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Stover says he’s gone…so who gets the job?

Posted on 05 March 2009 by Drew Forrester

With Matt Stover telling the world tonight that the Ravens have given him the boot (OK, sorry, just to had get that in there), the biggest question now is…

Is it a mistake to let Stover go?

My answer:  I have no idea if it’s a good move until I see who they bring in to replace him.

A slew of free-agent kickers are available.  Some are of decent quality, some are not. 

I wrote about the kicking issue five days ago at WNST.net…you can check out the stats of a couple who are still free agents.

Two names in that blog are no longer available.  Mike Nugent signed with Tampa Bay on Wednesday and Jay Feely re-signed with the New York Jets on Thursday.  With Nugent moving to Tampa Bay, it would appear Matt Bryant is out of job.  Here are his numbers.

Matt Stover hinted on Thursday that the Jets were a possible destination for him now that the Ravens have sent him on his way.  I assume that was BEFORE the Jets brought Feely back into the fold.  With Feely returning, Stover doesn’t have an option to join Rex Ryan at the Meadowlands.

Stover can still kick – successfully – in the NFL.  If Hall of Fame voters took kicking seriously, as they should, #3 would be in Canton someday.  He’s been that good.

I talked to a Ravens official yesterday and he said the team’s biggest concern with Stover has more to do with the team’s need for two kickers than a general concern about Matt’s actual place-kicking production.  

“The coaching staff would have to battle every game to decide whether to put (Steve) Hauschka on the game-day roster or another special teams guy,” said the staffer.  “You would rather not deal with that issue in a perfect world.  Dressing two kickers is a luxury and those roster spots are precious on game-day.”

The Ravens perfect world no longer includes Matt Stover.

So, back to the original question we go.

Who’s the new kicker?

Shaun Suisham?  Not as consistent as Stover.  

John Carney?  He (44) is OLDER than Stover (41). 

Martin Gramatica?  He’s only attempted 24 kicks in the last 4 years.  Injury prone.

Or, do the Ravens just hand the job over to Hauschka and say, “Keep making kicks, kid, and you’ll have a job here.”   That’s a fairly risky proposition, particularly when one game, one win or one missed 44 yarder can cost you a trip to the post-season.  Sure, you have to give a young player his trial at some point, but field goal kicking is some high-wire stuff.  Better be able to handle the pressure.

Kicking being what it is, it’s easy to determine if a guy is a “good replacement” or a bad one.

Does he make kicks?  Does he win a game from 42-yards out with 4 seconds to play?  Does he kick the ball deep enough on kick-offs and help your team with field position?

If he does, he’s employable.

If he doesn’t, he’s not.

Stover was always reliable and that’s why he spent 17 years in the league.  

Let’s hope the next guy is reliable too.

If he isn’t, it was a bad move to boot Matt Stover right now.

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Ravens tell Matt Stover he’s no longer in their 2009 plans

Posted on 05 March 2009 by Nestor Aparicio

Earlier in the day, Ravens officials said they were still essentially “on the fence” regarding Matt Stover’s future with the team. This afternoon, Matt Stover made it official telling the world that the Ravens have informed him that he’s no longer in their plans.

Stover, the last of the “original” Ravens to come off the boat from Cleveland when Art Modell and the Browns made the move east, has made his last appearance in purple.

It was clear that the franchise always valued his reliability and professionalism but his leg strength — specifically on kickoffs — was always an issue. He wasn’t going to kick the 56-yarder to win the game, but he wasn’t going to miss the 45-yarder to win the game.

One of the classiest Ravens there will ever be, Stover hasn’t ruled out going elsewhere to prolong his 17-year NFL career. At the age of 41, he’s still a solid choice for many teams. Apparently, the Ravens will rely on second-year Steve Hauschka who handled most kickoffs last season.

Speculation that Matt Stover could end up with the Jets apparently ended yesterday when Jay Feely signed with Rex Ryan.

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Why are the Ravens waiting on Stover?

Posted on 28 February 2009 by Drew Forrester

If there’s any Ravens free agent with a legitimate reason to say, “Why are you looking to replace ME?”, it’s Matt Stover.

After all, Stover remains one of the league’s most consistent kickers.  And, despite a slow start in ’08 when a new special teams coach altered the team’s snap-hold-kick sequence, Matt Stover came through with several clutch kicks throughout the campaign including the game-winner at Tennessee in the playoff victory over the Titans.

