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Towson Hoops Coach Pat Kennedy Resigns

Posted on 07 March 2011 by WNST Staff

Here is the official release, courtesy of Towson University…

Men’s Basketball Head Coach Pat Kennedy Resigns from Towson

TOWSON, Md. – Towson University head men’s basketball coach Pat Kennedy resigned from his position effective immediately, TU Director of Athletics Mike Waddell announced today. Kennedy completed his seventh season at Towson with a record of 4-26 as the Tigers head coach.

“Pat Kennedy is a class act and a great basketball mind,” said Towson Director of Athletics Mike Waddell.  “It is unfortunate the past seven seasons have not met our mutual expectations.  I am sure he will continue in the basketball world as he should.  We thank Pat and his wife Jeannie for all their efforts the past seven years and wish them the best in the future.”

The 2010-11 season marked Kennedy’s 31st as a Division I head coach. He ranks among the Top 25 active winningest Division I coaches with his 488 career victories, coming in at No. 22 before the start of the 2010-11 campaign.

Kennedy has taken teams to eight NCAA Tournaments and five NIT’s. He has had ten 20-plus win seasons and is the winningest coach in the Colonial Athletic Association. Over his career, 17 of his players he recruited went on to NBA careers, including former Towson Tiger and all-CAA selection Gary Neal from Baltimore’s Calvert Hall College, who is currently with the San Antonio Spurs.

A number of Kennedy’s former assistants have gone on to become head coaches or assistants in the NBA.

For over a decade, Pat served on the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) Board of Directors and was the organization’s President in 2004-05.

A confidential national search for the next head coach of Towson basketball will begin immediately. Towson will be utilizing the services of Fogler Enterprises, a nationally recognized firm that conducts searches for championship caliber basketball coaches. TU Director of Athletics Mike Waddell will not be making any further comments on the search until the process has concluded.

Q&A with Director of Athletics Mike Waddell

What are you looking for in a new head men’s basketball coach?

First and foremost we are looking for the best fit for the long term benefit and development of our men’s basketball program. That takes into consideration a coach’s knowledge of the game and the ability to be an effective teacher and communicator. Our coach must have solid East Coast recruiting ties and a proven track record of being able to recruit a high caliber of player.  We will talk with existing head coaches, former head coaches, current college and pro assistants. Being able to build a coaching staff is a very important element towards building a winning program.

Specifically when you talk style of play, I would like to see someone who values a tough minded, physical style of basketball, intense defense, solid fundamentals, and up tempo offense that is fun to watch.  Win or lose going forward teams need to remember the Tigers the morning after we play them.  That will breed an attitude amongst our team and our fans. There is nothing like watching student-athletes who give their all, dive for loose balls, and play with great emotion. The type of coach that we will bring to Towson will value these traits, along with others.  This will all come to the surface when we interview candidates over the run of the process. There are things that you know going in are 100 percent essential and then there are other traits that will become apparent when the right person is in the room with you. I cannot over communicate the need for a true fit for this position.

What is the timeline to have a new coach in place?

Ideally, we would have our new coach and his staff in place soon after the Final Four is complete in Houston, sometime during the first week in April or thereabout.  A lot of this depends on when the coaches we want to talk to are finished with their seasons.  The spring recruiting period begins around the middle of the month following a dead period immediately after the Final Four.  By meeting this timeline, we set ourselves up to be able to fill out our roster spots with some recruits in the spring signing period.

What are your selling points that you will use when talking to coaches about the position?

I believe that we have one of the best jobs in mid-major basketball when you look at the facts. We have a great city to live in, a great recruiting area to draw talent from, and an outstanding University for our prospective student-athletes to get a first-class education.  Probably the most exciting attribute is that starting in two years Towson will have the best basketball arena in the CAA as well as a new dedicated practice facility.  Off the court we are making improvements such as improved academic support, a dedicated basketball strength and conditioning coach and sports medicine professional, plus enhancements in housing assignments for our basketball program and the best meal plans to enhance their physical development.  We will also be looking to upgrade the competitive schedule to include some additional television appearances for the program and will be working with Under Armour to maximize our basketball brand, nationally and internationally.  We are very fortunate to have some enhanced support coming in from a variety of areas and that will be a booster rocket behind Tiger Basketball. We’re going to be successful here at Towson because there is simply no other outcome that is acceptable.

Who will be running the program during your search for a new head coach?

I have asked Assistant Coach Phil Cohen and Director of Basketball Operations Kerry Kinard to stay on during this interim period. Phil was the director of basketball operations last year before becoming an assistant coach. Kerry joined the staff this past October following stops with the Utah Jazz and Charlotte Bobcats of the NBA. They will conduct off-season workouts, help monitor academic performance while Assistant A.D. for Sports Performance James Shipp will oversee the weight room workouts and the rehabilitation of any lingering seasonal injuries.

Are you using a committee to assist you in the process of selecting the new head coach?

I will be speaking with a lot of different people over the course of the search who will share knowledge and counsel on the various candidates that we will visit with. There will be no formal search committee. Once I have a candidate that I am comfortable with, I will forward that name to the President for final approval.

When will you update fans on the progress of the search?

This interview will be the only time during the process that I will be communicating with the Tiger Nation until we have a press conference and welcome in our new coach. Over the last 22 years, I have been a part of a lot of coaching searches, some more high profile than others. One thing that I have learned is that you really can impair the process by conducting business through the media, intentionally or otherwise.  We have a plan on how to find a new head men’s basketball coach for Towson University and we will go out and bring back the best coach to lead us to the top of the CAA and beyond. Once we have a coach, we’ll call a press conference and will have that for you live on www.TowsonTigers.com.  Once something is decided, we will not let time pass before we share that with our fans and alumni. The more secure the process can operate the better quality of people who will be involved.

