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Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 28 June 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Monday!

It’s a Happy Monday for me because after a weekend in Ocean City, I spent the evening literally BATHING in aloe vera. I’m not kidding, I think I looked like Justin Bartha in “The Hangover”…


The thing is, it doesn’t hurt until you’re sober.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Miguel Tejada singled home winning run to lift O’s to sweep of Nationals

I didn’t think it was possible.

I especially didn’t think it was possible after Julio Lugo doubled with one out in the 8th and then proceded to get picked off 2nd base by Wil Nieves.

Shows what I know.

I’m well aware that it was the Nats, but it’s still a sweep. Around here, that’s almost as good as winning the World Series.

It’s been particularly nice to see the Birds put together some rallies and come back from early deficits in these games-but it would be nicer to see starting pitchers be a bit more effective. We’ll get back to that.

2. The AP/WNST.net provide numerical evidence of sweep

Jeremy Guthrie wasn’t bad yesterday. 6 innings, 3 earned runs on 3 hits with 4 walks and 4 strikeouts. He certainly wasn’t GREAT, but he wasn’t bad. Compared to some of the other starting efforts we’ve seen at Camden Yards recently, it was really good.

Only Tejada had two hits amongst Orioles players yesterday, but that’s all that was needed. Maybe these guys are hitting better because Nick Markakis called them out publicly. Maybe they’re hitting better because they know the July 31 trade deadline is coming up and this is their chance to get out of Charm City.

I don’t really care why they’re hitting better. I just want them to keep doing it.

3. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Buck Showalter told ESPN Orioles have ‘some great pieces’

Yeah…like Markakis…and….ummm….Adam Jones for a week?

Clearly having watched the New York Yankees and Arizona Diamondbacks win World Series titles AFTER he left has made Showalter badly want another MLB gig. Of course, if he thinks he’s going to reach that level under Peter Angelos, he’ll probably be disappointed.

You know who DOES have some great pieces? Zaira Nara. (Thanks Guyism/Remix Magazine!)


4. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Andy MacPhail finally cut ties, DFA’ed Garrett Atkins

I’m trying to figure out the right way to say this. Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts were here before MacPhail got here. Adam Jones has been marginally successful. Matt Wieters, Brian Matusz and Jake Arrieta all look like they’re talented but haven’t necessarily shown it yet.

As far as a “face” of the MacPhail era is concerned, umm….Atkins is about as good a choice as any.

This was a failure from Day 1. It represented the fact that the team decided to sign a lesser player instead of going out and actually signing a real impact player. That’s the real impact of the MacPhail era.

Maybe the marketing folks at the Warehouse should put together a “Mt. Rushmore”-type photo of Atkins, Rich Hill, Adam Eaton and Koji Uehara (who returned with the Atkins DFA). Could be a hot seller this Christmas. If I was better at Photoshop, I’d do it for them.

5. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Felix Pie 2-4 with RBI, two runs for Frederick Keys on farm

Me, I’d put Felix Pie on the “Mt. Rushmore”, but someone would try to convince me that his 8 hits earlier this season mean he’s a good player. If Jake Fox was an offseason acquisition, he’d make it for sure. In the meantime, a few more things before we move on from the Orioles…

-Congratulations to our “Apologist of the Morning”, as selected by “The Great Arbitrator” Drew Forrester. “Heath” from Dempsey’s Army is no stranger to the AOTM-but this morning he received the award for citing Fangraphs in opining that Juan Samuel was wrong for trying to have Matt Wieters bunt last week. I don’t often credit Drew for being funny, but labeling a group of people as “Fangraph-sexuals” was pretty damn humorous.

-The Orioles are off today, but return to action tomorrow night opening a 3 game series against the Oakland Athletics at OPACY. Matusz, Kevin Millwood and Arrieta take the hill for the Orioles; Dallas Braden, Ben Sheets and Trevor Cahill go for the A’s.

-Thanks to Joe Sheehan from Baseball Prospectus for joining us this morning on “The Morning Reaction” on AM1570 WNST to talk some baseball. If you missed it, head over to the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault today to check it out. Other guests this morning were SI’s Jon Wertheim (live from Wimbledon) and UMBC soccer coach Pete Caringi (who went around the World Cup). It’s all up in the Audio Vault.

6. National Football Post’s Matt Bowen says Ravens without Ed Reed would be like Pittsburgh Steelers without Polamalu

As a commenter eloquently scribed after Bowen’s piece (why do all of the good commenters post at NFP?), the Ed Reed situation really IS the “elephant in the room.”

If the Ravens are going to be Super Bowl contenders (and I believe they will be), it is hard to imagine them doing it with Dawan Landry and Ken Hamlin at safety. They need Reed to be some sort of difference maker in the secondary.

My assumption remains that Ed does intend to come back, and will sit out the majority of Training Camp-part for health reasons and part because he probably doesn’t have that much interest in spending his August sweating it out in Westminster.

We know Ed WANTS to return. It SEEMS like he’ll be healthy enough to return. Now we just need to keep our fingers crossed that he IS.

7. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Ryan Mink says new LB coaches Dean Pees, Ted Monachino making impact in offseason

Maybe so, but even the Arizona State connection couldn’t help Monachino get Terrell Suggs to Owings Mills this offseason.

You know who’s REALLY made an impact this offseason? Wendy Braga. (Thanks Don Chavez/Busted Coverage!)


8. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens has Maryland 68th in offseason college football rankings


I have had a bad feeling about this Terrapins club since the end of last season.

I know that luck played a role in 2-10 last season. I know that they lost close games throughout the season, and certainly had a chance to beat the likes of Middle Tennessee State, Rutgers, Virginia, Duke, etc. That being said, they still have a real lack of talent at crucial spots (namely O-Line and D-Line), and Jamarr Robinson is unproven at best under center.

There is talent on this team. A team with as many decent running backs (Da’Rel Scott, Davin Meggett, Caleb Porzel, D.J. Adams, Gary Douglas) and WR’s (Torrey Smith, Emani Lee-Odai, Tony Logan, Quintin McCree, LaQuan Williams, Ronnie Tyler, Adrian Cannon, Kevin Dorsey, Kerry Boykins) as Maryland does, they should really be better offensively.

If this IS Ralph Friedgen’s last season in College Park-it COULD be a long one.

9. Testudo Times’ Ben Broman says Eric Hayes will join Washington Wizards’ Summer League roster, Landon Milbourne joins Atlanta Hawks’ Summer League roster

And as I passed along yesterday via Twitter (follow us @WNST), Morgan State’s Reggie Holmes will join Greivis Vasquez with the Memphis Grizzlies’ Summer League team in Las Vegas. I should also know about Jermaine Dixon (who graduated at Pitt but is from Baltimore and is the younger brother of Juan Dixon) and his NBA future later today.

I will obviously be rooting for all of these guys this summer, but understand it will be a longshot for any of them to end up on a roster (other than Vasquez of course). The one thing that could help Hayes or Holmes is if their respective squads just simply want a player who can come off the bench and provide deadly accuracy from beyond the arc. I don’t know how those guys would do defending NBA guards, but I certainly know they can shoot against anyone.

And geez-the ‘Zards have Quinton Ross and James Singleton on their roster. You mean to tell me Eric Hayes isn’t better than THEM?

10. The AP’s Samuel Petrequin says Michael Phelps received ‘wakeup call’ at Paris Open meet

I’d personally prefer my own wake-up call in France to come from Emanuelle Chriqui from “Entourage” (Thanks Barstool Sports!)…


And finally, I leave you with this.

I know that Team USA’s loss to Ghana in South Africa really limits the excitement fans have about soccer; but I’ll pass along these YouTube clips anyway for the 4 or 5 of you who haven’t already seen them.

Here’s the epic “world reaction” to Landon Donovan’s goal against Algeria. ABC used it in the setup for the Ghana match…

Now here’s Andres Cantor calling the Donovan goal…

Is the awesome Andres Cantor GEICO commercial available on YouTube yet? I could really use it.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 02 June 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a Happy Wednesday for me because the new Jack Johnson disc “To The Sea” came out yesterday. It’s pretty good. Good enough that I’ll make “The Upsetter” this week’s “Greatest Song of All Time This Week”…

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s Howie Rumberg says Tejada made costly error as Orioles fell to Yankees in New York

Our girl Jen Royle described it as one of the most “heartbreaking” losses of the season. The rest of us barely even noticed it happened. In fact, as the game was coming to a close; I was getting in my car to go check out Shrek (which was okay) over at The Avenue in White Marsh. This wasn’t heartbreaking, this was Orioles Baseball 2010.

Javier Vasquez was the most likely of the 3 pitchers going for the Yanks this week for the Orioles to have a chance against. So…scratch that.

As far as the Tejada play is concerned, Tejada should have been able to get the throw there, and Wigginton should have been able to make the scoop. Of course, Tejada isn’t really a good MLB 3rd baseman, and Wigginton isn’t really a good MLB 1st baseman, so it’s hard for me to be made about any of it.

Or anything else related to this awful team.

2. The AP/WNST.net offer numerical evidence of loss

Well, Brian Matusz was really good. 6 2/3 innings, 3 runs (just 1 earned-and the other two given up after he left), 6 hits, 5 k’s, 3 BB.

The Orioles lost the game on an Alex Rodriguez groundout.


It’s really tough to talk about it. In fact, I’m taking a break for a second. Here’s a picture of Liz Parada from What Would Tyler Durden Do. We’ll reconvene shortly.


3. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester says O’s mustered just 5 hits against Javier Vasquez in loss

Or, as Drew explained this morning-they had exactly as many hits as Alanis Morissette did on “Jagged Little Pill.”

Corey Patterson hit a home run, so at least we have that going for us.

Adam Jones and Julio Lugo each finished the game with 4 LOB. Not as if it was a game chocked full of missed opportunities, but the 7th inning does come to mind.

Nope, talking about the game again was a mistake. I should have known better. I’m moving on.

4. Fanhouse’s Ed Price describes Birds as ‘failure’

Which means he knows enough to make him qualified to talk about the team.

The Orioles ARE a failure.

Peter Schmuck wrote something this morning about the Orioles needing to do the right thing and let Dave Trembley go. We discussed it on the morning show, and I will admit (although I’m going to break out in hives doing it), that I might sign off on Andy MacPhail NOT firing Dave Trembley during the season.

