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They'll never have a parade but at least they still have a nice baseball stadium in Cleveland...

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MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 19 Cleveland Indians

Posted on 21 August 2015 by Nestor Aparicio

Cleveland – If most stadiums in the 1990s were knockoffs of Camden Yards, this Cleveland model is most closely re-constructed in Philadelphia and Washington. They’ve ripped out a bunch of seats in the upper reaches of right field and they’ve added a garden feel to centerfield. The left field bleachers are still kinda intimidating and cool. And the third base club level still looks like a clubhouse at a horse racing track. In the end, there’s very little that’s memorable about this place but it’s still a nice place to watch a baseball game and a big upgrade over The Mistake on The Lake. Now, if Lebron James could only hit a baseball…


On Sept. 8-9-10, I will be releasing an extensive essay documenting my 30-30 MLB #GiveASpit journey of 2015. You can read it and all of my work here: http://wnst.net/author/nestoraparicio/

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You don't have to be sitting in the front row to appreciate baseball in Wisconsin...

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MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 20 Milwaukee Brewers

Posted on 20 August 2015 by Nestor Aparicio

Milwaukee – The parking lots are named for Brewers heroes. They’re also filled with brats and beer and a convivial tailgate and picnic that makes the whole thing feel very summery and baseball-like. But, then, you enter an airplane hangar. I’ve seen many games there over the years and when the roof is open, it’s OK but it’s still baseball in a barn. Oh, and Bud Selig bent over the entire state of Wisconsin in a power play for hundreds of millions to get it built. My advice here is to arrive early on a nice summer day and make friends with the locals in the tailgating community. The stadium is a nice, clean, open facility but they’ve downgraded since Bernie Brewer no longer comes down the slide in the beer mug after dingers. In theory alone, that’s a sad concept. Remember to drink Wisconsinably…


On Sept. 8-9-10, I will be releasing an extensive essay documenting my 30-30 MLB #GiveASpit journey of 2015. You can read it and all of my work here: http://wnst.net/author/nestoraparicio/

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A bit of an airplane hangar but it's got the best air conditioning in MLB...

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MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 21 Arizona Diamondbacks

Posted on 19 August 2015 by Nestor Aparicio

Arizona – You can’t really keep Milwaukee and Phoenix apart on this list because they both play in virtually the same stadium. As Curt Schilling pointed out on WNST recently, it sure is nice to come inside and play baseball when it’s 114 outside and 72 inside. But it’s a big, hollow, chilly (well, from a mojo standpoint) place and other than the pool in right field it’s a generic building that feels almost abandoned when no one is in the seats on a weeknight. It’s a nice enough building but it’s hard to find anything unique here besides the heat on the outside. Oh, and whatever they were thinking in changing the color scheme of the uniforms was very short sighted. The new uniforms and logos suck. I attended a Throwback Thursday night. I’m glad the Diamondbacks weren’t wearing the maroon of their football cousins in Glendale.


On Sept. 8-9-10, I will be releasing an extensive essay documenting my 30-30 MLB #GiveASpit journey of 2015. You can read it and all of my work here: http://wnst.net/author/nestoraparicio/

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Why is Yankee Stadium so low on our stadium rankings? Well, because it sucks...

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MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 22 Yankee Stadium

Posted on 18 August 2015 by Nestor Aparicio

New York Yankees – So, why so far down the ranking scale for this giant, sprawling mall of a rebuild? Well, it sucks compared to the real thing. Ask anyone. Sure, it took billions of dollars and the painstaking reassembling of every nook and cranny and archway from across the street. They tried but failed. This is very simple – the new stadium has very little to recommend it as being better than the original. Less than 10 miles away, some engineers found a way to take the shell of Madison Square Garden and make it better. Here in The Bronx they had so much money that they believed a wrecking ball and a fresh plot of land would improve Yankees baseball. It hasn’t. It has simply increased the revenue, raised the cost and lowered “the experience.” Yankee Stadium makes you very happy that no one in Boston or Chicago got the bright idea to rebuild Fenway Park or Wrigley Field while promising to increase the space and the nightly receipts. The whole spirit of Yankee Stadium died when they tried to “go Vegas” with this monstrosity that is a monument to how having more money and “improving on the original” being a sad, stupid idea. Someone called it the “video game experience” of Yankee Stadium. I said it was kinda like going to “New York, New York” in Las Vegas once the Billy Joel “Miami 2017” experience happens. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot. For the most part, as new stadiums go, this one sucks. I’d rather just go to a real mall rather than one disguised as a kingdom of baseball royalty.


