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Better than the Monday paper: The logical reasons why Bordick, Alomar and Raffy aren’t Orioles HOF’ers

Posted on 21 March 2011 by Drew Forrester

I’ll make quick work of this one.

Mike Bordick isn’t an Orioles Hall of Famer.

Neither is Roberto Alomar.

And neither is Rafael Palmeiro.

At least to me, they’re not.

That’s that.

But I guess it wouldn’t be fair – or thoughtful reading – to just throw those three declarations in there and not at least give some reasoning.

So here it is:

Bordick was a good major league baseball player and had a nice 6-year run (separated by a brief stint in New York) in Baltimore.  Along the way, he had the makings of two very good offensive seasons (for him), which came in 1999 (.277) and 2000 (.297).  He was always more than capable defensively.

But Mike Bordick was a good player – you can use the word “solid” instead of good and I’ll accept that – who had a couple of forgettable seasons and two very good ones for the Orioles.

Hall of Fame worthy?


Was he a quality member of the organization and a good representative of the franchise?

Without question, yes.

But that shouldn’t put him in the team’s Hall of Fame.

Alomar is a much different story, because he is a baseball Hall of Famer…so it only makes sense to just hand-over his Orioles HOF card.  But if you’re measuring Roberto Alomar on three seasons in Baltimore, there’s simply no way he belongs in the Orioles Hall of Fame.

For starters, I’d NEVER vote for someone who played three years in Baltimore unless those three seasons included world championships and league MVP awards or Cy Young honors.  Yes, I’m aware the powers-that-be in the front office say the minimum required stay to be considered for the team’s HOF is 3 years, so technically Robbie is eligible.  3 years?  Really? That’s like saying (continued on next page)

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Here’s My Hall of Fame Suggestion: Take Steroid Era Out of Writers’ Hands

Posted on 07 January 2011 by Glenn Clark

What a wild week.

The Ravens are preparing for an AFC Wild Card playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.

Maryland football introduced former UConn coach Randy Edsall as Ralph Friedgen’s replacement after a very public flirtation with former Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach.

The Orioles (very unfortunately and tragically) saw pitcher Alfredo Simon turn himself into police as the main suspect in a Dominican Republic murder. This of course overshadowed their signing of reliever Kevin Gregg.

On top of that, we’re in the middle of BCS football games, the Washington Capitals won the NHL Winter Classic last Saturday night, and the Terps get their first crack at Duke this season Sunday night at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

In the sports media business, this is the type of week we love, as we spend much of the year looking for topics and storylines to write about and discuss.

Yet somehow this week, I’ve found myself captivated by the discussion surrounding the announcement of the 2011 induction class for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Much of my interest has to do with my personal affection for Roberto Alomar (the greatest Oriole I’ve been able to see play in my lifetime), but more of it has to do with my interest in the process itself.

(Photo courtesy: New York Times)

Former Houston Astros slugger Jeff Bagwell was up for induction for the first time this year. As someone whose height of baseball fandom (I’ve never hidden from the fact that I’m no longer a “baseball guy” at this point in my life) coincided with the peak of Bagwell’s career, there was no doubt in my mind that Bagwell was deserving of induction to the Hall of Fame.

He didn’t have the “can’t miss” numbers (2,314 hits and 449 home runs); but he was clearly amongst the dominant players of his era at his position (four time All-Star, six times a Top 10 finisher in National League MVP voting).

I couldn’t imagine Jeff Bagwell NOT being considered a Hall of Famer.

Yet when Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) voters made their decision, only 41.7% of them agreed with me; more than 30% less than the 75% needed for election.

Jeff Bagwell never tested positive for steroids and no positive link exists whatsoever. Yet the biggest reason Bagwell wasn’t elected remained…steroids.

Here’s what BBWAA voter Dan Graziano (who now writes for Fanhouse) said in his column explaining his decision to NOT vote for Bagwell…

“No, I didn’t vote for Jeff Bagwell for the Hall of Fame. Yes, it’s for the reason everybody loves to hate. I don’t know for sure that Bagwell took steroids or any other performance-enhancing drugs to help him attain his Hall of Fame-caliber numbers. I don’t have evidence, like we do against Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro. But I’m suspicious. And this year, that suspicion was enough to make me send back my ballot without the Bagwell box checked. I’d rather withhold the vote based on suspicion than vote the guy in only to find out later that he cheated and I shouldn’t have.

Graziano explained his decision in further detail Wednesday morning during an appearance with Drew Forrester on “The Morning Reaction” on AM1570 WNST.

“I’ve decided not to vote for the steroid guys” said Graziano. “Bagwell we don’t know. He’s not in the Mitchell Report, he hasn’t tested positive like (former Texas Rangers & Orioles slugger Rafael) Palmeiro did. But there’s enough suspicion on my part that I’m holding back. The suspicion in my mind overcomes his credentials for me as someone who doesn’t want to put cheaters in.

“If it turns out that I’m wrong and he was innocent then he has my apology” Graziano added. “There are people (like SI writer) Joe Posnanski and other high profile people that have written about the Hall of Fame that will tell you ‘I’d rather put in 100 cheaters than risk keeping one innocent guy out.’ I feel exactly the opposite. I’d rather risk keeping an innocent guy or two out than put in a single cheater. And if I find out five years from now, 10 years from now that there’s a guy in there I voted for that I shouldn’t have, that would be my bigger regret.”

That tells me just about everything I needed to know about how voting is going to go in the steroid era.

The BBWAA is going to punt.

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Jeff Idelson

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Baseball Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson says BWAA voters got it right

Posted on 06 January 2011 by Ryan Chell

Thursday afternoon brought the news that Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven were voted into Cooperstown and Baseball’s Hall of Fame, and the president of that exclusive club not only spent his Thursday and Friday welcoming the two into his museum Thursday but also joined Drew Forrester and Glenn Clark on Thursday to share his thoughts regarding his two newest members.

Jeff Idelson

“For both guys, it’s a great day and a very deserving honor,” Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson said. “No real surprise at all because the voting trends have shown that guys who get over that 705 mark almost always are selected the next year.”