Stover is a free agent, joining a smattering of other quality kickers in the league who are willing to change teams for the right price.

Why are the Ravens waiting to sign Stover?

Is there anyone out there who’s available that’s better?

Better?  Probably not.  Almost as good, and, perhaps, younger?  Sure. 

Here are the three free agent kickers who are likely to be of interest if they decide to “go in another direction” rather than bring the 41-year old Stover back for a 14th season in Baltimore.

Mike Nugent was a 2nd round draft pick of the Jets in 2005 and was humming along nicely until an injury in 2008 limited his action to just one kick.  Shaun Suisham is available (and inconsistent) after a second go-round in Washington.  The guy who might be the best replacement for Stover – if the Ravens part company with him – is Jay Feely.  An interesting stat on Feely:  he’s attempted 290 extra points in his NFL career – he’s made 288 of them.

Stover, by the way, has NEVER missed an extra point in 13 seasons in Baltimore.  Read that again:  NEVER missed an extra point in 13 seasons.  Wow.

The armchair GM’s will say, “Stover doesn’t have leg strength anymore…he can’t kick it from 50 yards or more.”  They’ll also say, “Stover’s killing us on kick-offs.  He can’t kick it out of the end zone and the other team gets good field position every time.”

First, let’s address the “leg strength” issue.

In the last three seasons, Stover has attempted a grand total of three field goals from 50+ yards and he made one of them.

In the same three year span, Feely is 3 of 4 from 50+ yards.  Suisham is 2 of 6, and Nugent is 3 of 7.

On the other hand (or foot), Stover is 19 of 28 from 40-49 yards.  Feely is 17 of 22.  Suisham is 22 of 29 and Nugent is 10 of 12.

In other words:  50 yard field goals just aren’t happening enough to warrant keeping – or firing – your field goal kicker.  I’m not saying having a guy on your team who is efficient from 50 yards or more isn’t a good thing to have.  That’s a GREAT luxury, in fact.  I’m saying the statistics show that there just aren’t enough 50 yarders attempted to justify making a kicking change if your team’s kicker isn’t “spot-on” from 50 or more.

In the last three seasons, the four players I listed are AVERAGING 5 attempts per-season from 50+ yards.

In the last three seasons, those same four players are AVERAGING just under 23 attempts per-season from 40-49 yards.

Want the 30-39 yard stats?  They favor Stover even more.  In fact, over the last three seasons, Stover is nearly perfect, with 1 miss – yes, ONE miss, in 28 attempts from that distance in the ’06, ’07 and ’08 seasons combined.  None of the other three free agents I’ve compared herein can boast of the same productivity.

Ready for another Hall-of-Fame stat on Stover?  In his entire career in the NFL, he’s attempted 156 kicks from 30-39 yards.  He’s made 141 of them.  15 misses in 18 years.  Amazing stuff.

As for kicking it out of the end zone, I understand the logic on that note, because field position does matter at all times during the game.  

That said, give me the field goal kicker who puts points on the board and is reliable from inside 50 yards and I’ll take the downside of the opposition starting at the 29 three or four times a game instead of the 20.

Anytime someone says, “fire the coach!”, I always say, “sure, who we gettin’ to replace him?”

Whenever I hear someone say, “Get rid of Stover, he can’t do it anymore!”, I reply the same way.  “Sure, who we gettin’?”

In this case, I’ve seen the available free agents.  It’s a thin list of impressive candidates.  I’ve listed three of them for your review.  I think Jay Feely is the best of the lot.  I’d take him on MY team.

But, for this Ravens team, I’m sticking with Stover for at least another season.

As he showed last year in Tennessee with the team’s life on the line, it’s just about a sure 3 – from #3 – when it matters most.

I don’t know what the Ravens are waiting for, but an outstanding free agent kicker is available if they’d like to make their team better in 2009.

His name is Matt Stover.

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Remember this? “Cut Heap, cut Stover…they’re done.”

Posted on 11 January 2009 by Drew Forrester

When the game is on the line and a play needs to be made, you turn to the veterans.

That’s what the Ravens did yesterday when the game was in the balance in Tennessee.

