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Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 17 May 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Monday!

It’s a Happy Monday for me because I (FINALLY) get to name another “Greatest Song of All Time This Week” again this week. Robert Randolph is back (Thank God), with a record called “We Walk This Road” that drops June 22nd. If any of you work at Best Buy, Target, iTunes, or anywhere else that you could get me a copy of the record beforehand-there will be something in it for you. Probably something related to Chick-Fil-A.

Anyway, the first single is “If I Had My Way” featuring Ben Harper. Change of pace? Yes. Awesome change of pace? Oh yeah.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Jake Westbrook shut down Orioles in Indians’ win

It’s gonna be hard for the O’s to compete when they have to go up against pitchers like CC Sabathia, John Lackey, David Price AND JAKE WESTBROOK?!?!?

In fairness, Mark Hendrickson pitched better than I expected him to in an emergency situation. And Jake Westbrook pitched well, but not well enough that the Orioles should have been able to score just one run (Luke Scott’s solo bomb with 2 outs in the 9th) despite collecting NINE HITS!

I understand that Westbrook’s sinker makes him more of a candidate to get double plays, but the Birds that couldn’t get clutch hits for the better part of the season reared their ugly heads again this over the last 3 games after what looked to be a stretch where they had finally figured out how to.

So, the Tribe took 2 of 3. It’s kinda unfair though. Jack Parkman has always owned OPACY…

2. The AP/WNST.net offer numerical evidence of loss

It took 4 days, but someone finally cooled off Corey Patterson; who was 0-3 with 2 strikeouts. Until yesterday, I was starting to think he had replaced Adam Jones as the face of the franchise.

Ray Bachman offered some classic text messages for me this weekend regarding Patterson. Here are some of the best…

-Did you know Corey Patterson’s tears could cure cancer? It’s just a shame Corey Patterson has never cried.
-I know who’s going to win the Preakness….Corey Patterson.
-There are only 3 things guaranteed in life: death, taxes and Corey Patterson.
-Is it bad when you stand up and your stomach is still in bed?

Okay, he didn’t send the last one. But he could have. If you missed Ray Bachman singing “Manic Monday” with Don Scott and Marty Bass to help promote Casey Cares this morning on WJZ, I can’t possibly explain to you what you missed. There was a mascot in the group that was fatter than the Philly Phanatic, but yet Ray still was somehow the fattest in the bunch.

I’m hilarious. What was it that the pot called the kettle again?

3. Carroll County Times’ Rich Dubroff says David Hernandez scratched from start with shoulder injury

Which probably saved him around 6 earned runs.

Apparently Dave Trembley and company aren’t particularly concerned, and they think Hernandez will make his next start.

The real question remains “Who will make David Hernandez’s following start? Chris Tillman? Jason Berken? Jake Arrieta?”

4. WNST.net’s Nestor Aparicio says Free The Birds on tonight rain or shine

Here’s what you need to know:

We’re meeting at Phillips Seafood in Harborplace at 4pm, with free crabcake minis and other appetizers and 3 dollar beers. After that, we’ll poke around a few local watering holes and then head over to Oriole Park at Camden Yards to watch Kyle Davies and the Kansas City Royals face Brad Bergesen and our Baltimore Orioles.

We’re doing it rain or shine. If the game is rained out before it ever starts, we’ll hang and watch the NBA playoffs and whatever other baseball games are on. Dress appropriately, as Weather.com (The Weather Channel) says 54 degrees and rain.

You think we’ll ever get a summer in Charm City?

5. Virginian-Pilot says Nolan Reimold homered, played first base for Norfolk Tides in win over Buffalo

And according to today’s Apologist of the Morning (Peter DiLutis), he’ll go learn first base in a month and then he’ll be good to come on back to Baltimore and become the team’s power hitting first baseman of the future. Pete can thank “The Great Arbitrator” Drew Forrester for the honor-as he was selected this morning on “The Morning Reaction” on AM1570 WNST.

The reaction to Reimold playing first base yesterday makes me think there’s some revisionist history going on. Reimold’s problem wasn’t that he didn’t have a position, it was that he wasn’t hitting!

All that matters with Reimold in Norfolk is whether or not he hits. He can play 1B, LF, RF, SS, Catcher, or Rover. I don’t care. Can he hit? He looked like he could a season ago, but as pitchers got more comfortable with him, he started to struggle.

If he wants to hit at 1B, that’s great news. The Orioles will still need to find a Leftfielder. (Spare me the “Felix Pie” comments. He has 8 hits this season. He MIGHT be able to become a quality everyday Leftfielder at the MLB level, but he isn’t one yet.) If he wants to hit and play LF, the Orioles will need to find a 1B. But if he doesn’t hit, it doesn’t matter where he plays.

The issue with Nolan Reimold wasn’t position. The issue with Nolan Reimold was his bat.

Losing makes us get excited about some strange things around these parts.

6. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Ravens to give contract to UFA Cincinnati CB/S Brad Jones after mini-camp tryout

Let me make sure you understand what this means. This doesn’t mean Brad Jones will be on the roster when the Ravens visit the New York Jets come Week 1. It means he COULD be. It means he did just enough in his first tryout that John Harbaugh and company thought it was worth bringing him back, and keeping him around through Training Camp.

If he does enough between now and that Monday Night Football game, he’ll be on the roster. There are a number of other players who are in the same boat.

7. SI’s Peter King thinks Ravens’ moves could lead them to AFC Championship Game

When it comes to the Ravens, I always get a bit concerned that things will be overhyped. I think they’ll be good, but I’m maintaining that the Cincinnati Bengals are the team to beat in the AFC North.

You know what could never possibly be overhyped? Gisele Bundchen. (Thanks Busted Coverage!)


8. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Maryland to face Notre Dame next Saturday at 12pm in NCAA Tournament

Could Dave Cottle’s team have gotten better news yesterday? The road to M&T Bank Stadium on Memorial Day just COMPLETELY opened up. Having to play Princeton at Princeton next Saturday would have been tough. Instead, they’ll play the Irish, who barely squeaked into the field. It doesn’t mean it’s a walkover, but it not as imposing as it could be.

After that, a potential date with Cornell in the Final Four is by no means easy, but not nearly as difficult as a date with Syracuse would have been had they not lost to Army yesterday.

No pressure on Dave Cottle or anything, but an early exit would look particularly bad on his resume this season.

9. Washington Post’s Zach Berman says Towson women edged by Virginia in emotional NCAA Tournament win

Our buddy Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse on Twitter) was in Charlottesville yesterday, and he said they played “Do You Believe In Life After Love” by Cher right before the start of the game.

Maybe a questionable decision.

I think the “One Love” stuff is great by the way. Sadly, I also liked the version of “One” by U2 they did on Glee last week. Please don’t judge…

10. Daily Racing Form’s Jay Privman says Kentucky Derby winner Super Saver, Preakness winner Lookin At Lucky will skip Belmont

You have to feel bad for the NYRA. On Saturday morning, they were thinking about a possible Super Saver pursuit of the Triple Crown, and the insanity that would ensue in the excitement and buildup.

On Saturday night, they were thinking about marketing a Super Saver-Lookin At Lucky showdown with likely “Horse of the Year” award ramifications. It would have been on ESPN and ABC to help hype, but it still could have been a major event.

