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Posted on 28 September 2009 by Glenn Clark

A reminder, we save Ravens analysis for Tuesday morning. We call it the “Tuesday Top 7.”

You deserve props:

1-Jim Schwartz, Rex Ryan, Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio and Kirk Ferentz

Raise your hand if you are the only former Ravens assistant and current head coach who DIDN’T have a good weekend this weekend*


(*Mike Singletary lost, but it wasn’t that they had a BAD weekend…..Mike Smith……well, you get the point.)

Also, if ANYONE can find a picture of what Rex Ryan was wearing when he arrived at Giants Stadium today; I will give you a worthy prize. Not kidding. It was so amazing, I’m not sure I can express it in words. Rex Ryan looked like……me!

2-Anyone who actually watched an Orioles-Indians game this weekend


I swear to God, I have NOTHING more to say about this team. Literally, NOTHING. Someone asked me who pitched today and I guessed Scott Kamieniecki. I haven’t bothered to go check to make sure I was wrong.

3-Jimmie Johnson

The NASCAR guys were in Dover this weekend. Rumor has it the event was SLIGHTLY more interesting than what people do in Dover every other Sunday during the year……


Ehhh, I’m sure it was a good time. WNST took a bus up there. Which means there was a bus.

4-Ryan Williams, Ricky Dobbs, and LaMont Bryant

Elsewhere in College Football this weekend, at least Cal didn’t prove to be a fraud or anything, huh?

Taken from both Deadspin AND The Big Lead, there’s a funny sign in this photo. See if you can figure out which one it is…..


5-Mark Teixeira

If you had told me 12 months ago that Mark Teixeira would be clinching the AL East with the team he grew up rooting for; I would IMMEDIATELY declare you a liar. But sometimes miracles do happen…..



6-Jennie Finch

…..did something. It reportedly involved Jay Crawford from ESPN. As if any of us care. This is just an excuse to do this….


7-Fred Taylor, Kevin Kolb, Maurice Jones-Drew and Pierre Thomas

Elsewhere in the NFL this weekend, the Cardinals went back to being…..you know…..the Cardinals. But like I said once before, relax Arizona. You still have PLENTY going for you….


8-Tim Kennedy

A former Green Beret who now kicks ass as a MMA fighter for Strikeforce. Or as I like to call him, “The Most Kickassingest Human Being on the Face of the Planet.”

In other MMA news, Chuck Liddell is on Dancing With The Stars. Which means his week will look like this……


9-Mike Knuble

The Caps won a game Sunday and had some sort of major convention thingy on Saturday. Washington sports fans came out in droves, mostly because how the else would they spend their time?


Your awful city deserves everything it gets. Get bent Skins fans.

10-Gael Monfils

You ask me why I would include something about a tennis player that only I have heard of?

Here’s a picture of Andy Roddick…..


I have to stop. This last one even made me feel uncomfortable.

11-Jimmy Lange, Mark “TNT” Tucker and Vitali Klitschko

Congratulations to Eldersburg native Mark “TNT” Tucker, who won his first USBO belt Friday night in Westminster by beating some guy known as “The Steel Chin.”

Congratulations to Vitali Klitschko for making sure no one in the world would suddenly become interested in heavyweight boxing again. We’re all counting on you.


Won the Maryland Million. I’d have more to share about horse racing, but my Saturdays in the fall are dedicated to 3 things, and 3 things only.

1-College Football
3-The Endless Pursuit of Video of Megan Fox making out with Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer’s Body….

And yeah, my Saturday was perfect, thank you.

13-Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake

Plus there was this one from a while back……

By the way, I’m not sure why the “I’m Sorry Dick Butkus” commercials aren’t available on YouTube, but they probably should be. Thanks.


Attention all artists worldwide not named “Maxwell”: That place you were clearing on your mantle for a Grammy Award this year? Go ahead and look into some other uses. For example, maybe you can see if anyone has the ball from that time you got 4 hits in a Little League Game. Just an idea.

15-Chili and Cornbread


Went to dinner with Luke Jones and Patrick Stevens (of Washington Times fame) following that disaster at Byrd Stadium Saturday night. My dinner looked like that combined with a few Samuel Adams Boston Oktoberfests. Suddenly I didn’t want to vomit quite as much……

You got lucky….

1-Brett Favre and Greg Lewis

That Favre guy should just retire. What an ass……

And also, this kicks ass Sears…..

2-The Guy(s) Who Hit Tim Tebow

Yeah, their names are Taylor Wyndham and Marcus Gilbert. I’m well aware. Who cares what their names are; this isn’t about them. Okay, technically it is. The point is that if Taylor Wyndham’s hit on America’s Quarterback (and his subsequent bounce off Marcus Gilbert’s leg) had caused anything more than a concussion; we would probably be forced to kick them out of college football, maybe America. Definitely America.

If I had been there, my reaction would have been similar to this husband/wife/mother/son/brother/sister combo…….


Also, from a friend…….I will pay someone $20 to photoshop Tim Tebow into a “National Treasure” movie poster.

3-Tiger Woods

He wins……EVEN WHEN HE LOSES?!?!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Drew Forrester kept trying to get me to pat attention to whatever the hell the golf thing was that was going on Sunday. I told him I was about as interested in that as I was watching Ray Bachman run……

4-Anyone who managed to get tickets to see Bruce Springsteen at 1st Mariner Arena

No worry, you can always get tickets to one of the other amazing concerts coming up in Baltimore. You know, like this one….


5-Dom Natale

How…..in the hell…..can a guy who SHOULD have been flipping pizzas Saturday instead be spending his day beating Maryland despite completing all of FOUR passes. Hell, Chris Turner completed THREE passes to Scarlet Knights players himself!

How did I keep myself from heading DIRECTLY to the Bay Bridge? About a 5 minute walk around College Park….


6-Anyone who hasn’t seen the baby “Single Ladies” video

Crap. I guess I ruined that for you. Damn. Sorry. Well, while I’m here…..



What the hell would we have done without the internet?

7-Jenny Slate

Apparently Saturday Night Live reverted back to being lame for the season opener, which seems borderline impossible give Megan Fox as a host and U2 as a musical guest……but at least Jenny Slate will be remembered……

(Video NSFW. Unless of course you work for SNL. In which case, that was an effing terrible show.)

You’re a zero…..

Seattle Seahawks Uniforms


I swear to God, I take back everything I said earlier about the Titans wearing Oilers uniforms and the Jets wearing Titans uniforms and all that nonsense. When it comes to uniforms, all new things are terrible.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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Posted on 31 August 2009 by Glenn Clark

You get props:

1-Joe Flacco and Derrick Mason

Yeah, they’re pretty good. Maybe not Brandon Marshall good; but pretty damn good nonetheless. (Editor’s note: LOL!)

On a side note, my birthday is next Sunday. As you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, “Geez, I haven’t even asked Glenn what he wants for his birthday!”, I say “fear not! I have a suggestion”…..


The real one has better eyebrows.

2-Jason Berken, Andy Marte, and Brian Matusz

I have been waiting an ENTIRE SEASON to put Jason Berken on this list. Thank GOD I was finally able to.

In other Orioles news this weekend, Joey Gathright was traded to the Boston Red Sox for a player to be named later. This would be more interesting, but sadly the player to be named will likely be no more talented than this man…..


(Editor’s note: Could NBC have been pumping Jay Leno any harder during the Bears/Broncos game Sunday night? And how could they have made a promo out of his “Headlines” bit that wasn’t even a LITTLE bit funny?)

3-Antonio Nogueira

Minotauro was pretty dominant in what was a DAMN good fight out in Portland, OR. For the record, most 46 year olds don’t look like Randy Couture…..


