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Road game at Houston “Ngata” problem…

Posted on 09 November 2008 by Drew Forrester

Texans’ QB Sage Rosenfels threw high and wide enough on Sunday afternoon to easily qualify for a spot in the Orioles starting rotation.  

At one point in the 4th quarter, I assumed Houston would go with Matt Schaub…crutches and all.

I doubt he could have been worse than Rosenfels.

Baltimore’s playoff drive shifted into high gear on Sunday with a 41-13 whipping of the Houston Texans, boosted by an efficient offense, a 2-TD day from Todd Heap and a relentless defensive line that stopped the run, intercepted a pass and made life miserable for the Texans offense.

It got so out of hand late in the game that the Ravens decided to run up the score by letting Troy Smith throw a touchdown pass.

Now…the fun and games are over.

Next week, the Ravens go back to playing Division I teams when they travel to the Meadowlands to take on the defending Super Bowl Champions.

Eli Manning won’t throw four picks next Sunday, you can bet on that.

And the Ravens secondary will have to step up in class next Sunday or today’s score – 41-13 – might be next week’s score…but the other way around.

Lost in today’s laugher was another effective performance from Joe Flacco, who went 15-23 for 185 yards and 2 TD’s.  He hasn’t thrown an interception since week #5 in Indianapolis.  Sage Rosenfels threw two in two series’ today.  Yes, Flacco has come along nicely, I’d say.  And Willis McGahee carried the ball 25 times for 112 yards…a reasonable indication that he’s working himself back to 100%.  Finally, Todd Heap showed his detractors that the ball actually does still stick to his hands as #86 caught 5 passes for 58 yards and a couple of scores.  

It was a good day all around for the Ravens, who have now won four straight games.  

Even when the other team stinks it up like the Texans did, there are always plenty of good things to take from a win.

Flacco seemingly outplays the other team’s QB every week.  Baltimore’s running game is powerful, speedy and very unpredictable.  Don’t look now, but guys like Mark Clayton and Yamon Figurs are actually contributing on the receiving end of things.  Shock of all shocks — Todd Heap’s NOT washed up after all, huh?  (those of you who have been saying that just take your medicine like a man and get another beer…).

These kinds of wins are fun.  You make light of the other team’s quarterback, you giggle at the trick plays and you joke about how we’re now the team with the potent offense and the opponent has the guy behind center who can’t complete a pass to his own team.  

Just remember, starting next Sunday, it’s back to the big leagues for the Ravens.

Next week, we’ll see if the fairy tale continues — or does a trip to the Big Apple put a temporary halt to Baltimore’s playoff push?

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The Fantasy Flavor Positional Power Rankings – Week 10 RBs

Posted on 05 November 2008 by Thyrl Nelson

There’s not a lot of shake up in the Fantasy Running Back Power Rankings this week. That’s not good news if you’re looking for help on the waiver wire this week though, unless you had the foresight to grab Ray Rice early, it’s likely you’ll have to look pretty far down on the start rankings to find some value on the waiver wire for week 10.


Week 10 Fantasy Running Back Power Rankings


RB Power Rankings Archive – 34567 – 89


Remember that the power rankings listed here are a reflection of year to date performance only, and not an inducement of who to start this week. Check the list at the bottom of the column for this week’s start rankings.


(last week’s rankings in parentheses)