Maligned earlier in the season by fans who wanted them chased out of town, both Matt Stover and Todd Heap came through when it mattered most on Saturday.

Heap corralled a terrific 23-yard thread-the-needle-pass from Joe Flacco on 3rd down in the game’s final two minutes and moments later Stover connected on the game-winning 43-yard field goal as Baltimore moved on to the AFC title game.  Just like old times — Heap and Stover factoring in a win. 

It couldn’t have happened to two nicer guys.  Or, two better professionals.

Heap has gallantly played through a difficult season, battling both a pre-season calf injury and an offensive system that clearly doesn’t utilize him like in year’s past.  Stover had some brief struggles early in the season as special teams coach Jerry Rosburg made a couple of small – but significant – changes in the team’s kicking game.  And Stover, admittedly, took some time to adjust.

But yesterday, there they were, playing huge roles for the Ravens.

And to think that we took plenty of calls from folks back in September who said, “Heap is done…Stover can’t do it anymore…time for those guys to go.”  If I took one of those calls, I took 20.

Done.  And done.  Both of them.

Not quite, kids.

They still have football left to play this season.

And, if the game is on the line next Sunday, I’m perfectly fine with the ball being thrown at Heap with 2 minutes to go on 3rd down.  And, if there’s less than a minute to play and Stover jogs on to the field for a 40-something-yard field goal, I like our chances.

I always like our chances when two veterans like Heap and Stover are the ones we need to rely on to come through in the clutch.

They proved that again yesterday.

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In case you weren’t in Nashville…

Posted on 10 January 2009 by Nestor Aparicio

The scene today at Graham Central Station could’ve only been followed by something as amazing as today’s win over the Tennessee Titans and the dramatic fashion with which it all unfolded. Matt Stover’s kick. Joe Flacco’s pass. Todd Heap’s catch. Fabian Washington falling on the ball. Rob Bironas missing the field goal. The crowd taking over the streets of Nashville in a virtual sea of purple and marching on LP Field en masse crossing over the Cumberland River.

Baltimore made a powerful impact in downtown Nashville this weekend. It was a takeover, something akin to what the Red Sox and Yankees do to Baltimore. The cops had to come out onto 2nd Avenue and break up the sea of purple. Apparently, they were stopping traffic outside of Graham Central Station and car-tipping was a fear. The only tangible difference between a Red Sox Nation holdup of our city three times a year was that once we got inside LP Field, we realized there were probably only 5,000 of us total. We took over the primary block of bars in Nashville, but the 70,000-seat stadium was plenty blue and red and at the end when Heap made that catch, it was an ear-splitting sound emanating from the stands supporting the Titans. Heap told me after the game that he couldn’t hear anything as the clock was ticking down to zero.

As for the game, there were hundreds of unused tickets. I got stuck with a pair myself. Tickets were virtually worthless an hour before game time. There were sellers everywhere and no buyers. It was a like a flea market. Any Ravens fan could’ve gotten in for $20 yesterday. I’ll get some videos up of it on Sunday when I’m waiting and watching more NFL Football.

These are the memories that make it worthwhile to be a football fan and love the NFL. And, man do I love the NFL today. It was just one of the magical days of my sporting life. Just like it was eight years ago. Just like next weekend sets up to kick it up a notch, the way we did in Oakland eight years ago.

But will it be Pittsburgh? Or San Diego. As we saw in the Arizona-Carolina game, you never how these games are gonna turn out. Who the heck knows who is going to win? Who knew the lowly Cardinals would lay the smack down on the Panthers like that?

I have 100 seats reserved on two buses for Pittsburgh. I have the tickets. I have the bus. All I need them to do is win tomorrow.

If the game is in San Diego, I’ll be announcing a giant party for anyone who can make the trip but there will be no formal “WNST trip” to San Diego. It’s too pricey on short notice and I don’t really think there’s a market for $1400 trips for a weekend to California at this point. I think most people will feel like we’re 60 minutes away from the Super Bowl and “I’ll just wait and go to Tampa.” Understood!

Wait’ll you see the videos from today. It was the second biggest road party in Ravens’ history. It was Whiskey Joe’s-like. Go and ask your friends who were here. It was one for the ages. The party today was amazing. It was just an unreal day to be a Ravens fan.

This is what it’s all about.

Pittsburgh or San Diego?

Who do you wanna play and why?

