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Suggs says Texans “whipped our ass”

Posted on 21 October 2012 by WNSTV

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Did Suggs ball just a little too hard?

Posted on 03 May 2012 by Nestor Aparicio

The story broke fast and furiously this morning after Glenn Clark sent out the first tweet regarding a potential season-altering Achilles injury for Terrell Suggs. Within 20 minutes, the entire purple universe was made aware of our worst fears as Ravens fans – T Sizzle apparently balled too hard and appears to be lost for at least most of the 2012 season or worse.

So many questions and so little real information beyond Suggs telling Baltimore Ravens fans he’d be back on the field by November. Sure…we’ll see!

No. 55 isn’t a doctor but he’ll play one on the internet…

As a fan, I’m angry at Suggs’ brazen attempt to play basketball after the Ravens have essentially forbid him from doing so. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester says the team had a $250,000 “fine” placed into his contract for doing just that.

Of course, by mid-afternoon, more rumors surfaced that Suggs tore his Achilles running around cones in a gym as part of his training.

You can choose to believe whatever you like but either way this is a monumental blow to the Ravens’ chances of competing in the AFC and showing up with confetti under the dome in New Orleans next February.

Do we have the right to be angry as fans? Well, my Facebook community was more alarmed by the freak injury and far more agitated with “WTF’s?” than feel good, “Dear Sizzle, Get Well Soon” kinda messages.

But such is life in the era of social media and instant information and feedback. Much like the awful and tragic death of Junior Seau about 24 hours earlier, everyone with a Facebook status was opining about everything from suicide to concussions to amateur depression experts.

At some point, the truth will surface about both Suggs’ injury and the length and duration of his recovery. That will happen.

What can’t be faked or hidden for a week is how the Ravens’ defense and team will react and attempt to do the impossible – replace Terrell Suggs on the field for 40 to 60 snaps a week in September, October and perhaps beyond?

Enter a band of mighty men including Paul Kruger, Courtney Upshaw, Pernell McPhee, Sergio Kindle and a variety of other players who will need to step up their game and their pass rush in 2012.

It was certainly far from the minds of Ravens’ fans – or anyone in the front office – to believe that Suggs would be M.I.A. for the 2012 season earlier today.

But, alas, reality has set in for everyone involved.

And now the Ravens will be forced to pick up the pieces and John Harbaugh and new defensive coordinator Dean Pees will be calling “next man up.”

But we all know enough to state the obvious: the next man up won’t be as good as Terrell Suggs and the Ravens have taken a significant step backward in their pursuit of Super Bowl glory next February.

And Ray Lewis isn’t getting younger…

And neither is Ed Reed…

Is this the beginning of what can only be a let-down after four consecutive playoff and failed Super Bowl runs?

A shame all the way around…and certainly not the conversation the Baltimore Ravens or the fan base want to be having in early May.


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Is Terrell Suggs the Muhammad Ali of Baltimore?

Posted on 03 January 2012 by Nestor Aparicio

Everytime he opens his mouth something interesting inevitably comes out of it and many times it’s a lot closer to the naked truth than most in Baltimore would care to admit. Or as he will write at @untouchableJay4 on his Twitter account — #truth.

Earlier, Suggs engaged with resident ESPN windbag Skip Bayless and served him a manure burger of biblical proportions while making me laugh and essentially piss myself on the couch when I saw it. It was on the big TV’s when I was in Bill Bateman’s in Perry Hall setting up our Friday night event for Living Classrooms Foundation with Dennis Pitta earlier today but it was muted and I had to go right to the web and see what he was saying because I just knew it was going to be funny. I could tell from his body language.

For me, Terrell Suggs has become the Ravens’ Most Interesting Man, like the guy in the beer commercial. He’s the most boisterous, colorful athlete of this generation in Baltimore and you’d be hard-pressed to convince me he’s not the best player on the Ravens roster this season.

From a media perspective, Sizzle is almost always full of sizzle but oft-times also he brings the steak, a loaded potato with cheesy humor and paired with a tad-bit of fine-aged whine regarding the disrespect his Baltimore Ravens are getting at the national level as a 12-4 team that has taken care of business most weeks in the NFL. Literally, it was the first thing out of his mouth when he singled out media members who picked against the team after the game in Cincinnati.

Clearly, he’s inspired by his critics.

I’ve been camped out at his locker a lot more often in the internet era since 2008 and I have to tell you that he’s one guy who has truly won me over with his passion for football, for winning, for truth and for being the one guy to stand up, be accountable and be the spokesperson for the Baltimore Ravens – in victory or defeat.