On Sept. 8-9-10, I will be releasing an extensive essay documenting my 30-30 MLB #GiveASpit journey of 2015. You can read it and all of my work here: http://wnst.net/author/nestoraparicio/

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Everything is bigger in Texas. But is it better?

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MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 23 Texas Rangers

Posted on 18 August 2015 by Nestor Aparicio

Arlington – There’s not much to recommend any outdoor activity in Texas in the middle of the summer and this ballpark is just one hot, exceedingly large place. Other than the obvious knockoff elements of Camden Yards in the seating bowl, this place is swallowed up by its own grandeur (much like its big football twin, the world of Jerry Jones, in the adjacent parking lot). Everything is bigger in Texas and here’s your proof. The Rangers Hall of Fame is so well done that you shouldn’t miss it. The BBQ and nachos in Arlington have been legendary since Brooks Robinson did the color commentary in the old ballpark. Just don’t expect much relief from the heat. And don’t expect a seat to close to the field. It’s just big and wide open. A nice ballpark but nothing special…


On Sept. 8-9-10, I will be releasing an extensive essay documenting my 30-30 MLB #GiveASpit journey of 2015. You can read it and all of my work here: http://wnst.net/author/nestoraparicio/

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Welcome to Toronto – the dome that time forgot.

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MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 25 Toronto Blue Jays

Posted on 16 August 2015 by Nestor Aparicio

Toronto – I remember when this joint jumped. I was about fifty feet away from where Joe Carter’s home run landed on that fateful night in October 1993 when baseball was celebrated and ultimately died in downtown Toronto on Yonge Street. Now, it’s almost like they’re closer to joining the Montreal Expos than to galvanizing the baseball gods of the Great White North. Sure, Geddy Lee wasn’t at Rogers Centre on my night in Canada but the baseball “experience” of Toronto has been left to the ghosts of “Ok Blue Jays” in the seventh inning stretch and the pink suits of my pal Gregg Zaun. I can’t really pick on this dome any more than it’s been decimated over the past two decades. Oh, every time the ball hits the turf a giant blast of black plastic shrapnel leaps into the air. It’s like fake baseball. Only, it’s real. Honestly, if you go, you might want to consider watching the game from the bar/restaurant at the Renaissance Hotel attached to the dome. It’s a nice seat. And it’s free with a tab or dinner. Buy dinner, get the game free. And, honestly, you wouldn’t be missing much here.


On Sept. 8-9-10, I will be releasing an extensive essay documenting my 30-30 MLB #GiveASpit journey of 2015. You can read it and all of my work here: http://wnst.net/author/nestoraparicio/

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UConn Not UNanimous...Are UKidding?

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UConn Not UNanimous…Are UKidding?

Posted on 07 April 2011 by Thyrl Nelson

So now we know who Mike Adras and Northern Arizona University are, and maybe that was the point all along. For those still playing catch up, Adras is the rogue head coach who cast a great deal of attention upon himself by casting votes for both Ohio State (#1) and Kansas (#2) ahead of the actual National Champion UConn Huskies in the final USA Today Coaches Men’s Basketball Poll. To his credit, at least Adras had the guts to stand up and identify himself, or as stated already, maybe that was the point all along. Otherwise, it would seem to stand to reason that Adras would have had some lengthier and better thought out explanation than that which he offered; essentially saying that in comparing their bodies of work he felt both Ohio State and Kansas had proven themselves better than Connecticut. That alone though is a semi-worthy argument at least.

