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Yes, Ralph Friedgen DID Tell Me He Burned His Maryland Diploma…

Posted on 30 September 2011 by Glenn Clark

I was as caught off guard as you were Thursday afternoon.

Former University of Maryland Terrapins football coach Ralph Friedgen joined me on “The Reality Check” on AM1570 WNST.net. My Executive Producer Ryan Chell had reached out to “The Fridge” earlier in the week to coordinate the interview after Baltimore Ravens WR Torrey Smith’s breakout performance against the St. Louis Rams.

Smith had told me in the locker room that while he was hearing criticism from fans and media during Training Camp and the start of the regular season he had reached out to Friedgen. He said Friedgen had helped him stay positive.

With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to chat with Coach Friedgen about Torrey, fellow former Terps WR LaQuan Williams and CB Domonique Foxworth, who the Ravens unfortunately just lost again for the season due to a knee injury.

I had no idea what to expect after I asked Friedgen my first question that wasn’t Ravens related.

Thankfully Patrick Stevens from the Washington Times transcribed the back and forth Thursday evening. You can listen to the entire interview HERE.

Clark: I think the one thing everyone wants to know is what are you up to right now?

Friedgen: Well, right now, I’m sitting on my deck looking over the marsh into the — reading a USA Today.

Clark: Not a bad life.

Friedgen: No, I’m enjoying it very much. I do miss our players. I don’t miss all the other stuff, but I do miss the players. I miss the interaction with them. I miss dealing with them. I’m a little bit surprised I don’t miss all the stuff that goes around.

Clark: Well, you did it —

Friedgen: Forty-three years. I may get back into it. I may have a couple other things that pop up. I may be back, so we’ll see.

Clark: Is it tough for you to watch? Have you sat down and watched any Maryland games or is it tough for you to do that. I know you love the kids, but I also know you’re a Maryland alum, and it’s got to be a little painful.

Friedgen: Well, it’s not painful because I watch it for the kids. I could care less about Maryland. I’ve burned my diploma. I’m flying a Georgia Tech flag right now.

Clark: [laughing] That’s hurtful coach. I don’t want to hear that. I’m a Maryland alum.

Friedgen: Well, they talk about Maryland pride. They didn’t show me a whole lot of Maryland pride, either getting the job or getting fired.

Clark: OK.

Friedgen: I had a unique experience. I couldn’t get the game last week so I had to go to a sports bar to watch it. I never knew all that stuff went on, people cheering for all this stuff. It was a whole new experience. My daughter came down this week. I went fishing with her. I’ve never done these things with my kids. She caught a 28-inch redfish. She was ecstatic. I never experienced some of this stuff. It’s like my whole life has changed. I’m kind of catching up on some things I probably should have done a lot earlier in my life but haven’t been able to do it.

I’m very aware that a number of Maryland fans are worked up about Friedgen’s response. Given everything that has transpired since December 2010 it is hard to blame him for his angst, but certainly difficult to stomach what he had to say.

I’ll let you decide what you think this time.


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The 15-7-0 Wants To Kick Floyd Mayweather’s Ass Too…

Posted on 19 September 2011 by Glenn Clark

You know how it works. 15 positive football observations, 7 “not so” positive football observations and one “oh no” moment from outside the world of football.

You might be able to guess what it is.

(As a reminder, we don’t do Ravens analysis here. We do PLENTY of that elsewhere. This is about the rest of the world of football.)

15 Positive Observations…

1. Navy won’t want to hear it, but they SHOULD take a moral victory from their loss to South Carolina

I get it. No one likes moral victories. But the Midshipmen went to Columbia, faced a completely legit Top 10 Gamecocks team and had them on their heels throughout.

Unfortunately for the Mids, they didn’t have Marcus Lattimore. He’s apparently pretty good…

2. Tom Brady and Drew Brees are good at football. Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about them?

I feel like everyone’s always talking about stars like Bruce Gradkowski and Alex Smith. Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the little guys in New England and New Orleans?

I of course picked San Diego to beat the Patriots. But really, what the eff do I know about football anyway?

If you enjoy watching fat men run (and who doesn’t?), have another look at Vince Wilfork’s interception…

3. Since appearing on WNST, Baltimore native Jim Schwartz has seen his Detroit Lions outscore their opponents 48-3

Of course that’s because the Mt. St. Joe grad joined Drew Forrester on “The Morning Reaction” Friday before the Lions put the 45 point pounding on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Also this weekend Justin Verlander won his 24th game and the Detroit Tigers clinched the AL Central. In Charm City this weekend we watched the Ravens lose to the Titans and we have no freaking clue what the Orioles might have done.

Am I really feeling jealousy towards the Motor City?

4. I’m gonna go ahead and stop picking against Boise State now

In three games this season, I’ve picked Boise State to lose twice. I thought a SEC power like Georgia would teach them a lesson in Atlanta. I thought an upstart like Toledo would pull the stunner at home after nearly toppling Ohio State.

Look, we call my picks segment “Everybody Beats Glenn” for a reason.

5. Jesse Holley is the greatest* Wide Receiver to ever win a TV reality show

If you don’t know the story, Jesse Holley won Michael Irvin’s SpikeTV reality show “4th & Long” to get a spot in Dallas Cowboys Training Camp. He went from that to the practice squad, from the practice squad to the active roster, from the active roster to making his first NFL catch, from making his first NFL catch to coming within a foot of beating the 49ers…

…from coming within a foot of beating the 49ers to holding a celebration that I believe is still going on at this moment.

Oh yeah, Tony Romo played this game with a fractured rib. We’re not going to talk about that though because it doesn’t involve him humping Jessica Simpson. (But it should!)

6. The Buffalo Bills are all that’s right with America…or something like that

I have no idea if the Bills are any good, but Ryan Fitzpatrick is fun to watch and I can support the idea of the Oakland Raiders losing.

The Bills have more wins thus far this season than Lee Evans does. Chew on that.

7. Oklahoma was about as much better than Florida State as everyone thought they were

Why don’t my teams ever make plays like the one Sooners QB Landry Jones and WR Kenny Stills made the other night?

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Reality Sets In After Maryland Crushed at Duke

Posted on 13 February 2010 by Glenn Clark

Durham, NC Coming in, it had the feeling of a Maryland-Duke classic.

Before Saturday’s Maryland-Duke game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, there was a real sense that the Maryland-Duke rivalry was regaining significance both atop the ACC and throughout the country. It had the feel of those games from 1999-2003 where when Maryland and Duke met, it really meant something. Not only in the race for the ACC Championship, but in the race for seeding in the NCAA Tournament and a run to the Final Four.

Of course, immediately after tip-off, all of those fuzzy feelings went away.

Before you could say “13-0”, the Blue Devils used a 13-0 run to go ahead 20-6, and the Terrapins never really had much of an answer en route to a humbling 77-56 loss that dropped them to 16-7 overall, 6-3 in the ACC.

It’s all tooeasy to say that the visions of a run to the ACC Championship were nothing more than a pipe dream. It’s all too easy to say that analysts both locally and nationally had set their sights too high and Maryland proved exactly what they were made of at Cameron Indoor. It’s all too easy to say that the loss to Duke brought Maryland “back to reality.”

It’s easy because that’s exactly what happened. Saturday’s loss to Duke brought Maryland back to reality.

Needing to get in one final shot before leaving Cameron Indoor Stadium for the last time, Greivis Vasquez made a stupid comment that actually had a nugget of truth in it. Given that Vasquez just finished his career 1-3 at Cameron, with the last two losses coming by a combined 62 points, he really shouldn’t have said anything at all. But when given the chance to spout off, he said, “They’re going to come to our house…and our fans are going to do what their fans did…better.”

Whether Duke’s fans are “better” than Marylands’ is completely irrelevant, but Vasquez actually made a good point in the first half of that statement.

Duke still has to play Maryland. And if the Terps can beat Duke at the Comcast Center, then Saturday’s bruising won’t matter.

Starting Monday night, when it hosts Virginia, the Maryland squad will have a lot of work to do to meet their goals for the rest of the season. But it’s work that can be done

No matter what else happens this weekend, the Terps will be no more than 1 game back of Duke in the loss column in the ACC standings, as the Devils improved to 9-2. So the Terps will maintain control of their destiny, raising the possibility ofat least sharing the ACC regular season title-and more importantly, clinching one of the Top 4 seeds in the ACC Tournament, avoiding having to play on Thursday in Greensboro. They’re not a “lock” to make the NCAA Tournament by any stretch of the imagination; but they’re still just 3 victories away from 9 in the ACC, a number which has historically meant teams should consider themselves safe.

What happened Saturday at Duke  does not change what Maryland has done to prove what type of team it is. We know it’s a team that struggles on the road. Maryland is now just 5-6 away from Comcast Center (with 4 of those wins coming over Chaminade, Indiana, UNC-Greensboro and Boston College). We know it’s a team whose shooters aren’t natural enough to thwart runs from opponents who can hit consecutive outside jumpers. We saw that when Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer made consecutive threes to extend Duke’s lead to 30-14 after Maryland had gotten back within 10 in the first half. We know Maryland is a team that has to work its way to the free throw line to be successful. The Terps did not get a single free throw attempt in the first half en route to scoring just 24 points.

