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Jay Greene — a UMBC Hall of Famer and “Life Hall of Famer”

Posted on 24 January 2014 by Drew Forrester

Occasionally in these parts, a college athlete comes along that I consider “ultra special”.

I give him or her that sort of identification for both their work on and off the playing field.

Reggie Holmes of Morgan State was that kind of player a few years back when he starred for Morgan State’s basketball team.  I watched him play about a dozen or so home games at Hill Field House and had the pleasure of meeting him personally and later interviewing him several times on the show.  He was as good at being a young man as he was at playing basketball.

That’s also why I’m so fond of UMBC assistant basketball coach Jay Greene.

I’m not bashful or ashamed to admit when someone is my favorite player of a certain team.  Anyone who has listened to the radio show over the last decade knows my favorite Raven ever is tight end Dan Wilcox.  Holmes would be my favorite Morgan State player, for sure.

Jay Greene is my all-time favorite at UMBC, and I’ve seen hundreds of games at the RAC in my lifetime.

This might be hard to believe if you ever had the pleasure of seeing Greene play for the Retrievers, but he’s a better guy than basketball player.

He’s ultra special.

I’ve played golf with Jay in the UMBC tournament, sat in the stands with him and watched Phil Stern’s Lady Retrievers and interviewed him on the show several times.

They don’t make ’em like Jay Greene anymore.

Please take a minute to read this piece written about him back in 2008 when he was helping the Retrievers win the America East title and advance to the NCAA Tournament.  THIS SUMS UP THE SPIRIT OF JAY GREENE.

Tomorrow, Jay gets inducted into the UMBC Hall of Fame.  I’ll be there for both games at the RAC, as the Women (1pm) and Men (3:30) take on Hartford prior to Jay’s ceremony on Saturday evening.

I had Jay on the show with me this past Wednesday, along with his high school coach Jerry Radoka and former UMBC teammate Matt Spadafora.  GIVE IT A LISTEN HERE.

If you can’t “ultra special” in his voice, I can’t help ya.

Congrats to my favorite UMBC player of all time and a Hall of Fame person.



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