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Giving thanks to…Glenn Clark

Posted on 27 November 2013 by Drew Forrester

The older I get, the more I bask in the glow of seeing others who I know or have worked with take off on their own and have success.

I suppose that’s part of becoming a Dad, a coach and – well – just plain older…your triumphs are minimal compared to those you are raising or trying to lead.

I saw that first-hand last spring when the thirteen players I inherited at the Calvert Hall golf program played the best golf of their lives while winning the MIAA A-Conference championship for the first time since 1997.  I knew from the first time I met them they were special young men.  I had no idea if they could play high-level golf, but when I heard how many of them were involved in school activities, the Peer Ministry group, etc., I knew they were “special men”.

Turns out I was right about all of them.

I was right about someone else too.

Five years ago, when Glenn Clark was handling the producer’s role for the Morning Reaction, I started a holiday-themed campaign that essentially turned into “Coats and Cans”.  My plan was to get cans and non-perishable foods donated from listeners before Thanksgiving — and then to get coats and clothing donated prior to Christmas that we could distribute to those in need.

Glenn bought into it right away.  I remember driving with him to the Canton Baptist Church when we had 2,000 cans in the back of a friend’s truck and offering him the reasoning behind the campaign.  I told him, “This kind of stuff is what we should be doing as a local radio station.  We can talk sports all day…and we do…but making a difference in the community is what we really should be doing.”

I didn’t come up with that theme on my own.  My mentor in the 1980’s, Kenny Cooper, instilled that in me when he showed up in Baltimore to coach a soccer team and treated the city like it was own birthplace.

So, the “Coats and Cans” campaign began and the listeners came through with flying colors.  Year two was bigger.  Year three was bigger than that.  Glenn and I collaborated on every campaign and had turned it into a great triumph for the community, all because the listeners responded to our begging.

Then, Glenn left me.

He didn’t “leave” per-se, he just moved up in the world, to host his own show from 2-6pm here at WNST and take on additional programming duties as well.

Yesterday, we finished our 2013 “Cans” portion of the campaign by dropping off 2,500 cans to SARC in Harford County.  I won’t tell you all about it — you can read Glenn’s piece right here and it all gets explained to you.

Make no mistake about it, though.

This year, and I say it with great pride, the Cans campaign was Glenn Clark’s baby.

He made it a success.

Others helped out, don’t get me wrong.  Ryan Chell was a huge assistant.  Brett Dickinson lended a whopper of a helping hand.  Everyone associated with WNST gets involved and rallies around our charitable efforts.  Lots of listeners to the D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction contributed cans (and coats, too, so far), so I’m thankful that Luke and I made a contibution as well.

The people at WNST understand our role in the community.  From Paul Kopelke to Ashley Bishoff to Nestor Aparicio, everyone in the building at 1550 Hart Road “gets it”.  We’re only as good as the listeners make us.  Every year when I run my charity golf outing, the station donates up to $5,000 in radio advertising to help make it a success, even though the station itself gets zero financial benefit from the event itself.

But, without Glenn Clark this year, the Cans campaign doesn’t kick the major ass that it did.

Five years ago, I drove down to Canton with Glenn Clark and 2,000 cans and told him “this is the kind of stuff that’s really important when you do radio.”

He clearly listened.

For an old man like me, there’s really nothing better than seeing someone “leave the nest” and improve something you started.

Thank you, Glenn.


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Before we started yelling about Joe Flacco it was already the best day ever

Posted on 26 November 2013 by Glenn Clark

You guys never cease to amaze me. Never.

We had a “spirited” afternoon on “The Reality Check” today, discussing Joe Flacco’s comments regarding The Wildcat offense and plays where he lines up at wide receiver.

But well before that, I had the pleasure of visiting SARC in Bel Air to drop off all of the canned goods you guys so kindly donated to the great charity. There were roughly 2,500 canned goods total, enough to essentially fill the conference room at SARC. Pictured below are members of the staff at SARC, our friend Rick Donovan from Enoch Office Equipment (who so kindly donated his time today to help us take the cans to Harford County) and only a SMALL part of the donation you all made.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your generosity. I am always so humbled by all of you who care so much not only about local sports but about our local community. As Drew Forrester and I often say, we are not WNST-we’re just the goofs with the microphones in front of us. All of you make up WNST and we couldn’t be more grateful that you all care so much about making this happen every year.

