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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 28 April 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a Happy Wednesday for me because DESPITE the fact that the Phoenix Coyotes were eliminated last night, it was still a REMARKABLE season for me as a hockey fan. Not having a team here to root for, I created a slew of memories following a bad team in Phoenix, only to have it pay off with this incredible run.

And as I always say, there’s plenty still going on for sports fans in Arizona…


Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says O’s hung on to beat Yanks for first win all season at OPACY


For everyone who has said something like “they weren’t going to lose EVERY game they played at Camden Yards this season”, the only response I could think of was “Are you sure?”

There was an announced paid crowd of 20,000 at The Yard last night, and maybe the number of fans was somewhere in that neighborhood. It was good to see most of them go home unhappy.

I’ve heard a lot of praise for Kevin Millwood’s effort last night, but I’ll go ahead and be the one to say it. 5 and a third from your number 1 pitcher is not good enough, by any stretch of the imagination. They need more than that.

But I guess when you’re 4-16, getting 2 wins is enough for now.

2. The AP/WNST.net provide numerical evidence of win

Another disturbing number from last night’s game was the combined 1-16 effort the Orioles got from the first four hitters in their lineup (Adam Jones had a double and Matt Wieters had two walks; Nick Markakis and Miguel Tejada completely failed to reach base).

With the team having found some offensive success recently, I understand that Dave Trembley is looking for a little bit of continuity. With that in mind, I’m not suggesting any sort of offensive shakeup. But I AM suggesting that the players at the top of the lineup GET ON BASE.

This is a very simple game. Just ask Crash Davis.

3. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Alfredo Simon recalled in time to pick up first career save for Birds


I guess the team has discovered the solution though-make sure you’re ahead by at least 3 runs before you get to the 9th inning!

Cesar Izturis apparently wanted to make sure he found a way to make everyone forget about his 2-3, 3 RBI performance. Not running to first base on a ground ball in Seattle and not moving runners on 1st and 2nd over at Fenway Park would have been NOTHING compared to the beating he would have taken for that last night had Alex Rodriguez came through for the Bombers.

Alfredo Simon is (I guess), the guy for a little while. Apparently there was an epic moment before the game when Trembley asked Simon “Are you scared?”. Christ. Why didn’t he just go all the way and channel Gerard Butler???

4. Frederick News-Post’s Stan Goldberg says Dave Trembley can’t be blamed for Orioles’ slow start

But even this effort couldn’t wrap up “Apologist of the Morning” honors for Stan, as “The Great Arbitrator” Drew Forrester instead selected Steve Heiser from the York Dispatch; who offered “pity” for the Birds because they have to compete with the Red Sox and Yankees in the AL East.


Moving back to what Stan wrote-I don’t COMPLETELY disagree with him. This ISN’T Dave Trembley’s fault alone. The problem is, Goldberg doesn’t suggest accountability for others in the organization who feigned interest in “wins and losses” this season despite not having any interest in putting together a legitimate major league roster.

It’s one thing to say “this isn’t Dave Trembley’s fault”, as it isn’t Dave Trembley’s fault ALONE. However, Trembley CAN be blamed for mismanaging a bullpen, questionable decisions about baserunning, insane lineup shuffling, and for a noticeable lack of fire in the collective belly of the team.

If you want to spare Trembley that blame, you have to be willing to place fault on Andy MacPhail and the leadership of the franchise. This isn’t just “unfortunate circumstances” or “bad luck.” This is a dreadful baseball team-so dreadful that winning 2 straight games was celebrated last night in the way some cities might celebrate the World Series.

5. Newark Star-Ledger’s Marc Carig says Yankees bullpen ineffective in loss

Apparently Boone Logan was confused by the sign hanging in the bullpen that said “Play Like an Oriole.”

If you missed Ken Singleton (YES Network) with Drew Forrester this morning on AM1570, make sure you check out the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault at WNST.net.

And to the rest of the Yankees fans staying here in Charm City, I offer you some Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz. Don’t say I never did anything for you…

6. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Brandon Erbe struggled, Koji Uehara appeared on farm

And to channel Ray Bachman….KO-JI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before we move on from the Orioles, a reminder that CC Sabathia faces Jeremy Guthrie tonight at Yankee Stadium south; first pitch is at 7:05, and the game can be seen on MASN. If someone paid their bill, the game might be seen on MASN-HD tonight as well!

(Edit from GMC: Thanks for that last night.)

7. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Ryan Mink says Shayne Graham, Matt Stover, Shaun Suisham only free agent kickers available on market

And Shayne Graham has clearly been considered a shoe-in around the organization to be brought in and compete with Billy Cundiff for the gig.

Of course, it isn’t exactly a sexy list. It’s like having to pick a concert to go to from Nickelback, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. I GUESS I’m going to Nickelback, but I’m not exactly excited about it.

I expect Graham to be signed before mini-camp next weekend. They’ll want to give him an equal chance to make the team even before Training Camp. And if he wants to make the team, I’d suggest one thing…


8. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Willis McGahee to be grand marshal for Preakness parade

With no offense to Willis, if I was picking someone to be the grand marshal of the race-I probably would have gone with Candice Boucher (Thanks Brosome.com!). I guess we just all have different ideas of what to look for in a grand marshal.


9. UMTerps.com says ‘national search’ for Chuck Driesell’s replacement to begin immediately

Add Duane Simpkins to the list of coaches who will say publicly (at least to me-and I believe he’ll be saying it on the air tomorrow with Bob Haynie on AM1570 tomorrow) that he wants the job. He’s currently coaching at St. Alban’s in Washington-and a lot of people hope he’ll help tap the DC recruiting pipeline more than Gary Williams’ staff has recently.

And don’t eliminate Xavier assistant Bino Ranson from the discussion. Despite once having Nestor Aparicio as a youth ball coach, the Baltimore product has quickly moved up the coaching pipeline; and had success this season under Chris Mack with the Musketeers. The Terps already have a Baltimore-based assistant in Keith Booth, but I’m not sure they’re completely thrilled with the endroads they’ve made here.

Still, it would very difficult for me to accept that someone coaching for the Terrapins was once coached by the Nasty One. He’s overcome greater obstacles than Michael Oher!

10. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens previews tonight’s Hopkins-Towson game at Homewood Field

Should be a great atmosphere tonight, as Dave Pietramala’s Blue Jays are playing for their NCAA Tournament lives.

Tony Seaman’s Tigers can basically guarantee themselves at least an at-large spot with a win.

Look, it’s not like you’re going to be going to the Orioles game. Go watch some lacrosse!

11. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester has no problem with “Get Your Preak On”

And neither do I. Especially if I’m getting “my Preak on” with Ellen Petri (Thanks Guyism!)…


Oh, it’s another thing.

12. Daily Racing Form’s Jay Privman says Bob Baffert looking for 4th Kentucky Derby win with Lookin At Lucky

It would be about time something good happened for that guy.

And finally, I leave you with this…

I’m not REALLY sure what happened during the end of the NLB Final between Cibona and Partizan. Go to Deadspin and read up if you want. All I know is that it was amazing.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 26 April 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Monday!

It’s a Happy Monday for me because even though I missed yesterday’s “Earth Day Climate Rally” on the National Mall, I heard about a new rave that’s sweeping the nation…

Sexy Na’vi Costumes!


I like EVERYTHING about this. This will be especially helpful at Halloween, as I was getting sick of only ever seeing sexy nurses and sexy cops and things of that nature. It was about time ladies stepped up their game.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP says Cla Meredith picked up first career save as Birds hung on to beat Red Sox

I know I’m not the first to make this joke-but when the Orioles couldn’t win on Sundays and everyone was getting pissed off-it wasn’t because we wanted the Orioles to ONLY win on Sundays!

The reaction to yesterday’s win has been a bit odd. The players (and manager) gave quotes akin to having won a World Series. Mostly-fans have been well aware that one win REALLY doesn’t mean that much.

But it feels good to get a win. Especially when 16 of the other 18 games the team has played have been losses.

The wins are almost more difficult to analyze than the losses, as it feels like it took a miracle to get it. Even the line drive at the end of the game appeared to be headed over Ty Wigginton’s head and into the territory of more heartbreak.

David Hernandez had a great start to his outing, but things started to come apart. The bullpen was up and down, but Cla Meredith (who had amazingly NEVER recorded a single save in his career) allowed the entire city to breathe a sigh of relief.

All over ONE WIN.


You know-if Dave Trembley HAD decided to puff on a cigar after the game during his MASN interview, I probably would have given him a pass.

2. The AP/WNST.net offer numerical evidence of win

No one will want to talk about this, but during the course of the game-the hitters in the O’s lineup combined to leave 26 men on base.


That doesn’t mean 26 physical men were left on base, but that the batters in the lineup combined to leave 26 freaking men on base.

That almost seems impossible.

Some of those runs could have really mattered, too. When they went up 7-4 in the 10th inning; I personally assumed Jim Johnson would step back in and slam the door on the Sox. But had Julio Lugo actually been able to lay down a bunt and more the runners over, maybe the lead could have been extended to 9-4 and things would have never gotten interesting.

These runners ALWAYS matter. Julio Lugo was crucified by a number of people in town (starting with Jim Palmer) when he didn’t run out a ground ball. Where’s the accountability for failing to get runners over in the 10th?

Is it okay because the Orioles won?

Wasn’t okay by me.

3. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester says Orioles should step up to ‘challenge’

The challenge of winning 50 games this season?

What Drew is saying is very relevant. You can go to the Audio Vault this morning at WNST.net and hear from Eric DeCosta, who joined “The Morning Reaction” for a chat with Drew Forrester on AM1570 WNST to recap what the team did this weekend during the NFL Draft.

