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The O's:  Down on the Farm

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The O’s: Down on the Farm

Posted on 10 April 2009 by Chris Bonetti

The AAA Norfolk Tides, AA Bowie Baysox, and Advanced A Frederick Keys all began their 2009 seasons this week.

More noteworthy, O’s top pitching prospects and hope for winning baseball in the future, Brad Bergesen, Jason Berken, Jake Arrieta, Brian Matusz all made their season debuts… and fortunately, the news is all positive!

Last night, the AAA Tides opened their season with a 2-1 loss to the Durham Bulls, but Bergesen was outstanding through all 5 innings of his work. He only gave up 4 hits and 1 earned run to the Rays’ affiliate while striking out 6 batters and only walking 1.

Bergesen was certainly a tough-luck losing pitcher as the second run against him was an unearned tally. In the 3rd inning he loaded the bases with Bulls with 1 out when he induced what should’ve been an inning ending double-play ball. Unfortunately, third basemen Scott Moore couldn’t help out his hurler and couldn’t come up with the grounder to even try to potentially turn two. Bergesen worked himself and the Tides out of the inning without any further harm.

Tonight in Durham fans be treated to as good of a minor league match up as ever, baseball’s top pitching prospect will be taking on its top hitting prospect when David Price faces Matt Wieters. You may remember Price as the late-season call-up who helped the Rays out of the pen in their march to the World Series.

Chris Waters will get his first chance to show the Orioles’ brass his stuff when he gets the ball in the 7:05 start in Durham, NC.

The Bowie Baysox are 0-2 after consecutive losses to Akron to begin the year, however not really do to any ineffective starting pitching. Jason Berken and Jake Arrieta have given up just 3 hits between them through 7 innings. Berken went 3 innings, giving up 2 hits, 3 earned, but his undoing was walking 4 Aeros and took the loss in the opener.

By all accounts Jake Arrieta was dominant last night in his 4 innings of work in a 2-1 loss in the second game of the series. He yielded only 1 single base knock and struck out 8 and walked 2. If he’s capable of showing that sort of stuff, you’ll be seeing him at Camden Yards in just a very, very short time.

Tonight Troy Patton will take on the Aakron at 7:05.

And last but very not least, last year’s first round pick Brian Matusz was very good, but came just 1 out short of picking up the W in an 8-6 win over the Salem Red Sox. His line of 4.2 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 4 SO, and 2 BB was tremendous to see and hopefully he’ll climb the ladder steadily and successfully.

So after just one week into the ’09 Orioles minor league seasons, there are already great signs for the future of the pitching staff in Baltimore.

Be sure to check out The Mob Town Sports Beat every weekday night between 6-8PM when host Thyrl Nelson, and I break down all the latest news from OPACY and also down on the farm.

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You Wanted This …..

Posted on 19 February 2009 by Rex Snider

For several months, Orioles fans have collectively beckoned for their 2nd baseman to get a long term deal.  Well, your wish has been granted.  And, as we hear so often in life – be careful what you wish for ….. you might just get it.


This is no knock on Brian Roberts.  I think he’s a great guy and he’s certainly a respected member of this baseball community.  He’s good for the Orioles.  He’s good for Baltimore.  But, is he good for a team that is entrenched in rebuilding …..


I know, a tangible number of fans are jaded and openly question the rocky road of this everlasting journey in rebuilding.  But, let’s remember Andy MacPhail has only been on the job 19 months and this team has changed significantly during his stewardship.


Erik Bedard and his surly attitude were swindled upon the Seattle Mariners for a package of prime young talent.  Miguel Tejada and his B-12 injections were shipped to Houston for a mix of prospective and major league returns.  The Jay Gibbons’, Kevin Millar’s, Jay Payton’s and Ramon Hernandez’s are gone, too.


In the wake of these deals, the Orioles are younger and more prospective.  The 2009 season awaits Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Troy Patton, Brian Matusz, Matt Wieters and others.  Do these guys share a common trait?  Yep ….. they’re all 25 and under.


These players are also “Andy’s guys.”  He either drafted or signed each of them.  Indeed, Andy MacPhail has followed a plan of reinvention or rebirth, since he arrived, in June, 2007.  But, it won’t happen overnight ….. or in 19 months.


This is exactly why I’m left scratching my head over this Brian Roberts deal.  It doesn’t fit the mold of what Andy’s trying to do.  B’Rob is gonna be 32 when his new 4-year deal kicks in.  And, 32 is OLD on this team.


