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Drew’s Morning Dish — Wed., May 1

Posted on 01 May 2013 by Drew Forrester

Maybe now Greg Norman will shut up.

PGA Tour player Vijay Singh had his potential 1-year suspension thrown out yesterday after a governing body on performance-enhancing drugs told us what we already knew — that deer antler spray isn’t illegal because there’s nothing in it that helps you.

Singh, after the SI.com story last February named him as a user of the product, was eligible for a one-year suspension after admitting he used deer antler spray, which supposedly contains IGF-1, a banned substance in several leagues including the NFL and PGA Tour.

Ray Lewis, of course, was also named in the SI.Com article, which came out on Tuesday of Super Bowl week while the Ravens were in New Orleans preparing to play the 49’ers.

Greg Norman went nuts earlier this week in an article that originated out of Australia, claiming the PGA Tour’s current drug testing method (urine test) is disgraceful and calling for blood tests to verify who is clean and who isn’t.

He didn’t name Singh, specifically, but it’s widely known on TOUR that the 3-time major champion isn’t among the most popular figures in the locker room and the deer antler spray controversy hasn’t helped his image.

Only one problem:  Singh didn’t really do anything wrong in this situation.  Deer antler spray has as much effectiveness as it would if you spread toothpaste under your armpits.

That he came clean from the beginning and said, “I’ve been talking to this nut job Mitch Ross and I’m using that deer antler spray” should be proof he wasn’t trying to actually cheat.  Singh, of course, will never live down a cheating incident during the early days of his career in an Asian Tour event in the 1980’s when he changed his scorecard after a round.

In this case, though, Singh wasn’t cheating.

He was simply fooled by a snake oil salesman.

It happens to the best of ’em.

Just ask Ray Lewis.


LOL at Geno Smith.

The 39th player taken in the draft last week, the former West Virginia QB fired his agent yesterday.

Apparently, Smith thought he should have been the #1 pick in the entire draft and holds his agent accountable for the fact that he was passed up 38 times before finally being selected by the Jets.

I think Smith would have made as much sense if he would have fired his agent BECAUSE he got picked by the Jets.

That would have made as much sense as firing the guy because you weren’t selected number one overall.

I have a feeling we’re going to get lots of laughs out of Geno during his time in New York.


BTW, for the record, I’m taking Pittsburgh to beat Chicago in the NHL Finals.

That is, if Sydney Crosby returns to the Penguins for these playoffs, which apparently he will.

Without Crosby, they can’t win it all.

With him, as much as it pains me to say it, they’ll raise the Cup again in June.


Zach Britton is gone after one start.

Who comes up?

My guess is its Freddy Garcia.  He’ll start Saturday in Anaheim.

I wonder if Britton knew he was on such a short leash?  One start, not good, back to the minors.

Anyway, Garcia won’t be around for long.  He’ll have a good start or two, but when the dust settles and he’s made ten starts in orange, you’ll be clamoring for his release.




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