Christ, I’m only about to turn 26 and I look more like Ray Bachman (pictured below) than Couture…..


4-Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, James Farrior, and Mark Sanchez

In other NFL News this weekend, Fantasy Football owners worldwide are breathing easier after hearing that Tom Brady’s shoulder is not seriously injured.

When reached for comment regarding the good news on Brady, Jets coach Rex Ryan is rumored to have said “Good, I hope Tom Brady is gonna play. What the hell has he ever done in this league? I know this much, he hasn’t won a single AFC East title since I’ve been in the division.”

5-Pedro Beato, Caleb Joseph, and Nick Haughian

Unfortunately, the Norfolk Tides, Delmarva Shorebirds, and Bluefield Orioles combined to win no games over the weekend.

Which is actually more remarkable, seeing as how a lot of organizations really struggle to use their minor league teams to appropriately prepare for what to expect at the big league level.

(Editor’s note: I apologize, that’s the 2nd time I’ve made a joke like that. But it’s a pretty funny bit. Even Melewski would have to admit that. But he’s probably too busy preparing for the playof……..OH MY GOD I TRIED BUT I COULDN’T STOP LAUGHING I’M SORRY!)

6-Fernando Verdasco and Caroline Wozniacki

Also happening last week at the Pilot Pen, Sam Querrey locked up the US Open Series Championship. Which means I owe the sport of Golf an apology, as there apparently IS a Championship less interesting than the FedEx Cup.

The US Open starts this week. Which means we’ll get to see more of the Bondarenko sisters……


7-NFL Films

If you watched WBAL11’s pregame coverage of Ravens-Panthers Saturday night; you probably saw the 2008 Ravens Yearbook from NFL Films that aired before Pete Gilbert & Qadry Ismail’s pregame show. If you did, you may have spent at least part of the hour before the game crying. I know damn well I did…….especially when they showed OJ Brigance’s speech following the win over the Jaguars that clinched the Wild Card berth.

I don’t have the video; but this highlight package is a nice appetizer. Scott Graham may not be Harry Kalas, but the combination of Graham and Steve Sabol’s team…..you know the results. Well worth whatever you’d have to pay for the DVD.

8-Zack Greinke, Paul Byrd, Sergio Mitre, Scott Feldman, Jon Garland, Ryan Howard, Tim Lincecum and Kendry Morales

Elsewhere in baseball this weekend, Mark Teixeira moved past the 100 RBI mark for the season as the Yankees beat the White Sox Sunday.

If you haven’t heard the perverted calls of Yankees Play by Play voice John Sterling; here’s a Youtube clip of Mike Francesca listening to them. (Editor’s note: ?)

I swear to God I hate EVERYTHING about this. Not only does this clown say “Swishalicious” when Nick Swisher homers, he says “It’s a Johnny Rocket” when Johnny Damon homers.

Christ. It is an embarrassment to say that this clown used to call Baltimore Bullets and Morgan State games.

Back to Tex, 101 RBI-huh? Good thing the Orioles didn’t make a legitimate offer……

9-Tim James


Kudos to Dan Le Batard for writing about James. I will admit I have always been particularly inspired by Pat Tillman; and spent a lot of my time in Arizona working with the Pat Tillman Foundation. I had no idea Tim James was serving in the Army over in Iraq; and I think this is an awesome story.

Nothing funny here. Tim James kicks ass. I am spending my evening posting hot pictures of the Bondarenko sisters online. He’s spending his evening trying to keep our country safe. I’m a clown.

10-Chris Turner, Phil Costa, Nolan Carroll and Adrian Moten

The closest I came to being named Captain of a football team was on our Club Team at UMBC; where I was named “Fattest Guy on the Team.”

Of course, my club career in Catonsville nearly resulted in a Championship. This is a good story. A local website picked our team (which we appropriately nicknamed “The Bums”) to lose in the Final; and so I (clearly inspired by the upstart Bears team of that season), prepared a whiteboard message saying “Do They Still Doubt Us?”

I broke out an inspirational speech before the game, and unleashed the whiteboard. When our team was up by 10 at the half; I failed everyone by not having anything else prepared.

We were of course railroaded in the 2nd half; but received nice beer glasses for our efforts. I’ve always felt as though I’ve never let anyone down more in my life than I did that day by not preparing a halftime speech.

Do I still have any time left, or should I get off the couch Doc?

11-The Stars and Stripes

Was it weird that during Sunday’s Little League World Series final, I was so overcome with patriotism that I actually started shouting “Kill him! Kill him! MURDER HIM!” at the TV?

Okay, that’s a joke. I would never do such a thing It’s a kids’ game, for god sakes.

I could sit here and tell you more about a LLWS game, or I could give you another clip from The Sandlot. That’s what I thought. As a reminder before I leave, America kicks ass. Your countries are stupid*.

(*Not Italy. Italy is awesome.)

12-Juan Urango

I’d love to tell you about this boxing match from Friday night, but then I’d have to have watched boxing. Since boxing died years ago, I certainly did not.

Here’s a video of Floyd Mayweather training Vince McMahon backstage on WWE’s Monday Night Raw this past week, which is the most interesting thing that’s happened in boxing in the last 10 years or so.

13-Crystal Langhorne and Marissa Coleman

18 points and 10 boards for Langhorne, 11 points for Coleman in a win for the Washington Mystics Sunday. I can’t believe I’m writing about the WNBA, but a Terp’s a Terp.

While we’re on the subject; here’s a gift for Forrester. I’m a thoughtful person.


14-Richard Branson


Full disclosure here. I had tickets to Virgin Mobile FreeFest Sunday; and those tickets are still sitting on my desk. My cousin’s future husband had his bachelor party Sunday, and that took precedence. Plus, the lineup of Blink 182 & Weezer (no thanks), Jet (seen ’em once with Oasis), Franz Ferdinand (saw them at HFStival), and Public Enemy (I WOULD have liked to have seen them actually) didn’t inspire me all that much.

But the thing is; 35,000 people were at Merriweather Sunday, meaning this state’s economy was once again fortified by a major concert sponsored by Branson and Virgin Mobile. You know what that means? It means Branson KICKS ASS.

(Editor’s note: Apparently Oasis broke up again Friday because Noel and Liam Gallagher just absolutely CANNOT stop trying to kill each other. The Black Crowes were at Rams Head Live Sunday night, where Chris and Rich Robinson were quoted as saying “those guys should really look into family counseling. If you’re going to be in a band with your brother, you should really get along like we do!”)



God is there anything in the world greater than nachos? You can put anything on them. They’re freaking WONDERFUL. You want chicken, beef, crab meat, jalapenos, onions, salsa, etc? I say yes to “all of the above.”

You think there’s a chance I could convince the people at Chick-Fil-A to start serving nachos?

You got lucky……

1-Heath Slocum, Loren Roberts, and M.J. Hur

As I told Forrester Sunday night after Slocum won The Barclays; it is NOT a good thing for some zero to beat Tiger Woods at the end of a golf tournament…….again. Might be good for the 2-3 nerds who would enjoy watching golf anyway; but not for someone like me, who might actually have a life. Key word there is “might.”

And for the record, I prefer Loren’s cousin Julia…..


2-Dominican Baseball Players

Did anyone who read this story think to themselves: “That can’t be right, there’s no way a guy like Miguel Tejada did something like this.”

Didn’t think so.

(Editor’s note: I was going to say we didn’t miss him, but who are we kidding. Our team sucks and he can actually play.)

3-Carl Edwards and Ryan Briscoe

In racing news that is SIGNIFICANTLY more interesting than anything I can tell you about NASCAR or the IRL, Danica Patrick will not confirm that she will be participating in ESPN’s upcoming “Nude” magazine.