All too often, both sets of weekly rankings seemingly adapt to the “power rankings” mindset, attempting to quantify who’s best right now as opposed to who has the best body of work overall. Whether or not that’s correct is certainly fodder for a discussion unto itself. Look back at the week 14 rankings, the first published polls after Ohio State’s loss at Wisconsin. That week the Buckeyes dropped their first contest of the season, in a building in Wisconsin where no one seemingly goes away with a win, on the back of an out of this world shooting performance by Wisconsin’s Jordan Taylor fueling a comeback from 15 points down.


The Badgers went into that match-up ranked 13th by the AP and 14th by USA Today and wound up 10th in both polls in week 14 as a result. The Buckeyes, as a result of their loss, went from unanimous #1 in both polls in week 13, to 2nd in the AP and 3rd in the USA Today polls in week 14. In both polls, Kansas and Texas each received more first place votes than the Ohio State. Kansas lone loss at the time was to an unranked (then) Kansas State, and the Longhorns had losses to Pitt, UConn and USC yet received more first place votes (23-14 in the AP & 13-3 in the USA Today) than Ohio State in both polls.


Maybe the real point the Adras was trying to make (yet failed to disclose) was that there is no point to a post-season poll. The beauty contests that decide football seasons and give us fodder for debate during the season are really of little if any significance in sports where true championship tournaments are staged. Perhaps the simple fact that the pollsters have asked for a final take on the field, and left 1st place open to interpretation indicates that they were inviting this debate all along.


Wouldn’t it be much smarter to take #1 off the table for the voters? Maybe #2 as well should be preordained to the tourney’s runner up. If that were the case, and coaches and writers were asked to assess the rest of the field, tallying for us the 2nd and/or 3rd place votes would provide real fodder for discussion and debate. How much credit does VCU get for playing as many tournament games as both Butler and UConn and for winning as many as the Bulldogs and more than anyone else but the Huskies? How does that compare with the bodies of work compiled by Ohio State and Kansas?


This year, seemingly more than any other, there were teams that had good regular seasons, and there are teams that had good tournament seasons. There didn’t seem to be many (or any) teams that can say they had great runs in both. That would be a fun debate. Instead we are left to debate exactly what point Adras was trying to make in the first place…if indeed there was a point to be made at all.


Should voters from week to week and/or at season’s end attempt to reward the best overall body of work, or attempt to assess which team is playing best right now? Was BYU graded on their body of work or their prowess minus Brandon Davies’ services? How should they have been graded? Is there a point to a post-season poll in the first place?


One question we certainly found out the answer to was: Who the hell is Mike Adras? Now we’re left to contemplate what point, if any, he was trying to make. Maybe he’s just a hater, or maybe the point was just to get his name out there…that it did. And last but not least…Are there really Lumberjacks in Arizona?

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Fantasy Flavor Week 1 Positional Start Rankings

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Fantasy Flavor Week 1 Positional Start Rankings

Posted on 06 September 2010 by Thyrl Nelson

Here are the Fantasy Flavor Start Rankings for week 1 at long last. For those unfamiliar with the rankings, they are based on standard scoring leagues, and they’re formulary. The rankings are 2 parts individual expectations, and one part defensive expectations against that player or position. Here’s the warning, since defensive expectations are based on last year’s performance, and will be until week 4, teams trending in different directions, as the NFL is prone to produce, will provide hiccups in the formula. As always, keep an eye on the injury report, especially in this the early stage of the game, and make sure to have fun, if you’re not having fun at fantasy football, you’re simply doing it wrong.


Below are the rankings for week 1 at each position, with their formulary numbers in parentheses, the lower the formulary number, the better, with 3 being the lowest possible.