Now, they’re trying to figure out how to market a race between “the other guys.”

I have an idea. There are still good horses in the field, just not the best. Compare it to a group of hot chicks. Sure, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba might not be there, but Veronika London still is, and that ain’t bad. (Thanks Guyism!)


11. The Sun’s David Zurawik says NBC’s Preakness ratings down from last year

I wonder how much their SNL ratings were down from last week when they had Betty White as host? Alec Baldwin wasn’t bad, but Kristen Wiig was. By the way, the open from the show was actually REALLY funny.

By the way, if you missed Maryland Jockey Club President Tom Chuckas, NBC Track Announcer Tom Durkin, or Bears O-Line Coach/Former Vikings Coach/Former Terrapins QB Mike Tice-who explained WHY he was in the Winners’ Circle at Pimlico Saturday with Drew Forrester this morning, check out the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault.

And finally, I leave you with this.

I don’t always take listener requests, but this one was worth it. Thanks to Dan Karr, who figured out what Tiger Woods is doing while recovering from his injury…


Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 12 May 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a Happy Wednesday for me because Ray Bachman passed this along to me, and it might be the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.

Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser was apparently supposed to be some sort of yo-yo champion. It’s a 5 minute video, but it’s probably worth it to find out that he might not be what he was advertised to be…

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Birds never got going against Cliff Lee in loss to Mariners

That last night was a PERFECT example of 2010 Orioles baseball.

The hitting was completely absent, the defense was lost at times, the intensity was practicaly non-existent, the pitching was not QUITE good enough, and at no point was the game either relevant or fun.

It really IS a description of the ballclub in general.

Steve Melewski said David Hernandez “must be wondering what he has to do to get a win.”

If he is (which I doubt), I have a suggestion…PITCH BETTER.

The offense DIDN’T offer much help last night, but it doesn’t suddenly mean that Hernandez offered a quality start. He benefitted early from the fact that the M’s were “swinging in the rain” (Cute, huh? I just came up with it. I’m so awesome.), sorta like the Twins were last week when they faced Brad Bergesen. Once Seattle started making contact with their swings, he had some control issues and then came apart.

Sometimes pitchers are going to have to go up against the likes of Cliff Lee, Felix Hernandez, CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Justin Verlander, Zack Greinke, etc. When that happens, pitchers are asked to elevate.

Of course, Orioles pitchers have even been asked to elevate against the likes of Dana Eveland and Jeff Niemann this season due to the struggles of the offense.

That happens too.

There are no excuses.

The hitters need to hit. The pitchers need to pitch. Last night, both sides failed. Hopefully it won’t happen again tonight.


2. The AP/WNST.net offer numerical evidence of loss

Nick Markakis had a couple of hits last night, thank God for him. Oh, and Jason Berken threw 2 and a third innings of scoreless relief. That’s good too!

Otherwise…umm…probably not something you really want to look much at.

The team announced 12,614 last night. Given the fact that Brian Matusz t-shirts probably upped the number and the weather probably lessened the number; it’s probably a very accurate count of tickets sold based on level of interest. Certainly not an accurate count of fans in seats (I was told that number was closer to 5,000); but I think it reflects how much interest there really was in last night’s game.

To quote Ian Eagle, “it’s not a low blow. It’s just a fact.”

3. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Dave Trembley made his lack of confidence in Nolan Reimold evident after loss to Seattle

Which only means that Dave Trembley confirmed what EVERYONE IN THE WORLD KNEW.

Nolan Reimold has been about as effective as Times Square security in 2010. With Dan Connolly’s statement this morning that Corey Patterson’s “arrival is imminent” from Norfolk (by way of Syracuse), I think the comments from Dave Trembley make it evident that Reimold (not Lou Montanez) will be headed down.

Of course, Andy MacPhail could feel completely different-and no one would blame anyone in the organization if it was Montanez who was shipped back to the Tides instead of Reimold. Hell, I’d be okay if it was Adam Jones. It’s a no-win situation.

Which might as well be the motto for the 2010 Orioles.

4. Augusta Chronicle’s Billy Byler says Cal Ripken still talking to Orioles about role with team

Sadly, Cal Ripken accomplishes about as much in talks with Peter Angelos as I do whenever Guyism posts pictures of Tori Praver…


In fairness, how should I be expected to accomplish anything given the circumstances?

I remain torn when it comes to Cal Ripken’s involvement. I THINK I want him involved in the organization; but there’s another part of me that says “why should he be forced into this mess?”

I still think more Cal Ripken is better for the franchise, I’m just not sure it’s good for Cal Ripken.

5. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Joey Gathright, Brandon Waring had solid night for O’s on farm

And before we move on from the Orioles, a few things…

A-Congratulations to our “Apologist of the Morning” as selected by The Great Arbitrator on AM1570 WNST’s “The Morning Reaction.” It isn’t the first time Jen Royle has claimed the award, but it’s one of the funnier efforts from her this season. Via MASNSports.com…

“You think the Orioles have problems? Compared to the Mariners, they really don’t.

Hmm…Cliff Lee last night-was he a problem for the Mariners? Or for the Orioles?

The statement is obviously ludicrous. The Orioles not only have as many (if not MORE) problems than the Mariners, they have more problems than Jay-Z…

B-The Birds are back in action tonight against the M’s; first pitch from Oriole Park at Camden Yards is at 7:05pm, and the game can be seen on MASN. We’ll be chatting about it in the “Orange Crush” at WNST.net, Luke Jones is live at OPACY.

C-Riddle me this. The Nationals are playing the Mets today at 1:10pm on MASN. The Orioles are playing the Mariners at 7:05pm, also on MASN. So why can’t this Syracuse-Norfolk Steven Strasburg-Troy Patton matchup be shown live on MASN2 instead of being shown on tape delay after the Orioles’ postgame show? I’m the sure the answer has to do with not wanting competition for the Orioles game-but it’s unfair to the Nats fans who want to see Strasburg pitch; or to the Orioles fans who want to see ANYTHING ELSE ON THEIR TV.

6. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says veteran CB Travis Fisher will return for next OTA, likely to receive contract

Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network speculated yesterday on Bob Haynie’s show (if you missed it, check the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault) that Fisher could be a sleeper to make the Ravens’ roster; considering the injuries Lardarius Webb and Fabian Washington are coming back from.

The Ravens would probably be quick to point out that Jim Leonhard was a tryout guy who stuck around through Training Camp and ended up being a really good player. Fisher is a 5’10” Corner who has had SOME success during his career with the Rams, Lions and most recently the Seahawks. Is he “the answer” at Corner? I REALLY doubt it. But could he be in the picture as the team looks for depth? No doubt about it.

I feel like most people in Charm City will just be happy to see anyone besides Frank Walker.

7. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Mike Duffy says “Ray Lewis Way” officially unveiled yesterday in Baltimore

When asked for comment, #52 said “Bottom line is that Ray Lewis Way is going to be a tough street to drive on.”

I kid.

Very deserving honor for one of the greatest athletes in the history of the city of Baltimore, and certainly will be the first of many.

