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Monday's PM Crab Cakes and Light Beer

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Monday’s PM Crab Cakes and Light Beer

Posted on 05 April 2010 by Chris Bonetti

Suggested Reading

SportingNews.com:  Outstanding TSN College Hoops columnist Mike DeCourcy suggests, “Don’t believe all the David-Goliath nonsense.” And you know what?  I agree, Mike.  In fact, not only will I take the Bulldogs and the 7.5 points, but I’ll pick Butler outright.  Just saying, the Monday night National Championship Game is the easiest big-time sports ticket to get your hands on.  You better believe all those West Virginia and Michigan State fans’ seats will be occupied with folks from Indy rooting for Butler.  If this game is tight with four minutes to go, it’ll be great to watch Duke’s Big 3 try to score against the stingy Bulldogs’ defense in front of a hugely pro-Butler crowd.  Butler has won 25 games in a row and hasn’t allowed any opponent in the Tournament to score more than 59 points.  If guard Shelvin Mack, who battled leg cramp issues, and center Matt Howard, who had concussion like symptoms, are ready to roll 100 percent with Gordon Hayward, Duke gets over that 60-point watermark, but it won’t be enough to prevent coach Brad Stevens’ team’s 26th straight win.

SI.com: College Basketball columnist, Andy Glockner breaks down tonight’s title tilt position by position in, “Title game matchup: Duke vs. Butler.”

NY Times: Kevin Armstrong takes a closer look at the off-court statistics of Duke and Butler in, “For Butler and Duke, a Very Public Affair.” They are the first two private schools to meet for the National Championship since Villanova-Georgetown 25 years ago.

USAToday.com: Bob Kimball dissects Tiger’s press conference from The Masters this afternoon in, “Tiger Woods speaks: Praises fans, apologizes to fellow pros on Tour”

ESPN.com: Sal Paolantonio looks back at McNabb’s career in Philadelphia in, “Eagles decide McNabb’s time is up.”

SI.com: A weekly must read, Peter King’s, “Monday Morning Quarterback: How the McNabb-to-Redskins trade impacts the rest of the NFL, draft.”

FanHouse: Kevin Blackistone unfortunately tells us about Matt James, an All American football recruit headed to Notre Dame in September, whom fell to his death while on Spring Break with friends in Panama City, FL this past weekend in, “An ‘Incredible future’ ends needlessly.”

ESPN.com:  Boxing columnist Dan Rafael says, “It’s time for Hopkins and Jones to retire,” after their bout this weekend in Las Vegas, won by Bernard Hopkins via unanimous decision.

Video of the Day

There’s been a lot of talk about DaSean Butler’s knee injury and its aftermath Saturday night with Bob Huggins consoling his senior, whom turned out to have a torn ACL and sprained MCL.  An odd sight sure… but a definite true sign of a coach’s compassion for his player.  I loved it; thought it was great.  However, I do have a HUGE problem with something.  The way Butler was carried from the floor was utterly UNACCEPTABLE!  How can a team physician and training staff not immobilize the knee in any way and allow two other players to carry their teammate of the floor with his leg just dangling, knocking against the ground with every step.  Jeez, further damage can be done so easily in that situation.  Unreal.

Tweets of the Day

The President of the United States, Barack Obama – BarackObama

Opening the 2010 baseball season with the first pitch at Nationals Park today.

The Trips Tab at WNST.net – WNST

News: Capitals Playoff Puck Bus now on sale via TRIPS tab: Join the WNST “Rock The Red” Baltimore crew for an “all… http://bit.ly/bBMlhb

The Trips Tab at WNST.net – WNST

News: Yankee Stadium bustrip for Wednesday, May 5 matinee now onsale: Miller Lite presents another WNST Orange Roa… http://bit.ly/dDqKYD

ESPN MLB Columnist, Jayson Stark – jaysonst

Nationals haven’t allowed 11 R on Opening Day since . . . well, last year . . . when they gave up 12 to Florida. Quite a tradition.

SI MLB Insider, Jon Heyman – SI_JonHeyman

just asked lasorda in lunchroom why padilla started today. “i dont know. you know how many people asked me that question?”

New York Times College Basketball Columnist, Pete Thamel – PeteThamelNYT

Just talked to a Butler official who said that the players went to their 9 a.m., 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. classes today. Back for 12:30 film.

WNST NFL Correspondent, Chris Pika – BlogAndTackle

Butler-Duke tonight would be a game I’d like to see Jim Nantz lose his voice, and CBS go to the bullpen for Gus Johnson.

FoxSports.com College Basketball Columnist, Jeff Goodman – goodmanonfox

Fran Fraschilla, according to sources close to the situation, has withdrawn from the Iona opening.

SI.com NFL Columnist, Peter King – SI_PeterKing

I like the trade. Helps both teams. Lets Reid move on with kid he thinks could be ARodgers. Gives Shanny top-12 QB to play aerial game.

