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Niners WR Ginn expects to “fight to win” Sunday

Posted on 29 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on what it’s like to be at the Super Bowl) “It’s just something that you dream of and that you fight for. To be here for the first time ever is great. You put everything behind you and just try to fight to win.”

(on whether he is as close to being as fast as ever) “I’m still up there but I haven’t had the opportunity to work out as a track athlete in a while. If you don’t work your muscles every day in that way you can lose it fast.”

(on wide receiver Randy Moss mentoring him) “The experience that he went through in this game is kind of hard to shy away from. You just try and soak up everything. I had the opportunity to work with him and get to know the real Randy Moss. For him to be able to still be in this league at that age is a feat. I see how he works out every day, how he swims and keeps his body right. He leads by example. He’s not vocal, he leads by example. For a guy to be playing for 19 seasons is impressive. It’s not money calling. His family wants him to be home and his wife wants him to be home. He has nothing but passion for the game.”

(on if Moss was different than what he thought he was going to be like) “I think he’s the same Randy Moss no matter where you put him. He is going to be him. Everyone is going to say stuff and write stories about him. I believe he can be misled and mistaken in the public image. He is still playing and helping us. You have to respect him. He is still the bomb. I still think he is the same athlete that he was. He’s not the same lightning fast but he’s still got it.”



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