Alomar in his second year of eligibilty received 90% of the votes and Blyleven received 79.7% of the vote. Alomar will be the third Puerto Rican inducted into Cooperstown while Blyleven will be the first ever Dutch player to be enshrined in the Hall.

Alomar, who played from 1988-2004 with eight different clubs including the Orioles from 1996-1998, was a 12-time All-Star selection at second base, achieving the mark in every year from 1990-2001.

He won ten Glove Awards-a record for second baseman and was a four-time Silver Slugger Award Winner at second base.

He owns a career .300 batting average(achieving the mark in nine seasons) with 2,724 career base hits and 210 home runs. He had six seasons where he scored 100 runs or more, and had two seasons with 100+ RBI under his belt.

And the resume continues to build, as he was also known as quite the base stealer, having a season where he stole at least 30 bases eight different times.

Blyleven meanwhile spent 22 years in the majors from 1970-1992, where he compiled a 287-250 record, was a two-time All-Star and a two-time World Series Champion with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1979(defeating the Baltimore Orioles in seven games) and 1987 with the Minnesota Twins.

Idelson said that in both cases-but mostly with Alomar-it helped the fact that these two guys played for so many teams in the major leagues that they were able to garner attention from all areas that the National Baseball Writers came from.

“For Robbie Alomar to earn election to the Hall of Fame, he couldn’t have done it without all the stops he made, so for all the fans in all the cities he played in, Alomar is a Hall of Famer for them as well. And when we announced his cap selection this morning, regardless of what team it was, every team should lay claim to him as their Hall of Famer, because he could not have made it to Cooperstown without a stop in that city.”

And all in all, while the best of baseball reside their in Cooperstown and inducting these two guys is certainly not a hard question to answer, it was difficult for Ideson to describe what exactly his building represents to the overall history of baseball.

“The title of our building is the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum,” Idelson said. “And if you walk into any history museum, you would see the history of whatever the museum was representing, and in the case of us, it’s baseball’s relationship with American culture.”

“It’s about the players, it’s about the social issues, it’s about the entirety of the game and how it’s played on the field and how it’s represented in America.”

Continue to follow WNST and WNST as we congratulate former Oriole Roberto Alomar as he is enshrined into Cooperstown! WNST-We Never Stop Talking Baltimore Sports!

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7 Jul 1998:  American League member Roberto Alomar #12 of the Baltimore Orioles swings at a pitch during the All-Star Game at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. The American League defeated the National League 13-8. Mandatory Credit: Jed Jacobsohn  /Allspor

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Morning Reaction Baseball Hall of Fame Voting

Posted on 31 December 2010 by Glenn Clark

Friday on “The Morning Reaction”, we discussed which players on this year’s Baseball Hall of Fame ballot we’d vote “Yes” and “No” to. Here is a rundown of how we voted…

Drew Forrester’s ballot…


Roberto Alomar

7 Jul 1998:  American League member Roberto Alomar #12 of the Baltimore Orioles swings at a pitch during the All-Star Game at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. The American League defeated the National League 13-8. Mandatory Credit: Jed Jacobsohn  /Allspor

Jeff Bagwell

6 Mar 1998:  Jeff Bagwell of the Houston Astros in action during a spring training game against the Detroit Tigers at the Osceola County Stadium in Kissimmee, Florida. The Astros tied the Tigers 4-4. Mandatory Credit: Craig Melvin  /Allsport

Bert Blyleven


Barry Larkin

11 Apr 1998:  Infielder Barry Larkin of the Cincinnati Reds in action during a game against the Colorado Rockies at the Coors Field in Denver, Colorado.  The Reds won the game, 12-5. Mandatory Credit: Brian Bahr  /Allsport

Rafael Palmeiro

Rafael Palmeiro of the Baltimore Orioles during 8-3 loss to the Anaheim Angels at Angel Stadium on Sunday, May 23, 2004 Photo via Newscom

Lee Smith


Harold Baines
Juan Gonzalez
Edgar Martinez
Tino Martinez
Don Mattingly
Fred McGriff
Mark McGwire
Jack Morris
Dale Murphy
Dave Parker
Tim Raines
Alan Trammell
Larry Walker

Glenn Clark’s ballot…


Roberto Alomar

2 Jul 1997: Catcher Mike Lieberthal of the Philadelphia Phillies watches second baseman Roberto Alomar of the Baltimore Orioles swing at the ball during a game at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Orioles. The Orioles won the game 10-6.

Jeff Bagwell

KISSIMMEE, FL - MARCH 6:  First Baseman Jeff Bagwell #5 of the Houston Astros adjusts his batting gloves against the Detroit Tigers during the spring training game at the Osceola County Stadium in Kissimmee, Florida on March 6, 2002.  (Photo by  Andy Lyons /Getty Images)

Bert Blyleven


Fred McGriff

24 Oct 1995: Fred McGriff #27 of the Atlanta Braves hits a home run during a game against the Cleveland Indians at the Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. The Braves defeated the Indians 3-2.

Rafael Palmeiro

2 Jul 1997: First baseman Rafael Palmeiro of the Baltimore Orioles tries to tag out shortstop Kevin Stocker of the Philadelphia Phillies at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. The Orioles won the game 10-6.

Lee Smith


Harold Baines
Juan Gonzalez
Barry Larkin
Edgar Martinez
Tino Martinez
Don Mattingly
Mark McGwire
Jack Morris
Dale Murphy
Dave Parker
Tim Raines
Alan Trammell
Larry Walker

Drew and Glenn agreed that the following players didn’t warrant discussion…

John Olerud, Kevin Brown, B.J. Surhoff, Marquis Grissom, John Franco, Bret Boone, Al Leiter, Benito Santiago, Carlos Baerga, Raul Mondesi, Bobby Higginson, Charles Johnson, Kirk Rueter

If you missed the conversation Friday on “The Morning Reaction” on AM1570 WNST, check the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault here at WNST.net!

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Introducing The "All American League Team" Over The Last 25 Years .....

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Introducing The “All American League Team” Over The Last 25 Years …..

