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“The Reality Check” Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

Posted on 03 September 2013 by Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark’s Rankings…

32. Oakland Raiders

But their quarterback MIGHT be fun to watch.

31. New York Jets

But they might be hilariously funny to watch.

30. Buffalo Bills

EJ Manuel is back at practice, potentially robbing us of Tuel Time. Unacceptable.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars

If you have Jags on your fantasy football team, you probably drafted wrong.

28. Cleveland Browns

Paul Kruger vs. Dannell Ellerbe Week 1. So there’s that.

27. Tennessee Titans

Remember when the internet traded Kenny Britt to the Baltimore Ravens?

26. Detroit Lions

Reggie Bush could be one of the more significant X-factors in the league this season.

25. Arizona Cardinals

I’m probably giving Carson Palmer too much credit at this point in his career.

24. San Diego Chargers

You guys remember when they were an AFC power?

23. Carolina Panthers

They have to break out at SOME point with Cam Newton as QB, don’t they?

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I honestly don’t know why I would think they were good.

21. Philadelphia Eagles

There’s really a chance this all works out.

20. St. Louis Rams

Probably better than anyone realizes. Including me

19. Miami Dolphins

Why do I feel so strongly about them?

18. Minnesota Vikings

Sometimes there’s a man.

17. Chicago Bears

Could you imagine a healthy Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall for an entire season?

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In this I explain my role(?) in Postergate 2013. It’s…weird.

Posted on 28 August 2013 by Glenn Clark

Perhaps you’ve heard about an awkward moment on “The Reality Check” Tuesday on WNST. Then again, perhaps you haven’t.

Admittedly, I didn’t know a thing about “Postergate” until roughly 6pm Tuesday. We had a great edition of “The Reality Check” and as we were winding down I started seeing some rumblings on Twitter about a Denver sportscaster going after Joe Flacco posters which had been displayed around The Mile High City in the lead-up to the NFL Kickoff Game next Thursday night.

At the top of this story is an example of the biggest Flacco banner, hanging at Sports Authority Field.

When I found out that the sportscaster in question was CBS Denver’s Vic Lombardi, I told my producer Ryan Chell that he should give him a call. My thought in that moment was that perhaps we could have a fun conversation about the weird nature of what was going on. Ryan made the call, Lombardi said he could come on at 6:30 and I agreed to stay on-air late to facilitate the chat.

In the moments after learning he would come on, I started asking listeners for suggestions about good Denver jokes I could make. Legalizing weed, Peyton Manning’s neck, Rahim Moore and the elevation all seemed like fairly harmless topics that could make fun a fun debate.

As I continued to do my research about what had happened in Denver, I stumbled upon Lombardi’s Twitter account. While there, I read a Tweet I didn’t find to be funny at all.

Perhaps people outside of our city think this type of thing is hilarious. I mean, there are some twisted people in this world. I don’t. I don’t think there’s anything remotely funny about the fact that 150 people have been murdered in this city in 2013. I find it to be terribly disturbing.

In fact, I find it to be disturbing in the exact same way I found it to be terribly disturbing when a gunman walked into a Denver movie theater in 2012 and murdered 12 people and injured another 70. I didn’t laugh once about that. I’d like to think no one else did either.

For the purposes of full disclosure, I read this Tweet from Lombardi just before Ryan was set to call him for his appearance. On-air, I suddenly said “I’m not sure this is a good idea.” I realized that it would be almost impossible for me to have any “fun” in the conversation because I was so bothered by what Lombardi had Tweeted.

Instead, something else happened. I don’t exactly know how to explain it. The words that come to mind are along the lines of “freight train”. I haven’t been able to transcribe the whole thing, but I’d encourage you to take a listen here.


I appreciate Alex Strouf for reminding me late Tuesday night of what might have been my best line in the whole thing.

“You are a grown man who defaced posters, and you’re calling me a douche.”

Oh, right. If you listened, you’ll know that at one point Lombardi called me a douche. That happened.

For what it’s worth, Lombardi later offered SOME level of an apology for the absolutely uncalled for references to crime in Baltimore.

I will apparently be appearing on Lombardi’s show on The Fan in Denver Tuesday morning (10am hour EST). I told him I wouldn’t appear unless he reiterated the apology on-air for the people of Denver to hear. He suggested I owed apologies as well, I have absolutely no idea what for-but if I come up with something I’ll pass it along.

