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Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 10 May 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Monday!

It’s a Happy Monday for me because I checked out Carolina Liar last night at Recher Theatre, and they were quite good. I will admit to having only known “I’m Not Over” and “Show Me What I’m Looking For” before the show, but I was really sleeping on them. They’re REALLY good. It’s a shame only about 30-40 others of you decided to come to the show.

Check out “Beautiful World.” It’s pretty good…

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP says Orioles got nothing going against Nick Blackburn in 6-0 loss to Twins

Ugh. Nick Blackburn? He didn’t even throw a strikeout!

What do I do here? Do I lament another Orioles loss? Do I yell and scream and try to figure out why the team is so freaking dreadful offensively, or do I say something along the lines of “another stellar effort from the Orioles?”

I’m not sure I have the energy today.

The Birds took 2 of 4 at Target Field, which wouldn’t seem so bad if it weren’t for the fact that they really only mustered any offense in ONE of the 4 games (which stunningly came against Francisco Liriano). Of course, Luke Scott DID hit a home run Saturday night that landed somewhere in Fargo, which was just one more example of MASN’s awesome timing in their “I Want to Be Luke Scott’s Bat!” campaign.


2. The AP/WNST.net offer numerical evidence of loss

I told my mom we couldn’t go out for lunch yesterday; but we instead needed to celebrate Mother’s Day at my house, so that I could keep the Orioles game on in the background.

Mom had a couple of reactions. First she said “Why? The Orioles are terrible.”

Moms really DO know everything, don’t they?

Her second response was “Why is this game so important in particular?”

“Well mom, Brian Matusz is pitching. He’s the next Tom Glavine!”

Being the baseball fan she is, mom understood that she couldn’t miss the chance to see a pitcher like that. About halfway through a piece of BBQ chicken she looked back at me and said “THIS IS THE PITCHER YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT?!?!?!?”

Sorry mom.

It was a tough day for Brian yesterday-but things will get better. (Edit from GMC: Things WILL get better, right?) He’s much too good for me to be too worked up yesterday.

Besides, I spent the better part of the day yesterday recovering from a Betty White hangover anyway. The “Thank You For Being a Friend” bit was FAR from the best thing they did, it was just the only clip available on YouTube…

3. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Adam Jones, Orioles have hit ‘brick wall’

I brought this up with Drew Forrester this morning on AM1570 WNST, but I think it’s worth repeating.

It’s time for him to take the trip to Norfolk.

I understand that he’s the face of the future for this team, and I understand that his athleticism is unquestionable.

But he’s jaded, and he isn’t trying right now.

It’s not JUST that he isn’t hitting. It’s not JUST that he’s figured out ways to misplay balls into triples. It’s the laziness he’s shown on fly balls with runners on 3rd base that says to me he just doesn’t really want to give it that much of an effort.

A run-in with Dave Trembley early in the season is well circulated, and not surprising. It’s partially the team’s fault for having a lame-duck manager. It’s more the team’s fault for not putting a team together that would actually inspire players to want to win.

But it is STILL Adam Jones’ fault for not trying. It’s shameful. And there should be a price to pay for it. I understand that the team “isn’t trying to win anyway”, and that some fans think they should just stick it out with Adam until he gets it turned around.

But I will NEVER sign off on a move that is made because a team “isn’t trying to win anyway.”

4. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Birds could make roster moves now that road trip is over

The most obvious move to be made would be to send Lou Montanez back to the Tides and bring up Corey Patterson. YAY! COREY PATTERSON!!!

For the record, I’d be in complete support of that move. It’s just a little frightening to think about this team improving by having Corey Patterson on the roster.

Luke Scott should be a candidate to be jettisoned, but I assume he won’t be. Garrett Atkins got a few hits last week, but I’m pretty sure I’d still prefer Garrett Gomez to him.

But if the Orioles REALLY wanted to make a statement, I think they should add Collien Fernandes (Thanks Busted Coverage!)


5. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Chris Tillman excelled, Zach Britton struggled for O’s on farm

Before we move on from the Orioles, a couple more things to mention…

-Congratulations to our Apologist of the Morning-as selected by The Great Arbitrator this morning on “The Morning Reaction.” The winner was “Heath” from Dempsey’s Army, who despite being too gutless to put a last name on what he writes-took the time to declare that “Free The Birds” was nothing more than a marketing/publicity stunt from Nestor Aparicio.

Keep believing that crap instead of holding an organization’s feet to the fire for becoming a civic embarrassment over the last 13 years. Keep that up. It makes plenty of sense. The 1,500+ people who have already joined the Facebook group probably support the theory too. You’re “on watch.”

-The Orioles are off tonight before opening a 3 game set with the Seattle Mariners tomorrow night at Camden Yards. A reminder that we’re just a week away from “Free The Birds”, which goes down Monday night when the Orioles host the Kansas City Royals. If Chris Stoner makes it out, the first beer is on me.

6. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says John Harbaugh (at least sorta) believes Jared Gaither battling toe/foot injury, not skipping practice out of protest

What an ordeal this has become.

“The Bills are interested.”

“Ozzie Newsome says he hasn’t gotten any offers.”

“Maybe Marshal Yanda could play Right Tackle.”

“The team can’t make a deal now that Ramon Harewood is hurt.”

“This is all Drew Rosenhaus’ doing.”

“Maybe Gaither really is hurt. I mean, he does have an injury history.”

“The Ravens probably should have just left Michael Oher at RT for the season and tried to win the Super Bowl.”