Former Ravens, Browns Scout and friend of WNST, Daniel Jeremiah – MoveTheSticks

Theory for the Eagles must be to let Kolb and the other young skill guys grow up together. That way they hit their prime at the same time

ESPN NFL Insider, Chris Pika – Adam_Schefter

McNabb has 3rd-highest winning percentage among active quarterbacks (83-45-1, .647) behind Manning (119-59, .669) and Brady (88-25, .779).

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“Ray Lewis is going to be a guy we’re going to pay a lot of money to in order to keep”

Posted on 09 February 2009 by caseywillett

Those are the words of Coach John Harbaugh as he spoke to USA Today as it relates to Ray Lewis and his future with the Ravens.

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Saturday Ravens Show

Posted on 27 December 2008 by caseywillett

Be sure to join myself and Ray Bachman today from 11am- 1pm  as we talk all things Ravens. You can join us by calling 410-481-1570, or emailing the show at casey@wnst.net or ray@wnst.net.

Here is what we have on the show this week :

– will look back at the Ravens victory over the Cowboys including Derrick Mason’s amazing performance

-preview the Jaguars -Ravens game with a shot at the playoffs on the line

-talk Ravens and NFL football with Jim Corbett of USA Today

discuss the award winners for the Ravens as voted on by the media

-my 1 on 1 with Willie Anderson as we discuss all things offensive line and Joe Flacco

-and hear audio  from several players and coaches this week from the Ravens facility


Your thoughts, comments, and anything else are always welcome.

410-481-1570 to reach the show

casey@wnst.net, ray@wnst.net to reach us via email.

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Dick LeBeau Tribute Well Deserved

Posted on 21 November 2008 by Brian Billick

Last night the Pittsburgh Steelers’ had a pregame celebration honoring defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau’s 50 years in the NFL. That included a video tribute of LeBeau highlights, featuring several of his 62 career interceptions.  Dick has long been one of the great coaches in this league.  Virtually every team in the NFL runs some for or another of concepts LeBeau initiated in this league.

Dick LeBeau attended the Ohio State University, playing for famed coach Woody Hayes, and was on the 1957 national championship team, playing at cornerback and halfback. Also in 1957, playing both sides of the ball, he scored two touchdowns as Ohio State came back to beat Michigan 31-14.

He was initially drafted in the fifth round in 1959 by the Cleveland Browns but was cut from their team, and was signed as a rookie free agent by the Detroit Lions. He spent his entire 14 year NFL career with them as a defensive back, teamed during the early part of that run with Dick “Night Train” Lane and Yale Lary, and later with Lem Barney. He was a Pro Bowl selection in 1965 through 1967. He was a leading interceptor, with 62 career interceptions for 762 return yards and 3 touchdowns, and holds the NFL record for consecutive game appearances for a cornerback with 171. He also recovered 9 fumbles, returning them for 53 yards and a touchdown.

As an assistant coach he is credited with inventing the “Fire Zone” or “zone blitz” defense, which employs unpredictable pass rushes and pass coverage from various players. His defenses typically employ 3-4 sets, with any of the 4 linebackers and frequently a defensive back among the pass rushers, while defensive linemen may drop back into short pass coverage zones to compensate for the pass rush coming from other positions. The design is intended to confuse the opposition’s quarterback and frustrate its blocking schemes, as the offense may be unsure on each play of which defenders will rush the passer and which will drop into coverage. While often described as a “blitzing” scheme (implying more than the typical number of four pass rushers used by most defenses), the call on any particular “zone blitz” play may involve only three or four pass rushers but from unpredictable positions and angles. LeBeau is beloved among his players, many of whom refer to him as “Coach Dad.”

His approach and accomplishments are unquestioned. This year’s defensive group for the Steelers is not different. Ravens’ fans are justly proud of their defense this year and the legacy that group has created. But if you look at the numbers you can’t help but be impressed with LeBeau and how the Steelers operate.

This year the Steelers currently rank 1st in the NFL in defensive total yards, and rushing yards, and rank 4th and 5th respectively in points allowed and passing yards. What is more impressive is who they do it with. Coach LeBeau’s defense does not require a stable of All Pros. This year, according to USA Today’s salary survey, the Steelers have a total of $128 million in salaries of which the defense is responsible for only 37% at $48 million. Compare that to the Ravens’ $90 million in total salaries of which the defense accounts for 65% at $59 million. Only four of the top ten Steelers salaries are on the defensive side of the ball while eight of the top ten paid Ravens are on the defense.

This is in no way meant to be a criticism of the Ravens and how they (and I) spent their money. It simply underlines the accomplishments of a coach like Dick LeBeau and what he has been able to consistently establish on the defensive side of the ball with his approach and tactics.

Dick LeBeau is what every player, coach, scout, owner and fan should aspire to be. His love and commitment to the game is pure and unselfish.

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