That’s right, the Ravens’ #2 decision maker when it comes to personnel joined Drew Forrester this morning, with the understanding that he had to hold himself accountable for the decisions the organization made-including trading out of the #25 spot, selecting Sergio Kindle at 43, adding Terrence Cody, and drafting two tight ends. He also answered questions about players they didn’t select-including Dez Bryant and Rob Gronkowski.

It IS important that all sports franchises make themselves available to be held accountable for their decisions. When you ask people in the city to invest their money in your franchise, you need to be accountable. Allowing 105.7 and MASN to say things like “that was a tough one today skip” isn’t accountability.

It’s a fair argument-which is strange considering Drew made it. Usually I only apperciate his arguments when they have to do with Denzel Washington, John Mayer or this subject…


4. Springfield Republican’s Dan Lamothe says despite taking 2 of 3 from Birds, still plenty of questions about Red Sox

You know, I really thought this was the biggest story line of the weekend. Despite the fact that Boston won 2 of the 3 games at Fenway Park, I think this weekend really proved that the Red Sox just aren’t that good.

Who is going to drive in runs for that team?

I understand that they’re playing with Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron. I understand that the Orioles’ starters threw some good innings this weekend. But the Red Sox-to me, don’t look like a team that can win the American League Wild Card (as I predicted they would do before the season) and CERTAINLY not the type of team that can compete against the Yankees and Rays in the AL East.

Unless of course they find a way to add a big run producer in the middle of their lineup. Which-given the fact that their ownership, decision makers and fans all want to WIN-I wouldn’t doubt them doing.

5. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Bergesen excelled, Hobgood & Spoone struggled on farm

Before we wrap up our portion of today’s news dedicated to the Orioles, a reminder that they are off tonight-and will return to action tomorrow night against the Yankees at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. If you’re heading to the game, be sure to say hello to the 15,000-25,000 fans from New York who will be joining you; as well as the 3,000-5,000 fans from Baltimore who will be in attendance.

Also, congratulations to “Camden Crazies”, whose musings on Twitter yesterday have earned “Apologist of the Morning” honors. His musings included comments about the Orioles being better than their record and that the relievers weren’t that bad because “sometimes hits fall in.”

They certainly do. Sadly, the fall in much more often against the Orioles.

6. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Boston College LB Mike McLaughlin, Tennessee LS Morgan Cox amongst UFA’s Ravens have agreed to terms with

And McLaughlin (who is probably the best overall player of the group the Ravens have signed post-Draft) joined the great Glenn Clark Sunday during NFL Draft coverage on AM1570-you can also hear that interview in the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault.

Morgan Cox may have the best chances of making the team of any player in the group. We all know how badly Matt Katula struggled a season ago; and if those struggles are still evident when the team reports to McDaniel College in July, Cox could steal the job.

Sorta similar to how NIKKI Cox once stole my heart…


7. Carroll County Times’ Haruki Nakamura believes Ravens’ NFL Draft was ‘tremendous success’

Well, I wouldn’t exactly expect Haruki to say that Ozzie Newsome failed the team during the Draft; but I certainly got the idea that Ravens players were happy with the moves the team made over the weekend.

Ravens LB Jameel McClain appears to be happy that the team added fellow Syracuse Orange defensive player Arthur Jones. And for the record, I’m happy Arthur Jones is a Raven too. Please pass that along to his brother Jon “Bones” Jones so that he doesn’t kick my ass…

8. USA Today’s Jarrett Bell gives Ravens “B+” for Draft

And while Draft grades are totally silly, this appears to be about what most people think about the Draft.

My thoughts on the Draft? ESPN should really use Jenn Brown more often…


9. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Terps fell to Virginia in ACC Championship Game without Will Yeatman

We know this much…the Cavs are the best team in the country-despite their setback at Duke.

It really is a shame that Maryland was forced to play without Yeatman, as the teams were separated by just a single goal the first time they met at Byrd Stadium, and things certainly had a chance to be just as interesting this time around.

Instead of getting off on one of their notorious slow starts, the Terrapins started the game well, but lost firepower down the stretch against Wahoos goalie Adam Ghitelman.

The one thing I’ll say about yesterday’s game is that it didn’t prove to me that they are incapable of beating UVa. Should the teams meet again at M&T Bank Stadium in the Final Four-I think they’ll have a chance…IF they have Will Yeatman.

10. Inside Lacrosse says Maryland 3rd, Loyola 6th, Towson 11th in Nike/Inside Lacrosse Top 20 poll

Loyola didn’t exactly throttle Hobart on Saturday, but they won comfortably to extend one of the more impressive hot streaks I can ever remember from the Greyhounds. Tony Seaman’s Tigers beat Penn State Saturday to extend a winning streak of their own.

Of course-the bad news for local lax fans came when Johns Hopkins fell to Navy; as it looks more and more like the Blue Jays may end up being left out of the NCAA Tournament altogether. A loss to Towson Wednesday night or to the Hounds at Ridley Athletic Complex on May 8 would shut the door completely.

11. WNST.net’s Gary Quill says likely Kentucky Derby favorite Eskendereya scratched

And with that, Lookin’ At Lucky will likely be the morning line favorite Saturday at Churchill Downs. I’ll be there, and I could REALLY use a cotton seersucker suit to take with me. If you’re a business owner (or just a guy) who would like to either donate/allow me to borrow/allow me to rent/or sell cheap something that looks like this…


…you’ll have a new best friend. I’ll buy you something from Louisville.

And finally, I leave you with this…

This is Kara Tointon. She’s from England. This picture was at Guyism.com. Enjoy how you will.


Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 13 April 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Tuesday!

It’s a Happy Tuesday for me because after the Orioles’ most recent debacle last night, I flipped over to Food Network just in time to see Guy Fieri head over to Fells Point and check out BOP Brick Oven Pizza. Someone told me the episode was 2 years old…as if I’d care. After watching, I’d like to MOVE IN…


I remember being in Fells Point one night to celebrate my friend Jewlz Shaffer’s birthday once during a time when I had sworn off things like pizza, and the girl I was “dating” shoved a slice of BOP Pizza in my face (I don’t think it was the kind with the french fries on top, but it was GOOD), and I changed my mind about my entire plans re: pizza. I was back off the wagon FAST.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Matt Garza outdueled Jeremy Guthrie has Rays beat Birds again

Would it be LESS painful to watch Matt Garza outduel Jeremy Guthrie if Garza DIDN’T have that awful thing on his chin?

The shame of what Garza has done to the Birds over these two starts is that Guthrie has actually looked more like the 2007-2008 version of himself. You remember that version, right? The version that posted a 3.70 ERA in ’07 and 3.63 ERA in ’08 but yet managed just a 17-17 record for the 2 seasons?

This is the ultimate issue with Guthrie. Even when he HAS shown himself to be a particularly capable MLB pitcher (and his 4.05 ERA thus far this season is a sign of just that), he’s never shown himself as a pitcher who knows how to WIN.

It’s one thing for a pitcher to have a respectable ERA and to gut out innings. It’s another thing to be able to rise to an occassion and match your opponent when he’s on his game. The Rays weren’t hitting the cover off the ball last night, and the Orioles really COULD have used a start where their pitcher gave them 7 scoreless innings.

It might take a 1-0 win at some point to get things turned around.

The point is that for those who say things like “what more can you ask for from the guy?”, the answer is “winning.”

Like Mike Gundy said, “this isn’t intermurals.” This is “Division 1 football.”

Or “the AL East” in this case.

And as if the team NEEDED more good news-Brian Roberts WAS officially placed on the DL yesterday as expected, so…yay!

2. The AP/WNST.net provide numerical evidence of another loss

The number that sticks out from last night? I’d say the combined 0-8 with 2 strikeouts and 6 LOB that we saw from Miguel Tejada and Garrett Atkins probably sticks out a bit.

“We’re gonna grow the arms and buy the bats” said Andy MacPhail at Orioles Fanfest back in 2008.

There are your bats.

Would be nice to see a cleanup hitter in this lineup.

I couldn’t help but notice that there were a lot of people on Facebook (just search “Glenn Clark” and feel free to add me as a friend) and Twitter (follow us @WNST) who were calling for Dave Trembley’s job last night…as if Dave Trembley put together this puzzle of pieces that just don’t fit.

For some reason (presumably because he has a “plan”), Orioles fans appear all to ready to give Andy MacPhail a pass for this.

HE put the team together. HE was responsible for not addressing the need for better RBI bats. HE was responsible for not addressing the need for a TRUE number 1 starter who could win a 1-0 game when the bats were in a slump.

And HE was responsible for allowing the manager of this team to go into a season as a lame duck.

Should the Orioles fire Dave Trembley? Why bother now?

If they wanted to improve, they wouldn’t have let the manager go into the season as a lame duck. They wouldn’t have put him in a place where he CAN’T try to light a fire under the asses of guys like Adam Jones and Nick Markakis-who have been giving half efforts early on.

If you’re angry about this team, this year; be willing to place blame on the shoulders of Andy MacPhail. If you don’t think Dave Trembley is much of a manager-you’re probably right; but don’t blame him for THIS team, THIS season.

3. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says record low crowd took in Orioles’ loss at OPACY

Luke offered visual evidence of the crowd with this photo…


Look, I can’t blame Orioles fans for not going to the ballpark. There were PLENTY of other things going on last night. For example…


Well look…maybe everyone knew that these two gals were going to be facing each other in a “Leather & Lace Match” on TNA iMPACT! last night on SpikeTV…


And if that’s the case, I get it!

(Edit from GMC: I KNOW why Orioles fans aren’t showing up, trust me. But it’s more fun this way.)