1. Drew Brees vs. MIN (13)

2. Aaron Rodgers @ PHI (20)

3. Jay Cutler vs. DET (21)

4. Phillip Rivers @ KC (24)

5. Peyton Manning @ HOU (29)

6. Tom Brady vs. CIN (33)

7. Matt Schaub vs. IND (34)

8. Tony Romo @ WAS (36)

9. Matt Ryan @ PIT (42)

10. Matt Stafford (43)

11. Brett Favre @ NO (44)

12. Jason Campbell @ TEN (44)

13. Kevin Kolb vs. GB (45)

14. Donavan McNabb vs. DAL (45)

15. Kyle Orton @ JAX (45)

16. Vince Young vs. OAK (47)

17. Joe Flacco @ NYJ (50)

18. Dennis Dixon vs. ATL (52)

19. Carson Palmer @ NE (53)

20. Eli Manning vs. CAR (55)

21. Matt Moore @ NYG (60)

22. Chad Henne @ BUF (61)

23. Josh Freeman vs. CLE (61)

24. Alex Smith @ SEA (62)

25. David Garrard vs. DEN (64)

26. Matt Cassell vs. SD (66)

27. Derek Anderson @ St.L (66)

28. Trent Edwards vs. MIA (67)

29. Mark Sanchez vs. BAL (71)

30. Jake Delhomme @ TB (75)

31. Matt Hasselbeck vs. SF (76)

32. Sam Bradford vs. AZ (78)


Running Backs


1. Chris Johnson vs. OAK (3)

2. Adrian Peterson @ NO (14)

3. Maurice Jones-Drew vs. DEN (18)

4. Frank Gore @ SEA (20)

5. Steven Jackson vs. AZ (26)

6. Ryan Matthews @ KC (28)

7. DeAngelo Williams @ NYG (30)

8. Beanie Wells @ St.L (32)

9. Ray Rice @ NYJ (35)

10. Ryan Grant @ PHI (39)

11. Rashard Mendenall vs. ATL (41)

12. Michael Turner @ PIT (43)

13. Cedric Benson @ NE (46)

14. Jamal Charles vs. SD (47)

15. Ronnie Brown @ BUF (47)

16. Matt Forte vs. DET (48)

17. Ricky Williams @ BF (51)

18. Jonathan Stewart @ NYG (54)

19. Shonn Green vs. BAL (54)

20. Knowshon Moreno @ JAX (56)

21. Cadillac Williams vs. CLE (57)

22. Joseph Addai @ HOU (58)

23. Arian Foster vs. IND (59)

24. Brandon Jacobs vs. CAR (59)

25. Jerome Harrison @ TB (63)

26. LaSean McCoy vs. GB (65)

27. Darren McFadden @ TEN (65)

28. Pierre Thomas vs. MIN (68)

29. Jahvid Best @ CHI (73)

30. Justin Forsett vs. SF (74)

31. Ahmad Bradshaw vs. CAR (75)

32. Felix Jones @ WAS (77)

33. Darren Sproles @ KC (80)

34. CJ Spiller vs. MIA (82)

35. Marion Barber @ WAS (83)

36. Thomas Jones vs. SD (87)

37. Tim Hightower @ St.L (90)

38. Fred Jackson vs. MIA (92)

39. Steve Slaton vs. IND (93)

40. Donald Brown @ HOU (94)

41. Chester Taylor vs. DET (94)

42. Reggie Bush vs. MIN (96)

43. Clinton Portis vs. DAL (96)

44. Kareem Huggins vs. CLE (103)

45. Kevin Smith @ CHI (111)

46. Lawrence Maroney vs. CIN (115)

47. Brian Westbrook @ SEA (116)

48. Correll Buckhalter @ JAX (118)

49. Rashad Jennings vs. DEN (118)

50. Willis McGahee @ NYJ (119)



Wide Receivers


1. Roddy White @ PIT (19)

2. Larry Fitzgerald @ St.L (20)

3. Calvin Johnson @ CHI (23)

4. Andre Johnson vs. IND (24)

5. Reggie Wayne @ HOU (31)

6. Randy Moss vs. CIN (32)

7. Miles Austin @ WAS (32)

8. Michael Crabtree @ SEA (36)

9. DeSean Jackson vs. GB (37)

10. Marques Colston @ MIN (37)

11. Chad Ochocinco @ NE (38)

12. Brandon Marshall @ BUF (40)

13. Steve Smith @ NYG (43)

