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Edsall announces Diggs, Long to miss Spring; Petty to leave program

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Edsall announces Diggs, Long to miss Spring; Petty to leave program

Posted on 12 February 2014 by WNST Staff

University of Maryland head football coach made a string of announcements about the team’s spring football roster Tuesday via Twitter.

There are no particular surprises in the group. Diggs and Long each broke a leg in the Terrapins’ loss to Wake Forest last season which caused their seasons to be cut short. Edsall recently told WNST’s Glenn Clark neither was at risk to miss the start of the 2014 season.  LB Cudjoe-Virgil (Towson) missed the rest of last season after suffering a torn pec in the team’s win over Virginia.

LB Petty’s transfer comes as a bit of a surprise. The rising junior is best known for having to start four games at quarterback in 2012 after the team lost C.J. Brown, Perry Hills, Devin Burns and Caleb Rowe to season-ending injuries. Petty returned to roles on defense and special teams in 2013, including a start in the Terps’ loss to Clemson.

QB Young had made quite the college tour before arriving in College Park-including stops at Virginia Tech and New Mexico. The Terps have plenty of depth at the position, with Brown being granted an additional year of eligibility after missing the 2012 season. Rowe, Hills, rising redshirt freshman Shane Cockerille (Gilman), rising junior Dustin Dailey and incoming freshman Will Ulmer will be on the roster barring further changes.

Maryland has not yet announced their 2014 Spring football schedule.

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Terps QB Young suspended for bowl game

Posted on 24 December 2013 by WNST Staff

WASHINGTON, D.C. – After arriving downtown yesterday to kick off bowl week, the Maryland football team crossed the city for a tour of the United States Capitol Tuesday morning before hitting the practice field in preparation for Friday’s Military Bowl matchup with Marshall.

Upon arriving at the steps of Congress, the Terps posed for a team photo and then headed to the visitor’s center.

Once inside, the team took in a short film on the history of the building and the legislative arm of the U.S. government and prepared for a guided tour.

The tour included stops in the famous Capitol Rotunda, the collection in statuary hall, the crypt and the former chamber of the United States Supreme Court.

After leaving the Capitol, the squad boarded its buses and headed to practice to continue preparing for the Herd. This evening, Maryland and Marshall will enjoy a performance from world-famous hypnotist Tom DeLuca.

Kickoff for Maryland and Marshall is set for 2:30 p.m. on Friday from Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, Md. For tickets, visit umterps.com.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Terps QB/WR Ricardo Young has been suspended for a violation of team rules and will not participate in the Military Bowl. According to the report, Young’s future status with the team is in jeopardy.

The Post also reported that former Terrapins assistant Greg Gattuso will not be part of the staff for the bowl game. Gattuso recently accepted the head coaching position at Albany.

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Converted QB Young joins list of Terps receivers missing Saturday’s game

Posted on 21 November 2013 by WNST Staff

University of Maryland Football Injury Report

vs. Boston College





DB Milan Collins Ankle Out for the season
LB Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil Upper Body Out for the season
WR Stefon Diggs Leg Out for the season
OL JaJuan Dulaney Knee Out for the season
WR Deon Long Leg Out for the season
DB Dexter McDougle Shoulder Out for the season
DL Mike Minter Knee Out for the season
DL Kingsley Opara Shoulder Out for the season
DL Ty Tucker Knee Out for the season
WR Tyrek Cheeseboro Head Out
LB Cole Farrand Shoulder Out
WR DeAndre Lane Hamstring Out
DB Jeremiah Johnson Toe Out
LS Greg Parcher Abdomen Out
OL Maurice Shelton Knee Out
WR Ricardo Young Head Out
TE Dave Stinebaugh Knee Probable
LB Alex Twine Shoulder Probable

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Edsall says Hills out of running for backup QB job

Posted on 20 August 2013 by WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall


On the No. 2 quarterback position on the depth chart:

“Right now, we’re in a situation where it’s still an “or” situation.  Nobody really separated themselves. It’s really Caleb [Rowe] and Ricardo [Young]. Perry’s [Hills] probably down. I think Perry’s still coming back a little bit from that knee injury. That’s where we are, but anything can change. I’m waiting for somebody to step up.  If not, we’ll just make a week-to-week decision or situation-to-situation decision.”


