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Many Parallels 2000/2012 Seasons

Posted on 27 January 2013 by Marty Mossa

Well I must admit that I was one of probably many back after the Redskins loss that said we may not win another game this season. Although I still thought we’d make the playoffs, I sincerely believed that we would be embarrassed in the Wildcard Round. The team was flat, “Joe Cool” was Joe Cold as he seemed to have transformed into Kyle Boller instead of what we’d expect from him after five years in the league.

The Giant’s game was his 2012 breakout party. He out Manninged Eli and played one hell of a game. He went into the Wildcard Game against the Colts and schooled the rookie Andrew Luck on how it is done. Going into Denver nobody game us a chance. Most of the so called experts felt we shouldn’t even show up. I personally thought that although we would lose; that we’d at least make it a close game. I was half right!!

The New England game was another one no one wanted to give us a chance. I thought we’d make it close, but I was wrong. It wasn’t close at all; at least not in the second half. The Ravens out scored one of the best offenses in the league 21-0 in the second half. They won the game 28-13 and the right to represent the AFC in Super Bowl LXVII in New Orleans next Sunday.

The parallels between the 2000 Ravens and 2012 are interesting.

2000 2012
1. Three Game Slide at Mid-Season/ Three Game Slide at Mid-Season
2. Lost To Stealers at Home/ Lost to Steelers at Home
3. Lost to Redskins in Landover/ Lost to Redskins in Landover
4. Made Mid-Season Quarterback Change/ Made Mid-Season Coach Change
5. Jermaine Lewis Lost Son Torrey Smith lost Brother
6. Won at Home in Wildcard Round/ Won at Home in Wildcard Round
7. Won on Road in Divisional Round/ Won on Road in Divisional Round
8. Won on Road in AFC Title Game/ Won on the Road in AFC Title Game
9. Nobody Gave Us a Chance/ Nobody Gave us a Chance
10.Opposing Coaches Friends/ Opposing Coaches Brothers
11.Won Super Bowl/ ???????????????????????

But whatever the outcome, one thing is clear. Joe Flacco is a quality NFL quarterback, the best here in Baltimore since John Unitas. He beat Brady twice, both Manning brothers, led an incredible comeback against the Broncos two weeks ago and totally outplayed Tom Brady last week in New England. He needs one more incredible game to seal the deal. Win or lose next week, he’s still our QB and I hope for a long time. Screw the national media, even if Joe throws for 500 yards next week, they won’t give him his due. But it sure would be nice to send Ray out with another ring.

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