(Editor’s note: Apparently “nude” actually means a celebration of the athletic body. Thanks Deadspin for really killing all of my possible excitement about this “Body Issue.” Also, thanks for another sexual innuendo I can use next weekend. “Hey baby, why don’t you come back to my place and celebrate my athletic body.”)

Thanks also to Deadspin for linking this photo with their tip…..


4-Andre Smith

This is good again. I can break down Smith’s contract with the Bengals; or we can watch the video from Andre Smith’s Pro Day.

As a reminder, this video may actually be NSFW.

5-Ohio State fans

I think Rich Rodriguez sucks too; so I’ll enjoy this as much as you will. Here’s another gift from me to you. I won’t be so generous next week; I hope Navy kicks your ass.

6-Manchester United

I actually love the fact that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger tried to watch the end of the match from the crowd after being thrown out. I heard a rumor that after it didn’t work, he was going to try the Bobby Valentine approach……


7-Anyone who hasn’t heard “I’ve Got a Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas so many times they want to rip their car radio out of the dash panel

This might be the one to set you off……

I’ll make a call next weekend; but I think this MIGHT beat out Maino for Official Summer Jam. Mazel Tov!

You’re a zero…..

Summer Ending

For the younger 15-7-0 readers who go back to school today, I feel for you. Last night was the worst night of the year. Totally understood.

Also to those readers, the next time Uncle Glenn asks you to bring him a “Blue Moon Cola”, please make sure to remember NOT to drink any of it before bringing it to him.

If I can TRY to brighten your day, remember that you’ll spend most of it just writing your name, and MAYBE, just MAYBE, this will happen today……



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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 12 August 2009 by Glenn Clark

David Hernandez will have some value for the Orioles in the offseason should they choose to trade him. I’m not certain that he will ever pan out to be a great pitcher, but last night’s game was an example of the promise he’s shown at this level that could make him a legitimate trade chip.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

Best of Tuesday’s WNST Blogs:

Luke Jones says Mark Clayton, Terrell Suggs won’t play vs. Washington Thursday

Nestor Aparicio says Ravens should just say ‘no thanks’ to Vick

Matt Duggins says Teixeira better off having signed with Yankees than Birds

Keith Melchior wonders if fans angry about current state of Orioles


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says David Hernandez impressive as Birds topped Athletics

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Jason Berken takes hill in finale vs. Mazzaro, A’s

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Uehara eyeing September return in bullpen

Athletics Official Site’s Brian Eller says Cahill solid, but O’s topped Oakland

The Sun’s Dan Connolly says 23,000 saw Birds top A’s at Camden Yards

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck imagines MacPhail defending himself to fans

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Brian Roberts made very bad baserunning blunder

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says team holding “State of the Orioles” event before Angels game Saturday

The Sun’s Dan Connolly says Markakis extended streak to 32 straight games reaching base

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Trembley was happy with relief efforts from Albers, Danys Baez, Jim Johnson in win

The Sun’s Mike Klingaman ‘catches up with’ former Oriole Tettleton

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Birds reportedly agree to terms with draft picks Ashur Tolliver, Randy Henry, Ryan Berry

Examiner Jay Trucker says Tillman may be great pitcher, may be Hayden Penn

Carroll County Times’ Josh Land says Jim Johnson pitched 9th for 4th save of year

Carroll County Times’ Josh Land says ‘lack of options’ amongst reasons Trembley won’t take Guthrie out of rotation

The AP says Birds beat A’s for first time in over 2 years

San Francisco Chronicle’s Susan Slusser says Adam Kennedy, Scott Hairston homered for A’s in loss

Oakland Tribune’s Curtis Pashelka says Chad Moeller’s 5th inning single ignited Athletics’ winning rally

CBS Sports’ Larry Dobrow has Birds 26th in power rankings


Norfolk Tides Official Site says David Pauley loser as Birds shut out by Scranton

Bowie Baysox Official Site says Ouellette winner in relief as Baysox topped New Hampshire

Frederick Keys Official Site says Sean Gleason loser as Keys fell to Potomac

Delmarva Shorebirds Official Site says Salberg loser as Shorebirds fell to Charleston

Aberdeen Ironbirds Official Site says Haughian winner as Ironbirds topped Williamsport

Bluefield Orioles Official Site says Justin Moore winner as Bluefield topped Pulaski

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Josh Bell had 3 hits for Baysox in win over Fisher Cats

Frederick News-Post says Waring’s 3 run bomb accounted for all runs in Keys’ loss to Potomac

Virginian-Pilot says Russ Ortiz shut down Tides for Yankees


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Ravens OK with Flacco throwing picks in practice, don’t want him throwing picks in preseason games

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbaugh believes Redskins game ‘extension of Training Camp’

The Official Site’s Geoff Peckham says Training Camp in Westminster dates back to Colts

The Official Site says Harbaugh won’t name players who will miss Thursday’s game

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Troy Smith had been victim of fake Twitter account

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Figurs, Edgar Jones made stellar catches Tuesday at McDaniel College

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Derrick Mason dislocated right middle finger during practice

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Frank Walker, Figurs got into scuffle during Tuesday practice

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Hauschka to be kicker of record in first half, Gano in 2nd half of first preseason game

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Frank Walker thinks fights happen because players competing for roster spots

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Jonathan Ogden thinks Oher ‘tremendous athlete’

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says despite rumors, Ravens shoot down interest in signing free agent QB Michael Vick

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Harbaugh said Reed took off red jersey for ‘strategy’ against Flacco

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says besides Mason; WR’s Clayton, Williams also dealing with injuries

The Sun’s Edward Lee says J.O. has ‘no regrets’ about retirement

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says McGahee has ‘healthy body and attitude’

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Mason’s injury ‘not regarded as serious’

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Demetrius Williams, Jared Gaither, Todd Heap all plan to take field at M&T Bank Stadium Thursday night

Frederick News-Post’s Stan Goldberg says new DC Greg Mattison in ‘tough situation’ taking over job

NBC Sports’ Mike Florio says Ravens will be ‘limited’ at WR vs. Skins

CBS Sports’ Clark Judge says Terrell Suggs compared Ray Rice to Barry Sanders

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Justin Harper, Marcus Smith should get reps in Thursday night’s game

ESPN.com’s Sal Paolantonio says Ravens know they must pressure Roethlisberger to beat Steelers


The Official Site says RB Gary Douglas impressive on Day 2 of practice

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Terps cut $300,000 from football budget

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Ralph doesn’t know how much new RB’s Porzel, D.J. Adams might see field

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Mike Barbour, Nick Wallace ahead of Nick Ferrera in kicking competition

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Don Brown thinks Terps’ defense similar to Skins’

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Kevin Lempa believes Kenny Tate ‘biggest safety (he’s ) ever coached’

Examiner Matthew Bouchard thinks Maryland’s relationship with Under Armour should continue to develop

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Travis Hawkins, Caleb Porzel will also get chances to return punts

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Baltz great player, but no one wants to see him on field

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Don Brown ‘talks with pinkie’

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Ralph thinks Don Brown’s defense could be ‘intense and patient’

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Da’Rel Scott appears to have added muscle

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Cal favored by 21.5 points over Terps

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says A.J. Francis will start at nose tackle if Dion Armstrong can’t get eligible

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says OL Gonnella doesn’t think line will use ‘inexperience as crutch’

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says kicking situation similar to ’05, ’06 battles between Egekeze, Ennis

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Turner’s, Scott’s jerseys available in campus bookstore

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens thinks Adams, Porzel will get more work in scrimmage than starter Scott

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Armstrong has physical issues beyond academic ones