But we know that this Maryland team IS tough inside. Despite 17 rebounds from Brian Zoubek, the Terps were out-rebounded just 39-34 by the Devils. We know Maryland is capable of shooting from the outside and scoring in bunches at home. They’ve scored at least 77 points in each of their last 6 games at Comcast Center. And we know this team still has one of the most dynamic leaders in the conference, and arguably in the country. Despite one of the worst 1st halfs in his entire career, Greivis Vasquez still managed to score 17 points Saturday and help the Terps shave a 22-point Duke lead back down to 10 before the Devils pulled away for good.

Nothing is handed out in ACC basketball. While Gary Williams defended his team’s focus before the game, it certainly appeared as though the Terps thought they were good enough to stay close with the Blue Devils even if they struggled early. They appeared to be frustrated at multiple times by what they saw from the Devils, despite Gary Williams asking “What’s frustrating about playing a college basketball game on national television?” following the defeat. What Gary Williams said after asking that question may have been the most important statement he made today:

“Grow up!”

After their 41-point loss at Duke last season, the Terps needed to grow up to keep from reaching rock bottom. This season, the Terps need to grow up to stay on track for what are still very attainable goals.

It all starts Monday night against Virginia.



2:58-James Padgett just got in the books with a bucket, and Adrian Bowie ALMOST hit a jumper. Which is about as good as making a jumper when we’re talking about Adrian Bowie.

77-56 is your final. Back with more after Gary…

2:55-The band and fans here in Durham love the song “Everytime We Touch” by Maggie Reilly/Cascada. It’s a bit strange. It’s a bit weird to use a love song to get pumped up, but I guess if you’re going to win games by 20+ points, you can use whatever song you want. I prefer it when they play “Devil With a Blue Dress” by Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels myself.

Is there still a basketball game going on???

2:53-I hope you’re following us on Twitter (@WNST). It’s probably the only way to stomach this type of manhandling….

2:49-Zoubek now has 14 points and 15 boards. I actually thought he had 40 points and 50 boards…

2:44-Brian Zoubek might as well just go ahead and retire. The Maryland games are his opus…

2:43-Instead of practicing how to MAKE free throws, you think it might be time for Maryland to have Jordan Williams start practicing how to miss them in a way that the ball will come right back to him?

2:40-Contrary to poular belief, Greivis Vasquez can’t do it by himself. If the Terps are going to overcome a 14 point deficit in the final 7:48, he’ll need help. Maryland just can’t afford to miss 3 shots in at the hoop like they just did…

2:38-Duke ends the Maryland run with a Singler bucket, and Tucker misses an open 3 from the corner. Maryland had a real chance to get within single digits there….

2:36-Another mini-run, as Greivis Vasquez wakes up to reel off 7 straight, including Maryland’s first 3 point make of the game. He now has 11 (just like that he leads the team), and the Terps are within 12-the closest they’ve been in the 2nd half.

2:31-I’ve seen Maryland rally from down 22 before (January 8, 1997 against North Carolina in Chapel Hill)…Duke’s largest lead today has been 22. Of course, that Maryland team was better (lead by Obinna Ekezie and current assistant coach Keith Booth), and that Carolina team wasn’t as good (they were forced to play without an injured Vince Carter).

2:27-Allen Iverson might be “The Answer”, but Nolan Smith was just “The Answer” to Maryland’s last mini-run. Duke lead back to 20 at 54-24, and Gary needs another timeout. He might have to start calling timeouts from other games…

2:22-Some signs of life for Maryland as they get the lead back down to 16 with Eric Hayes headed to the free throw line. Duke actually forced to call a timeout before the freebies make it 48-34 Devils. Closest Terps have been in 2nd half.

2:20-Maryland hasn’t gone a game without a 3 pointer since ’99 against Virginia. (Thanks Pat Stevens!) That streak might be in jeopardy.

2:18-At what point are Johnny Holliday and Chris Knoche allowed to just start drinking? 48-28 at the first official timeout of the 2nd half. 15:23 to play. Only because we must…

2:15-It was former Baltimore Sun columnist David Steele who coined the “Kareem Abdul-Zoubek” nickname a season ago here in Durham….

2:11-Terps showing the type of fire to start the 2nd half that makes you wonder why they even bothered to come back out of the locker room….

2:06-Stats don’t always tell the story, but sometimes stats tell the entire story. Maryland was 0-7 from beyond the arc in the first half, and did not attempt a SINGLE free throw. Duke was 5-10 from 3 point land, 7-9 from the free throw line. For the math majors, that’s a difference of 22 points.

2:02-Matt-check out this picture….


If you look at the top of the picture, above the stands-you will see where Verne Lunquist and Clark Kellogg are doing the CBS broadcast from. They can see the floor, but they are clearly removed from the action. This facility just really isn’t meant to be a major college basketball arena…

1:52-Now we know they won’t. They just need it to be 15 or fewer. Maryland could have held for the final shot of the first half-but with Greivis Vasquez on the bench, Duke will instead get to the free throw line. Is Steve Bisciotti letting John Harbaugh give Gary Williams tips on how to finish a half?

A bucket from Tucker (who leads Maryland with 8) makes it 40-24 at half. Hey, that’s 9 points better than it was a season ago here!

Scheyer leads the Devils with 11.

1:49-Adrian Bowie with maybe the best play of his entire Maryland career-but somehow Nolan Smith snaked free for a putback on the other end. When the lead gets down to 12, you start to think “if only they can get this under 10 before the half…”

I don’t think they will.

1:46-The truly troubling part about today’s game is that it ABSOLUTELY could be worse. 34-20 Devils. I told Eric Aaronson on “Section 410” just before the game that if Maryland scores 25 points or fewer in the first helf, they’d lose. Maybe they’re just trying to make me look good???

1:42-Thanks to our friend Patrick Stevens (late Washington Times, now D1scourse.typepad.com & InsideMDSports.com) for letting me know that was a 2 for Kelly. I’m not sure where my head is at, but my stomach isn’t in a happy place, that’s for sure. It still doesn’t mean the Terps have a 3 point make yet.

As a reminder, you can hear Patrick on “The Comcast Morning Show” on AM1570 every Tuesday at 8:05. I plug because I love.

1:40-Greivis Vasquez FINALLY gets on the board. Meanwhile, 6’10” Ryan Kelly (who I had HONESLY never heard of) has more 3 pointers than the Terps do currently. 32-20 Devils after the first points for Milbourne as well. Milbourne just picked up his 2nd personal foul.

1:34-The only thing I can say about the Jordan Williams-Dino Gregory-Sean Mosley-Cliff Tucker-Adrian Bowie lineup that was out on the floor is that it is probably a look at the 2010-2011 Terps. The seniors will certainly have to re-enter, with the only question being….will it matter?

1:31-Greivis Vasquez sits, Adrian Bowie enters. Brian Zoubek re-enters. This usually wouldn’t be good, but Tucker’s driving ability is really helping Maryland right now. Unfortunately, Duke’s outside shooting is always the difference-as back to back 3-balls from Singler and Scheyer re-extend the lead to 30-14. Gary forced to take another timeout. He might not have any in the 2nd half.

1:28-Maryland FINALLY breaks a 13-0 Duke run with a Tucker hoop. Problem is, Duke hasn’t stopped scoring. The ONLY good news is that Tucker is getting inside, which may force the Devils to bring their defense back in.

1:23-Cliff Tucker checks in for Sean Mosley, giving Maryland a BIT more size against Singler. Of course, NO ONE has an answer for Brian Zoubek, who I’m starting to think was only given a scholarship for these games. 20-6 with 6 for Zoubek, and the Terps are PAINFULLY lost offensively.

1:20-The impressive part about the Duke bigs is that theyr’e disciplined and they’re good free throw shooters. Dino Gregory is forced back into service-and Duke is now extending their defense all the way to half-court. This has killed Maryland in the past. 16-6 at the 2nd official timeout with 12:46 to play in the half, and this one could get even uglier in a hurry…

1:18-Haven’t we seen this before? Duke just works right inside, knowing that even though Jordan Williams is an upgrade over Dave Neal-they have WAAAY more size than Maryland does? Jordan is in trouble early, and Sean Mosley is really getting beat up by Kyle Singler’s versatility. It’s 14-6 Duke; and after Greivis Vasquez missed a “Greivis special” and Eric Hayes missed a 3 in transition, this is feeling an awful lot like the trip to Cameron Indoor a season ago…

1:15-9-6 Duke at the first official timeout of the half, 15:57 to play. Maryland clearly struggling offensively, which happens all too often away from Comcast Center. Terps can’t afford to play from multiple possessions behind throughout this one.