Thanks to the entire WNST staff. Drew, Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio, Drew Forrester, Ryan Chell, Thyrl Nelson, Peter DiLutis, Paul Kopelke, Ashley Bishoff, Brett Dickinson, Barry Kamen, Jeff Kryglik and our many interns for helping to get the word out, collect, organize, lift and transport cans. Thanks to our wonderful partners Enoch Office Equipment, Navy football, David’s 1st & 10, Greenmount Station and Buffalo Wild Wings (Owings Mills, White Marsh and Bel Air) for partnering with us or allowing us to collect cans at their establishments.

A major thank you also goes out to UFC light heavyweight champ Jon “Bones” Jones for donating his time to help us collect cans, as well as Baltimore Ravens OT Eugene Monroe and WR Marlon Brown. Also to 24×7 Booking, The Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric, the Baltimore Arena and many more for providing us incentives to help collect cans.

We’re not done. After Thanksgiving, Drew & I will announce plans for our annual coat drive-where we’ll take care of another great area charity-The Helping Up Mission downtown.

As I close, I received this letter tonight from the Executive Director of SARC. It was equally humbling. I cannot tell you how much each and every one of you mean to us. Thank you again.

Dear WNST Listeners:

We here at SARC are overwhelmed with gratitude due to your generosity. The incredible amount of items you donated to the food pantry through the WNST Radio Station food drive this fall is just amazing! Because of you, many SARC clients and their families will be able to celebrate the holidays in a safe and loving place, no longer scared of the violence that has touched their lives.

SARC is Harford County’s resource that brings hope to victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, child abuse and stalking. Your willingness to help members of the community weather the crises in their lives makes all the difference for these families. Because of caring donors such as you, SARC has been able to provide 107 children, just this year, with a place to live and feel safe. Your donation will allow the staff and volunteers here at SARC to continue providing support to other families as well.

Moving forward, we would love to keep you involved with SARC’s mission to create a society free from abuse and fear by inviting you to participate in the 5th Annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® event scheduled for April, 2014. WNST listeners can register to walk a mile in high heeled shoes through the streets of downtown Bel Air, or support a walker who is stepping up to address the issue of sexual assault. When good people take a public stand against violence, they give their peers permission to do the same. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes ® raises money for SARC, supporting violence prevention initiatives and services to clients.

Allow us to keep you in the loop with Facebook and Linkedin postings (search SARCharfordcounty.) You can visit SARC’s website, www.sarc-maryland.org, e-mail us or call us at 410-836-8431 for more information.

Again, THANK YOU! From all of us here at SARC, have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

Warm Regards,

Luisa Caiazzo-Nutter
Executive Director

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Tonight’s The Night: Help us support a great charity at BWW White Marsh

Posted on 21 November 2013 by Glenn Clark

We pride ourselves about a number of things here at WNST. As Drew Forrester has documented recently, our local sports coverage is second to none. We’ve defined the term “local” over our 15 years of history, and part of that is our responsibility to our local community.

That continues every holiday season, as we commit to taking care of those who need it most in this area. We’ve already collected over 1,000 canned goods to support SARC in Harford County, and we’re going to go out with a bang tonight.

You can find out more about the wonderful things SARC is doing here.

We’ve sweetened the pot over the last couple of days. Anyone who brings us 10 cans or more tonight will also pick up a great prize. For example:

Ravens WR Marlon Brown and OT Eugene Monroe spent Tuesday night signing this bag of footballs (Thanks to Freedmont Mortgage for the balls), some signed by both-some signed by one of the guys individually. Bring me 10 or more cans and you get one.

Also, big thanks to 24×7 Entertainment, who have donated tickets to see Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime January 4th at Rams Head Live as well as Monster Magnet December 8th at Baltimore Soundstage. Also thanks to The Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric, who have donated tickets to a bunch of their upcoming shows. 10 cans would also allow you to pick from those.

At 50 cans you can pick two prizes (a pair of tickets constitutes a prize). At 75 you can pick three.

On top of all of that, Thursday night will simply be a great chance to just hang out-BS about Baltimore sports and ask your favorite WNST personalities those questions you think we’re not allowed to talk about on the radio. We’ll have the Falcons/Saints game on as well and we’ll probably end up bending a few back.

It will be a great night-for an amazing cause.

PLEASE come out and be a part of it.


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