Now, he’s going to need to back it up with a

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Suggs says Ravens have plenty to prove on road in Cleveland

Posted on 30 November 2011 by WNSTV

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On the road against weaker foes for Ravens it’s been ‘Ball So Hard-ly’ in 2011

Posted on 14 November 2011 by Nestor Aparicio

The trip home from Seattle was just as long for me as it’s been for the Baltimore Ravens. They’ve had several hours of reflection now, and so have I, as the purple tour of North America continues with intermittent ugly losses and long plane rides.

The Ravens, as I’ve written and said many times since the initial debacle in Nashville back in September, have been become quite consistent in their inconsistency and unpredictability. We all know that there’s a very good football team someone in there based on the sweep of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the steely resolve they’ve used to overcome deficits like the hole they dug against the Arizona Cardinals.

But, when will the “real” Baltimore Ravens of 2011 stand up and define their season?

This latest smelling, wretched turd in Seattle will not sit well for the next six days as head coach John Harbaugh will go back to the drawing board – or maybe that’s Cam Cameron’s job? – as the Ravens attempt to game plan for a first-place showdown with the Cincinnati Bengals at M&T Bank Stadium this Sunday for the most recent “really important game” of 2011.

The Seattle game had all of the hallmarks of a lost game amidst the promise of an elite team and a still-potential Super Bowl year for the Ravens.

Sure, kick returner David Reed will be the fall guy for the two obvious field possession swings and the 22-17 loss to the Seahawks but as Ray Lewis told me at his locker last night it goes far deeper than a few fumbles or turnovers.

Some random questions and observations as the Ravens return from Seattle at 6-3 and still fully in control of their own destiny in the AFC race for a No. 1 seed, a January bye week and some home-cooking to start the 2012 Festivus season:

Is the defense aging?

The otherwise stingy Ravens defense began every stand yesterday in Seattle from a position of obvious weakness. When Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed lead their defense onto the field and the first mumble is: “I hope we can hold them to a field goal!” that’s never good.

The turnovers yesterday killed the spirit

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Suggs says Pittsburgh is his Madison Square Garden

Posted on 02 November 2011 by WNST Staff

It’s Pittsburgh week in Owings Mills and Terrell Suggs always has some thoughts on his mind about Pittsburgh, Ben Roethlisberger and Hines Ward. Here’s his thoughts when pressed by Nestor Aparicio:

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Ravens Draft Needs

Posted on 26 February 2011 by Michael Schwartz

The Ravens are getting old in many positions on offense and defense. The linebackers are young on one side but old on the other. Terrell Suggs is young and so is the inside linebacker they put next to Ray, but they don’t have a person who is playing next to Ray from week to week. Sometimes it is Jameel McClain and other times it’s Ellerbe. These two guys have been fighting for the job for a year or so and neither has secured it. Obviously, Ray Lewis is old and is going to have to retire sometime. This hurts me to say, because I can’t imagine a Ravens defense without Ray Lewis. I can’t imagine him not coming out of the tunnel on gameday and doing his dance to pump up his team and the crowd. Jarrett Johnson is also getting old and he has been an underrated outside linebacker since coming into the league. The Ravens attempted to address his position last year by drafting Sergio Kindle, but he fell down two flights of stairs and now has a head injury. He wants to come back, but doctors are not so sure. He would have also been a good pass rusher which the Ravens need. The Ravens can get a good linebacker in later rounds; it doesn’t have to be their first rounder. The linebackers will still be playing for a couple of years, but it is something that Ozzie and company must be thinking about.

The wide receivers on the Ravens are pretty old as a group. Boldin, Housh, and Mason all have 600 or more receptions in their career, but Housh and Mason are past their prime. Mason still runs great routes but doesn’t have the same explosiveness he had when he played on the Titans. Housh is not the best role model for the young players that the Ravens have. He gets called for stupid penalties, same with Mason, and he is a possession receiver. Boldin is a physical receiver but isn’t a deep ball threat, he is still in his prime and is someone who will be a Raven in years to come. The Ravens picked up Donte Stallworth in free agency after being suspended for one year. During training camp, he was the deep ball threat that the Ravens had been waiting for. However, when he went in, it was usually a reverse or a fake reverse to him. He wasn’t used as the deep ball threat that he was thought to be. The Ravens drafted David Reed and he was also supposed to have explosiveness. He was rarely used, and has been in some legal trouble as of late. There are many good receivers in this draft such as, Torrey Smith. He attended the University of Maryland, but he is an undersized receiver. He reminds me of Mark Clayton who never panned out as the Ravens planned.