1:09-Maryland’s poor shooting outside of College Park continues with Landon Milbourne, Greivis Vasquez and Eric Hayes all missing early jumpers. Hayes has all 4 of Maryland’s points to make it 5-4.

Gary Williams stands to give instructions, earning the first “Sweat Gary Sweat” chant from the crowd. A Sean Mosley jumper (which they’ll need him to make) makes it 6-5; but Duke works right back inside to Zoubek for a 7-6 Devils lead. Dino Gregory is the first Maryland player off the bench, replacing Jordan Williams. Mason AND Miles Plumlee just checked in for Duke.

1:08-Wouldn’t you know…..there’s Lance Thomas. Funny how these things work. His two free throws make it 5-2 Duke. I guess you never know…

1:04-A lot of pomp and circumstance in the arena today surrounding the 63rd birthday and 1,000th Blue Devils game for head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Students were given t-shirts that read “Celebrating Coach K’s 1,000th game.”

As you may have heard, Jerome Burney is active today-after we were basically under the assumption his career was over and he was now no more than an assistant coach. Burney’s activation may have something to do with today’s officiating crew, and the number of fouls they like to call. Do not expect Burney to play. He is no more than an emergency insurance policy.

1:01-I have absolutely NEVER understood why Duke fans yell the “OH” during the Star Spangled Banner, but I’ll worry about that later.

Maryland lineup is being introduced right now, with each player greeted by a “Hi ____!” from the fans. Greivis Vasquez got a different greeting than Eric Hayes, Sean Mosley, Landon Milbourne or Jordan Williams. It wasn’t an ovation.

A change for the Devils, as Brian Zoubek starts in place of the injured Lance Thomas. Joining Zoubek in the Duke lineup are Kyle Singler, Miles Plumlee, Nolan Smith and Jon Scheyer.

12:58-Greetings from Cameron Indoor Stadium, where I am getting absolutely cozy with a number of Duke students right behind my neck. Maryland and Duke will tip off in just moments, and I’m not sure I’ll even have enough room to stand for the national anthem. Luke Jones is joining me on Twitter (@WNST). First place in the ACC is on the line as the Terrapins (16-6, 6-2) battle the Blue Devils (20-4, 8-2).

Back shortly with more.


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“Amazing” Atmosphere Surrounds Terps’ 92-71 Throttling of Tar Heels

Posted on 07 February 2010 by Glenn Clark

College Park, MD Perhaps we should call it “revenge of snow game.”

On January 27, 2000; North Carolina students were asked to move down to the court after a 20 inch snowstorm in Chapel Hill limited how many season ticket holders could attend a scheduled game at the Dean Smith Center. The Tar Heels would fight their way to a 75-63 win over Maryland, which would lead Gary Williams to say afterward “Not in this atmosphere, we weren’t going to put Carolina away tonight.”

On Sunday afternoon, Maryland students were offered the chance to fill empty seats after season ticket holders were unable to reach College Park; and they created an atmosphere that made it practically impossible for a reeling North Carolina team to get over the hump. Despite cutting a 16 point lead Maryland lead to as close as 52-49 in the 2nd half; the Terrapins fought back, winning 92-71.

After the game, Gary Williams was clearly emotional in describing the atmosphere at Comcast Center as “amazing.”

It would be much too easy to look at the final 17 minutes of the game or the final score and just dismiss the performance by saying something like “well, Carolina stinks.” However, Carolina shaved multiple double digit Maryland leads down to 1 or 2 possession margins before ultimately watching the Terps finish the game by scoring 40 of the last 62 points. Deon Thompson and Marcus Ginyard were particularly feisty for the Heels, combining for 33 points.

But every time the Heels managed to get something going, the Terps fed off an inspired crowd to create offense from defense. Outside shooting was particularly helpful, as they drained 12 of 23 3 point attempts, including 10-16 from seniors Greivis Vasquez and Eric Hayes.

As usual, the three seniors seemed to feed off the crowd as much as anyone; with Hayes, Vasquez and Milbourne combining to score 57 points, pull down 14 boards, dish out 16 assists, and collect 4 blocks.

The atmosphere spoke to the beauty of college athletics. While some Maryland games become a “who’s who” of courtside celebrities from the two surrounding markets (Steve Bisciotti, Adam Jones, John Harbaugh and Clinton Portis are amongst the NFL and MLB players who have been noticed courtside this season), today was about a group of kids (and particularly dedicated alumni) who made sure to get to the arena, no matter what the had to do. (Gary Williams humorously quipped that fans had told him they would have taken a “dogsled” if necessary.)

Instead of showing up at today’s game because it was the place “to be seen”, or because big money friends were also going to be in attendance; fans showed up with the single purpose of doing everything they could to help their team.

The number of students in attendance (students were permitted to enter with a valid ID whether or not they had an actual game ticket) lead to some undesirable if not unsurprising chanting, with things like “UNC Sucks” and “N-I-T” being popular exclaims. Perhaps after the vocal abuse Greivis Vasquez and teammates took at the Leon County Civic Center Thursday night, Gary Williams was right to defend some nastiness from Maryland students-who created a scene Eric Hayes could only describe as “crazy.”

More importantly, Hayes went on to describe the scene  “as loud as I’ve ever heard it in here.”

Whether or not he’s right, there’s no doubt that the students and fans in attendance made a difference in a big game.


3:58 p.m. — We’ll be back soon with the post-game wrap. Check out the final stats right here.

3:57 p.m. — Henson hits the 18-footer from the corner, but the Terps can just dribble it out from here.

Final score: Maryland 92, North Carolina 71.

Not much to be unhappy about at all this afternoon (except the conditions on I-95).

3:55 p.m. — Here come Ersin Levent and David Pearman. What a thrill for those two to log some playing time against North Carolina.

3:54 p.m. — Some students beginning to chant “We want Duke!” The Terps will need to be ready for a very surprising Virginia team on Wednesday night. A trip to Durham will follow after that.

3:53 p.m. — The Terps work some clock with Vasquez taking a long 3, and it’s no good. We’re inside two minutes to go in this one.

3:52 p.m. — Milbourne has eclipsed the 1,000 point mark for his career. Congratulations to the senior foward. That last dunk actually gave him 1,002.

3:50 p.m. — Off a missed Carolina 3, Mosley throws it to a streaking Milbourne for the breakaway dunk. We’ve reached the final media timeout of the game with Maryland holding a 88-65 lead over the Tar Heels.

Many folks are starting to hit the exits, and they’ll be going home happy for sure.

3:48 p.m. — Maryland fans chanting N-I-T as Davis steps to the ine for two shots. He misses them both. While Carolina has clearly struggled this season, you have to give Maryland a heck of a lot of credit today. The Terps have just shot the ball unbelievably well at 54.5 percent from beyond the arc.

3:46 p.m. — You have to like seeing the Terps get the ball inside to Padgett. These may not be critical minutes for today’s game, but they can be crucial in his development and chances of making an impact later in the season.

He makes 1-of-2 from the line.

3:45 p.m. — Williams just picked up his fourth personal, but a 22-point lead will make you feel a bit better about that. Padgett checks in for Williams as Davis hits a pair of freebies.

3:44 p.m. — Mosley with the nice give inside to Williams who finishes the bucket.

Maryland now leads 81-61 with 5:47 to play. Just an incredible 10-minute stretch of basketball for the Terps.

3:42 p.m. — Thompson with some tough play inside to hit the 6-foot jump shot with Williams playing tough defense.

Mosley hits the jumper from the foul line on the other end to give him six points for the game.

3:37 p.m. — Mosley with the soft jumper from the elbow, but Ginyard answers with a 3-pointer right away.

Vasquez with ANOTHER 3-pointer. This is downright silly at this point. What a game for the senior from Caracas.

Nothing doing for Carolina on the other end, and the Terps get in transition again with Bowie finding Mosley for the layup. The lead is 18 points, the biggest of the day. Timeout, North Carolina.

3:35 p.m. — Everything clicking for the Terps over the last few minutes. Vasquez gets it to Gregory in the paint of the in-bounds pass, and the junior slams it home with AUTHORITY!

3:32 p.m. — WOW! Vasquez with the pull-up 3-pointer, and the lead is up to 14 points. That’s the exact shot Vasquez could not hit in the William & Mary game, but I suppose it’s a good shot today with him making it. Funny how that works. LOL

3:30 p.m. — Vasquez and Hayes are putting on an absolute show here at Comcast Center. Vasquez now with 20 points while Hayes is close behind with 16.

3:29 p.m. — Hayes with ANOTHER three, and this place is absoute bedlam!

I cannot even hear myself thing.

Timeout on the floor! Maryland is up by 11 points with 11:17 remaining.

3:27 p.m. — Ginyard drives the lane and Gregory picks up the blocking foul. Crowd didn’t like it, but the Maryland big man was not set.

He hits 1-of-2 to cut the lead to four points.

Vasquez misses the floater in the lane, but Gregory is there for the offensive board and the jump hook. Big play for Dino there.