Posted on 21 July 2010 by Rex Snider

Well, Allen McCallum and I spent the better part of Tuesday’s show discussing the American League’s best players over the last quarter century. Of course, we agreed on some and disagreed on just as many.

Below, find my list of offensive players. Tomorrow, I’ll post the pitching staff. Just remember, IT ONLY COVERS THE SPAN OF 1985-2010 …..

Catcher – Ivan Rodriguez

You could probably make an argument for a few different backstops, but “PUDGE” has simply been the best catcher in the American League during this time span. The AL-only numbers are undeniable – 2477 hits, 281 homeruns and a .301 batting average.

Figure in 13 Gold Gloves and 14 All Star appearances, in the American League, and it’s easy to see he is absolutely unrivaled. Yeah, he obviously used PED’s, but he was damn good when he was skinnier than a rail.

First Base – Rafael Palmeiro

Don’t say STEROIDS. I don’t wanna hear it. Plenty of players used, Palmeiro simply got caught. His career achievements are almost exclusive to the criteria – American League (1985-2010) …..

I don’t even see a close second, with one exception. Don’t despair “Big Hurt” fans, he made the list. Just wait a little while …..

Second Base – Roberto Alomar

Hello, McFly ??? This might be the single greatest Hall Of Fame injustice of the last 25 years. Roberto Alomar is not only the greatest second baseman of the last quarter century, he’s arguably among the five best players of the cited generation.

Yep, he was THAT GOOD …..

Third Base – Wade Boggs

Did you play baseball during Bogg’s heyday? If so, don’t tell me you didn’t try eating CHICKEN before a half dozen straight games …. before figuring out DIET really had nothing to do with it. Boggs was probably among the three very best hitters of the last 25 years – regardless of league.

Here we are a couple decades removed from the Margo Adams debacle. Remember her? I wonder what she looks like TODAY? She was the one HIT & RUN the hitting champ would prefer to forget. If she happened today, it would be a non-issue.

Wade Boggs was a hitting machine …. on and off the field. And, he’s the American League’s best third baseman, since 1985.

Shortstop – Alex Rodriguez

Shoot me !!!! Dump my body in the nearest landfill …..

Whatever your heart says, the sobering truth is A’Rod is the American League’s best shortstop of the last 25 years. He hasn’t played the position in nearly 7 years and he still has more hits, homeruns, rbi and steals than any other A.L. shortstop of the last quarter century.

Outfield (not by specific position) – Ichiro Suzuki

He has achieved monumental accomplishments in the span of ONE decade. In fact, Ichiro hasn’t finished playing his 10th full season, yet. But, he’s collected 2151 hits, 363 steals and a .332 batting average. At this rate, he’ll collect his 3000th hit approximately halfway thru his 14th season.

Can you imagine if he would’ve arrived on the scene before his 27th birthday, or if he played in a better lineup? Throw in 10 All Star appearances and 9 Gold Gloves (in 9 full seasons) and Ichiro is arguably the GREATEST PLAYER of the last 25 years.

Outfield – Manny Ramirez

Love him, hate him …. he’s among the very best of the American League’s STARS over the last quarter century …..

A.L. stats alone – 2318 hits, 510 homeruns and a .313 batting average. Throw in a couple World Championships, and it’s pretty hard to deny Manny Ramirez’s pedigree. And, there is a concrete argument suggesting that he doesn’t always play his hardest. After all, Manny is usually being Manny, right?

Outfield – Ken Griffey Jr.

I originally omitted him from the list. But, Junior has enjoyed a better A.L.-only resume’ than Rickey Henderson over the duration of the last 25 years. If the consideration was the last 30 years, it might be different. However, it’s not …..

Of course, Junior hit the scene with an energy and power display that made many of us think he would re-write history. That didn’t happen, but he’s still among the 3 best A.L. outfielders of the last 25 years. In 14 American League seasons, he racked up 1877 hits, 420 bombs and a .291 batting average. Toss in 10 Gold Gloves and just as many All Star appearances, and he’s a notable choice over the likes of Rickey Henderson.

Yeah, I know the RICKEY arguments are coming. Don’t waste your time. As I said, we’re talking about the last 25 years, which means you’ve gotta wipe away the first half dozen seasons of Rickey’s career. Thus, since 1985, he was a slightly above average hitting A.L. outfielder – with 1754 hits, 475 steals and a .278 batting average. Include 6 All Star appearances and ZERO Gold Gloves and Rickey simply doesn’t shape up to Griffey’s achievements.

Designated Hitter – Frank Thomas

I told you the BIG HURT would make the list. After all, he’s arguably the most prolific power hitter of the last 25 years. He could hit the ball 500 feet. Yet, he was disciplined. You don’t wanna throw Frank a strike? No problem, he’d gladly drop his stick and trot down to first base. Count ’em – 1667 walks, while only whiffing 1397 times. That’s remarkable for a hitter who averaged 35+ homers, per season.

Much to my good friend Allen McCallum’s chagrin, the WALK defines a huge part of the Big Hurt’s pedigree. Allen penalizes Thomas for not being more of a ‘swinger, while feeling he should’ve been more aggressive, especially as a #3 hitter. I wholeheartedly disagree. Regardless of batting position, what’s the one thing we know? In fact, what’s a bigger KILLER than heroin and crack, combined? FREAKIN’ WALKS. Ask any pitcher !!!!

Frank Thomas amassed 2468 hits, 521 homers and a .301 batting average in 19 seasons. He’s a first ballot Hall Of Famer. And, if has a hair on his rear-end, he’ll call this guy and ask him to make the introduction, at Cooperstown …..

And, while we’re at it, lets refute the Edgar Martinez talk, right now. Along with Bret Boone and Jay Buhner, Edgar suddenly found the “Fountain Of Youth” (or Primobolan and Winstrol) as he neared his 30th birthday. Yeah, I know plenty of the guys in this blog USED. But, at least they were good at some point before they found “help.” Who has their best seasons between ages 32-37 ??? Hmmm …. how about Hulk Hogan, Barry Bonds and Edgar Martinez. Gimme a break …..