Before we move on from the Ravens, if you missed 3rd round pick Ed Dickson (Oregon TE) with Rex Snider and Ray Bachman yesterday; or 5th round pick Arthur Jones (Syracuse DT) with Bob Haynie and John Rallo; make sure you click the Audio Tab above and check them out.

8. Baltimore Business Journal’s Ryan Sharrow says Manchester City, Inter Milan to face off at M&T Bank Stadium July 31

Which was pretty much the worst kept secret in the city over the last few weeks.

It certainly isn’t as sexy as Chelsea/AC Milan was last year, but these are two major international clubs, and we will be coming right off the excitement of the World Cup. I’ll be there, but I’m desperate for things to talk about over the summer besides the baseball team.

And since we’re on the topic, our director of quality control-the lovely Ms. Emily Agueda posted this picture as the desktop image on the computer in the control room here at 1550 Hart Rd…..


Look, I enjoy Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba as much as the next guy, but I will have to admit that the picture made everyone here a bit uncomfortable.

Of course, we haven’t changed it yet…

9. LoyolaGreyhounds.com says Cooper MacDonnell, Jake Hagelin received top honors from ECAC

Hopefully Jake Hagelin will play more like the ECAC goalie of the year than the player that was pulled during the Johns Hopkins game when the Hounds face Cornell this weekend. If not, it will be a quick stay for them in the NCAA Tournament.

Which WOULD give them more time to look at pictures of Brooklyn Decker from What Would Tyler Durden Do…


10. Daily Racing Form’s David Grening says with A Little Warm out, Preakness has no ‘pacesetter’

We played the first rounds of “Band, Horse or Movie” today, and kudos to our winners for knowing that Genuine Risk was a horse and Hoobastank was a band. Drew Forrester DIDN’T know that Bottoms Up was a movie.

We’ll play much more of it tomorrow, with Preakness tickets on the line.

G.Q. (and quite possibly myself as well) will be out at Pimlico for the Preakness Post Position Draw today at 5pm. I’m sure G.Q. will have plenty of analysis afterwards. I’m just hoping for free black-eyed susans myself.

Maryland Jockey Club President Tom Chuckas was on with Drew this morning, that’s available in the Audio Vault as well.

11. Newark Star-Ledger’s Jerry Izenberg says Preakness an event Baltimore ‘respects but does not worship’

I really couldn’t agree with that statement any more, especially after going to Louisville to see the Kentucky Derby. In Baltimore, Preakness is a horse race. In Louisville, the Derby is Christmas.

And while we don’t necessarily worship Preakness here in town, we MIGHT worship Briana Lee (Thanks Busted Coverage!) now that we’ve found pictures of her…


And finally, I leave you with this.

There is NO EXCUSE for me to enjoy the song “California Gurls” by Katy Perry. SO WHY DO I?!?!?

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 29 April 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Thursday!

It’s a Happy Thursday for me because a Washington sports team suffered an unthinkably bad loss last night! Woo hoo!!!

(Edit from GMC: I’ve tried to hold back my disdain for the Washington Capitals for a few weeks. I can’t do it anymore. Screw them, and screw all of the people in DC who root for them. They’re the same people who root for the Redskins. I HATE the Redskins. And those insufferable fans down there, who TRULY believe they are real, authentic sports fans and deserve something from their pathetic, worthless sports franchises.)

There’s nothing that pleases me more than knowing that this old woman is probably crying again this morning…


She might want to keep those Kleenex nearby when Donovan McNabb gets hurt in Week 3. (Edit from GMC: I just knocked on wood out of fear that Joe Flacco might get hurt. PLEASE don’t get hurt Joe.)

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Sabathia stymied Orioles in 8-3 Yankees win

Watching CC Sabathia pitch last night, I had a couple of thoughts:

1-Boy would it be nice to be able to root for a guy like this on MY team

2-He looks like a skinny Ray Bachman!

CC gave the Yankees just about what they paid for last night. He’s not always going to be perfect, but he’s going to win a lot more than he’s going to lose. He gave up more hits than I would have expected, but he was effective after he gave up hits. Not perfect, but damn good.

Jeremy Guthrie? Well, I didn’t like the Jeremy Guthrie I saw last night. He’s pitched well for the better part of the season. I hope we see more of that.

I also hope we see more of this…


As Tracy Morgan is the best thing that’s happened to MASN in like….ever.

2. The AP/WNST.net offer numerical evidence of Birds’ loss

At this point, I believe even THIS MAN is having a better month than Adam Jones…


I’m not suggesting that Adam Jones be benched, but I do think it’s about time ANYONE ELSE leads off.

I mean, I’d even consider Craig Tatum at this point.

3. Fanhouse’s Andrew Johnson says ‘bitterness, cynicism, anger’ have come over Camden Yards fanbase

Which is incorrect.

Bitterness and cynicism happened in 2002. This is just plain indifference.

I can’t believe “Neal S” from The Loss Column somehow didn’t win “Apologist of the Morning” after this small piece of genius…

“I will say this, though: the horrendous start is not further proof of why folks are justified in staying away. Quite the opposite. Now is exactly the time to be there, More so than ever. That more fans don’t think this way is truly sad.”

Yep, people should feel bad because they choose not to pay a day of game service charge and a “premium game” service charge to sit with 20,000 fans from New York and watch a 4-17 team.

Yep, that’s the fans’ fault.


4. New York Daily News’ Mark Feinsand says Yanks skipper Girardi not happy about Guthrie plunking Posada

Very obviously Guthrie wasn’t TRYING to plunk Posada. That being said, when a team is forced to go from Jorge Posada to Fransico Cervelli, I can understand the frustration.

There are like 5,100,888 “unwritten” rules in baseball, so I’m guessing AJ Burnett will probably have to plunk…Ty Wigginton?? Wow, has it come to that? Maybe it’ll be Matt Wieters, but someone is getting thrown behind tonight.

And people wonder why other sports have become more popular than baseball.

5. ESPN.com’s Rob Neyer says Chris Tillman threw no-hitter for Norfolk Tides

And this is LEGITIMATELY one of the most significant things that has happened for this organization since Cal Ripken’s retirement.

I’m not kidding either.

Rafael Palmeiro’s 3,000th hit would probably have to be the landmark “moment” since 2001-with maybe the expection of Miguel Tejada winning the All-Star Game MVP honors in 2005.

But this goes in the Top 10, if not the Top 5.


That’s what it’s come to.

As I noted on Twitter last night (feel free to follow us @WNST); Tillman now joins exclusive company in throwing an Orioles minor league no-hitter. Exclusive company like…RADHAMES LIZ!!!

I just hope it’s the last time…EVER…that the two pitchers are compared favorably.

(Note: Liz was a combined no-no with the Frederick Keys; I’m well aware.)

6. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Tim Bascom, Cole McCurry struggled on farm

And before we move on from the Orioles, a reminder that they’re back at it tonight at OPACY-as Brian Matusz faces AJ Burnett at 7:05pm. We’ll be “Orange Crush”-ing at WNST.net.

And congratulations to the MASN staff (we chose Adam Dembeck to accept on their behalf) for being named “Apologist of the Morning.” Nick Markakis was a nominee for Game MVP last night. A game where the Orioles got their asses kicked.