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Getting a grip on the Festivus activities

Posted on 23 December 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

So, it looks like we’re getting into the playoffs. Well at least we can talk that way for a few more days and as a 10-point favorite against Jacksonville this weekend (and please note the gametime change to 4:15 p.m., which means the coldest possibilities for us) the Ravens should win. Heck, if they don’t win they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs, really.

So, assuming that the Ravens are going to win this week and advance to the playoffs I started putting together playoff possibilities onto a cocktail napkin on Sunday and this is what I came up with…and I can’t imagine the NFL scheduling gods could have cooked this weekend up with a whole lot more drama than what they have – several cool matchups and playoff spots on the line in both conferences.

Indianapolis can now pack their bags for Denver or San Diego. But that Sunday night game is gonna be a good one. You gotta think that the Chargers have all of the momentum and the home field. What a story that would be, digging out from 4-8 to make the playoffs. Kinda unheard of…

Clearly, Nasvhille and Pittsburgh are just sitting tight, taking a “bye” week before their official byes. And as we saw two years ago, that extra slacker time isn’t always the best route. Two of the last three Super Bowl champs (Pittsburgh 2005 and N.Y. Giants 2007) have come from the No. 6 hole and not only won three in a row on the road but also overcame the extra game and the lack of a bye. You’d figure that being a higher seed would be a good thing but the recent history doesn’t support it.

And the Ravens (or the eventual No. 6 seed) will be headed to the AFC East winner. If Miami beats the Jets, we’re headed to South Florida. If the Jets beat the Dolphins, we go to New England provided they win in  Buffalo (hardly a given).

And such begins any legitimate Ravens fan’s aspirations of catching fire and making January 2009 one helluva memorable month. Here are my thoughts:

1.    Miami is the Ravens’ best first-round path. While the flights are jam-packed (good luck trying to get to South Florida next weekend if the Ravens make it there!), the weather and a matchup where the homefield won’t be so unkind is favorable for the Ravens. It certainly beats going to frosty New England, which is the worst scenario for the Ravens. If the Jets win and the Patriots flop this weekend and we wind up at the Meadowlands against Brett Favre, I still like our chances. Just FYI: if the Ravens go to New England or New York, we’ve already got “Miller Lite Roadtrips” ready to go! If the Ravens play in Miami, we will not be offering a trip.
2.    A Ravens win at the AFC East champion would take them to a path that’s well-traveled and familiar to Ray Lewis, Matt Stover and any real Ravens fan: Nashville. Clearly, the Titans would rather not see No. 52 coming back into the former Adelphia Coliseum in January. And assuming another Tennessee road miracle win…
3.    The AFC Championship Game could be in Pittsburgh (assuming they don’t choke the weekend of Jan. 10-11) or San Diego, Denver or even Indianapolis, if they could win two in a row on the road and take down the Steelers at Heinz Field.

Of course every fan of every team is plotting their own pathway through their respective conference playoff possibilities. This is the joy of having a Festivus celebration – the possibilities and hope that even being a “potential” No. 6 seed affords. And, we still have to win a game at home this weekend against a feisty Jacksonville team to do that.

As we’ve seen over and over again in the NFL: NO ONE LAYS DOWN late in the season. Well, no one but the Arizona Cardinals, any way…

The lowly Seahawks, Redskins and the Bills all pulled off upsets over playoff-inspired favorites last Sunday. The Jaguars played the Colts extremely tough last Thursday night and they’ll have two extra days of rest before coming here this Sunday. Maurice Jones Drew got dinged up very late in the game against Indy, so it’ll be interesting to see how effective he’ll be this week but he’s an explosive threat, like a human pinball or a poor man’s Barry Sanders. He’ll present speed issues for the Ravens defense in the middle of the field.

There’s no “counting chickens” as a Ravens fan. This Jaguars game is hardly a walkover in my mind. But a win this week opens all sorts of doors of possibilities for 2009 and dreams of an improbably Super Bowl run with a rookie coach, a rookie quarterback and a veteran Hall of Famer inspiring the troops in the September of his career.

The storylines for the Ravens are obvious:

Ray Lewis in a walk year trying to win another Super Bowl…

Trevor Pryce going for No. 3…

Derrick Mason and Samari Rolle, who both came up one-yard short almost a decade ago, getting another chance…

A first chance for Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Todd Heap and other Pro Bowlers to win a championship…

Will it start in Miami?

