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The Right to Boo: Beach | Beer | Baltimore Sports Volume 2

Posted on 01 July 2012 by joshlevine

It was an amazing day at the beach. The waves were great. The sun was shining and I was able to take a two hour nap while listening to the Ipod. The Umbrella girl was cute, but I have definitely seen hotter.

As I came off the beach, it was time for happy hour and of course I flipped on the O’s game to see the score of today’s game. The 6-2 loss is depressing because we have lost three out of four to a not very good Cleveland team.

Brian Matusz was absolutely awful. as I watched the game on DVR, I kept asking myself, how much longer are we going to keep giving him the ball and allowing him to pitch every five days? Mentally, Matusz has not been sharp since 2010. I do not want to give up on Matusz, but I don’t want him in the rotation either. Ideally, I’d liek to see him go down to Norfolk and be told he is there until September and he needs to relearn how to dominate mentally and physically. He has the ability. He has shown the ability. Its time to remember how to use the ability.

Matusz was booed on his way out of Camden Yards and he deserved it. I have no problem with paying fans booing or cheering any player they want. If you under perform, you are going to get booed. So do not under perform and you will not be booed.

Many people believe that booing the hometown team is wrong. During football season, some people claim that you should never boo your team. I disagree 100%. The amount of money fans are required to pay in order to go to a game, fans have the right to boo poor performance.

Professional athletes have spent the last 20 years talking about how the sport they play is a “business”. That is why there are holdouts, money squabbles and moody players. Well the fans are part of the business, because the fans fund these ball players salaries via ticket sales and cable TV bills.

That brings me to Ed Reed. I LOVE ED REED. He is the best free safety I have ever seen football. But Ed has really made me angry as a fan and as a ticket holder. Ed received the largest contract ever given to a safety in 2006 when he signed a six year $40 million contract. Ed was paid a lot of money up front int he form of s signing bonus and is now on year six of the contract and will make $7.2 Million.

Ed feels disrespected, He feels that the Ravens do not appreciate him, While I love Ed Reed for what he has done for the Ravens and what he can do on the field, I do not understand why Ed Reed thinks Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens will give him a new contract.

Ed has threatened to retire multiple times over the last couple of seasons. He has also indicated he is playing with a neck and nerve impingement. No smart business man is going to invest long term dollars into a player whose interception totals dropped to three in 2011. Ordinarily, you would not just judge Ed’s performance based on INTs but his tackling was pathetic at best.

Ed needs to make choice. He either wants to play ball or he wants to retire. Either are fine with me. I prefer he play. If he plays, he needs to realize that he has to perform in 2012 if he wants more money from the Ravens. Ray Lewis did it in 2008. He performed and he got paid. Ed Reed can perform and get paid $7.2 Million in 2012 and then get more in 2013 or he can retire.

Beer of the day: Miller Lite
Song on the Ipod: Def Leopard

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