Let’s be brutally honest – whether we love Brian or not – his game is not built on power or the tools/characteristics of a player who remains productive into his mid-late 30’s.  The B’Rob game is to play spark plug and make things happen when he gets on base.


What happens to fast players when they get into that 33-35 years of age stage?  You guessed it, they slow down.  And, don’t mention comparisons to Rickey Henderson or Tim Raines – they were freaks of nature.


What really leaves me perplexed is I don’t think Brian Roberts could have yielded such a deal on the open market.  Heck, I don’t think he could’ve came close.  Remember, Orlando Hudson – who is basically the same player – is still looking for a job.


You can bet on this ….. if Hudson would’ve signed a 4 year/$40 million deal with the Giants or Dodgers, there wouldn’t be a Brian Roberts LoveFest, in Ft. Lauderdale, on Friday.  The Orioles are clearly overpaying for the popular infielder.


In the end, I’m not upset about this new Roberts deal.  He’s a GREAT person – we all know that.  But, the Orioles overpaid and they took a distinct detour from the MacPhail renovation project. 


From a public relations perspective, this is a win.  However, from the baseball perspective, I honestly believe the Orioles would have been better served to let Roberts walk and covet the compensatory draft picks.  Or, they could have stuck to a more sensible 3 year/$24 million-ranged deal.


I’ll bet anyone that Brian Roberts is not an impacting force on the 2013 Baltimore Orioles.  But, he’ll take a bite out of that season’s budget.  Yeah, yeah ….. the Orioles got all that MASN money to spend, right?


Perhaps, they do have piles and piles of cash.  And, is this a reason to make bad deals?  Is the money gonna evaporate if they don’t spend it within the next few months?  Of course, not.


I’ve said this a THOUSAND times ….. spending money, because you’ve got it – is exactly what put this country in the spot it’s in !!!!  Wake up !!!!


The Orioles don’t compete in 2009 and they don’t compete in 2010.  Fast forward to 2011….. if they do compete, will a 33 year old 2nd baseman have an impacting effect?


Maybe we’ll find out …..

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Monday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

Posted on 16 February 2009 by Chris Bonetti

The Swinging Bunt

Rotation Candidates?  Orioles’ pitchers and catchers reported to Fort Lauderdale this weekend and all the buzz so far in camp is who will fill out Manager Dave Trembley’s and Pitching Coach Dave Kranitz’s rotation.  The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec addressed this matter in his “10 Questions for the Orioles” and suggested that Jeremy Guthrie and Koji Uehara are assured spots and offered these possibilities for spots 3-5: Danys Baez, Brian Bass, Mark Hendrickson, Brad Hennessey, Radhames Liz, Troy Patton, John Parrish, Hayden Penn, David Pauley, Alfredo Simon and Chris Waters.  None of these extremely marginal so-called “major league pitchers” get you going?  Well, just in case CMS Producer Glenn Clark has volunteered his services for the upcoming season.

Baltimore’s watching… NBA pre-game?  It’s a rough time of the year to get rating for sports in Baltimore this time of year.  In between Ravens and Orioles season, the ESPN’s NBA Pre-game Show was the 6th highest rated sports related TV program last week.  Granted the Wizards-Nuggets game, which finished 5th, was coming on directly afterwards but it got me thinking.  If/when T-Sizzle resigns with the Ravens to a long-term deal, I will be pitching network exec’s a Terrell Suggs Reality Show for next year and for more family oriented programming, I’ll pitch joining Joe Flacco Wednesday evening’s for “Bowling with the Quarterback!”

Congratulations Matt Witt!  Over the weekend this sophomore from the University of Maryland was crowned champion of the school’s qualifier for the USA Rock Paper Scissors College Championship.  To avoid any controversy and to avoid any possible confusion the tournament was played using the official rules of the USA Rock Paper Scissor League.  Witt will now compete in Panama City, Florida for the title of the ‘Best Rock, Paper, and Scissor Nerd in the entire Country.”  Wahoo go Matt!  Rock, paper, scissor, c’mon, really?

“The Bong-Gate Seven.” Courtesy the Smoking Gun, here are the mugshots of the menaces to society who infamously have been arrested in South Carolina for smoking weed with Michael Phelps.  Instead of beating a dead horse and making another mediocre marijuana joke I will instead remind everyone of some of the best mugshots of all-time.  Pee-Wee Herman.  Rapper, DMX.  Blue Chips’ Nick Nolte.  King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz, and Godfather of Soul, James BrownShrek.  And my nominee for the title of “Worst Celebrity Mugshot of All-Time” goes to the Brady Brunch’s BOBBY BRADY!?!?!?!?!  Hey, wait a second… get out of there Shrek!