Washington Times’ David Elfin says Edwin Williams, Scott Burley most recent former Terps to join Joe Bugel’s O-Line with Skins

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich thinks Terps headed to EagleBank Bowl

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem says freshman LB’s Darin Drakeford, Avery Murray might make ‘impact’ (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh says Terps ready to put pads on, start hitting (must subscribe)

Turtle Sports Report’s John Talty says O-Line ‘young’, ‘inexperienced’ besides Bruce Campbell, Phil Costa


Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says former Terp Dave Neal headed to Ireland for more school, hoops

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says Terps recently offered DeMatha combo guard Jerian Grant (must subscribe)


The Official Site says Crystal Langhorne thinks ‘confidence’ reason for strong 2nd season with Washington Mystics

Tribune Newspapers’ Fred Mitchell says former Terp Toliver has played ‘sparingly’ for WNBA’s Chicago Sky


The Sun’s Matt Bracken says Arundel QB Billy Cosh chose Kansas State with father (Chris) over joining Tigers


The Official Site says Tigers to visit Morgan State, Navy this season


The Official Site says Niumatalolo impressed by freshman De’Von Richardson

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says QB Dobbs must go from ‘flashy’ to starter

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says sophomore QB’s Kameron Smith, Kriss Proctor show ‘promise’

Go Mids’ David Ausiello says Naval Academy continues open practice policy


Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says American highlights Hawks’ home schedule


Carroll County Times’ Josh Land says Terror return very experienced team


Daily Racing Form’s David Grening says Preakness winner Rachel Alexandra worked out at Saratoga

Thoroughbred Times’ Phil Janack says Rachel Alexandra put in first work since winning Haskell Invitational

The AP’s Beth Harris says Baffert going to Hall of Fame ‘on high’


The Official Site says 5 Mariners honored by AIFA


Examiner Jeff Hemelt says Brian Rowland, Paul Robson honored by USL-2


-The Ravens need SOMEONE to play at WR tomorrow night. They need Joe Flacco to get some confidence in his first legitimate passes of the year, and I’m not sure Jayson Foster can do that for them.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Posted on 20 July 2009 by Glenn Clark

You get props…..

1-Jim Thome, Jeremy Guthrie and Gregg Zaun

“Sliced bread is actually the best thing since Gregg Zuan.”

OH, LOL! Relax Baltimore; we’ve been waiting for our power-hitting catcher! He’s just a few years older than what we expected.

And by a few years, I mean 64.

But he did have 4 more RBI than Matt Wieters Sunday. He should probably be the permanent catcher for Jeremy Guthrie; who, for a day at least, resembled a pitcher again.

I resembled a pitcher once. Unfortunately it was this pitcher……


(I like to call him “The Dominican Bachman” myself)

2-Troy Aikman, Lou Holtz, John Cooper, Thurman Thomas, Jay Novacek, Jim Donnan, Randall McDaniel, and Roger Brown

John Cooper’s special day wasn’t quite the same after he realized Lloyd Carr had beat him to the induction ceremony.

It was strange to hear Lou Holtz open his speech by saying “I’m happy to be here and all, but I just don’t know if I’m good enough. I really have no idea how I can compete with a fella like Jim Donnan. He’s just so good. We’re lucky to be here. I don’t think we have a chance of winning.”

Troy Aikman and Jay Novacek said they were thankful to have the chance to remember their life before their pro careers. They only wished their teammate Michael Irvin was capable of doing the same thing.

All of these one-liners are just part of the new “Glenn Clark’s corny one-liner” Comedy Class which will be available this semester at the Community College of Baltimore County. It isn’t actually a credited class; just an excuse for me to try to surround myself by pretty girls with low standards.

3-Bo Van Pelt and Rick Rhoden

Bo Van Pelt won the golf tournament this weekend that you were allowed to play in if you weren’t good enough to play in the other actually important golf tournament. You know-the one that was nearly won by a guy who retired 15 years ago.

Does Bo Van Pelt really get a trophy for that accomplishment? REALLY?

The event Rhoden won was called the “I don’t watch golf when the talented players play; why in the hell would I watch when the guys who aren’t talented play?” Open. It’s some sort of celebrity event; which still confuses me as to why Rhoden is there.

But thanks to Deadspin for this screen shot of Michael Jordan and an inflatable penis. You didn’t read that wrong; it’s just Michael Jordan and an inflatable penis. Which reminds me of the average Thursday at my grandparents’ house.


4-Brandon Snyder, Wally Crancer, Nathan Moreau, Patrick Kantakevich, and Matt Hobgood

Thus far in his pro career, Matt Hobgood has given up one run on hits over 1 inning; and has committed one error.

I was going to make a crack here about how he was already better than Rich Hill; but I’m a little concerned about Rich Hill’s self confidence. Look at the poor kid…..

I’d say he could drown his sorrows with 3-400 beers; but he can’t legally drink for another 5 years.

(Editor’s note: Please tell me his baseball card doesn’t look like one of those cards you had in Little League. Hilarious!)

5-Robin Soderling

Won a tennis tournament this weekend. You’d probably care more, but you thought Robin Soderling did the song “Show Me Love” in 1993.

6-Alberto Contador

Seriously, why the hell does EVERYONE IN THE WORLD have a better name than I do? Helio Castroneves? Dario Franchitti? Steele Stanwick? ALBERTO FREAKING CONTADOR????????

Clearly their parents loved me more than my parents loved me. Which I’m just going to have to live with.

Lance Armstrong apparently won’t be winning the Tour De France. Which only means that the Tour de France’s ratings will again be a 2 instead of a 5.

(Editor’s note: Those ratings points aren’t in millions.)

7-John Lackey, J.A. Happ, Jason Marquis, Dan Haren, Clayton Kershaw, Roy Oswalt, and Bronson Arroyo

You know what. I take it all back. J.A. Happ’s name is actually Jay Happ. HAHA! Someone’s parents loved them less than my parents loved me!!!!!!!

(Editor’s note: My parents really do love me. With that in mind, can I borrow like $100? And by “borrow”, I mean “spend on beer and never pay you back.”)


That’s a picture of Bronson Arroyo and a person who I assume must be a close family friend.

Don’t get too suicidal just yet. I mean, if you heard this, you’d sleep with him too….

8-Michael Phelps

God is this a stretch. I’m honoring Michael Phelps for winning more ESPY awards than anyone else; and the ESPY awards were actually taped on Wednesday; then aired on Sunday.

Of course, this gave me the perfect opportunity to find out what else was on TV Sunday night; because I’d rather have a giant wart on my foot than watch the ESPY’s.

(Editor’s note: the last line was probably only funny to my friend Julie; who recently had a wart removed from her foot. She’d be really embarrassed if she ever knew I wrote this publicly, but she’s a pretty girl; so there’s no chance she’ll ever read it. Yeah, pretty girls ignore me. It’s like high school all over again.)

Back to the point; as I Facebooked Sunday night (and if you’re not my Facebook friend, your life isn’t quite as meaningful), having the ESPY’s as the only sports viewing option Sunday night; I decided to give Brooke Knows Best a shot.


Who am I kidding? I watch every week.

9-Nik Caner-Medley

This is going to come as a surprise to you; but I had no idea Nik Caner-Medley was playing for the LA Clippers’ Summer League team. No, I’m serious. I stopped stalking him 7 months ago.

After hitting a pull-up jumper over Wizards guard Nick Young, Caner-Medley laughed and said “I’m from Maryland. Nobody can beat me.”


10-Garrett Jones, Albert Pujols, and Alfonso Soriano

In other baseball news; Orlando Hudson will reportedly end up collecting more than double his salary thanks to an incentive-laden contract. No word on whether the Orioles can seek an incentive-laden refund from Felix Pie.