“Why don’t they just sign Flozell Adams?”

My head is SPINNING. My guess is that Jared Gaither IS dealing with something foot-related, but probably COULD have practiced through it out in Owings Mills this weekend if he had wanted to.

My other guess is that Jared Gaither WILL still be on this team come September 13 against the New York Jets. I just don’t see another NFL team (be it Buffalo, Washington, Oakland, Denver or anyone else) stepping up and making an offer that the Ravens would deem worthwhile to trade away a bookend tackle from a team that expects to compete for the AFC North title this season.

Of course, a first round pick could change ALL of that.

7. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Ngata tore pec in Pro Bowl, will miss another month and a half to two months

Of course, there was quite a bit of hullaballoo when The Sun (and then linked to PFT) misquoted Ngata as saying it happened when he was “trying to hurt someone” in Miami. Ngata had actually said he was trying to NOT hurt anyone.

You can hear from Ngata in the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault right here at WNST.net. You can also hear from John Harbaugh, Anquan Boldin, Jim Zorn, Cam Cameron, Greg Mattison, Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, Terrell Suggs and others this weekend from Ravens mini-camp.

OR….OR….you can look at this picture of Madison Welch that I found over at Guyism. I think either would be an acceptable use of your time…


8. ProFootballTalk/NBC Sports’ Mike Florio says part of North Ave. to be renamed “Ray Lewis Way”

Spare me the North Ave. related jokes, PLEASE. I get it. There IS humor there, I understand it.

This won’t be the last honor Ray Lewis receives in the city of Baltimore. He’ll end up in the Ring of Honor, and he’ll get a statue out near Johnny Unitas, etc. etc. etc.

Plus…you know…he’ll always be in our hearts. For whatever that’s worth.

9. The Sun’s Edward Lee says Maryland will face Hofstra, Hopkins will face Duke, Loyola will face Cornell, Mt. St. Mary’s will face Virginia in Round 1 of Men’s lacrosse NCAA Tournament

Couple of things:

-Despite the emotions surrounding the Cavaliers lacrosse program, MSM won’t have any chance of pulling off the Round 1 stunner. In fact, UVa has a pretty easy run to the Final Four, so you can expect to see them at M&T Bank Stadium. There will be plenty of scrutiny surrounding their program, but their overwhelming talent will outweigh those outside factors-at least until they get to the semifinals.

-Dave Cottle and Maryland will (rightly) gripe about getting the #3 seed instead of the 2-which went to Syracuse. In fairness to Cottle, the Terps face a VERY tough Hofstra team in Round 1, then have a likely showdown with Princeton AT Princeton in Round 2. That will be BRUTAL.

-If Pierce Bassett continues to play well and Johns Hopkins builds on what they did in wins over Towson and Loyola to end the season-they’ll have a shot to beat Duke. I’m not saying they will, but they’ll have a shot. That grouping (Duke/Hopkins and Carolina/Delaware) is much more open than most lax fans will give it credit for being. It’s easy to presume Duke or North Carolina ends up in the Final Four-and they probably will-but the Blue Jays and Hens have just enough talent (I got to see the Hens’ Curtis Dickson live for the first time this weekend-WOW) to make things interesting.

-Loyola will have a hard time grinding out a win at Cornell, especially if they play like they played down the stretch against Denver and JHU. They have the offensive talent, but they cannot take the ridiculous shots I saw them take at Ridley Athletic Complex Saturday.

10. Inside Lacrosse’s Tommy Kehoe says Stevenson #2 seed, Salisbury #1 seed in D3 Tournament

I’ll say it so that Paul Cantabene doesn’t have to.

This is ridiculous.

The Mustangs are the #1 team in the country and a #2 seed in their region. I understand that the seeding probably has more to do with geography than lacrosse, but the ‘Stangs and Sea Gulls shouldn’t be forced to face each other until the NCAA Championship Game.

Instead, for the Stangs to have a shot at playing for the national title, they’ll likely have to try to win a second game AT Salisbury en route.

Not cool.

These are the best teams in the country. They should be able to play for the national title.

Not much else to say about it.

11. LaxPower.com says Maryland will face Marist, Navy will face North Carolina and Towson will face Virginia in Round 1 of women’s lacrosse NCAA Tournament

You have to feel for the Tigers, as THE ENTIRE COUNTRY will be rooting against them when they face the ‘Hoos in the first game since Yeardley Love’s tragic death.

Maryland goes into the Tournament as the favorite, and it would be nice to see the Terrapins claim the title for the first time since 2001.

Hell-it would be nice to see ANYONE besides Northwestern win the thing. What the hell do they know about lacrosse in Chicago anyway???

12. Maryland Jockey Club says Mission Impazible took to Facebook to declare himself a possible Preakness starter

Holy crap a horse has a Facebook page? PLEASE DON’T LET MY GIRLFRIEND (You know her, “The Luckiest Dang Gal on the Face of the Planet”) FIND OUT ABOUT THIS!!!!

I was going to check out Mission Impazible’s page, but I was too busy looking at Seanna Mitchell’s page (Thanks Barstool Sports!)…


And finally, I leave you with this.

Here’s the Golf Channel explaining why Tiger Woods “pulled out” (love it) of The Players’ Championship yesterday. If you haven’t seen the clip yesterday-it was SUPPOSED to be “bulging disc.” It eventually was…

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 22 April 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Thursday!

