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OC Locksley expects Don Brown defense to be “headache” for Terps Saturday

Posted on 12 September 2012 by WNST Staff

Quotes from Maryland Offensive Coordinator Mike Locksley and Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart

Offensive Coordinator Mike Locksley

On Don Brown’s Connecticut defense:

“It’s definitely a headache. They play great, solid defense, statistically and on film you can see why they’re ranked where they are defensively. He outnumbers the box, he disguises well. It’s been a trying week for us offensively just to come up with a scheme for ourselves to have some success. As we get through the week we’re feeling better and better about playing, and we feel we can go out and execute.”

On if he’s talked to the veteran defensive players about Don Brown’s former schemes:

“You know some of the guys like Kenny Tate and Joe [Vellano] have come in and given their two cents as to the background of the defense and what it entails. But you can watch the tape and what you see is pretty consistent with what we’ve heard when you do your research on it. We did a preliminary game plan in the summer so we’ve had some time to evaluate it. As we get into it this week after we’ve seen the two games they’ve played really well.”

On the importance of last week’s tempo for Perry Hills:

“It’s good to see he made the strides that you like to see all of our guys making from week one to week two. I thought Perry improved, and that’s the goal for us. He’s still a guy that got off the yellow school bus last year, and our goal is for each week to give him a plan that he can go out and be comfortable with. It’s not what we want to do, it’s what he can get accomplished and what he’s comfortable with. I think he took some steps, but we have to consistently do it.”

On Hills’ ability to throw the deep ball:

“I thought all camp long he did some nice things, and that’s how he earned the right to be the guy when we had the injuries. So, when you recruit a guy you recruit him to have the skill-set to do what you want to do on offense. I’m very pleased with his skill set and how it fits in to what we do.”

On Tyler Cierski’s injury status and how the depth at tight end allowed that to not be a major limitation:

“Well any time you don’t have Tyler it’s a blow to us offensively. He brings toughness, and his ability to get us to run downhill. As you said, the luxury of having four tight ends going into the season would give us strength at that position. Having that personnel grouping allowed us to have some flexibility to continue to be able to get under center and run some of our downhill, power pro-style run plays. A guy like Devonte Campbell coming in, or a guy like Matt Furstenburg being able to fill those roles.”

On ball security and Wes Brown bouncing back this week:

“Well I think when you look at the turnovers that’s the one thorn in my side from an offensive standpoint. You can’t turn the ball over and be a good team. That’s the one thing we’ve stressed from day one, is not beating ourselves. We’ve been very fortunate here the past couple of weeks to come away with wins when you turn the ball over seven times as an offense. I think the young guys understand the importance of it. We’ve done some things to try and reemphasize ball security. I have no doubt in my mind that a guy like Wes will bounce back, those guys understand he’s been playing that position a long time. He understands the importance of it and I expect him to bounce back and as an offense the goal is to come out of this thing without turning it over and beating ourselves.”

On if he’d be satisfied with a 3-0 start:

“There’s no satisfaction because we have a long season and we’re playing a bunch of young players. It’s been my experience having done this quite a bit in my career that you like to see the consistency out of a young team where you’re able to do it. But every week is a new week with a young ball club and young players. For us, there will be some satisfaction if we can find a way to come away with the win. But it all starts back up on Sunday, when we go out and practice it’s a brand new week.”

On Kevin Dorsey and his status as a mentor to the younger receivers:

“Well I’ve seen the unselfishness, and I know our receivers would love to see the ball a little bit more. With a young quarterback I think they realize and understand it’s more about what our quarterback can execute. I think each week you’ll see us continue to be able to add or improve on what we take in based on how fast Perry [Hills] continues to develop. I’ve been really pleased with Kevin [Dorsey] and Kerry Boykins as senior receivers who’ve sacrificed for the sake of getting wins and helping the development of a young quarterback and offense. Those guys have been just tremendous from a leadership standpoint.”

On if the selflessness is something he pressed upon them or they brought on their own:

“I think communication is the key, and those guys understood when C.J. [Brown] went down, there were maybe going to be some things that would take some time with a young quarterback like Perry. It’s not anything that we had to go and talk about, but I think they understood being around the game as fifth year seniors what it takes.”

On what Brandon Ross brings to the table:

“I think because of his skill set he’s a homerun threat. I’ve been pleased with the running backs in general, minus the turnovers obviously. It gives you another weapon in your arsenal, and gives you a guy that has the ability to make some things happen. Maybe at the second level he can make a guy miss, and take it the distance. He has those types of abilities.”