If the Orioles DO fire Trembley (and we all know they should), they’re left with two options:

1-Hire someone in house (like Juan Samuel or Brad Komminsk) for the rest of the season on an interim basis. The risk associated with a move like this is that the team might somehow actually WIN a few games with a new manager. It’s unlikely, but it’s (I guess) possible. If they could find a way to win a few games, they may be forced to keep a guy like Samuel or Komminsk around, especially if they appear to have developed chemistry with guys like Nick Markakis, Matt Wieters, Adam Jones and Brian Matusz who actually are part of “The Plan.”

2-The team could go out and hire a real manager like Bob Melvin or Tom Kelly; but they’d be handing them a terrible team. The reality is that the team is still likely to trade away a few guys who have been productive this season (Luke Scott, Kevin Millwood, Ty Wigginton, Miguel Tejada are all possibilities); and they’ll have little chance to win games. Bringing a new manager into a losing culture doesn’t bode well for creating a “new atmosphere” moving forward.

The only person who could manage the team the rest of the season and wins and losses would be irrelevant would be Dave Trembley.

The issue is, I can never sign off on doing something that involves winning being irrelevant.

Every day the Orioles allow Dave Trembley to manage the team, they’re saying winning is irrelevant-as the Orioles are NOT winning.

Much like the team, this is a no win situation. The team has no one to blame but themselves, as they came into the season with no chance of winning-and this is what they deserve for that.

As far as fixing it, they might not have much of a choice but to let Trembley finish the season.

It’s not like any of us will be watching the rest of the way anyway.

5. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Caleb Joseph, Steve Johnson had big nights on farm

And before we move on from this wretched ballclub, a few more things:

-The Orioles are back in action tonight-apparently their petition to cancel the rest of the games was denied by Bud Selig. Brad Bergesen goes to the hill against Phil Hughes, first pitch at Yankee Stadium on MASN is at 7:05pm.

-We still have a few spots left on our Miller Lite Orange Bus Trip to The Bronx tomorrow; as we’ll watch Kevin Millwood hopefully pick up his first win since coming to Baltimore against CC Sabathia. Seeing as how there’s going to be Miller Lite and Chick-Fil-A Nottingham Square is catering breakfast, I’d be fine if we were going to see an AHL game. Some of our roster might as well be in the AHL anyway.

6. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says Ravens officially brought back George Kokinis

This has been one of the stranger offseason storylines I can remember. It was known that Kokinis was coming back months ago-but for some reason the team wouldn’t talk about it. In fact, when I asked John Harbaugh about it at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, he not only blew the question off, he appeared to be about ready to strange me after that.

There is a rumor that the team had to remain quiet about it because of a pending lawsuit Kokinis has with the Cleveland Browns. There’s also a rumor that the team remained quiet about it as they were trying to define his role alongside Ozzie Newsome and Eric DeCosta.

Who knows what the reason really is, but it seems like bringing back a respected personnel man to the organization can’t possibly be a bad thing for anyone involved.

7. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Ravens reportedly set to sign K Shayne Graham to compete with Billy Cundiff

It’s about time.

I’m not sure why it’s taken this long (and it still isn’t done by the way) for the team to make this happen, but this is a welcome addition to the team. Hopefully Graham and Cundiff will push each otehr not only during the remaining OTA’s, but also when they get to Westminster for Training Camp.

Of course, this isn’t exactly like picking between Kelly Brook and Megan Fox in a beauty contest. There’s a reason the Cincinnati Bengals parted ways with Shayne Graham after last season (his two misses in the Wild Card game against the New York Jets were certainly a big part of that), and Billy Cundiff was adequate but not exceptional for the Ravens.

Also, the Ravens had hoped that Steve Hauschka and Graham Gano would push each other at McDaniel College last summer, but it didn’t exactly translate to much success for either guy. Simply having a competition doesn’t mean the competitors are primed to succeed.

For the record, after looking at the pictures of Kelly Brook from FHM United Kingdom that Guyism posted yesterday, there’s half a chance I’d pick her OVER Megan Fox…


8. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Mike Duffy says eyes will be on undrafted free agents like Mike McLaughlin, Prince Miller during this week’s Rookie Camp

A couple of reminders before we move on from the Ravens:

-We will be out at 1 Winning Drive today for Rookie Camp, and will have updates during the day via Twitter (@WNST). You’ll be able to hear from John Harbaugh and players this afternoon with Rex Snider and Ray Bachman on AM1570.

-TONIGHT is our annual Purple Rookies Show at Casey’s in Towson. This is your chance to hear from and meet the NEWEST Baltimore Ravens, including Sergio Kindle and Terrence Cody. It’s going to be a lot of fun, make sure you come out and meet the new guys! If for some reason you miss the show tonight, it will air tomorrow morning at 9am after Nestor Aparicio fills in for Drew Forrester and I on “The Morning Reaction.”

9. Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says former Maryland guard Eric Hayes, former Morgan State guard Reggie Holmes worked out with Wizards

Neither of these guys is going to be selected in the NBA Draft, but I expect both of them to get a shot on a NBA Summer League roster in Las Vegas this year; where they’ll have a chance to crack a roster. Both have valuable skills, but are incomplete players. They have something to offer, but it will have to be a right fit type of situation.

Holmes was SUPPOSED to join us this morning on “The Morning Reaction”, but missed it due to another workout. We’ll get him later in the week. In the meantime, make sure you head over to the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault today and check out Drew’s chats with Justin Gimelstob (the former tennis player and now Tennis Channel analyst who checked in with a live update from the French Open in Paris), Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl (who previewed the World Cup before heading over to South Africa), and Bowie Baysox INF Brandon Waring.

10. The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg says Duke coach John Danowski, Notre Dame coach Kevin Corrigan support Baltimore being at least semi-permanent home for lacrosse Final Four

And you’re certainly not going to get a dissenting opinion from me.

Nor are you going to get a dissenting opinion regarding whether or not Francoise Boufhal is attractive (Thanks Barstool Sports!)…


And finally, I leave you with this.

Since we’re going to be in The Big Apple tomorrow, I’m thinking about picking up an Elvis sandwich. Peanut butter, bananas, honey, bacon, etc? Yes please. Apparently they have some in the Village…


Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 06 April 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Tuesday!

It’s a Happy Tuesday for me because DESPITE the fact that a mediocre Duke team now gets to call themselves NCAA Champions, it wasn’t ENTIRELY a loss. Barry Aparicio came by with this…


I have no idea what “Wailua” means, but I’m pretty sure it’s Hawaiian for “hand crafted by Jesus”…

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. WNST.net’s Jay Trucker says Orioles open season that can ‘make Baltimore care about baseball again’ tonight in Tampa against Rays

Which is good, because until now all Baltimore has cared about is a stupid Under Armour logo on Federal Hill. Well, that and finding more pictures of Kelly Brook in her underpants (Thanks Guyism.com!)…


Do I think this Birds team will captivate the city for the better part of the summer? No, I just don’t think they’ll be interesting enough. But do I think that they will provide an occasional distraction between the NFL Draft and Training Camp? Sure they will.

Just not quite as much as Kelly Brook.

2. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Birds’ lineup will be Brian Roberts-Adam Jones-Nick Markakis-Miguel Tejada-Luke Scott-Matt Wieters-Felix Pie-Garrett Atkins-Cesar Izturis

When reached for comment, Julio Lugo said “There must be some mistake…”

On paper, it’s a half-representative lineup. And with any luck, the O’s will play half of their games on paper instead of risking injury by playing them on actual fields.

The number is 10. The question is “How many different lineups will Dave Trembley use in the first 10 games?”

I’m taking the over, personally.

3. The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Michael Aubrey cleared waivers, sent to Norfolk

Oh thank God our long civic nightmare has finally ended!!!

In fairness, the organization has to be pleased to have not lost Michael Aubrey completely, even if none of us are particularly moved by Aubrey in comparison to the likes of Brandon Snyder and Rhyne Hughes.

For the record, I would have preferred Aubrey O’Day myself…


4. The AP’s Fred Goodall says Rays open season with belief they can compete with Red Sox, Yankees in AL East

Okay, here are your details. It’s Kevin Millwood against James Shields at 7:10 tonight at Tropicana Field-the game can be seen on MASN.

More importantly, the game can be seen with yours truly, Drew Forrester, Nestor Aparicio, Ray Bachman, the gang from Camden Chat, and the gals that didn’t QUITE make the cut for the “Girls of Dundalk” calendar a few years back at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Dundalk.

I’ll be the guy in the Orioles polo, Old Bay all over my hands and 5 beers sitting in front of me.

You’ll need to buy me 3 more.

5. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Ravens WR Coach Jim Hostler ran workout for former Syracuse WR Mike Williams

No matter what happened with the Orange last season, Williams is STILL a 6’2″ receiver who caught 133 balls for 2,044 yards and 20 TD’s over (most of) 3 seasons against BCS level competition.

I think the Ravens will draft a receiver. I think Mike Williams will slide. If they think he can work through some of his issues now that he’s reached the NFL level.

And if Williams isn’t available; there’s another Syracuse product I’d look at myself…


6. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Mike Duffy says Jim Zorn trying to ‘earn right to be heard’

I would personally prefer that his goofy faces be SEEN…


If the Washington Post doesn’t send Dan Steinberg to Westminster at some point this summer for a DC Sports Bog follow-up, they have NO SPINE.

In fairness, I thought Zorn was a great hire for Day 1; as long as he has a shared vision with John Harbaugh and Cam Cameron. Those 3 men need to be on the same page to help the growth of Joe Flacco.

As an aside, has anyone seen the goofy new 1st Mariner Bank commercial Joe Flacco did with Ed Hale? The one where Joe keeps saying “Pittsburgh?” I found the behind the scenes video…

…but I haven’t found the actual commercial. Clearly it’s effective because I’m talking about it, but it’s goofy as hell.

7. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says after Rackers signed with Texans, leaving Shayne Graham as top free agent option for Ravens

It’s about time the Ravens went after a veteran kicker who we knew we could count on to make big kicks in big situations…

…oh, wait.

Look, you can only sign the guys who are available, and Shayne Graham is available. Adam Vinatieri is not.