14. Greg Jennings @ PHI (46)

15. Percy Harvin @ NO (50)

16. Bernard Berrian @ NO (53)

17. Malcolm Floyd @ KC (53)

18. Hines Ward vs. ATL (54)

19. Steve Smith vs. CAR (55)

20. DeWayne Bowe vs. SD (56)

21. Anquan Boldin @ NYJ (58)

22. Mike Sims-Walker vs. DEN (59)

23. Lee Evans vs. MIA (60)

24. Jeremy Maclin vs. GB (63)

25. Wes Welker vs. CIN (64)

26. Johnnie Knox vs. DET (65)

27. Donald Driver @ PHI (66)

28. Terrell Owens @ NE (66)

29. Robert Meachem vs. MIN (69)

30. Pierre Garcon @ HOU (71)

31. Braylon Edwards vs. BAL (71)

32. Santana Moss vs. DAL (72)

33. Devin Aromashadu vs. DET (73)

34. Legedu Nanee @ KC (75)

35. Dez Bryant @ WAS (76)

36. Hakeem Nicks vs. CAR (77)

37. Laurent Robinson vs. AZ (78)

38. Steve Breaston @ St.L (80)

39. Nate Burleson @ CHI (83)

40. Louis Murphy @ TEN (83)

41. Mike Wallace vs. ATL (88)

42. Mike Williams vs. SF (89)

43. Derrick Mason @ NYJ (90)

44. Jacoby Jones vs. IND (90)

45. Austin Collie @ HOU (95)

46. Eddie Royal @ JAX (96)

47. Mario Manningham vs. CAR (99)

48. Kenny Britt vs. OAK (100)

49. Kevin Walter vs. IND (100)

50. Mohamed Massaquoi @ TB (101)

51. Devery Henderson vs. MIN (103)

52. Josh Morgan @ SEA (106)

53. Jabar Gafney @ JAX (106)

54. Devin Hester vs. DET (111)

55. Chaz Schilens @ TEN (113)

56. Early Doucet @ St.L (114)

57. Joey Galloway vs. DAL (118)

58. Darrius Heyward-Bey @ TEN (119)

59. Julian Edelman vs. CIN (120)

60. Jerricho Cotchery vs. BAL (120)

61. Brandon Gibson vs. AZ (121)

62. Mike Williams vs. CLE (125)

63. Chris Chambers @ KC (128)

64. Golden Tate vs. SF (129)

65. Dexter McCluster vs. SD (132)

66. Demaryius Thomas vs. CLE (132)

67. Lance Moore vs. MIN (133)

68. Earl Bennett vs. DET (137)

69. Roy Williams @ WAS (140)

70. Devin Thomas vs. DAL (142)

71. Nate Washington vs. OAK (146)

72. Antoine Randle-EL (146)

73. Anthony Gonzalez @ HOU (151)

74. Steve Johnson vs. MIA (152)

75. Josh Cribbs @ TB (155)



Tight Ends


1. JerMichael Finley @ PHI (8)

2. Kellen Winslow Jr. vs. CLE (19)

3. Dallas Clark @ HOU (20)

4. Antonio Gates @ KC (20)

5. Brent Celek vs. GB (21)

6. Vernon Davis @ SEA (22)

7. Greg Olsen vs. DET (30)

8. Tony Gonzalez @ PIT (31)

9. Zach Miller @ TEN (31)

10. Chris Cooley vs. DAL (33)

11. Heath Miller vs. ATL (34)

12. Jason Witten @ WAS (39)

13. Jeremy Shockey vs. MIN (41)

14. Visanthe Schiancoe @ NO (49)

15. Benjamin Watson @ TB (52)

16. Tony Scheffler @ JAX (54)

17. Owen Daniels vs. IND (56)

18. Dustin Keller vs. BAL (57)

19. Fred Davis vs. DAL (57)

20. Kevin Boss vs. CAR (58)

21. Jon Carlson vs. SF (60)

22. Mercedes Lewis vs. DEN (60)

23. Shawn Nelson vs. MIA (60)

24. Anthony Fasano @ BUF (68)

25. Brandon Pettigrew @ CHI (68)

26. David Thomas vs. MIN (73)

27. Todd Heap @ NYJ (77)

28. Bo Scaife vs. OAK (78)

29. Aaron Hernandez vs. CIN (81)

30. Jimmy Graham vs. MIN (81)

31. Jermaine Grasham @ NE (82)