People have mentioned to me that if the Ravens had hosted the game (as they should have as defending Super Bowl champs had it not been for a scheduling conflict), it would likely mean that there would instead be Tom Brady posters around Charm City promoting a Ravens-Patriots matchup. I will admit that I probably wouldn’t be okay with it. I’ll also admit that as an adult, I probably wouldn’t have been the one taking duct tape and markers around town.

At the end of the night, all I can keep thinking is “this is all so stupid”. An apparently respected broadcaster melted down on my radio show Tuesday afternoon about posters. For some reason, he decided to take his anger out on Baltimore instead of the NFL, who decided to post the banners-or the Broncos and city of Denver, who clearly agreed to have the banners put up.

But I guess it made for some great radio.


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You may not be surprised by who tops our “Maxim Hot40” Champions Tour edition

Posted on 14 May 2013 by Glenn Clark

During our weekly “In Or Out” segment Friday on “The Reality Check” on AM1570 WNST.net, we discussed the recent Maxim Hot 100 list. The list included “Manti Te’o’s Fake Girlfriend” at #69 and was topped by now 20 year old pop singer/actress Miley Cyrus.

Al from Jarrettsville called in quickly to let us know that personally he felt it was “creepy” for the young star to be #1 on the list due to her age. He suggested Catherine Zeta-Jones should be #1, to which I responded “but isn’t she like 50?” He said back, “that’s fine-I’m 64!”

Within moments, our planning began for a “Champions Tour” style version of the Maxim Hot 100. We decided to make the list of women who were all 40+ years old, so we also trimmed our list to 40 honorees. We solicited votes from callers, e-mailers (glenn@wnst.net), Twitter followers (@WNST or @GlennClarkWNST) and Facebook friends (“WNST.net” or “Glenn Clark”).

(For those female listeners-or male listeners who aren’t quite as much into females-we’re more than willing to listen to suggestions for a male list. If you put it together I’ll post it. Promise.)

Here’s the list…

40. Mary Joe Fernandez (41)

Admittedly, this was simply a case of “I have such a crush on her that I want her on the list.” So she made it. Everything else (mostly) is on the up and up.

39. Gabrielle Reece (43)

Truth be told, that magazine cover was from more than a year ago-but Reece had already passed 40. Also to be truthful, we all know that recent magazine cover or not, the former volleyball star certainly looks great.

38. Cheryl Hines (47)

This was an actual screenshot from an episode of ABC’s “Suburgatory.” I couldn’t tell you anything more. Other than that it’s fantastic.

37. Kelly Hu (45)

There’s a local connection here, as Hu is the longtime girlfriend of Baltimore’s own (and former SR-71 frontman) Mitch Allan. She also looks great and will be in the upcoming TMNT movie. So that should peak the interest of those who enjoy Ryan Chell’s daily “Nerds’ Corner” segment.

36. Rachael Ray (44)

Admittedly, I’ve always found Rachael Ray sexier than a lot of others. I would have put her higher on the list. That’s what I get for listening to you jerks and caring what you think.

35. Katarina Witt (47)

Comcast SportsNet’s Bo Smolka particularly went to bat for the former Olympic figure skater. We’re so glad he did.

34. Brooke Burke (42)

Presumably there are few more people in this area who have been reminded of Burke (who is actually now Brooke Burke-Charvet sadly) because of Jacoby Jones’ involvement with Dancing With The Stars. In the words of Robert Randolph, “ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

33. Vanna White (56)

There is absolutely no way that Vanna White is 56 years old. I refuse to believe it. REFUSE I tell you.

32. Helen Hunt (49)

As a few people who nominated Helen Hunt pointed out, the “Sessions” star deserves more credit simply for her willingness to show…frankly…everything.

31. Toni Braxton (45)

A local nod, as the Anne Arundel County native has stayed in the spotlight well in recent years due to Las Vegas appearances and reality shows. We’ve all benefitted from that.