1. Clinton Portis (1) – WAS – 955 yds 7 TD


2. Brian Westbrook (2) – PHI – 422 yds 6 TD & 174 yds 2 TD rec


3. Matt Forte (5) – CHI – 641 yds 4 TD & 228 yds 2 TD rec


4. Marion Barber (3) – DAL – 665 yds 5 TD & 264 yds 2 TD


5. Frank Gore (6) – SF – 629 yds 4 TD & 311 yds 1 TD


6. Chris Johnson (10) – TEN – 715 yds 5 TD & 164 yds 1 TD rec


7. Adrian Peterson (7) – MIN – 823 yds 6 TD


8. Michael Turner (9) – ATL – 794 yds 6 TD


9. Steven Jackson (8) – ST.L – 525 yds 4 TD & 259 yds 0 TD rec


10. Brandon Jacobs (14) – NYG – 680 yds 7 TD


11. LaDanian Tomlinson (11) – SD – 551 yds 4 TD


12. Ronnie Brown (13) – MIA – 465 yds 8 TD & 19 yds 1 TD passing


13. Steve Slaton (15) – HOU – 538 yds 5 TD & 181 yds 1 TD rec


14. LenDale White (4) – TEN – 404 yds 10 TD


15. Marshawn Lynch (12) – BUF – 466 yds 6 TD & 199 yds 0 TD rec


16. Thomas Jones (16) – NYJ – 601 yds 5 TD & 104 yds 1 TD rec


17. Maurice Jones-Drew (18) – JAX – 363 yds 6 TD & 232 yds 0 TD rec


18. Earnest Graham (17) – TB – 560 yds 4 TD & 174 yds 0 TD rec


19. Jamal Lewis (NR) – CLE – 533 yds 3 TD


20. Tim Hightower (NR) – AZ – 242 yds 7 TD


Dropped from Rankings: Jonathan Stewart – CAR; Mewelde Moore – PIT


RBs Who Should Be Better Than Usual In Week 10: LaDanian Tomlinson vs. KC; Thomas Jones vs. ST.L; Jamal Lewis vs. DEN; Jonathan Stewart @ OAK; Tim Hightower vs. SF; Willie Parker vs. IND; Maurice Jones-Drew @ DET; Adrian Peterson vs. GB


RBs Who Could Be Sleepers Based on Week 10 Match Ups: DeAngelo Williams @ OAK; Edgerin James vs. SF; Mewelde Moore vs. IND; Ray Rice & LeRon McClain @ HOU; Kevin Smith vs. JAX; Selvin Young, Ryan Torrian or Peyton Hillis @ CLE (good luck figuring out Shanahan’s rotation this season)


RBs With Tough Week 10 Match Ups: Brian Westbrook vs. NYG; Ryan Grant @ MIN; Brandon Jacobs @ PHI; Marshawn Lynch @ NE; Frank Gore @ AZ; Matt Forte vs. TEN; Steven Jackson @ NYJ


RBs You Might Want to Avoid in Week 10: Steve Slaton vs. BAL; Joseph Addai & Dominic Rhodes @ PIT; Justin Fargas, Darren McFadden & Michael Bush vs. CAR


And here are the week 10 Fantasy RB start rankings; it’s this week’s top 50 running backs in the order that you should consider them. They were gotten using the Fantasy Flavor secret formula, and have their formulary numbers in parentheses, the lower the better. We’ll get all of the positional rankings out to you in time for the Thursday night game, so keep checking back for the rest.


*Note on Ryan Torrian – I’d insert him at about 12a based on the proclaimation that he’ll get a big chance this week. It could boost his value going forward based on Andre Hall and Michael Pittman on the IR, but Shanahan may continue to frustrate you down the line with Peyton Hillis and a healthier Selvin Young.