On Albert Reid’s role:

“That’s the thing we talk about, roles are something that change daily based on performance and situations. Going into last week, the competition at that position has been pretty good. I like that; it’s something I wish we had at every position. Depth wise, we just don’t have it at the offensive line position, even somewhat at the receiver position. The depth isn’t there to have that type of competition, but those roles will be determined by how they practice during the week. We thought Wes practiced well last week, Albert [Reid] didn’t do anything wrong per se, but his role will be determined by how we finish up this week. This is the second day of our two really tough practices, Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll see what his role will be when we get closer to game time.”

On percent of his job is spent recruiting vs. coaching:

“It’s 50-50, you’re doing both. I’m a big believer that to be a complete coach you have to be a guy that can go out and get the groceries and come home and cook dinner. That’s just been my philosophy, I never wanted to be pegged just as a recruiter or pegged as a guy that just knows X’s and O’s. To the young coaches that I’ve often time spoke with about the business, I think you develop leverage with the ability to do both really well. Right now I have some work to do as a coach.”

On Notre Dame joining the ACC:

“I just heard that maybe an hour ago… Any time you can bring in a product like Notre Dame to our conference it helps. For right now, all my energy and thoughts are on getting ready for UConn and trying to put an offensive plan together.”

On the feelings as a recruiter when someone signs with you:

“Well you move on to the next recruit. You don’t have a lot of time to celebrate small victories, whether it’s recruiting or a game on Saturday. It’s unfortunate, we just talked about it a little as an offensive staff. There’s very little time to enjoy the process because as soon as you get a Stefon Diggs come in, then you’re on to the next guy whether it be for next year or next week. So it’s a short-lived excitement, but I think in the end it’s what you do as a coach.”


Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart

On the return of defensive backs Isaac Goins and Matt Robinson:

“It’s pretty exciting. It was unfortunate that Matt [Robinson] got hurt so early in training camp, but the experience he brings and the leadership he brings back there is pretty good. He’s tried to be a leader but it’s hard when you’re not on the field. Now with him getting the chance to be on the field and help out the young guys has been awesome. Isaac [Goins] had a great spring for us. We’re excited just to get him on the field to do some things with him.”

On if he thinks the secondary has been an issue:

“Obviously we’re a work in progress. I’d like to play better on the back end, you don’t like to give up touchdown passes or pass interferences. I think they’re getting better. As a group we play a lot of young guys, as we start to stabilize guys on the field the better we’ll get.”

On Sean Davis coming in and playing in his first year:

“I think he’s holding up ok. I think you guys had a chance to talk to him earlier in the week, and you see he’s a very personable kid. He’s going to do the best he can, and it’s just hard because things are a little different and faster than when you’re in high school. It’s a learning process for him, and I think it was a good process. I’d rather him get a chance to learn in a backup role rather than a starter role, but nonetheless it was a good learning process.”

On if he has seen Sean Davis grow rapidly over the past month:

“I think he did a great job. When you’re young as a whole, there’s not a lot of football experience you can go back on especially with the speed of the game at the college level. Those young guys just have to keep seeing it. The more playing time they get, the more motions they see, and the more things that happen to them the better they get.”

On what the offense can expect to see from Don Brown and how familiar he is with Brown:

“You know what, we have some guys like Keith Dudzinski who was on the staff with [Don Brown] for quite a while. He’s talked about his thought process and what he thinks Don does and likes to do. I pretty much focus on our guys and how I’m going to attack [Connecticut]. It should be fun, it sounds like there’s going to be two pretty aggressive, pressure defenses going on. It should be fun.”

On if there’s any frustration that the media is calling this game the “Randy Bowl”:

“This is the first time I’ve heard it called the “Randy Bowl”. The great thing about Coach Edsall is that we do everything the same. We practice the same, do meetings the same, recruit the same, so I haven’t noticed anything different. I just know that we have another football game against the University of Connecticut and we’re going to do everything we can to win that game.”

On why this unit has been able to come together and rank so highly in defensive statistics:

“I’m not a big numbers guy. I’m more about looking at what we need to do to win. I just think the basic foundation of our defense is if we can stop them running the ball, focus on third down, get them off the field, and not let them score, then we have an opportunity to win every game. Those are the things I focus and drive into our guys. I just really want to play our defense and get better at our defense. Winning each down one game at a time, down by down, that’s the main focus. That’s exactly what I want the players to think.”