Scanning the Blogosphere

The Schmuck Stops Here talks the debuts of who the Orioles hope to be three future and present core rotation guys: Matusz, Uehara, and Rich Hill.

Baseball Prospectus, the Baseball Nerds, have their “Top 100 Prospects” list out.  Orioles include, #1 C Matt Wieters, #16 P Chris Tillman, #19 P Brian Matusz, #52 P Jake Arietta, and #98 Brandon Erbe.

Camden Chat tells reports the Washington Post, after ending its Ravens coverage before last season, will not have a beat with the Orioles this season either.

D.C. Sports Blog has pictures of VT’s Jeff Allen giving the one-finer salute, Maryland Mohawks, and Ravens HC John Harbaugh openly “hearting” Coach Williams — and not caring who knows it,

Tracking the Terps wonders Did You Notice these things from the VA Tech game on Saturday and found out Gary really did recruit Jordan Williams himself.

The Sporting News’ and friend of WNST, Clifton Brown, says the “Ravens’ biggest obstacle now is free agency.”

SI’s Inside the NFL examines the upcoming ‘09’s drafts’ “Top WR Prospects.” Could any of these men be catching passes from Joe next season?

The Ravens Official Site points out “Fave Five: Best Ravens Pass Completions” in ’08.

With Leather has Roberto Alomar at #2 in last week’s “Power Rankings: A Look at Whose Back on Top.”

SI’s For the Record says the ‘best pitcher of all-time’ is still out on the free agent market.

Fanhouse calls Mike Green of the Caps, “the hottest player in hockey right now.”

Yahoo!’s Big League Stew has the ‘eye brow rising’ story of the day, “Billy Joel and Elton John to rock the Musical Confines of Wrigley.”

Inside Lacrosse analyst Quint Kessnich has his “D-1 Top-20 Poll,” after Week 1: #3 Maryland, #7 John’s Hopkins, #11 UMBC, #15 Navy, #17 Loyola.

Deadspin tells us something we already know, Jeff Reed is a complete idiot.

CMS Video of the Day

The CMS Staff told you last week about Jordan Williams shattering a backboard at his high school game.  Well thanks to You Tube, we can all see the Torrington, CT High School Senior and Terps recruit’s damage.  Note, about the first 25 seconds of the video is all black, so don’t worry when the picture doesn’t immediately begin.

And as an Honorable Mention choice for CMS Video of the Morning, “Shaq Dancing with the Jabbawackeez.”  Enough said.

The Morning’s Last Call

Right here at the start I want to point out and call a spade a spade… Calvin Klein, I am not.  I don’t know anything about the latest “What’s Hot and/or What’s Not” of the fashion world, nor do I “speak Prada.”  I barely shop for my own clothes at 23, I prefer Mom to take care of that.  If by mistake I don’t go out in matching attire, I blame my ‘mysterious case of color blindness.’  And I have never spent more than $12 on a haircut in my life.

You get the point.

In any event, I couldn’t help but notice during this past NBA All-Star Weekend that many of today’s greatest basketball players on the planet could be the next in line to be this summer’s Athlete-Intern at Vogue Magazine.

In the Rookie v. Sophomores Game Friday evening, the NBA decided to put their youngsters in these high fashion uniformsDwyane Wade definitely had something to do with the selections.

Saturday evening was the NBA All-Star Skills Night, with fan favorites such as the 3 Point-Shootout and Slam Dunk Contest, and all of a sudden out of nowhere… a fashion show broke out!

Earlier in the day I found out that apparently corn rows are out.  First, Carmelo Anthony took out his braids a little while ago, and on Saturday another Super-Star took a trip to the Barber Shop.

After over a decade, Allen Iverson decided to make the move.  Who remembers this fresh-out-of-Georgetown youthful looking AI.

Lebron James, who said he was going to compete in next year’s dunk contest, did so wearing a stunning yellow sweater… which I’ve read is actually called a ‘cardigan.’

Even the Greatest Heavyweight Champion the world has ever seen, Muhammad Ali, was dressed sharply, sporting Oakley Sunglasses and a Tar Heeled-themed sweater.

And finally, Dunk Contest runner-up Dwight Howard, aka Super Man, emerged from a telephone booth in an extra tight jersey to go under his cape, while now two-time Dunk Champ Nate Robinson sported a ‘kryptonite’-inspired Knicks uniform.

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