On the right tackle position:

Once we get into game week and we have to put out a two-deep we will, but we looked like we’ve got some guys who can settle in there. We had Mike Madaras at left [tackle], De’Onte Arnett at left guard, Sal [Conaboy] at center, Mike Dunn at right guard and Ryan Doyle at right tackle. That’s pretty much how I think that will be; we just hope not to get any injuries.”


On positional changes:

“Just Derrick [Hayward], that’s it. That’s a concern for me right now. I’ve got to make sure we keep them healthy as we get to the game because offensively we’re banged up a little bit. Too many guys with some bumps, bruises and nicks and hopefully we get some of those guys back next week as we get into preparation for Florida International. I think we’re pretty good on defense in terms of where we are from an injury standpoint. It is concerning to me from an offensive standpoint, where we’re a little bit thin, but like I said I think we’ll be getting some of those guys back real shortly. We’ll get them back and that will make us a little healthier and stronger.”


On wide receiver Stefon Diggs’ development as a leader:

“I think he’s really stepping up more as a leader. That’s the one thing I challenged him with is that he needs to be more of a leader, not only by example, but also being vocal. I think he understand what his role is and what he needs to do. He is stepping up and doing it, and he’s getting better at it each and every day. It’s good to see that development take place.”


On the right guard position:

“My whole thing with the offensive line has always been, let me find my five best guys and find the guys that I felt that the group was the best with what we have. Andrew’s [Zeller] got some things that he knows he’s got to work on. Right now, he’d be our third guard. I just like the way that Michael Dunn has been playing. When you sit there and assess and evaluate your talent and you see that you might have say three tackles that you feel really good about then what you have to is, or at least what I do is, look at your guard situation and say is one of those tackles better than one of the guards you have. We put Michael in there and watched him and liked what we saw and then had him get out in the scrimmage and I thought he did well. We just feel like that puts our five best guys out there. We’re a little thin there so we’re going to have some guys back up both sides probably.”


On kicker Brad Craddock’s development:

“He’s been like a tease to us a little bit. He comes out here and one day he’s not as you’d like and then he comes out the next day and hits everything, and it’s like, that wasn’t the same guy as the day before. That’s the thing; I’m trying to figure out what to do to make him more consistent. He’s got the leg, just like Adam [Greene]. Adam’s been the same way. They have the tools and now what we’ve got to do is figure out if we’ve got to do something from a mental standpoint and that’s something we’re working out every single day. I know they’ve got the ability, we’ve just got to do whatever we can to help them be consistent.”


On quarterback C.J. Brown’s camp:

“I think C.J.’s had a very good camp. I think he’s throwing the best ball that he has since I’ve been here. He’s worked extremely hard at it. He’s doing a good job from a leadership standpoint. He’s moving well and showing no ill effects [from his injury].”


On linebacker L.A. Goree’s camp:

“I think L.A. has gotten better. I think he’s playing with more confidence now than what he did before. I think he understands the system and what his job is and he’s going out and executing.”


On defensive back Will Likely’s ability as a cornerback:

“Yeah, or we wouldn’t have recruited him. Will’s a competitor; Will plays bigger than his size. That’s where you really appreciate guys like Will because I think he understands what his strengths and what his weaknesses are and so he always tries to put himself in a position of strength. He’s got as much football savvy that I’ve been around as a freshman maybe ever. I just like the way he competes and how he understands everything and how he works. If we told him he had to guard a 6’10’’ guy, he’d find a way to guard him. He’d find a way to do what he had to do and that’s the thing that I think makes him so successful. For a young guy, he plays with an extreme amount of confidence, which sometimes is hard to find.”