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 30 April 2013 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: Pro Wrestling-Ring of Honor Border Wars 2013 (Saturday 7:30pm from Toronto live on Pay-Per-View); Pro Lacrosse: MLL Long Island Lizards @ Chesapeake Bayhawks (Saturday 7pm from Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium live on Comcast SportsNet/ESPN3.com); Women’s College Lacrosse: Selection Sunday (Sunday 9pm NCAA.com)

10. Foreigner (Friday 8pm Pier Six Pavilion), Earth, Wind & Fire (Sunday 7:30pm Pier Six Pavilion); M3 Rock Festival feat. Bret Michaels, Twisted Sister (Friday & Saturday Merriweather Post Pavilion); The Lone Bellow (Thursday 7:30pm West Mt. Vernon Park); Papa Roach (Wednesday 8pm Rams Head Live), Limp Bizkit (Friday 9pm Rams Head Live); Old Man Brown (Friday 8pm 8×10 Club); Fear Factory (Sunday 8pm Baltimore Soundstage); Howie Day (Sunday 8pm Rams Head on Stage); Kris Allen (Friday 9pm Rams Head Center Stage); Art Attack feat. MGMT (Friday 6pm Byrd Stadium); Jim James (Tuesday 7pm 9:30 Club), Tedeschi Trucks Band (Wednesday 7pm 9:30 Club), Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite (Thursday 7pm 9:30 Club), Foals (Sunday 7pm 9:30 Club), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Monday 7pm 9:30 Club); Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers (Thursday 8:30pm State Theatre); Chili Cook-Off feat. Soundgarden, AWOLNation, Silversun Pickups, Capital Cities (Saturday RFK Stadium); Iron Man 3: Heroes Fall” and Kenny Chesney “Life on a Rock” available in stores/on iTunes (Tuesday)

When I heard The Lone Bellow was coming I legitimately nearly cancelled my trip to Louisville. Crikes they’re tremendous.

Can someone call Old Man Brown for me and ask if they’ll play my wedding?

I wish someone would force MGMT and Chiddy Bang to do a record together.

Look, I’m a warm-blooded mammal and all so Soundgarden is great…but don’t you sorta feel like Soundgarden actually limits the brilliance of Chris Cornell’s vocals sometimes?

9. Iron Man 3” out in theaters (Friday); Silver Linings Playbook” available on Blu-Ray/DVD (Tuesday); TowsonTown Festival (Saturday & Sunday Downtown Towson); Kinetic Sculpture Race (Saturday American Visionary Art Museum/Inner Harbor)

Ask the question “if you could trade places with any fictional person ever” to an adult male. If they say anything besides “Tony Stark”, kick them out of our country.

Also, I have no idea what a “Kinetic Sculpture Race” is, but a Google Image Search provided me WHAT THE F*CK?

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Time to vote in finals of “Easter Candy Basket Bracket Showdown Throwdown 2013″…

Posted on 30 March 2013 by Glenn Clark

If you listened to Friday’s edition of “The Reality Check” on AM1570 WNST.net (and I’ll assume you did, I mean, what else would you have been doing?), you’ll know that in honor of the “Sweet 16”, we had a sweeter edition of the program. (See what I did there?)

In fact, the Zone Superstore Studios looked like this at one point…

I’m aware that Box Hill Pizzeria crab cakes aren’t an Easter candy, but they might as well be-right?

We put together our first ever “Easter Candy Basket Bracket Throwdown Showdown 2013” during the course of the afternoon. There was heated debate, but via social media (Facebook/Twitter) and radio, we were able to dwindle the group of 16 all the way down to the semifinals.

The semifinal round pleased me, as my votes were ultimately the winners.

Our championship round is now set. We need you to vote now!

Cadbury Creme Egg vs. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

You know how I feel about this particular sight…

The Creme Egg has narrowly advanced in each round, by no means have they been the “Louisville” of our bracket.

There has been a vocal minority that has suggested the inclusion of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs is unfair because the candy is essentially no different than a traditional Peanut Butter Cup. To them I say simply, “you’re right” and you have every ability to vote accordingly.

My vote will be with the PBE’s, and I counter your point with the following point…

…and also with the fact that I’ll assume there’s more peanut butter egg than blood in your body at this point.

Your championship round is set. Please chime in with your votes. We’ll announce the winner Tuesday at 3pm just before the Orioles’ season opener against the Tampa Bay Rays. I would encourage you to stop by your neighborhood Royal Farms store and indulge in your own favorite Easter candy.