Lets look at Martinez before 30 …..


Now, lets look at Martinez after his 32nd birthday …..


Like I said, plenty of players used performance enhancing drugs. There is no getting around it. I just think some guys really developed an edge they’d never realized, prior to the usage. And, a core sect of those type of players were on a team in the Pacific Northwest.

It surely wasn’t the coffee …..

Tomorrow, I’ll do the American League pitching staff.

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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 25 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Thursday!

It’s a Happy Thursday for me because of Alicia Keys’ pants…

Highlights of the night (sorry I don’t have video from the actual show) included Alicia’s “Put It In a Love Song” (you know, the song she did with Beyonce on her new record)…

and Robin Thicke doing the tune “Shakin’ It For Daddy” (How could I have POSSIBLY NOT KNOWN ABOUT THIS?!?!?)

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. MLB.com’s Alden Gonzalez says Brian Matusz shaky over 6 innings as Orioles fell to Cardinals

Not to put any unnecessary pressure on Brian Matusz, but…ummm….you’re not allowed to be shaky.

Like, ever.

I know this seems ridiculous, but you’re our bastian of hope. We really need you to be Tom Glavine as soon as….this season. I know you weren’t bad yesterday, but we can’t afford for you to even be shaky.

After the last 13 years, we’re a fragile bunch. We’re going to need you to be perfect.

And in fairness, we put the same expectation level on “Battlestar Galactica” actress Grace Park, and she managed to live up to the expectations (Thanks WWTDD)…..


2. The AP says Miguel Tejada’s probation extended 6 months or until he completes community service

Let’s go ahead and get it out of the way….

“No, playing for the Orioles does NOT count as community service, even if it IS more degrading than collecting trash along the highway.”

Sorry, I had to get that out of the way.

Look, do I think it’s a bit odd that Miguel Tejada had an entire offseason to finish his community service requirements and was unable to do it? Yeah, I do. BUT, it is totally possible that Tejada assumed that something he did WOULD be approved as community service, only to have his probation officer tell him it wouldn’t be approved.

As far as his trip to help earthquake victims in Haiti is concerned, it would be my assumption that because he was convicted of a federal crime, the community service would have to be performed in the United States.

Hopefully someone in Sarasota will actually ask him about the situation today before (or after) the Birds play the Yankees. Guess what! You can actually see today’s game on MASN, too!

Which I guess means they ran out of episodes of the East Carolina basketball show…

3. Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal says O’s farm director David Stockstill to be replaced by brother John Stockstill, others

Rosenthal says the organization was frustrated with some of how Stockstill was doing his job.

In a related story, I’m personally frustrated with much of how the organization has done THEIR job.

This is absolutely an important role within the organization, and while it’s a bit odd that Andy MacPhail would make this decision as Spring Training closes and with Opening Day just around the corner-I don’t think it’s something we really need to look too far into.

Of course, I’ve thought a lot of things in my day. Like when I thought I could possibly eat 33 Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in one sitting. I should have known I’d tap out at 27.

4. WNST.net’s Rex Snider says Rafael Palmeiro, Roberto Alomar belong in Orioles Hall of Fame

These are certainly “great debate” topics. Frankly, if the Orioles Advocates are going to put Johnny Oates in the Hall of Fame-there’s NO argument that Roberto Alomar can’t be in. Johnny Oates was a mediocre manager for four seasons (even if he was a nice guy) while Roberto Alomar was a TREMENDOUS player for three seasons. It negates the “he wasn’t here long enough” argument.

As far as Rafael Palmeiro is concerned, I think he has to be in-but I understand the argument. If you’d just rather not put someone who caused the organization such public embarrassment in, I don’t know that I can argue too much. HOWEVER-Palmeiro also was the source of some of the better moments over the last 20 seasons as well. It’s a legitimate debate.

Sort of like “Is that chick Pauley Perrette from NCIS hot?”|


I honest to God can’t say for sure.

5. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says former Syracuse WR Mike Williams will work out for Ravens Monday

What is it about the name Mike Williams and the NFL Draft?

First there was the USC receiver who tried to follow the Maurice Clarett path out of college football, only to have his path to the Draft stopped by a judge and his path BACK to the Trojans stopped by the NCAA. After being drafted by the Lions, he eventually got too fat to play the position and had to leave the league entirely.

Then there was the Offensive Tackle from Texas who was selected 4th overall by the Bills, then ballooned up to over 400 pounds before eventually being “rescued” by the Washington Redskins. (Oxy moron?) Despite being a Top 5 pick, Williams has been named to as many Pro Bowls as Intern Super Jack.

Now, there’s another Mike Williams-and he already comes in with question marks after leaving the Orange halfway through the season. I don’t think it’s fair to just naturally assume that means he’s on his way to NFL Draft bust-dom; but it certainly can’t bode well.

I think the only name that would bode worse would be “Tony Mandarich.”

6. The Sun’s Mike Preston says Michael McCrary to work with Terrell Suggs, Ravens pass rushers

This is a logical fit-all legal issues aside. The Ravens use a number of volunteer coaches during Training Camp (when he’s not apologizing for Cincinnati Bearcats basketball, Brad “It’s Your Boy” Jackson has spent plenty of time doing the same thing); and it is certainly good to have other guys around who already knows what it means to “Play Like a Raven.”

Of course, I’d like to have Rob Fahey around more often to help us learn how to “Play Like a Ravyn.”

7. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Jared Gaither now plans to report to offseason program Monday

Thank God! Civic crisis over!!!

In fairness, it will be good to have Jared Gaither in Owings Mills this offseason. That being said, I don’t think it will get Ozzie Newsome too much closer to getting a contract extension done.

I really believe that at this point, the Ravens are comfortable with the idea that Gaither can play an anchor tackle position for a team that has a chance to win a Super Bowl. While attempting to deal him for a high pick in the NFL Draft is a nice idea, I don’t think it’s particularly realistic at this point-and I don’t think playing an unproven RT (say, Oniel Cousins) is the best bet for a team trying to make sure they win the AFC North this season.

8. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Ryan Mink says team looked at Shay Hodge, Dexter McCluster, Greg Hardy, etc. at Ole Miss Pro Day

All of whom are interesting prospects. Hodge is mid-sized receiver (6’1″) who should be available a bit later in the Draft-and would have to be at least a bit intriguing to the Ravens as the weekend progresses.

McCluster is a back EVERYONE is talking about, as he is as much a good pass catcher and route runner as he is a solid ball carrier. Is he as complete as Ray Rice? Maybe not, but he sure as hell is an interesting player-even if there isn’t necessarily a natural role for him in Baltimore right now.

And Hardy was a SLAM DUNK 1st round choice before injury, but certainly could still be a pass rush monster at the next level. If you’re not aware, the Ravens could use some help in that area.

If you missed Drew Forrester’s interviews with Draft prospects Brandon Ghee (Wake Forest CB) and Devin McCourty (Rutgers CB) today on “The Comcast Morning Show”, check out the Audio Vault at WNST.net.

9. UMTerps.com previews tonight’s WNIT matchup between Terrapins women, Providence at Comcast Center

If you’re looking for something to do tonight, wander down to College Park and root out Brenda Frese’s gals as they continue their attempt to salvage their season.

Unrelated, the NCAA Tournament continues tonight-and I’ll of course be rooting for Syracause-not because I’m a fan of the Orange; but because I picked them to win the entire NCAA Tournament in the in-house bracket here at 1550 Hart Rd. Of course, Luke Jones did as well, so I’m also going to need West Virginia to lose in the process.

One thing I know for sure. I’m NOT losing to Intern Genna! Now, for absolutely no reason at all-here’s a picture of Intern Genna kissing a friend of hers that I found while Facebook stalking. I’ll leave it up here until AT LEAST when she asks me to take it down. Maybe later than that.


10. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Maryland LB Alex Wujciak healthy this Spring, ready to help lead defense

It’s on him and Adrian Moten. They’ll need to be both the physical and emotional leaders of a defensive unit that showed some signs of improvement down the stretch last season, but was still woefully incomplete.

Does anyone have a recruiting update on Connor Wujciak, by the way?

11. Mary Washington Official Site says Eagles fell 11-4 to Stevenson in lacrosse

Which means the ‘Stangs are now 8-0. They return to action Saturday with a big game against Top 10 Roanoke at 1pm over at Caves Athletic Complex. It’s ABSOLUTELY worth checking out if you’re in town.

12. TowsonTigers.com says football season tickets go on sale next Thursday

So….make sure you get yours early???

In all seriousness, Tigers football is a VERY affordable option for your sports entertainment dollar. Season tickets start at just $50.

While we’re on the subject of tickets-I’ve realized that in order to get any sort of reasonable tickets to the U2 show in Philadelphia this July-I’m going to have to use a secondhand site and pay between $100 and $150 for tickets. I’ll be happy to do it-but only If I’m guaranteed they’ll close the show with “Bad.”

And finally, I leave you with this.

Josh Smith did this last night. You didn’t. He’s better than you.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Orioles Hall Of Fame Excludes Palmeiro & Alomar - I Don't Get It ....

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Orioles Hall Of Fame Excludes Palmeiro & Alomar – I Don’t Get It ….

Posted on 24 March 2010 by Rex Snider

On Monday, the Orioles announced 2010’s Hall Of Fame inductees. The list includes former pitching coach, Ray Miller, as well as former manager, Johnny Oates. A hearty congratulations to Ray and Johnny’s family …..

When these latest inductees were announced, I was a little surprised. It’s certainly my oversight, but I think of players prior to anyone else ….. and I think some pretty deserving on-field contributors await the team’s distinction. In fact, as Allen McCallum can attest, I’ve been openly campaigning for Rafael Palmeiro and Roberto Alomar for more than a month.

Better yet, lets be accurate, I’ve really been feeding the “Palmeiro – Orioles Hall Of Fame” rumblings, since around January 25th – just a couple days removed from the confirmed reacquisition of Miguel Tejada. And, to dispel any suspicions, I wasn’t being a smartass about it.

I honestly believe Rafael Palmeiro belongs in the BALTIMORE ORIOLES HALL OF FAME …..

Yet, for the past couple years, I’ve bought the common impression and assumption that the Orioles organization is trying to distance itself from any tie to the albatross known as PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS. I don’t blame them …. and if such a standard existed, I would understand and respect it.

That said, it’s hard for me to believe the Orioles really have such an unspoken standard – if they’re paying Miguel Tejada $6 million to bring his “bag of tricks” back to this clubhouse and in a uniform.

I wholeheartedly believe Miguel Tejada will be a benefit to this 2010 Baltimore Orioles lineup. Call him a “stopgap” (I’ve only heard this term 748,529 times in a few months) or whatever else, he makes the lineup better, in the short term.

And, I don’t wanna beatup on Tejada’s character, while rooting for him to drive in runs – in less than two weeks. It seems kinda hypocritical to me.

Yet, when the Orioles announce another Hall Of Fame class, brimming with freakin’ COACHES, and still without one of the organization’s greatest players EVER, I’m compelled to be honest about the situation. It’s deserving of conversation and dissection.

Just as we hold the Baseball Writers accountable for their decisions on who merits a day in Cooperstown, I believe it’s imperative to learn WHO contributes to the consensus on the Orioles annual induction of immortals. Who decided on this year’s class?

I don’t wanna hear the convenient “Orioles Advocates” response, either. Who are they?

According to the Orioles Advocates website, the team’s Hall Of Fame process is conducted by board members and “prominent media members.” I’ll asume that I don’t work with any “prominent” media members, at WNST. But, I’ll check …..

I honestly feel we have a rightful expectation to know who to lobby for this cause. If it wasn’t important, the Orioles Hall Of Fame wouldn’t exist and the organization wouldn’t dump money and effort into it.

Do Orioles Advocates board members and “prominent media members” make selections and run ’em up the flag pole, to see if the Orioles organization is comfortable with the choices? I would think so. And, I don’t blame the Orioles, one bit, if they have such an enforcement arm.