32. Zach Miller vs. DEN (82)

33. Donald Lee @ PHI (84)

34. Daniel Fells vs. AZ (85)

35. Jared Cook vs. OAK (90)

36. Rob Gronkowski vs. CIN (91)

37. Dante Rosario @ NYG (91)

38. Martellus Bennett @ WAS (91)

39. Evan Moore @ TB (92)

40. Brandon Manumaleuna vs. DET (92)





1. Nate Kaeding @ KC (5)

2. Rob Bironas vs. OAK (13)

3. Ryan Longwell @ NO (18)

4. Robbie Gould vs. DET (21)

5. Stephen Gostkowski vs. CIN (24)

6. Matt Prater @ JAX (28)

7. Mason Crosby @ PHI (31)

8. Jay Feeley @ St.L (35)

9. Neil Rackers vs. IND (35)

10. Rian Lindell vs. MIA (36)

11. Garrett Hartley vs. MIN (39)

12. David Akers vs. PHI (41)

13. Olindo Mare vs. SF (48)

14. Lawrence Tynes vs. CAR (50)

15. Jeff Reed vs. ATL (50)

16. Ryan Succop vs. SD (50)

17. David Buehler @ WAS (51)

18. Matt Bryant @ PIT (52)

19. Joe Nedney @ SEA (52)

20. Dan Carpenter @ BUF (53)

21. Sebastian Janikowski @ TEN (58)

22. John Kasay @ NYG (61)

23. Jason Hanson @ CHI (63)

24. Adam Vinatieri @ HOU (64)

25. Phil Dawson @ TB (64)

26. Connor Barth vs. CLE (66)

27. Josh Scobee vs. DEN (66)

28. Josh Brown vs. AZ (75)

29. Billy Cundiff @ NYJ (76)

30. Nick Folk vs. BAL (76)

31. Mike Nugent @ NE (90)

32. Graham Gano vs. DAL (93)


Defense / Special Teams


1. Cowboys @ WAS

2. Ravens @ NYJ

3. 49ers @ SEA

4. Jets vs. BAL

5. Packers @ PHI

6. Eagles vs. GB

7. Broncos @ JAX (32)

8. Giants vs. CAR (32)

9. Browns @ TB (35)

10. Steelers vs. ATL (36)

11. Bears vs. DET (36)

12. Patriots vs. CIN (41)

13. Chargers @ KC (41)

14. Dolphins @ BUF (43)

15. Vikings @ NO (45)

16. Bengals @ NE (45)

17. Falcons @ PIT (47)

18. Titans vs. OAK (47)

19. Cardinals @ St.L (47)

20. Saints vs. MIN (49)

21. Buccaneers vs. CLE (54)

22. Bills vs. MIA (59)

23. Texans vs. IND (60)

24. Colts @ HOU (64)

25. Lions @ CHI (66)

26. Seahawks vs. SF (74)

27. Panthers @ NYG (75)

28. Jaguars vs. DEN (76)

29. Rams vs. AZ (81)

30. Redskins vs. DAL (82)

31. Raiders @ TEN (83)

32. Chiefs vs. SD (84)




Here’s Where I’m Playing Right Now.

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The Best Super Bowls Part 3: 11-20

Posted on 03 February 2010 by Dwayne Showalter

We blew through some pretty cruddy games over the last two days.  Now we can get to my Top 20. 

Without further adieu:

20.  Super Bowl XVI  49ers 26, Bengals 21.  Both teams played classic conference title games before meeting in the Silverdome.  The Bengals beat the Chargers in a biting -37 degree wind chill while San Fransisco advanced with “The Catch” over Dallas.  The 49ers sprinted to a 20-0 halftime lead.  At 20-7 late in the 3rd, the game’s signature series took place, a 4-down goal line stand from the Niner 3-yard line to keep the Bengals at bay. Cincy scored after getting the ball back around midfield to make it 20-14, but the missed opportunity left too little time once the 49ers added 2 field goals.