Of course he was.

7. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Ravens cut FB Charles Ali, will try Edgar Jones, Mike McLaughlin at FB

And you would have already known McLaughlin and Edgar Jones were Fullback options had you been listening to our live NFL Draft coverage here on AM1570 over the past weekend.

I’m not really sure that many people in Charm City were even aware there was someone named Charles Ali on the team. Laila Ali would be much more interesting…

Laila Ali

8. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Johns Hopkins kept NCAA Tournament hopes alive with win over Towson

Sometimes your big brother has to remind you that he’s still your big brother, huh?

Tony Seaman’s Tigers were down 8-0 to the Blue Jays AT HALF.

The Jays will still have to go to Loyola next Saturday and beat the Greyhounds to get into the Tournament, while the Tigers have to beat Hofstra to have a shot at an at-large berth. Towson could still get an automatic bid if they could win the CAA Tournament-and they’ll have the advantage of playing games at Unitas Stadium.

And if you’re a Towson fan who wants to feel better today, I think I can help you. Trust me on this-you’re still a winner. How? Well, let’s take a look at a picture of upcoming Towson grad and current WNST intern Genna to figure out how…


9. WNST.net’s Gary Quill says Endorsement out, Make Music for Me in Kentucky Derby

“Make Music for Me” is a much better name for a horse anyway. Endorsement isn’t a horse, it’s a political event!

I haven’t decided who I think is going to win this thing yet-but I know I’m going to look sharp walking the grounds in Louisville. I’ll be Twitpic-ing and Facebook-ing pictures (Add me as a friend if you’d like, just search “Glenn Clark.” I’ll be the guy labeled as “The Complete Package.”), so you’ll fully understand shortly.

The only way someone could look better is if Lizzy Caplan from True Blood showed up at Churchill Downs. (Thanks Guyism!)


10. Daily Racing Form’s Jay Privman says Derby favorite Lookin At Lucky will start at rail

Immediately after the draw, Bob Baffert’s team got a note from jockey Calvin Borel. It read:

“Don’t get comfortable. I’ll be headed there shortly.”

And finally, I leave you with this…

There’s something interesting about Wendy Combattente. I just can’t quite put my pe finger on it (Thanks Busted Coverage!)…


Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 28 April 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a Happy Wednesday for me because DESPITE the fact that the Phoenix Coyotes were eliminated last night, it was still a REMARKABLE season for me as a hockey fan. Not having a team here to root for, I created a slew of memories following a bad team in Phoenix, only to have it pay off with this incredible run.

And as I always say, there’s plenty still going on for sports fans in Arizona…


Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says O’s hung on to beat Yanks for first win all season at OPACY


For everyone who has said something like “they weren’t going to lose EVERY game they played at Camden Yards this season”, the only response I could think of was “Are you sure?”

There was an announced paid crowd of 20,000 at The Yard last night, and maybe the number of fans was somewhere in that neighborhood. It was good to see most of them go home unhappy.

I’ve heard a lot of praise for Kevin Millwood’s effort last night, but I’ll go ahead and be the one to say it. 5 and a third from your number 1 pitcher is not good enough, by any stretch of the imagination. They need more than that.

But I guess when you’re 4-16, getting 2 wins is enough for now.

2. The AP/WNST.net provide numerical evidence of win

Another disturbing number from last night’s game was the combined 1-16 effort the Orioles got from the first four hitters in their lineup (Adam Jones had a double and Matt Wieters had two walks; Nick Markakis and Miguel Tejada completely failed to reach base).

With the team having found some offensive success recently, I understand that Dave Trembley is looking for a little bit of continuity. With that in mind, I’m not suggesting any sort of offensive shakeup. But I AM suggesting that the players at the top of the lineup GET ON BASE.

This is a very simple game. Just ask Crash Davis.

3. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Alfredo Simon recalled in time to pick up first career save for Birds


I guess the team has discovered the solution though-make sure you’re ahead by at least 3 runs before you get to the 9th inning!

Cesar Izturis apparently wanted to make sure he found a way to make everyone forget about his 2-3, 3 RBI performance. Not running to first base on a ground ball in Seattle and not moving runners on 1st and 2nd over at Fenway Park would have been NOTHING compared to the beating he would have taken for that last night had Alex Rodriguez came through for the Bombers.

Alfredo Simon is (I guess), the guy for a little while. Apparently there was an epic moment before the game when Trembley asked Simon “Are you scared?”. Christ. Why didn’t he just go all the way and channel Gerard Butler???

4. Frederick News-Post’s Stan Goldberg says Dave Trembley can’t be blamed for Orioles’ slow start

But even this effort couldn’t wrap up “Apologist of the Morning” honors for Stan, as “The Great Arbitrator” Drew Forrester instead selected Steve Heiser from the York Dispatch; who offered “pity” for the Birds because they have to compete with the Red Sox and Yankees in the AL East.


Moving back to what Stan wrote-I don’t COMPLETELY disagree with him. This ISN’T Dave Trembley’s fault alone. The problem is, Goldberg doesn’t suggest accountability for others in the organization who feigned interest in “wins and losses” this season despite not having any interest in putting together a legitimate major league roster.

It’s one thing to say “this isn’t Dave Trembley’s fault”, as it isn’t Dave Trembley’s fault ALONE. However, Trembley CAN be blamed for mismanaging a bullpen, questionable decisions about baserunning, insane lineup shuffling, and for a noticeable lack of fire in the collective belly of the team.

If you want to spare Trembley that blame, you have to be willing to place fault on Andy MacPhail and the leadership of the franchise. This isn’t just “unfortunate circumstances” or “bad luck.” This is a dreadful baseball team-so dreadful that winning 2 straight games was celebrated last night in the way some cities might celebrate the World Series.

5. Newark Star-Ledger’s Marc Carig says Yankees bullpen ineffective in loss

Apparently Boone Logan was confused by the sign hanging in the bullpen that said “Play Like an Oriole.”

If you missed Ken Singleton (YES Network) with Drew Forrester this morning on AM1570, make sure you check out the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault at WNST.net.

And to the rest of the Yankees fans staying here in Charm City, I offer you some Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz. Don’t say I never did anything for you…

6. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Brandon Erbe struggled, Koji Uehara appeared on farm

And to channel Ray Bachman….KO-JI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before we move on from the Orioles, a reminder that CC Sabathia faces Jeremy Guthrie tonight at Yankee Stadium south; first pitch is at 7:05, and the game can be seen on MASN. If someone paid their bill, the game might be seen on MASN-HD tonight as well!

(Edit from GMC: Thanks for that last night.)

7. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Ryan Mink says Shayne Graham, Matt Stover, Shaun Suisham only free agent kickers available on market

And Shayne Graham has clearly been considered a shoe-in around the organization to be brought in and compete with Billy Cundiff for the gig.

Of course, it isn’t exactly a sexy list. It’s like having to pick a concert to go to from Nickelback, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. I GUESS I’m going to Nickelback, but I’m not exactly excited about it.