3:25 p.m. — Gregory with the big rejection and following a beautiful Vasquez pass, Gregory tries to finish it off, but he’s fouled.

He hits a pair, and the lead is up to seven. I’m sure Glenn already mentioned this earlier, but it’s just an electric atmosphere here at Comcast with the students filling up the place.

3:23 – Thompson hits a pair of freebies to cut the lead to three as the Heels have come out hot in the second half.

With the shot clock winding down, Hayes hits a runner in the lane. The Terps needed that bucket, big time.

After the Tucker foul, Graves scores again. Teams just trading buckets right now.

3:20 -This is Luke Jones taking over for Glenn after FINALLY making it to College Park. Just a brutal ride from southern Pennsylvania to get here. Took nearly four hours, and, no, I did not travel by horse and buggy.

We’ve reached an official timeout with Maryland continuing to hold a 52-47 lead.

3:16-John Henson (yeah, him) just threw down a POSTERIZING dunk to make things REALLY close. 52-47 Terps now, and Gary Williams is forced to call his 2nd timeout. Heels always seem to have an answer.

3:13-Deon Thompson is LEGIT. Every time Maryland sarts to pull away, he keeps Carolina close. A pair of free throws from Hayes gives him 10, Terps up 52-42. Thompson has 12 to lead UNC.

3:11-Jordan Williams is imposing his will early on in the 2nd half. He has 4 points since the break, building Maryland’s lead back to 50-37. Deon Thompson cuts into that lead, making it 50-39 with 17:30 to play.

3:07-Terps out-rebounded Heels 21-19 in first half despite not having any player with more than 3 boards. 14 pts for Vasquez, 9 for Hayes to lead all scorers. 7 each for Graves, Thompson and Ginyard to lead the Heels; Tucker and Milbourne each had 7 for Maryland.

2:51-Game-high 14 for Vasquez after a 3 ball that puts Terps up 44-34. They can’t add anything on their final possession, but they’ll be happy to take a double digit advantage with them to the locker room.

2:49-Is there anything more frustrating than watching Adrian Bowie’s dreadful line-drive push jump shots? Ugh. Two freebies from Ginyard make it 41-34 Maryland, James Padgett into the game.

2:44-What a big shot for Landon Milbourne after Carolina had been so effective on their defensive rotation. A layup for Adrian Bowie re-extends Maryland’s lead to 39-30 with 3:04 to play in the half at the final media timeout.

2:42-Carolina is doing a really good job of rotating a 2nd defender to the ball now. With their shooters heating up (Leslie McDonald just nailed a jumper); they’ve cut Maryland’s lead all the way down to 34-30. Maryland shooters can’t be tentative.

2:39-You knew this was coming….a Dexter Strickland 3 makes it a 10-0 run for Carolina. Vasquez cuts to the hoop to end the run; but Davis responds, and Gary Williams is forced to call timeout with his lead trimmed to 34-28.

2:35-Carolina responded quickly, reeling off 5 points before the third official timeout to make it 32-21. They’ve been quick to try to get back down the floor after Maryland hoops, knowing Greivis and company have a tendency to pose and work the crowd after scoring. 7:39 to play in the half.

2:32-Greivis Vasquez absolutely SPLIT two Carolina defenders to find Tucker wide open for 3. Another Vasquez 3 puts Maryland up 30-16, and a Gregory hoop inside makes it 32-16. Wow.

2:29-Cliff Tucker enters the game for the first time, helping Maryland get 3 points back to re-extend their lead to 9 at 22-13. Jordan Williams back into the game.

2:26-With Dino Gregory in the game, Carolina looked to go right inside to Ed Davis. That decision paid off; and a 4-0 Heels run cut Maryland’s lead to 19-13 with 11:32 at the 2nd media timeout of the half.

2:23-Another 3 from Hayes, and Maryland is up 19-9. Roy Williams forced to take his first timeout as Comcast Center EXPLODES following an offensive foul call on David Wear.

2:21-Eric Hayes is heating up from outside early on, as he connects on his second 3-ball. A Deon Thompson free throw cuts Maryland’s lead to 13-9. The near-capacity crowd in attendance is certainly making things difficult for Carolina shooters.

Another 3 from Vasquez extends Maryland’s lead to 16-9.

2:17-The PA announcer here in College Park has now invited all fans to move down and fill up the empty seats inside Comcast Center. They’re obviously trying to get a better idea of how many more fans can be invited in the doors. Only a few rows at the top of the arena are empty.

2:15-Landon Milbourne had been REALLY good before missing an open dunk-but sometimes the breaks go your way. Eric Hayes corralled the long rebound and drilled a 3. Maryland is up 10-8 with 15:27 to play at the first official timeout.

2:12-Greivis Vasquez wants to shoot early; his 3 helped give Maryland a 5-4 lead. Gary went to Adrian Bowie for hustle off the bench; but a Deon Thompson bucket has Carolina back ahead 6-5 3 minutes into the game.

2:07-I always thought I’d be good in the role of “designated chest bumper” during pre-game introductions. Certainly David Pearman handles it well himself. Also of note: the students now chant back “Eh-san” after assistant coach Rob Ehsan is introduced. Perhaps they want to show him some love after finding out he was the lowest paid assistant in the ACC (per an article by “Comcast Morning Show” correspondent Patrick Stevens-late Washington Times).

2:04-Maryland honored former head coach Bud Millikan (Gary Williams’ head coach during his playing days) with a moment of silence before today’s game. Millikan passed away 10 days ago, this is the first home game since his death.

1:56-With students now allowed to take any seats they’d like, Comcast Center is filling up nicely. Should be a much more hostile environment for the Heels than we may have expected given the weather.

1:47-Certainly the matchup to watch in this game will be down low; where Jordan Williams, Landon Milbourne, Dino Gregory and James Padgett will have to contend with the likes of Ed Davis, Deon Thompson, Travis & David Wear and Tyler Zeller. Should the Terps be able to neutralize the Tar Heels in the middle, the veteran Maryland guards should be able to find success against a UNC team that can’t be thrilled with the production they’ve gotten from Marcus Ginyard, Larry Drew and Will Graves in the backcourt.

Your lineups are Williams, Milbourne, Sean Mosley, Greivis Vasquez and Eric Hayes for Maryland; Davis, Thompson, Graves, Ginyard and Drew for Carolina.

Buck Williams is the honorary captain for today’s game.

1:28-Greetings from Comcast Center in College Park, where a handful of people have braved the snow to see the Maryland Terrapins (15-6, 5-2) face the North Carolina Tar Heels (13-9, 2-5) in an ACC showdown. The Terps are looking for their 6th win in their last 8 tries against the Heels here in College Park, they’re also looking to improve to 5-6 since Roy Williams took over as head man in Chapel Hill.

At 1:45, Maryland officials intend to open the doors to all students on campus, regardless of whether or not they have tickets. This could be of greater benefit to the Terps, as the students here usually save some of their harshest material for visits from teams like UNC-even if they have lost 5 of their last 6 games. We’re about a half an hour away from tip, and there are thousands of empty seats-with travel in the Baltimore and Washington areas both particularly difficult to navigate.

Maryland has had success playing in front of mostly student crowds before. In 2003, they beat Wake Forest after an awful storm that produced similar situations. In 2000, Carolina thrived in very similar circumstances, beating Maryland 75-63 after students were allowed to fill up the Dean Smith Center that had many empty seats following 20 inches of snow.

With a win, the Terps would remain tied with Duke in the loss column, and just a half game back of the Blue Devils overall in the ACC standings. The Terps and Devils meet this coming Saturday for the first time at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham. The Heels are in absolute desperation mode at this point; knowing it would be particularly to get back to .500 in ACC play if they were to start 2-6.  The Terps are coming off a gutty 71-67 win over Florida State in Tallahassee Thursday night, the Heels dropped a 74-70 decision at Virginia Tech on Thursday night.

Luke Jones is reportedly on his way, but not scheduled to make it here before tip-off. If he does get here, he’ll take over the live blog. If not, it’s you and me until Drew Forrester’s live chat starts at 4pm.

The Terps are in their gold uniforms again today. The game can be seen live on Fox Sports Net (Comcast SportsNet locally), Mike Hogewood is subbing in for Tim Brando on the call, with Mike Gminski handling color and Debbie Antonelli patrolling the sidelines.


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Why Ravens Win Tonight and a Purple & Red Crabs & Beer

Posted on 07 December 2009 by Glenn Clark

Ravens 24, Packers 20

I’ve changed my mind. I was blinded by the Packers’ outstanding home record in December in recent years; and I picked the Packers to win.

I was wrong.

And it took me hearing something repeatedly this weekend to be reminded of just why it is that the Ravens will win.

Drew Forrester said it first Friday when he pointed out that the Ravens struggle against “elite” quarterbacks.