On the position battle at safety between A.J. Hendy and Sean Davis:

“Right now, we have Sean with the No. 1’s, but that one was as close as you can probably get. That’s what we told the kids. It was close. Sean knows that he’s got to perform each day. A.J. has practiced very hard, he has before too. Yesterday is always a tough day because when make these decisions and when you sit down and talk to the players… They bust their butts and they give a lot of effort. This is a hard game. There’s a lot that goes into it and when you sit down and tell them the other guy’s going to be starting, they’re disappointed and down a little bit. You tell them, now the competitors got to come out because they’re one play away. As I told A.J., you’re a starter on this football team. He’s starting for us on dime and special teams. We had to get these guys to understand how important special teams are because I think we’ve got enough talent to be pretty special on special teams. Our punters and kickers have got to do their jobs, but that’s what you want. You want that ongoing competition because the guy who is starter knows that during the season I’ve got to go out and perform well because if I start to make mistakes there are other guys who can step in. It helps to keep that focus and intensity going in practice.”

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Edsall says no separation in race to backup QB Brown

Posted on 14 August 2013 by WNST Staff



Head Coach Randy Edsall


On the competition for the second quarterback spot:

“I want to see Ricardo [Young], Perry [Hills], and Caleb [Rowe] because I have no idea right now who our number two QB is because no one has really separated themselves. So I thought it would be a good day today to get those guys involved with the first unit and evaluate them because within the next day or two we have to move forward. I’ve got to make a decision on who the number two is so I can get him all the reps that we got to get him to be prepared to play in a game so that’s why I did what I did today. C.J. [Brown], I know what he can do, but I have to find out who the number two guy is and get this thing widdled down and get that guy ready to play and get the third guy some work because we just can’t give five guys work moving forward.”


On if any of the quarterbacks separated themselves today:

“I don’t think anybody separated themselves today. I wasn’t real impressed with things today. I think there were a couple things that they did well, but then there were mistakes that they make that you don’t think they should make. Again, it’s not just off of today. We scrimmaged the other day and have that for another evaluation and have really every day that were out here practicing. It’s not just what you see taking place on the field, but it’s also how are they managing the huddle. Are they getting the things translated from the sideline to the field, and getting the plays off and all those sort of things. There’s a lot that goes into it. But this gave us another pretty good evaluation to evaluate those three guys.”


On the offensive line:

“I think they’ve made progress. Not enough consistency yet. But I think there’s been a lot of progress made from the first day and I feel as though we’ve got the guys in the right position. We got Mike Dunn, back up left tackle, and have Ryan Doyle over there with Nick Klemm. I think that’s going to be a battle to see which one of those two guys will be a starter by the [Aug.] 31. Ryan Doyle, I thought he has improved and been playing a lot better this preseason then he showed before. He moved to right tackle and Dunn’s at left. Again, I think that were solid with [Mike] Madaras at left, [De’Onte] Arnett at left guard, Sal [Conaboy] at center, [Andrew] Zeller at right guard, and then I think we’re going to continue to evaluate that right tackle spot with Ryan Doyle and Nick Klemm.”


On what is driving the competition at right tackle:

“I think it’s probably more of a product of what Ryan’s [Doyle] doing. I think he’s doing better than he did before and again the other thing too is sometimes people open the door for you as well. I think it’s probably a combination, but I think it’s more of what Ryan’s doing than anything [Nick Klemm is doing].”


On Ryan Doyle’s improvement:

“I think he’s got a little bit more confident. He’s doing the things we’re asking him to do from a technique standpoint and I thought that was the thing that was really holding him back before. He’s a try-hard guy and he’s got ability, but I think that he’s gotten better at the techniques and fundamentals of that position and that’s allowed him to be better.”


On A.J. Hendy getting reps with the first team defense:

“They’re switching. A.J. and Sean [Davis] are still switching, so nobody has established themselves as the starter there yet. We still have that competition going from A.J. and Sean, it just so happened that today was A.J.’s day to work with the ones. Again, that’s something that we’ll continue to evaluate. We know both of them are going to have to play for us in the different packages that we use. That one will probably go down to game week, and we’ll see if someone separates themselves. We still have a couple more scrimmages where we can evaluate those guys”


On Anthony Nixon:

“Anthony’s doing good. He’s coming along. You can see that having a year under his belt he’s more confident, more talkative and a better communicator. The thing with Anthony is that he’s a smart kid. He really understands the defense and what’s expected out of him.”