4. Fanhouse’s Paul Bourdett thinks Mike Gonzalez will be ‘just fine’

Which means Paul Bourdett joins our pal Chris Stoner, who claimed his 2nd “Apologist of the Morning” award today from Drew Forrester on AM1570 WNST for his quip via Facebook…

When you see (Felix) Pie today, do you think back to early 2009 and all those that vocally knocked him? Does it make you laugh, when those same people are commenting in 2010 about (Mike) Gonzalez?

Well Chris, in a word, no.

The reason people “vocally knocked” Felix Pie is because Felix Pie hasn’t BEEN ANY GOOD since coming to Baltimore. A couple months of decent play when the season was out of hand does not mean he isn’t a .270 hitter with ONE stolen base and a walk to strikeout ratio of 25:61 during his tenure in Charm City.

If Mike Gonzalez is going to “bounce back” and be as effective as Felix Pie, he’ll be gone in June.

I’m personally PRAYING that he’s much better than that. But nothing about his track record leads me to EXPECT that.

5. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Brandon Erbe loser, Tim Bascom winner for O’s on farm

And before we move on from the Orioles, we’ll remind everyone that they’ll send Brian Matusz to the bump tonight (he’s the only pitcher to have won a game this season) to face Jeff Niemann. First pitch is at 7:05, and the game is on MASN.

Plus, they’re giving away Matt Wieters t-shirts, so who knows-maybe there will be 12,000 of you there?!?

Also, check out THIS STORY from the Orlando Sentinel about former Orioles teammates helping to raise money for Mike Cuellar’s funeral. It is a sad story, but it is wonderful to hear about the help former teammates of given him. Hopefully the organization has done or will do something similar.

6. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says John Beck, Billy Cundiff signed 1 year tenders as RFA’s


Look-I get it, there’s nothing exciting about Billy Cundiff signing his 1 year tender. It DOESN’T mean the Ravens aren’t still interested in a kicker. It’s nothing more than part of the RFA process. But it did happen, so there’s that.

You know what IS exciting? The picture of Elsa Benitez that Busted Coverage dug up from GQ Mexico…


(Edit from GMC: Clearly I should have paid more attention in Spanish class.)

7. The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Oregon TE Ed Dickson, Iowa TE Tony Moeaki, Florida C Maurkice Pouncey amongst NFL Draft prospects who have visited/will visit 1 Winning Drive

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the Ravens are in the market for a TE.

I wonder if this one is available…


For the record, if they’re a TE prospect in the Draft this year, I’m taking their name seriously. Whether it’s Michael Hoomanawanui from Illinois, Anthony McCoy from USC, Dennis Pitta from BYU, Dorin Dickerson from Pitt, Jimmy Graham from Miami, Jermain Gresham from Oklahoma or WHOEVER IT IS.

If they’re a draft prospect and they play TE, they might be headed towards Owings Mills shortly.

8. SI’s Peter King says Ravens should trade Jared Gaither to Cowboys

Peter King’s point is valid. The Ravens are in a tough place where they have to determine whether or not they should just go ahead and take something a bit less than what they might want (Dallas would be giving them a low 2nd round pick); knowing that it is particularly unlikely they will be able to hold onto Gaither considering they’re grooming Oher as their future LT.

All of it makes sense.

But Gaither could still help this team win a Super Bowl this season.

That’s the catch, and it isn’t changing any time soon. Short of being bowled over by someone, Ozzie Newsome IS going to be faced with a very difficult decision in this process.

9. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens has Loyola, Maryland, Hopkins, Mt. St. Mary’s all IN NCAA Tournament

The surprise here (sorta) is that Johns Hopkins is back in the picture-but Patrick (and others) are presumably figuring that Hopkins will have some success down the stretch with their in-state schedule (Navy, Loyola and Towson are still on the schedule after they face Maryland at M&T Bank Stadium Saturday night); and I think that’s a pretty fair assumption to make.

Of course, I’ve been wrong about assumptions before. Like when I assumed that there was no way the pictures of Jennifer Anniston at Guyism.com yesterday would be hot.


10. Inside Lacrosse’s Quint Kessenich has Terps 4th, Greyhounds 8th, JHU 14th, Towson 20th in power rankings

Tony Seaman’s crew has REALLY responded thanks to goalie Travis Love. And with no offense to him or any other Tigers…I myself prefer the great Dude Love…

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…

Greatest video ever? Greatest video ever.


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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 08 April 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Thursday!

It’s a Happy Thursday for me because I was able to do my taxes last night, and I’m getting about $350 from the government.

How am I going to spend it?

Well, I know THIS will be the FIRST thing I pick up…


I’d invite Mike Gonzalez to come over and play, but I know he’ll be a bit high on most of his throws.

(Edit from GMC: Calm. Down. I’m just having fun.)

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP says Evan Longoria homered again as Rays took 2nd straight from Orioles

Because we all know I’m thinking about it, let’s just go ahead and get a sexy picture of EVA Longoria out of the way, then we can move on to important sports-related commentary…


Look, Evan Longoria is GOOD. I’m really getting the feeling he’s going to end up in the Top 3 in AL MVP voting this season. Yeah. THAT good. Making matters worse, Matt Garza was DEALING for Tampa Bay last night, while Jeremy Guthrie put together a workmanlike if not spectacular 6.1 innings.

Pretty good, not good enough.

Which might be the name of the 2010 Orioles season in review DVD when it sees the light of day.

Guthrie struck out 6, but he also gave up 8 hits and walked 2. He’s not going to face pitchers who like as good as Matt Garza looked last night (although the Birds’ lineup certainly deserves to shoulder some of the blame), but he’s going to face other good pitchers-especially early this season as teams keep their rotation as together as possible.

He’ll HAVE to do better.

2. WNST.net/The AP offer numerical evidence of Orioles’ loss

You know, I enjoy donuts. Glazed, Boston Creme, Chocolate, the whole nine yards…


…but I DON’T enjoy seeing a leadoff hitter carry a donut through two games.

I have no idea if Brian Roberts is 100 percent or not. But I DO know that I was concerned about his late arrival in Spring Training carrying over to a slow start to the season.

Swinging at the first pitch he saw from Rafael Soriano with the tying run in scoring position last night was QUESTIONABLE at best.

Should he sit down and let Julio Lugo play tonight? Julio Lugo certainly thinks so, but I’m not ready to just say that just yet. ”

I AM ready to say that Brian Roberts needs to get on base. But I’m known to make crazy proclimations.

3. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Nolan Reimold replaced Felix Pie in O’s lineup as Pie deals with left rotator cuff strain

Well, why not?

I think the official count of “Pie would have had that ball” comments last night on Twitter (follow us @WNST) was 1,847,322,098. Or something around there.

The funniest thing about is that on Tuesday night, there was a major commotion from fans about missing Reimold’s bat while Pie played; and last night the commotion was about missing Pie’s legs while Reimold played.

Is there a mad scientist somewhere that can flex these guys into Nolix Piemold and just give the team ONE leftfielder?

Also, congratulations to David Stevenson (@DS31415 on Twitter) for being named “Apologist of the Morning” by Drew Forrester. David caught my attention by apparently being able to tell THIS through two games…

“Last year’s team would have rolled over and died. This year’s team has fight in them.”

Ummm….sure. But he REALLY sealed the award when he started talking about his excitement for Bowie Baysox baseball, as they open their season tonight. Of course, he was unable to keep reality in the picture as he discussed his excitement…

“Hopefully gonna see Zach Britton pitch tomorrow at Bowie. He is EERILY similar to Andy Pettite. So similar it honestly gives me the chills.”

No David, you give ME the chills. THAT is good stuff. Attention “Dan the Man” from the website “The Loss Column”, you’re on notice.

4. St. Petersburg Times’ Joe Smith says Birds hope to ’emulate’ Rays

Starting IMMEDIATELY…by winning two straight games. That would be GREAT.

Brian Matusz takes the bump for the O’s tonight at Tropicana Field against Jeff Niemann and the Rays. First pitch is 7:10 and the game can be seen on MASN2.

I’d like “The Luckiest Dang Gal on the Face of the Planet” to ’emulate’ Adrianne Curry. If she posted pictures on Twitter like AC does, I’d actually follow her (Thanks Giggity Greg!)…


5. National Football Post’s Joe Fortenbaugh says Morgan State WR Edward Morton-Green to work out at 1 Winning Drive

With no offense to EJ Morton-Green, if the Ravens were going to select a recent Bears WR, how could it POSSIBLY not be Edwin Baptiste???

It’s still the greatest catch I’ve ever seen.

Morton-Green is 6’4″ and 214 pounds-and as we all know, you can’t coach size. His numbers weren’t particularly impressive in 2009 (24 catches, 324 yards, 2 TD’s). I’m not sure how much of that you can put on playing MEAC football.


There’s a chance Morton-Green’s workout is little more than a “local prospects” workout for the Ravens. He’s also working out with the Eagles and Bengals-but the Eagles are still FAIRLY local, and the Bengals could host him because he’s an Ohio native. The Ravens bring in local prospects every year, and even allowed former Towson WR Tommy Breaux to take part in their rookie minicamp a season ago.

BUT….it still doesn’t change the fact that you CAN’T COACH SIZE.

6. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Mel Kiper thinks Ravens should select Georgia Tech WR Demaryius Thomas in NFL Draft

Speaking of “can’t coach size”, Thomas is 6’3″, 229 pounds. Those are good numbers.

Of course, with Anquan Boldin and Donte’ Stallworth in tow-many will argue that the Ravens aren’t well served to select a receiver in the first round. But as we’ve talked about before here, the Ravens DON’T have receivers (besides Boldin and TECHNICALLY Derrick Mason) who are under contract beyond this season.

They need young receivers, and we have every reason to think they’ll go that route at some point in the Draft. Is taking a a player in the first round from a system offense in the ACC coming off a foot injury a great idea? I don’t know. But would adding a player or his size to the Ravens’ receiving corps be a great idea? Yeah, it probably would.