I expect Graham to be signed before mini-camp next weekend. They’ll want to give him an equal chance to make the team even before Training Camp. And if he wants to make the team, I’d suggest one thing…


8. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Willis McGahee to be grand marshal for Preakness parade

With no offense to Willis, if I was picking someone to be the grand marshal of the race-I probably would have gone with Candice Boucher (Thanks Brosome.com!). I guess we just all have different ideas of what to look for in a grand marshal.


9. UMTerps.com says ‘national search’ for Chuck Driesell’s replacement to begin immediately

Add Duane Simpkins to the list of coaches who will say publicly (at least to me-and I believe he’ll be saying it on the air tomorrow with Bob Haynie on AM1570 tomorrow) that he wants the job. He’s currently coaching at St. Alban’s in Washington-and a lot of people hope he’ll help tap the DC recruiting pipeline more than Gary Williams’ staff has recently.

And don’t eliminate Xavier assistant Bino Ranson from the discussion. Despite once having Nestor Aparicio as a youth ball coach, the Baltimore product has quickly moved up the coaching pipeline; and had success this season under Chris Mack with the Musketeers. The Terps already have a Baltimore-based assistant in Keith Booth, but I’m not sure they’re completely thrilled with the endroads they’ve made here.

Still, it would very difficult for me to accept that someone coaching for the Terrapins was once coached by the Nasty One. He’s overcome greater obstacles than Michael Oher!

10. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens previews tonight’s Hopkins-Towson game at Homewood Field

Should be a great atmosphere tonight, as Dave Pietramala’s Blue Jays are playing for their NCAA Tournament lives.

Tony Seaman’s Tigers can basically guarantee themselves at least an at-large spot with a win.

Look, it’s not like you’re going to be going to the Orioles game. Go watch some lacrosse!

11. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester has no problem with “Get Your Preak On”

And neither do I. Especially if I’m getting “my Preak on” with Ellen Petri (Thanks Guyism!)…


Oh, it’s another thing.

12. Daily Racing Form’s Jay Privman says Bob Baffert looking for 4th Kentucky Derby win with Lookin At Lucky

It would be about time something good happened for that guy.

And finally, I leave you with this…

I’m not REALLY sure what happened during the end of the NLB Final between Cibona and Partizan. Go to Deadspin and read up if you want. All I know is that it was amazing.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 14 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Thursday!

My life has reached both a new high and a new low. If you and I are friends on Facebook (just search my name), you already saw this. Bear with me.

I pulled into the drive-thru at the Chick-Fil-A in Owings Mills yesterday, as I do many days on my way to 1 Winning Drive. I placed my order-which is basically the same thing I order most days at Chick-Fil-A. I then pulled around to the window, where my buddy Sergio and a young lady were smiling. They told me to look at my receipt…..


……and then informed me that they had named my order “The Glen.” (Of course they didn’t spell it right!)

I’m a mix of honored and totally terrified that my addiction to Spicy Chicken is now so well known that if you were to make my order, you’d be ordering “The Glenn.”

This rocks. And this is really uncomfortable. Sorta like the first time I was with a girl.

Let’s see what everyone has to say……

1. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester looks back on circumstances that lead to Matt Stover’s departure from Baltimore

I can’t believe this-as I think the WORLD of Matt Stover-but I am OPENLY rooting for him to screw up on Saturday night.

Not just because he plays for the Indianapolis Colts, and I don’t want to see them have any success.

But more because I just think this city needs closure-and nothing would provide closure for the Matt Stover era like a crucial late miss in a playoff game.

If it goes the other way, I don’t really even want to think about how this city will react.

2. Ravens Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Ravens need to take advantage of red zone chances

Do this math in your head.

The Ravens reach the red zone 3 times and score, the Colts reach the red zone 5 times and score….yet the Ravens score more than the Colts.

The way the Ravens win in Indy Saturday night is by getting to the ENDZONE when they reach the red zone. 3 touchdowns in 3 chances is 21 points. If the Colts get there 5 times and the Ravens can hold them to 4 field goals and 1 TD, that would be just 19 points. Ravens win 21-19.

Peyton Manning is going to get his team into the red zone Saturday night, there’s almost no doubt of that. The way this game will be determined is by what the Ravens defense does when he gets there-and whether or not Joe Flacco is able to lead the offense to points in the redzone himself.

3. The Sun’s Ken Murray says Jared Gaither missed practice with ankle injury

Clearly this is a concern. Jared was unable to play down the stretch due to his ankle, and while Oniel Cousins played well at times, he really struggled against Pittsburgh. The Colts present a much better pass rush (does this guy look familiar?)….


…than even the Steelers-so the Ravens would be well served to have Gaither on the field. If for some reason Jared can’t go, the Ravens also might want to think about moving Marshal Yanda to RT and having Chris Chester play RG. We don’t get to watch those types of drills in practice, unfortunately.

4. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Flacco not even listed on Wednesday injury report

Well then, everything must be okay, huh?

Joe Flacco can tell us he feels great as much as he wants, but clearly it’s an issue.

Hopefully, he’s dealing with the pain so well that he’s not really affected on Saturday night.

5. Indianapolis Star’s Mike Chappell says Colts have worst rushing offense in NFL

It is a bit weird that just one week after the Ravens beat the Patriots it what was a shining example of a typical, smash-mouth January football game; they now will be involved in what will likely be just the opposite.

The Colts haven’t needed to run the ball this season because they’ve had incredible success moving to the ball around to the likes of Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie, Tom Santi and of course Dallas Clark. With this game being played indoors, you would imagine they’d like to do about the same thing.

The Ravens however would like to go immediately to the ground, and allow Ray Rice to control this game.

It makes getting the ball first to dictate pace all the more important.

6. ESPN.com’s James Walker says unless new CBA signed, Ravens will have hands tied in free agency

I’m assuming there will NOT be a new CBA, and this could be a bit of trouble for the Ravens-especially if they were hoping to upgrade at WR or CB via free agency. The Ravens obviously have a number of players at WR who may depart themselves, but the “Final 8” penalty may hurt them if they were looking for a premiere player at either position.

I’d still rather be playing for a shot at the AFC Championship Game.

7. Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says lost in Tuesday night’s defeat at Wake Forest, Maryland won rebounding battle

I don’t think this can be overlooked.

I know quite a bit of the rebounding came from Sean Mosley and Greivis Vasquez, but Wake Forest is a team that is REALLY big, so this IS an accomplishment, especially considering how well (for the most part) Jordan Williams played.

Clearly this time is MUCH improved from their center play a season ago-with no offense to this guy….


8. The Diamondback’s Jeremy Schneider says Pe’Shon Howard should help to ‘fill void’ left by decommitment of Terrence Ross

I certainly hope so.

I don’t have much more to add about Pe’Shon, mostly because he kinda came in a bit off the radar-and I’ve never seen him play. Hopefully he can shoot a bit better than some of the guards currently on the roster.

However, when I hear the name “Pe’Shon Howard”, for some reason I IMMEDIATELY think of “P-Nut Wills” from 311. Then I think of this….

9. The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Rich Hill likely to decline Orioles’ minor league offer, sign elsewhere

Remember all of the “it was definitely worth taking a chance on Rich Hill” people?

It would have definitely been worth taking a chance on CC Sabathia.