On how Alex Twine has held up this season:

“I think Twine has played and done everything we’ve asked him to do with that position. A lot of times the coaches don’t get credit. I have to credit Lyndon Johnson, Keith Dudzinski, as well as Greg Gattuso with just coaching their guys and making sure they know the intricacies of each position.  They make sure when a guy is called to play, he can play and I can call a total menu of plays. When Twine got thrown in, he knew everything, not to mention he had the opportunity in the spring to be the starter. That helped tremendously. I think Twine, Sean Davis, and all those guys benefit from the way the coaches have taught and making sure everyone knows our scheme defensively.”

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Maryland-Temple kickoff time announced

Posted on 07 June 2012 by WNST Staff

Maryland-Temple Game Time Announced

Terps’ first road game of 2012 will start at noon and be shown on ESPNU

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Maryland’s first road game of the 2012 season, a matchup against Temple on Saturday, Sept. 8 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, will kick off at noon EDT and be shown nationally on ESPNU.

ESPN and the Big East Conference office announced a select group of game times and television outlets Thursday afternoon.

Maryland opens the season at home vs. William & Mary on Saturday, Sept. 1. That game will begin at 3 p.m. from Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium and be video streamed on ESPN3.

The Terps’ second home nonconference contest, a tilt vs. UConn on Saturday, Sept. 15, will begin at 12:30 p.m. and be televised regionally on the ACC Network.

Kick times for remaining games will be announced at a later date.

Atlantic Coast Conference game times are generally declared 12 days prior to the contest. The start times for Maryland’s other nonconference road game (at West Virginia, Sept. 22) will be announced by the Big 12 office.

A variety of season-ticket options are available starting as low as $114. There are also family 4-packs available for $420 and season-ticket holders have the ability to spread their cost over six monthly installments.

To view Maryland’s schedule, go to:


Terp Notes:

Edsall to Play in Two Charity Golf Events: Head coach Randy Edsall will participate in a pair of charity golf tournaments this month. He is scheduled to play in Monday’s 25th Annual Safeway Foundation Celebrity Pro-Am in Ellicott City, Md., which benefits Easter Seals in the Washington-Baltimore region. Edsall will also take part in the 16th Annual National Capital Golf Classic on Monday, June 18 at Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, Va. That event will benefit the American Cancer Society.

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Maryland-UConn game to kick off at 12:30, air on ACC Network

Posted on 17 May 2012 by WNST Staff

Maryland-UConn Game Time Announced

Terps’ second home game of 2012 will start at 12:30 p.m. and be shown on ACC Network

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Maryland’s third football game of the 2012 season, a home contest against the University of Connecticut on Saturday, Sept. 15, will kick off at 12:30 p.m. ET and be shown regionally on the ACC Network.

The Atlantic Coast Conference office announced game times and television outlets for the first three weeks of the 2012 season on Thursday.

The start time for Maryland’s season opener vs. William & Mary (Sept. 1) was previously announced. That contest will begin at 3 p.m. from Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium. The ACC confirmed the game will be streamed on ESPN3.

Kick times for remaining games will be announced at a later date.

Conference game times are generally declared 12 days prior to the contest. Start times for Maryland’s two nonconference road games (at Temple, Sept, 8; at West Virginia, Sept. 22) will be announced by the Big East and Big 12, respectively.


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Towson Hoops Adds Two to Recruiting Class

Posted on 11 April 2012 by WNST Staff

Tigers Add Guthrie & Marshall To Recruiting Class
Rafriel Guthrie and Marquis Marshall Sign National Letters Of Intent To Play For Towson

TOWSON, Md. – Towson head men’s basketball coach Pat Skerry has announced the addition of Rafriel Guthrie and Marquis Marshall to the Tigers’ 2012-13 recruiting class. Guthrie, a Washington, D.C. native, is a 6-3, 200-pound physical wing and Marshall is a 6-5, 170-pound versatile sharp-shooting guard from Reading, Pa.

Guthrie, who spent this past season playing for the College of Southern Idaho, will be a junior at Towson and can play immediately with two years of eligibility remaining. Marshall committed to Towson during the late signing period after starring for Berks Catholic High School.

“Rafriel Guthrie provides us with a level of tenaciousness that we sorely need,” said Skerry. “He can score, rebound and defend, but most importantly he plays extremely hard at all times. Marquis Marshall comes from great genes and is a terrific long-range shooter. He has a tremendous upside as he develops physically.”

During the 2011-12 season, Guthrie played in all 36 games with 34 starts at Southern Idaho, helping the Golden Eagles to a 31-5 overall record, a SWAC and Region 18 Championship and an eighth-place finish at the NJCAA National Tournament. The sophomore averaged 15.1 points, 7.7 rebounds and had 47 steals, all ranking second on the team. He also shot 49.0 percent from the floor and 35.0 percent from beyond the arc en route to being named an honorable mention National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) All-American.