7. The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg says Ravens should consider trading out of 1st round; looking at players like Terrence Cody, Kareem Jackson, Patrick Robinson, Jimmy Graham

I’ve liked this idea myself for some time-especially after the Boldin deal. There ISN’T a player at 25 that I love (with MAYBE the exception of Jermaine Gresham…MAYBE); and it would be very difficult to trade up this year. Trading back may allow the Ravens to address multiple needs-especially with talented corners available in Rounds 2 and 3.

Dominique Franks from Oklahoma is one of those types of corners. He was on with Drew Forrester this morning, if you missed that (or Minnesota WR Eric Decker with Ray Bachman & Rex Snider yesterday, or Clemson WR Jacoby Ford with Bob Haynie yesterday) make sure you check out the Audio Vault here at WNST.net.

8. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Towson topped UMBC 10-7 behind 3 goals from Tim Stratton

Tony Seaman’s team has been improving recently-sorta similar to how they started to improve mid-to-late through last season before making a run in the CAA Tournament.

You know who else has been improving recently? Filipa Nunes (Thanks Guyism.com!)…


9. GoMustangSports.com says Richie Ford tallied 9 points as Stevenson won at Marymount

Which was a GREAT way to bounce back from Saturday’s loss to Salisbury. The ‘Stangs know that the loss to the Gulls is only meaningful until the teams (potentially) meet again in the NCAA Tournament.

And of course, a story about a team called “Marymount” is MORE meaningful when accompanied by a photo of adult film star Mary Carey. I’m sure you understand.


10. The Diamonadback’s Kate Yanchulis says Terps looking to avoid falling to 0-3 during crucial North Carolina/Virginia/Navy/Hopkins stretch

I went to dinner with Patrick Stevens (from D1scourse) last night…we of course went to Chick-Fil-A…and I said to him “it wouldn’t surprise me if they went 0-4.”

God I hope not. Not just for my sake, but for Dave Cottle’s sake more.

And finally, I leave you with this.

Look-I’m as much a fan of food porn as ANYONE IN THE WORLD. But the new KFC “Double Down”? I’m just not so sure I’m in…


…did we need this as a country???

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 17 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a Happy Wednesday for me because…..well……it’s St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not Irish, and I’ll never be the type to say “I’m Irish for today” or anything like that. BUT, I enjoy Bangers & Mash, Smithwick’s AND Flogging Molly…..

If you’re interested in coming out and buying me my first 6-72 beers tonight, let me know.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Gary Williams, Greivis Vasquez making ‘final run’ together

Trying to spare any sort of poetic statement, this is going to be a special run for this combination of coach and player.

Vasquez is not only the best player Gary Williams has had since Juan Dixon, it’s the best relationship he’s had with a player since Juan Dixon. Juan was famously known for being willing to hurl things right back at Williams, including language that would make some of us blush.

This type of story makes sense, as every time out might be the last time this coach and player share the floor together. There’s no doubt in my mind that the coach isn’t particularly interested in thinking about the first game he’ll play AFTER the player moves on.

2. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Vasquez coming into NCAA Tournament off ‘rare’ bad night in Greensboro

Of course, seeing as how THIS is the most exciting thing to do in Greensboro….

…isn’t EVERY night in Greensboro a bad night?

Now, with that being said…there is a question about whether or not Vasquez has reached an emotional high point with the win at Duke and the ACC regular season title split, or if he has another level he can reach over the next week(s).

That being said, even reaching “another level” might not guarantee victory for the Terps-as the competition won’t be easy.

3. Triangle Business Journal’s Jeff Drew says Maryland amongst most popular basketball teams in country


I would have assumed this team would have been higher on the list….


Seriously though, do you really think the Terps are the 4th most popular college basketball team in the country? North Carolina and Duke make sense at the top of the list, but I would assume Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA and UConn would be next on the list.

I guess it’s cool, as it means this Terrapins team has made some traction nationally. But I can’t help but wonder just how realistic the numbers are.

4. The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Maryland, Morgan State fans having tough time arranging for trips to see teams in NCAA Tournament

It IS a shame. Morgan’s trip to Buffalo isn’t terrible-and seeing as how their tickets sold out, clearly there are plenty of Bears fans who have decided that they’re ready to make the trip.

Spokane is just unfortunate.

Obviously, SOMEONE has to go play out west. Of course, playing in a bigger city with more flight options might help to limit the damage. I am absolutely NOT a fan of the NCAA playing Tournament games in places like Spokane, Boise, and other less than desirable cities.

I mean, what’s wrong with playing like nice places like Miami, San Diego, New Orleans and Baltimore*?

(*indicates one of these places clearly doesn’t belong)

5. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester says Towson confirms Pat Kennedy will return as head coach next season

My first reaction to this is “obviously Towson is saying that winning really doesn’t matter to them.”

My second reaction is only slightly more positive; “Towson is clearly saying that money is such a mess that they can’t really be too concerned about basketball.”

Look, I think Pat Kennedy is a better coach than a lot of guys who could have jobs. That being said, it isn’t working at Towson. They won some games down the stretch, including 5 of their last 8 regular season games and 6 of their last 10 including the CAA Tournament. That stretch included a win at William & Mary, which helped to knock the Tribe off the at-large bubble.

BUT….in a perfect world, I would imagine the athletic department there would try to use a coaching search and hire to pump some new life into a program that admittedly does have a few good pieces in place.

6. Inside Lacrosse says Chris Pastirik scored with 6 seconds left to help Towson beat Navy for first win of season

It was a nice night for lacrosse at Unitas Stadium, and a big win for Tony Seaman and the Tigers, who were in real danger of getting off to an 0-5 start with a showdown looming against Virginia on Saturday.

Unfortunately, Navy is in a BIT of trouble-as they have now fallen to 3-4. They play Holy Cross in Annapolis Saturday and then travel to Colgate a week later; but their stretch after that is brutal. Before the Patriot League Tournament, they play Georgetown, at Maryland, Army at M&T Bank Stadium, and Johns Hopkins. Yikes.

If you’re interested in seeing some lacrosse this afternoon before starting your St. Patty’s festivities, head over to Owings Mills to Stevenson host Stevens (yeah, you read that right) at 4pm at the Caves Athletic Complex.

7. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Dwan Edwards agreed to 4 year deal with Bills

4 years, $18 million

Must be nice.

Meanwhile, this will be my lunch today…..


(Edit from GMC: That’s not because I’m poor, it’s because I LOVE Pork flavored Ramen noodles.)

In all seriousness, the Ravens will miss Dwan Edwards. He had found himself a nice spot playing on obvious running downs while Trevor Pryce rotated in for obvious passing downs.

With Edwards and Justin Bannan gone, D-Line becomes an even more important spot for the Ravens to try to upgrade in the NFL Draft. Also, expect Brandon McKinney, Kelly Talavou and maybe even Lamar Divens to be in the mix. There might even be another guy….

8. Baltimore Ravens Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Paul Kruger ‘bulking up’ for chance to move from LB to DE

Look at that! Another guy!

If Paul Kruger is going to be a Defensive End in the NFL, he obviously WILL have to bulk up. He’ll need to look a bit more like Kyle Vanden Bosch….


….than “Sunshine” from “Remember the Titans”…..


9. Bowling Green News says Ravens were in attendance for Falcons’ Pro Day to see players like WR Freddie Barnes

This comes after the Ravens had previously attended Youngstown State Pro Day to watch WR Donald Jones.

Does it mean the Ravens are no longer interested in taking a receiver in Round 1 and are instead focusing on receivers in mid-rounds and later rounds? Not necessarily.

In fact, had Demaryius Thomas been able to work out at Georgia Tech Pro Day-I would assume that the Ravens would have been particularly interested.

BUT-my GUESS remains that the Ravens will go Tight End or defense in Round 1, then address Wide Receiver later in the Draft.

Just a guess.

10. MLB.com’s Kelly Thesier says Chad Moeller homered as Orioles topped Twins

Told you the Birds had a catcher for the future!!!

By the way-break up the O’s! 3 straight wins! A reminder-the World Series is in October, you’ll want to put aside money now to make sure you guarantee a seat.

(Edit from GMC: I’m kidding. I’m actually really happy they’ve won 3 in a row-but I wish it was Kevin Millwood making a strong start, not David Hernandez.)

11. Carroll County Times’ Rich Dubroff says Steve Johnson returned to Birds from Giants

Which means Dave Johnson has been crying for some 18 hours.

The organization expected Johnson to be back, so this isn’t much of a surprise, honestly.

But if the city of Baltimore was going to take someone from Northern California, why couldn’t it have been Allison Stokke??? (Left, thanks Busted Coverage)


12. Daily Racing Form’s Joe DeVivo says Pimlico Special, duPont Distaff cut from Pimlico season

So…..does this mean we get booze back at Preakness, or what?

And finally, I leave you with this.

After posting the Stone Cold Steve Austin beer truck video yesterday, I had multiple requests for the Kurt Angle milk truck video. Quite possibly the greatest thing WWE ever did…..