Or New England?

Or a trip to the Meadowlands for Favre and the Jets?

Can the Ravens avoid an upset at the hands of the Jaguars – who were truly Kyptonite to this franchise in the early years when they won the first eight matchups of the rivalry – to earn the No. 6 seed. For better or worse, the playoffs come to Baltimore at 4:15 this Sunday in what amounts to a “play in” game for the franchise and the city.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed…

Happy Festivus to all…

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Ravens make this an enjoyable Sunday for us

Posted on 21 December 2008 by Drew Forrester

It’s the “morning after” and what a fun Sunday it will be – sitting around watching football with no worries about the home team and plenty of support for Seattle, Arizona and Kansas City.

The Ravens took care of business on Saturday in Dallas (we had a PACKED house at McAvoy’s last night…btw…man, was that place purple!) and can now sit back and watch the AFC East trio try and present themselves with a last-weekend chance for post-season play.

One thing for sure: the Ravens have a chance for post-season play — a win at home over lowly Jacksonville next Sunday gives them a playoff berth.

And, really, what more can you ask for? 

15 weeks of football comes down to the final game and it’s at home…on your turf…with your fans. 

You’d be considered greedy if you wanted anything more than that with a rookie quarterback, a fullback filling in as a tailback and a secondary that’s been banged up throughout the season.

A week ago Monday, some folks in town who don’t know a good thing when they have it wanted both Rex Ryan and Cam Cameron placed in the corner with a “dunce cap” on their head after both the Ravens offense and defense played a role in the 13-9 loss to Pittsburgh.

Of course, earlier this year people wanted Matt Stover cut from the team because he missed a couple of field goals and all he did last night was boot four of them through the uprights.

And when Joe Flacco delivered a disappointing prime-time performance against the Steelers, calls and e-mails flowed in about #5 “hitting the rookie wall”.

Saturday night in Dallas, Ryan, Cameron, Stover and Flacco all got the chance to say, “I think you owe me an apology.”

It will be a great Holiday week in Baltimore after the boys in purple kicked the stuffing out of “America’s Team” in a showdown game that sent one team within a win of the playoffs and the other team thinking about their January golf vacation.

Now, if only we can get Mark Teixeira in an O’s uniform under the tree, our Baltimore sports Holiday will be complete.

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Ray & Co. nearly playoff bound…

Posted on 21 December 2008 by Drew Forrester

Ray Lewis made another million bucks on Saturday night.

Joe Flacco made up for a first quarter blunder with a near perfect second half.

The Ravens made good on a shocking fake field goal attempt that changed the game.

And, Willis McGahee made his doubters become temporary believers with a 77-yard dash to the end zone.

It was all part of a wacky final game at Texas Stadium, as Baltimore produced the marquee win they’ve been looking for all year, knocking off the Cowboys, 33-24, and moving within one win of the AFC playoffs.

How’s Ray Lewis going to get home tonight?  Will he fly the team plane or just ride the Brinks truck back from “Big D”?  Lewis turned in another virtuoso performance on Saturday and just keeps making 2009 bank deposits with every hit, every tackle and every big game in which he steps up and proves why he’s the best defensive player of his generation.  

Joe Flacco rebounded from a disappointing effort in Baltimore last Sunday with a solid performance, easily outplaying embattled Cowboys’ QB Tony Romo, who was so ineffective throwing the ball in the first half the Orioles offered him the #4 spot in their starting rotation at halftime.  

Flacco also bounced back from a first quarter fumble when Adam Terry and Ben Grubbs got beat near the goal-line and DeMarcus Ware swatted the ball out of #5’s hands to set up the first Dallas TD not even four minutes into the game.  From that point forward, Flacco was unrattled and ended the night 17-of-25 with 1 TD and a 96% QB rating.  Dallas wishes Flacco played for them – and Romo didn’t.

Matt Stover returned home and booted four field goals, but it was the one he DIDN’T attempt that shook Texas Stadium.  Ahead 9-7 late in the third quarter, Stover trotted on for a 38-yard attempt but Baltimore pulled a fake and holder Sam Koch bolted ahead for 9 yards and a first down.  And when Flacco found Derrick Mason for a 12-yard TD in the corner of the end zone just moments later, you could sense Texas Stadium was going dark with a loss as its last memory.