It’s a Happy Thursday for me because it’s still “Green Week” here in Charm City. Thus far this week, I’ve supported whatever the cause is behind “Green Week” by posting a semi-nude picture of Ashley Greene, a version of “I Fought The Law” by Green Day, and a version of “Take Me to the River” by Al Green with Dave Matthews Band.

I’m not sure it’s possible that there’s been anyone in town this week who’s been more “green” than I have. So today I am making another contribution to whatever the “Green Week” cause is…as I post the best work Seth Green has EVER done in his career…his performance as Kenny “Special K” Fisher in “Can’t Hardly Wait”…

In a word…brilliant.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s Tim Booth says Felix Hernandez went distance as Mariners swept Orioles


They’re 2-14.

King Felix didn’t even have his most overwhelming stuff last night.

They’re 2-14.

I SORTA felt bad for Kevin Millwood last night-who was also not overwhelming, but pretty good other than one inning. Of course, being good for all but one inning is being just good enough to lose, but that’s not the point here.

The point is that Kevin Millwood was about as interested in coming to Baltimore as he was in going to Haiti. That’s not supposed to be funny, so save your “poor taste” comments.

Last night you saw WHY Kevin Millwood had no interest in coming to Baltimore.

I assume Kevin Millwood doesn’t think himself to be Tom Glavine or Greg Maddux. I assume that Millwood knows that he’s a “gutty” veteran pitcher whose baseball knowledge and experience outweighs his actual stuff.

When that’s the case, it doesn’t help to be the Number 1 guy for a TERRIBLE baseball team. Pitchers like Zack Greinke and Zach Duke can handle the gig because they have the type of stuff that if they HAVE to give up 1 run or less multiple times during the season, they can.

Kevin Millwood doesn’t have that sort of stuff.

What you saw from Kevin Millwood last night-that’s about what he has.

And if he was playing for a better team (even in Texas), he could be picked up.

In Baltimore, he’s channeling Bon Jovi and “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

I really did feel bad for Kevin Millwood last night. I’m sure he’ll be somewhere else by somewhere around the All-Star Game; but I feel bad for him right now.

Like so many others on this team right now, he was miscast. He knew it, and he had no interest in being here. I hope he doesn’t have to go through it too much longer.

2. The AP/WNST.net offer numerical evidence of sweep

Maybe we were a bit too quick to crown Ty Wigginton as the new “Mr. Oriole.”

0-4, 2 GIDP’s, K, 4 LOB.

Look, one game does not a season make-but is there ANY reason for Ty Wigginton to be the number 2 hitter in ANY lineup-ever?

Lou Montanez actually got on base twice last night to leadoff, and each time he was removed by a Wigginton GIDP.

I don’t mean to pile on, but I think ol’ “Wiggy” might have had a worse day than even Ben Roethlisberger!

I know he went “hitless in Seattle”, but could Adam Jones BUNT if he was in the #2 hole?

I have a lot of “why do I even bother?” feelings when I start making suggestions about what the Orioles could be doing, but I WANT THEM TO WIN.


3. The AP’s Tim Booth says Dave Trembley held closed door meeting, ‘popped off’ to media before series finale in Seattle

This of course comes on the heels of the Julio Lugo debacle the previous night.

Or “insert your own debacle from another night this season here.”

Of course, according to Steve Melewski from MASN (who “The Great Arbitrator” Drew Forrester selected as today’s “Apologist of the Morning” on The Morning Reaction)…

“We can’t demand that O’s players get hits every night, strike out batters, pitch great or win”

Maybe he should have replaced “we” with “I”. I’m GOING to demand that they win. They might not, but I’m going to demand it anyway. Of course, since Steve works for the team, he has little choice but to try to say it the right way. Steve went on to try to divide the fanbase…

“Some fans won’t ever jump ship and will be around all year”

You mean…like the fans here at WNST? Who will be here all year trying to hold this organization’s feet to the fire in the desperate hope that at some point they might start winning?

Nothing like a team whose own employees try to divide their fanbase. “Are you with us or not? If you are, you better get behind the Andy MacPhail plan and not criticize what we’re doing!”

You’re on watch, Steve. As I said this morning, I have to go to Louisville next week. If I choose to wear an Orioles hat, I know what type of reaction to expect. When it comes, I pray you’ll understand what it means to REALLY be an Orioles fan.


4. MLB.com’s Bob Sherwin & Alden Gonzalez say O’s claimed Pedro Viola off waivers from Reds, sent him to Norfolk

If Corey Patterson didn’t get you excited, this HAS to-right?

In 9 Major League appearances, Viola has a 5.14 career ERA.

The World Series is in late October again this year, just keep that in mind.

Of course the signing of Viola made most fans think of Frank Viola, who always got the coolest pictures in SI For Kids when I read that publication growing up.

You know what else is a cool picture? The picture of Candace Rae from Ralph Magazine that Guyism.com posted yesterday…


5. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Jeff Salazar, Josh Bell, Troy Patton shined for Birds on farm

Before we move on from the Orioles, there’s no game tonight-so enjoy the NFL Draft and check back in tomorrow night when the Birds head to Fenway Park to take on the Boston Red Sox.

A lot of fans thought Dave Trembley might not even make it to Beantown, but I don’t expect that. However, if they WERE to make a move, I would think signing Brian Kownacki from Fordham might be a good option…

6. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson expects Ravens to take best player in NFL Draft if unable to trade out of pick

And as Aaron mentioned, there’s a good chance that a player many people didn’t think would slip ends up slipping into their hands. As Drew & I have discussed multiple times on AM1570 recently, the MOST likely scenario involves Ozzie Newsome and company trading OUT of the 25th pick.