Rich Hill was a throw away player who maybe should have gotten a Spring Training invite with a team that already had a complete staff and no pressure whatsoever. Hopefully he’ll find that this year.

10. The AP says Towson rallied to get close, but ultimately fell to Drexel

The Tigers are now 0-6 in CAA play with a trip to Delaware looming Saturday. The Blue Hens are 5-12 overall and 1-5 in conference, so this is clearly a good shot for Pat Kennedy’s club to get a conference win.

And they need it. At some point, they’re going to need a win just because they’re in danger of going winless in conference play.

11. UMBC Official Site previews tonight’s America East tilt with Hartford at RAC Arena

Speaking of needing a win to just make sure they don’t go winless in conference play, Randy Monroe’s Retrievers are facing a Hawks team tonight that is basically as bad as they are.

There isn’t pressure on Randy the way there is on Pat at Towson, but he certainly would like to get to 2 wins before he gets to 15 losses.

12. The Sun’s Kevin Cowherd says concussion discussion will be major point of this weekend’s US Lacrosse National Convention in Baltimore

Yeah, but will there be a lesson on how to perfectly run the “Hidden Ball Trick”?

In all seriousness, good for the sport of lacrosse for trying to do the right thing in the head injury area. Every sport needs to improve this.

And I leave you with this…..

Images leaked this week from Megan Fox’s Armani underwear ad campaign. I’d tell you more, but apparently you missed the part where I said “Megan Fox underwear.”


Like we needed more proof that is the greatest country on the face of the planet.

Talk to you later from 1 Winning Drive.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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McCarver is giving me a headache

Posted on 01 November 2009 by dansoderberg

I’ll get to McCarver in a moment. First off, the Orioles are selling hope based on the Arizona Fall League performances of prospects Josh Bell and Brandon Snyder. The two corner infield prospects have combined for 4 HRs and 25 RBI and their first 93 ABs in Arizona. The power showing of Snyder is encouraging (3 HRs in 51 ABs) given that he hit only 2 HRs in 262 ABs after a mid-season promotion to Norfolk. When the Orioles fail to acquire a power hitting 1st or 3rd basemen this offseason, rest assured that Bell and Snyder will be sold as the saviors.

I’d hate to be the pitching rubber at Citizens Bank Park tonight. Blanton is listed at 225 lbs. and that’s selling him short. Sabathia is listed at 250 and he looks like he should be playing left tackle for the Jets.

Every October (now November) baseball fans are forced to put up with Fox’s broadcast coupling of the smug Joe Buck and the perpetually clueless Tim McCarver. My distaste for McCarver goes back to my childhood when he was the color analyst on the Mets’ broadcasts on WWOR. Each game was filled with McCarver’s inane, pointless stories and Ralph Kiner’s obvious drunkenness. Listening to McCarver blather on for 3 innings tonight about how he didn’t think Blanton hit A-Rod intentionally made me long for Kiner to burst into the booth with a bottle of Jack. Blanton hit A-Rod for 2 reasons: 1. First base was open and it’s easier to hit him with one pitch than waste 4 to walk him; and 2. It sends a message and gets Sabathia warned before he ever takes the mound. Now if only Blanton would lob one up into the TV booth.

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A frosty World Series on tap

Posted on 20 October 2009 by dansoderberg

With each passing inning it looks more and more like we’ll have a Yankees/Phillies World Series. Dust off those skulls caps. Some the late night, made for TV games could be downright frigid.

There’s no bigger MFY hater than your’s truly and I’ve been pulling for the Angels in this ALCS, but it just doesn’t look like they’re going to pull this out. The Angels have been unable to muster any kind of consistent offensive attack in the ALCS. Leadoff man Chone Figgins has been largely ineffective and the Angels lack the Yankees thump and threat of the long ball. Yankee Manager Joe Girardi came under fire for his game 3 bullpen management, but no one should second guess his decision to start C.C. Sabathia on 3 days rest. Sabathia is dealing tonight and the Angels have really failed to make him work. I’m holding out hope for the Angels, but as I type they are only 6 outs from being down 3 games to 1.

Turning to the National League I must admit I’m now rooting for the Phillies. I live in PA and have some friends who are Phillies fans, but my reasons for backing the Phils are purely selfish. I don’t think the Dodgers can beat the Yankees. The Dodgers top 3 starters through this Postseason have been Randy Wolf, 21 year old Clayton Kershaw, and Rangers castoff Vincente Padilla. The Yankees would eat that threesome alive. The Phillies are the best bet to down the Yanks. Philadelphia has the offense to battle the Yankees and the starters to match up against Sabathia, Burnett and Pettite. Just imagine Game 1, 4 and 7 matchups between former Cleveland teammates Cliff Lee and Sabathia. It would make for great theater assuming two things; 1. a major snow storm doesn’t postpone the series for a week, and 2. You’re not an Indians fan.

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Manny being Andre

Posted on 15 October 2009 by dansoderberg

As I type this post Manny Ramirez has just hammered a 2 run bomb into the Chavez Ravine bleachers to cut the Phillies game 1 lead to 5-4. It’s a great sign for the Dodgers as they’ll need a big series from Manny to have a chance to knock off the defending World Champs. While Manny missed 50 games this season for violating MLB’s drug policy Dodgers RF Andre Ethier emerged as the team’s top clutch hitter. Ethier set career highs in HRs, RBI and OPS in 2009. He hit 4 walk off homers and had a .932 OPS in late and close game situations.

The problem for the Dodgers is that for all Ethier’s heroics he does not fare well against left handed pitching with just a .345 slugging percentage in 187 plate appearances this season. The Phillies feature a rotation of left-handers Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee and JA Happ and have the potential to start a lefty in 6 games of the potential 7 game series. Manny will need to catch fire to neutralize Philadephia’s advantage. Manny hasn’t put up typical Manny Ramirez numbers this season and he certainly let down his team and fan base with his suspension. With a career OPS of 1.067 against left-handers Manny will have plenty of opportunities to redeem himself.

As for the ALCS matchup, Angels Manager Mike Scioscia made the curious decision to start Joe Saunders in game 2. Saunders pitched to a 4.41 ERA this season and was 1-1 with a 4.72 in 2 starts against the Yankees this season. Jered Weaver and Scott Kazmir will be pushed back to Games 3 and 4.

Yankee Manager Joe Girardi has announced his intention to go with a 3 man rotation for the series and given the amount of rain expected in the Northeast over the weekend he may end up being able to start C.C. Sabathia 3 times in a 7 game series. Sabathia pitched well against the offensively challenged Twins in the ALDS, but he still has some postseason demons to exorcise.

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Posted on 21 September 2009 by Glenn Clark

As a reminder, we don’t include the Ravens in this. The Ravens get their own “Tuesday Top 7” every week, so we’ll worry about them then.

You deserve props:

1-Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson, Frank Gore, Michael Turner, Drew Brees and Marques Colston, and Kurt Warner

Elsewhere in the NFL Sunday, ummm…….Jeff Reed Sucks.



Ehh, it’s Week 2. Let me be excited. You guys always ruin everything for me.