1. LaDanian Tomlinson (16)

2. Adrian Peterson (20)

3. Willie Parker (22)

4. Matt Forte (26)

5. Chris Johnson (27)

6. Frank Gore (29)

7. Michael Turner (29)

8. Brian Westbrook (32)

9. Thomas Jones (33)

10. Tim Hightower (33)

11. Ronnie Brown (34)

12. Steven Jackson (35)

13. Jamal Lewis (38)

14. DeAngelo Williams (38)

15. Maurice Jones-Drew (40)

16. Brandon Jacobs (43)

17. Ray Rice (43)

18. LenDale White (47)

19. Marshawn Lynch (50)

20. LeRon McClain (53)

21. Steve Slaton (54)

22. Kevin Smith (56)

23. Kevin Faulk (56)

24. Edgerin James (57)

25. Selvin Young (59)

26. Julius Jones (60)

27. Jonathan Stewart (60)

28. BenJarvis Green-Ellis (66)

29. Mewelde Moore (66)

30. Leon Washington (69)

31. Joseph Addai (73)

32. Jerious Norwood (75)

33. Deuce McAllister (75)

34. JJ Arrington (75)

35. Derrick Ward (79)

36. Darren Sproles (81)

37. Ricky Williams (82)

38. Ryan Grant (90)

39. Patrick Cobbs (90)

40. Chester Taylor (92)

41. Justin Fargas (92)

42. Correll Buckhalter (100)

43. Michael Bush (100)

44. Jamal Charles (101)

45. Fred Jackson (102)

46. Dominic Rhodes (103)

47. Peyton Hillis (105)

48. Ahman Green (106)

49. TJ Duckett (106)

50. Leonard Weaver (108)






Week 10 QB Power Ranks and Weekly Previews


Week 10 WR Power Ranks and Weekly Previews


Week 10 TE Power Ranks and Weekly Previews


Week 10 D/ST Power Ranks and Weekly Previews


Week 10 K Power Ranks and Weekly Previews


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Here’s Part 2 and a reality check…

Posted on 03 November 2008 by Drew Forrester

So while we continue to bask in the glow of a huge road win, let’s blow out the candle and sit in the dark.

Just for a few minutes.

I promised you Part 2 of “Ravens beat Browns” and here it is.

Consider it the balancing act that’s necessary when someone (ahem, that would be…me) puts the team in the playoffs 8-games into a 16-game season.

I’m thrilled to death with 5-3 and equally ecstatic with how the Ravens have done it (code word for: we’ve won a few games with OFFENSE), yet I continue to see things that leave me puzzled.  And with our playoff hopes alive and well, I’m hoping none of these fears are realized late in the season when one loss, one series or one play could leave us home in January.

Here comes the balancing act.

Enough with the Troy Smith experiment already.  I’m not sure why it is that we have to get him in there on a handful of plays each game.  Is this the CYO Summer League, where all the kids have to play at least 7 minutes or 5 innings?  If Cam Cameron thinks Troy Smith is the better QB for the Ravens, he should just play him.  If Flacco is the QB, he should be the QB.  No more shuffling Smith in there to either appease him or Terrell Suggs. No more pissed-away time-outs.  No more confusion.  Stop the Smith-Shuttle-Bus already.  

Is Willis McGahee IN or OUT?  Financially, I know, he’s IN.  In a big way.  They can’t cut him next spring. He’d be an $8mm salary cap hit.  If he’s NOT healthy enough to play right now, make him inactive and give his spot to a kick-off/long field specialist.  If McClain and Rice are going to carry the load, that’s fine.  But McGahee sitting on the sidelines is a waste. If he’s hurt, fair enough.  Just don’t put him on the sidelines to watch.

Are we philosophically against challenging calls?  Why not throw the red flag yesterday when Jason Wright scampered (supposedly) into the end zone?  I know, I know…when you’re on the road, the replays don’t come as fast and furious as they would if you were the home team.  That’s all the more reason to pay attention to the FIRST replay that is shown.  I’m not 100% sure that Wright touchdown would have been overturned, but it was awfully, awfully close.  The TV crew thought he stepped out before the end zone.  So did I.  

Last but not least, I hope the team doesn’t listen to sports radio goofs who have already situated them into the AFC post-season.  Stay focused, move ahead to the next week and take care of business.

Some are already calling this game in Houston a “trap game”.  That’s a gambling term with which I’m not familiar.  OK, maybe I’m “somewhat familiar” with that term, but I’m not buying it.

Ravens 30-Houston 20.

The playoff train rolls on.

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The afterglow of Cleveland

Posted on 03 November 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

Talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

With just over a quarter remaining in yesterday’s key divisional AFC North matchup, the Ravens were 14 points down on the road, the Browns fans were coming to life with a chorus of “Hang on Sloopy” (don’t ask…just watch the video!) and the vultures were circling our black birds at Cleveland Stadium.