On Amba Etta:

“I thought that he started off pretty well and then we got the pads on and he had to get adjusted to those a little bit, but I think he’ll be steady and be solid for us. He’s just going to continue to get better. He’s a long strider. He can catch the ball in a lot of different areas, but the thing is his ability to go up and get the ball and his ability to run certain routes.”


On Will Likely.

“Will’s very competitive. Will plays with a ton of confidence and everyday he’s out here working to get better. When you look at corner, we’ve got five guys who can play. We’ll just have to see how it continues to play out and where we might be able to fit him in, but he’s a very good football player.”


On who has surprised him the most:

“Probably Jacquille Veii [has surprised the most]. I think he’s probably made the biggest impression on me out here. I just hope he continues it. Right now he’s the No. 3 tailback, and you’re going to have to have three that are ready to play.”


– Maryland –

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Diggs says Maryland offense “more comfortable” even without healthy QB’s

Posted on 12 April 2013 by WNST Staff

Postgame Quotes – Maryland Spring Game

Red Team 13, White Team 13

Junior Linebacker Cole Farrand

On the team’s depth:

“We’re definitely getting depth. Everyone that’s on the field wants to play and the second team wants to play. Everyone is fighting for position out here. The intensity was great out here, and it was just a good game.”

On the offense:

“Today [the offense] was doing a really good job of establishing the running game. It’s usually a hard point for the offense; they’re usually more of a passing offense. They’re definitely establishing a run game very well and they were using it to their advantage.”
Junior Defensive Lineman Darius Kilgo

On players who have stepped up:

“I feel like Quinton Jefferson has definitely stepped up. He’s become a great player. Nate Clarke has also done a great job.”

On preparing for the season:

“We definitely want to work hard, get in the weight room and condition to get ready for the fall.”

On the tie:

“I don’t feel too good about it. I guess we’re all getting steak and lobster, but that’s how it goes.”
Sophomore Running Back Albert Reid

On what the running backs need to work on:

“We need to stay on our blocks; technique, fundamentals. We need to get all that together so we can come out in August and be ready to play. We have a big season coming up.”

On the running game:

“Every time something went wrong on the field, we came to the sideline and talked it over, went back on the field and got better. That’s all we need, is chemistry. We have to come together, talk on the field and execute.”
Sophomore Running Back Brandon Ross

On his improved play late last season:

“I went down earlier in the season and it was just a matter of getting my opportunities again, and that was how I emerged late in the season.”

On the offensive line:

“They’re coming along well. It’s a process of trying to make progress every day. What we need to do is work hard in the summer, so when camp comes around we’re ready to go.”

On combining with Albert Reid:

“It could be something special. We’ve just got to keep working and stay healthy.”

Sophomore Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs

On his game:

“I had an OK game. Ricardo played big, O-line blocked well and we just played as a collective unit on both sides of the ball.”

On how the offense is progressing:

“We feel comfortable because we know what we’re doing. Last year, we knew what we were doing but we weren’t very comfortable, but this year we’ve got a year under our belt, so now we know how the plays work, how we work off other guys and what we can bring to the table.”

On the quarterback situation:

“I know for a fact that both quarterbacks are great. They both do a great job. They both study film and do what quarterbacks are supposed to do. They both are great quarterbacks. You’ve got to work around those guys and do what you can to help your team. I look forward to seeing who gets the job.”

On the offense is different than last year:

“We’ve got a lot more threats; Deon Long, Nigel King, Marcus Leak… I feel as if we’re going to have an electrifying offense. We’ve got two great quarterbacks that can bring things to the table so we feel comfortable out here.”

– Terps –

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Ross, Reid, Diggs shine in Maryland Spring Game

Posted on 12 April 2013 by WNST Staff

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) – Running backs Brandon Ross, Albert Reid and wide receiver Stefon Diggs were the standouts Friday night as the Red and White teams played to a 13-13 tie before 8,200 fans at Byrd Stadium.

The game marked the end of spring practice for the Terrapins and coach Randy Edsall.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with what’s taken place for the 15 days that we had in spring, culminated tonight with a good effort from everyone that was out here,” Edsall said after the final whistle.

In 2012, the standouts on offense were two freshmen – Ross and Diggs – and that’s how it was in the 2013 spring game.