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 15 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: Boxing-Wladimir Klitschko vs. Eddie Chambers (Saturday 6pm from Dusseldorf, Germany streamed live at Klitschko.com), Bowling: PBA Go RVing Match Play Championship (Sunday 1pm from Norwich, CT live on ESPN); Golf: PGA Tour Transitions Championship (Thursday & Friday 3pm live on Golf Channel; Saturday & Sunday 3pm live on NBC. Every stroke from Tampa Bay), MISL: Baltimore Blast @ Philadelphia KiXX (Sunday 4:05pm from Philly streamed live at B2LiveTV.com), AIFA: Fayetteville Guard @ Baltimore Mariners (Sunday 4pm 1st Mariner Arena), NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament (Saturday-Monday from various locations live on ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU/ESPN360)

10. Pietasters (Wednesday 8pm Rams Head Live), Charm City Devils (Friday 8pm Rams Head Live), Mat Kearney (Saturday 7pm Rams Head Live), Daughtry/Lifehouse/Cavo (Thursday 7:30pm 1st Mariner Arena), Mike Epps & Bruce Bruce (Saturday 8pm 1st Mariner Arena), Alkaline Trio (Tuesday 7pm Recher Theatre), O’Malley’s March (Saturday 8pm Recher Theatre), The Ataris (Tuesday 7pm Ottobar)

It’s not the most overwhelming lineup of music to come through town, but it does include some strong moments. Like when the Ataris channel Don Henley…..

Or when Chris Daughtry does….well….just about anything…..

Or when Alkaline Trio uses some naughty words that are clearly NSFW (unless of course you work at The Ottobar. In which case your 6 year old might well already be singing this song)…

9. TNA “Destination X” (Sunday 8pm from Orlando live on Pay-Per-View)

You can say WHATEVER YOU WANT. Understand that I fully support the idea of competition in an industry. But I’m not buying into TNA as a legitimate threat to WWE. I AM however buying into TNA Knockout Velvet Sky as a legitimate threat to my pants feeling a bit tighter…..


8. NASCAR Food City 500 (Sunday 1pm from Bristol, TN live on FOX)

I’ve been to Bristol. Did you know that Bristol, Tennessee is known as “The Birthplace of Country Music”? Apparently Queens, New York finished just outside the Top 5 in voting.

And while I’m SOMEWHAT interested in The Birthplace of Country Music, I’d be much more interested in the Current place of Country Music star Kellie Pickler….


(Edit from GMC: I bet she has good hygiene.)

7. NBA: Wizards @ Nuggets (Tuesday 9pm from Denver live on Comcast SportsNet PLUS), Wizards @ Trailblazers (Friday 10pm from Portland live on Comcast SportsNet), Wizards @ Lakers (Sunday 9:30pm from Los Angeles live on Comcast SportsNet)

Wait, the ‘Zards are playing against Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant this week? SOMEONE MIGHT ACTUALLY WATCH THEM!!!!

And….the reason none of you jerks let me know about there being a new version of NBA JAM coming out for Nintendo Wii was?????…….

6. NHL: Capitals @ Panthers (Tuesday 7:30pm from Sunrise, FL live on Comcast SportsNet), Capitals @ Hurricanes(Thursday 7pm from Raleigh live on Comcast SportsNet), Capitals @ Lightning (Saturday 7:30pm from Tampa Bay live on Comcast SportsNet)

After his most recent cheap shot and suspension, some Caps fans are starting to wonder if Alex Ovechkin is a “dirty” player. Hell, I care about as much about the Caps as I do the Tokyo Giants, yet even I wonder about the guy sometimes.

Of course, it’s hard to say someone like “The Great 8” is dirty, especially in comparison to others throughout sports history who were ABSOLUTELY dirty. For example, someone like Eddie Guerero…who was so dirty he untied his boot knowing Kurt Angle would go for “The Ankle Lock” at WrestleMania….

5. Tennis: ATP BNP Paribas Open (Tuesday-Saturday 3pm live on Tennis Channel, Sunday 3pm live on Comcast SportsNet locally/Fox Sports Net nationally. All tennis from Indian Wells, CA)

I don’t care WHY it happened. All I know is that for a brief moment this weekend, my life was more “awesome” than “awkward” again….

For the record- Andre Agassi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pete Sampras. Agassi OWNS.

4. College Lacrosse: Maryland @ UMBC (Saturday 12pm from UMBC Stadium live on WMAR 2 & ESPNU), Syracuse @ Johns Hopkins (Saturday 8pm from Homewood Field live on ESPNU), Navy @ Towson (Tuesday 7pm Unitas Stadium), Virginia @ Towson (Sunday 12pm from Unitas Stadium live on WMAR 2 & ESPNU), Air Force @ Loyola (Saturday 1pm from Ridley Athletic Complex live on AM1570 WNST & MASN), Holy Cross @ Navy (Saturday 12pm Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium), Stevens @ Stevenson (Wednesday 4pm Caves Athletic Complex)

I went to a handful of colleges during my career as “Guy Who Isn’t Ready to Figure Out What to do With His Life”, but Towson University wasn’t one of them. Essex Community College, UMBC, and of course the University of Maryland were all amongst them; but Towson wasn’t.

With that being said, there will be NO bigger fan of Tony Seaman and the Tigers….EVER….this weekend than your boy.

Virginia SUCKS. Virginia traffic sucks. Virginia students suck. Virginia laws suck (you can’t buy beer at liquor stores! WTF?!?)

In fact, the only thing about Virginia that doesn’t suck was that tune by Train….

And that’s only a technicality, because the “Hey Soul Sister” song by Train that everyone likes these days is freaking awful too.

3. Mixed Martial Arts: UFC Live (Sunday 9pm from Broomfield, CO live on VERSUS)

Look, I trust Dana White as much as any other MMA fan in the world, but hiring James Toney….


is ONLY a good idea if it is setting up for a future mixed fight/canoli eating competition against Roy Nelson….


….otherwise…..not a fan…..

2. St. Patrick’s Day (Wednesday)

Here’s what I see in my future….


I’m not Irish and I’m not going to pretend to be. I’m just going to pretend to be sober.

1. NCAA Basketball Tournament (Thursday-Sunday from multiple locations live on CBS); Maryland vs. Houston (Friday 9:40pm from Spokane, WA live on CBS), Morgan State vs. West Virginia (Friday 12:15pm from Buffalo live on CBS)

Is there a more beautiful sound than the sound CBS uses to show that a score update is coming on the bottom of the screen during March Madness??? I think not. Well, maybe this….

Or I guess Gus Johnson’s voice…..

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 28 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Thursday!

It’s a Happy Thursday for me because I stopped by Nacho Mama’s in Canton for a lunch meeting yesterday and had a meal that looked a lot like this person’s…..


Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. Ravens Official Site’s Will Spencer says Mardy Gilyard, Riley Cooper, Danario Alexander, Dexter McCluster amongst receivers Newsome, DeCosta watching at Senior Bowl

That’s right! It’s time for NFL Draft Wide Receiver porn!!!


Gilyard is the only one of this group that I have profiled so far, but I will make sure to point out that size has to be a major factor when it comes to upgrading the WR position this offseason. Of this group, Cooper is 6’3″, Alexander is 6’5″.

I’ll take both?

2. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Ravens expected to interview Jim Zorn in next few days

I’ve heard a lot of pro-Jim Zorn sentiment over the last few days, and I think there’s good reason to be pro-Jim Zorn if you are a Ravens fan. As I’ve said before, if Joe Flacco turns out to be similar to Matt Hasselbeck, I’d be thrilled. Of course, I’d prefer that he turn out to be more like Troy Aikman, but that’s just me.

As another note, a few people have mentioned to me that they are concerned about Al Saunders’ lack of experience as a quarterbacks coach. I’m not sure I’d be particularly concerned about that myself. Sometimes a QB just needs a personal consultant as much as he needs a position coach. If the problems Joe was having were more mechanical, I’d probably be more adamant about the need for a coach with more true QB background, but I think either man is fully capable of doing the job.

As always, this is just an excuse to include a funny podium face from Jim Zorn. Thanks to Dan Steinberg from the DC Sports Bog for this one…


3. The Sun’s Kevin Cowherd says Terps ‘a lot of fun’ to watch right now

That’s a really good way to describe them. There have been no real holes (other than maybe free throw shooting to an extent) since ACC season began, although making one more shot down the stretch at Wake Forest would have been really nice.

But we have to try to keep this in perspective. This Terrapins bunch is probably NOT a NCAA Championship or Final Four contender, but I also don’t think they’re the same as the Terrapins teams we’ve seen over the last 3 seasons. I think this group-because of their balance-has staying power in a conference full of teams that DON’T really have staying power.

Duke is the best team in the conference. There’s no doubt about that. But Duke is also beatable, and if Maryland can at least split their games with the Blue Devils, it will set up well for them to make a run at a bye in the first round of the ACC Tournament.

4. The AP says VCU put together record performance in blowout win over Towson

If you missed Pat Kennedy’s reflection on last night’s game with Drew Forrester on “The Comcast Morning Show”, head over to the Audio Vault at WNST.net.

There’s not much more to be said about a 59 point loss. I have to try to use a level of rational thought, because Maryland lost a game by 41 points last season at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Sometimes, the final score in a blowout isn’t particularly important-as one team just was trying while the other one wasn’t. A 59 point loss may not mean that the Rams were 59 points better than the Tigers. It might just mean that they tried 30 points harder than Towson did down the stretch.

That being said, Maryland lost by 41 after they had already defeated Michigan State, and in a season where they would go on to beat North Carolina and Wake Forest en route to reaching the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament. Obviously Pat Kennedy’s bunch isn’t going to any type of postseason tournament, but how much value can be placed on a 59 point loss has a lot to do with what follows.

If the Tigers bounce back from last night’s loss and show fight moving towards the CAA Tournament in Richmond, then you can’t put a lot of stock in the game. If they finish conference play with 2 or 3 wins, last night’s game was probably representative.

Towson returns to action Saturday night at UNC-Wilmington, the game can be seen on MASN.

5. UMBC Official Site says Chauncey Gilliam scored 18, but Retrievers fell at home to Binghamton

I thought maybe playing a Bearcats team that has been to hell and back since winning the America East title last season might give Randy Monroe’s squad a chance to fight for a victory, but obviously that wasn’t to be.

But hey, they didn’t lose by 59.