In the 4th quarter, ahead 19-17, Willis McGahee broke off a 77-yard run through the heart of the Cowboys’ defensive line and Baltimore moved ahead by nine with 3:32 to play.  After a Dallas TD pass cut the lead to two points once again, it was Le’Ron McClain’s turn to do the long-distance damage, with a deja-vu scamper of 82 yards to close out the scoring at 33-24.  

What a night it was at Texas Stadium.

Baltimore now needs only to beat Jacksonville next Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium to secure the 6th seed in the AFC playoffs, where they will likely battle the AFC East champion on the road in the first round of the playoffs (Jan. 3-4)

It was a great night for a lot of people in Dallas.

Most of them were wearing purple.

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Matt Stover: One of a Kind

Posted on 04 December 2008 by Brian Billick

Rick Gosselin is one of, if not, the best NFL writers in the country.  Writing for the Dallas Morning News I thought Ravens fans would appreciate Rick’s comments about Matt Stover.  Jonathan Ogden and Ray Lewis are the “icons” of this franchise but Matt is one who also needs to be constantly brought up in the discussion of who are the most important players in the Ravens’ short history.

Rick wrote the following:

“Matt Stover is an NFL conundrum. He has played in two NFL cities and worn two different uniforms — but has only played for one franchise in his 18-year career. Stover is the place-kicker for the Baltimore Ravens and the last holdover from the franchise’s stay in Cleveland as the Browns. Stover was five years and 480 points into his career when Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore in 1996 and renamed them the Ravens. A Lake Highlands product, Stover has spent the last 13 years of his life in Baltimore kicking his way into the NFL’s top five all-time scorers. Stover ranks fifth with 1,905 points. The top five are all place-kickers, and Stover is the only one who has done all of his scoring for one franchise. Here’s the list of the NFL’s all-time top scorers:

Player Seasons Teams Points
Morten Andersen 25 5 2,544
Gary Anderson 23 5 2,434
George Blanda 26 4 2,002
John Carney 21 7 1,926
Matt Stover 18 1 1,905

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The Fantasy Flavor Positional Power Rankings – Week 13 Ks

Posted on 27 November 2008 by Thyrl Nelson

Here are the week 13 fantasy kicker power rankings and weekly start rankings too. There are 3 games on the slate for today, so don’t forget to get your lineup changes in before you get locked out of the early games.


Keep in mind that the power rankings, listed here, are based on year to date performance and not a reflection of your best options for week 13. Just below the power rankings are match up previews advising who should be better or worse than usual this week, based on their opponents. At the bottom, are the week 13 start rankings, that’s where you should look for help with your week 13 lineup decisions.


Week 13 Fantasy Kicker Power Rankings


K Power Rankings Archive34567 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12


(last week’s rankings in parentheses)