Semifinals recap:
#1 Cadbury Creme Eggs def. #4 Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
#3 Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs def. #7 Mary Sue Easter Eggs

Quarterfinals recap:
#1 Cadbury Creme Eggs def. #9 Cadbury Mini Eggs
#7 Mary Sue Easter Eggs def. #2 Peeps
#3 Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs def. #6 Chocolate Bunnies
#4 Jelly Belly Jelly beans def. #5 Starburst Jelly Beans

First round recap:
#1 Cadbury Creme Eggs def. #16 Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans
#2 Peeps def. #15 Snickers Eggs
#3 Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs def. #14 “Carrot Style” Reese’s Pieces
#4 Jelly Belly Jelly Beans def. #13 Russell Stover Chocolate Marshmallow Egg
#5 Starburst Jelly Beans def. #12 Russell Stover Strawberry Cream Egg
#6 Chocolate Bunnies def. #11 Lindt Chocolate Carrots
#7 Mary Sue Easter Eggs def. #10 Willy Wonka Chocolate Golden Egg
#9 Cadbury Mini Eggs def. #8 Whoppers Robin’s Eggs


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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 12 March 2013 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: Golf-PGA Tour Tampa Bay Championship (Thursday & Friday 3pm live on Golf Channel Saturday 1:30pm live on Golf Channel 3pm live on NBC Sunday 1pm live on Golf Channel 3pm live on NBC), Champions Tour Toshiba Classic (Saturday 2:30pm Sunday 3pm from Newport Beach, CA live on Golf Channel), LPGA Tour RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup (Thursday & Friday 6:30pm Saturday & Sunday 4pm from Phoenix, AZ live on Golf Channel); Auto Racing: NASCAR Food City 500 (Sunday 12pm from Bristol, TN live on FOX); Tennis: ATP Tour WTA Tour BNP Paribas Open (Tuesday & Wednesday 1:30pm Thursday 1:30pm & 10pm live on Tennis Channel Friday 6:30pm & 9:30pm live on Tennis Channel 4:30pm & 11:30pm live on ESPN2 Saturday 3pm & 5pm live on ESPNNews 8:30pm live on Tennis Channel Sunday 3pm & 5pm live on ESPN2); College Football: Towson Pro Day (Tuesday Unitas Stadium), Maryland Pro Day (Wednesday Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium); Boxing: Timothy Bradly vs. Ruslan Provodnikov (Saturday 10:15pm from Carson, CA live on HBO); Women’s College Basketball: NCAA Tournament Selection Monday (Monday 7pm live on ESPN)

10. Rihanna (Tuesday 7:30pm 1st Mariner Arena); P!nk (Thursday 7:30pm Verizon Center); Trapt (Tuesday 8pm Rams Head Live), Drive By Truckers (Sunday 8pm Rams Head Live); Better Than Ezra (Saturday 7pm Power Plant Live); Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (Wednesday 8pm Baltimore Soundstage); Dr. John (Tuesday 8pm Rams Head on Stage), Average White Band (Thursday 8pm Rams Head on Stage), Marshall Tucker Band (Sunday 7:30pm Rams Head on Stage); Finch (Thursday 8pm Fillmore Silver Spring); Dropkick Murphys/Carbon Leaf (Friday 7am 9:30 Club), Citizen Cope (Friday 8pm 9:30 Club); George Thorogood & The Destroyers (Tuesday 7:30pm Birchmere); Slick Rick/Rakim (Friday 8pm Howard Theatre); Shamrockfest feat. Sublime with Rome/Virginia Coalition/Carbon Leaf (Saturday 12:45pm RFK Stadium); Sound City: Real to Reel soundtrack available in stores/on iTunes (Tuesday)

You already know damn well I’ll be wandering over to see Better Than Ezra after the Blast game Saturday night.

Despite not particularly enjoying much of anything else in the genre, I really flipping loved “What It Is To Burn” by Finch. I’d go see this show.

Spending a day in the parking lot at RFK Stadium? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Unless Virginia Coalition is involved. (Sorry for the video quality.)

I legitimately CANNOT get enough Sound City in my life. Dave Grohl is a rock God, but you already knew that.

9. Lewis Black (Saturday 8pm Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric); Bill Bellamy (Thursday-Saturday  Baltimore Comedy Factory); Pablo Francisco (Thursday-Sunday DC Improv); Life of Pi” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 25th Anniversary Edition” available on Blu-Ray/DVD (Tuesday); “Spring Breakers” and “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” out in theaters (Friday); Glenn Clark’s St. Patrick’s Day plans (Sunday parts unknown)

Yes. We ALL feel the same way about Jessica Rabbit. We just agree not to talk about it so that people don’t talk about us behind our backs.

We CAN however discuss the cast of Spring Breakers if you’d like.