Guthrie came to CSI from Seward County Community College where he started 27 of the team’s 34 games as a freshman in 2010-11. He averaged 13.0 points and 4.4 rebounds per game while helping the Saints to a 27-7 overall record.

Prior to his time at Seward County CC, Guthrie starred at Cardozo High School in Washington, D.C. During his senior year, Guthrie averaged 28.2 points and 8.0 rebounds for the Clerks. He also was a member of the Cardozo football team where he played outside linebacker and wide receiver.

Marshall led his high school team to a 28-3 record and the Berks County and District III championship in 2012. He was named All-County and Third Team All-State (Pa.) after averaging 16.0 points per game during his senior season.

Marshall is listed as a two-star recruit and has been rated as one of the Top 20 players coming out of the state of Pennsylvania this year.

Marshall’s father, Donyell, played in the National Basketball Association for 18 years. An All-American at the University of Connecticut, he finished his collegiate career by being selected as the BIG EAST Player of the Year in 1994. Donyell was drafted after his junior year at UConn by the Minnesota Timberwolves as the fourth overall pick in the 1994 NBA draft. He played for eight different NBA teams from 1994-2009 and averaged double figures in scoring in a season on 10 separate occasions.

Guthrie and Marshall join Towson’s early signees  Barrington AlstonJerome HairstonFrank Mason and Timajh Parker-Rivera to make up the Tigers’ six-man 2012-13 recruiting class. Towson’s recruiting class was listed as the best in the Colonial Athletic Association and No. 6 among non-BCS schools by CBS Sports during the early signing period. Towson will also gain the services of BIG EAST transfers Jerrelle Benimon and Mike Burwell, who both sat out the 2011-12 season per NCAA transfer rules.

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Maryland Announces 2012 Football Schedule

Posted on 27 February 2012 by WNST Staff

Terps will play six home games in 2012, including matchups with Florida State, Georgia Tech and Connecticut

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The 2012 Maryland football schedule, which includes league home games against Florida State and Georgia Tech, and a nonconference tilt with Connecticut, was announced jointly Monday by the Atlantic Coast Conference and the University.

Maryland will open 2012 season, the second under head coach Randy Edsall, on Saturday, Sept. 1 with a game against William & Mary, the first of six home contests.

The Terps, who face eight bowl teams from last year, will not play consecutive road or home games throughout 2012.

After a road trip to Temple on Sept. 8, the Terps return home on Sept. 15 to face Connecticut, where Edsall spent 12 years as head coach.

The Terps will face interstate rival West Virginia on Sept. 22 in Morgantown. Maryland and WVU will be facing each other for the third straight year after taking two years off in the series.

Maryland will enjoy a bye (Sept. 29) before entering conference play with a home game against Wake Forest (Oct. 6).

The Terps will play at border rival Virginia on Oct. 13 before facing a pair of Atlantic Division foes in NC State (Oct. 20 at home) and Boston College (Oct. 27 on the road).

Georgia Tech then visits College Park for the first time since 2007 on Nov. 3 and a road game against defending Atlantic Division champion Clemson follows on Nov. 10.

The Terrapins will face Florida State on Nov. 17, the final home contest for its senior class, before closing out the regular season at North Carolina on Nov. 26. The Terps and Tar Heels have not faced each other since 2008.

Game times will be announced at a later date. League home games are selected on a 12-day option by ESPN or the ACC Network. During the season, ESPN can choose certain ACC games on a six-day window. Times for early-season nonconference home games are announced in the summer.

Season tickets are now available for purchase and renewal.  A variety of season ticket options are available starting as low as $114. There are also family 4-packs available for $420 and season-ticket holders have the ability to spread their cost over six monthly installments.

Fans can purchase tickets by going to www.umterps.com or by calling the Terrapin Ticket Office at (301) 314-7070 or 1-800-IMA-TERP. Single-game tickets will be available at a later date.