If Shayne Graham comes here, he’ll have to compete with Billy Cundiff for a job-which I’d imagine he’d win. If he wants a bunch of money, the Ravens may choose to go young again in their pursuit of their next kicker.

It WON’T be Matt Stover. Like my friends told me years ago when I bemoaned the breakup of the Spice Girls, it really is time to move on.

8. WNST.net’s Bob Haynie says former Baltimore Bullets forward Gus Johnson voted to Basketball Hall of Fame

Which is ABSOLUTELY well deserved.

I’m sure the Wizards will do something to honor Johnson at Verizon Center (similar to what they did with Earl Monroe); but the group at 1st Mariner Arena should consider doing the same thing the next time the Harlem Globetrotters come to town-or the next time they do some sort of basketball-related event. (AND1 Mixtape Tour, whatever.)

Of course, this also gives me an excuse to bring up that OTHER Gus Johnson. If you follow us on Twitter (@WNST) you’ll say that I re-Tweeted what may have been the GREATEST TWEET OF ALL TIME last night. Jeff Darlington-who covers the Miami Dolphins for the Miami Herald-said this about Gordon Heyward’s final shot:

If Gus Johnson were calling that game, the final shot goes down. I’m convinced.”


9. The Sun says Maryland forward Landon Milbourne, Morgan State guard Reggie Holmes to prepare for NBA Draft at Portsmouth Invitational

I think Milbourne’s lack of a true position will ultimately doom his chances of reaching the NBA; but I do think that he will end up reaching the D-League, or getting the chance to get paid somewhere in Turkey or Israel or something like that.

Holmes is not the typical size you want from a wing as a pro-and his game is not AT ALL complete. But BOY can he shoot. He might not get there in the fall, but when you can shoot like that-you ABSOLUTELY have a chance to make it.

10. Inside Lacrosse says Maryland 5th, Loyola 11th in new Nike/IL Top 20 poll


And finally, I leave you with this.

Everyone is all up in arms about Jennifer Hudson’s version of “One Shining Moment.”

Look…is it as good as EITHER Luther Vandross’ or Teddy Pendergrass’ versions? Of course not. But is it a BAD version? Nah. It’s a tremendous song, and she’s a tremendous vocalist. BUT, the song is more naturally keyed for a male singer. Also, it isn’t Jennifer Hudson’s vault that CBS inexplicably felt it necessary to keep cutting to clips of her singing for some reason or another.

After watching last night’s game, I thought this might have been a more appropriate song to use to honor the Blue Devils…

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 19 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Friday!

It’s a Happy Friday for me because ol’ Drew Forrester was a man of his word and painted his face Morgan State colors this morning to keep a promise to Todd Bozeman after the Bears won the MEAC Tournament title. Many thanks to our friend Kia (follow her on Twitter @Ms15StepsAhead) for coming in to paint his face. Here’s the artist and the final product…


And here’s a closeup of the final product….


This is the best Drew has looked in years.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. Maryland Official Site previews tonight’s NCAA Tournament opener in Spokane against Houston

Oh thank God it’s finally here.

I want to encourage everyone to head out to The Nest on Pratt Street tonight to watch the game with the WNST gang.

Unfortunately, I will not be there.

As I said this morning on “The Comcast Morning Show”, I am not going be to be able to watch the game in public. I mean, hopefully it won’t be a close game-but my guess is that it will be. And if it is, I’ll be a WRECK. This is why it is MUCH better for me to be on the road with the team, as I’m forced to try to control my emotions.

Don’t even bother asking me for a prediction, either. I know that Maryland is about 10-12 points better than Houston. But this is March Madness. It’s a different animal.

2. The AP’s Nicholas K. Geranios says Greivis Vasquez-Aubrey Coleman showdown highlights Terps-Cougars

Obviously, it’s a tremendous matchup between gifted guards. That being said, this CANNOT just be a matchup of guards. If it is, Maryland is playing into the hands of what Tom Penders’ team wants to do.

Maryland is the type of team that WANTS to dictate pace, but they have to be smart about it. Instead of JUST being up and down all day, they ABSOLUTELY need to try to get the ball inside and let Jordan Williams have his way as often as possible.

Also, the Houston guards will try to go to the rim-so Williams, Milbourne and Mosley will need to have active hands. The Terrapins do a tremendous job of getting blocks when opposing guards penetrate, and that needs to be the case again tonight. If you FORCE a team to start throwing up 3 pointers, the results will likely be in your favor.

3. Washington Post’s Mike Wise says Eric Hayes has made ‘crucial’ contributions for Terrapins

And there’s just no doubt about that. Is he Steve Blake? Of course not. But has he been an invaluable member of one of Gary Williams’ best teams? Absolutely.

And for the record, Holly Madison has made ‘crucial’ contributions to the awkward feeling I have in my pants….


(Thanks What Would Tyler Durden Do)

4. Morgan State Official Site previews NCAA Tournament opener with West Virginia this afternoon in Buffalo

Look, do I think Todd Bozeman’s team is going to be able to pull the stunner of all stunners today? No, I really don’t. BUT-do I think that with big games from Reggie Holmes and Kevin Thompson they could at least make it interesting? Sure. Sure they could.

No matter what, it is ABSOLUTELY awesome to have a chance to watch the Bears in the Big Dance.

5. The AP’s John Wawrow says last year’s early exit fueling Mountaineers against Bears

Oh, and having De’Sean Butler will help as well.

Having Bob Huggins on the show this week helped remind me that I hate WVU, but my hate for them goes back much farther than that. Never was it more evident than a trip to Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl. I just hope ‘Eers fans are as miserable today as they were back then, when Steve Suter helped add to the misery….

6. WNST.net’s G.Q. says Preakness beer ban to continue, but O.A.R. & Zac Brown Band to play infield; $20 gets you all you can drink

Look-I STILL think the beer ban is a mistake, but I do give the Maryland Jockey Club credit. This is BETTER than what they did last year.

Allowing fans to bring coolers in this year is a GOOD decision. Forcing fans to purchase chicken fingers and the like last year was a mistake. Does this mean that someone will sneak in a watermelon soaked in vodka? Of course it does. But they just don’t want fans bringing in beer cans and throwing them at each others’ heads. I get it.


7. Daily Racing Form’s Marty McGee says “Mr. Preakness” Chick Lang dead at 83

Man. I can’t even IMAGINE a Preakness without Chick Lang.

My knowledge of Chick Lang really doesn’t date as far back as many of yours, but listening to him on WBAL even as a VERY young person, I could hear the passion in his voice.

He was a champion of not only the Preakness and Pimlico, but also just of horse racing in general. He will unquestionably be missed.

8. MLB.com’s Jordan Bastian says Jeremy Guthrie roughed up as Orioles fell to Blue Jays

As Ray Bachman said on Facebook yesterday, “Jeremy Guthrie has just been named starting pitcher for this years Home Run Derby.”

It was getting so ridiculous yesterday that I actually think even this guy homered for the Jays….


And as I responded to Ray on Facebook, please remember that the O’s’ Number 2 starter has a career 27-34 record.

You don’t want that.

9. The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Uehara injured hamstring during loss to Toronto

Remember when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall came back to WWE after Vince McMahon put the nWo back together? Nash ended up blowing out his knee in the middle of a match on Monday Night RAW-screaming in pain in the corner as the other performers continued around him. Was ANYONE surprised???

That’s how I felt when I head Koji Uehara hurt his hamstring again. Absolutely NO SURPRISE.

10. The AP says Adam Jones, Matt Wieters homered for Birds in loss

Until that, Matt Wieters was in the Nolan Reimold-Eric Massa argument as far as who was having the worst Spring.

Why do I have the feeling there will be a lot more solo homeruns coming this season?

11. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Ryan Mink says Jared Odrick, Carlos Dunlap amongst players Ravens have watched in Pro Days recently

Jared Odrick is a name I’ve heard a lot recently. Does that mean he’s going to be the Ravens’ pick in the NFL Draft? No. It’s just a name I’ve heard a lot.

I’ve also heard the name Joslyn James a lot recently.


(Edit from GMC: Did you read her text messages with Tiger Woods? Freaking awesome.)

12. Yahoo! Sports’ Doug Farrar mocks Golden Tate to Baltimore

I would be STUNNED if this happened. STUNNED.

And finally, I leave you with this.

To no one’s surprise, the first day of the NCAA Tournament was ABSOLUTELY the best day of the year. Just freaking awesome throughout. I used to do a series called “The Men of March” on a show I hosted in Phoenix. We’d bring on the likes of Drew Nicholas, Christian Laettner, James Forrest, Bryce Drew, etc. and talk about those amazing things they had done in the NCAA Tournament. There are a few more “Men of March” today….

Ali Farokhmanesh

Danero Thomas

Ish Smith

Quincy Pondexter

and MORE.

The Tournament is so crazy that I’m starting to think we’ll end up seeing Essex Community College in the Sweet 16.

This is better than Christmas.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983….


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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 18 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Thursday!

It’s a Happy Thursday for me because…..I’m still breathing?


(Edit from GMC: Photo is from last year. My friends are all much too hungover to send me pictures from last night.)

Look, it was St. Patrick’s Day. What did you expect?

By the way-these two things ABSOLUTELY happened to me within a 5 minute span at a bar in Parkville last night.

1-As I was walking out of the bathroom, I recognized the young lady who was standing to my left. Not someone I knew particularly well, but I definitely recognized her. She recognized me as well-but apparently she comes from a place where the way to greet someone is to throw yourself upon them, lick their face, say “Watch this” and proceed to make out with a random girl who walks by.

For the record, I’m totally fine with that particular greeting.

2-As I walked outside to greet the party I was with, another attractive young lady greeted me. She said “do you want to see my boobs?” As someone who is a fan of anatomy in general, I said “sure” and then told her I thought my girlfriend would want to see them as well. The young lady indeed showed us her breasts, and they were lovely.

After showing us her breasts, the young lady proceeded to ask us about our relationship, and if we were getting married. She told us she was a therapist, and that she would be more than willing to provide counseling if we were considering getting married. (We’re not.) She then offered us other types of relationship advice, before showing us her breasts again.

You know what? I MIGHT take her up on her offer…

Let’s see what everyone has to say….

1. The Diamondback’s Kevin Robillard says Obama not a Gary Williams fan

I have to imagine this was just a slip of the tongue, as I don’t really think the POTUS meant to offend Gary Williams, I just think he inteneded to praise Tom Izzo-and it came out the wrong way.