Yet…someone spectacular could slip. That’s the only way I see them making that 25th pick. As I speculated this morning, Sergio Kindle feels like the guy.

7. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Ryan Mink says Roethlisberger will miss Ravens-Steelers game at Heinz Field due to suspension

He’ll be sorely missed. By the entire North Harford High School area.

And no one else.

My gut tells me that Big Ben is still with the Steelers when the season begins, and I still think they’re a real threat in the AFC North.

I also think Pepperdine volleyball player Victoria Adelhelm is a real threat to make me want to become athletic (Thanks Busted Coverage)…


8. LA Times’ Sam Farmer mocks Penn State DL Jared Odrick to Ravens

I will admit that having dated a girl that went to Penn State, drafting Jared Odrick would be difficult for me as a Ravens fan.

I can’t STAND the Nittany Lions. As a Maryland fan, I’ve never liked them-but my trips to Beaver Stadium made it worse.


Really? I thought I was at Oregon.

Look-I’d support the pick, and I certainly think it would be the “safe” pick for John Harbaugh’s team, but it would be REALLY tough for me to root for him.

I haven’t had too many of these problems during my tenure as a Ravens fan-especially considering that Wally Richardson was about as good as…..Jordan Steffy?

9. The Sun’s Jamison Hensley mocks Alabama DL Terrence Cody to Ravens

I have a nickname for Terrence Cody…”The Skinny Ray Bachman!”

(Edit from GMC: I’ve posted the Terrence Cody “man boobs” picture plenty of times already. I’m not doing it again. INSTEAD, I Google image searched “man boobs”. The pictures below may not be safe for work.)


I’m so sorry.

10. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Ralph Friedgen not happy lacrosse has ripped up field at Byrd Stadium before Red/White Spring Game

Look, I feel for The Fridge. His field is torn up as it is, PLUS there’s the ACC Lacrosse Tournament this weekend in College Park.

But there’s SORT OF an easy answer to this.

“Ralph, maybe you should just be happy you’re still coaching the Red/White Spring Game.”

Sorry guy.

11. GoMustangSports.com says Stevenson crushed St. Mary’s, advanced to face Salisbury in CAC Tournament final Saturday afternoon

This makes it back to back years that the Sea Gulls and Mustangs will have a rematch for the CAC Championship.

The Gulls got revenge on the ‘Stangs a season ago in Owings Mills, hopefully Paul Cantabene’s team will get their revenge this weekend.

Myself? I’m looking for revenge on any website that didn’t post pictures of Daphne Joy yesterday like Barstool Sports did…


And finally, I leave you with this…

I know they Drafted Kyle Boller, but the Ravens have NEVER Drafted a Lawrence Phillips or Ryan Leaf. On the day that the NFL Draft begins, I’d like to celebrate that with a memory…

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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We could be a week away from round 2

Posted on 16 April 2010 by Bryan Powell

Since the Salisbury and Stevenson men’s lacrosse teams met on April 3rd not much has changed. Both teams won the rest of their conference games to lock up the number one and two seeds in the conference tournament.

The tournament starts on Sunday with #6 seed Wesley traveling to #3 St. Mary’s and #5 Mary Washington traveling to #4 seed York College. The winner of Wesley/St. Mary’s travels to #2 Stevenson next Wednesday at 4pm. The winner of Mary Washington/York heads to #1 seed Salisbury also on Wednesday.

Barring a major upset it should be #2 Stevenson @ #1 Salisbury next Saturday for the conference title. Salisbury has won every tournament since 1994 and the Mustangs want to end that streak and capture their first trophy and hopefully have a chance to host a possible third game in the NCAA tournament.

I will update the road to the rematch as the week progresses.

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Posted on 03 April 2010 by Bryan Powell

So far in the 2010 season the Salisbury University men’s lacrosse team has beaten Cortland State and Gettysburg who were in the top three at gametime. Today they looked to add another team to that list, #1 Stevenson. They accomplished that mission by a score of 16-10. One of those wins was at a neutral site while the other two were road games.

This win gives the Sea Gulls the #1 ranking in next week’s poll and the inside track to the Capital Athletic Conference regular season title.  It also means that in three weeks when these two teams most likely meet again in the CAC tournament championship game it will be in Salisbury.

A crowd of 1,534 looked on as Salisbury outscored the Mustangs 8-2 in the second half  to get the win. Mike Winter had four goals while Matt Cannone and Mike Von Kamecke added three apiece for the winners. Jimmy Dailey scored three goals and added two assists while Ray Witte added two more goals from face-off fast breaks for Stevenson.

A key to the game was the Salisbury man down unit. They held Stevenson to 1-5 on extra man and that one was with under a minute to play and the backup goalie in the cage. Salisbury went 2-4 in their extra man opportunities

Some other stats from the game Stevenson outshot Salisbury 44-37 and won the groundball war 30-24. Salisbury was 22-23 in clears while Stevenson was 16-19. Johnny Rodriguez had 15 saves for Salisbury including a couple at close range or one on one.

Salisbury starts a three game homestand by hosting St Mary’s on Wednesday night at 7pm while Stevenson heads to Marymount for at 4pm game.



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Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 02 April 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Friday!

It’s a Happy Friday for me because I STILL don’t live anywhere NEAR North Harford High School; so those clowns can’t bother me.


Umm….I didn’t have to wear a hoodie to work this morning? I mean, could anything be better about the weather right now? It’s the type of weather that makes me want to roll the windows down and crank up some O.A.R….