I read a few blogs over the weekend, and listened to some other radio stations throughout town and heard both hosts and callers describing Aaron Rodgers similarly-as an “elite” quarterback. One guy on the “Sports Leader” in town even went as far as to say Aaron Rodgers was on par with quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Carson Palmer.


Aaron Rodgers is NOT elite. He’s NOT in the next group right behind elite, either.

Aaron Rodgers is in the top half of NFL quarterbacks, and he’s posted decent numbers this season. But he’s nowhere NEAR elite. (He couldn’t sit at Drew Brees’ lunch table, either.)

The biggest difference between quarterbacks who are good statistically and quarterbacks who are elite is that the elite quarterbacks have put their team on their back and carried them to victory in very important games.

Ben Roethlisberger has done it. Peyton Manning has done it. Brett Favre has done it. Kurt Warner has done it. Tom Brady has done it.

Even Carson Palmer has done it this season against his biggest AFC North rivals.

Aaron Rodgers has not.

In fact, he’s been just about the opposite. In his 2 seasons as a starting quarterback, Rodgers is a whopping 3-9 in games decided by 9 points or less.


Elite quarterbacks WIN those games.

Even more-in his first season as a starter, Rodgers’ only win after Week 11 came over the Detroit Lions (in the game that clinched the first ever 0-16 season in NFL history). His only significant victory of the season was a home win over Indianapolis in Week 7. He got the 2nd significant win of his career 2 weeks ago against the Cowboys.

Joe Flacco had more significant wins (4) in a MONTH last season (@Dallas, vs. Jacksonville, @Miami, @Tennessee) than Aaron Rodgers has had in his career. He’s won more significant road games (3) than Aaron Rodgers (ummm……zero) as well.

The reason I initially picked the Packers was exactly the reason Drew pointed out Friday. The Ravens struggle against elite quarterbacks.

The good news for tonight is that they don’t have to face one.

Ravens win.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..  

Best of Sunday’s WNST Blogs:

Luke Jones says Vasquez, Milbourne struggled as Terps fell to Villanova

Rex Snider grateful for Raiders’ win over Pittsburgh

Nestor Aparicio checks in from WNST trip to Green Bay

Glenn Clark says Lions coming to town won’t get Baltimore fans as amped as they usually are for Ravens games

And the best from the rest of the world…..


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Domonique Foxworth, Lardarius Webb have ‘big task’ ahead of them in trying to defend Donald Driver, Greg Jennings

The Official Site’s Ryan Mink remembers Baltimore Colts’ big win over Packers in ‘59

The Official Site’s Sean Patrick Byrne says ‘physical’ aspect of line play has put Grubbs amongst best Guards in NFL

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens have to get to Aaron Rodgers to win

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley picks Packers 27-17

The Sun’s Kevin Cowherd says Flacco’s ankle ‘X-factor’ in tonight’s game

The Sun’s Mike Preston gives Charles Woodson edge over Derrick Mason, Donald Driver edge over Domonique Foxworth, Aaron Rodgers edge over Dwan Edwards and Trevor Pryce

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Ravens need win tonight to keep pace with Jaguars in AFC playoff race

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Derrick Mason, Ravens not afraid of trip to Lambeau Field

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Cam Cameron thinks offense ‘weather-proof’

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Ravens’ Wild Card hopes helped by Steelers’ loss to Oakland

Green Bay Press Gazette’s Mike Vandermause says Packers 18-4 in December, January regular-season games at Lambeau Field since 2000

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Lori Nickel says Dom Capers transformed Green Bay defense

Wisconsin State Journal’s Tom Ziemer says Packers defense enters Monday Night Football contest red hot

SI’s Peter King says Ravens 13th best team in NFL

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Ravens’ defensive communication should improve playing on road


The AP says Sean Mosley’s 26 not enough as Terps fell to Villanova in BB&T Classic

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss

The AP says Scottie Reynolds tallied 25 to lead Wildcats past Maryland at Verizon Center

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Jordan Williams chipped in 19 points, 12 boards in defeat

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Vasquez played just 27 minutes in loss due to foul trouble

Carroll County Times’ Josh Land says Gary Williams thought Cats’ 45-33 rebounding edge ‘unacceptable’ in Maryland loss

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Wildcats hit 16 threes in win over Terps

The Diamondback’s Greg Schimmel says Vasquez struggled again, finishing with 12 points in loss

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Eric Hayes finished with 20, but thought Terps ‘just couldn’t get over the hump’

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says rebounding should improve with Dino Gregory scheduled to return Saturday

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Corey Fisher 3 ended Maryland run that got them within 3 in 2nd half

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps not amongst Top 45 teams in country

Washington Examiner’s Craig Stouffer says Herndon native Reynolds played like he ‘owned’ Verizon Center for Wildcats

Philadelphia Daily News’ Dick Jerardi says Jay Wright thought beating Maryland ‘real quality win’

USA Tim Gardner says Taylor King chipped in 13 points for Nova


-What does Maryland’s loss to Villanova last night mean going forward? Well, it means they CAN’T lose a home game between now and the start of the ACC season. The date with William & Mary on December 30 looks tougher every week-the Tribe has already defeated Wake Forest and VCU this season and gave UConn a hell of a run for their money. Last season, the Terps could afford a home loss to Morgan State because they managed to top Michigan State at the Old Spice Classic in Orlando. They won’t be able to afford a similar loss-even to a decent mid-major.

It also means the Terps will likely have to go 8-8 in ACC play to reach the NCAA Tournament. They should be able to do that-but it certainly isn’t a given. Even a win over North Carolina or Duke wouldn’t be enough to get a 7-9 league team into the dance without a marquee non-conference win. Unless of course Indiana finds eligibility for Jared Jeffries, Keith Smart or Isaiah Thomas and wins the Big Ten. That would be really nice, by the way.

Talk to you tonight in our “Purple Haze.” Go Ravens!


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Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 04 December 2009 by Glenn Clark

Villanova 80, Maryland 73

The Terps aren’t a bad team, but Villanova is a GREAT team. This DOES have the feeling of the years when Maryland would stun teams like Stanford and Kansas at Verizon Center; but I just can’t make the pick.

Morgan State 69, Coppin State 57

If the Bears hadn’t lost 2 straight coming in, I’d probably pick the Eagles to win their opener in their new building. I just don’t think I could see Todd Bozeman’s club losing 3 straight.

Hofstra 84, Towson 72

Charles Jenkins will have 31 points for the Pride, who are just a bit better than the Tigers.

Toledo 72, UMBC 68

I think this one will be remarkably similar to some other losses the Retrievers have suffered this season.

Loyola 77, Canisius 71

But the “Golden Griffins” are still one of the cooler names in college hoops…

Best of Thursday’s WNST Blogs:

Glenn Clark says Jarret Johnson followed Packers, rooted for Reggie White growing up

Nestor Aparicio says WNST holding 2 ‘indoor tailgates’ in Green Bay

Bob Haynie wonders whether Greg Mattison or Cam Cameron has done better job in ‘09

Mark Suchy hopes Nets surpass Orioles’ 0-21 start

Ed Frankovic says Semin tallied 4 points for Caps in win over Panthers


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Charles Woodson big part of reason why Packers have Number 1 defense

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Ray Lewis thinks Green Bay has addressed O-Line issues

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbs doesn’t think former Packer Tony Moll can help Ravens any more than former Raven Derrick Martin can help Packers

The Official Site says Packers coach Mike McCarthy loves playing in cold, snow

The Official Site says Mark Clayton doesn’t ‘even think about’ drop in New England

The Official Site says Harbaugh thinks Dom Capers has been ‘creative’ in leading Packers defense to #1 ranking in NFL

Packers Official Site’s Mike Spofford says Ryan Grant knows Packers must take care of football vs. Ravens

Packers Official Site’s Tom Fanning says Greg Jennings knows Packers will have to run ball in cold weather

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Ray Rice learning from Ray Lewis, Willis McGahee

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens can’t fail to get to Aaron Rodgers, let Charles Woodson change game, struggle in first half

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens need to ride Ray Rice, force turnovers, get production from Chris Carr

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Paul Kruger still ‘developmental player’

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Domonique Foxworth believes secondary battling Packers AND elements Monday night at Lambeau Field

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says it’s too early to judge Ravens’ performance in ’09 NFL Draft

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Ravens need to go with Rice, McGahee, McClain to reach playoffs

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Ngata, Dwan Edwards battled over “Civil War” in Ravens locker room

The Sun’s Ken Murray says coming out of game with head injury would be ‘hard decision’ for 52

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Le’Ron McClain, Jared Gaither, Kelley Washington, LJ Smith, Prescott Burgess, KJ Gerard all missed practice Thursday

6 of 7 Sun analysts pick Packers

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Flacco thinks ankle ‘feels really good’

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Ravens averaging just 1.9 sacks per game this season

Carroll County Times’ Matt Zenitz says former Raven Gano succeeded in UFL

Frederick News-Post’s Stan Goldberg says Ray Lewis looks at end of Jamal Lewis’ career fondly