Ross (122 yards on 19 carries) and Diggs (eight catches for 159 yards and a score) accounted for the lion’s share of the White squad’s offense. The most memorable play of the night came when Diggs took a short pass to the right side, juked a defender and sprinted down the sideline for a 51-yard touchdown.

“He’s better this spring. He’s more focused,” Edsall said of Diggs. “He wants to be better. He doesn’t want to stay the same, he doesn’t want to regress. He understands the effort it takes to be a really good player.”

Reid ran for 135 yards and threw a touchdown pass for the Red team.

“That’s what we saw from Brandon and Albert all spring long in terms of how they run,” Edsall said. “The one thing we have to be able to do is run the ball effectively.”

Quarterbacks wore yellow jerseys and needed only to be touched to be downed, which explains in part why there were nine sacks.

Despite the lax rules, Edsall will wait until the Aug. 31 opener against Florida International to use starter C.J. Brown, who is still recovering from a torn ACL and saw light duty during spring practice.

Brown hurt his knee during summer practice last year. He was the first of four Maryland quarterbacks to sustain a season-ending injury, along with Perry Hills (knee), Devin Burns (foot) and Caleb Rowe (knee). That left Edsall no choice but to use converted linebacker Shawn Petty in the final four games.

Hills and Rowe, like Brown, are still working their way back into form.

Petty is currently listed on the depth chart as a second-team inside linebacker, although he was used for a few plays under center Friday night as part of a trick-play package devised by the White team. Ricardo Young took most of the snaps for the White team, completing 12 of 21 passes for 185 yards and a touchdown. Young, a junior, began his career at Virginia Tech and played for New Mexico in 2011 before transferring to Maryland.

Red team quarterback Dustin Dailey, a sophomore, went 8 for 17 for 81 yards and two interceptions. Sophomore Zach Dancel picked off a Dailey pass and took it to the Red 17-yard line with 6:37 left to set up a game-tying, 40-yard field by Brad Craddock.

On the game’s final play, Brendan Magistro of the Red team had a 22-yard field goal try blocked.

Ross gained 52 yards rushing in the first quarter and had 100 at the half. The only score before intermission was a 24-yard field goal by Craddock.

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Edsall says QB Young “inconsistent” in spring

Posted on 10 March 2013 by WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall


Opening statement:

“I didn’t think today was as good a day as what we’ve had so far, but again, we’re getting things installed. It’s a lot of little things. We’ve just got to keep harping on paying attention to detail; fundamentals; techniques. When you watch the film you see improvement but then you see sometimes in the next play, and you think ‘What were they doing?’ It’s consistency, and that’s what we’re striving for. We don’t have the consistency after four days that I’d like to have on either side of the ball. That’s something that we’re going to have to continue to work at and that’s why we’re out here in spring to get that accomplished.”


On the team’s progress:

“I think there are guys that have been OK, but I don’t think there’s anyone, to me, through four practices who’s nailed it each practice. Hopefully once we get all the things installed, it’ll start to come together. Once again, this is what you have spring for. For guys to work to get better, and you can see guys getting better, but it’s a matter of getting back out here. They haven’t been doing any of these things since November. We’re getting back in the swing of things and seeing them do it.”


On quarterback Ricardo Young:

“He is a good athlete, but he’s got to pay attention, master the fundamentals and technique and be exact. These are the things he’s supposed to do. He hasn’t played in a while, and now he’s getting some reps under fire. We’ve got a chance to see how he’s handled that, and I think there’s been some good things that he’s done but he’s been inconsistent through four practices.”


On injured players:

“They’re coming along. The doctor’s told me that he’s pleased with where everyone is at right now. The big thing for those guys is to continue to really work hard and continue to do what the trainers ask them to do to get themselves healthy. We know by the time we get back in August that they’ll be fully ready to go in terms of practicing.”