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP says Robert Andino homered as Orioles topped Rays in Grapefruit League play

You think someone was a little extra inspired yesterday?

Of course, we’ve reached the part of Spring Training where no one really cares what’s happening on the field anymore. In fact, I heard a rumor that Ray Bachman threw an inning out of the bullpen following Jake Arrieta yesterday.

The Orioles play the Yankees today in Tampa Bay at 1:05; the game is on ESPN. In what Nolan Ryan was quoted* as calling “the greatest mismatch in pitching history”, Alfredo Simon faces Andy Pettitte.

(*Edit from GMC: No, Nolan Ryan wasn’t quoted as saying that. Only because no one has been able to ask Nolan Ryan about it. If they had, he’d probably first say “Who the hell is Alfredo Simon?” and THEN call it the greatest mismatch in pitching history.)

2. St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Joe Strauss says Cardinals traded Julio Lugo to Orioles for player to be named OR cash considerations

As a reminder, the 2010 World Series is tentatively scheduled for October 27-November 4. Keep this in mind as you make your fall plans.

In all fairness, I have no problem with the Julio Lugo acquisition. I think it makes the Orioles better, as he will be a better option as a utility infielder than Robert Andino. I DON’T think the acquisition has much to do with Brian Roberts’ injury; but if he is forced to miss games early-or at any point during the season-Julio Lugo is a BETTER option to fill in for him.

Now-if Baltimore was going to acquire someone from St. Louis-why chouldn’t it have been Sunrise Adams?


3. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Chad Moeller granted his outright release by Birds

So…fair well Chad Moeller. We’ll always have…the memories???

The bad news here is that the O’s will no longer have a veteran catcher in the organization. A season ago they had Robby Hammock at Norfolk behind Greg Zaun, Chad Moeller AND Matt Wieters. Had Wieters been hurt during the late stretch, they had veteran options available to play for 15 days.

They won’t have that this year.

Behind Matt Wieters is Craig Tatum, he and his .162 career average over 26 career games played. Down on the farm with the Tides, there’s Michel Hernandez-he and his career .237 average over 45 MLB games played. Behind him-Adam Donachie; who is looking forward to getting a major league per diem for the first time in his life.

Now-there will undoubtedly be SOME sort of veteran catcher available should the Orioles need one at some point this season-so this will probably be no big deal.

And even though Superman had Krptonite, nothing could hurt Matt Wieters, right? I mean, Matt Wieters > Superman.

4. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says Donte’ Stallworth intoduced to Baltimore media, says he’s “become a better decision maker” from DUI manslaughter incident

And as we discussed this morning on “The Comcast Morning Show”, at some point we’re going to have to let the guy live.

Personally-I’m done with it. I really am. I’m not saying that what Donte’ Stallworth did was okay, but I am saying that I’m personally uninterested moving forward. I’m interested in how he will work with John Harbaugh, Joe Flacco, Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason.

That’s me. Maybe some people are still interested in what happened last March, and can’t move past it. I’m just not one of them. And it’s not because it’s because he plays for the Ravens. It’s because he’s served his time and has been willing to address it.

I’d feel the same way about others in similar situations with other NFL teams.

5. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says ‘broken promises’ lead to Troy Smith switching agents from Ralph Cindrich to Neil Cornrich

Can I make an addendum here?

“Broken promises and UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS” lead to Troy Smith switching agents.

Look-if Ralph Cindrich told Troy Smith he’d get him a starting job with another team this offseason and didn’t-Troy has every right to make a move. BUT-Ralph Cindrich’s mistake was to make that type of promise not knowing whether there were ACTUALLY ANY NFL TEAMS THAT WANTED TROY SMITH AS THEIR STARTING QUARTERBACK.

And just to follow up on things I’d crawl to Cleveland for; yesterday I said “Vida Guerra painted like a Tiger”, and today I’d add “a year’s worth of Shock Top”…


6. The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Alabama DT Terrence Cody visited 1 Winning Drive Thursday

I get it. Terrence Cody doesn’t look good physically…


…but there’s something to be said about a space-clogger from the SEC who has performed at a high level against really good talent.

A season ago, many analysts thought Andre Smith would slide into the 2nd round of the NFL Draft, but he was snapped up early. I really think Terrence Cody is going to come off the board earlier than a lot of people expect.

But…if he slides to the Ravens, you KNOW Ozzie Newsome would be more than happy to have him.

7. Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Greivis Vasquez won Bob Cousy Award as nation’s top point guard

Do I think:

A-Greivis Vasquez was a “point guard”


B-He was more deserving of an award than Evan Turner or John Wall?

Probably not. But am I happy for him? Sure am.

Vasquez was also named as one of the 10 finalists for the Wooden Award. Evan Turner was rumored to have called him and asked “What do you think I should wear to my ceremony?”

8. WNST.net’s Bob Haynie says Eric Hayes won NCAA 3 point contest as part of Final Four weekend Thursday night in Indy

And then he beat the gal from Detroit Mercy who the women’s competition; once again proving that boys are better than girls.

Unless of course we’re talking about Gabriella Cilmi. She’s better than us.


9. The Sun’s Ken Murray says Jimmy Patsos candidate to leave Loyola, join Lavin’s staff at St. John’s

I reached out to Jimmy this morning for comment, and he said “Don’t believe everything you read.”

I responded…”Dude, I NEVER believed Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, but what say you about bailing on the Greyhounds for the Red Storm.”