11-The Blackberry Commercial with U2 doing “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight”

Never before have I wanted to buy a Blackberry, spend 100 dollars to see a band from the upper deck of a football stadium; AND somehow try to change my life to make myself a better person. You want the definition of effective advertising? Holy crap.

12-Kyle Busch and NASCAR

With newspapers no longer being able to afford to send motorsports writers across the country to watch grown men drive cars; NASCAR has figured out another way to fill their press boxes, and it is absolutely a smart idea. Bloggers can now apply for credentials to NASCAR races. Well, bloggers NASCAR approves of anyway. Which truly does go to show that anyone can have a voice in the era of new media. Even if their thoughts are WAY off base. Sorta like this noted NASCAR follower…..


13-D2: The Mighty Ducks

Look, my TV was just as confused as you’d imagine when I flipped to the Hallmark Channel Saturday morning. My TV actually said to me “Dude, you don’t even let your girlfriend watch this channel.”

But if you don’t think this is the most inspiring scene in the history of movies, kindly leave.

I wish I could explain this further, but this scene lead to my best friend (noted musician John Chambers of “The Waywords”; whose new record is available on iTunes and I’ll charge him for that plug later) nearly having to go to the hospital before Artscape Saturday. Use your imagination.

14-Smoothie King’s “Caribbean Way”


Are they a sponsor? Who cares. They’re AMAZING. This is what God intended for us to drink. (He intended for us to eat Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches if you’re asking.)

15-Robert Randolph


I think I just got pregnant.

I can only pray that anyone who attended Artscape Saturday night realized just what it was they were witnessing. July 18, 2009 will forever be remembered as the day that one man saved the city of Baltimore.

One of our former interns had to leave right after Robert’s 2nd song. My girlfriend (You know her-“The Luckiest Dang Gal on the Face of the Planet”) looked at me and said “Where is she going?” I looked back and said “I don’t know. But I know this much. It’s not as good as here.”

Did anyone notice the sharp-looking Joe Flacco jersey Robert’s bassist-Danyel-was sporting? I wonder where that came from…..

Oh right. You’re welcome Baltimore.

You got lucky……..

1-Kenny Cooper Jr. and Nicci Wright

Holy crap we almost lost to Panama???? Why the hell are all of our good players playing for money right now???? Poor Bob Bradley had to let Jason Berken play!!!!!

In news completely unrelated to soccer; hearing the name Nicci Wright (the Washington women’s team’s coach who pitched a shutout when pressed into action as a goalkeeper) reminded me that adult film actress Nikki Benz is attractive…..


She pitched a shutout once too. Yeah, in my pants! High five!

2-Stewart Cink

This is really a shame. I was looking forward to seeing Tom Watson drink from the Claret Jug. Of course it would have been prune juice; but I bet it would have been a wild party nonetheless.

Congratulations to Stewart Cink for beating up an old man. I’d be more upset, but it’s golf. I legitimately picked Nick Faldo to win the damn thing the other day. Tom Watson winning wouldn’t have been an amazing accomplishment; this is the same sport that has crowned John Daly king on more than one occasion.

3-The guy standing outside Erin Andrews’ peephole………

…….for now.


Let’s admit two things here:

One-we all think whoever is responsible is a creep who deserves to suffer a lawsuit and/or prison time. He’s the lowest of low human beings; and completely disgusting.

Two-Not one of us can really admit to having not Googled “Erin Andrews peephole” at some point this weekend.

Look man, if it didn’t exist; I would have never searched. (Editor’s note: That’s probably not true. I probably would have searched at some point in my life even if I didn’t know it existed. There’s always a hope, right?)

Also, I don’t really get the fascination this country has with Erin Andrews. I mean, there are other hot chicks in the world of sports, aren’t there?


Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best example.

4-Oscar Salazar

You mean to tell me that I don’t have to play for the Orioles anymore?

And I get to move here……?


This is a joke, right? You’re all just having fun with old Oscar; aren’t you???

5-Maikon Bonani

Haven’t heard the story? The South Florida kicker fell 30 feet from an amusement park ride and is apparently okay.

I remember growing up I always felt like the people who were running the potentially dangerous thrill rides at my favorite amusement parks were probably expertly trained, highly paid, and easily the most responsible people in the world. If lives were in peril; they would be immediately available to step in and save the day.

But after a recent trip to a local amusement park (the one in Largo. It will remain nameless.), I have now become very aware that the ride operators are about as qualified for difficult situations as I am to talk about Sonya Sotomayor. Who I think will make a hell of a Secretary of State whenever the UN gets around to giving her the ol’ thumbs up.

(Editor’s Note: Please don’t tell me it is spelled “Sonia.” This was a bit. “Sonia” Sotomayor is going to be the next attorney general. I know that. I’m not stupid.)

(Editor’s 2nd Note: Does anyone else find it funny that I write these notes as the “editor” when I don’t actually do any editing? I usually just type out whatever nonsense comes to my mind at 1am and then I allow Intern Steven Patrick to tell me Monday morning that I spelled “figuratively” as “pineapple.” Look man, we all make mistakes.)

6-Anyone who got their news from Walter Cronkite

You had one of the great newsmen of all-time. We have Andy Rooney bitching about fruit.



Could you imagine a better weekend to come out of your parents’ basement? I mean, not only did Harry Potter come out and make something like 100 trillion dollars; but Baltimore became the world’s nerd hub for the weekend….


Thanks to Examiner.com for the picture of……..that. Otakon hit the Baltimore Convention Center, and from what I can tell; Otakon is basically just the same as your average downtown bar or club. Everyone there is just trying to get laid. The only difference is that most of the people at your average bar or club have actually gotten laid before.

You’re a zero……


John Sterling


On Friday night, I heard something so vile I almost threw my beer across the room.

“Long fly ball……….that’s a Tex Message, to the 2nd deck. You’re on the mark, Teixeira!”

I want to drive to New York tomorrow to boo both of them. That’s worse than the “A-Bomb for A-Rod.”



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Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 22 May 2009 by Glenn Clark

This is a depressing weekend for me. This will be the first time since August I will not be including my “weekend picks”, as no local college teams are playing football, basketball, or lacrosse.

I could pick the Orioles’ games; but that’s just depressing.

However, I do have a question. Is anyone going down to Nationals Park this weekend that might not have gone to a game had the series been at OPACY? I fall into that category myself, as I will be headed down Sunday, and admittedly wouldn’t go this weekend if the Birds were at home. But the chance to go down at yell at some Redskins fans DOES appeal to me.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

Best of Thursday’s WNST Blogs:

Drew Forrester ‘not shocked’ O’s swept in New York

Bob Haynie getting ‘agitated’ by Orioles’ losing

Chris Bonetti says Tillman, ‘rest of cavalry’ ready to take Eaton’s spot in rotation


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says with rotation spot possibly in question, Eaton hammered in loss to Yankees

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of sweep

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Orioles ‘see themselves’ in interleague foe Nationals (they’re both terrible)

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Rich Hill, Birds travel to Nationals Park to open interleague play tonight vs. Jordan Zimmermann, Nats

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Elias Sports Bureau confirms Reimold first player to hit first MLB home run off future Hall of Famer Rivera

Yankees Official Site’s Bryan Hoch says Chamberlain leaves with injury in 1st, Yanks win anyway

Tides Official Site says Berken ‘effective’, but gets no decision in loss to Rochester

Baysox Official Site says Altoona’s John Lincoln dominant in shutout win over Bowie

Keys Official Site says Beato gave up 2 runs over 6 innings to lift Frederick to win over Lynchburg

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says 43,000 at Yankee Stadium to see Bombers sweep Birds