On the wide receivers and defensive backs:

“I think there’s really good competition for those guys. That’s the big thing for them, is to really push each other in practice. For Stefon [Diggs], Nigel [King] and Deon [Long] to push [Jeremiah Johnson] and Dexter [McDougle], and for those guys to push them. I think the other thing is, I think J.J. and Dexter know they can’t rest on their laurels because I didn’t think Alvin [Hill] had a good day today, but I thought he had been playing pretty well, and then Will Likely has been playing well. So they know there’s competition, and the thing I like is they have been competing. They don’t think they’ve got something sewn up, and that’s the mentality everybody has to have. They’ve got to come out here each and every day and look to get better. As we get that, then we get the consistency, and then everything can come together.”



On the linebackers:

“You have guys who have ability like L.A. [Goree] and Bradley [Johnson], who are guys that have experience. It’s the little things with them. Abner [Logan], Brock [Dean], Shawn [Petty] — they’re out there and you can see they have ability, but they don’t have the experience and the knowledge that they need right now. You can see that they’re going to be good, but it’s just a matter of them continuing to work at it and not getting frustrated and continuing to get better. They have that ability. It’s the same thing you can see with [Yannick Cudjoe-Virgil], and Marcus Whitfield has the experience. Cudjoe is very athletic, and then you’ve got Alex [Twine], Avery [Thompson]. You can see the difference between the guys who have played and have experience versus the guys who haven’t played. But the guys who haven’t played do have ability and they’re pushing. It’s just a matter of them getting everything down.”


– Terps –

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Edsall happy with Terps’ enthusiasm in Spring practice

Posted on 02 March 2013 by WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall

Opening Statement:

“I thought they really tried hard today. I thought the effort was good. I was pleased with the approach that they came out here with and there was enthusiasm, so I was pleased with that. The one thing I just told the players was just that we’ve got to get a lot better. You could tell it was the first day. We’ve got to finish better; we’ve got to focus on the little things better. We’ll expect a big jump in terms of the fundamentals and the techniques in terms of doing all those little things.”


On Ricardo Young:

“I thought he did some good things. A lot of things he didn’t do well but again, it’s good for him to get out here. He showed good command of the offense. So many technical and so many little things for him to work on, and you can see that he’s kind of been away from it for a little bit. You can see the natural athleticism that he has. The thing that we have to get Ricardo to understand is, yes, he’s a very gifted athlete, but he’s got to learn to do the things technically the right way. He can’t just go back there and rely just on his athletic ability. If he doesn’t get the depth on his drops, then the timing on the passing game is not going to be there. If he’s not making the correct read or using the right footwork in terms of the run game it’s not going to time up.”


On who stood out:

“It’s hard to [judge] today. I don’t think Deon [Long], Will [Likely ]or Silvano [Altamirano] looked out of place. You saw them out there doing things and making plays. Again, I’ll reserve judgment and comments until practice four when they get the pads on.  The one thing I’ve been pleased with is how these guys have worked really hard in the five weeks; we made significant gains from a strength stand points in the five weeks of winter conditioning. Now we’ve got to carry that strength over to what they’re doing on the field.  Now we’re into the second phase with spring ball, but I was pleased with what they did in the winter and now we’ve got to have the same kind of intensity and the same type of production in spring ball.”


On the tight ends:

“I think it’s good that Dave [Stinebaugh] is finally healthy. He’s a guy that we feel like is going to be a blocker for us. Daniel [Adams] is kind of that hybrid type guy that is halfway between a tight end and a wide receiver. Again, we’ve got to go through the spring and see what he’s going to give us to see if we can create a package to get him in the ball game. That’s what we’re going to do this spring; find out what they can do and then find what type of package we can use to make them for effective.”


– Terps –

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Maryland QB Brown says rehab “ahead of schedule”

Posted on 25 February 2013 by WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall


Opening Statement:

“Well this will be the earliest that I have ever started spring, but for good reason. It allows us to start on Saturday; it allows us to take advantage of getting done April 12th and giving our players three weeks or so with the rest of the semester. Plus we get our summer program started sooner with the players. It also gives us the ability to take full advantage of the six-week spring evaluation period that we are allowed by NCAA standards. I think it will be good as well as we go: Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday and then our players leave for spring break for a week. We will get six practices in and then their bodies will heal up a little bit. We will come back and go Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and then Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. I think it is a good schedule, a good mix. We are really looking forward to getting started.

