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A Few Things 1/21

Posted on 21 January 2008 by raybachman

Was Harbaugh a good hire? I guess we won’t know that for a few years. He has never been a coordinator and he is young. That’s the negative. He has worked for Andy Reid and in my opinion Reid is one of the best head coaches in the game. That gives me a little comfort. I know its Bisciotti’s team. He paid a lot of money for the Ravens and has the right to do whatever he wants. But, I still wish Ozzie had more of a say. He is one of the best in the business and has earned that right.
New York and New England in the Super Bowl! Am I the only hater out there? I am so sick of them getting all of the action in the sports world. Year after year we get the Yankees and Red Sox shoved down our throats. Now this! And please, if you are a NY of NE fan, I don’t want to hear it. Spare me.
I was watching something on TV yesterday. Not sure exactly what it was but, it was about the Patriots road to the AFC championship game. We all know how good Brady is but, it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized how we may be watching the best of all time. Seeing footage of Brady in certain game situations and how smooth he handled certain situations was ridiculous. The guy never seems rattled.

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