is in the finals of the World Series of Poker. I’d prefer that a blogger from Baltimore County be in a strip poker final with Sienna Miller…..

(Edit from GMC: The blogger I was referring to was me. Nice work, brainiacs!)

6-Jahvid Best


I wish Jahvid Best NOTHING but the best in recovering. Kevin Barnes couldn’t even have enjoyed watching that. This cat has more lives than my own childhood feline….

7-Jason Sudeikis

Because Glenn Beck was the role he was BORN to play. Sometimes Saturday Night Live is still pretty good-even when they try to ruin it with Taylor freaking Swift…..

You’re a zero…….

The guy who got THIS tattoo…..


What the hell does that even mean?!?!?!?!

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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Live From Owings Mills: Gaither, Gooden, Harbaugh Have “No Comment” About Injuries

Posted on 30 October 2009 by Glenn Clark

5:07-Injury Report-Ravens:

OT Jared Gaither QUESTIONABLE – Neck
LB Tavares Gooden PRO BABLE – Head
QB Joe Flacco PROBABLE – Ankle
K Steve Hauschka PROBABLE – Ankle
LB Jarret Johnson PROBABLE – Shoulder
S Ed Reed PROBABLE – Illness
WR/ST David Tyree PROBABLE – Hamstring


S Brian Dawkins PROBABLE – Hamstring
DL Ronald Fields PROBABLE – Hamstring
LB Spencer Larsen PROBABLE – Shoulder

2:25-The Ravens practiced outside yesterday and today after practicing indoors Wednesday. They could have probably used some precipitation today, as Weather.com tells us that it is expected to be 58 degrees Sunday with showers (chance of precipitation is 50%).

Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison isn’t worried about the weather, as he took time to remind me today that he was still wearing shorts. He pointed at his legs and yelled “It’s nice out!”, to which I responded “not that nice!”

2:22-Some other notes from John Harbaugh:

-Broncos are “very aggressive” in 2nd half; and “playing with a lot of confidence.”
-Broncos WR Brandon Stokley has always been “underestimated”, but “just keeps making plays.”
-Said the Ravens had a good week of practice, but added “we have not had a bad week of practice yet.”
-On the team’s confidence despite 3 straight losses: “I don’t think there’s a team that doesn’t have swagger” in NFL

2:19-Justin Harper is playing the role of Brandon Marshall in practice for the Ravens this week. Harper is 6’3″ (Marshall 6’4″); but clearly does not have the skill set that Marshall has. John Harbaugh praised Justin Harper for the work he’s put in on the look team, noting that he has had to play the role of receivers like Randy Moss also during the season. Demetrius Williams has also helped the look team by stepping in as an opposing wide receiver during the season.

2:07-A strange post-practice session with the media today; as John Harbaugh clearly was more business-like on his final day of preparation. The locker room atmosphere was not quite the jovial, celebratory atmosphere that it had been in the weeks leading up to the bye. Usually Fridays are reserved for loud music, dancing, and even a friendly game of media dodgeball. There was some music today, but otherwise there was no frathouse vibe.

Clearly a 3 game losing streak can do that, but it also appeared as though Harbs may have been working extra hard to get his team’s attention. The biggest questions of the day surrounded the health of LB Tavares Gooden and OT Jared Gaither. Not surprisingly, Coach Harbaugh said “I’m not even gonna comment” on the status of either player; as he often prefers to defer to the Friday injury report. However, John was much more open two weeks ago before the Ravens played the Vikings. It makes you wonder if his attitude is based on what he got out of his players on Friday.

John also conveyed the message to the players that they were to NOT discuss their injuries, as he will try to somehow use that to his advantage facing Josh McDaniels on Sunday. Jared Gaither told us he “feels great”, and even said “yeah” at one point after being asked if he expected to play; but he otherwise spent the better part of 90 seconds saying “no comment” when asked about why he missed practice yesterday and whether or not he’ll be on the field against Denver. I spoke to LB Tavares Gooden as well-who confirmed to me that Coach had warned them not to discuss injuries before practice ended. Gooden told me he feels good, but wouldn’t address whether he had practiced today (he wasn’t seen), or how he’s responded to his most recent head injury.

Of course, John Harbaugh has every right to try to play this to his advantage; but it is unlikely to help a team. The Broncos will prepare to face Jared Gaither-and if he doesn’t play, they’ll be ready to face Michael Oher and Marshal Yanda. They’ll prepare to face Tavares Gooden, and if he doesn’t play; they’ll be ready for Dannell Ellerbe and Jameel McClain.

You can hear from John Harbaugh and Jared Gaither NOW in the Audio Vault at WNST.net. Also, Broncos sideline reporter Alan Roach joined Drew Forrester this morning on The Comcast Morning Show; so if you’re looking for a Denver perspective, that is also in the Audio Vault.