2012 Schedule

Sept. 1    William & Mary

Sept. 8    @ Temple

Sept. 15   Connecticut

Sept. 22   @ West Virginia

Sept. 29   Open

Oct. 6      Wake Forest

Oct. 13    @ Virginia

Oct. 20    NC State

Oct. 27    @ Boston College

Nov. 3     Georgia Tech

Nov. 10    @ Clemson

Nov. 17    Florida State

Nov. 24    @ North Carolina

Home games in bold and played at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium; Times are TBA

Schedule Notes:

  • Nine bowl teams from last year appear on Maryland’s 2012 schedule: West Virginia (Discover Orange Bowl), Temple (Gilden New Mexico Bowl), Wake Forest (Franklin American Mortgage Music City), Virginia (Chick-fil-A Bowl), NC State (Belk Bowl), Georgia Tech (Hyundai Sun Bowl), Clemson (Discover Orange Bowl), Florida State (Champs Sports Bowl) and North Carolina (AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl).
  • Maryland and William & Mary will be meeting for the fifth time. The series is even at 2-all. The last meeting occurred in 2006 with the Terps posting a 27-14 victory in College Park. The teams hadn’t met since 1946.
  • Maryland leads the all-time series with Temple, 6-1. The Owls won their first game in the series last season, downing the Terps, 38-7.
  • Maryland and West Virginia are playing for the third straight season after taking two years off in the series. The two schools met annually from 1980 to 2007. The Mountaineers hold a 25-21-2 advantage in a series that dates back to 1919.
  • Connecticut and Maryland will be meeting for the just the second time. The Terps downed the Huskies, 34-0, in 1946. Randy Edsall was the head coach at UConn from 1999-2010.
  • Maryland owns a 42-17-1 advantage in the series against Wake Forest, including victories in nine of the last 13. The Terps have won five of the last six in College Park.
  • The Terps lead the all-time series with Virginia, 42-32-2. Maryland has won two of the last three in Charlottesville.
  • The all-time series with NC State is tied, 32-32-4. The Terps have won eight of the last 12 in the series.
  • Boston College leads the all-time series 6-3. Maryland and Boston College met for the first time in 21 years in Massachusetts in 2006 with the Eagles winning, 38-16 (in Chestnut Hill). Maryland’s 42-35 home victory in 2007 over the eighth-ranked Eagles snapped a three-game BC winning streak in the series. Maryland won the last time it visited Chestnut Hill (2010), its first victory in three trips.
  • Georgia Tech leads the series with the Terps, 14-6, having won four of the last five meetings. Five of the last seven games have been decided by five points or less.
  • Clemson holds a 32-26-2 advantage over Maryland in the series, but the Terps have won six of the last 11.
  • Florida State has a 20-2 edge in the all-time series, but both Maryland wins have come at home in the last eight meetings.

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Towson Visits Coppin Wednesday Night on WNST

Posted on 13 December 2011 by WNST Staff

Tigers Travel To Cross-Town Rival Coppin State Wednesday

Towson has won four straight verse the Eagles

TOWSON, Md. – After a three-game homestand, Towson returns to the road Wednesday, but only for a short trip to cross-town rival Coppin State. The Tigers will be looking for their first win of the season as the Eagles welcome them for a 7:30 p.m. tip at the Physical Education Complex in Baltimore.

The game can be heard locally on WNST-AM 1570 with Spiro Morekas and Vince Angotti calling the action.

Towson (0-9) has won four straight verse Coppin State, including an 89-74 home victory over the Eagles a year ago. Senior Robert Nwankwo has been outstanding in five games away from the Towson Center this season, averaging a double-double with 14.8 points and 10.2 rebounds.

Coppin State (3-5) has played the nation’s toughest non-conference schedule thus far according to the Pomeroy Ratings. The Eagles have played road contests against Oklahoma, UConn, Purdue and Illinois.

The Eagles are led by senior Tony Gallo’s 18.1 points and 4.3 assists per game. The point guard has drilled 24 three-point field goals on the year, including four in Sunday’s loss to Illinois.

Towson leads the all-time series with Coppin State, 6-3, and both squads have won once in the two games played in Baltimore.


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Towson Football Names Captains, Bring in UConn Transfer

Posted on 05 August 2011 by WNST Staff

TOWSON, Md. – For the first time in the history of the Towson University football program, the Tigers will have six team captains, it has been announced by Coach Rob Ambrose.

The Tigers have selected two seniors, three juniors and a sophomore as their team captains for the 2011 season. There are three offensive players and three defensive players.

Offensive tackle Henry Glackin and defensive tackle Marcus Valentine are the Tigers’ senior co-captains.

A three-year starter at left tackle, Glackin enters the 2011 campaign with the most experience among the Tigers’ offensive linemen. A 6-4, 280-pound veteran, Glackin has played in 25 career games with 19 starts. A two-year starter at defensive tackle, Valentine has started 22 consecutive games. Last season, the 6-2, 274-pound lineman was ninth on the team with 40 tackles.

Junior defensive back Jordan Dangerfield, junior quarterback Brian Potts and junior linebacker Danzel White will also serve as team captains this season.