Some of the Cleveland “faithful” had already begun to pile out onto the street to watch Bruce Springsteen perform before the Barack Obama rally, which was literally adjacent to the stadium (think as close as Oriole Park is to M&T Bank Stadium).

The Browns had our rookie quarterback on the run. Our beaten defense had been pushed around for 30 minutes – or as Terrell Suggs said: “We were getting our asses handed to us.” And staring at a two-touchdown deficit on the road in a hostile environment, it didn’t feel as though a comeback was in the offering.

Todd Heap hadn’t caught a pass. Willis McGahee was on the pine. The backend of the secondary, while not looking like Ike Booth and Donny Brady circa 1996 was still not Chris McAlister and Samari Rolle in their prime for sure.

But, as we learned in the locker room after the game, it was about that time that Ray Lewis came to the forefront on the sidelines and talked about playing a full 60 minutes of football. He talked about believing and not quitting. All of the stuff many may view as “rhetoric” when it doesn’t work was viewed as gospel once the Ravens came storming back to score 24 unanswered points during the final 16 minutes of the game.

And, lo and behold, the Ravens created their first miracle of the John Harbaugh administration and gave us our best memory of Cleveland yet, a stunning 37-27 victory on The Lake. (Well, it’s at least the the best memory in Cleveland since the Roberto Alomar homer back in 1996.)

While the real world is in a seemingly constant state of financial crisis and life isn’t a whole lot of fun for most of us from the gas pump to the checkbook, it’s stupid stuff like sports that can create a little bit of fun and a diversion from daily life. At least here in Baltimore with the fantasyland that sports provides us, it’s turning into a very good year for our football team, which makes for nice Monday mornings.

Hell, it makes for great WEEKS in my world, where everywhere I go and everything I do leads me into a conversation about football and the Ravens.

So, on a personal note, there’s nothing more gratifying than when the Ravens win.

It helps WNST morale. It helps the morale of the community. And it makes food taste a little better and the beer is, to quote Chuck Thompson, a little colder.

The Ravens are 5-3, headed off to play Houston in six days and apparently will draw the Sage Rosenfels quarterback card instead of Matt Schaub, who left the Texans’ game early yesterday.

Ray Lewis is playing like a man possessed, showing himself to be the veteran leader in his “walk” year that we’ve been wanting to see as fans.

It’s officially time to start talking about “Festivus.”

(Does John Harbaugh even know about this sacred football holiday?)

And then there are the three “rookies” who stepped to the podium after yesterday’s gritty, improbable win.

Ray Rice had as big of a day on the road when it mattered against a division rival as you can imagine a rookie having. (Although he’ll be hearing about getting knocked out of bounds short of the end zone a few times this week from teammates.)

Joe Flacco was almost flawless in his effort yesterday and continues to show poise, confidence and ability that are beyond his years.

And rookie coach John Harbaugh is starting to show results in the only place it really matters: the team is 5-3 and could be in first place by the end of the night.

Only time will tell if yesterday’s offense-defense bonding on the Lake will take root and this will be a playoff team (or maybe even a true contender for a Super Bowl title in this oddest of seasons).

The conversations here and around town will talk about the obvious problems: the lack of a bye week, the powerful NFC North teams looming during the holidays and tough games and the secondary will probably be a question mark until proven otherwise. There will be plenty of time to debate all of this, week to week, as the team continues to mature.

But yesterday was one for the books — a classic, an unexpected gem to begin the Festivus season. Not even being stuck in the Cleveland airport for three extra hours last night could wipe the smile off of my face.

As I walked to the subway after hearing about 25 minutes of Springsteen (as many of you know, one of my favorites), we strolled to Tower City Mall as Bruce broke out an acoustic version of “The Rising” and dedicated it to Barack Obama, who was about to take the stage.