2-Floyd Mayweather

Not that anyone was surprised. With no offense to you Juan Manuel Marquez, the fact that your trip to Las Vegas didn’t end THIS way should probably be enough to make you feel like the whole thing wasn’t a wash……

3-Jason Bay, JD Drew and Clay Buchholz

I swear to God you would have been hard pressed finding 5 people in the city of Baltimore who would have gone to see the Orioles play the Red Sox today, no matter circumstances. Thanks again to the fans of the city of Boston, who came in thousands to support our city. You guys are the worst human beings of all time, but we need your money. Since you don’t come back again this season, I hope you drown in your chowder.

(Editor’s note: Apparently I’m not supposed to say that. Or feel that way. WTF? Is this a blog or a damn Public Service Announcement?)

4-Michal Neuvirth


Did you know that Neuvirth (a Capitals goalie prospect) is from the Czech Republic? Did you also know that Megan Fox appeared in a recent issue of the Czech Republic’s version of “Esquire”? Crap, I lost you at Megan Fox, didn’t I? Okay…..


5-Vitor Belfort and Josh Koscheck

I will admit this. I didn’t watch UFC 103 Saturday night. Not because I’m not a manly dude, but because I was at a Dave Matthews Band concert. Oh, crap.

Anyway, here’s video of Brock Lesnar training for something. I don’t know what it is, but I’m gonna guess saving the world????

6-Kip Wells, David Price, Yovani Gallardo, Kevin Correia, Ian Snell, Ubaldo Jimenez, Ronnie Belliard, Matt Garza, CC Sabathia, Scott Kazmir, Brett Anderson, Brian Duensing, Luke Hochevar and John Buck

Elsewhere in baseball, Cubs OF Milton Bradley was suspended the rest of the season for “conduct detrimental to the team.”

Namely…..trying to win?

If that’s true, the O’s should probably just go ahead and not bother…..

7-Mark Martin and Scott Dixon

I would tell you more about NASCAR or IRL, but you and I both know we don’t give a crap about any of this. So I’m gonna stretch here. I was in the locker room at 1 Winning Drive one day last week, and Terrell Suggs had “Fast and Furious” playing in his locker. I’m not sure how or if that movie had anything to do with racing, but Jordana Brewster was in it, and I can now post a picture of her and forget that we were ever talking about racing…..


8-Jeremy Avery, Evan Royster, Ty Jones, Jahvid Best, Dane Sanzenbacher, Landry Jones, Russell Wilson and CJ Spiller

Elsewhere in College Football this weekend, the University of Minnesota (who never could figure out a way to slow down Jahvid Best), announced that they will be doing SOMETHING to curb excessive drinking by students who attend games. I’d tell you more about what they were doing, but I would have had to have read the entire AP story.

I do know that this almost HAS to be the first time in the history of the Associated Press that the words “get blirzed” had news worthiness. But what does “get blitzed” mean, anyway? Not something I’m familiar with……

9-The Czech Republic and Spain

I’m pretty sure no one in the world was watching the Davis Cup this weekend, but…..it happened? The Czechs and Spaniards will now meet in the final.

To celebrate, I Google Image searched “Spain Sexy.” We can all now celebrate appropriately.


10-Steve Sarkisian

Relax USC, you still have this……


11-30 Rock

Did I watch the Emmy’s? No, but I DVR’ed them so I could watch later why the hell would I watch that crap?

The point remains. If you don’t think Tina Fey is sexy/awesome, get bent Steve.


12-Sergio Kindle

Is Taylor Potts still alive?????

Somewhere right now, none of these people are amused…..

13-Female Sports Fans


I always wondered how Nestor Aparicio made it work with a life-long Red Sox fan. I always imagined that would be the breaking point for me. But I had a realization this weekend. I was watching Sunday Night Football with some friends, including one who is a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan. This presented a unique scenario, as I have REGULARLY been the person who told everyone else to shut up while I was watching some sort of sporting event. But this time, I felt myself trying to have a conversation while my friend the Cowboys fan (who just so happens to be a LOVELY young lady) was wholeheartedly uninterested in ANYTHING I might have to say. And the only word I could use to explain it would be…….


Hey, I don’t give a half a crap about the Cowboys, but I couldn’t help but find such attention to football hot.

But maybe it’s just me.


You know Barry brought to the Glenn Clark compound Sunday afternoon? How do these delicious treats do you?


You might not think that a Ritz Cracker, McDonald’s pickle, aged cheddar cheese, and pepperoni sounds that good; but they went DELICIOUSLY with the 187 Blue Moons we downed until Ray Lewis made our day complete.

15-“Alligator Pie” by Dave Matthews Band

I hadn’t seen Dave Matthews Band in 5 years until Saturday night. Okay, maybe 2 years. Or maybe I saw them last summer. Or last week. Seriously, you guys ask too many freaking questions. Can’t you just let me live my damn life? I was gonna tell you so much funny stuff about Alligator Pie and the show Saturday night-but instead-get bent. I do so much for you people.

You got lucky:

1-Anyone who wants Glenn Clark to be wrong

I got exactly ONE of the 4 games I picked Friday right. To make that worse, I picked the Patriots. And the Steelers. And the Packers. And the Browns (I think). And the Eagles. And the Panthers. And the Chiefs-I think. And the Titans. Jesus.

But here was my face just seconds after I found out Maryland had fallen to Middle Tennessee State……


More on the location of the picture later.

2-Rex Ryan and Chad Ochocinco

Note to the Packers fans who gave the middle finger while Chad Ochocinco did his Lambeau Leap-I get that you were wholly embarrassed by the fact that the Bengals came to Green Bay and kicked your ass; but this is now the ONLY way you will be remembered in the future.

3-Anyone who has ever wanted to officiate a NBA game

I think they should go with her personally…..


4-Ryan Lochte

This guy was named Swimmer of the Year by USA Swimming.

Yeah, there’s probably no one else who was more deserving of that award at all……


5-Everyone who WASN’T affected by the floods in Dundalk


Thanks to The Sun for the picture. Props to everyone in Dundalk for avoiding violence and looting during this. For your suffering, you get the Poop Plant this year. Congratulations.

6-Washington Redskins fans

I didn’t realize Ray Bachman had switched allegiances…..


Your team beat the Rams 9-7. And what’s worse, FOX is forced to show the game in our market; meaning we missed whatever ACTUAL NFL games might have been being played at the same time.

7-Khloe Kardashian

It’s not that Khloe Kardashian is unattractive. She’s lovely, really.


But, do you think Lamar Odom was aware that she had a sister named Kourtney?


Or a sister named Kim?


I mean, they’re on TV……they have like 100 shows. The one used to date Reggie Bush. And Ray-J. Well, maybe she wasn’t dating Ray-J, but they seemed awfully comfortable together in this one movie I saw. Anyway, what was I talking about? Eh, who cares, there were boobs above.

You’re a zero……

East Philadelphia/South Jersey

Usually, I get behind a place that has a store like this…..


But if I want 12 beers, and don’t want to pay 30 bucks for them; I don’t want to have to go back to Delaware to do it. New Jersey is quite possibly the WORST place of all time; and the fact that I had to drive WEST off of 95 to get to the EAST part of town is easily the strangest thing I have ever experienced ever. Sell your beer at a liquor store. Charge 8 bucks for a 6 pack of something decent. Not the 15 they tried charging me at a diner.