Look, I have no problem with Barry O picking the Spartans to beat the Terps. It’s really a tossup. I was torn myself, but since I’ve got Testudo on my underpants-I stuck with Maryland.

The other story there is that there was some opposition to Steny Hoyer’s attempt to honor the Terps in the House of Representatives. And why wouldn’t there be? I mean, being a Terrapins fan is….anti-American???

2. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Milbourne, Hayes, Mosley tend to struggle when Vasquez takes a lot of shots

Yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean Maryland is always doomed (see Virginia Tech just a few Saturdays ago).

Clearly, Maryland is a better team when they’re getting at least a level of offensive balance. Greivis Vasquez is GOING to be “the guy”, but they should be able to get contributions from the rest of the offense.

That being said, if a game does fall into the hands of the senior from Venezuela in the 2nd half; I am much more comfortable with him this season than I was a season ago.

3. ESPN.com’s Pat Forde says Terps reach Final Four in ‘best case’ scenario, fall to Houston in ‘worst case’ scenario

I mean, in the “best case” scenario, we’d probably be seeing something like this again, right?

God, I could watch that all day.

4. The Sun’s Ken Murray says Morgan State will support leukemia stricken teammate Anthony “Big Ant” Anderson in Buffalo

It’s a tremendous shame that “Big Ant” is too sick to make the NCAA Tournament trip, as he had talked about getting the chance to do so as the Bears were making their run through the MEAC and the MEAC Tournament.

That being said, there is NO DOUBT that Anderson is on the heart and mind of Todd Bozeman and these Morgan players every time they play. Reggie Holmes had the number 4 shaved into his head the night of the Coppin State game, and he waved 4 fingers in the air after the title game in Winston-Salem. DeWayne Jackson was Anderson’s roommate, and they both had to sit out their first season.

5. Stevenson Official Site says Kyle Moffitt tallied 4 goals as Mustangs topped Stevens 16-11

I mean, why didn’t they just go ahead and have this guy handle the face-offs?


The Mustangs now hit the road for games at Lynchburg and Mary Washington, which could at least mean they’ll have their first game with a differential of less than 5 goals.

6. The AP says Jason Berken struggled as Birds fell to Blue Jays

Who’s having a worse spring? Nolan Reimold or this fella…..


7. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Chris Tillman, Jason Berken, David Hernandez competing for fifth rotation spot

I don’t understand this AT ALL. Why in the hell are the Orioles screwing around with Jason Berken by putting him in the rotation mix again? He’s fine in the relief role. LEAVE HIM THERE.

As far as the Tillman/Hernandez debate goes, I would tend to think that Tillman will eventually be the guy for the role, but I would understand it if the O’s decided to start him in Norfolk and start the season with Hernandez.

8. Sporting News’ Stan McNeal says Kevin Millwood not concerned about ‘lousy’ start to Spring Training

Millwood might actually belong in the Reimold/Massa debate for who is having the worst Spring.

You know who ISN’T having a bad spring? Anyone who has heard of Nadine Coyle….


9. The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens could play Jets Thanksgiving night at the Meadowlands


BUT….feel free to insert your own Rex Ryan Thanksgiving joke here.

Seriously, I want NO PART of a trip to East Rutherford to play the Jets on a short week. Especially on a day that is supposed to be about food and WATCHING football. At home.

10. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Frank Walker ‘weighing options’ in free agency

And no, the Toronto Argonauts are NOT believed to be one of the options he is weighing, even if they did just sign former Ravens QB Cleo Lemon.

Ravens fans are quick to say “go ahead and let him go”, but they should really think about that. SOMEONE has to play cornerback at the beginning of the season, with both Fabian Washington and Lardarius Webb major question marks.

11. Ravens Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Marcus Smith battling injuries, new acquisitions in attempt to make Ravens’ roster

At 6’1″, Marcus Smith doesn’t stand out the same way Demetrius Williams does. Williams seems to have a role in Baltimore no matter what because the Ravens have no other tall options at receiver right now.

But a healthy Marcus Smith would have trouble separating himself behind the likes of Anquan Boldin and Donte’ Stallworth.

12. Lingerie Football League Official Site says new team to be called “Baltimore Charm”, will meet with prospective players Friday night at Mother’s in Federal Hill

Am I ACTUALLY interested in the team? No. Do I fully support the product? Of COURSE I do.


And finally, I leave you with this.

As today is the single greatest day of the year, here are my Top 5 favorite first round moments in NCAA Tournament history.

5. VCU beats Duke

4. Harold “The Show” Arceneaux leads Weber State past North Carolina


3. Bryce Drew

2. Coppin State beats South Carolina


1. Drew Nicholas

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 15 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Monday!

It’s a Happy Monday for me because-while my trip to Greensboro was disappointing (I know Georgia Tech is a tough team-but I did NOT expect a first round loss in the ACC Tournament), my trip to North Carolina was not.

First of all, kudos to WNST.net’s own Sam Angell-who directed me towards a place called Biscuitville. Much like many things in life, you don’t have to know you’ve been searching for something in order to find it….


I would also like to send a shout-out to a place called “The Cook-Out”, which was in the neighborhood of Elon University. How many freaking colleges are in that general area? And I’ll throw in a plug for Guilford Golden Ale….


…but I will not confirm nor deny that the current scrape on my nose has anything to do with trying to open a Guilford Golden Ale in my hotel room despite not having a bottle opener.

All rumors.

Let’s see what everyone has to say….

1. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Terps get 4 seed, headed to Spokane to face Houston

The 4 is even higher than I thought they would get. I presumed there were a definite 5 after the loss to the Yellow Jackets.

That being said, there’s no doubt in my mind that they would GLADLY trade spots with a team like Notre Dame just to get out of the INSANE Midwest region.

Talk about a gauntlet…

Kansas. Ohio State. Georgetown. Maryland. Michigan State. Tennessee. Oklahoma State. UNLV. Northern Iowa. Georgia Tech.

I feel like taking a page from Seth Meyers and Jerry Seinfeld and saying “REALLY?”

For as much of a sting as it is for Maryland, it is clearly much MORE of a sting for the Jayhawks-as the best team in the NCAA Tournament deserves better. Much better in fact.

That being said, this is the NCAA Tournament. Nothing is easy. I never thought Maryland was a Final Four team myself, but I think getting back to the Sweet 16 is an important measure for this team, and that won’t be easy with the Spartans potentially looming in Round 2.

2. The Sun’s Ken Murray says Morgan State got 15 seed, headed to Buffalo to face West Virginia

Todd Bozeman’s club certainly deserved to not be doomed to a Number 16 seed. We talked to Reggie Holmes last night on our “Selection Sunday” special on AM1570 WNST; and we pointed out that there is something-mentally-to be said about going into a game like this knowing that you only have to win a game-not rewrite history.

I know there is a history of #15 seeded MEAC teams beating #2 seeds (Coppin State over South Carolina, Hampton over Iowa State); and there MIGHT be an argument that the ‘Eers are similar to South Carolina or Iowa State-as those were teams with great guards but not a whole lot of size (Iowa State had lost Marcus Fizer a season earlier).

That being said, this WVU team has HORSES. De’Sean Butler and Devin Ebanks aren’t JUST good combo forwards. They’re absolute thoroughbreds. They control the offense and they’re 6’8″ and 6’7″ respectively.

There’s nothing the Bears can do to answer that, even if Kevin Thompson has some success inside.

3. CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd says Terrapins ‘dark horse’ candidate to reach Final Four from Midwest bracket

I guess.

I’ve never thought Maryland was a Final Four team myself-although I heard a few national analysts who were at the ACC Tournament tell me they were starting to think they might be.

If the Terps are going to be that “dark horse”, they’ll have to regain the emotional edge that CLEARLY was gone Friday night against the Jackets.

If they show up flat-they’ll struggle against Houston, and they’ll have no chance against Tom Izzo’s club.

If they show up with a chip on their shoulder, they’re capable of winning a lot of games.

But it will be hard to use the crowd at the Spokane Arena to try to create an edge.

4. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Gary Williams-Tom Penders provide intriguing coaching matchup

It is rare to get a 1st round matchup of coaches with 600+ wins. What makes this particular matchup special is the fact that you have two 600+ win coaches who have a history together.

Gary Williams is 2-1 all-time against Penders (he’s also 2-1 against Izzo for the record); splitting two meetings with George Washington in the BB&T Classic, and topping Texas in the 1995 NCAA Tournament.

And before we move on from the Maryland-Houston matchup, let me point out that there are two things I DO like about Houston. One-their city is the home of this person….


AND….It is hard for me to have that much venom towards a team called the Cougars…


5. Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Selection Sunday was more ‘relaxed’ at Comcast Center this year than last year

And of course it should have been.

That being said, as there was less tension, there was also less jubilation in College Park-as no one was overly thrilled with having to take a trip to Spokane. Eric Hayes mentioned that last night when he joined our “Selection Sunday” special on AM1570.

It’s not just because Spokane is kind of a lame city-it’s because asking family, friends and fans to try to travel from Baltimore, Washington or other points in the area to Spokane is very difficult.

I’ve never understood why the NCAA continues to deliver events to places like Spokane, Boise and Buffalo. The HSBC Arena in Buffalo got Tournament games back this year after hosting them just 3 years ago!

These cities make places like Detroit and Cleveland appear downright appealing!!!

6. The Daily Athenaeum’s Brian Gawthrop says Mountaineers ‘disappointed’ to get #2 seed, opener against Morgan

And after winning the Big East Tournament, they probably deserved a #1 seed. That being said, they’re not in a TERRIBLE bracket, as I think Kentucky is just as vulnerable as Duke amongst the top seeds. When your team is lead by freshmen (as the Wildcats are), there is a chance you might well lose early.

And no matter what happens Friday in Buffalo, there are DEFINITE areas where Charm City > West Virginia….


7. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Brian Matusz went 5 innings as Orioles beat Phillies Sunday

Which is a GREAT sign, as he became the first O’s pitcher to work through the 4th inning in Grapefruit League play.

That being said, they need to be seeing 5 innings from other pitchers now as we’re about halfway through Spring Training. But if this is a sign that Brian Matusz is ready to REALLY pitch come Opening Day, that’s a MAJOR plus for the Orioles.