Bruce could have just as easily sent that one out to the purple birds, who were trying to navigate the insane scene of 100,000 people on the square downtown en route to the airport for a “rising” of their own.

The rising to the top of the AFC North, creating even more separation from the whole state of Ohio.

The rain began to fall on the Cleveland night as the sun set before 5 p.m. for the beginning of a long, cold winter on Lake Erie.

The Ravens are 5-3. The Browns are 3-5.

Going in opposite directions once again.

The bad news?

We’re all stuck rooting for the Redskins tonight.

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The Fantasy Flavor Positional Power Rankings – Week 9 RBs

Posted on 29 October 2008 by Thyrl Nelson

Here are the Week 9 Fantasy Flavor Running Back Power Rankings. It’s the top 20 RBs based on what we’ve seen so far, and a look ahead at this week’s match ups. In addition to the power rankings, we’ve identified the best and worst match ups for week 9 and ranked this week’s top 50 running backs in the order you should consider them. Continue Reading

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Ravens crush woeful Raiders, 29-10

Posted on 26 October 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

The Raiders have played an interesting foil in the annals of Baltimore football history.

There was the “Ghost To The Post” thriller on Christmas Eve in 1977. The Raiders were the first team to come to Baltimore to play the Ravens in 1996. And, of course, it was a trip to Oakland and a win in the AFC Championship Game in 2001 that took the Ravens to Tampa and a Super Bowl title.

Today, however, the Raiders look to be a shadow of their famed black and silver pirate crest, a hapless franchise with second-rate talent and an owner that makes Peter Angelos seem sensible.

What the hell happened to the “commitment to excellence”?

We’ve seen some bad football teams roll into Baltimore since the Ravens came to town 13 years ago challenging the great Billy Jo Hobert, but today’s effort by the Raiders might’ve been one of the worst we’ve ever seen in the Charm City. That’s about as bad of a football team you’re gonna find with the red, white and blue NFL crest on it.

Their offense was hopeless, the special teams were poor – making Jim Leonhard look like Dante Hall in his prime – and the defense was good enough to allow a slow, 6-foot-6 quarterback to spread wide and catch bombs from the backup quarterback. And who Tom Cable and where is Lane Kiffin?

If Al Davis were in his right mind, he’d be ashamed of what a cruel hoax this is on the Raider Nation and the Black Hole. Next week, they might want to try to show up against the Falcons.

Sure, the Ravens looked great today and we’ll all gladly take this 29-10 win. At 4-3 on Halloween, this 2008 season has some real life and some real promise as the purple heads to Cleveland next week where a win puts them on a fast track for a potential playoff berth. It would be time to bust out the “P” word (or is it still Festivus?). No one could argue with 5-3 at the turn, even if the second half appears to be helluva challenge with so many potential playoff teams on the slate in November and December, including the entire firing squad of the NFC East.

But I can’t fathom how the Raiders are going to win another game with that band of ragamuffins.

Let’s take it around the victorious purple locker room:

Joe Flacco wasn’t brilliant today (12 of 124 for 140 years) but he threw a TD, ran for one and damn-near CAUGHT one. The maturation of Flacco as a rookie is going swimmingly well for the team, with him getting all sorts of initiations to victories, defeats, road and home games and all sorts of looks from defenses around the NFL. I’m glad we bought the stock months ago.

Terrell Suggs, for all of his stupid bluster and idiotic pronouncements, certainly showed up to play today and made his presence felt anywhere around JaMarcus Russell, who looks like the next No. 1 QB bust of this decade.

Ray Lewis continues to dazzle in his contract walk season, making play after play and I’m still not sure that Justin Griffith made it anywhere near the goal line on that lone touchdown, but he’ll no doubt still be feeling that hit on Wednesday.

Let’s hear it for Jim Leonhard, who has become a fan favorite with these “little guy” efforts on defense and special teams. He’s MY SIZE for crying out loud, but he plays like a giant on the field.