The defensive line has a premier player in Haloti Ngata. He is an all pro and a tremendous player, he is very versatile and can plug up the hole with his sheer size. Cory Redding had injuries for parts of the year, and Terrance Cody is out of shape. He is young but he is overweight and needs to get into shape, because if he doesn’t then the Ravens should get a new nose tackle. The defensive line has had trouble getting to the quarterback for the last couple of years. They had 27 sacks in the 2010-2011 season and were led by outside linebacker Terrell Suggs. Suggs had 11 sacks and played his best games against a hated rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens tried to get good pass rushers in the draft, Paul Kruger and Kindle were supposed to be good at rushing the quarterback. Kindle is injured and Kruger is no longer a Raven. In the draft there are many young pass rushers, however, Ozzie doesn’t mind trading his first round pick for more picks.

The Ravens secondary is supposed to be their weakest spot, but they are not as bad as fans and analyst’s think. Ed Reed is old but the Ravens have players who have showed they could play safety such as, Zibikowski. He filled in for Reed for the first six games and did a great job, but he is not the playmaker that Ed Reed is. Reed is one of the best playmakers in the NFL and he is contemplating retirement. I don’t think Reed will leave for a year or two but if he does the Ravens have a replacement. The Ravens corners are young; they will get better with years to come. Webb has shown improvement since coming into the league two years ago. Washington is a good corner with great speed. He needs to develop the other aspects of an elite cornerback. Foxworth is the oldest corner but he is the best the Ravens have. He missed all of the 2010-2011 season, but will play next year, if there is a season. The Ravens secondary could use an upgrade at corner, but it is not going to come out of the draft. They can get somebody in free agency, because there are very good corners in the market.

I think that Ozzie is going to end up trading our first round pick and get a second and something else. He will probably draft a wide receiver with good explosiveness and hands. In later rounds he may look into a corner, but he will look for a player that can take over when Lewis is gone. Ozzie is one of the best people in the league at scouting players for the draft. The Ravens usually have good drafts, and that should continue this year.

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Why isn’t everyone happy?

Posted on 12 January 2010 by Keith Melchior

Here it is two days after the Baltimore Ravens traveled north to Foxboro and crushed the New England Patriots in their first round playoff game and people are complaining about the team’s performance.

Why isn’t everyone happy?

The Ravens were there in week 4 and put up a valiant effort but fell 6 points shy of tying the game. A day after that loss, people wanted Mark Clayton’s head on a purple platter. Since that loss, the Ravens went 6-6 and struggled mightily to make the playoffs as a number 6 seed, meaning no home playoff games for the faithful in Baltimore.

Some say they backed into the playoffs. Some say they limped into the playoffs. Some even said they didn’t belong in the playoffs and would easily get bounced out by the Patriots. The 2009 Ravens fought long and hard and overcame injuries to key players to once again prove they belonged in the NFL ‘s version of March Madness.

Then the talk started. Joe Flacco was hurting and couldn’t move very well. Ed Reed missed games down the stretch with groin troubles. When you looked across the line at the Patriots, you see no Wes Welker, the NFL’s leading pass catcher, out with a torn ACL and MCL. Julian Edelman was taking his place. Wow… the Ravens may have a chance to actually win, even though the odds and mystique of the New England Patriots come playoff time were stacked against them.

In case you were out of the country and didn’t hear the news, the Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots in Foxboro 33-14 and will advance to the divisional playoff round, with the winner playing for the AFC Championship. Yawnnn….been there, done that.

The Ravens set the tone with Ray Rice’s 83 yard scamper for the game’s first score not even 45 seconds into the game. On the Patriots first possession, Terrell Suggs strip-sacked Tom Brady (no flags THIS time) and the Ravens found the end zone again for a 14-0 lead 2 minutes into the game. That lead vaulted to 24-0 afer the first quarter and although the Patriots mounted a little bit of a charge, the game was clearly in hand.

Only problem was, Joe Flacco completed only 40% of his passes for 34 yards. That is a problem? No.That means the team was controlling the ground game and used Rice, McGahee, and McClain to pound the Patriots stunned defense for over 200 yards. Flacco’s 4 completions were huge though, with I believe all coming on 3rd down conversions. Yes, the Ravens offense looked eerily like the Dilfer-led Ravens in the 2000 playoffs, throwing for less than 125 yards while pounding the opposing defenses on the ground with the combination of Priest Holmes and Jamal Lewis.

This week the Ravens will travel to see an old nemesis in the Indianapolis Colts. You remember the Colts, right? Yeah, those guys who wear uniforms similar to what we used to cheer for here in Baltimore some 26 plus years ago. It’s hard to believe the Colts have been in Indianapolis just a few years less than they were in Baltimore. The Colts came into the 2006 playoffs as the lower seed facing the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium for the divisional. The Ravens came off the bye week and in the late Steve McNair’s worst game as a Raven, held Peyton Manning to 5 field goals but could only muster 2 Matt Stover field goals in a 15-6 loss that devastated this town and made us hate the Colt franchise even more than on March 24, 1984.