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Silverstein says Aaron Rodgers has troubling memories of Monday Night Football debut against Ravens in ‘05

Green Bay Press Gazette’s Rob Demovsky says Brandon Jackson giving Packers ‘spark’ on 3rd down

Wisconsin State Journal’s Tom Oates says Ravens, Packers both like playing ‘physical football’

SI’s Peter King picks Ravens 29-17

Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager picks Ravens 27-23

ESPN.com’s John Clayton says Packers can determine AFC Wild Card race

ESPN.com’s James Walker thinks Ravens ‘hit’ on Oher, Kruger, Webb

ESPN.com’s James Walker says most experts don’t see Jamal Lewis as Hall of Fame-worthy


The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says BB&T Classic close to ‘sellout’

Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg says former Terp Byron Mouton still beloved in area


The AP says Terps topped Minnesota in Big Ten/ACC Challenge at Comcast Center

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss

The Diamondback’s Jonas Shaffer says just one Golden Gopher reached double digits in loss to Maryland

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Kim Rodgers lead Terps with 14 points in win

Washington Times’ Mike Fratto says Kizer chipped in 10 points in win

Turtle Sports Report’s Josh Vitale says Tchatchouang scored 13 points in win over Gophers


The Sun’s Matt Bracken recaps season for commit Nate Clarke

The Diamondback’s Adi Joseph says ’09 season ‘particularly gruesome’ for Ralph

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich says Debbie Yow will be in same situation next year if Terps don’t go 7-5

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem says Fridge met with QB commit Devin Burns (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh says Travis Ivey was ‘emotional’ on Senior Day (must subscribe)


The Official Site says tickets on sale now for Tigers football banquet


The Official Site previews tonight’s MAAC opener at Canisius

The Official Site offers complete Greyhounds-Golden Griffins release (pdf)


Inside Lacrosse’s Jon Brand says Mustangs picked 2nd in pre-season D3 poll

Inside Lacrosse’s Sean Burns says Jimmy Dailey, Steve Kazimer preseason All-Americans


The Official Site says Mountaineers fell to Robert Morris in rematch of last year’s NEC Championship Game

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss

Frederick News-Post says Jeremy Goode lead Eers with 15 points in defeat


The Official Site previews tonight’s tilt with Penn

The Official Site offers complete Midshipmen-Quakers release (pdf)


Washington Post’s Camille Powell says Navy AD Gladchuk believes moving game back a week allows rivalry to be ‘focal point nationally’

Washington Times’ Mike Fratto says new Army coach Rich Ellerson gives new ‘life’ to Army/Navy rivalry

Go Mids’ Adam Nettina says Mids could have moved into Top 25 with win over Hawaii (must subscribe)


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Mike Gonzalez, Jose Valverde could be free agent closer options for Birds


The Official Site says Palace partnering with WNST, Craig Willinger Fund for World Cup Draw party today at Della Rose’s

Examiner Jeff Hemelt says Palace/WNST event will include $1.50 Bud Light draft specials


The Sun’s Mike Klingaman ‘catches up with’ Gene Shue


-Kudos to Nick Markakis, Jeremy Guthrie and Brad Bergesen for being involved in the community over these 14 days.

Talk to you later from Owings Mills.


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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 03 December 2009 by Glenn Clark

I REALLY enjoyed the Towson/UMBC game last night. It was pretty good basketball and a surprisingly great atmosphere for the cross-town rivalry. Games like that last night are a reminder to me of why Drew Forrester is ABSOLUTELY correct in saying this city needs the “Battle of Baltimore” again.says Matt Birk thinks Packers’ December success on “Frozen Tundra” more to do with team’s success than weather

Let’s see what everyone has to say….

Best of Wednesday’s WNST Blogs:

Glenn Clark

Drew Forrester says Troy Franklin made huge steel in final minute to seal victory for Tigers

Tom Clayton says Gary Williams’ team likely to be better in February than in November

Drew Forrester thinks Billy Wagner might regret picking Braves over Birds

Glenn Clark says 10 different opponents to visit Ed Smith Stadium during Orioles Spring Training

Ed Frankovic says Boudreau doesn’t want Caps’ Ovechkin to change how he plays

Eric Aaronson says Brendon Haywood contributing to Wizards beyond Jamison, Butler, Arenas

RAVENS:says Harbaugh thinks Ravens have ‘six starting O-Linemen’ with both Marshal Yanda, Chris Chester

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Mark Clayton amongst Ravens ‘excited’ for chance to play at Lambeau Field

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says beating Packers would be major step in reaching playoffs

The Official Site’s Mallory Steinberg says Parmele, Oher, Heap, Mason, McKinney amongst Ravens involved in community this week

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Clayton not bothered that Flacco goes to Mason, Rice so much

The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg says Sam Koch thinks punting in bitter cold like ‘punting a brick’

The Sun’s Kevin Cowherd says Tony Moll loved playing for community in Green Bay

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens could struggle to get going early in Green Bay

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Jamal Lewis’ career will end with trip to IR

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Charles Woodson ‘exceptional cornerback’

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Ray Lewis only player on roster to have been with Ravens for last trip to Green Bay

Green Bay Press Gazette’s Tom Pelissero says Katula will have big cheering section in native Wisconsin

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Lori Nickel says Dom Capers’ Green Bay defense wants to remain #1 in NFL

USA Today’s Sean Leahy says NFL admitted to mistake before Cundiff’s missed FG to end regulation against Steelers

5 of 8 USA Today analysts pick Packers

Sporting News’ Vinnie Iyer picks Packers 30-27

4 of 7 Sporting News analysts pick Ravens

3 of 3 NFL Network analysts pick Packers

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco picks Packers 31-21

TERRAPINS BASKETBALL:says Landon Milbourne thought zone defense ‘threw (Indiana’s) offense off a little bit’

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler

The Diamondback’s Michael Katz says Tom Crean was livid with how Hoosiers fans treated Vasquez Tuesday night

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Gary Williams went with Jin Soo Choi ahead of Cliff Tucker Tuesday night in Bloomington

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Gary wasn’t thinking about Villanova Tuesday night

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Gary thought Vasquez delivered ‘great performance’ Tuesday night at Assembly Hall

TERRAPINS WOMEN’S BASKETBALL:previews tonight’s battle with Minnesota at Comcast Center in Big Ten/ACC Challenge

The Official Site

The Official Site offers complete Terps/Gophers release (pdf)says Frese facing former team in Minnesota tonight at Comcast Center

The Diamondback’s Jonas Shaffer

TERRAPINS FOOTBALL:says Terrapin Club President Jaklitsch believes Friedgen on ‘keep the faith’ campaign

The Sun’s Jeff Barker

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Terps avoid Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech on next season’s schedule

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell offers transcript of Friedgen’s letter to season ticket holders

Washington Times’ Ryan O’Halloran says Navy, Eastern Michigan, Wake Forest, Virginia, Duke all “must win” games for Terps in ‘10

Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh says Fridge plans to spend next two months recruiting before making staff/philosophy decisions (must subscribe)says Torrey Smith took ‘leadership’ role after Boston College game (must subscribe)says Titus Till amongst future Terps excited to hear Friedgen returning to College Park

Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh

Inside MD Sports’ Jeff Ermann

TOWSON BASKETBALL:says Nwankwo tallied 17 points, 14 rebounds for Tigers in win

The Official Site

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

The Sun’s Jeff Seidel says Pat Kennedy happy to see Nwankwo remain ‘active’ in victory

Examiner Matthew Schlissel says Josh Thornton scored 23 points for Tigers in win over Retrievers

UMBC BASKETBALL:says Shawn Grant’s 28 not enough as Retrievers fell at Towson Center

The Official Site

MORGAN BASKETBALL:previews Saturday’s trip to Coppin State

The Official Site

HOPKINS FOOTBALL:previews Saturday’s trip to Wesley in NCAA Tournament quarterfinals

The Official Site

The Official Site offers complete JHU-Wesley release (pdf)says Matt Stover helped Alex Lachman, Blue Jays

The Sun’s Mike Klingaman

LOYOLA LACROSSE:says Hounds picked to win ECAC by Inside Lacrosse

The Official Site

MT. ST. MARY’S BASKETBALL:previews tonight’s NEC opener at Robert Morris

The Official Site

The Official Site offers complete Mountaineers-Colonials release (pdf)previews next Saturday’s battle with Army in Philadelphia


The Official Site

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says Niumatalolo knows Midshipmen must move past Hawaii loss ‘quickly’

SALISBURY FOOTBALL:says Cynewski to represent Gulls in Mexico City All-Star Game

The Official Site

ORIOLES:says Red Sox to visit Sarasota 3 times during Spring Training

The Sun

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Birds not playing Nationals in Spring Training

Examiner Jay Trucker says O’s open Spring Training play March 3 against Rays

BALTIMORE MARINERS:says D-Lineman Adam Foley returns to AIFA team

The Official Site

SWIMMING:says Michael Phelps understands ‘humanization of super-athlete’ Tiger Woods going through now

SwimNetwork.com’s Mike Gustafson


-Gotta run out to Owings Mills.