The Retrievers’ quest to avoid a winless conference season continues Saturday at Maine-who just so happens to find themselves in first place.

6. Loyola Official Site previews tonight’s MAAC contest with Fairfield at Reitz Arena

I guess the terrible struggles of Towson, UMBC and Coppin State locally have deflected some of the attention away from the Greyhounds’ current 3-7 conference record. I will admit that I thought Jimmy Patsos’ team would probably be a bit closer to .500.

The Hounds are coming off a big win over Marist, but the Red Foxes have just one conference win. The Stags come into tonight’s game with a 7-3 conference record, but Loyola should be able to win games at home against teams in this conference not named Siena. That really isn’t too much to ask.

7. The Diamondback’s Jonas Shaffer previews Maryland women’s visit to Virginia Tech tonight

Taking 3 straight losses with them to Blacksburg, it would be an understatement to say that Brenda Frese’s team is in real need of a victory. Certainly they didn’t look particularly bad in either of their home losses (Miami or Duke), but with a win at Virginia (that they almost managed to give away down the stretch) their only actual statement on the season, they just need to get wins.

8. Inside Lacrosse’s Sean Burns says Towson picked 4th in CAA and Navy picked 1st in Patriot League

Tony Seaman’s squad really showed some signs of life down the stretch last season, playing an instant classic against Johns Hopkins at Unitas Stadium and reaching the CAA Championship Game before being bounced by Villanova. But signs of life aren’t really enough for a program that has a distinct advantage when it comes to the capabilties to win.

While they are in a league with bigger schools (Penn State, Delaware, Hofstra and Villanova are all major players), they do have an advantage over all of those schools (with maybe the exception of Hofstra) when it comes to available talent and regional interest in the sport.

That being said, Tony Seaman has done a HELL of a job at Towson, and clearly deserves the benefit of the doubt to get them back to the top of the conference.

9. MLB.com’s Spencer Fordin says O’s designated Sarfate for assignment to make room for Tejada

I really wonder if Dennis Sarfate was misused during his time in Baltimore. I think maybe the experiments with him as a starter and as a closer really hurt his ability to settle in as a “_____ specialist” out of the bullpen.

There is no doubt that he had control issues, and giving up homeruns really hurt him. But he had a powerful arm, and it seems as though there may have been a role for a powerful arm.

Of course, when the rest of the pen and pitching staff in general are just as mis-cast, it is hard to get everyone in the right role.

10. The Sun’s Dan Connolly says Birds agree to terms on 1 year deal with Hendrickson

Mark Hendrickson really did a hell of a job out of the bullpen for this team last season. I think bringing him back for just over a million dollars to make sure you have a really solid lefty is basically a no-brainer. Now the question beyond that would be whether or not they keep Alberto Castillo to have two lefties in the pen.

11. WNST.net’s Thyrl Nelson says Orioles need to give Jeremy Guthrie contract

I’m not certain I agree.

I think it was a mistake for the Birds to cut Guthrie’s pay last season, but I’m not necessarily convinced that he’s done enough to really prove he’s more than a pitcher that just had a nice stretch a couple of seasons ago. I know he’s had a good ERA, but a pitcher has to learn to be a winner beyond a 17-17 stretch over two seasons.

The other issue to look at will be how a contract affects the Orioles’ potential ability to trade Guthrie if Brian Matusz and Chris Tillman (and even Jake Arrieta or David Hernandez or Brandon Erbe, etc) DO pan out. Paying too much in a contract could hamper that ability.

12. Examiner Jeff Hemelt says Crystal Palace USA announced many changes, including name change to Crystal Palace Baltimore

Clearly Crystal Palace is really trying to make a statement about jumping a level to the NASL and trying to be a competitive soccer product in a market without MLS competition. The biggest step would be to get a facility, which is the next project Palace is working on.

And finally, I leave you with this.

Katy Perry was the guest judge on American Idol last night. Blah blah blah Katy Perry is hot.


Talk to you later.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983….


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Giving Thanks to Baltimore coaches everywhere

Posted on 26 November 2009 by Nestor Aparicio

Well, we made it to yet another Thanksgiving. It’s another late Thursday in November, another Calvert Hall-Loyola game, another dose of Detroit for lunch and Dallas for dinner. We’re all a year older and hopefully a year wiser. It’s football, turkey and “giving thanks” for whatever good graces we all have in our lives.

So, being the sports guy that I am, I thought I’d write a Thanksgiving tribute to all of the coaches in my life. At 41 and being the nutty up-all-night sports web media entrepreneur that I am, the real gift of all of my years of doing Baltimore sports media has been the wisdom that I’ve unwittingly acquired along the way from coaches, managers and leaders of men in the business that I’ve fallen in love with – sports and community.

Of course, when you’re 15 years old and taking the No. 23 MTA bus downtown to Skipjacks games and writing about them for The News American next to John Steadman, you don’t realize until much later the impact these people have had on your life. So, today, I’ll give them thanks.

I truly have a lot to be thankful for – a great family, wife, son, a 90-year old Mom who brings great humor to my life, and many awesome partners, co-workers, friends, business associates and athletes, jocks and Facebook friends.

This whole “Thanksgiving blog” idea was borne out of a phone call I received about six weeks ago. It was from the 847 area code and I didn’t recognize the number. (This is where I should insert that I HATE phone calls. I’m a texter. I’m an emailer. I’ll even IM on occasion. Ask anyone in my life, I’m a communicator. But in 2009 – after spending 35 years of my life with my ear glued to a phone to do virtually every piece of my communication — I now find phone calls to be intrusive and disruptive and generally annoying.)

That said, I always seem to answer the damned thing.

“Hello,” I bellowed.

“Nestor…it’s Gene Ubriaco here. How ya been, kid?”

These are the little “gifts” that come out of the blue. I met Gene Ubriaco 25 years ago this month, when at the age of 16 I was put on the Skipjacks beat. My boss, Tom Gibbons, pulled me into his little office on Pratt and South Streets and basically said, “You’re the only one around here who actually wants to go down there and write about them so you’re our guy.”

Gibbons, who came from Boston and loved hockey, also had no budget at a dying newspaper (sound familiar?) and paid me $3.33 per hour to go to games. So, I made about $13 a game, parked for free, got free hot dogs and soda and the good fortune to sit on the roof of the then-Baltimore Civic Center’s rooftop veranda with the rats, roaches and a myriad of really cool old dudes who loved hockey and told me a zillion awesome stories. And sometimes, Barton Mitchell would even bring corned beef sandwiches from Attman’s as a “thank you” to the media.

Jimmy Jackson covered the team for The Sun. George Taylor covered the team for The Evening Sun. They were both well into their 60s. Pete Kerzel was my first media friend and we’d talk about pro wrestling and Jimmy Buffett. I was 16. Those evenings with Jackson and Taylor are my greatest memories of being a sportswriter. They’d eat Fiddle Faddle, yell at the officials, laugh and talk hockey.

After the games, we’d head down Baltimore’s slowest elevator to the locker room to chat with Skipjacks coach Gene Ubriaco. “Ubie,” as everyone would call him, was almost 50 then – a middling to bottom of the roster NHL hockey player but mostly a minor-leaguer who had made a post-career life as a coach and went on to lead the early Mario Lemieux-era Pittsburgh Penguins into a few playoff berths before being jettisoned. He also coached the Italian Olympic hockey team in Albertville, France in 1992 and has been in Chicago for the last 15 years running the Chicago Wolves of the AHL.

Ubie, who will turn 72 the day after Christmas, was kind of like an uncle to me, teaching me the game of hockey and giving me insights into the psychology of a hockey player. He knew because he had been that kid from “The Sault” (that’s Sault. St. Marie, Ontario, eh?) who was trying to catch on in the NHL. Ubie played just three season in “The Show” – all in different locales like Pittsburgh, Chicago and Oakland (yep, he was a Seal!)

Ubriaco would always take extra time to not just “give me quotes” – as every newspaper reporter needed – he would actually try to instruct me as to what he was thinking and why, so I learned more about the game. He was truly an educator, a teacher. He also had a little trouble hearing and pinched cheeks like the old Italian uncle.

Two decades later when I was sitting in NFL film rooms with Marvin Lewis or Jim Schwartz or Rex Ryan, I suppose that “learning” experience and openness that Ubriaco shared with me in 1984 was still being passed down to me by good men simply because I asked and had an interest in trying to get the story right.

Today, I celebrate Thanksgiving by thanking them here.

So, Ubriaco called me out of the blue six weeks ago, he’s back in Baltimore with his son for this holiday and on Black Friday we’re going to lunch together. We’re going to talk about old times, hockey and life. He recommended that we go to Gary Rissling’s place, Silver Spring Mining Company, and so it is. Rissling was on that first Skipjacks team I covered in 1984 and we work together to bring Caps fans to his restaurants and he still travels the world spreading the gospel of hockey.

Maybe you remember “My Dinner With Andre.” Well, this is my lunch with Geno. I’m sure I’ll have some great wnsTV footage.

But this reunion with Ubriaco has gotten me thinking about coaches and what an unbelievable source of knowledge they’ve been for me over the years in so many ways. Especially after my father died in 1992, they’ve all filled some sort of interesting role in my life as friends, teachers, advisors, sounding boards and confidants. And, obviously, Brian Billick is a partner in my business now at WNST.net. He’s shown the ultimate confidence in me and I’m thankful for his friendship and wisdom.

Ask my wife or anyone close to me and they’ll tell you that coaches are my favorite people in the world.

I’m really “thankful” for all that they’ve done for me.

At 41, I’ve now become a very reluctant coach of sorts. Sometimes, I’ve had to replace players, fire them, make moves for the betterment of the team at WNST. And it’s never easy and never comes without great strategy and use of knowledge and information that I’ve been taught by coaches.