8. Carroll County Times’ Rich Dubroff says Brian Roberts headed back to Baltimore to see back specialist

We KNEW this was a bigger situation than Dave Trembley and the Orioles wanted to let us know.

What do the Orioles do now? Stacey Long from Camden Chat threw out Mark Loretta during her visit with Drew Forrester this morning on “The Comcast Morning Show” on AM1570. That name makes sense, as he is a player that could be acquired without having to give anything up anything. Mark Loretta could wear Orange & Black until B-Rob was healthy again, and then make a decision about what to do with Loretta.

My suggestion was this guy…..


9. The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says ‘crawling to Cleveland’ probably no longer an option for Troy Smith

Has any team ever made it more clear that they WEREN’T interested in a player than the Browns have with Troy Smith?

“Troy wants to come to Baltimore, huh? Let’s go get Seneca Wallace. AND let’s go get Jake Delhomme. Is Craig Krenzel available?”

I’m still surprised the Cardinals haven’t made a move to acquire some QB depth. Not that I think Troy Smith would necessarily be any sort of answer, but I do know that there are a bunch of Ohio State fans in the Phoenix area. It would likely be a popular move.

10. Maryland Official Site previews matinee lacrosse battle with Penn today at Ludwig Field

Dave Cottle’s squad is off to a great start this season, and certainly should continue today against the Quakers-even if the game comes during Spring Break.

Here’s this week’s “OldLineLax7” Poll….

2-Johns Hopkins
6-Mt. St. Mary’s

Hopkins is fortunate that everyone else lost….

11. Daily Racing Form’s Marcus Hersh says Preakness winner Rachel Alexandra won’t face Breeders’ Cup Classic winner Zenyatta at Apple Blossom Invitational

Which means that horse racing’s one shot at relevance outside of Triple Crown season is now gone.

In the meantime, enjoy pictures of Rachel Hunter….


12. WNST.net says Baltimore Mariners topped New Jersey Revolution at 1st Mariner Arena

I heard some reports that before the game, there was plenty of fist pumping in the New Jersey locker room…..

And finally, I leave you with this.

I love Steve Francis. He had a HELL of a year for Gary Williams, even if the Terps lost to St. John’s in the Sweet 16. BUT….clearly his lack of playing time in Orlando is effecting his sideline demeanor…. (Thanks Deadspin!)

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983….


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Morgan State hoops: Bozeman’s career revival now officially complete

Posted on 13 March 2010 by Drew Forrester

What’s the old saying?  “Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once.”

That’s what Todd Bozeman heard this time last year when he guided the Morgan State Bears to the MEAC title and a trip to the NCAA tournament in his third season on Hillen Rd.

Do something once…and your critics always say, “Let’s see if you can do it again.”

Bozeman has indeed done it again.

With Morgan State’s 68-61 win over South Carolina State in Saturday’s MEAC Championship, Todd Bozeman has earned a second consecutive trip to the NCAA tournament.

Five years ago, that feat would have seemed nearly impossible.

It wouldn’t have seemed that unlikely given Bozeman’s credentials and coaching pedigree.  Five years ago, though, Bozeman was without a job, having been banished by the NCAA back in 1996 for paying a player at California $30,000 so his parents could travel to watch their son play for the Golden Bears.

So, to go from unemployed in March of 2005 to making two straight trips to the NCAA tournament by March 2010…at a school that went 4-26 just five seasons ago…I’d consider such a feat almost miracle-like.

But calling Morgan State’s back-to-back MEAC titles “miracle-like” is doing a huge injustice to Todd Bozeman.

He’s the reason why the Bears are going back to The Dance.

He’d never admit it, of course.  Bozeman would no doubt give all the credit to his outstanding senior guard and the school’s all-time leading scorer, Reggie Holmes.  He’d brag about the dominance of big man Kevin Thompson.  And he’d laud the leadership and timely contributions of senior Troy Smith.

Bozeman – like most coaches, actually – would NEVER take the credit for his team’s successful two-year run.

But he’s the man behind their success.

A few years back, Todd joined me on The Comcast Morning Show and told a story about his father.  Bozeman was in the hospital visiting his Dad (suffering from lung cancer) when he became agitated that nurses were taking too long retrieving pain medication.  As Bozeman’s agitation level increased, his father pulled him close and whispered, “Be Patient”.  Those were the last words Todd’s father ever spoke to his son.

When you watch Bozeman coach these days, you see the impact of those words at work.  Even during Saturday’s final against South Carolina State, his style and demeanor was no different than it would be if the Bears were playing at Hill Field House against MEAC rival Florida A&M on a Tuesday night in January.  He’s animated, like most every coach in college basketball, but he’s almost never out of control.  And it always seems like Bozeman knows the right time to push harder and the right time to ease off.

The final words of his halftime speech (aired on ESPN-U) in the MEAC final were proof-positive that Bozeman knows the right buttons to push at the right time.  Leading South Carolina State 29-24 at the half, the coach quietly gathered his players in the locker room and sent them out for the final 20 minutes by offering this:

“When practice started last year, you all wanted this.  You wanted to be ahead at halftime of the conference final with a chance to go back to the tournament.  Well…here you are.  What are you going to do about it?  That’s the question.”

What are YOU going to do about it?

No one was singled out.  No extra pressure put on a senior.  Or the leading scorer.  Win as a team – lose as a team.

It was a great statement and the perfect thing to say to a group of men who were wearing the bulls-eye on their backs all season long.

“What are you going to do about it?”

His Bears went out and battled a pesky South Carolina State for the first 10 minutes of the final half.  It was anyone’s game.  With his team ahead by five points and 8 minutes to play, Bozeman gathered his team during a time-out.  The TV cameras and microphones zeroed in on the coach as he addressed the Bears.  “This is all up to you now.  Go out and win this game.”

Part of coaching — doing it well, in particular — is sometimes knowing when NOT to coach.  In that time-out, Bozeman didn’t have a clipboard in his hand.  He wasn’t sweating like a mad man.  He didn’t raise his voice.

“Go out and win this game.”

Simple enough.

Sounds to me like someone, somewhere, was telling Bozeman — “be patient”.

It helps to have Reggie Holmes and Kevin Thompson, don’t get me wrong, but this magic ride of the Bears is being captained by Bozeman.  No matter who they draw in the opening game of the NCAA tournament, Morgan State will be in for a battle.

But so will their opponent.

And win or lose next week, Todd Bozeman’s career revival is now complete.  There were plenty of folks in the NCAA, including people in Baltimore, who hoped Bozeman would fail with the Bears.  Some believed he wasn’t worthy of a second chance.  A lot of people figured he’d show up at the obscure school in Baltimore and pay the ultimate price for his misgivings at Cal:  “He’ll wallow in a sea of mediocrity at that place…they don’t have any money in the athletic department…he can’t get the best kids from the city to play for him.”  That’s what they said about Bozeman.

All he wanted was another opportunity.  Bozeman was in the “beggars can’t be choosers” club when Butch Beard stepped down and the Bears’ head coaching job was available.  One of the pressing negative issues for Bozeman, though, would come once somehow actually DID hire him.  He’d have to face the media, and the alumni, and explain what happened at Cal ten years ago.

When he was hired by Morgan State, the new coach handled every question about his ouster from Cal with dignity and honesty.

“I made a bad mistake, but that doesn’t make me a bad person.” Bozeman said in his debut press conference.  “I’m coming here to help get this program turned around.  I owe them everything because they gave me a second chance.”

Well, the program has been turned around.

Big time.

And the guy who got a second chance has paid huge dividends for the little school in north Baltimore.

All it took was a little patience.

10 years worth, in fact.

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Back to Back Bears Bring “Baltimore Toughness” to Tourney Return

Posted on 13 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Winston-Salem, NC “Never quit.”

When a reporter asked Morgan State star guard Reggie Holmes what “Baltimore Toughness” was following the Bears’ 68-61 victory over South Carolina State in the finals of the MEAC Basketball Tournament, he didn’t hesitate to answer.

“There were plenty of times when we were down, I just looked up at the scoreboard and never quit.”

Morgan State’s performance in Saturday afternoon’s final at the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum was by no means a thing of beauty. After taking an early 30-20 advantage, the Bears had every opportunity to blow the Bulldogs away. Instead, they watched the Bulldogs run off the game’s next 11 points and settled in for a battle to the final wire.

Things haven’t gone easily for Todd Bozeman’s Morgan State squad this season, and they’ve been forced to look directly into the face of adversity multiple times.

They came into the season as two-time defending regular season champions and defending MEAC Tournament champions. There was a bulls-eye on their back every time they stepped on the floor.

They had to replace nearly 30 points per game they received a season ago from Jermaine “Itchy” Bolden, Marquise Kately and Rogers Barnes.

They had to re-group after finding out that freshman Anthony “Big Ant” Anderson would miss the season after he was diagnosed with leukemia.

All of this came before the season even began.

After opening the season, they had to respond to a disappointing 8-7 stretch to open the season, which included surprising losses to teams like Loyola, Appalachian State and Eastern Kentucky.

Twice this season they had games scheduled for Saturday that were forced to be played on Sunday due to snowstorms in the Baltimore area. In both cases, they ended up having to play games on back to back nights.

With a perfect regular season in MEAC play clearly a goal, they again had to regroup when they lost a heartbreaker to South Carolina State February 15th at Hill Field House.

Even during the MEAC Tournament they were tested. Not only by South Carolina State in the title game, but also by Hampton in the semifinals Friday night.

Every time, they were forced to dig deep and show a real level of fortitude.

Those in basketball circles might well call it “Baltimore Toughness.”

Morgan State has been lead all season by the school’s new all-time leading scorer-Reggie Holmes. Holmes hails from Cherry Hill, played at St. Frances, and exemplifies everything you’d expect from an undersized baller from Charm City.

Grit. Determination. A chip on the shoulder. Baltimore Toughness.

We’ve seen it before from players like Juan Dixon, Muggsy Bogues, Shawnta Rogers, Kenny Hasbrouck, Jack McClinton, Sam Cassell, Malcolm Delaney, Kurk Lee and currently from Maryland’s Sean Mosley.

None were taller than 6’3″ (Holmes is actually the biggest-he’s listed at a VERY favorable 6’4″), few had the type of “complete” game that coaches desire. Yet all had a certain something that separated them from the guys they would go up against.