The running game was effective all day, racking up 192 yards on 46 carries as the Ravens controlled the clock and exhausted the Raiders’ defense. The three-headed monster of Ray Rice (8-64), Willis McGahee (23-58) and Le’Ron McClain (7-32) has been more effective than any of us realized back in training camp. And let’s give the offensive line some props as well — even with Adam Terry and Marshal Yanda out, they’re still protecting Flacco pretty well and allowing the backs to move the ball.

Even Matt Stover had a perfect day, which we’ll need more of as the weather turns and the games become tight enough that his foot will surely play a major role in deciding the season.

But the biggest game ball goes to John Harbaugh and the coaching staff, who have held the team together through several crises this season, not the least of which was the notion that the team didn’t have enough talent to compete:

•    The quarterback carousel during training camp and prepping and winning with a rookie signal caller in the NFL.

•    The horrendous injury/age situation on the defensive side of the ball, with Chris McAlister, Samari Rolle, Kelly Gregg and Dawan Landry all out of the lineup. And that’s not to mention various dings to Willis McGahee, Terry and the loss of Yanda on offense.

•    The bad, ugly, brutal loss in Indianapolis and a three-game losing streak and the bounce back in Miami and again today. Good teams rebound. The Ravens have nicely. That’s good coaching and a lot of heart.

•    The difficulty of navigating and covering for the stupid comments and actions by some of his childish players (this was essentially what got Brian Billick fired). Not only did Chris McAlister not play today, no one even bothered asking where the hell he was. (Disciplined? Absolutely. But will they say it was his leg? Absolutely. They should just come clean and tell the truth, instead of this silly gameplaying that went on last week.)

One more game ball might go to the Ravens’ still-stellar front office acumen in picking talent. Jameel McClain, Willie Anderson, Evan Oglesby and Brandon McKinney all made plays today and none of them were on the team in August. Hats off to George Kokinis and Ozzie Newsome, who have improved this team coming out of Westminster.

The real test, of course, comes in January when the team’s 2008 record is public.

But so far, at 4-3 with winnable games on the horizon in Cleveland and Houston, the Ravens are far more interesting, entertaining and enjoyable than any of us thought possible eight weeks ago.

And if crappy teams like the Raiders are on the schedule (and there’s at least one left with Cincinnati) we’ll take them every week.

As long as the Ravens show up and beats them in the fashion they did today, it’s fun for all of us.

I’ve never been more excited about a trip to Cleveland…

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More C-Mac talk,Rex – Rob Ryan,Suggs radio comments, Mike Singletary and Mike Nolan

Posted on 23 October 2008 by caseywillett

Here are some news and notes from Ravens today:

Here is Rex’s comments on C-Mac situation:

-Rex Ryan talked about how Jim Leonhard was in the game more than Ed Reed because of a certain package that the they had practiced more in it, but no one talked about it. Rex said it is his responsibility to get the job done no matter who is out there.

– As to who decides who starts on defense, Rex Ryan made is very clear, “it is my call, always on defense.”

-Rex mentioned that he owes it to this football team to do what they think is best with match ups, even if that means taking out Ray Lewis.

On his relationship with Rob Ryan:

– ” We were really close, we still are very close. With dad’s profession, I always had my best friend with me when we moved.”

-“you look forward to seeing him, maybe going out to eat or something. You have to feel bad for someone, might as well feel bad for him. It is all about the win, hopefully our team will come out on top.”

-The defensive guys have said that the guy to getting JaMarcus Russell is to wrapping him up and wait for help to come.

On Terrell Suggs comments on the radio:

” I am getting it all second hand, I do not know all the particulars on it, so I would rather not comment right now til I hear it myself.”

On Mike Singletary getting hired in San Fransico:

“I am excited for Mike Singletary to get that opportunity, I think he will do a tremendous job.He probably gives the best speeches I have ever heard a guy give. I think the lost a heck of coach in Mike Nolan, I hate to see one of my friends lose a job when the season is not even over. I think that is kind of ridiculous, it is what it is. I guess adversity to some comes opportunity for others, hopefully Mike Singletary will do a good job in stay in that position, but i sure feel for Mike Nolan.”