A transfer from Hofstra University, Dangerfield appeared in all 11 games last season, his first with the Tigers. He led the team with 96 tackles and broke up five passes. He ranked second among all Colonial Athletic Association defensive backs in tackles.

A two-year letter winner, Potts has appeared in ten games and started twice. He has passed for 548 yards to date. An outstanding student, he was the winner of the Tigers’ Academic Award last season.

White, who is the probable starter at middle linebacker for the Tigers, returns to the team after sitting out the 2010 season. In 2009, he led the Tigers with 105 tackles in only ten games. He missed the season finale with an injury.

Only the fourth Tiger sophomore to serve as a team captain, offensive lineman Eric Pike emerged as a team leader last year. A 6-5, 295-pound right tackle, he was starter in all 11 games during the 2010 season.

Pike joins Joe Zanelotti (1969), Jim Sandusky (1973) and Dan Dullea (1974) as the only sophomores to serve as team captains for the Tiger football team.

The Tigers, who open their pre-season camp on Sunday, August 7, will start their 43rdseason of college football on Saturday, Sept. 3 when they host Morgan State at Johnny Unitas® Stadium.

TOWSON, Md. – Former All-State performer Leon Kinnard, who played scholastically at nearby Loyola High School, has transferred to Towson University from the University of Connecticut and will join the Tigers in time for the 2011 season, it has been announced by Coach Rob Ambrose.

Kinnard, who played quarterback at Loyola High School, was recruited to UConn by Coach Ambrose when he was the Offensive Coordinator for the Huskies. The 5-10, 185 Kinnard appeared in five games at wide receiver for UConn last season. He completed one pass for three yards and ran for 18 yards on four carries.

After the season, Coach Randy Edsall left UConn to become the coach at Maryland. Paul Pasqualoni was hired to replace him. That played a factor in Kinnard’s decision to transfer to Towson.

As a senior at Loyola, he captained the Dons to a perfect 11-0 record and was named second team All-Metro. He was also an honorable mention All-State selection.

In his junior season with the Dons, he passed for 1,489 yards and threw 13 touchdown passes as he was named second team All-State. As a sophomore, he passed for 1,415 yards and 11 touchdowns, earning honorable mention All-State notice.

“Coming to Towson is a great opportunity for me,” says Kinnard. “I know that I could have contributed if I had stayed at UConn. But, I think I have a chance to contribute even more at Towson. I am just looking forward to playing football. I am excited to be playing for Coach Ambrose and having some fun.”

At Towson, he will be re-united with offensive center Doug Shaw, a sophomore who was his teammate at Loyola High School.

“Playing on the same with Doug is just another ‘perk’ of this decision,” he added. “We were teammates in high school and I’m excited to be his teammate again.”

Coach Ambrose says, “Leon is a phenomenal young man. When I was recruiting him for UConn, one of the things that appealed to me about him was his personality. He can help a team in so many ways.

“At UConn, we recruited him to be a quarterback,” Coach Ambrose added. “After I left, I am not sure what happened. He is the type of player who makes plays. The wider the field, the more effective he is. We are probably going to use him at quarterback first because that will help him learn the offense quicker.

“But, he could do a number of different things for us,” he said. “He could play wide receiver, running back, defensive back and return kicks. I may not know where he will contribute but I know he will contribute.”

At Towson, he will be able to play this season and he will have three years of eligibility remaining.


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A child gives away the souvenir of a lifetime, for the right reasons ....

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A child gives away the souvenir of a lifetime, for the right reasons ….

Posted on 05 April 2011 by Rex Snider

If you’re wandering around a sports-themed format, today, your eyes and ears will undoubtedly be treated to a plethora of Orioles “band wagoning”, on the heels of four consecutive victories to start the season. It’s accolades across the board for every player wearing orange and black.

Along with some mitigating feedback on UConn’s NCAA Championship, it’s a rather predictable day in Baltimore’s sports banter and discussion …..

Dare to be different, right?

Hey, I talk and write about the birds as much as anyone; I did it yesterday and I’ll be doing it, again, tomorrow.

But, today, I want to share a story – and perhaps a bit of a life lesson – provided by a child, in Chicago. It’s just a quick account of selflessness and generosity …..

Many of us recall the legend of William “The Refrigerator” Perry and his folk-hero existence among many personalities on the 1985 Chicago Bears. Like many athletes, the ‘Fridge lived life in the fast lane, as he balanced money and fame with the sudden reality that he had no experience in handling either.

And like many former athletes, he lost everything.

Some of his failures and financial woes can be attributed to health issues. But, much of Perry’s problems have been bound in bad decisions and the bottle, or a combination of both. By many accounts, he’s a living example of the impact felt by overindulgence.