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Izturis could return to lineup tonight

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Huff got hit in only at bat against Chamberlain

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says attendance at Camden Yards down 2,500 per game this season

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says June 9 ‘most likely’ date for Wieters to get call-up

The Sun’s Candus Thomson says MASN analyst Dibble thinks Nats, O’s will have real rivalry ‘soon’

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Hammock had 2 hits for Tides in loss

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck thinks Eaton made final start after ‘reading between the lines’ of Trembley’s pre-game comments

The AP says Aceves gets win out of pen for Bombers

Frederick News-Post’s Stan Goldberg says Waring, Joseph picked up RBI’s for Keys in win

Washington Post’s Dave Sheinin says Markakis ‘proving worthy’ of contract extension

Virginian-Pilot’s Rich Radford says Wieters homered for Tides in loss

New York Post’s George A. King says Cano, Matsui homered for Yanks in win

New York Times’ Jack Curry says Roberts, Markakis homered for O’s in loss

New York Daily News’ Mark Feinsand says Jeter, Cano, Teixeira, Cabrera all doubled off Eaton in 1st to help Yanks get out to early 4-0 lead

Newsday’s Arthur Staple says Aceves ‘rescued’ Girardi, Yanks for 9th straight win

Newark Star-Ledger’s Marc Carig says Girardi happy to see Adam Jones leave town

Bergen Record’s Al Iannazzone says Rivera finished game for 9th save

SI’s Ted Keith has Birds 24th in power rankings

Yahoo! Sports’ Steve Henson has O’s 29th in power rankings (Nats 30th)


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says starting RT job Oher’s ‘to lose’

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Marcus Smith, Kelley Washington pressing Demetrius Williams for #3 receiver spot

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Team President Cass expects ‘both union and league to work hard’ in CBA negotiations

ESPN.com’s James Walker says ‘zero chance’ Ravens sign Vick


Belmont Official Site says Zito’s Brave Victory, Miner’s Escape work in preparation for third leg of Triple Crown

Daily Racing Form’s David Grening says Zito looking to win 2nd straight Belmont after winning with Da’Tara last year

Thoroughbred Times says Derby winner Mine That Bird, Preakness winner Rachel Alexandra each galloped at Churchill Downs Thursday

The AP’s Richard Rosenblatt says Chocolate Candy, Dunkirk, Mr. Hot Stuff, Flying Private all running Belmont after skipping Preakness


The Official Site says assistant Keith Booth picked to attend BCA seminar

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Vasquez works out for Wizards, feels game has improved

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says new Wizards assistant Sam Cassell worked out Vasquez for ‘Zards

Examiner Steve DeClue says Stephenson’s choices down to Terps, Arizona

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Vasquez in no rush to choose between NBA Draft, return to College Park

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Vasquez previously worked out for Spurs, Cavaliers; still plans on working out with Timberwolves

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Vasquez does not vision himself as shooting guard

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Vasquez talking to Gary ‘almost every week’

Washington Examiner’s Craig Stouffer says Vasquez will return to Terps or go to NBA; will not play professionally in Europe


Washington Post’s Josh Barr says Wake joins Louisville, Virginia Tech, Terps ‘in pursuit’ of Gaithersburg DB-RB Ofori

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich offers video of slimmed down Friedgen

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich says DT Dion Armstrong needs to ‘come through’

Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh says Northern Guilford (NC) WR prospect interested in Terps (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem profiles Virginia safety prospect Andre Simmons (must subscribe)


The Official Site says Ryan Young, Max Schmidt named All-American by USILA


The Sun’s Matt Bracken says Long Beach center prospect Monique Oliver picked Rutgers over Terps


The Official Site says Poillon, Blevins, Hopmann, Wimer named All-American by USILA


The Official Site says Koppens, Ricci named All-American by USILA


The Official Site says Wharton, Boyle, Michael Evans, Michael Kimmel, Brian Christopher named All-American by USILA

Inside Lacrosse’s Terry Foy says Michael Evans wins William C. Schmeisser Award for top defensive player from USILA

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Michael Evans only local player to make All-American first team


The Official Site says Andy Tormey, Tim Paul named All-American by USILA


Washington Times’ Mike Fratto says Niumatalolo’s daughter Alexcia going for NCAA Lacrosse Championship with Terps


-There IS a local college team playing lacrosse on the women’s side this weekend, and I think the Terps will be there until Sunday’s Championship game. I’ll say the Terps top Carolina tonight 9-6, and then fall to Northwestern Sunday 12-9. I guess I did make weekend picks after all.

-Chris Waters will make the start for Adam Eaton on Tuesday. Take it to the bank.

-Congratulations to Ralph Friedgen, who I hadn’t seen until his appearance on First Take yesterday on ESPN2. He looked really good; and I think it’s very cool that he had dedicated himself to his health this offseason.

Talk to you this weekend.


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 20 May 2009 by Glenn Clark

I will admit to being a bit heartbroken seeing the Nuggets lose to the Lakers last night. I will admit that I am openly rooting for Carmelo Anthony, as I enjoy seeing the success of a Baltimore kid….despite the fact that he went to Syracuse instead of Maryland.

I heard ‘Melo was seen on ESPN yesterday wearing a Red Sox hat; and I’ll admit that it bothered me. But this is the same guy who has MULTIPLE Ravens tattoos, which he showed off proudly when he was honored at M&T Bank Stadium for winning the gold medal at last Summer’s Beijing Olympics. The guy knows where he’s from, and he LOVES Baltimore.

And someone over at Camden Yards SHOULD think about shipping a hat out to Denver…

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…….

Best of Tuesday’s WNST Blogs:

Nestor Aparicio thought Yankee Stadium similar to US Cellular Field in Chicago

Keith Melchior says Trembley needs to go if Birds keep ‘bumbling and stumbling’

Thyrl Nelson says Birds should keep playing Pie

Glenn Clark says Adam Jones amongst best hitters in baseball

Drew Forrester says fans seemed more interested in Springsteen show than O’s game


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Bergesen effective into 6th; but Chris Ray beat up as Birds fall to Yankees

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Guthrie looks to break Orioles’ losing slide tonight vs. Eaton, Yanks

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Andino got start due to Izturis’ strained groin

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Adam Jones returned to lineup after hamstring strain

Yankees Official Site’s Jared Diamond says Sabathia shut down O’s in win

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Roberts scored only run, Huff tallied only RBI in Orioles’ loss

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Bergesen changes number from 64 to Mussina’s 35

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck thinks David Hernandez, David Pauley could come to Baltimore in ‘next week or two’

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Huff booed at Yankee Stadium after showing up Joba Chamberlain

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says DL ‘not out of the question’ for Izturis

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Snyder homered, Patton threw shutout in Baysox win

Examiner Jay Trucker says Rich Hill MVP of week for Orioles

The AP says A-Rod, Teixeira homered for Bombers in win

Frederick News-Post says Bascom tough luck loser for Keys

New York Daily News’ Mark Feinsand says Andino made crucial error in 7th to help Yankees put things away

New York Times’ Joe LaPointe says Yankees won 7th consecutive game

New York Post’s George A. King III says A-Rod/Teixeira did ‘Maris/Mantle imitation’

Newark Star-Ledger’s Marc Carig says Jeter picked up bases loaded double, 3 RBI in win

Newsday’s Jim Baumbach says A-Rod hit 5th homer in 33 at bats in win

Virginian-Pilot’s Rainer Sabin says Justin Christian, Oscar Salazar homered for Tides in win


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Rice shoulders load at RB with McGahee hurt, McClain playing FB

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Mason not practicing during Passing Camp; Heap, Smith limited