“We have had good winter workouts that have taken place over the last five weeks. Guys have really worked hard, both in the weight room and when we have done our conditioning on the field once a week. They are in good shape and now it is time to get better fundamentally and technique wise. Get them to understand that they have to do their job and their job only. Master everything that they can in terms of their job. It will be a situation where we will have some guys who won’t be playing or partaking in everything this spring. Starting offensively; C.J. [Brown] will do some individual drills to start out with. We will see how he progresses doing those. It could progress to him getting in and doing some seven-on-seven. We will start him out with some individual work and see how he goes from there. Caleb [Rowe] and Perry [Hills] they won’t be able to do anything this spring from a football standpoint. Wes Brown will be out for the spring. He had his shoulder done, but he also had his ankle taken care of on Friday. He had some surgery there. We will hopefully have a healthy Wes Brown. The ankle was from an injury that followed him here to Maryland from high school, but that went well. Levern Jacobs won’t be doing anything this spring. We might be able to get him where he can do some routes on air. We will find that out a little bit later this week. Marcus Leak won’t be doing anything. Marcus has some injuries, but Marcus has some academic things that he has to sure up and take care of.

“Defensively Andre Monroe will be doing some individual stuff during practice and we will progress him from there. I’m not sure he will get into any contact stuff or team work. Matt Robinson will be able to do noncontact work when he is out there. C.J. [Brown], Andre [Monroe], and Matt [Robinson] will be able to do things. Wes [Brown], Cole Farrand, Perry [Hills], Marcus Leak, and Caleb [Rowe] will be out. Levern [Jacobs] hopefully we will be able to do a little bit with him on routes on air. Just from a position standpoint I think the only thing that we have done since we have talked last was Matt Robinson will be an outside linebacker for us, moving from the safety position. Really he is more suited for that position plus getting our best 11 on the field that is something that we thought would be the best for us. Taking a look at Matt right now he is weighing 234. He will probably get to 240 as he continues to train. He has the ability to do that. Alex Twine will stay at SAM. We will have Alex, Avery [Thompson] and Matt there. We will have good competition; we will have good competition all over.”


On expectations from Ricardo Young:

“Ricardo is going to get a lot of work. It will be good for Ricardo because he had to sit out because of the transfer. It will be good for him to get all of these reps and get him working to see where he will be able to fit in for us in the fall. We won’t let him get hit. We only have two quarterbacks for the spring between Ricardo and Dustin Dailey. We will keep those guys off limits. I am anxious to see him go out there and get to work every day and see what he can do and how far he can progress.

“From what I have seen he is a very good athlete, he can throw the football. We will see how accurate he will be this spring but like I said in terms of being a guy who can be a duel threat, he has those capabilities and that talent to be able to do that. He can do all of the things that we want to do with our offense. The other added dimension that he gives you is if he is back there and he drops back throwing the ball and things break down, he has more than enough speed and athletic ability to make a play. He will be able to make plays with his feet and his arm.”


On taking spring practices on the road:

“One of the things that we want to do is grow our brand throughout the area and state. March 30th we will be going up to Dunbar High School in Baltimore and work out on their brand new facility and field up there. On April the 6th we are going to go out to Middletown High School in Frederick to work out there. I felt it was important for us to go out and reach out to the community, rather than have them come down here. Like I said, I want to grow our brand more in different areas of the state. We hope to move them around each year. This year we wanted to get up into Baltimore because of the fact that we are going to be playing West Virginia up at M&T [Bank] Stadium this year. I wanted to establish more of a presence in the western part of the state there in Frederick. People there and in Hagerstown and even from Pennsylvania can drive down to see us there. It is all about developing the brand in terms of Maryland Pride, and being out and in the community.”


On if C.J. Brown is ahead of schedule on his rehab:

“I would say that he is from the standpoint that he has worked extremely hard. The one thing that we aren’t going to do is rush him. We are going to do the things that we feel or the doctors tell us that he can do. I think he is. He has worked his tail off in terms of the rehab. Whatever we can get with him this spring in terms of the throwing, and different things will be a bonus. He is pretty much ahead of schedule.”