We call it Baltimore Toughness.

“It’s a grittiness that Baltimore players have, definitely. It’s a toughness that comes with growing up in the city. I love it. I love that part of it” described coach Todd Bozeman. It comes out. You see it in the player, you see it in practice, you see it in how they compete. I mean, Cherry Hill’s tough, West Baltimore’s tough. It’s a tough place, and it really reflects in their play.”

It would of little surprise to know that the three biggest leaders on Bozeman’s team would all hail from a city that made them tough.

Besides Holmes, fellow senior Troy Smith is a Baltimore product (Douglass). Also 6’4″, Smith is often the glue that holds the Bears together-similar to Byron Mouton from the 2002 National Championship Maryland team. He dives after balls, he scraps with any player that will go after him. And when the game is on the line, he wants to go right to the rim.

With South Carolina State crawled back within 6 points in the 2nd half of Morgan’s win Saturday-Smith went right to the hoop. He would finish the day with 12 points, and the Bulldogs would get no closer than within 6 the rest of the game.

Forward Kevin Thompson is also from Baltimore (Walbrook), but is clearly not small. At 6’9″, he represents a different type of Baltimore Toughness. Thompson wasn’t particularly pursued coming out of high school-and had to overcome some academic troubles.

Yet he’s stood toe to toe with adversity throughout his career at Morgan State, including Saturday.

The Bears had a clear game plan to work inside against an undersized SC State squad. After two early hoops to open the game, the Bulldogs responded. Thompson took just 6 points to the locker room at the break.

Facing adversity, Thompson dug deep. He finished the game with 18 points and 10 rebounds thanks to a dominant 2nd half, and was named MEAC Tournament MVP.

Yet it isn’t just those players (or the others from Baltimore on the roster) that show toughness. “As a leader, it spreads to the whole team” said Holmes.

There may be no greater example of this than 6’0″ Ohio guard Joe Davis. Some near the program have said that Joe Davis brought a more laid back attitude into his junior season. After being close to guys like Troy Smith and Reggie Holmes, that toughness apparently rubbed off.

In the Championship game alone, Davis finished with 7 points and 6 rebounds. All of those numbers (expect for 1 rebound) came in the second half.

7 points and 5 rebounds from a 6’0″ guard in ONE HALF of a conference championship game. That’s toughness.

The Bears will need this type of toughness moving forward. After a Selection Sunday celebration on campus, they’ll have to prepare to face a team that will almost undoubtedly be amongst the 10 best teams in the country. They faced a similar task a season ago, and were crushed 82-54 by Blake Griffin and the Oklahoma Sooners in Kansas City.

Are the Bears primed to join the likes of Coppin State and Hampton amongst MEAC teams who have pulled stunning upsets in the NCAA Tournament? Maybe not.

But we can be sure that if nothing else, this Bears team will be a “tough” out regardless of who their opponent is.



Winston-Salem, NC
To steal a line from Morgan State Play-by-Play voice Lamont Germany, I am “worldwide courtside” here at the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Winston-Salem for the 2010 MEAC Tournament Championship Game. The Morgan State Bears battle the South Carolina State Bulldogs, with the conference title and a trip to the NCAA Tournament on the line.

After a 15-1 MEAC regular season, Todd Bozeman’s Bears are looking to clinch their 2nd consecutive trip to the Big Dance. Not only would it be the first time in school history they would make consecutive Tournament appearances, it would also be the first time ANY Baltimore school would make consecutive Tournament appearances (Coppin State leads the way for most overall Tournament appearances with 4).

This is by no means an easy win for the Bears, as their only blemish during conference play this season was a 71-68 defeat at the hands of SC State back on February 15th at Hill Field House. They enter tonight’s game on a 6 game win streak, including victories over North Carolina A&T and a tough fought win over Hampton last night here in the MEAC Tournament.

Follow below for updates throughout this afternoon’s contest. You can see today’s game on ESPN2 and chat while the game is being played. You can also follow us on Twitter (@WNST), as I’ll post updates there as well.



4:07pm-That’s it. 68-61 is your final. Morgan wins the MEAC Tournament, advances to their 2nd straight NCAA Tournament!

4:06pm-Let the celebration begin…..

4:05pm-65-59 now with 32 seconds left to play in the game. Morgan just has to make their freebies…

4:02pm-15 now for Reggie Holmes. 65-54 Bears. 1:03 to play. Morgan fans in attendance are feeling it….

….but Khalif Toombs drills a big 3 to make it 65-57 with 56 seconds to play. Bears have more free throw shooting to do here….

4:00pm-That’s a big 11 points now for Joe Davis, and Morgan is just 92 seconds away from Dancing again. 63-54 Bears.

3:58pm-A timeout from Todd Bozeman with 2:21 to play and his team up 8. Wants to make sure they stay settled…

3:53pm-John Long got the big rebound, but couldn’t connect from the free throw line. It’s great to have a senior be able to give you minutes off the bench, but you can’t have a senior (or anyone else) missing the front end of a 1 and 1 at this point.

Kevin Thompson has just absolutely dominated here in the 2nd half….

3:51pm-It’s 57-48 Morgan with 3:39 to play as we reach our final official timeout. The Bears will need to make sure they make free throws down the stretch…

3:47pm-You had to know SC State wasn’t going away. Todd Bozeman takes a timeout with 4:45 to play and his team up 56-46. They can taste it, but they can’t let the Bulldogs keep getting open jumpers.

3:41pm-DeWayne Jackson with the dunk on the breakaway, then a turnover forced inside, and the Bears can taste it up 52-40 with 6:52 to play. Todd Bozeman doesn’t feel comfortable quite yet though….

CHECK THAT. Foul called there. Interesting decision. That’s Kevin Thompson’s 3rd personal, 6th team foul on MSU.

3:39pm-I just had to turn in my MVP Vote-which I gave to Reggie Holmes, but might regret not giving to Kevin Thompson. He’s been outstanding today, and has 16 points now on the day. I also gave a Tournament team vote to DeWayne Jackson.

50-40 Morgan with 7:39 to play. They’ll want to start working clock…

3:30pm-12 points now for Kevin Thompson-he and Reggie Holmes each have a dozen to lead the way. 46-38 Bears with under 10 minutes to play.

3:24pm-A big stretch here for Morgan, as they extend their lead to 42-34 thanks to a GREAT fake by Troy Smith. They need to put this away now, as SC State calls another timeout with 12:24 to play.

3:20pm-Certainly the focus and intensity required to win a conference title wasn’t there for Morgan to start the 2nd half. Their 3 point shooting is the great equalizer, but they can’t force that. 36-34 Bears now with 14 minutes to play.

3:18pm-Apparently drinking Sprite is ALSO not okay at the MEAC Tournament (the humorous part is that I NEVER drink soda), as the same MEAC official asked me to pour it into a Pepsi cup.

Is my laptop okay, or will they tell me I need to put a sticker over the HP brand name???

3:15pm-Not the way Morgan wanted to start the 2nd half. They’re down 32-31 at the first official timeout, 15:59 to play.

Watching Todd Bozeman’s facial expressions is almost as entertaining as watching the game. He hasn’t been happy much here in the 2nd half, where his team has been outscored 9-2.

3:12pm-The Bulldogs had tied things up by scoring the first 5 points of the half, but a Reggie Holmes jumper gives Morgan the lead right back-it’s 31-29. That’s 10 for Holmes.

3:01pm-DeWayne Jackson leads all scorers with 9 points, Reggie Holmes also has 8 for the Bears. No Bulldogs have more than 5 points-both Brandon Smalls and Westley Telfare. Bears were out-rebounded 17-15 in the first half.

A humorous moment at halftime-as a MEAC official asked me to take off my hat. If you’ve seen me out anywhere, you know I wear a plain black hat with a small Under Armour logo on the side to every event I attend (including church). I’ve been asked to take it off at plenty of bars/clubs; but never at a game, including NFL playoffs, NCAA Tournament, NBA playoffs, etc. I don’t care that much (it’s a hat); but it is strange to know that the MEAC wants media covering their event to appear “grown and sexy” the same way club owners do.

2:52pm-Reggie Holmes can’t finish his last drive of the half, and Morgan State will take a 5 point lead to the break. 29-24 Bears. I’ll be back shortly.

2:49pm-Danny Smith, Rodney Stokes and Joe Davis have all gotten off the bench for the Bears today, but none of them has been able to reach the scoreboard. DeWayne Jackson certainly has though…he now has 9 to lead the way.

SC State Coach Tim Carter takes a timeout with his team down 5 and 41 seconds to play in the half. There’s a 10 difference between the shot clock and game clock.

2:40pm-Troy Smith finally ends what was an 11-0 run for the Bulldogs. We’re at the final official timeout of the first half; Morgan leads 22-21. 3:58 to play.

2:35pm-7 unanswered from the Bulldogs, and this is a 3 point game again. Bears had a real chance to run away and hide….

2:29pm-Great finish there by Douglass’ own Troy Smith to extend Morgan’s advantage to 20-10. I thought he had gotten in the air a bit too early, but he did a great job to roll that one in. We’re at our 3rd official timeout of the half with 7:30 to play.

2:27pm-Being this close, you can hear the entire conversation between players and officials. Clearly Reggie Holmes was fouled going after that loose ball, but the officials got together to make sure it was known that he had stepped out of bounds BEFORE he was fouled. Good communication.

DeWayne Jackson with a pair of 3 balls now, and Morgan is up 18-10.

2:25pm-With Sean Thomas in trouble, the Bears take their first timeout. They’re up 12-7 after a DEEP 3-ball from Reggie Holmes. Anything inside 40 has to be considered in his range…

2:21pm-Morgan State maintains their 9-7 advantage at the 2nd official timeout; 11:48 to play in the half. With the Bulldogs shooting just 2/11 from the field early on, you’d imagine the Bears should have more than just their current 2 point lead.

2:19pm-The Bears finally get their first jumper-a 3 ball in the corner from Reggie Holmes. If he gets hot, the Bears could build a big lead quickly. It’s 9-7 Morgan early on.

2:16pm-Reggie Holmes finally hit a jumper-but it was waived off due to a foul on the Bears. They move back ahead thanks to a layip from Sean Thomas. Still looking to hit their first jump shot, DeWayne Jackson has checked in.