And before we leave this part of the show, BANGERS AND EFFING MASH! ERIN GO BRAGH!

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I need you to sign this petition to keep Dannell Ellerbe in Baltimore

Posted on 27 February 2013 by Glenn Clark

Baltimore Ravens unrestricted free agent LB Dannell Ellerbe checked into my show “The Reality Check” Monday on AM1570 WNST.net. We talked about the contract talks between his agent and the team, his “challenge” that he could outrun Manti Te’o backwards (he was kidding) and how much he wanted to return to Charm City next season.

He had one request before I let him go.

“That’s how much I want to be in Baltimore. Tell everyone to start a petition!”

So we did. My producer Ryan Chell and I started a petition to ask the Baltimore Ravens to keep their former undrafted free agent LB right here in Charm City.

I want you to sign it, too. You can go right here to do that.

Since we’re here, I should definitely take a minute to tell you why I’m so particularly interested in seeing the former Georgia backer stick around.

I start by mentioning that Ellerbe is a damn good football player. But you already knew that from watching the games this season. Ellerbe has gone from undrafted and fighting to separate himself from other young linebackers like Tavares Gooden to becoming one of the NFL’s most consistent inside performers. When healthy in 2012, Ellerbe may well have been the team’s best defensive player, outperforming two future Hall of Famers and perennial Pro Bowlers like Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata.

Despite a number of injuries (which forced to miss all three games during the Ravens’ late season slide), Ellerbe returned to have a stellar postseason. He made what may well have been the game saving tackle on Frank Gore’s late run in Super Bowl XLVII, helping the Ravens finish off their second title.

You of course already knew all of that.

But there are other reasons I really want to see Dannell Ellerbe return.

I want to see him return because I’m inspired by a guy who fought to go from undrafted and scratching to get in on Special Teams to being a dependable high-level performer.

I want to see him return because he cares so much about the city of Baltimore and wants so badly to remain here.

I want to see him return because the Ravens are obviously losing Ray Lewis and will be in a very difficult place to lose their best inside linebacker as well. Behind Lewis and Ellerbe, the Ravens have just Jameel McClain coming back from a neck injury, Josh Bynes, Brendon Ayanbadejo and Albert McClellan at the position.

I want to see him return because I’ve been impressed by his maturation both on and off the field. He admitted to me begrudgingly earlier in the season that maturation has come even if he didn’t believe he needed it. Dannell has overcome a reputation of being someone who didn’t always care as much as he needed to in order to become a player that spends extra time watching film in the locker room.

I want to see him return because he’s always made himself available to us and hasn’t changed as he’s become more successful. He never hid at a time when he was hurt or at a time when he didn’t have a great game. Dannell has always been available to answer questions. He’s always said yes when we’ve asked him to come on the radio. He’s never dodged anything.

Dannell Ellerbe has been a picture of someone I want to have as a Raven. I really hope this will work out so that Dannell can return before or after the open of free agency in two weeks.

He wanted a petition and he’s absolutely worthy of one. Ravens fans signed petitions to fire Cam Cameron in droves. I’d like to hope that signing a petition to support one of the team’s better defensive players would be just as easy.

Let’s try again. Click right here to sign the petition. Then I want you to share it via your Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or whatever other social media sites you use. I want you to text and email it to your friends. I don’t want this to be about WNST, I want it to be Dannell. He’s already shared this himself via social media. He’s involved. He’d love to see the support as he enters free agency for the first time in his career. He deserves it.

Go sign the petition. Say thanks to Dannell. Let him know you want him back.

It’s what he told me he wanted.


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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 16 February 2013 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: NBA-Toronto Raptors @ Washington Wizards (Tuesday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Denver Nuggets @ Washington Wizards (Friday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Houston Rockets @ Washington Wizards (Saturday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Washington Wizards @ Toronto Raptors (Monday 7pm from Toronto live on Comcast SportsNet); Soccer: MISL Milwaukee Wave @ Baltimore Blast (Saturday 7:35pm 1st Mariner Arena), Team USA U-20 vs. Costa Rica (Friday 6:30pm from Puebla, Mexico live on Fox Soccer Channel); Boxing: Friday Night Fights-Lamont Peterson vs. Kendall Holt (Friday 5pm DC Armory); ShoBox: Art Hovhannisyan vs. Alejandro Perez (Friday 11pm from Cabazon, CA live on Showtime), Cornelius Bundrage vs. Ishe Smith (Saturday 9pm from Detroit live on Showtime); Vyacheslav Glazkov vs. Malik Scott (Saturday 10:30pm from Huntington, NY live on NBC Sports Network); Women’s College Basketball: Duke @ Maryland (Sunday 3pm from Comcast Center live on ESPN2); Tennis: ATP Tour U.S. National Indoor Tennis Championships (Saturday 1pm & 4pm Sunday 4pm live on Tennis Channel)

