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Beach | Beer | Baltimore Sports

Posted on 30 June 2012 by joshlevine

So many great words start with the letter B. Blast, babes, booze, broads and booty just to name a few. But this week, while having my first days off since April and being down on the eastern shore, my favorite words are “Beach | Beer | Baltimore Sports”.

The Orioles celebrated legendary manager Earl Weaver today and I have to admit I was disappointed at how much praise Earl bestowed upon Oriole Majority Owner Peter Angelos. Earl talked about how much the Angelos family has done for Baltimore. As fan, I am disgusted with what Angelos has done to this proud franchise and the mockery he has made the organization over the last 15 years. I would have preferred to hear Earl praise all of the great players he managed and at best, thank Uncle Peter for the honor of the statue.

Sadly, I stayed off the beach today with a cold beer in my left hand…and a cold beer in my right hand and watched the debacle today’s game was as Dana Eveland and Tommy Hunter combined to pitch a lousy game. Both of these guys were awful and got clobbered by a below average Indians team. The Birds lost 11-5 with their only real highlight being a Chris Davis monster home run to right field.

During the game I received a text from WNST announcing that the Orioles acquired Jim Thome for Kyle Simon. While the move makes sense and the Orioles can use Thome’s leadership, I feel like the arrival of his bat is about five or six years too late. At age 41 he is hardly the slugger he was a few years ago, but the short fence at Camden Yards could make him an attractive addition to a line up that already features many designated hitters who don’t hit the way I want them too.

On a different note, while Brian Roberts story is inspiring, is it just me, or did this tailspin begin when he returned to the team? Does he have power left? Can he do anything other then hit singles? I hope so.

That’s it for today’s chapter of Beach | Beer | Baltimore Sports.

I’m Josh Levine and I am your next Baltimore Sports Media Star.

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