-Cam Cameron mentioned that Willis McGahee took 30 cc’s off of his knee before the Miami game and having the game he did was impressive. Cameron feels like McGahee is getting healthier and that will benefit the offense.

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Ravens news and notes and injury report

Posted on 22 October 2008 by caseywillett

Here are some notes from 1 Winning Drive today:

-The Chris McAlister saga will continue to roll on, as McAlister spoke with the media and commented on the situation which you can see in my previous blog. Coach Harbaughreemphasized today that playing time has nothing to do with discipline. It is simply they are putting the best 11 guys on the field against the Raiders. McAlister does in fact appear on the injury report this week, which you can scroll down to see.

– Buddy Ryan the father of Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan and Raiders defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will be at the game on Sunday.

-JaMarcus Russell was a big topic of discussion with several of the defensive players today. Trevor Pryce, Terrell Suggs, and Haloti Ngata all talked about how big and strong Russell is and how you have to wrap him up to get him down. Pryce mentioned that the thing you have to do when you get to Russell is ask him to lie down so you can get the sack. Suggs is concerned that he might get shrugged off if he gets to him and goes for a sack. Ngata pointed out that a big thing with Russell is that he will dump off passes to the running backs when you get to him and that is a dangerous thing. All of the guys compared sacking Russell to trying to sack Ben Roethlisberger, very difficult. Suggs compared sacking Russell to trying to sack Trevor Pryce.

– Jonathan Ogden who will be going into the Ravens Ring of Honor on Sunday, will be introduced with the team on Sunday.

– Terrell Suggs said early that he thought Troy Smith should be starting for the Ravens. Now Suggs has said ” I thought the question was about multiple packages. I said both quarterbacks should get a chance to play, like running back Ronnie Brown depending on the package. Joe is 3-3 as the starter and has done a good job. It’s not like we haven’t won any games.”

Suggs also has had controversy come up with his comments about a bounty on Hines Ward. Here is his response to that, ” there wasn’t any bounty. The reporter asked me if there was a bounty and I just said I’m going to keep a watch on the guy. He broke some guy’s jaw last week, and he tried to cheap shot Jarrett Johnson. He also cheap-shotted Ed Reed. We’re just going to be on alert the next time we play him. It’s like the guy in your neighborhood who always pulls your shorts down and your drawers show, well, you always have to be on the lookout. You have to be alert.”

Suggs has always been a media friendly guy, but I can not imagine these type comments set well with the new coaching regime

– Here is the injury report for the Ravens for Wednesday:

OUT: Samari Rolle(neck/shoulder) Dawan Landry(neck) Adam Terry (knee)

Did Not Participate: Yamon Figurs(knee) Ed Reed(thigh) Demetrius Williams(ankle)

Limited Participation: Jared Gaither(neck) Chris McAlister(knee) Willis McGahee(knee)

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A win at Miami and a Tuesday top 7

Posted on 21 October 2008 by Drew Forrester

Time for our weekly edition of the Tuesday Top 7 where I highlight the best 7 performances from Sunday’s win over Miami.  The year-to-date point totals are at the bottom of the blog.

#7…Jared Gaither – Hard to not have him on the list again after another stellar effort at OT.  The Ravens rushed for over 100 yards again and they allowed only one REAL sack (the other two were considered “coverage sacks”) on Joe Flacco.  Not a Pro Bowler yet, but he’ll see Hawaii one of these days if he keeps up this level of play.

#6…Sam Koch – Only punted three times but they were all big-time boots.  He averaged 59 yards per kick and all three of them ended up inside the Dolphins 20, including the back-breaking kick in the 4th quarter that pinned Miami deep in their own territory.