And Camden, NJ-I’m not sure how they get people out of Merriweather Post Pavilion so easily, but I would suggest maybe you consider learning how to do the same thing. The 2 and a half hours I spent sitting outside the Susquehanna Bank Center were about as pleasant as the rest of your miserable state’s existence. I hope Maryland beats Rutgers by 80 next week.

(Editor’s note: I know they won’t.)


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Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 14 September 2009 by Glenn Clark

My overall grade for the Ravens yesterday was a C+. They were really good at times. REALLY good in fact. But they let their guard down way too often. That can’t happen against the best teams in the AFC. It was a decent performance for a Week 1 game, but not brilliant.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

Best of Sunday’s WNST Blogs:

Glenn Clark says Ravens learned ‘every play-in every game-against every team-matters’ due to big plays in win over KC

Glenn Clark says Flacco set career highs in passing attempts, yards, and TD’s in win

Drew Forrester thought Chris Chester had ‘unheralded’ performance in win

Glenn Clark says Terps, ACC teams got ‘lucky’ over weekend

Ed Frankovic says Caps’ Fleischmann out until October with blood clot


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Ravens put up team record 501 total yards of offense in 38-24 win over Chiefs

The Official Site’s Ryan Mink says Todd Heap made 5 catches for 74 yards and a TD in win

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Ray Rice went over 100 yards rushing in win

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Larry Johnson fell well short of 100 yards in loss to Ravens

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Hauschka hit from 44, missed from 41 in win

The Official Site says Harbaugh thought Ravens ‘didn’t take advantage of’ opportunities in win

Kansas City Chiefs Official Site’s Luke Shanno says Derrick Johnson got Chiefs going in 2nd half with INT, 70 yard return

Kansas City Chiefs Official Site’s Pete Moris says Jon McGraw got Chiefs on board with blocked punt recovered in endzone

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Mark Clayton caught 31 yard ‘decisive’ TD

The Sun’s Childs Walker says 71,099 fans took in Ravens’ win at M&T Bank Stadium

The Sun’s Mike Preston gives highest praise to O-Line, RB’s, WR’s in win

The Sun’s Ken Murray says ST Coordinator Rosburg thinks Ravens have ‘lot to work on’

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Jarret Johnson had 2 sacks, bad personal foul

The Sun’s Mike Preston thinks Greg Mattison ‘might want to blitz more’ in future

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Cam Cameron may have been throwing Chiefs ‘curve’ with passing attack

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Ravens running backs ‘embarrassed’ veteran Chiefs LB Vrabel

The Sun’s Mike Preston thought Chiefs WR Mark Bradley looked like a ‘wimp’ in loss

The Sun’s Mike Preston wants to see success from WR’s against Chargers, Steelers, etc. before he proclaims them ‘weapons’

The Sun’s Mike Preston thought Ravens won ‘ugly’

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Ed Reed thought win ‘shouldn’t have been (that) hard’

Carroll County Times’ Bob Blubaugh says Le’Ron McClain added TD for Ravens in win

Carroll County Times’ Rich Dubroff says long snapper Katula thought he was ‘shaky’ in Ravens’ win

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Kelly Gregg, Ray Lewis tied for team lead in tackles in win

The AP says McGahee finished off win with late TD

Kansas City Star’s Adam Teicher says Brodie Croyle threw for 2 TD’s in loss

Kansas City Star’s Jason Whitlock saw impact of Al Saunders on Ravens’ offense

Kansas City Star’s Adam Teicher and Kent Babb say (would-be Raven) Succop drilled 53 yard FG for Chiefs in loss

USA Today’s Sean Leahy says Flacco ‘unlikely gunslinger’ in win

USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt says new Linemen Oher, Matt Birk contributed in Ravens’ win

SI’s Don Banks says Flacco found 7 different receivers in win

SI’s Peter King has Ravens 11th in power rankings

CBS Sports’ Clark Judge thinks Ravens 5th best team in NFL

CBS Sports’ Mike Freeman says Derrick Mason, receivers inspired by derogatory comments made by ESPN’s Keyshawn Johnson and Cris Carter

ESPN.com’s John Clayton says Flacco ‘looked more mobile than ever’

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Flacco ‘ready to carry’ Ravens offensively

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Haley held Cassel out of Chiefs’ loss to Ravens


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Guthrie stayed competitive through struggles, pen couldn’t keep Birds in loss to Yanks

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says David Hernandez takes on David Price, Rays tonight at Camden Yards

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says MacPhail reports decision on Matusz likely to come today

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Birds weighing value of Moeller for future

Yankees Official Site’s Anthony DiComo says Hideki Matsui hit late 3 run homer to put O’s away

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Chris Waters, Bob McCrory struggled out of pen for Birds in loss

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Melvin Mora was a late scratch (sore right elbow)

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Jeremy Guthrie allowed 15 baserunners in 5 2/3 innings

The AP says Trembley thinks Pie might be able to take swings today

New York Post’s George A. King III says A-Rod, Girardi ejected from win over Birds

New York Times’ Ben Shpigel says Sabathia picked up AL-leading 17th win

New York Daily News’ Anthony McCarron says Melky Cabrera tallied 4 RBI for Bombers in win

Newsday’s Erik Boland says Alex Rodriguez thought Marty Foster ‘unprofessional’ with ejection in Yanks’ win

Newark Star-Ledger’s Marc Carig says Yanks ‘survived’ boneheaded play by Johnny Damon in win

Bergen Record’s Pete Caldera says Yanks prevented Orioles’ first sweep in Bronx since ‘86


The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Cameron Chism expected to help replace injured Nolan Carroll

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Trenton Hughes also amongst players who will have to step up in Carroll’s absence

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Nolan Carroll had surgery to insert screw, stabilize bone in broken leg

Examiner Matthew Bouchard says Terps must ‘improve quickly’ before Saturday’s game against Middle Tennessee State

The Diamondback’s Greg Schimmel says Friedgen ‘able to joke about’ close win over JMU

The Diamondback’s Greg Schimmel says Ralph thinks Jamari McCullough, Bruce Campbell probably won’t be ready for MTSU

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says teammate Derek Drummond caused Carroll’s injury

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps, Duke, BC, Wake most likely candidates to play in EagleBank Bowl

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says 14 play TD drive against Dukes amongst longest of season

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Ralph also thinks Richard Taylor can help in Nolan Carroll’s absence

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Ralph impressed with Nick Ferrara

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens thought Tyler Bowen ‘solid’ for Terps at RT

Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh says Terps likely to burn CB Dexter McDougle’s redshirt with Nolan Carroll out for season (must subscribe)

Turtle Sports Report’s Danny Miller gives Terps ‘C’ for ‘overall’ performance in win over James Madison


Go Mids says Marcus Curry, Tyler Simmons, Kyle Delahooke, Jabaree Tuani best Mids in win over Louisiana Tech


-Losing Nolan Carroll will be a significant detriment for the Terps. If they are going to continue to pursue in the backfield, they cannot allow themselves to become vulnerable to teams who want to throw over the top. They don’t face a TON of teams with big play throwing capability, but not having Carroll against those teams will hurt them.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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