2:13pm-South Carolina State up 5-4 at first official TO with 15:58 to play in half. #Bears yet to hit a jumper. They’ve tried to get inside every time down-which is smart-but it hasn’t gotten them points since the 2nd possession of the game.

2:04pm-Brandon Smalls actually got the starts for SC State, not Carrio Bennett. Bears will look to go inside to Kevin Thompson-the MEAC’s premiere big man.

1:56pm-Your South Carolina State starters are Darnell Porter, Jason Flagler, Rio Pitt, Khalif Tombs and Carrio Bennett.

Morgan State starters are Ameer Ali, Kevin Thompson, Troy Smith, Reggie Holmes and Sean Thomas.

1:52pm-You’ll know where the Morgan State fans are in the crowd here at the LJVM today when you hear the “Woot Woot” chant, especially Reggie Holmes hits a jump shot.

1:31pm-The atmosphere here in Winston-Salem isn’t quite as electric as it was last night in Greensboro at the ACC Tournament, but it still has a big game feel. The arena here is the home of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons-and holds some 14,000+ seats. They won’t all be filled for this one, but quite a bit of the lower bowl is expected to be full.

There is a DJ spinning behind the baseline to my left (I’m courtside looking at the floor the same way it will be shown on TV); which is a pretty cool touch. The Morgan band is behind the baseline to my right, which is the only disappointing part of my seat-as the SC State band is immediately to my left.

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Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 05 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Friday!

It was a Happy Friday for me because…

1-the Morgan State thing was AMAZING last night

and 2-With sentencing being oft-delayed for Lil’ Wayne (it looks like Monday now), I’m just gonna go ahead and give props to Weezy today, since I don’t want this to keep dragging out. Dude is getting the Plaxico Burress treatment in New York, which is unfortunate. But props to Weezy.

“One Way Trip” is my favorite track off of “Rebirth” (Language NSFW)….

Let’s see what everyone has to say….

1. The AP says Reggie Holmes’ 36 lead Morgan State in rout of Coppin State

I can’t say enough about what an incredible night it was at Hill Field House.

Was it like Senior Night and Maryland/Duke in College Park? Maybe not, but the raw emotion was very similar.

Reggie Holmes has staked his claim as one of the greatest college basketball players in Baltimore history, and last night was some form of coronation. With some of the greatest players in Charm City history present (including Sam Cassell, the reigning Dean of Baltimore Basketball), Holmes put on a show for the ages against an Eagles team-that even in a down year-remains the Bears’ biggest rival.

But the event was so much more than that. It was chilling. It came in front of a packed house, where fans would have waited hours for the chance to see Holmes’ night. A group of 30 or so fans rushed the floor BEFORE the game to help celebrate Holmes (who surpassed Marvin “The Eraser” Webster as the all-time leading scorer in MSU history in the win). Coach Todd Bozeman told us after the game that it was “Cherry Hill” that rushed the floor-and joked that the team had thought about playing the game in that particular Baltimore neighborhood.

It was just special. If you weren’t there, I’m sorry. Both the Bears and Eagles are now off until the MEAC Tournament. Coppin State is the 11 seed, they’ll face UMES in the Opening Round Wednesday. Morgan State is the 1 seed, they’ll face the Howard/North Carolina A&T winner Wednesday night.

2. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Terps rolling towards Top 4 seed in NCAA Tournament

Of course, Patrick didn’t give me much better news than that. For travel reasons, I’m hoping the Terps end up in Providence or Buffalo, but neither seems likely. If it can’t be one of those locations, then I would hope it would be somewhere nice. For example, Jacksonville….


…but Patrick says San Jose is more likely…..


I’m hoping for New Orleans…..


….But Patrick says Spokane is much more likely….


3. Fredericksburg Free Lance Star’s Steve DeShazo says Terps can clinch at least share of ACC regular season title for first time since ’02 with win tomorrow at Virginia

I’ll be in Charlottesville tomorrow afternoon, live blogging at WNST.net. Luke Jones and I will chime in via Twitter, make sure you follow us (@WNST) during the game.

I can’t stand the Wahoos myself, I think “Auld Lang Syne” is a stupid fight song, and I think the only people who should wear ties to a game are coaches. At least it isn’t football, so I don’t have to see them do the stupid “arms around each other” thing after touchdowns.

The Cavs didn’t offer much when they came to Comcast Center, but I don’t imagine they’ll just roll over at John Paul Jones Arena. Sylven Landesberg played 36 minutes against Boston College despite a thigh injury, and should be good to go tomorrow. The good news is that Mamdi Diane graduated a season ago, meaning he can’t kill the Terps again.

If they can get the job done, they get a banner. That’s pretty special.

4. Washington Post’s Gene Wang says Maryland women topped North Carolina, will face Duke today in ACC Tournament quarterfinals

Congratulations to Brenda Frese and the Terps, who need to keep winning to have a shot at returning to the NCAA Tournament.

They played Duke tough for 40 minutes in College Park, and for 30-some minutes at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Now, I have to pose a question that apparently someone told me was sexist. With no offense to the Terps-as I’ll watch any game they play, but as far as the rest of the ACC Women’s Tournament is concerned-I think I’ll choose cole slaw wrestling instead…


5. UNC Wilmington Official Site previews today’s CAA Tournament opener against Towson

This is a matchup that Pat Kennedy’s club SHOULD win, but that obviously doesn’t mean they will. Even if they do, a date with Old Dominion looms Saturday in Richmond, meaning this will likely be a short trip for the Tigers.

That being said, there will be a LOT of good basketball at the CAA Tournament this weekend, most of which will air live on the Comcast Network. Work taking a poke at-especially on Sunday when there really isn’t anything else on. (NASCAR?)

6. Loyola Official Site previews tonight’s MAAC Tournament opener against Manhattan

Much like Towson, this is a very winnable game for the Greyhounds up in Albany; but that certainly doesn’t mean they WILL win.

I don’t think new AD Jim Paquette was brought to Loyola to clean house or make drastic changes (most young AD’s aren’t brought in for that reason), but there’s clearly some heat on Jimmy Patsos. A couple of wins this weekend could really ease that.

7. Inside Lacrosse’s Terry Foy says Maryland’s Ryan Young, Hopkins’ Kyle Wharton, Loyola’s Collin Finnerty worth watching at M&T Bank Stadium tomorrow

If I were staying in Baltimore, TRUST ME I would be at the Konica Minolta Face-Off Classic tomorrow. It’s a great event (as is the Day of Rivals event IL does), and there’s a really cool atmosphere to it.

These are big games for these teams, too.

Maryland scored a ton of goals-but they really needed a minor miracle to beat Georgetown. Duke barely beat Bucknell and lost to Notre Dame, meaning this could be a clash of ACC rivals who have shown some signs of being “pretenders.”

Coaching changes always cause trouble, but Chris Bates is hoping to keep Princeton in the Top 10 nationally. They gave up 14 goals in a win over Hofstra to open the season. Hopkins is 3-0, but they’re coming off an 8-7 nailbiter over Siena.

Loyola is off to a hot start as well, but facing an Irish team that as I just mentioned has already topped the Blue Devils this season. The Hounds lost a close game to the Fighting Irish in Atlanta a season ago, this would be a real statement for Charley Toomey’s team before opening the Ridley Athletic Complex.

8. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Mark Clayton, Marshal Yanda got 2nd round tenders, Adam Terry not tendered by Ravens

Going with the 2nd round tender instead of the 1st round tender means that while the Ravens want to bring both Clayton and Yanda back, but would be willing to accept solid compensation if another NFL team is REALLY interested in them.

Clayton would come back with a cheap price tag (the type of price tag that means he wouldn’t necessarily have to be guaranteed a roster spot), as I just don’t see teams being interested in offering a 2nd round pick for him. Yanda will be a bit intriguing, but I think will ultimately end up returning as well.

Adam Terry could also return, as teams are not likely to be banging down the door of an oft-injured OT.

9. The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Anquan Boldin, Kevin Water most likely WR options for Ravens

Walter is the easy call. The Ravens could bring him by 1 Winning Drive this weekend and try to make sure he doesn’t leave. There’s no off the field concerns, even if he isn’t your typical #1 receiver. He’s still 6’3″, and the Ravens DESPERATELY need a taller receiver.

Boldin is attractive, as the Cardinals are rumored to be looking for no more than a 3rd round pick in return. But he’s got some question marks-including a few injury issues and some tangles with coaches in the past-including former offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

It always works that way. They’re attractive, but you’re just not 100% certain they’re a perfect fit. Sorta like Nicki Minaj….


10. ProFootballTalk.com/NBC Sports’ Gregg Rosenthal says Broncos pursuing Dwan Edwards, Justin Bannan

Sadly, this is the business of football. The Ravens don’t want to see either of these players walk away-but with money tied up elsewhere, a team like Denver could easily view these players with a higher value than the Ravens could match.

The Ravens love Bannan off the field, but they’re deep at DT-and a Kelly Talavou or Brandon McKinney could move into the D-Line rotation. Dwan Edwards found a real role for himself (despite making way for Trevor Pryce in obvious passing situations), and I get the feeling the Ravens will really try to get him back.

11. Carroll County Times’ Rich Dubroff says Matusz gave up 2 run homer in Orioles’ loss to Rays Thursday

Apparently it wasn’t exactly a ball that was crushed, but it was a home run nonetheless.

The Birds return to action tonight against the Pirates in Sarasota, Chris Tillman gets his first Grapefruit League start against Zach Duke.

12. ESPN.com’s Jayson Stark says Andy MacPhail had approached Tejada about moving to 3B before trading him to Houston

It’s a pretty good read about how both Tejada and Placido Polanco are making the move to third base this season.

You can read it…..or you could watch the video of Brittney Griner punching Jordan Barncastle again. Your call.

And finally, I leave you with this.

Have you heard the story about…ahem….”actress” Samantha Ryan?


According to the Huffington Post, Ryan is a BIG Kansas Jayhawks fan, and Wednesday night’s game against Kansas State fell on her birthday, so she put out on Twitter than she was looking for tickets. She got them, apparently thanks to assistant coach Kurtis Townsend.

Please insert your own “Friends with Benefits” joke here.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983….


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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 04 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Thursday!