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Orioles deal Tejada to San Diego, get a Wynn in return

Posted on 29 July 2010 by Luke Jones

The Orioles may have only two wins since the All-Star Break, but they’ll be getting a Wynn on Thursday night.

Multiple outlets are reporting third baseman Miguel Tejada has been dealt to the San Diego Padres in exchange for minor league pitcher Wynn Pelzer. The 24-year-old is 6-9 with a 4.20 ERA in 22 games for Double-A San Antonio.

Tejada signed a one-year, $6 million deal to return to Baltimore in January but will now compete in a pennant race for the first-place Padres. The 36-year-old hit .269 with seven home runs and 39 RBI in 97 games for the Orioles.

The deal is pending league approval, indicating the Orioles will likely pay a portion of Tejada’s remaining salary to acquire the right-handed Pelzer from the Padres system.

With Tejada being dealt, third baseman Josh Bell will be recalled from Triple-A Norfolk to presumably become the everyday starter at third base. Bell is hitting .263 in 19 at-bats for the Orioles this season in two brief stints in Baltimore.

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OUR BIGGEST CIVIC NIGHTMARE: What if Art Modell never came to Baltimore?

Posted on 04 December 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

So today let’s pretend that Art Modell never moved the Cleveland Browns. Let’s pretend that there are no Baltimore Ravens and that the team never came and that the NFL continued to ignore Baltimore as a home for a franchise. Maybe some of our younger readers don’t remember the 13 years without the NFL, but I do.

I said it on the radio earlier this week and I mean it with every ounce of truth and conviction possible: “The sheer fact that the Baltimore Ravens exist is nothing short of a MIRACLE for our community – a God send!”
Of course, this begs the question for our purposes: Would Art Modell be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame if he never moved the Browns?


Here is a “fantasy” nightmare that is not at all far-fetched:

In November 1995, after Baltimore agreed verbally to take the Browns, Art Modell went back to the city of Cleveland one last time and state of Ohio agreed to build him a new stadium. (Somewhere John Moag is reading this and saying: “I would have NEVER let that happen!”)

Had Cleveland stepped up, this would have essentially ended any hope Baltimore ever had of getting back into the league. If Art Modell and Bill Belichick draft Ray Lewis and Jon Ogden and the Browns win a championship in 2001 and the Baltimore Ravens are never heard of by anyone, who in the NFL would’ve cared about Baltimore? Certainly not Paul Tagliabue, who would’ve had us building more museums.

There’d be no Vinny Testaverde. No Ted Marchibroda. No stadium downtown. No Army-Navy. No Jamal Lewis. No Ring of Honor. No Monday Night Football. No draft day parties. No wins. No losses. No purple anything.

Brian Billick would’ve wound up coaching in San Diego or Houston or someplace. Oh, that’s right there wouldn’t be any HOUSTON either. Houston was essentially the “other” expansion city that was forced into the equation by the league making an exception to make Cleveland the 31st (and oddball number) team.

There’d be no M&T Bank Stadium. No Purple Fridays. No Purple Sundays. No parades. No basements painted purple. No road trips. No quarterbacks or coaches to kick around. No NOTHING!

Imagine this: EVERY piece of clothing, hat, shirt, photo, memory and story in your life that involves the Baltimore Ravens and that logo would VANISH — evaporate, like it never happened. No Festivus, no Ray Lewis, no flags on our cars, no Roosts, no Nests, no purple Christmas lights, no purple Santa hats, NO TAILGATES!


All of the stories, friendships, laughs and tears and complaints about the Ravens would’ve never happened.

And there’d certainly be no WNST radio station or WNST.net, from my own personal perspective, which is why I’m so passionate about getting Art Modell into the Hall of Fame. On a personal note, it’s the least I can do for him after all he’s given me by bringing the team to Baltimore and making it a franchise that I’m proud to promote and support.

And if the Baltimore Ravens never existed, Gerry Sandusky wouldn’t be calling NFL games. And Scott Garceau would have never become “the voice of the Ravens.” And Anita Marks would have never become such a huge Ravens fan. And Mike Preston would be back covering high school track meets. And that’s just a small portion the local media, who have ALL fed their families for years on the backs of Art Modell’s move of his NFL franchise to Baltimore and have run for cover this week when it comes to having Modell’s back when his name is on the ballot for consideration. (I’ll be writing about that tomorrow!)

If this city doesn’t stand up for Art Modell now, it’s shameful. A disgrace, really!

Hell, if Modell doesn’t bring the Ravens to Baltimore, this city is Youngstown or Charleston or someplace like that. Maybe Norfolk or San Antonio or Sacramento?

And the stench of Peter Angelos’ dreadful ownership and baseball team would be ALL we have to talk about. (This alone is a reason to put Modell in the Hall of Fame. Art Modell might’ve saved my life and my sanity with the Ravens!)

For years, we’ve all said that Ray Lewis and Jon Ogden would be the first Ravens to go into the Hall of Fame but I’m going to backtrack now. The first Raven who goes into the Hall of Fame should be Art Modell.

Lord knows, he won’t die or be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a member of the Cleveland Browns family. He’s OUR family and we should stand up for Art this Sunday night.

Go ask Shannon Sharpe. Go ask Rod Woodson. Go ask Ray Lewis or Jon Ogden. Go ask anyone with any sense of the history of the league or the founding fathers of the league whether Art Modell is a Hall of Famer. The only ones making any case against Art are the people who still have a grudge from Cleveland, which I’ll really never understand. The people of Cleveland and the state of Ohio and Browns fans around the world have all LONG since been made “whole.” MORE than whole if you consider the stadium, the deal they got and the fact that they hated Modell anyway.

Of course from our perspective in Baltimore, his crowning achievement came under duress when to save the financial future of his family he was forced

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