The Official Site says Harbaugh ‘not surprised’ to see so many veterans at Passing Camp

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Flacco has no trouble with simulated blitzes

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Suggs, Ngata only veterans not in attendance at Passing Camp

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Oher getting bulk of reps at Right Tackle

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Heap sitting out Passing Camp drills with back injury

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens players were ‘surprised’ by Willie Anderson’s decision to retire

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Harbaugh has ‘high hopes’ for Kelley Washington

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says 52, McGahee amongst surprising veterans to attend Passing Camp

Examiner Tony Wisniewski says Gregg thinks he could beat UFC Champ Lesnar

Examiner Phil Macek says Ravens news adds to ‘excitement’ of new season

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Trevor Pryce thinks Oher ‘looks like Julius Peppers, has attitude of serial killer’

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Clayton, Cousins, Terry, Barnes, Talavou, Phillips, Rolle, Carr, F. Washington, Walker also dealing with injury issues

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Suggs to get bigger contract than James Harrison


Belmont Official Site says decision coming today on Charitable Man for third leg of Triple Crown

Daily Racing Form’s Jay Privman says Mine That Bird returned to work at Churchill Downs after van ride back from Pimlico

Thoroughbred Times says Da’Tara jockey Alan Garcia would ride Charitable Man in Belmont

Thoroughbred Times’ Frank Angst says interest in Rachel Alexandra helps raise Preakness ratings 24%

Thoroughbred Times says trainer Woolley thought Mine That Bird ‘looked good’ in workout

The Sun says 3 million more people watched NBC’s Preakness coverage this year than last year


Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem profiles Atholton WR/S target Matt Robinson (must subscribe)


The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Goins may decide to stick with Terps


Inside Lacrosse’s Sean Burns says Groot, Jeff Reynolds named to USILA North-South Game


The Official Site says commit Will Adams diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease


The Official Site says Poillon, Settembrino to participate in USILA North-South Game


The Official Site says Koppens, Ricci selected to USILA North-South Game


Inside Lacrosse’s Sean Burns says Dailey, Kazimer named first team All-American

Inside Lacrosse’s Sean Burns says Greg Furshman, Mike Simon, Nic Bevacqua named to USILA D3 North-South Game


The Sun says former St. Frances star Aric Brooks to transfer from Jacksonville to Morgan


The Official Site says FB Kevin Campbell looking forward to Ohio State game

Go Mids’ Adam Nettina says ‘speed’ key to DC Buddy Green


The Official Site says Kylor Berkman, Kevin Maynard to participate in USILA D3 North-South Game


Sporting News’ Matt Crossman says Raymond Berry thinks NFL needs to take ‘fine line’ with issues like Vick


-While the Ravens have downplayed the various injuries to players who aren’t fully participating in Passing Camp; I have to remind everyone that the Ravens do NOT have to be honest about everyone’s health in the offseason. It doesn’t appear as though anyone’s injuries are serious, but you really don’t know.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 12 May 2009 by Glenn Clark

If Luke Scott does head to the DL, I would imagine Oscar Salazar will be the guy to get called up. The Orioles are not ready to commit to Nolan Reimold, so the call-up wouldn’t really make that much sense.

I also get the feeling tonight might be Mark Hendrickson’s final twirl in the rotation, at least for now. Rich Hill is ready to do; although I’m not exactly certain what a healthy Rich Hill even gives the Birds.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

Best of Monday’s WNST Blogs:

Bob Haynie says Adam Jones ‘ahead of schedule’

Nestor Aparicio ‘excited and honored’ to participate at Preakness

Glenn Clark says Phelps, Hoff return to pool this weekend in Charlotte

Nestor Aparicio says Woolley thought Mine That Bird ‘looked good’ in breeze

Vince Fiduccia says with MLS not coming anytime soon, Chelsea-AC Milan best chance to see soccer

Glenn Clark says Phelps allegedly had threesome with attractive Baltimore stripper Theresa White

Mark Mussina says brother Mike always thought good pitchers who struggle are hiding injuries

Ed Frankovic says first OT playoff win in 8 years send Caps to Game 7 with Pens

Drew Forrester says Steckel gets winner to lift Capitals past Penguins

Nestor Aparicio says Caps-Pens Game 7 at Verizon Center Wednesday night

Nestor Aparicio says Mike Green struggling with stick change


Preakness Official Site says Casanova Move second choice for Black-Eyed Susan

Preakness Official Site says Hull out of race

Daily Racing Form’s Jay Privman says Pimlico line maker Carulli says Rachel Alexandra would be favorite

Daily Racing Form’s Marcus Hersh says Velasquez rides Big Drama for first time at Pimlico

Daily Racing Form’s Marty McGee says Borel rode Mine That Bird in workout

Thoroughbred Times’ Jeff Lowe says owners felt Hull would have been ‘compromised’ by Rachel Alexandra

Thoroughbred Times’ John Scheinman says Big Drama went 4 furlongs in :50 on Pimlico track

Thoroughbred Times’ Ron Parker says Rachel Alexandra ahead of Pioneerof The Nile in Triple Crown poll

Thoroughbred Times’ Jeff Lowe says Mine That Bird ‘breezed’ four furlongs at Churchill Downs

Thoroughbred Times’ Jeff Lowe says Hooh Why highlights field for Black-Eyed Susan

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Rachel Alexandra had ‘aura of invincibility’ at Kentucky Oaks

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Friesan Fire 3rd horse to arrive at Pimlico, following Big Drama and Papa Clem

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Ripken saw ‘signs’, picked Mine That Bird to win Derby


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Ravens could well be without Mason, Suggs during Training Camp

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens have contacted Washington, haven’t worked out contract

Examiner Tony Wisniewski concerned about Marcus Smith’s performance vs. starting CB Foxworth

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Washington could be signed before passing camp next week

SI’s Peter King says Mattison has to get Ravens to ‘respond’

NFL.com’s Bucky Brooks thinks Chris McAlister will end up with Browns


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Jones has no explanation for ‘breakout’ season

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Jones showing ‘rapid progress’ this season

The Sun says Jeter, Teixeira, Damon, Torii Hunter amongst those impressed by Jones

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says red hot Longoria leads Rays into Camden Yards tonight

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Arrieta improves to 3-1 with win for Baysox

Examiner Jay Trucker says Markakis MVP of Orioles’ week

Carroll County Times’ Rich Dubroff says OPACY attendance ranked 22nd in baseball through Saturday’s game

Fox Sports’ Aram Tolegian has O’s 23rd in power rankings


ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich says Terps ‘deep enough’ to replace DHB

Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh checks in with NJ WR prospect Cory Reeder (must subscribe)

Turtle Sports Report’s Tyler Radecki checks in with Milford Mill prospect Isaiah Brown (must subscribe)


The Sun’s Matt Bracken says target Will Barton likes Kentucky

The Diamondback’s Nick Rhodes says Steve Francis may invest in College Park bar Santa Fe

CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish says Stephenson ‘like supermodel with herpes’

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter checks in with commit Stoglin (must subscribe)


Inside Lacrosse’s Sean Burns impressed Notre Dame’s Ryan Hoff couldn’t get off single shot

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Terps, Orange battling for first time since ‘97

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Terps-Orange showdown scheduled for noon Saturday at Hofstra

The Diamondback’s Michael Katz says Terps benefitted from ‘sloppy’ play from Irish

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps put together 7th straight season of 10+ wins

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps ‘silenced’ Notre Dame


Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Jays-Cavs set to face off at noon Sunday at Naval Marine Corps Stadium


The Official Site says midfielder Randall Cooper interested in pursuing medical career after lacrosse


Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Hounds to start series with Navy


Examiner Tom Flynn says lacrosse continues in Annapolis despite Mids’ Tournament exit

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Wickham ‘should be favorite’ to start in cage for Mids in 2010


The Sun’s Mike Klingaman says Jack Marin still happy he picked NBA over hospital career


The AP’s Paul Newberry says Phelps brings ‘tarnished image’ to pool return


-I guess Maryland is in a better spot for DeShawn Painter; and with Terence Ross the horizon, that would be a very good pairing.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 11 May 2009 by Glenn Clark

If Calvin Borel has a one year deal to ride Rachel Alexandra, then he’s doing the right thing by riding the horse. As much as Chip Woolley and Mark Allen want to have Borel riding Mine That Bird; Borel has to do the right thing for the people who just spent big money on a horse and want that investment to pay off.