Enough said on the subject and the man – at least, from my perspective. If you have a few moments, read the attached article and learn how one child recently did a very generous thing for Perry. Yet, at the same time, the gesture and spirit of the message is not about the ‘Fridge, as much as it’s about doing something nice …..

Find the article HERE

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Maryland plays it safe in hiring Edsall

Posted on 03 January 2011 by Luke Jones

A volatile three weeks at the University of Maryland culminated with an underwhelming decision Sunday afternoon.

Despite rampant rumors of Mike Leach bringing his “Air Raid” offense to College Park — along with the baggage attached to the talented, but controversial coach — Maryland ultimately played it safe with the hiring of Randy Edsall less than 24 hours after his Connecticut team fell to Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

Full disclosure is needed before I continue.

The 52-year-old and I both attended Susquehannock High School in Glen Rock, Pa. (a brief 40-minute drive from Baltimore up I-83 for those wondering). It’s not often that the new head coach of a college football program that you cover just happens to be a fellow “Warrior,” so I took a personal interest when Edsall’s name was gaining steam last week.

That said, I’ve never met the man and am only privy to second-hand information from mutual acquaintances still residing in the area. Edsall is a highly-respected, hard-working coach who even returned to his alma mater to speak at graduation just a few years ago.

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Maryland football supporters are undoubtedly scratching their heads that a man coming from such an ordinary program has been selected to transform the Terps from “good to great,” as athletic director Kevin Anderson professed two weeks ago.

With the backlash of the dismissal of Ralph Friedgen still being felt by the university, Edsall’s hiring is not the dynamic move most anticipated to invigorate a declining — and now, angry — fan base.

But it may prove to be the right one.

Given the circumstances surrounding the coaching change, fans are justified in feeling let down after most pointed to Leach to take the program to the next level. And make no mistake, the university didn’t fire Friedgen — a Maryland alum who gave everything he had to the program — with a pedestrian-looking replacement like Edsall in mind, at least initially.

But when it came time to step to the plate with the self-imposed deadline of January 4th approaching quickly, Anderson and other university leaders made the careful choice.

Perhaps Maryland feared Leach would simply use the school as a stepping stone to an elite job, bolting in a year or two for the SEC or a return to the Big XII.

Or maybe the stigma of his treatment of receiver Adam James at Texas Tech — murky details aside — and the messy divorce in Lubbock that followed proved too big a risk.

The Utopian link between Leach and Under Armour’s Kevin Plank that some dreamed would cultivate Maryland into a powerhouse like Nike-created Oregon sounded so great on paper, but apparently wasn’t meant to be.

Instead, Maryland grabbed Edsall, a man who quietly built something of his own over the last 12 years at Connecticut. If circumstances had been different and Edsall had been hired after last season’s 2-10 disaster or following a more harmonious departure by Friedgen, it’s a move that likely would have been better-received.

Edsall’s arrival in College Park by itself won’t spike season-ticket sales or fill the empty suites in Tyser Tower, but the one thing that will is winning. With a strong cast returning in 2011, the program will likely get a slight boost in sales despite adjusting to a new coaching staff. Maintaining that momentum and taking it to greater heights will be the challenge in the years to come.

Coaching hires should be made with the next 10 years in mind, not the next 10 months, so it’s hard to ignore the resume built by Edsall at Connecticut.

Arriving in Storrs 12 years ago with the Huskies still a Div. I-AA team playing in the Atlantic 10, Edsall left on the heels of a Big East championship and Fiesta Bowl appearance at a school where most people are talking college basketball year-round. Despite the weak nature of the Big East, that transformation doesn’t just happen with a few decent recruits and a solid playbook.

That feverish work ethic and perseverance is what makes him appealing enough to think it might just work at Maryland. Taking the football program to the next level will take plenty of work, and his career suggests he might stick around long enough for it to happen. Despite hearing his name as a candidate for several higher-profile jobs over the years — including Notre Dame a year ago — Edsall remained at UConn, transforming the Huskies from an independent doormat (a 5-19 record in their first two years at the Div. I-A level) to a viable contender in a BCS conference (33-19 in the last four years).

Edsall will need to continue to improve and evolve as he now steps outside his comfort level. He’ll face the same challenges that plagued Friedgen in College Park, such as difficulty in attracting top talent and a fickle fan base. As he did at Connecticut, he’ll be coaching at a basketball-first school and faces an uphill battle in appeasing the large portion of fans unhappy with the ugly dumping of Friedgen.