If I stood in the shoes of Mr. Angelos, I would want final say on selections for the team’s Hall Of Fame. After all, the selections represent the franchise and the franchise has a public face and image. I get that – I really do. If the two entities (the Orioles & Orioles Advocates) are associated in this endeavor, the team needs final say.

But, tell us.

The Orioles Hall Of Fame will be a significant part of this city’s history – just as much as the resume’ of players who play for the team and wear BALTIMORE across their chests, whenever they visit another city. For me, its very much about civic pride.

Some folks might read this far, while assuming I’m on a mission to stir up controversy. I’m really not …..

If the organization was in a spot where the only alumni worthy of enshrinement was coaches, I would understand – while also admitting a tad bit of embarrassment, in front of the baseball world. How does this look to people in New York, Minnesota or Boston?

Ahh, in truth, they don’t even know. After all, I don’t know who the Twins are inducting, this year. But, I’ll go out on a limb and predict it’s a PLAYER. I’ll just check …..

Well, it was a pretty simple search …..

That’s right, on September 9th, the Minnesota Twins will be inducting Joe Mauer into the team’s Hall Of Fame. He’s definitely deserving. In fact, rumors persist that the state will be renamed MAUERsota, on the same day.

Whow, whoa ….. I’m just kidding. No need to cite or reference this anywhere else ….. if you know what I mean.

In truth, the Minnesota Twins will be inducting Greg Gagne into the team’s Hall Of Fame, on September 9th. You remember him, right? He was a rather light hitting shortstop, who averaged 105 hits, 9 homers and 10 steals, in 8 seasons with the Twins. For the record, Gagne also got caught stealing nearly as many times …..

My first impression of Greg Gagne is he’s not really one of the GREATER Twins. But, it’s Minnesota’s deal.

I’m sure the Orioles have former players with Gagne’s achievements, who are on the outside looking into the team’s Hall Of Fame. Heck, they have even more stalward candidates.

The likes of Roberto Alomar and Rafael Palmeiro are evidently not worthy enough – or mitigating reasons keep them out. Of course, it’s the latter. We’re not stupid, we get it.

However, I’ve maintained and I still maintain that some sort of STANDARD or degree of morality should be exercised on the current Orioles team, if such a character measurement exists for personnel who will be Orioles “life longers” forever.

What’s the difference?

If somebody in the Warehouse is comfortable in saying “we don’t want steroids in the team’s Hall Of Fame, but we’re okay with having steroids on the present-day team,” I’ve got a problem with that. Hanging an alleged steroid user’s plaque on the wall, in the Club Section, won’t hurt anyone. Yet, acquiring a player who used and distributed steroids is very compromising to the team’s fragile and impressionable young cast.

Have you considered the immediate future of this guy?

Rafael Palmeiro has no influence on Matt Wieters and his array of young teammates. Miguel Tejada does have influence over them. To be fair, it could be a positive, as well as a negative influence. But, the opportunity exists.

I’d be much more worried about the current Orioles culture, as opposed to recognizing former standouts for a day of pomp and circumstance, in late summer.

I’m not sitting in front of this computer and magically absolving Rafael Palmeiro of any misconduct or sins of the game. That era is etched in history and it will never go away. But, when do you move beyond it?

Rafael Palmeiro collected the five most productive seasons of any Orioles player, ever. That was during his first stint with the team and I’m inclined to think he was a different “player” at that time, if you know what I mean ….

Do you really need to hear him baring his soul? What will it do – beyond potentially revealing a dark period of his life, while humiliating his wife and kids? Miguel Tejada did the same thing – but we’ll be cheering for him in two weeks.

You wanna split hairs? Okay – a urine test caught Palmeiro and Congress caught Tejada.

In fact, if Palmeiro comes out and SAYS ANYTHING, he’ll be caught by Congress, too …..

If there is one guy who merits a best interest in keeping his mouth shut on the issue, it’s Rafael Palmeiro. Anybody in his shoes would do the very same thing.

Yet, he’s a convenient target for fans and media who are bent on driving the Steroids Era down our collective throats, again, and again, and again. I suspect Rafael Palmeiro might end up carrying most of the baggage for guys who did the same thing as him.

What’s the difference between Palmeiro and Brian Roberts? I’m serious …..

We don’t believe Rafael Palmeiro took a tainted supplement, right? But, we also don’t believe Brian Roberts tried steroids just one time, either. Well, at least most of us don’t believe that story. But, we’re looking forward to Brian Roberts leading off for this Orioles lineup.

And, Brian will be in the Orioles Hall Of Fame someday. Heck, he might be there before Rafael Palmeiro gets the nod.

If we knew who to question, in a respectful manner, it might shed some light on the legitimacy of the Orioles Hall Of Fame election process. Perhaps, we would have a clearer understanding on criteria and protocol. And, we might learn about Rafael Palmeiro’s true chances of joining the “club.”

I think we deserve a transparent process.

If Rafael Palmeiro and Roberto Alomar are not deserving of plaques at Camden Yards, so be it …..

But, those who render such a decision should be compelled to defend it.

The absence of really knowing the system and procedure yielding the Orioles Hall Of Fame process makes it kinda like the decicions Vince McMahon makes whenever his World Wrestling Entertainment company holds another event.

We know wrestling is fake, but we’ve trusted that everything about baseball is real.

This would include annual selections of the Orioles Hall Of Famers. Like I said, we deserve that much …..

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Comcast Morning Show Tuesday Top 7

Posted on 16 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

This morning Drew and Glenn both decided on seven things they would take in exchange for Duke winning the NCAA Tournament.

