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Bud Selig feels your pain

Posted on 11 July 2012 by Adam McCallister

Have you had your feelings hurts?  Have you hit a tough stretch and need to turn your frown upside down?  Your best buddy Bud Selig is ready to give you a great big bear hug and change a rule if he needs to.

While the All-Star game provided insomnia sufferers the best night of sleep since the Yanni music fest it also provided more proof why Bud Selig doesn’t have a clue.

During Monday night’s home run derby the Yankees Robinson Cano was booed continuously by the Kansas City faithful.  Unhappy with Cano’s decision in not choosing Royals all star designated hitter Billy Butler they booed every time the Yankees name was announced and cheered every time Cano recorded an out.  No big deal the home team fans are supposed to react that way.  Baltimore fans nearly 20 years later we still despise Cito Gaston for not putting Mike Mussina in the 1993 All-Star game.  The game was held in our city and in our stadium and this guy from Canada snubs our guy (at the time).  Hell hath no fury like Charm City fans scorn!  Subsequently Gaston was booed ferociously every time he came back to Baltimore.

Similar scenario happened last year when the All-Star game was held in Arizona.  Diamondbacks fans let Prince Fielder know their displeasure when he didn’t choose Justin Upton.  During an interview Tuesday Bud Selig said “We’ll talk about (changing the rules), I felt very badly last night. I felt badly last year for Prince. This was tough.”

The rule that Selig is alluding to is the home run derby rule that allows the captain to pick their own team.  His new rule change would mean that the host team would automatically have a participant in the derby if there is a representative of that team in the game.  Thereby eliminating the controversy caused by Cano’s decision or Fielder from the year before.  Giving the home fans their guy to root for during the hitting exhibition.

On the surface I have no problem with this idea.  He wants to alter a rule for a competition that means absolutely nothing.  Bud if you want to make sure the home team has a guy at the plate that’s cool with me.  If you want the bat boy to take a swing or the mascot to pitch blindfolded go for it.  At the end of the day it means zilch.  It doesn’t affect the standings or decide home field advantage.  Go for it Bud you’ve got my blessing.

What doesn’t make any sense is that while Bud is concerned about Robinson Cano or Prince Fielder getting their feelings hurt, it appears he is happy to offer the same close minded position on the use of video replay.  Selig’s response was that most people don’t want it.  Clearly Bud listens as well to his audience as Justin Bieber obeys speed limits.

Mr. Commissioner I offer to you a crazy idea.  Why not test video replay during an exhibition game?  How about a game where you have the odds in your favor, like the All-Star game?  After all you’ll have the best umpires in the game working the game.  Come to think of it wasn’t Jim Joyce calling first base Tuesday night?  On second thought maybe the odds aren’t stacked in your favor, Bud.  

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