Borel also has to make a judgment for himself. He’s never won the Run for the Black Eyed Susans before, and it would be part of his legacy and his chance to establish himself as a Hall of Fame jockey. If Rachel Alexandra is as good as everyone thinks she is; this decision is a no-brainer.

Horse racing IS better off for having Rachel Alexandra in the field Saturday, as it offers the compelling “boys vs. girls” storyline the sport was playing up before Eight Belles’ run in the Kentucky Derby a year ago. Obviously a Triple Crown run would be better for the sport, but almost NO ONE thinks that is possible. A win for Rachel Alexandra might not make the Belmont quite as exciting, but a 2nd place finish by Rachel Alexandra could set up for a “Battle of the Sexes” run in the third leg of the Triple Crown.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

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Preakness Official Site says Zayat told Maryland Jockey Club he’d only enter Pioneerof The Nile

Daily Racing Form’s David Grening says Mark Allen will NOT enter Indy Express, block Rachel Alexandra

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Thoroughbred Times’ Jeff Lowe and Steve Bailey say Mine That Bird owner Allen wanted to block Rachel Alexandra so Borel could ride his horse

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The AP’s Will Graves says Lukas will only enter Luv Gov if it doesn’t block Rachel Alexandra

Washington Post’s Andrew Beyer thinks Laurel racing should be eliminated, Pimlico meet should be shortened


-Dave Cottle is safe. If the Terps hadn’t made the Tournament, I’d think it would be a discussion. If the Terps had been blown out by Notre Dame in Round 1, it would be a discussion. But even if they are blasted by the Orange at Hofstra Saturday, Cottle is safe.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Bullpen melts down to Yanks after strong outing from Koji, Orioles lose 5-3

Posted on 10 May 2009 by Nestor Aparicio

4:43 p.m. — Well, I was feeling good when Felix Pie got on base for the third time today but it wasn’t meant to be. The Orioles got a nice effort from Koji Uehara today but the Jamie Walker-Jim Johnson combo couldn’t hold the lead after the 7th and a pair of homers from Robinson Cano and Johnny Damon beat the Orioles 5-3 at Camden Yards. The Orioles are now 13-19 and are 7-17 since beginning the season 6-2.

They get a rare off day tomorrow and will resume action Tuesday night at Camden Yards with Andy Sonnenstine (1-3, 5.79) and Mark Hendrickson (1-4, 5.13) going to the hill.

Below is my running live blog.

4:32 p.m. — I agree with most of the comparisons of George Sherrill to Don Stanhouse, who gave us thrills in the summer of 1979. The only difference? This 2009 team stinks some 30 years later. Either way, he put a couple on and managed to silence Johnny Damon with the game in the balance. They’re already down two with Rivera en route.

They need a happy ending. But they have the dreaded 7-8-9 hitters coming to the plate. Not a good scenario. I need a “defining moment” right about now.

4:20 p.m. — Well, Phil Coke looked like Jeff Nelson or Mike Stanton there for two innings. Melvin Mora managed a single but Ty Wigginon’s double play ended things in the eighth. Now they’re going to need to go through Mariano Rivera. Not good. Snatching defeate out of the jaws of victory. They’ve been losing a lot of these lately. Not a good sign.

4:02 p.m. — Twenty minutes ago, I was thinking “nice series win in progress.” Now I’m thinking this is just a jinxed franchise. Koji’s pitch count was nearing 100. Dave Trembley went to the bullpen to start the 7th inning. Jamie Walker put the lighter fluid on the coals with a solo homer to Robinson Cano, and Jim Johnson lit the match with two-out rally and a three-run homer to Johnny Damon.

They’re losing now. Chamberlain is out. Phil Coke is in.

3:41 p.m. — ORIOLES 3, YANKEES 1 in the 7th…A beautiful afternoon at the Yard. And Koji has silenced the greatest bats in all the land, the Yankees here in Baltimore. Beamed back to a no-doubt enraptured audience in Japan with ARod and Koji, the Birds are threatening to take this series.

Where are all of the Felix Pie “bakers” now? Hey, we’ve been waiting for the “breakout” game. Maybe this is it?

And, Adam Jones is really, really impressive, isn’t he?

He’s no fluke and he’ll be on the mantle of Andy McPhail’s greatest coups if he keeps this up. And Erik Bedard was such a complete jerk. It’s nice to know the Orioles actually “won” a trade. (Been a long time, right? And, factor in the Tejada trade, and McPhail looks like Minnesota Fats!)

Ya gotta admit, when Mark Teixeira hit the homer in the first oh Uehara, you had to have one of those “ugh, oh” moments. But Aubrey Huff answered and has been on a tear lately, another three-run tater again today in the 1st to nullify the Yanks advantage.

But the Orioles have had runners aboard in every inning without getting though to Joba Chamberlain, who’s been crafty since the meltdown in the first inning. Chamberlain is now at 104 pitches, the O’s are about to get into the Yankees bullpen with a lead.

It’s a good sign.

Here comes Jamie Walker in the 7th. A nice outing from Koji. This is what they’re paying him to do.

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Give The Yankees What They Deserve This Weekend

Posted on 08 May 2009 by Neal Bortmes

Tonight is the night A-Rod makes his season debut.  I want all of the Orioles fans reading this to give him a great welcome and barrage him with the sea of boos that he deserves. 


I am not saying to use up all of your boos up on him because I would like to hear an even louder reaction toward Teixeira.  The superstar is batting a robust .198 this season so let him hear it.


Of course the overall message I am trying to send here is that I don’t want to see the Yankee fans take over the Yard like they have done in the past.  I am in no way condoning violence or anything of the sort, let’s get that straight.  All I am trying to say is let your cheers and boos outdo their chants. 


I find it particularly distasteful when the “let’s go Yankees” cheer is easily audible inside our own stadium.  And yes we do own the stadium it was bought and paid for through public funds so try to take ownership of our house. 


I know it is hard to show pride in a team that hasn’t won for over a decade but at least show your pride for Baltimore, or Maryland, or Southern Pennsylvania, or Northern Virginia, or Delaware, or wherever in the area you are from.  If you love the O’s then show it.


If you are taking your kids to the game teach them how to sport the orange and black, let’s try to discourage all the other MLB merchandise that I continually see around the park.  During last night’s telecast the cameraman zoomed in on a group of youngsters in the stands one was wearing an Indians hat, one a Mariners hat, and a third wearing a Brewers hat. 


I can understand if you are originally from an area and you are instilling the love you feel for your team in your kids, but the situation I just described is more than a coincidence and it is happening more often.  Quite frankly it is almost as embarrassing as the play on the field at times.


My closing thought here is something I never thought I would say.  I am actually gaining respect for Derek Jeter.  He has somehow morphed into the least offensive Yankee on the current team (except for maybe Godzilla).  All of the other guys are just plain clowns Damon, A-roid, Tex-liar et al.


Again I will be at the Yard this weekend so I will know if you all followed my advice.

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