On the benefit of being in year two of the offensive and defensive systems:

“It is a really good thing. I expect from the day that we go out there that the players will know exactly what to do. They will be playing a little bit faster and they will know things. Anytime you can go in and have people coming back that are going to be familiar with what you are doing, it gives you a chance to get a lot better fundamentally and technique wise. But also put a couple of other things in that will take advantage of our skill set.”


On the offensive line:

“We have to get five guys up there on the offensive line. As we start on Saturday it will be Mike Madaras at left tackle, De’Onte [Arnett] at left guard, Sal [Conaboy] and Evan [Mulrooney] fighting it out at center, Andy [Andrew] Zeller at right guard, and Nick Kelmm at right tackle. What I want to do there is get at least eight. At center I think we are in pretty good shape there between Sal and Evan and Steve Grommer, who is getting better. Who can be the top three guards and the top three tackles? That is one of my concerns offensively.”


Quarterback C.J. Brown

On his rehab:

“I’ve pushed my body to the max, and I feel like I’m ahead of schedule because if I didn’t take this seriously, I could be behind a lot of guys. I’m really excited for where I’m at right now from where I’ve come. I’m just going day-by–day.”


On competing with Ricardo Young for starting position:

“There’s going to be competition everywhere. No one’s going to be handed over the job. You have to earn it. I’m going to do as much as I can to earn the job and he’s going to do as much as he can to earn the job. I know the coaches will give everyone a fair chance. Anytime you’re out there and can take all the reps, it’s going to help.”


On the offense:

“We look pretty good on paper. It’ll be exciting to see when we’re all out there and the damage that we can do because we’ve got some explosive guys on the field. It’ll be exciting to see how this offense takes off.”


Defensive Lineman Darius Kilo

On spring football:

“Coming back to spring, we know what we have to do. We’re not learning anything; we’re not changing anything differently. It should be simple and it should be easier to execute. I’m pretty excited.”


On his personal goals:

“I just want to be the best player I can be. I feel like I worked hard in the winter workouts and I feel like I can definitely be an impact player for the defense. I just want to be able to step up in that role.”


On returning the defensive system from last season:

“I’m definitely a lot more comfortable. Coming back for the second year with the same playbook is definitely an advantage. I feel comfortable with the plays and the system.”


Wide Receiver Deon Long

On starting practice:

“I’m just excited. I’m excited to get out there and start playing. I’m excited to be playing against some better competition and I’m just looking forward to proving myself.”


On his relationship with quarterback Ricardo Young:

“I wanted to play with him in junior college. We were never on the same team — we were rivals — but we were always good friends. I said, ‘Wherever you’re going, that’s where I’m going.’”


On what he learned from playing in junior college:

“Make it a team thing; don’t make it about you. Even though you might be a featured player, do everything you can to help the team and make everyone around you better.”


On Offensive Coordinator Mike Locksley’s system:

“Playing in the offense at a less-fortunate team at New Mexico, we did a lot of explosive things. With the personnel we have here and the talent we have here, I think [Offensive Coordinator Mike] Locksley can go deep into the playbook and we can run it.”


Quarterback Ricardo Young

On spring football:

“I just want to use this spring to make my team a lot better. We’ve got a lot of young receivers, a lot of good receivers. I want to use this spring to take the time to get them acquainted – actually, to take the time and get myself back acquainted. I feel like I’m a veteran at this now. It should be a good showing from me and we’re just trying to get the team to where we’re going.”


On what he brings to the team:

“I want to bring a leadership role as a quarterback. I’m a guy that’s always going to be in the film room, always diligent in my work. I’m a guy that’s going to go out and try to get it done for you every day. I bring nothing less than 110 percent every day.”


On his relationship with the wide receivers:

“Me, Deon [Long], Stefon [Diggs], Nigel [King] — a lot of those guys that are veterans and have been in it, we have a great rapport. We go out there every single day, and I’m on them every day about being crisp in rotations and route running and sticking and stacking DBs. I’m just really on them about getting in the film room and staying on their course work, and really staying in the game every single day to show nothing less than 110 percent effort. We have a really great rapport. I think that’ll help us a lot when it comes to connecting on certain routes and certain things that we should be on point at.”

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