Is being an assistant for a Big East program that has been mostly irrelevant in recent years a better job than being the head coach for a middle of the road team in the MAAC? Maybe.

But would being an assistant at Maryland have been a better job than either? I think so.

With all of that said, my guess is that Jimmy Patsos returns to the Hounds. Of course, they do have a new AD in Jim Paquette-and there’s always a chance that he might have a different vision for the program than Jimmy does.

If for some reason Jimmy leaves, I have a suggestion as to who should be the next head coach…

(Edit from GMC: I mean, we know he’s gonna get run out of Lexington soon and they’ll end up on probation, right?)

10. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Dexter McDougle, Torrey Smith could be options at punt returner as well as Tony Logan

Torrey Smith’s the fastest guy on the team, but as Ralph Friedgen (and any coach in the world) will point out; when it comes to punt returns-CATCHING THE BALL is more important than getting big returns. That’s the biggest reason why the Ravens stuck with Chris Carr through his struggles a season ago.

Teams NEED TO GET THE BALL on a punt. Anything after that is gravy.

11. The Sun’s Mike Preston says Stevenson, Salisbury set for #1 showdown tomorrow afternoon at Caves Athletic Complex

And I’ll be in the house. Follow us on Twitter (@WNST) for details on what I’ll be giving away for anyone who comes out and “Tweets Up.”

While I’m pulling for the Mustangs tomorrow, I do know one thing I like about the Sea Gulls…


12. The Diamondback’s Kate Yanchulis previews Top 5 lacrosse showdown between Maryland, Virginia tomorrow night at Byrd Stadium

This is a real statement game for Dave Cottle at this point.

If the Hoos come to College Park and roll up a 12-7 victory, the Terrapins find out they aren’t REALLY one of the premiere teams in college lacrosse. If the Terps get a win or keep it close-we find out they’re probably in that realm.

Either way, it’s a great night for lacrosse.

And finally, I leave you with this.

A happy Passover and a Happy Easter to everyone this week. If you’re wondering what I’d like to have for Easter breakfast, think “Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict”…


Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Posted on 31 March 2010 by Bryan Powell

The only thing that would take away from the big game on Saturday would be if one of the teams lost their last game before it happens. That did not happen.

We start in Fredrick where #1 Stevenson moved to 10-0 overall and 2-0 in the Capital Athletic Conference with a 20-4 win over Hood College. The Mustangs took at 12-1 halftime lead and cruised to victory. Trip Latta had four goals while Richie Ford had 3 goals and 3 assists for the winners. Stevenson outshot Hood 62-22, won the groundball war 49-22, and won 20 of 27 face-offs.

Meanwhile in Fredricksburg, VA #2 Salisbury moved to 11-0 overall and 2-0 in the CAC with a 15-7 win over Mary Washington.  Matt Cannone had 3 goals and 3 assists while Sam Bradman added three goals for the Sea Gulls. Salisbury outshot Mary Washington 44-18, won the groundball war 40-28 and won 17 of 25 face-offs.

Saturday at 2PM in front of a huge crowd these two teams will be playing for #1 in the country, the inside track to the CAC regular season title, and the right to host a possible rematch in the CAC tournament championship game on your field.


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Division Three Lacrosse at its best this coming week

Posted on 24 March 2010 by Bryan Powell

You may not realize it but the #2 and #3 division three men’s lacrosse teams in the country call Maryland home.  Both of them have huge weeks culminating in a showdown on Saturday April 3rd.

Second ranked Stevenson is currently 8-0 after an 11-4 win this afternoon @Mary Washington. The Mustangs have been cruising through their early season schedule but things are about to get tougher. This Saturday #7 Roanoke comes to Owings Mills for a 1:00 game. The Maroons are also undefeated for the season. Stevenson then heads out to Fredrick for a Wednesday game againist Hood College.

The number three ranked team is the Salisbury University Sea Gulls. The Gulls are currently 8-0 entering tonight’s home game against Wesley. On Saturday they have to leave the friendly confines of Sea Gull Stadium to travel to top ranked Gettysburg which has turned into a fierce rivalry featuring many close games including a NCAA semifinal that went to double overtime in 2008 before Kylor Berkman scored for Salisbury. Last season Gettysburg won at Salisbury 11-10 which snapped am 87 game winning streak overall and 80 straight wins at home. That game also starts at 1:00. After the Gulls travel to Mary Washington on Wednesday they make the trip to Owings Mills.

The Salisbury/Stevenson rivalry is heating up at a rapid pace. Last season Stevenson goes to Salisbury and wins 14-8. That loss was Salisbury’s first loss in the Capital Athletic Conference and they joined in 1994, That spans 115 games. Salisbury would also lose to St. Mary’s before getting their act together. The teams would meet again in the CAC tournament final. This time it was at Stevenson and Salisbury won 13-5 to win their 15th straight conference title. You would think that those two games would be it but the NCAA had other ideas. Round three was a NCAA quarterfinal game. Stevenson also won that 11-9 to end the Sea Gull season before the semifinals for the first time since 2002.

This seasons first meeting takes place @ Stevenson in Owings Mills on Saturday April 3. If you are planning to attend I would arrive early. There is a women’s game between the two schools at 11:30 AM that day. It was announced today that WBAL+ which is channel 208 on Comcast will televise both games live.

Next week I will provide a more in depth preview of the game.

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Posted on 20 February 2010 by Bryan Powell

Fourth ranked Salisbury won their home opener over #18 Lynchburg 14-9 in men’s lacrosse on Saturday afternoon. The Sea Gulls raced to an 11-2 halftime lead and held on for the win.