The talk is that there is no way the Ravens are going to march into Indianapolis and do to the Colts what they did against the Patriots. They beat a banged up New England team and  Tom Brady made un-Brady-like mistakes and pretty much handed the game over to the Ravens.  Last I looked, New England won the AFC East title and was 8-0 in the Brady era at home. Were the Ravens afraid? Hell no. “They went into the lions den screaming like a banshee and kicked the hell out of the lions.” If they do the same thing Saturday night they will find themselves, for the second straight year, playing for the AFC Championship. What a ride!!!  But waiting in the wings is the great Peyton Manning and the Colts. This one is hard to swallow.

I actually heard people expressing the opinions that they Ravens better play Troy Smith if Flacco is still  hurting. “Troy is our only hope because he can avoid Freeney and Mathis, plus he gives the offense a different look that maybe the Colts haven’t seen” Are you freaking kidding me? Troy Smith?  Look at his records. As a starter he is 1-1. That’s it. Although he has seen action in quite a few games the last 2 seasons, he only started 2 NFL games. Basically he is a rookie when it comes to taking snaps from center. Flacco has started 36 games in his first two seasons, 18 times as many as Smith. And people have the balls to say Troy Smith should be playing in Flacco’s place?  These people need to take the saliva test, as Charley Eckman used to say. 

So why isn’t everyone happy and enjoying yet another post-season run by the guys in purple? Because we’re playing the Colts? So what!! They weren’t afraid of the Patriots and they aren’t afraid of the Colts. We’ll see on Saturday night. I think this team will come to play and hopefully catch the Colts off guard and punch their ticket to the AFC Championship game in either San Diego or New York. Many are saying the Jets don’t stand a chance against the NFL’s hottest team, but do you think the Jets are afraid  of the Chargers?  Maybe about as afraid as they were against the Bengals. How’d that work out for them?

Hey Baltimore, the Ravens are one of 8 teams remaining in the quest for the Lombardi trophy and guess what else?  The hated Pittsburgh Steelers are nowhere to be found this time. Life is good here in Baltimore, unless you are the soon to be former Mayor, so get out and hug a fellow Ravens fan this week. Spread the love of the purple!!

Goooooooooo Raven!!!

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With Big Ben & Polamalu out, no excuses for Ravens tonight

Posted on 29 November 2009 by Nestor Aparicio

As we all now know, the Steelers will play tonight’s game here in Baltimore without their two best players, with the late subtraction of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger joining safety Troy Polamalu in the black and gold infirmary.

It is not lost on any Ravens fan that tonight it’s clearly: advantage Baltimore.

Big Ben, as ‘yins from ‘donton affectionately call him, has been poison for anything in purple since he entered the league. He is the Ravens kryptonite. Polamalu’s interception of Joe Flacco in Pittsburgh last January must be considered the most heartbreaking play in the history of the franchise.

I don’t think I need to remind you that the Ravens are on a three-game losing streak to our friendly neighbors from the northwest.

Or that this is their first appearance on Baltimore turf since hoisting a second Lombardi Trophy to the Tampa skies last Febuary.

Or that, at 5-5, a loss to the Steelers tonight will effectively end the Ravens season.

I hate the Steelers. You hate the Steelers.

Let’s hope that attitude — and a few first downs and quarterback pressures along with some goofy white towels we’ll all be waving — are enough to keep the Ravens season alive tonight.

I get the feeling we’ll be feeling the loss of Fabian Washington more than we realize — just like when Chris McAlister went away two years ago — but there are no excuses for a Ravens loss tonight.

We can’t cry about Terrell Suggs not suiting up (of course, John Harbaugh has played the cat and mouse injury report game all week with Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.)

Flacco needs to be crisp and sharp. Billy Cundiff can’t miss field goals. Matt Katula needs to snap straight. The offensive line can’t create pre-snap penalties. The defensive front seven must make Dennis Dixon run for his life like the rookie quarterback he is tonight.

The game is on national television. It can’t be a coming out party for some guy from Oregon we’ve never heard of.

The only thing worse than losing to the Steelers at home to effectively end our season with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving would be the thought that it happened at the hands of some guy named Dennis Dixon putting on a black and gold cape.

A disturbing thought.

Let’s hope we don’t go there…

The Ravens must win tonight.

My updated prediction: Ravens 34, Steelers 9

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Don’t ask…just click! Very, very funny…

Posted on 30 October 2009 by Nestor Aparicio

I’m not one for cartoons, jokes, chain letters or general web stuff that I refer to as “spam.” (And for the 1000th time, NO, I don’t want to play Mafia Wars with you on Facebook! Stop sending me that manure!)

However, I got this link forwarded to me on Facebook (thanks, Tom!) and, well, it’s pretty freaking good.

It’s PG-13, don’t worry…thank me later!

Just click here…

Be ready to laugh…

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