19.  Super Bowl IX  Steelers 16, Vikings 6.  Fans of today’s up and down games probably wouldn’t appreciate this game much.  It was 2-0 Pittsburgh at the half, 9-0 after three quarters.  With 10:23 left in the game, the Vikings blocked a punt and recovered it in the endzone.  Missing the extra point left them down 9-6.  Amazingly, in a game where the Vikes mustered only 119 total yards, they were alive…until Bradshaw led the Steelers on an 11 play, 66-yard drive to put it away.

18.  Super Bowl XXXI  Packers 35, Patriots 21.  The Patriots, a two touchdown underdog, led after one quarter 14-10 but Brett Favre and Packers ruled the second.  The Pack led at the break 27-14.  New England cut it to 27-21 in the 3rd before Desmond Howard returned the ensuing kickoff for the final points of the game.  Four Drew Bledsoe interceptions killed New England.  Green Bay never turned it over.  It is Brett Favre’s only championship to date (what a shame).

17.  Super Bowl XLI  Colts 29, Bears 17.  The game was played in drenching rain in SouthFlorida.  It started with a bang.  Devin Hester returned the opening kickoff for a Bears score.  The underdog Bears were only down 17-14 at the half and 23-17 in the fourth.  Again, the turnover battle went in favor of the victors, this time 5-3.  The biggest was the final nail in the Bears’ coffin.  With just 3:16 left, Kelvin Hayden picked off Rex Grossman and tip-toed down the sideline for the final margin.  It is Peyton Manning’s only Super Bowl title (to date…check back Monday).

16.  Super Bowl VII  Dolphins 14, Redskins 7.  Part of the reason this game ranks relatively high is the fact that the Dolphins won with the pressure of going 17-0.  How many teams have we seen since wilt with it.  Miami didn’t.  They suffocated the Redskins for 57 minutes, leading 14-0.  Then, trying to kick a somewhat meaningless field goal just before the 2-minute warning, disaster struck.  Washington blocked it and returned it for a score.  Opting to kickoff instead of an onside try, the Redskins defense held and gave the offense one last chance.   64 yards.  1:14 left.  No timeouts.  Billy Kilmer at QB.  Four and out.  Perfect season complete.

15.  Super Bowl XVII  Redskins 27, Dolphins 17.   Miami did most of their damage in this one with the long ball…a 76-yard TD pass to Jimmy Cefalo and 98-yard kick return by Fulton Walker had them in front 17-13 into the 4th quarter.  The Dolphins Killer Bee defense missed an opportunity to add another score when they batted a pass near the ‘Skins own goal line.  Theismann was alert enough to knock the airborn ball from Kim Bokamper’s hands.  Later in the same drive, facing a fourth-and-one in Dolphins territory with just over 10 minutes left, John Riggins blasted off left tackle and rambled 43 yards for the go ahead score.

 14.  Super Bowl XXXIX  Patriots 24, Eagles 21.  The Patriots were trying to solidify their dynasty status by winning for the third time in four seasons.  They did.  But not before the game was tied 0-0 after one quarter, 7-7 after two and 14-14 after three.  It was the first Super Bowl to go into the 4th quarter knotted up.  The Patriots scored 10 straight points.  Philly scored again but wasted too much time as McNabb puked all over the place, getting the ball back with too much green to cover in too little time.  96 yards, 46 seconds, and McNabb was desperate.  An interception ended the game.

13.  Super Bowl XIII  Steelers 35, Cowboys 31.  This game gets a lot of play as one of the greatest ever.  But the Steelers led 35-17 late in the game and Dallas managed a pair of late scores to tighten it up.  It certainly had its share of big plays: Stallworth scored on catches of 28 and 75 yards, Tony Hill had a 39-yarder, Mike Hegman ran a Bradshaw fumble back 37 yards for a score.  But leading 21-17 early in the fourth quarter, Franco and Lynn Swann put the Steelers in control with two highlight reel touchdowns.