Mike Winter had 5 goals for the Gulls. Matt Cannone had 4 goals and 1 assist while Sam Bradman added 3 goals and 2 assists. Salisbury out shot Lynchburg 43-30 and went 2-4 on extra man.

They also only committed 5 penalties after 10 in last weeks game. Salisbury’s next game is next Saturday at Widener before returning home on March 3rd to face McDaniel College.

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Posted on 14 February 2010 by Bryan Powell

Last season was a disappointment for the Salisbury University Men’s lacrosse team. They finished 16-4, had several long winning streaks stopped, and lost in the quarterfinals to Stevenson. Keep in mind though the last time the Sea Gulls had at least four losses in a season was 2002. In 2003 they followed that up with a 20-1 season and a national title.

Today they took the first step. The #5 ranked Sea Gulls won their season opener 19-6 over host Greensboro College. Jake DeLillo led Salisbury with 5 goals, Sam Bradman and Matt Cannone added four apiece in the win. The Gulls out shot Greensboro 53-23 including  36-9 in the second half. The downside for Salisbury was they were 2-9 with the extra man and committed 10 penalties for 8:30. They did hold Greensboro to 1-10 when they were up a man.

Next week #18 Lynchburg comes to town for the home opener at 1pm. This years schedule features defending national champion Cortland State, Gettysburg, the annual “War On The Shore” vs. Washington College, and a trip to Stevenson on April 3rd.

I will be here all season long to keep you updated on the Sea Gulls and other local college lacrosse.


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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 03 November 2009 by Glenn Clark

The Maryland basketball season doesn’t TECHNICALLY tip off until next Friday against Charleston Southern; but even an exhibition game tonight has me salivating. I LOVE College Hoops. And for the first time in a few years, I have a real genuine excitement about the long-term potential for this Maryland team. Here’s my thought process….

As far as the ACC is concerned, the Terps do NOT have the talent of North Carolina, and Duke is built better than they are. They have the capability to compete with any team in the league, but they should absolutely finish somewhere between 3rd and 5th in the league-with Georgia Tech, Clemson, Florida State and Wake Forest also in the mix.

This team will need to get more consistent outside shooting from Greivis Vasquez, Adrian Bowie, Cliff Tucker and Sean Mosley to compete for a conference title. Mosley especially might never be a natural shooter, but he at least must be a threat. They’ll need to muscle up inside as well, as Jordan Williams and James Padgett will help-but Dino Gregory and Landon Milbourne will be the guys to start.

And the team will ultimately revolve around Greivis Vasquez. This is his team. As we saw last season, when everything went wrong (remember the home game against UNC), sometimes Greivis could still save things. He’s much more mature than when he came to College Park, and this is his chance to leave a legacy.

I’ll say the Terps finish 4th in the ACC and end up in the Sweet 16. I reserve the right to change my mind anytime between now and March.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

Best of Monday’s WNST Blogs:

Glenn Clark doesn’t know if Chris Chambers would necessarily be a great fit in Baltimore

Chris Pika says Ravens lead NFL in penalty yards

Glenn Clark, Drew Forrester say Flacco was best Raven in win over Broncos

Nestor Aparicio says former Ravens Exec Kokinis joins Phil Savage in being fired by Browns

Glenn Clark gives highest praise to special teams for win over Denver

Bob Haynie wonders who has been ‘most surprising Raven’ in ‘09

Derek Arnold says Ravens didn’t want to let another game ‘slip through (their) hands’

Glenn Clark can’t blame Jamal Lewis for wanting to get out of Cleveland

Glenn Clark says start of college hoops season at Maryland, UMBC, Loyola amongst highlights of week

Drew Forrester says Nestor Aparicio dispatched of Denise Koch in Baltimore Sun contest

Ed Frankovic says Ovechkin ‘week to week’ with upper body strain


The Official Site’s John Eisenberg says Derrick Mason, Mark Clayton, Kelley Washington team’s new ‘three headed monster’

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Jared Gaither’s neck ‘felt fine’ after win over Broncos

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbaugh told Derrick Mason to let him handle officials

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Lardarius Webb TD ‘just one highlight’ for Ravens’ special teams unit

The Official Site says Harbaugh declined comment on Ngata’s injury during Monday press conference

The Official Site says Ravens partnered with Shoppers Food and Pharmacy, Maryland Food Bank

Bengals Official Site says team needs to sell 4,500 more tickets to Sunday’s game at Paul Brown Stadium to avoid blackout

Bengals Official Site’s Geoff Hobson says Roy Williams returned to practice Monday

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says no rest for Ravens defense with Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Green Bay coming up

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Ravens 3rd in NFL (behind Colts, Dolphins) in converting 3rd downs

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Carson Palmer and Cincinnati will ‘challenge’ Ravens’ secondary with downfield passing

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Harbs told media Hauschka put in extra work on 43 yard FG try

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ngata injury not considered ‘serious’

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Josh McDaniels was really impressed with Flacco

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Domonique Foxworth knows Ravens can’t get ‘too high’ after win

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says players credited Kelley Washington for win over Broncos

Frederick News-Post’s Stan Goldberg says Kelley Washington thought win over Broncos ‘stress reliever’

Cincinnati Enquirer’s Joe Reedy says Andre Smith could make NFL debut Sunday for Bengals

The AP’s Joe Kay says Cedric Benson, Jeremi Johnson healed during bye week

Sporting News’ Clifton Brown has Ravens 10th in power rankings

NBC Sports’ Mike Florio has Ravens 9th in power rankings

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Ravens were 11/18 on third down in win over Broncos