But it’s no different than any of the other coaches who’ve had to deal with the media, cut players, fire assistants, deal with ownership, fans, the “crowd” and still manage to have families and passions outside of the games that they try so desperately to win.

Ubie was the first of many, many good men I’ve met and befriended along the way. Quite frankly, he taught me the ropes of being a sportswriter – all the stuff they’d never teach you in college.

One day I’ll write a whole book with a chapter about these guys and funny stories. (Some of them I could write a whole book about, but I don’t think I’m old enough to do that just yet.)

But I want to point some of them out by name, because it’s been one helluva run of good people over these 25 years and Ubie is special because he was the first person who took the time to care and try to help me not only understand the game but to be a better person.

For that, I’m thankful!

In hockey, Bryan Murray and Terry Murray (I covered the story the day the younger brother replaced his fired older brother…weird day at the Capital Centre!), Doug MacLean, Barry Trotz, Walt Kyle and Moe Mantha were all superstars in continuing a hockey tradition of fellowship.

I still see Trotz all the time in Nashville and one of Doug MacLean’s interns is our weekend Section 410 anchor Eric Aaronson. In particular, Terry Murray and I always had a special relationship because I had to track him down after games on the road in places like Fredericton and Binghamton to get quotes after listening to the games on the radio. He thought I was nutty/obsessed with getting the story and he was right. He always called me his “favorite reporter” in some sort of tongue-in-cheek way.

I also covered Eliott Uzelac’s macho boys of Navy football and Jim Lynam’s NBA Bullets. Lynam was a helluva good guy and loved to talk basketball. He was a junkie.

When I started doing radio in 1992 and the Orioles moved to Camden Yards, I inherited the first skipper that I really didn’t like, Johnny Oates. Unlike all of the other “friendly” skippers I’d had the good fortune to chat with after games in hockey, Oates was introverted, militaristic and hated any real questions.

Think about it. As a sports reporter, when you ask a “question” to a coach or player you’re essentially doubting, second-guessing or asking for some sort of justification for a decision or action. By its very nature, I suppose it’s weird or confrontational for anyone who is paranoid to be asked “why” they did or didn’t do something.

Oates, in particular, took every “What were you thinking in the 7th inning question?” as a personal assault. Almost 20 years later, just watching Dave Trembley do these things on live television after a loss is a throwback to the worst days of Oates. I literally cringe some nights.

But through it all, Oates appreciated that I knew the game and would take time to explain things on nights when the team won. But after a loss, he wasn’t warm and fuzzy. In the end, he came around during the 1993 season and apologized for being so evasive and snappy. This was right around the time that he found a spiritual change in his life and mellowed.

In September 1993 he chased me through the old Cleveland Stadium locker room – still the nastiest, dirtiest visiting locker room I’ve ever entered in any facility, major or minor league – while soaking wet and draped in a towel and called me into his office and we had a 30 minute chat about our roles and jobs and we made a peace pact and professional courtesy that lasted until his tragic death.

Oates was a good man. And in the end, he taught me a lot about baseball and about the people in baseball. It’s a conservative game. And it’s an awful business. There are a lot of tortured souls in the game of baseball, no matter how much money is involved.

In the days when I had a press pass (before Peter Angelos came and wrecked sports in our city during the summers since the mid 1990’s), baseball was great for educators about the game: Phil Regan, Greg Biagini, Chuck Cottier, Elrod Hendricks, Sam Perlozzo, Leo Mazzone, Davey Lopes, Tom Treblehorn, Bruce Bochy and Sparky Anderson were all awesome resources and always happy to answer any question that started with “Why?”

Cottier in particular would always put his arm around me and say: “Anything you ever wonder about in the game you just come to me and I’ll help you…”

I’m thankful for the Chuck Cottiers of baseball. There weren’t a lot of them, but they are appreciated.

I’ve also encountered some other great educators in other sports – Kenny Cooper, Pete Caringi, Dave MacWilliams, Kevin Healy, Bobby MacAvan, Tim Wittman, Mike Stankovic and others within the soccer world. And the basketball guys like Dino Gaudio, Mike Jaskulski, Terry Truax, Jimmy Patsos and Tom Sullivan have always had an open-door policy to asking questions about strategy and the nuances of the game on the hardwood.

Even with a sport like lacrosse, which has never been in my blood, when guys like Tony Seaman and Paul Cantabene do my radio show or see me out around town, they’ve always been enthusiastic about teaching me their game and comparing it to other sports so I could better understand the technical aspects.

But it’s been in my adulthood and with the emergence of the Ravens in Baltimore that my “coaching up” has taken on graduate-level courses.

Marvin Lewis was the first coach I met when the Ravens came in 1996. He’s taught me more about football than anyone over the years. Every Friday, we’d watch film and do a Q&A about the strategy of the game and the decisions that are made on the field on Sundays. Usually, Jim Schwartz was in the room in those early years and later did eight years worth of Fridays on my radio show and station, checking in with his Baltimore roots. Kirk Ferentz and Pat Hill were also phenomenally generous with their time and knowledge during the days of the flying ‘B.’

Then came Brian Billick and a myriad of super people like Jack Del Rio, Mike Smith, Mike Nolan, Mike Pettine, Rex Ryan, Jim Fassel, Rick Neuheisel and Matt Cavanaugh who always had a seat in their office for a few minutes of transparency in their ideologies and strategies to turn me from novice fan into someone who really understands the game.

And scouts like Phil Savage, Eric DeCosta, George Kokinis and Joe Hortiz are coaches of a whole different kind and have always been educational and accountable.

Again, one day, I’ll write a whole book on these guys above – the education is always ongoing with football and the NFL.

But for today, I just want to say “THANKS, COACH!” I’ll never be able to repay them for their time, energy or candor about all aspects of their job.

My Pop was the ultimate coach – he taught me to listen to coaches.

And as much as I know I’m still not the world’s greatest listener…


I must’ve done something right along the way because I’ve certainly heard the greater message.

Honesty. Integrity. Kindness. Charity. Friendship. Honor. Strategy. Accountability. Passion. Respect. Diligence. Creativity. Team first. These are the things that all of these sports coaches preach on a daily basis to their players. I’d like to think that a lot of this has sunk in over the years.

So, on this Thanksgiving, I just want to take time to thank all of the people who’ve taught me the most about life.

To the coaches of Baltimore over the past 25 years who’ve been cool and kind and helpful – with a special bow to Gene Ubriaco — on this special Thursday in November, I say: Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 27 May 2009 by Glenn Clark

I’m as excited about Matt Wieters as just about anyone else; but let’s keep things in perspective. The Orioles are STILL going to be terrible this season. Matt Wieters is not going to be the AL MVP.

BUT……things should get more exciting; and we’ve been desperate for that.

Best of Tuesday’s WNST Blogs:

Drew Forrester can’t help but ‘wonder’ about power numbers of Adam Jones, etc.

Nestor Aparicio wonders how Orioles fans feel about Wieters’ promotion

Bob Haynie says Wieters ‘most anticipated’ Oriole since Ben McDonald

Thyrl Nelson wonders what Baltimore sports fans are doing if not going to Orioles games

Chris Bonetti says Wieters should hit 6th or 7th in Birds’ lineup

Drew Forrester says Sarasota, Lee County in battle with O’s over Spring Training

Rex Snider says Stephanie Zaner “Cal Ripken” of Maryland school attendance

Nestor Aparicio says KOBST finale tonight at Padonia Station

Ed Frankovic says Federov, Kozlov could leave Caps for Russia

Ed Frankovic says Hershey Bears (Caps’ AHL affiliate) on to Calder Cup Finals


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Berken ‘bailed out’ Birds with big start in first Major League win

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Rich Hill, Birds go for sweep tonight against Halladay, Blue Jays

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Uehara will skip start Thursday with hamstring injury

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Montanez to miss two months after thumb surgery

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Wieters to make debut Friday vs. Tigers

Blue Jays Official Site’s Jeff Seidel says Romero gave up three home runs in loss to Birds

Norfolk Tides Official Site says Ross Wolf got win over Toledo in relief

Frederick Keys Official Site says Matusz got tough luck no decision in 1-0 loss to Wilmington

The Sun’s Dan Connolly says MacPhail not bringing Wieters up ‘to sit’

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Reimold, Jones, Huff all homer for Birds in win over Jays

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Wieters announcement comes ‘coincidentally’ on same night of smallest crowd in Camden Yards history (10,130)

The Sun’s Dan Connolly says Rich Hill thinks Wieters ‘really polished’

The Sun’s Dan Connolly says crowd at OPACY ‘seemed much lower’ than announced record low

The Sun’s Dan Connolly says David Hernandez ‘slated’ to make Uehara’s start Thursday

The Sun’s Dan Connolly says Markakis, wife announce “Right Side Foundation”

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Pinckney homered for Tides in win

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Berken’s success should give ‘shot in the arm’ to other players who don’t get Spring Training invites

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says MacPhail made Wieters announcement during MASN game broadcast

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Hendrickson, Bass would be candidates to make Uehara’s start if he doesn’t have to go to DL

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Mr. and Mrs. Markakis plan to move from Georgia to Baltimore

Examiner Jay Trucker says Baez MVP of Orioles’ week

Examiner Steve DeClue says Dave Stockstill gave Wieters news before last night’s game

Carroll County Times’ Rich Dubroff says Trembley thought Berken had ‘good poise’ in win

Carroll County Times’ Rich Dubroff says Wieters went 4-4 for Tides after being informed of promotion

The AP says Wieters brings .285 average for Norfolk to big leagues

The AP says Jim Johnson pitched final scoreless 2 innings to record first save

The AP says Trembley ‘not sure’ whether Uehara will go to DL

Virginian-Pilot’s Rainer Sabin says Tides’ manager Gary Allenson not ready to put together Wieters’ Hall of Fame plaque just yet