Drew’s List

7. A driving range in back of the station (only for WNST employees)

6. The Ravens make the AFC Championship Game in 2010

5. Towson and Loyola make the NCAA Tournament in 2011

4. Tiger Woods wins the 2010 Masters

3. Morgan State wins 2 games in the tournament this year

2. The Washington Capitals make the Stanley Cup finals

1. The Orioles are within 5 games of the playoffs on 9/1/10

Glenn’s List

7. A date with Becky Cox

6. A Chick-Fil-A opens in the basement of the WNST studios

5. Roberto Alomar makes the Hall of Fame this summer on a re-vote

4. The Terps win the 2010 Lax National Title

3. The USA makes the World Cup Final

2. Andy Roddick wins Wimbledon

1. A new 18,000 seat arena is built in Baltimore; U2 plays the first show

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 29 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Friday!

It’s a Happy Friday for me because Reggie Bush’s girlfriend (@KimKardashian) likes to update her Twitter account….


She seems nice.

Let’s see what everyone has to say today…..

1. Ravens Official Site’s Ryan Mink says Jermaine Gresham, Dez Bryant, Brandon LaFell, Syd’Quan Thompson, Golden Tate, Arrelious Benn, Brandon Spikes, Damian Williams all mocked to Ravens

Oh thank God. MORE NFL DRAFT PORN!!!!!


It would be easy to dismiss a player like Brandon Spikes (besides his off-field troubles) by saying “the Ravens NEED a WR. They’re taking a WR.” But that just isn’t necessarily true. The Ravens WILL again take the best player available (like they did a season ago when they took Michael Oher despite needing a receiver), I just think it would be best served for everyone involved if the best player available at the time WAS a receiver.

2. The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says John Harbaugh thinks Jarret Johnson Pro Bowl snub each of last 2 seasons

No one is going to disagree, are they?

But as was the case with Haloti Ngata this season, players are often rewarded the season AFTER their breakout year. They tend to have to build a reputation at positions where stats can’t tell the story. What Jarret Johnson (and possibly Michael Oher & Ben Grubbs as well) did this season should help him earn a trip to the Pro Bowl next season.

3. ESPN.com’s James Walker says Jamal Lewis, Todd Heap, Jonathan Ogden, Matt Stover, Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Chris McAlister and Ed Reed “all-decade” players in AFC North

I guess I was a bit surprised that Terrell Suggs made this list-but there are no arguments from me here at all. I was a bit surprised Walker left Haloti Ngata off his “others considered” list at D-Line, but there have been a LOT of really good D-Linemen in the AFC North this decade.

Insert your own “Where’s Kyle Boller?” joke here.

4. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says late Millikan’s tenure began pavement on road to Terps’ eventual NCAA Championship

Clearly the influence Coach Millikan had on Gary Williams could be seen throughout Williams’ tenure in College Park-and Luke is right to point out that it was evident in how Gary brought together a group of kids headlined by Juan Dixon and Lonny Baxter to cut down the nets in April 2002.

It has certainly been a tough year for the entire athletic department, as they have lost former athletic director James Kehoe, as well as major boosters Jack Heise, Thomas Fields, and Bob Novak.

5. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Maryland has reached NCAA Tournament last 12 times they started ACC play 4-1

And since the NCAA Tournament was expanded, it makes nothing but a lot of sense that a team that starts 4-1 should still be alive come March Madness. In the ACC, you would have to go 4-7 or worse the rest of the way to miss dancing.

But they do HAVE to get those wins. Their quest to do that continues Sunday night at Clemson-the game can be seen on Comcast SportsNet locally, Fox Sports Net nationally.

6. Maryland Official Site says Lori Bjork scored 22 points to lead Terrapins women past Virginia Tech in Blacksburg

This was a much needed victory for Brenda Frese’s crew last night after 3 straight losses. If Lori Bjork is developing into a go-to player for them, they will be in a much better place moving forward. Now they make an odd trip to Longwood Sunday before returning to ACC play next Friday against Georgia Tech.

7. The AP says Greyhounds couldn’t hang on late, fell to Fairfield at Reitz Arena

REALLY tough way to lose a winnable game at home against a pretty good MAAC foe. The Hounds hung tight for 35 minutes, but couldn’t finish the Stags off at the end. Jimmy Patsos’ crew will have to bounce back on Sunday afternoon, as Niagara pays a visit to Reitz Arena.

8. The Sun’s Peter Schmuck believes Birds will DFA Armando Gabino to make room for Mark Hendrickson

I had guessed Cla Meredith. I guess I could see why the O’s would have more interest in keeping Meredith than they would in Gabino. The real question will really be what will happen with Alberto Castillo now that the Birds have another left handed reliever in Hendrickson.

9. Seattle Post Intelligencer’s Todd Dybas says Erik Bedard likely 3-5 months away from being down with rehab

There were also rumors yesterday that the Royals were interested in Bedard. Which might mean that for once in recent MLB history-there is a player who might actually be HOPING for an offer from Baltimore.

I’d be fine with the Orioles taking a flyer on Bedard-as long as that flyer doesn’t cost more than maybe $4 million. If he can return in May, he might be able to offer some help to this staff.

That being said, Andy MacPhail clearly painted the picture that the team would not be bringing in any more outside FA’s. Of course, if Bedard remains on the market, that could always change.

10. Toronto Sun’s Steve Green says former Orioles 2B Roberto Alomar to be inducted into Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

Which doesn’t make up….AT ALL….for the travesty that was Alomar missing out on Cooperstown a couple weeks ago.

Humorously, I think Pete Rose is in the Canadian Hall of Fame as well.

11. The Sun’s Candus Thomson says despite missing Olympics, Kimmie Meissner hopes to compete again

In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying Kiira Korpi from Finland during the Vancouver….


12. The Sun’s Katherine Dunn says MIAA in talks to merge with Washington Catholic Athletic Conference in football

Can someone with actual experience here tell me how they feel about this? Having gone to Perry Hall, this doesn’t mean a whole lot to me-but I don’t think I would like it…

And finally, I leave you with this.

Andy Murray will face Roger Federer for the Australian Open title tomorrow night (which I believe is actually sometime in 2020 in Melbourne). If he hits a shot like this one he hit against Maran Cilic, he can’t be beat.

Talk to you this weekend.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983….