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Lardarius Webb ‘star’ for Ravens in win

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Ravens may have done ‘favor’ to Steelers by exposing Broncos

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Terrell Suggs thought Jarret Johnson’s early sack ‘really big’


The Official Site previews Saturday’s trip to Raleigh

The Official Site offers complete Maryland-NC State release (pdf)

The Diamondback’s Adi Joseph says Don Brown’s D-Line has improved throughout season

The Diamondback has Terps 12th in ACC

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Maryland/Virginia Tech to kick off at 1pm next Saturday

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Terps, Wolfpack battling to avoid being worst team in ACC

Washington Post’s Josh Barr says Wise DE Rashaan Moore committed to Terps

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps-Hokies headed to ESPN360

Sporting News’ Matt Hayes has Terps 12th in power rankings

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich has Terps 11th in power rankings

Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh says Charles Bankins thinks Travis Baltz ‘cerebral’ (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Claire Knudsen profiles freshman Travis Hawkins (must subscribe)

Turtle Sports Report’s Matt Birchenough says Bergen Catholic lineman Zach Sparber has been ‘hearing from’ Maryland (must subscribe)


The Official Site previews tonight’s exhibition opener with Indiana University (Pennsylvania)

The Official Site offers complete Terps-Crimson Hawks preview (pdf)

The Sun’s Jeff Barker expects more inside scoring from Dino Gregory

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Vasquez was surprised to see Cal, Georgia Tech ranked ahead of Maryland in AP poll

The Sun’s David Zurawik says ESPN’s “30 For 30” series tackling Len Bias death tonight

Examiner Matthew Bouchard not happy with University’s new policy for student ticket scanning

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Joe Lombardi’s IUP team should be ‘pretty good’ this season

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Greivis Vasquez knows Terps ‘can’t wait’ to face someone else tonight

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says games like tonight’s becoming rare as teams shift to more closed scrimmages

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Hawks’ roster includes Boston College transfer Akida McLain

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Vasquez, Eric Hayes impressed by improvement of Gregory, Adrian Bowie

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Goins won’t play or practice until talking to his doctor

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says Lakewood (NJ) prospect Jarrod Davis could be on Terps’ 2011 radar (must subscribe)

Inside MD Sports’ Seth Hoffman says whether or not to start Eric Hayes biggest question facing Gary Williams in exhibition game


The Official Site says former Tiger Dwayne Purnell passed away last week


The Official Site says Tigers assistant Nadelen named to Team USA


The Official Site previews Saturday’s trip to South Bend

The Official Site offers complete Midshipmen-Fighting Irish release (pdf)

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Mids lost to Owls ‘in trenches’

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Marcus Curry probable for Notre Dame Saturday

South Bend Tribune’s Jim Meenan says Ricky Dobbs, Midshipmen will bring ‘confidence’ to game against Irish

Go Mids offers Navy-Temple report card (must subscribe)


The Official Site says former Retrievers Westervelt, Mundorf named to Team USA


The Official Site says Andrew Geisert honored by ACFC


The Official Site says former Sea Gull Eric Martin named to 2010 US National Team


Daily Racing Form’s Jay Privman says Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird worked 5 furlongs Monday in preparation for this weekend’s Breeders’ Cup Classic

Thoroughbred Times’ Jeff Lowe says Woolley thought Mine That Bird ‘sharper’ in Monday work at Santa Anita


The Official Site says AIFA team re-signed Jamaal Stokes


Terps in the NFL Week 8……

-Browns LB Eric Barton had 2 tackles in a 30-6 loss to the Bears
-49ers TE Vernon Davis had 3 catches for 20 yards and a TD in an 18-14 loss to the Colts
-Vikings TE Jeff Dugan had 1 catch for 2 yards and a TD in a 38-26 win over the Packers
-Eagles LB Moise Fokou had 2 tackles (1 solo) in a 40-17 win over the Giants
-Ravens CB Domonique Foxworth had 2 tackles (2 solo) and defended 2 passes in a 30-7 win over the Broncos
-Dolphins TE Joey Haynos had 2 catches for 20 yards and a TD in a 30-25 win over the Jets
-Vikings LB E.J. Henderson had 2 tackles (2 solo) in a 38-26 win over the Packers
-Vikings LB Erin Henderson had 2 tackles (2 solo) in a 38-26 win over the Packers
-Raiders WR Darrius Heyward-Bey had 1 catch for 10 yards in a 24-16 loss to the Chargers
-Chargers LB Shawne Merriman had 7 tackles (7 solo, 2 sacks) in a 24-16 win over the Raiders
-Jaguars P Adam Podlesh punted 7 times for 309 yards (44.1 avg) and 2 inside the 20 in a 30-13 loss to the Titans
-Dolphins DT Randy Starks had 7 tackles (7 solo, 1 sack) in a 30-25 win over the Jets
-Vikings S Madieu Williams had 5 tackles (4 solo) in a 38-26 win over the Packers
-Seahawks CB Josh Wilson had 2 tackles (1 solo) and defended a pass in a 38-17 loss to the Cowboys

-Former Morgan State TE Visanthe Shiancoe had 1 catch for 12 yards and a TD in the Vikings’ 38-26 win over the Packers
-Former Morgan State RB Chad Simpson had 1 catch for -1 yards in the Colts’ 18-14 win over the 49ers

Talk to you tomorrow.


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