Toronto Globe and Mail’s Robert MacLeod says Jays’ losing streak extends to 8

Toronto Sun’s Bob Elliott says Vernon Wells thought conditions, Jays’ performance ‘ugly’ in loss

Toronto Star’s Morgan Campbell says Jays hit Berken early, but he settled down to guide O’s to win

ESPN.com’s Tristan Cockcroft says Wieters will have ‘instant impact’ fantasy-wise for O’s

Fox Sports’ Dayn Perry thinks Cubs should trade Samardzija to Orioles for Roberts

CBS Sports’ Larry Dobrow has Orioles 23rd in power rankings

Frederick News-Post says Blue Rocks hold Keys to 6 hits in loss


The Official Site’s Geoff Peckham says Ravens sign UTEP UFA C/G Robby Felix

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Felix ‘intriguing’ because he had solid career for Miners before suffering stroke

Examiner Steve DeClue says 52 still viewed amongst best LB’s in NFL

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Sypniewski working back from ACL injury

ESPN.com has Ravens 6th in power rankings

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Sypniewski’s spot on roster ‘at risk’ this summer

ESPN.com’s James Walker picked Ravens 7th in power rankings


Belmont Official Site says Mr. Hot Stuff worked 5 furlongs at Keeneland in preparation for third leg of Triple Crown

Daily Racing Form’s Jay Privman says Mr. Hot Stuff looking to follow unlikely winners Jazil, Da’Tara in winning Belmont

Thoroughbred Times’ Ron Parker says Derby winner Mine That Bird favorite in Belmont poll

Thoroughbred Times says Prado trying to win third Belmont after winning previously with Sarava, Birdstone

Thoroughbred Times says Desormeaux to have Summer Bird mount in Belmont


Examiner Steve DeClue says Florida wouldn’t give Stephenson chance to play for NCAA Championship

Examiner Matthew Bouchard says Dave Neal ‘legendary’ in College Park

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says Terps interested in underclassman guard prospect from Sidwell Friends School (must subscribe)

Inside MD Sports’ Seth Hoffman and Will Montgomery say Mychal Parker has Terps, Hurricanes as top two


ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich says despite Robinson’s ‘impressive Spring’, Terps’ backup QB’s amongst worst in ACC

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem says Alabama DE prospect visits College Park (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem says Terps hoping Ohio OL follows Andrew Crummey, Travis Baltz from Buckeye state to Maryland (must subscribe)

Scout.com’s Bob Lichtenfels says target J.R. Ferguson to enroll at Hargrave Military Academy (must subscribe)


The Official Site says former Terp Langhorne wins European Title with TEO Vilnius

Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg says Marissa Coleman still hates Duke even now with Mystics


Inside Lacrosse’s Christian Swezey has Terps 7th in VERY early 2010 poll, based on Brian Phipps’ return from off-season knee surgery


The Official Site says Randall Cooper honored by ESPN the Magazine

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Seaman’s Tigers should be ‘promising’ in 2010


The Official Site says P.T. Ricci honored by Laxpower.com


Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens has Jays 7th in final poll of season

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Orange beat out Jays to be ‘Team of the Decade’


The Official Site says Braxton Banks, Lawrence Brewer, Jeremy Glover, James Meade, Shaka Miller, Terrell White named All-Academic by MEAC


Go Mids’ David Ausiello says Mids weren’t quite as good as record dictated


The Official Site says Roger Brown inducted to College Football Hall of Fame


-Good for you, Nick Markakis. That’s the right thing. Please talk to Michael Phelps about doing something similar.

-David Hernandez is also exciting, but his promotion would likely be less permanent.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 05 May 2009 by Glenn Clark

Did you realize Nick Markakis and Adam Jones were tied for the MAJOR LEAGUE LEAD in runs scored with 29 each?


Sorry, that is all.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

Best of Monday’s WNST Blogs:

Bob Haynie says O’s ‘worse’ than we thought

Glenn Clark says Ravens mini-camp amongst highlights of non-baseball week

Rex Snider wonders if horse racing ‘humane’

Drew Forrester says Birds not going ‘0 for May’

Glenn Clark says former Terp Nicholas one of 4 players to win NCAA Championship, EuroLeague Championship

Ed Frankovic says Ovechkin’s hat trick powers Caps past Penguins

Nestor Aparicio says Caps now legitimate contender for Stanley Cup

Drew Forrester says Crosby also tallied hat trick in Pens’ loss


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Roberts breaks out of slump to score go-ahead run, hit 2 run HR to put game out of reach in win over Rays

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Birds, Uehara go for mini-sweep tonight vs. Garza, Rays

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Trembley will go with closer ‘committee’ of Sherrill, Ray, Johnson, etc.

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says injured Sarfate undergoing ‘further testing’ on arm

Rays Official Site’s Bill Chastain says Kazmir struggles as Rays fall to Birds

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Markakis lead off win with 3 run homer

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Baez not being moved into closer mix

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Baez threw two scoreless innings to get win

The Sun says A-Rod may make return this weekend at Camden Yards

The Sun’s Candus Thomson says former Oriole Minor ‘at home’ coaching Shorebirds

The Sun’s Mike Klingaman ‘catches up with’ former Oriole Triandos

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Rich Hill, David Hernandez to pitch tonight for Tides in doubleheader

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says former Oriole Millar having great start with Blue Jays

Examiner Jay Trucker says Eaton went into 6th inning, collected no decision in Orioles’ win

Examiner Jay Trucker says O’s had no MVP last week

The AP says Huff sac fly, Wigginton RBI double in 7th put Birds ahead for good

St. Petersburg Times’ Joe Smith says Rays lose to ‘woeful’ Orioles

Tampa Tribune’s Tony Fabrizio says Longoria homered for Rays in loss

Sporting News’ Ryan Fagan has Orioles 27th in power rankings


The Official Site’s Geoff Peckham says Beck officially signs with Ravens

The Official Site’s Geoff Peckham says 150 members of organization participated in ALS run to supports Brigance

The Official Site’s Geoff Peckham says cheerleader went from Mt. Airy to swimsuit calendar cover girl

The Official Site’s Dave Lang offers more pictures of cheerleaders in bikinis (it’s not like you’d want to read the story anyway)

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens cut Bouman to make room for Beck

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says former Bengals/Patriots WR Kelley Washington to get tryout with Ravens

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Dilfer best backup QB in Ravens history

Examiner Tony Wisniewski thinks undrafted Duke WR Riley will make team

Examiner Tony Wisniewski says Gaither ‘in-line for big contract’ after season

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Washington previously tried out with Redskins

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Ravens now have Flacco, Beck, Smith, and Buffalo UFA Willy at QB

Washington Post’s Mark Maske says Beck now re-unites with Cam Cameron

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Washington could give Ravens ‘depth’ at WR, contribution on special teams

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Beck signing, Bouman release leaves Ravens ‘inexperienced’ at QB


The Diamondback’s Michael Katz says Catalino finds midfield role ‘challenging’

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps will still play Georgetown next season despite Hoyas’ move to Big East


The Sun’s Matt Bracken says Tyler Smith, Jamarr Robinson, C.J. Brown, Danny O’Brien to compete for starting QB job in 2010

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich says Terps will have late kickoff at Cal next fall

Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh says DHB thinks highly of McCree (must subscribe)

Turtle Sports Report’s Mike Rubin chats with Maryland QB commit Tyler Smith (must subscribe)


The AP says former Terps Nicholas, Jasikevicius win EuroLeague title with Panathinaikos

The Sun’s Matt Bracken says Will Barton still has Terps involvement

Examiner Matthew Bouchard says Terps ‘need’ Stephenson

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says Ross’ performance highlights Terps’ targets at I-95 Challenge (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter checks in with target Will Regan’s performance in Providence (must subscribe)


The Sun’s Edward Lee says Pietramala thinks Loyola belonged in NCAA Tournament


The Sun’s John Weaver says Retrievers could be ‘Final Four team’


The Sun’s Edward Lee says Seaman to be retained ‘for at least another season’


Preakness Official Site says Hull-son of Holy Bull-headed to Pimlico for 2nd jewel of Triple Crown

Preakness Official Site says Pioneerof The Nile, Musket Man, Join in the Dance, General Quarters, Friesan Fire all ‘under consideration’ for Derby

Daily Racing Form’s Jay Privman says Mine That Bird was planned for Belmont next, but will run for Black Eyed Susans instead

Daily Racing Form’s Bill Tallon says former trainer Cotey ‘thrilled’ for success of Mine That Bird despite no longer being involved

Daily Racing Form’s Matt Hegarty says handle down at Derby, but TV ratings up

Daily Racing Form’s Jay Privman says I Want Revenge to get 6 weeks-2 months off

Daily Racing Form’s Steve Andersen says trainer Machowsky ‘has no regrets’ for keeping Kelly Leak out of Derby

Thoroughbred Times’ Ed DeRosa says Big Drama confirmed for Preakness

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Old Hilltop breathed ‘sigh of relief’ when Mine That Bird committed to Preakness

The AP’s Jeffrey McMurray says Woolley running Mine That Bird at Preakness because he ‘looked good’ in morning run

The AP says Derby ratings highest in 17 years

CBS Sports’ Lesley Visser says Triple Crown might benefit from becoming ‘playoff’ races


-Name SOMEONE the closer….if the closer role matters. If you don’t have a closer, you might as well say “Does it really matter? We’re terrible!” Why not let Chris Ray take a chance?

-I still think Troy Smith will be the Ravens’ backup. I think the release of Todd Bauman was a sign that the Ravens planned to keep Flacco, Smith, and Beck; and they wouldn’t expect Smith to come back as the #3 guy.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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