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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 18 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

Honorable MentionWomen’s College Basketball: Miami @ Maryland (Thursday 7pm Comcast Center), Duke @ Maryland (Sunday 8pm from Comcast Center live on Comcast SportsNet locally/Fox Sports Net nationally); Boxing: Steve Luevano vs. Juan Manuel Lopez (Saturday 9:45pm from New York live on HBO); High School Basketball: Carver @ Perry Hall (Tuesday 5:15pm), C. Milton Wright @ Aberdeen (Tuesday 6:45pm), Edgewood @ Havre de Grace (Tuesday 6:45pm)

10-Jeff Dunham (Thursday 7:30pm Verizon Center), Cheap Trick (Saturday 8pm Rams Head Live), Cheech & Chong (Saturday 8pm Meyerhoff Symphony Hall), George Strait and Reba McEntire (Friday 7:30pm 1st Mariner Arena)

Yeah, so, these guys are pretty funny……

And these guys are ABSOLUTELY one of the most underrated bands in American history….

And while I have NO interest in seeing Reba, I’ve needed an excuse to post this little piece of SNL brilliance in a blog….

9-Maryland State Cheer & Dance Championship (Saturday 8am 1st Mariner Arena)

Look, if the people involved in this competition looked like this, this would be Number 1 on the list…


But since I’m PRETTY sure the people are involved are going to look more like this…..


…..so only Ray Bachman will be excited.

And NOT because he’s a pedophile-his girl coaches cheerleaders, so he’s sorta been forced into their world.

You guys are sick.

8-College Football: East West Shrine Game (Saturday 3pm from Orlando live on ESPN2)


Maybe you guys aren’t as big of Draft nerds as I am, but you should be. I mean, what if Blair White completely goes off on Saturday? Could he be a Baltimore Raven next season? Holy crap I’m excited.

Maybe even more excited than when we stopped near Columbus for food Friday on the way to Indianapolis and I managed to find this……



7-Golf: Bob Hope Classic (Wednesday-Friday 3pm, Saturday & Sunday 4pm from La Quinta, CA live on Golf Channel)

Oh, Bob Hope…..

Wait, did I just put Golf on this list? GOLF? There better be a Tiger Woods whore picture coming….

HEY! Here’s Loredana Jolie!!!!


Everything is better now.

6-NBA: Mavericks @ Wizards (Wednesday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Heat @ Wizards (Friday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Clippers @ Wizards (Sunday 1pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet)

Since the ‘Zards stink, I have an idea of how they can still make our WNST bus trip to DC entertaining. I think Flip Saunders just channel WWE Champion Sheamus and put Mark Cuban THROUGH A TABLE……

Of course, it’s not quite as good as when the Dudley Boyz used to put 80 year old women through tables…..

5-NHL: Red Wings @ Capitals (Tuesday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Capitals @ Penguins (Thursday 7:30pm from Pittsburgh live on Comcast SportsNet and NHL Network), Coyotes @ Capitals (Saturday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet)

Ugh. I don’t even root for the Caps and I feel bad for them for having to go to Pittsburgh. What an awful place.

I mean seriously, what the hell is THIS?!?!?!


Have you heard the story about how people have gone to see the movie Avatar and then gone into depression because our world isn’t like Pandora? Pittsburgh is a lot like that. People go there and immediately don’t want to kill themselves anymore because they realize life isn’t so bad.

And since we’re talking about Avatar, here’s a picture of Zoe Saldana. Don’t say I never did anything for you.


4-Soccer: Team USA vs. Honduras (Saturday 9pm from Carson, CA live on Fox Soccer Channel), Baltimore Blast @ Milwaukee Wave (Saturday 7pm streamed live on B2liveTV.com)

Can things get worse for the Red, White & Blue? First Charlie Davies, then Oguchi Onyewu, now Clint Dempsey? Who the hell is gonna be left to play? Soccer Dog?!?!?


3-Tennis: Australian Open (Tuesday 3am & 9pm, Wednesday 3am & 11pm, Thursday & Friday 3am & 9pm, Saturday 3am & 10pm, Sunday 3am & 7pm, Monday 3:30am & 9pm live on ESPN2; Tuesday-Monday 7pm live on Tennis Channel. All tennis from Melbourne, AUS)

Thank god Andy Roddick is still around, because I was about ready to give up after Maria Sharapova was eliminated.

Of course, my all time favorite Australian Open eye candy remains former champion Mary Pierce…..


And no, it’s NOT just because she was engaged to Roberto Alomar….

2-College Basketball: Longwood @ Maryland (Tuesday 8pm from Comcast Center live on Comcast SportsNet PLUS), NC State @ Maryland (Saturday 6pm from Comcast Center live on ESPN2); Northeastern @ Towson (Wednesday 7pm Towson Center), George Mason @ Towson (Saturday 4pm from Towson Center live on MASN); New Hampshire @ UMBC (Thursday 7pm RAC Arena), Boston U @ UMBC (Sunday 1pm RAC Arena); Delaware State @ Morgan State (Saturday 4pm Hill Field House), UMES @ Morgan State (Monday 7:30pm Hill Field House); UMES @ Coppin State (Saturday 4pm Coppin State Physical Education Complex), Delaware State @ Coppin State (Monday 7:30pm Coppin State Physical Education Complex)

Heh. You said “Longwood.”

Oh, North Carolina State. Remember when your fans were SO EXCITED to see Sidney Lowe replace Herb Sendek? How’s that worked out for you???

You know, other than no longer having a coach who looked like he was from Whoville……


1-NFL Playoffs: AFC Championship Game: Jets @ Colts (Sunday 3:30pm from Indianapolis live on CBS), NFC Championship Game: Vikings @ Saints (Sunday 6:40pm from New Orleans live on FOX)

Unlike the rest of Charm City, I’m really NOT rooting for Rex Ryan, Bart Scott, Jim Leonhard, etc. You see, they play in New York-and that’s where the Yankees play. That being said, I would never……EVER…..root for the Colts. Ever. So I’ll be rooting for both teams to lose.

In the NFC, I actually really still dig Brett Favre, so it’s hard to root against him. BUT, Heather Rothstein roots for the Saints…..


So…..WHO DAT?!?!?!?

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983……


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