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Posted on 08 February 2013 by Marty Mossa

Wow!!!! Of the forty seven Super Bowls played, I have been fortunate to see forty five of them. I missed Super Bowl I & II. I was in first and second grade at the time and if I did view them, I don’t remember. The very first Super Bowl I saw was number three, you know the one where Broadway Joe “guaranteed” a victory and delivered by stunning the sports world with a 16-7 win over the Baltimore Colts.

I’ve seen forty five of them. Some stand out; like the Colts winning number five on a last second field goal, or the Steelers back to back & back to back victories in 9, 10, 13 & 14. There was John Riggins blasting his way through to seal Super Bowl XVII, Marcus Allen’s incredible run in Super Bowl XVIII.

My thrills came as my favorite team at the time (Cowboys) won Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII & XXX. But until Sunday, my ultimate Super Bowl memory was the Ravens hoisting Lombardi after crushing the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV 34-7.

Great Super Bowl memories, indeed. Super Bowl XLVII in my humble estimation was the most bizarre games in the history of the great game. First of all just the fact that the Ravens were in it had a surreal feeling. How did we get out of Denver with a win? How did we spank New England? And although I couldn’t travel to New Orleans to see the game; watching Bourbon Street on earth cam converted into Canton-south was incredible. Had I not known better I would have though New Orleans was really Baltimore with all the purple and aaaah aaah chants.

But the game, that crazy game. Ravens up 21-6 at half time. The crazy fake field goal attempt that took away three, but then in turm gave us seven on that incredible throw by Joe, Jacoby’s catch, fall and dash to the end zone. And when you thought it wouldn’t get any crazier Jones returns the opening kickoff 108 yards to go up 28-6.

Maybe it was my paranoia, but I wasn’t feeling like it was lights out for San Francisco. We definitely had the momentum and with the Niners 3-13 with about 13 minutes left in the third, I just wanted to get the ball back and kill the clock. Well of course, not only did the clock get killed, so did the lights.

It’s well documented the lights went out for some 40 minutes and the Ravens offense went out with them. The Raven’s O had an 84 minute lapse between their last play offensive play of the second quarter to their first snap of the third. The Ravens were outscored in the second half 25-13.

The blackout electrified a struggling 49ers team and as a result nearly caused the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. But there was no panic on the Raven’s side. The offense worked the clock and got enough points to allow the D to work their magic. As in typical Ravens fashion they took a big lead, allowed the opposition to chip away at it and in the end came up big. The Niners were first and goal from the Ravens seven down by five points and could nt put it in.

And like so many times in this team’s history the special teams came up big in the end. Sam Koch did a great job of taking eight seconds off the clock to bring it down to: 04. They then sealed the game by not allowing the 49ers to run back the punt.

I like the way the refs allowed the teams to play the game. Captain Crybaby Jim Harbaugh wined after the game about the officiating. I didn’t see him cry when Joe Flacco was drilled out of bound in the 4th quarter with no roughing the passer called. I didn’t see Captain Crybaby get upset when Torrey Smith was mugged going down the sidelines in the first quarter which prevented a probable touchdown. And where was Captain Crybaby when his team committed pass interference against Roddey white near the SF goal line at the end of the Atlanta game without a call? We without a doubt got the better Harbaugh!

It was a crazy day, like John Lennon sang “strange days indeed”. I started pacing my floor at 12 noon on Sunday, and didn’t stop until I was hugging my wife and son drinking a cheap bottle of champaign and the confetti came down. I thought nothing would top Super Bowl XXV. But that game was in hand long before the final whistle blew. This game came down to the very last play and I got an instant rush of craziness.


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