1. Jay Feeley (5) – NYJ – FG – 20/24; 1-39 – 14/47; 40-49 – 4/5; 50+ – 2/2; PAT – 31/31


2. Stephen Gostkowski (1) – NE – FG – 26/28; 1-39 – 18/18; 40-49 – 8/10; 50+ – 0/0; PAT – 25/25


3. Jason Elam (4) – ATL – FG – 22/24; 1-39 – 12/13; 40-49 – 9/9; 50+ – 1/2; PAT – 30/30


4. Rian Lindell (12) – BUF – FG – 23/28; 1-39 – 15/15; 40-49 – 7/10; 50+ – 1/3; PAT – 28/28


5. Ryan Longwell (8) – MIN – FG – 22/26; 1-39 – 13/14; 40-49 – 5/8; 50+ – 4/4; PAT – 25/25


6. Garrett Hartley (NR) – NO – FG – 6/6; 1-39 – 5/5; 40-49 – 1/1; 50+ – 0/0; PAT – 11/11


7. Matt Bryant (6) – TB – FG – 25/29; 1-39 – 21/21; 40-49 – 4/6; 50+ – 0/2; PAT – 24/24


8. Mason Crosby (2) – GB – FG – 19/23; 1-39 – 12/14; 40-49 – 4/4; 50+ – 3/5; PAT – 34/34


9. Matt Prater (9) – DEN – FG – 18/24; 1-39 – 10/12; 40-49 – 3/7; 50+ – 5/5; PAT – 28/28


10. Neal Rackers (10) – AZ – FG – 21/24; 1-39 – 15/17; 40-49 – 5/5; 50+ – 1/2; PAT – 31/31


11. Phil Dawson (7) – CLE – FG – 24/27; 1-39 – 18/19; 40-49 – 3/3; 50+ – 3/5; PAT – 17/17


12. David Akers (3) – PHI – FG – 22/26; 1-39 – 18/18; 40-49 – 4/5; 50+ – 0-3; PAT – 29/29


13. Rob Bironas (11) – TEN – FG – 20/23; 1-39 – 10/10; 40-49 – 10/13; 50+ – 0/0; PAT – 27/27


14. Joe Nedney (14) – SF – FG – 21/24; 1-39 – 13/13; 40-49 – 7/9; 50+ – 1/2; PAT – 25/25


15. John Kasay (13) – CAR – FG – 20/21; 1-39 – 12/12; 40-49 – 7/7; 50+ – 1/2; PAT – 26/26


16. Shaun Suisham (15) – WAS – FG – 21/28; 1-39 – 11/13; 40-49 – 9/12; 50+ – 1/3; PAT – 18/18


17. Nate Kaeding (16) – SD – FG – 20/24; 1-39 – 17/17; 40-49 – 3/7; 50+ – 0/0; PAT – 28/28


18. Robbie Gould (18) – CHI – FG – 18/21; 1-39 – 10/10; 40-49 – 8/11; 50+ – 0/0; PAT – 29/29


19. Josh Brown (17) – ST.L – FG – 19/23; 1-39 – 7/7; 40-49 – 8/10; 50+ – 4/6; PAT – 12/12


20. Josh Scobee (19) – JAX – FG – 16/20; 1-39 – 9/12; 40-49 – 3/4; 50+ – 4/4; PAT – 24/24


Dropped From Rankings: Sebastian Janikowski – OAK


Ks Who Should Be Better Than Usual In Week 13: Rian Lindell vs. SF; Nick Folk vs. SEA; Phil Dawson vs. IND; Jay Feeley vs. DEN; Joe Nedney @ BUF; Matt Bryant vs. NO; Rob Bironas @ DET


Ks Who Could Be Sleepers Based On Week 13 Match Ups: Sebastian Janikowski vs. KC; Dan Carpenter @ ST.L; Olindo Mare @ DAL


Ks With Tough Week 13 Match Ups: Nate Kaeding vs. ATL; Stephen Gostkowski vs. PIT; Shaun Suisham vs. NYG; Shayne Graham vs. BAL; Mason Crosby vs. CAR; John Carney or Lawrence Tynes @ WAS


Ks You Might Want To Avoid In Week 13: Jason Hanson vs. TEN; Jeff Reed @ NE; Adam Vinatieri @ CLE; Connor Barth @ OAK


And here are the week 13 Fantasy K start rankings; it’s all 32 starting kickers in the order that you should consider them this week. They were gotten using the Fantasy Flavor secret formula, and have their formulary numbers in parentheses, the lower the better.


1. Jay Feeley (12)

2. Rian Lindell (13)

3. Garrett Hartley (22)

4. Jason Elam (25)

5. Matt Bryant (25)

6. John Carney or Lawrence Tynes (28)

7. Ryan Longwell (28)

8. Phil Dawson (28)

9. Neil Rackers (33)

10. Stephen Gostkowski (37)

11. Joe Nedney (37)

12. Rob Bironas (38)

13. Matt Prater (40)

14. Mason Crosby (41)

15. John Kasay (44)

16. David Akers (48)

17. Sebastian Janikowski (50)

18. Nick Folk (53)

19. Josh Scobee (55)

20. Robbie Gould (57)

21. Josh Brown (57)

22. Olindo Mare (60)

23. Shaun Suisham (62)

24. Kris Brown (65)

25. Dan Carpenter (65)

26. Nate Kaeding (67)

27. Matt Stover (70)

28. Jeff Reed (76)

29. Adam Vinatieri (83)

30. Connor Barth (87)

31. Shayne Graham (88)

32. Jason Hanson (90)


You can use the links at the bottom of the page to check out the rest of this week’s positional rankings. Have a great holiday, and good luck this week.






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