His results at Connecticut (74-70 with five bowl appearances) are impressive in relative terms, but not exactly eye-popping by any stretch of the imagination. Expectations will be much higher at Maryland considering the circumstances of his arrival.

To succeed in taking Maryland to the next level, he will need to put in the same tireless hours he spent at UConn, building credibility in the Baltimore-Washington area and attracting top talent to College Park.

Edsall is the safe play, but only time will tell whether it was the right one.

Flashy hires may steal the headlines and produce giddy feelings — Charlie Weis at Notre Dame comes to mind — but can fail quite easily. And even the dullest appointments — like Ohio State hiring Youngstown State’s Jim Tressel — can produce sensational results.

Of course, Maryland lacks the prestige or enormous budgets of the aforementioned programs, but the principles of hiring remain the same.

Not many fans were thrilled when the Ravens hired a man known only as Jim Harbaugh’s brother three years ago. However, as John Harbaugh and the Ravens embark on their third consecutive trip to the playoffs, it’s safe to say they made the right choice, even after being spurned by hotshot coordinator Jason Garrett.

Looking into the crystal ball is always a precarious task, but Edsall ultimately provided the cleanest picture in the eyes of Maryland.

Now we’ll see if he’s up to the challenge.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/21/09)

Posted on 21 October 2009 by Jack McManus


Dean Evason, assistant coach of the Washington Capitals is on to talk some hockey. He begins by talking about the use of Alexander Ovechkin in shootouts. He explains that when a team has the best player in the world, it must use him as much as possible. He next talks about the tough schedule that Caps have faced in the early going.


Joe Sheehan from Baseball Prospectus is the next guest. He states that the Angels missed out on an opportunity last night when they faced CC Sabathia on 3 days rest. Sheehan next talks about the defensive performance of Mark Teixeira. He explains that Teixeira had previously played thirdbase before coming to the majors which contributes to his range. He states that Teixeira should be a leading contender for the Gold Glove Award. Moving on to the Angels, Sheehan talks about how the team will try and keep some of its impending free agents. In regards to Chone Figgins, Sheehan does not see the Orioles as a good fit. Sheehan finishes up by talking about the high turnover in managers during the season and how this means that we will not see many moves on that front coming up.



Glenn is on with a Ravens Report. He explains why the team takes days off during the bye week despite the current losing streak. He states that if the coaches scheduled practice each day, they would lose the players. The team instead is able to relax and treat the next ten games as a whole new season. On the injury front, Jared Gaither stated he would definitely play against the Broncos and Kelley Washington would not have any problems due to the concussion he suffered.  Also, Michael Oher will not continue the feud between himself and Jared Allen.


Clark Judge from CBS Sports is up with Drew. He attended the Ravens-Vikings game and had this reaction. He starts off by talking about the disappointments that are the San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans. He also talks about how the Broncos have shocked everyone with their undefeated start. He next explains how the Redskins’ Jim Zorn has had his leadership taken away along with his play-calling duties. Judge also describes the risk of starting a rookie quarterback. He thinks that the Jets may have made a mistake by handing Mark Sanchez the starting job.



Another caller starts to talk about the Raven’s weakness against the pass. He states that since the team seems to have major problems in coverage, the team should instead focus on playing more physically. Yet another caller brings up the play of Ed Reed. He states that while Reed is an excellent player, his risk-taking has hurt the Ravens coverage this season.



A caller talks about the struggles of the Ravens defense. He gives each defensive starter, except for Ray Lewis and Jarret Johnson, a failing grade for the season so far. He states that Greg Mattison is too passive to be an effective defensive coordinator in this league.   



Glenn and Drew start discussing Maryland Athletic Director Debbie Yow. Chris Turner’s father recently made a message board post titled “Get rid of Yow” on insidemdsports.com. The athletic director must be able to effectively balance making money with putting good teams on the field/court.


Next up is the head coach of the Northeastern Huskies, Rocky Hager. He starts off by talking about the challenging schedule his team has faced so far. He next talks about maintaining balance on offense. Injuries to the team’s quarterbacks have caused the team to allow more turnovers than Hager would like. Hager also explains that his team is not as bad as its 0-6 record. He states that his team just needs to be more consistent and put everything together for an entire game. Hager moves on to the competitiveness of the CAA. He believes that the CAA has clearly risen to the top of the conferences in the FCS and can be called the SEC of the lower division.



I’m making my return from swine flu this morning. Rob Ambrose comes on to talk with Drew. He talks about dealing with the tragedy involving the UConn football team. He also talks about facing the winless Northeastern Huskies this weekend.

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