#5…Derrick Mason – Let’s see, what DIDN’T Mason do?  Catches?  Yep, 6 of them.  Yards?  Sure, 87 of them.  TD’s?  Yep, one of those, too.  In a league full of big-mouth, “look at what I can do” wide-outs, Mason has quietly established himself as a legit Pro-Bowl candidate six games into the season. 

#4…Terrell Suggs – Had a great game with a pick for a TD, 7 tackles and a sack.  Also had a major hand in shutting down that listless “Wildcat Offense”…don’t look now, but he’s earning that $8.4 million.

#3…Ray Lewis – Speaking of Pro-Bowl visits, Ray would like a room on the 24th floor at the Honolulu Hyatt please…and make sure he has a nice view of the beach down below.  10 tackles, 9 of them solo, and another game where #52 led by example instead of yappin’. 

#2…Joe Flacco – His best game as a pro, going 17 for 23 with a TD pass, no turnovers and an obvious affection for the no-huddle offense.  Coming off of his WORST game (at Indy), his performance at Miami showed that a bad game isn’t going to ruin him for weeks at a time.

#1…Willis McGahee – I’ll excuse his fumble…he was merely trying to get to the end zone and the Miami defensive player “made a play”…other than that, McGahee’s performance was nearly flawless.  Ran for 105 yards, found the open hole, surged through it and, for the most part, looked a little bit like the McGahee of old at times.  Fitness and health are still a question mark, but for one Sunday afternoon in Miami, Willis earned his paycheck with 19 carries and 2 catches (for 47 yards) for a 150-yard afternoon.

Point totals through 6 games —

7. Jared Gaither — 12 points

6. Jarrett Johnson – 13 points

5. Terrell Suggs – 14 points

4. Le’Ron McClain – 15 points

3. Joe Flacco – 16 points

    Derrick Mason – 16 points

1. Ray Lewis – 18 points

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Ravens, Rays, Shuckers and Real Housewives of Atlanta

Posted on 20 October 2008 by caseywillett

Huge win for the Ravens today.  They were able to come up with big plays when they needed to on both offense and defense. Here are some other observations from the weekend:

– I want to thank everyone that came out to Shuckers in Fells Point for the Ravens – Dolphins viewing party. It was a great time!  Thanks to Andy and his staff at Shuckers for their hospitality and Rachel from Corona for providing giveaways during the game. Shuckers is a great place any time to visit, but especially on Sunday’s if you are an NFL fan.

– Willis McGahee ran the ball as hard as we have seen him run since probably the Ravens – Patriots game last season. For most of the day, he ran with a burst through the line of scrimmage and down hill. With the exception of that fumble on the break away run when he was caught from behind, it was a very solid day for Willis.

– I will say this now.  I do not buy that Chris McAlister was held out because of knee.  McAlister did not once appear on this week’s injury report.  Suddenly he is not playing.  I think there is more to it.

– It was not a great day for Joe Flacco but it was a solid performance. Flacco made the throws when he needed to and got more guys involved in the offense.  He still made some rookie mistakes, but this was a solid bounceback game after a couple of rocky games over the last couple of weeks.

-The Ravens defense may have made the Dolphins rethink about their “wildcat” offense. The Ravens defense did not fall for it once today.  They had it scouted out every time the Dolphins tried it. Very solid game by the Ravens defense.

– Have to give Chris Chester his credit where it is due. He had a much better game than what I thought he would have today filling in for Yanda. Let’s see if Chester can continue his solid performance week after week.

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays on making it to the World Series. I am especially glad to see a guy like Chad Bradford, one of the best guys to come through the Orioles locker room, make it to the World Series. Also, congratulations to Andy Freed, a Towson graduate who does play by play for the Rays. What an amazing performance by David Price for the Rays in the biggest situation he has encountered in his young career.

As I was flipping through the channels Sunday night, a familiar face showed up on my television. That person was former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Edgerton Hartwell. Hartwell’s wife Lisa Wu Hartwell, is a part of the Bravo channel reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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