12:05-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive; where we start with a practice update as the Baltimore Ravens hold their final walkthrough before playing the Denver Broncos Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium. Jared Gaither (neck) returned to practice today after missing yesterday’s session. There was no sign of the red “no contact” jersey he was wearing yesterday. Tavares Gooden was not seen during the part of the session that was open to the media-and I get the feeling he will be listed as “questionable” on today’s injury report as he rec0vers from a head injury.


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Live From Owings Mills: Jared Gaither Did Not Practice

Posted on 29 October 2009 by Glenn Clark

6:34-Injury Report-Ravens:

LB Tavares Gooden-LIMITED-Head
QB Joe Flacco-FULL-Ankle
K Steve Hauschka-FULL-Ankle
LB Jarret Johnson-FULL-Shoulder
S Ed Reed-FULL-Illness
WR/ST David Tyree-FULL-Hamstring

S Brian Dawkins-LIMITED-Hamstring
DL Ronald Fields-LIMITED-Hamstring
LB Spencer Larsen-FULL-Shoulder

4:33-According to the AP, Browns fans are planning a “Free The Birds”-type protest for the November 16 game against the Ravens on Monday Night Football. Fans are planning on entering the game late. If you join us on our WNST Miller Lite Road Trip to Cleveland, you can take in the protest and laugh at Browns fans and their misery.

1:29-Jerry Rosburg:

-Eddie Royal does “both well” (punt and kick returns) thanks to “quick feet”, plus “he’s fast.”
-Ravens have “pretty good idea” of what to expect from new Broncos punter Mitch Berger having faced him 3 times last year when he was with Steelers.
-Ravens need to be more “opportunistic” in punt returns

This game will also mark a reunion for Frank Walker and Mitch Berger; after Berger accused Frank Walker of spitting IN the punter’s mouth after a Jeff Reed extra point at the end of the 2nd regular season game between the teams last December. If you’ll remember, Walker called the incident a “slobber moment”, and said he didn’t care because he “hates Pittsburgh.” (So do the rest of us.) Walker was not fined by the NFL due to a “lack of visual evidence.”

Walker had nothing but nice things to say about Berger in the locker room today, noting he was happy for Berger to get another NFL gig.

1:21-Ed Reed (illness) and Tavares Gooden (head) were both out on the practice field; although Tavares and Jared Gaither (neck) were each wearing red “no contact” jerseys during the portion open to the media.

1:03-Greg Mattison:

-Kyle Orton “doing a great job”, hasn’t “forced passes”, benefits from Broncos’ “system”
-Broncos have “a number of good receivers”, but Brandon Marshall is “outstanding”
-During bye week, Ravens “took a total look at everything (they’re) doing.”
-Lardarius Webb “makes plays”, and has been receiving more reps with the first team defense
-Ravens have “worked on” pass rush, specifically spending more time on it during individual drills

12:54-Some sights and sounds from around 1 Winning Drive today, starting with Cam Cameron highlights:

-Broncos haven’t changed “scheme wise” at halftime; despite tremendous 2nd half defensive success (given up 10 points all season, allowed just 2 3rd down conversions in 2nd half)
-Elvis Dumervil is “explosive, fast, relentless” even if not particularly big
-Broncos have succeeded with pass rush by putting teams “in passing situations.”
-Mike Nolan is an “outstanding football coach” who is thriving with a “veteran defense.”
-Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey are “playing at a high level.”
-Ravens must “execute” offensively earlier in football games

12:46-Tavares Gooden told us today that his injury came from taking one “on the chin” in practice this week. He said he had cleared all medical tests, and expects to play Sunday against the Broncos. He also said the injury is not as serious as concussions he’s suffered in the past.

You can hear from Tavares Gooden, as well as the following in the Audio Vault at WNST.net:

OC Cam Cameron
DC Greg Mattison
ST Coordinator Jerry Rosburg
DT Haloti Ngata
LB/DE Terrell Suggs
CB Frank Walker

Also, Brandon McKinney joined me this morning on The Comcast Morning Show (Drew Forrester was out tending to flu-related issues in his family), you can hear from him in the Audio Vault as well.

11:10-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where the Baltimore Ravens continue preparation for Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos at M&T Bank Stadium. One of the most difficult scenarios facing the Ravens Sunday will be trying to shut down Brandon Marshall, who stands some 5 inches taller (6’4″) than any Ravens cornerback (Domonique Foxworth, Frank Walker, and Fabian Washington are all 5’11”, Lardarius Webb and Chris Carr are each 5’10”).

The Ravens have struggled against tall wide receivers all season. Chargers WR Vincent Jackson (6’5″) had 141 yards and a TD; Patriots WR Randy Moss (6’4″) had just 50 yards but caught a crucial TD; Bengals WR Chris Henry (6’4″) had 92 yards, and Vikings WR Sidney Rice (6’4″) had 176 yards.

We are scheduled to hear from Greg Mattison, Cam Cameron and Jerry Rosburg today. We are hoping to get some more information on why Ed Reed and Tavares Gooden missed practice yesterday.

Talk to you shortly.


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