10. Shinedown/P.O.D./Three Days Grace (Tuesday 7pm 1st Mariner Arena); Dirty Heads/Shiny Toy Guns (Wednesday 8pm Rams Head Live), Wale (Thursday 9pm Rams Head Live); Imagine Dragons (Friday 8pm Fillmore Silver Spring); Matisyahu (Tuesday 8pm Rams Head on Stage); Matchbox Twenty (Monday 8pm Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric); Robert Randolph Presents: The Slide Brothers available in stores/on iTunes (Tuesday)

Shinedown is that band you’ve always liked but never fully admitted to it…

I could listen to Wale’s first full record on repeat for like a week straight.

Imagine Dragons not only does one of your favorite songs but also MY favorite song from Madden 13…

I will sign up for ANY amount of more Robert Randolph.

9. Joel McHale (Sunday 7:30pm Towson Center); Eddie Griffin (Friday & Saturday Magooby’s Joke House); “Argo” available on Blu-Ray/DVD (Tuesday); “Snitch” out in theaters (Friday); Baltimore Winter Wine Celebration (Friday-Monday); “The Gathering” (Saturday 3pm The Castle at Keswick Hampden)

I saw Joel McHale after Preakness a few years ago. He was LEGITIMATELY funny. Also there’s this.

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The Five Plays That Determined The Game: Ravens/49ers

Posted on 05 February 2013 by Glenn Clark

Following every Baltimore Ravens game this season, Ryan Chell and I will take to the airwaves Tuesdays on “The Reality Check” on AM1570 WNST.net with a segment known as “The Five Plays That Determined The Game.”

It’s a simple concept. We’ll select five plays from each game that determined the outcome. These five plays will best represent why the Ravens won or lost each game.

This will be our final analysis of the previous game before switching gears towards the next game on the schedule.

Here are the five plays that determined the Ravens’ 34-31 win over the San Francisco 49ers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Sunday in Super Bowl XLVII…

(Note: not all pictures are always of actual play)

Glenn Clark’s Plays…

5. Jacoby Jones 108 yard kickoff return TD (3rd quarter)

4. Jacoby Jones 56 yard TD catch from Joe Flacco on 3rd & 10 (2nd quarter)

3. Colin Kaepernick pass intended for Randy Moss on two point conversion attempt incomplete (4th quarter)

2. Joe Flacco 15 yard pass to Anquan Boldin on 3rd and inches (4th quarter)

1. Colin Kaepernick pass intended for Michael Crabtree on 4th and goal incomplete (4th quarter)

(Ryan’s Plays on Page 2…)

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The Five Plays That Determined The Game: Ravens/Patriots

Posted on 22 January 2013 by Glenn Clark

Following every Baltimore Ravens game this season, Ryan Chell and I will take to the airwaves Tuesdays on “The Reality Check” on AM1570 WNST.net with a segment known as “The Five Plays That Determined The Game.”

It’s a simple concept. We’ll select five plays from each game that determined the outcome. These five plays will best represent why the Ravens won or lost each game.

This will be our final analysis of the previous game before switching gears towards the next game on the schedule.

Here are the five plays that determined the Ravens’ 28-13 win over the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in the AFC Championship Game…

(Note: not all pictures are always of actual play)

Glenn Clark’s Plays…

5. Nate Solder called for holding, negating Danny Woodhead 4 yard run on 3rd & 2 (3rd quarter)

4. Stephen Gostkowski 25 yard field goal after Patriots called third timeout (2nd quarter)

3. Tom Brady pass intended for Wes Welker incomplete on 3rd & 8 from Baltimore 34 (3rd quarter)

2. Dannell Ellerbe intercepts Tom Brady pass intended for Aaron Hernandez, tipped by Pernell McPhee (4th quarter)

1. Arthur Jones recovers Stevan Ridley fumble forced by Bernard Pollard (4th quarter)

(Ryan’s Plays on Page 2…)

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