12.  Super Bowl XXX  Cowboys 27, Steelers 17.  The Cowboys were big favorites but struggled to shake the Steelers.  Neil O’Donnell, who I ogled at like a school girl back  in Ellicott Dining Hall in college , threw two perfect strikes…to Dallas’ Larry Brown… to shoot down any chance the Steelers had in the second half.   And they had a chance.  Down only 20-17 and with ball late in game, Dallas was feeling the heat.  But the interceptions were too much to overcome.  It was a game that featured Bill Cowher at his best, motivating the underdogs and playing aggressively.  I was tempted to rate this game No.1 seeing as it’s the Steelers only Super Bowl loss.

11.  Super Bowl V   Colts 16, Cowboys 13.  A little bias here but I think this game gets a bad rap.  It was the only game of the first 22 to be won with a score in the last seconds of the game, Jim O’Brien’s 32-yard FG.  The Colts, still smarting from the loss to the Jets two years prior, overcame SEVEN turnovers to win.  To me, that shows some fortitude.  Yeah, the Cowboys committed four, including a Duane Thomas fumble at the Colts 1-yard line.  But Tom Landry said after the game, “I haven’t been around many games where the players hit harder…The mistakes in that game weren’t invented, at least not by the people who made them. Most were forced.”  Agreed.  Here’s to the Baltimore Colts.

Games 6-10 are next!

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Early Terps Hoops – Still Missing Center

Posted on 19 November 2009 by Tom Federline

The University of Maryland Mens Basketball team comes out of the gates in the first poll with a #25 ranking in the country. Yeah, right. They could be #10, #20, #35, #60….some people are getting paid good money to assign numbers to college basketball programs, not necessarily teams. It’s all about early pub, TV ratings, and of course the almighty dollar. Why not? It works. Heck, #1 Kansas almost went down and should have, against a Memphis team with a 32 year old coach. I heard that guy, Josh McDaniel and their moms carpool. Kansas looks tough though, out there in Dorothy Land.

Terps – three games in, I’ve listened, I’ve watched, I’ve witnessed and they are middle of the pack. I know it’s early. I know I am supposed to be M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D, Maryland will win. And they will, just not enough…………Unless Jordan Williams transforms into Buck Williams, real fast.

Positives: Three (3) seniors, two of them running the show, Vasquez – voistrous leader, Hayes – steady Eddie and Milbourne – quiet leader. Sean Mosely reminds me of Byron Mouton (but smaller). All of them have put on some bulk. They have matured. Now that’s either credit to the off-season work outs or they’ve discovered how to mask the orange “juice”. And there’s always – Garys Passion.

Negatives: No big boy. No experienced large presence. No Center. Vasquez – is way to unpredictable. Jordan Williams needs to grow up quickly. He could surprise, just doesn’t look like it at the moment. He’s no Joe Smith, either. This Padgett guy has some hops and is aggressive, just not big enough. Bowie still thinks he’s in high school or on the playground. Dino Gregory – what the heck is with that? Bad enough to be suspended from the team with no explanation, but not bad enough to be reportedly back on the team in three weeks. And there’s always – Garys Passion.

It’s early. Let’s stay positive. Just Beat Duke! It’s Terp basketball, it’s Red & White, it’s Garys tantrums, it’s Aiiiiirball, Aiiiiirball, it’s Hayes breaking a Maryland record for free throw percentage, It’s M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D, Maryland will win……..the majority of them.

Quick Ravens hit: Positives – How-shank-a gone, Lardarious Webb, Paul Krueger. Negatives – coaching (all of ’em), Stover coming back as a Dolt, What Ravens team is going to show up? And man, Indy Horseshoes in town – always reminds me of one ugly moment – Mayflower trucks in a March snow. “Truckin” – (Grateful Dead).

WNSTV: Props to Nestor. Check out his video on inducting Art Modell into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, when he was out in Canton. Nice background setting. That Bronze Bust Gallery is a cool room.



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