Talk to you from there.


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Ralph Friedgen to Stay at Maryland

Posted on 01 December 2009 by Glenn Clark

1:51pm-I just got off the conference call Ralph Friedgen held with local reporters. He said he was “very thankful” Debbie Yow decided to retain him for next season; and claimed “next year’s team has the chance to be good, the following year’s team has the chance to be real good.”

As far as major structural changes are concerned, Ralph said he has been too busy with recruiting to consider changes to his staff or philosophy changes. (A move to an “option” style of offense has been mulled over by many fans and analysts in recent weeks.)

11:27am update-Here is the official release from the University of Maryland……

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Ralph Friedgen will remain the head coach of the Maryland football program.  The decision comes after a comprehensive evaluation of the program, including detailed assessments of the 2009 season, recruiting and personnel.

“Coach Friedgen and I are in complete agreement on the expectation to return the football program to its competitive stature,” said Director of Athletics Debbie Yow.  “He has assured the University and fans of his intentions to do whatever is necessary to become a top 25 program again.  The efforts of our young team in 2009 were appreciated by Terps everywhere and many believe the squad improved considerably towards the end of the season. Coach Friedgen will continue his careful evaluation of staff, players and recruiting results, as the team moves into the offseason.  He continues to have my full support.”

Following a disappointing season, Friedgen expressed optimism for the 2010 season.

“Keep the faith,” Friedgen said. “We have a lot of guys coming back next year and I believe in this team very much. I think the future’s pretty bright. We have three impressive young quarterbacks that are pretty good. We have all our running backs returning, as well as our wide receivers. All of our offensive linemen are back, except one, with a full year of experience under their belts. We had a very young team this season. We took our lumps this year, but we won’t be taking our lumps next year.”

Friedgen expressed particular optimism about the program’s recent recruiting efforts.  The incoming 2010 class is ranked No. 26 by national recruiting analysts, another positive sign for the future.

“The entire staff has done a great job on this class,” Friedgen said. “James Franklin has been a huge part of that, helping to reenergize our recruiting locally.  In all, it’s been a terrific team effort.”

Friedgen’s just completed his ninth season as head coach at the University of Maryland with an overall record of 66-48. Friedgen has taken the team to six bowl games, including a pair of New Year’s Day appearances.


As reported by Comcast Morning Show Maryland correspondent Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times; Ralph Friedgen will remain as head coach at Maryland for a 10th season.

The decision comes after 2 days of meetings between Friedgen and Athletic Director Debbie Yow. A statement from the athletic department is expected within the hour.

Maryland is not expected to make Yow or Friedgen available to the media today.


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 25 November 2009 by Glenn Clark

Didn’t quite get everything in today, sorry about that. Have to get out to 1 Winning Drive to hear from John Harbaugh and company…..

For the record; I’ll say Maryland 68, Wisconsin 62 today. But I’m not exactly comfortable.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

Best of Tuesday’s WNST Blogs:

Glenn Clark says Terps must shake off loss to Cincinnati, prove they can beat good teams away from Comcast Center before ACC play begins

Derek Arnold says Jared Gaither, Michael Oher ‘Played like Ravens’ in loss to Indianapolis

Bob Haynie says Ravens need to ‘defend home turf’ Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium

Glenn Clark says Ravens signed Cary Williams from Titans practice squad

Glenn Clark says FB Charles Ali takes Matt Lawrence’s roster spot

Thyrl Nelson doesn’t particularly like Flacco, Ray Rice as fantasy plays against Pittsburgh

Ed Frankovic offers thoughts from Capitals owner Leonsis on passing of Pollin


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Fabian Washington, Matt Lawrence placed on IR

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbaugh believes Reed’s fumble ‘not reason (Ravens) lost’ to Colts

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Flacco ‘struggling’ to find receivers not named Derrick Mason, Ray Rice

The Official Site says Ray Rice, VanDeSteeg, Paul Kruger say Ngata, McKinney could put away most turkey on Thanksgiving

Steelers Official Site’s Bob Labriola says Tomlin reported Roethlisberger ‘symptom-free’ after head injury in loss to Chiefs

Steelers Official Site’s Teresa Varley says Tomlin knows turnovers, special teams play killing Steelers despite ranking very high in AFC in offense, defense

Steelers Official Site says team signed Rocky Boiman, Corey Ivy

The Sun’s Mike Preston throws some blame towards Ngata for unnecessary roughness penalty in loss to Indy

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says other teams around AFC helping Ravens stay in Wild Card picture

The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg says Mason having ‘up and down’ season-similar to rest of team

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Grubbs not even aware he had been honored by Pro Football Weekly

The Sun says Big Ben will play as long as he continues to pass concussion tests this week

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says former kicker Hauschka tried out for Falcons

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says death of former Ravens hopeful Tony Fein ruled accidental

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette says Polamalu ‘not likely’ to play Sunday

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Scott Brown says Dennis Dixon will back up Roethlisberger Sunday night

USA Today has Ravens 14th in power rankings

5 of 8 USA Today analysts pick Steelers

USA Today’s Pete O’Brien picks Steelers 17-16

NFL.com’s Bucky Brooks says Ravens playoff chances hinge on health of Terrell Suggs

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco has Ravens 17th in power rankings

Fox Sports’ Adrian Hasenmayer has Ravens 8th in power rankings


The Official Site says Greivis Vasquez scored 19, but Terps fell to Cincinnati in semifinals of Maui Invitational

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss

The AP says Gary Williams knew Terps were hurt by Cincy’s Yancy Gates inside

The AP says Terps will face Wisconsin in 3rd place game today at 4:30

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says former Maryland target Lance Stephenson chipped in 11 points, 8 rebounds for Cats

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Mick Cronin wanted Bearcats to get inside to Yancy Gates

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Landon Milbourne struggling in Maui

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says James Padgett played well in loss

Cincinnati Enquirer’s Bill Koch says Deonta Vaughn tallied double double for Bearcats in win over Terps


The AP
says Kizer scored 20 as Terps topped Samford

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

The Diamondback’s Jonas Shaffer says Frese pleased with how Terps bounced back from first loss of season

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says Terps shook off loss to Mississippi State with big performance in win over Bulldogs


The Sun’s Laura Smitherman and Don Markus say Martin O’Malley doesn’t want public funds spent on buyout for Fridge

The Sun’s Jeff Barker wonders how Byrd Stadium fans will react to Friedgen Saturday

The Sun’s Matt Bracken says Archbishop Carroll LB prospect Attaochu interested in Terps

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says associate AD Brian Ullmann claimed school hasn’t asked for public funds

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Gloria Friedgen, Debbie Yow attended Ralph’s Tuesday press conference

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Friedgen wouldn’t talk about future Tuesday, only Boston College game

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Chris Turner, Kenny Tate ‘questionable’ for Saturday’s game against BC

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Ralph would prefer not to play Danny O’Brien Saturday

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terrell Skinner will play in East-West Shrine Game; Travis Ivey, Cory Jackson will play in “Texas vs. The Nation” all-star game in El Paso

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says James Franklin expects both Chris Turner, Jamarr Robinson to be available Saturday

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich says Dave Shinskie, Maryland QB’s likely to combine for a number of turnovers Saturday


The Official Site says John Dowd named Academic All-American by ESPN The Magazine

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Niumatalolo trying to keep Mids focused on football during Thanksgiving trip to Hawaii

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says former Navy assistant Jeff Monken appears poised to accept Georgia Southern job

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says game at Aloha Stadium allows 5 Hawaii natives on Navy team to play at home


The Official Site says Chris Harris, Jordan Sugars combined for 61 points as Mids topped Towson at Alumni Hall

Washington Examiner’s Kevin Dunleavy says Romeo Garcia dished out 9 assists for Mids in win


The Official Site says RaShawn Polk’s 19 not enough as Tigers fell to Midshipmen

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss

The AP says Jarrel Smith added 15 points in loss for Tigers


The Official Site says Reggie Holmes tallied 34 points as Bears won stunner at Arkansas

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

Arkansas Official Site says Rotnei Clarke’s 26 not enough as Razorbacks fell to Morgan in Fayetteville

The AP says Joe Davis scored 18 points for Razorbacks in win

Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s Bob Holt says Reggie Holmes’ big game against Hogs came just 2 days after tough performance in loss to Louisville


The Official Site says Vince Goldsberry lead way with 18 as Eagles beat UMBC in Catonsville

The AP says Kareem Brown scored 17 points for Eagles in win


The Official Site says Chauncey Gilliam scored 20 points, but Retrievers fell to Coppin at RAC Arena

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss


The Official Site says Shane Walker tallied double double as Greyhounds topped Dartmouth

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

The AP says Brett Harvey chipped in 10 points for Hounds in win


The Official Site says Mike Stoffel, Steve Levinson named Academic All-American by ESPN The Magazine


The Official Site previews tonight’s battle with Niagara at Knott Arena

The Official Site offers complete Mountaineers-Purple Eagles release (pdf)


The Sun’s Mike Klingaman says cancellation of season ‘heartbreaking’ for Gators


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Chris Ray thinks ‘offseason regimen’ will have him in better shape in 2010

MLB.com’s Lisa Winston says Birds ‘exercising patience’ organizationally (REALLY?)