It’s a Happy Thursday for me not only for the obvious reason, but also because I got a text from a buddy yesterday that said “Do you like the whole Timbaland/Daughtry thing?”

To which I responded: “What, did they get into some sort of beef?”

It’s amazing how unbelievably un-hip I am. Apparently Daughtry helped Timbaland on a track called “Long Way Down” for his new record “Shock Value II.” I can see why….

Let’s see what everyone has to say…..

1. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Maryland pulled even with Duke in ACC race thanks to 79-72 win at Comcast Center

Gee, that was fun.

There are games that are intense, then there are games like that one last night. Games where the actual event couldn’t POSSIBLY match the buildup, yet somehow they do anyway.

Just a tremendous game from both teams. Maryland was red hot to start out, then Coach K made some great adjustments (specifically a zone), and allowed Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith to take advantage of mismatches and erase a 14 point lead before building their own lead in the 2nd half. But Maryland got answers from unlikely sources, including Adrian Bowie to scratch back in it.

The final 5 minutes were exactly what you’d want from a big college basketball game. The entire game changed on every individual trip down the floor. The Terrapins and Blue Devils traded big shots, before Greivis Vasquez’s miracle floater iced things away with :37 to play.


If you were there, I’m sure the hairs on your arms stood up. If you weren’t there, I’m sure your heart was still racing at a speed that would have crushed Jamie McMurray at Daytona. Just incredible.

Maryland now knows that they can clinch AT LEAST a share of the regular season ACC title with a win Saturday afternoon against Virginia in Charlottesville.

(Edit from GMC: I heard a couple of people say that they thought Jordan Williams should have been called for a charge on his RIDICULOUS dunk. I guess defenders don’t have to get set anymore? Not only was Scheyer not set, he was already working on how he was going to fall down. It was pretty funny.)

2. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says Greivis Vasquez closed out home career in fitting way

It really couldn’t have been more of an exact science. The moment itself was just amazing. I’m not sure there’s been a player in Maryland history that has induced more “what are you doing?” thoughts and exclamations from fans, and the shot at the end of the game was one more of those.

I’m also not sure there’s been a player in Maryland (or ACC) history that has induced more “oh Thank God” thoughts and exclamations from fans AFTER a “What are you doing?” type of shot; yet there it was once again.

It’s just tough to say much more about the moment. For someone who has been as scrutinized as Vasquez has for four years, I think it’s safe to say he “deserved” it.

NOW….the point is to try to sustain the momentum, not crash after such an emotional peak. That is of course easier said than done.

3. ESPN.com’s Dana O’Neil says Vasquez proved himself as best player in ACC

I don’t think there’s much of an argument left here. There’s no doubt that Scheyer is the 2nd best player in the league and VERY deserving of All-ACC status, but Vasquez won the ACC Player of the Year award last night.

There will still be a bunch of votes for Scheyer. Remember, the bulk of the media that votes for the award is BASED in North Carolina, and they just see more of players like Scheyer than they do players like Vasquez. However, I can’t FATHOM that it will be enough to carry him to the award; even if Duke clinches the #1 seed in the ACC Tournament by beating North Carolina.

Dana said something else that I liked in her column. I described the moment as “poetry” when Vasquez hit the floater. She described it as “theater in motion” instead of poetry. That’s a much better description. Vasquez’s game will never be labeled as “beautiful”, which is the concept of “poetry in motion.” Len Bias was poetry in motion. Vasquez just has this unbelievable flair for dramatic moments, which has made for captivating theater.

4. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says fans have to hope for Maryland-Duke 3 in Greensboro for ACC Championship

Obviously, this is the best possible scenario for basketball fans in the area. The game at Cameron Indoor Stadium wasn’t brilliant by any stretch of the imagination; but after seeing the game last night, you’d have to want to see these two teams play again 10 days from now.

That being said, a Duke win Saturday night would clinch the 2 seed for Maryland and the 10 seed for UNC. If Wake Forest wins or Georgia Tech loses (follow Patrick on Twitter @D1scourse for info on these scenarios), the Yellow Jackets would get the 7 seed. If Georgia Tech plays North Carolina next Thursday, I would tend to assume that the Jackets would be victorious.

An ACC Tournament opener against GT would really be “less than desirable” for Maryland. As we all remember, it took a Cliff Tucker miracle for the Terps to win the first matchup.

I guess we need to take things one step at a time, though. Maybe Roy Williams and crew will play the game of their season in Durham Saturday night and stun the Devils; giving Maryland a shot at the #1 seed. Who knows?

Before I move on from the Maryland game, I want to point out that after I asked Patrick Stevens to look this up last night, he delivered me a stat I absolutely couldn’t believe. The Terps have now defeated a Top 6 ranked team in the country at least once in FOURTEEN straight seasons now.

Once again….wow.

5. Morgan State Official Site previews tonight’s Senior Night visit from Coppin State at Hill Field House

I can’t say enough how much I would implore you to go to this game tonight. Especially if you’ve never been able to see Reggie Holmes play live over the last 4 years, you have no idea what you’re missing. The guy is legitimately one of the best players in the country.

On top of that, it’s ALWAYS special when the Bears face the Eagles. There’s just an incredible level of intensity in the building. I spent a lot of time talking to Fang Mitchell following Coppin’s loss to Norfolk State Monday night, and you could just sense it in him. He’s happy for Todd Bozeman, and he’s looking forward to the challenge of going up against him-both on the floor and in pursuit of kids around Baltimore and throughout the region.

There’s nothing REALLY on the line tonight-as Morgan clinched the #1 seed in the MEAC Tournament some time ago, and the Eagles are going to finish in last place-whether they finish in last by themselves or they share last place. But it won’t diminish the atmosphere tonight, in the closest thing Charm City has to anything like the Bayou Classic.

So let’s “Tweet Up” tonight. I’ll be sitting along press row. If you come by and see me, I’ll have a Steve’s Deli gift certificate for you. Hope to see you tonight, please “ReTweet” to your friends.

6. Loyola Official Site says Collin Finnerty scored 5 goals to pace Greyhounds in win over Bellarmine

You mean to tell me that not only did Dave Cottle’s Terps go to Louisville to play lacrosse, but Charley Toomey’s Greyhounds did as well?

Is Marty Bass scheduling games for the lacrosse teams in town these days?!?!?!?

That being said, it’s good to see an offense outburst from Finnerty, as the Hounds will need him to keep scoring as the schedule gets tougher (starting Saturday against Notre Dame at M&T Bank Stadium).

But since I’m thinking about it….do you think he’ll run again???


7. Stevenson Official Site says Geoff Hebert posted career high 15 saves as Mustangs trounced RIT at Caves Athletic Complex

Thanks to those of you who came out to Owings Mills for my first real “Tweetup” of the lacrosse season. There were only a couple of you braved the cold and wet conditions, but I appreciated seeing you. As the weather warms up, we’ll do this a few more times at Stevenson and around the area.

The Mustangs looked REALLY impressive offensively, they can score goals in bunches. Unfortunately, they have the potential to go on defensive lapses. It won’t hurt them against teams like RIT, but it will hurt them in games against teams like Salisbury (who they play on April 3).

Unlike Louisville, Rochester LOVES lacrosse. But the question is-do they love lacrosse more than they love their own Savanna Samson? You may know her from….ummm….movies you don’t want your kids watching…..


8. The AP says Josh Bell, Rhyne Hughes each homered twice to lead Orioles to win over Rays in Spring Training debut

Just go ahead and make your World Series plans accordingly.

In all seriousness, it is MUCH better to be scoring 12 runs in Spring Training games than to be giving up 12 runs in Spring Training games.

Of course, no one is REALLY concerned about the O’s lineup. There’s the lack of a natural power bat, but I think most Birds fans feel as though there’s good balanced pop throughout the lineup, and the team will be able to score runs.

The issue is the pitching. Jeremy Guthrie was good yesterday, but he barely pitched. Brian Matusz goes today for the Birds against Tampa’s Jeff Niemann in Port Charlotte.

9. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Nolan Reimold left out of Birds’ lineup, Dave Trembley gave no timetable for debut

Doesn’t appear to be any cause for concern here, but I guess it’s easy for me to say that. You want to see Reimold get out there and get some action, but the team has no reason to rush him this early in March.

This is a big season for Reimold, who was red hot when he first got to Camden Yards last year, but cooled off. He has to prove he can sustain his production over an entire season, and you don’t want to see him lose a ton of at bats in the Spring as he works toward that.

10. The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Miguel Tejada hit cleanup for first in first Grapefruit League game

I have long assumed that Tejada would be in this role come Opening Day, but there are certainly plenty of other options. It will be interesting to see if Tejada continues to bat cleanup as Trembley gives him the chance to seize the role or fail in the opportunity; or if he gives Matt Wieters, Adam Jones, Nolan Reimold, Garrett Atkins, Luke Scott or others the chance over the next couple of weeks.

Also…I believe this guy is still available to hit cleanup if necessary….


11. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Jared Gaither, Le’Ron McClain, Fabian Washington assigned 1st round tenders by Ravens

I wonder what kind of tender the Ravens would have used on have used on former DB Ryan Sutter had they known what his wife Trista was going to look like at 37 years old…


That being said-nothing surprising here. Fabian Washington is CLOSE to a surprise-but as an affordable option at corner, it makes sense to not just let him walk away. Jared Gaither is the only player on that list that teams might even THINK about for that level of compensation, but he’s coming up on a big contract and has a semi-questionable injury history.

Mark Clayton is expected to get the first round tender as well, which is again a case of “he’s affordable, let’s hold on to him. It makes sense.

12. The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens “could be interested” in Brandon Marshall with Broncos assigning just the 1st round tender

VERY unlikely. The Ravens just aren’t interested in giving away 1st round picks. If there was some sort of pick swap involved, they might be-but trading a 1st round pick for a player-even if it WAS Larry Fitzgerald-would seem unlikely to me.

Anquan Boldin for a 3rd round pick (as reported by Michael Lombardi on the NFL Network) is certainly interesting however.

And finally, I leave you with this.

Was it weird to see a 10 minute delay so the staff at Comcast Center could fix a snapped net last night? Yeah. Was it as weird as a goalie in Germany scoring an own goal because the wind picked the ball back up and blew it right in to the net? No, it wasn’t as weird as that….

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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