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec and Dan Connolly say former Nationals reliever Mike Hinckley signed minor league deal with O’s

The Sun says former bench coach Jauss gets same job with Mets


Daily Racing Form’s Marty McGee says Preakness winner Rachel Alexandra back to work


Frederick News-Post’s Joshua R. Smith says Hagerstown fighters Jacob, Joey Kirwan; Myersville fighter Paul Mann looking to make mark in local MMA scene


The AP’s Joseph White says Bullets/Wizards owner Abe Pollin passed away from cancer at 85


-Welcome to Baltimore Charles Ali and Cary Williams. If one of you ends up making a contribution, it will be a very pleasant surprise.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 24 November 2009 by Glenn Clark

Here are some picks for tonight:

Maryland 80, Cincinnati 69

The Lance Stephenson storyline makes this game more interesting, but Maryland is just better. Cincinnati will compete, but Maryland should win.

UMBC 64, Coppin State 58

In a matchup of two teams struggling to replace their go-to guys (UMBC’s Darryl Proctor and Jay Greene; Coppin’s Tywain McKee); I’ll give the edge to the Retrievers at RAC Arena.

Navy 71, Towson 70

Just because the game is at Alumni Hall.

Morgan State 83, Arkansas 81

Not kidding. I know Drew picked this as well. I really believe Todd Bozeman’s crew wins on the road against their SEC foe.

Loyola 75, Dartmouth 63

But I will admit that I don’t know much at all about the Greyhounds’ opponent.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

Best of Monday’s WNST Blogs:

Drew Forrester says Ray Lewis, Ed Reed need to speak to media after games

Glenn Clark says Ravens will have to use Chris Carr, Frank Walker more with Fabian Washington out

Luke Jones says Terps rebounded from slow start to beat Silverswords

Glenn Clark says Ray Rice best Raven in loss, Drew Forrester says Jared Gaither, Derrick Mason best

Drew Forrester says Ravens’ win over Eagles this time last year proof everyone still in playoff picture

Derek Arnold says Flacco relying on ‘security blanket’ Mason too much (with one of the better photoshop jobs we’ve ever had at WNST.net)

Tom Clayton thinks Birds should have Michael Aubrey, Mark DeRosa at corner infield spots in 2010

Glenn Clark says Turkey Bowl amongst highlights of week

Bob Haynie celebrating 30th anniversary of ACC regular season title

Glenn Clark wonders if Michael Oher better high school football player than Charles Jefferson from Ridgemont High

Ed Frankovic says Capitals ‘collapsed’ in loss to Senators


The Official Site’s John Eisenberg says loss to Colts proves ‘magic’ gone for Ravens

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Fabian Washington will miss rest of season with ACL tear

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbaugh was happy with ‘communication’ from officials in loss to Indianapolis

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Ravens still very much alive in AFC Wild Card hunt

The Official Site’s Sarah Ellison says Terrell Suggs didn’t agree with ESPN report saying he’d miss at least a month

The Official Site says Harbs believes Lardarius Webb will be ‘big part’ of Ravens plans to replace Fabian Washington

The Official Site says Ravens partnering with Under Armour, Wounded Warrior Project to give away rally towels before Sunday Night Football game at M&T Bank Stadium

Steelers Official Site says Charlie Batch battling wrist injury

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Cam Cameron needs to open up bag of tricks again

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Dennis Dixon may have to start for Pittsburgh if Roethlisberger can’t play

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Freeney claimed Ravens gave Gaither, Oher help to shut Colts’ pass rushers out

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Dawan Landry ‘downplayed’ team lead in interceptions

The Sun’s Mike Preston thinks Flacco still bothered by ankle injury

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Fabian Washington hurt himself trying to tackle Addai

The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg dives deeper into the issue of 52, Reed not talking to media after games

The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg says Harbs still thinks Ravens ‘good football team’

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Ravens to give away own version of “Terrible Towel”

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Art Modell signed autographs at Sunday’s game

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Chris Chester, Matt Birk ‘struggling’

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Steelers, Jaguars, Broncos 1 game ahead of Ravens in playoff race

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Harbaugh met with Ed Reed Monday morning to discuss ‘lateral’

Frederick News-Post’s Stan Goldberg says Cundiff may have settled kicking situation, but Ravens haven’t solved red zone issues

The AP says Matt Birk knows Ravens must improve ‘execution’ offensively

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette says Big Ben should be okay, Steelers likely to sign Tyler Palko for QB insurance

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Scott Brown says Roethlisberger did well on IMPACT test

Beaver County Times’ Mike Bires couldn’t confirm Cleo Lemon, Jeff Garcia worked out for Steelers

The AP says Chris Kemoeatu will miss game for Steelers with sprained knee ligament

SI’s Peter King says Addai TD run ‘embarrassing’ for Ray Lewis

NFL.com’s Steve Wyche says offense looked ‘Boller-ish’ in loss to Indy

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco says Webb may be ‘rushed’ into major role

ESPN.com’s James Walker gives Steelers little chance to beat Ravens without Big Ben

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Flacco appeared to throw into triple coverage on Gary Brackett INT


The AP says Mosley’s 19 lead Terps to win over Chaminade in 1st round of Maui Invitational

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

The AP says Terps moved up to 21st in poll

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Eric Hayes added 12 points for Terps in win

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Vanderbilt (who lost last night) was only other ranked team in Maui Invitational field

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Chaminade coach Mahar knew Terps would ‘wear (Silverswords) down’

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Jin Soo Choi, Steve Goins, Ersin Levent all played for Terps in win

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Jordan Williams chipped in 10 rebounds for Terps in win

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says James Padgett added another 6 rebounds after halftime

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps 20th best team in country


The Official Site previews tonight’s contest with Samford

The Official Site offers complete Maryland-Samford release (pdf)


The Official Site previews Saturday’s Senior Day battle with Boston College

The Official Site offers complete Terrapins-Eagles release (pdf)

The Sun’s Matt Bracken says future Terp Devin Burns still alive in Georgia high school playoffs

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Chris Turner could ‘try’ to play Saturday vs. BC

The Diamondback’s Adi Joseph says Debbie Yow has not offered ‘full support’ to Friedgen the way she did for Gary Williams

Sporting News’ Matt Hayes has Terps 12th in power rankings

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem says Ian Evans could be ‘sleeper’ prospect for 2010 (must subscribe)

Turtle Sports Report’s Matt Owings says Jamarr Robinson, Da’Rel Scott were positives in Florida State loss


The Official Site previews Saturday night’s trip to Hawaii

The Official Site offers complete Midshipmen-Warriors release (pdf)

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Buddy Green getting video faster thanks to new software

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Honolulu trip allows Niumatalolo chance to face alma mater

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says 16 Midshipmen seniors headed to Marine Corps


The Official Site previews tonight’s tilt with Towson

The Official Site offers complete Mids-Tigers release (pdf)


The Official Site previews tonight’s trip to Annapolis

The Official Site offers complete Tigers-Mids release (pdf)


The Official Site previews tonight’s battle with Coppin State on MASN

The Official Site offers complete Retrievers-Eagles release (pdf)


The Official Site previews tonight’s trip to Dartmouth


The Official Site previews tonight’s trip to Arkansas

The Official Site offers complete Bears-Razorbacks release (pdf)


The Official Site says athletic department honored Kevin White

The Official Site says Kevin White named to Hispanic College Fund Challenge All-Tournament team


The Official Site says Jeremy Goode honored by NEC


Inside Lacrosse’s Sean Burns says Blue Jays 6th in pre-preseason rankings

Inside Lacrosse’s Sean Burns says coaches have Jays 5th in pre-preseason rankings


The Sun’s Peter Schmuck wouldn’t dismiss Birds’ pursuit of Carlos Delgado

Examiner Jay Trucker surprised Andino got no votes for American League MVP


The Official Site says Palace will play in new league called NASL

Examiner Jeff Hemelt says 9 teams will play in North American Soccer League


SwimNetwork.com’s Andrew Silver thinks Michael Phelps hosed with Lochte’s win at Golden Goggles

The AP says “Duel in the Pool” in Manchester, England Phelps’ final meet of 2009


Daily Racing Form’s Dave Litfin says Quality Road worked out at Belmont in hopes to return following Breeders’ Cup Classic scratch


Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Mark “TNT” Tucker to defend USBO belt December 11 in Westminster


-DO NOT LIKE the towel giveaway. Will talk more about it tomorrow.

Talk to you later.


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