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Barry Bloom discusses the World Series Champion Kansas City Royals

Posted on 03 November 2015 by WNST Staff











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MLB 2015 Postseason

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Tom Gatto talks 2015 World Series Champion Royals

Posted on 02 November 2015 by WNST Staff


MLB 2015 Postseason








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Rob Neyer

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Rob Neyer talks 2-0 Royals lead over Mets

Posted on 29 October 2015 by WNST Staff

Rob Neyer






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Buck pose

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Posted on 16 November 2014 by Tom Federline

Ok, so it’s not a World Series appearance. At least a few of the Orioles were rewarded with accolades due them. Being recognized with four major personal awards cannot compare with the ultimate team award, but hey, not a bad take home. The O’s had three key players out for the stretch run and playoffs. Against the odds, the boys almost made it. There was Orange fever in October and that alone felt pretty good.

The bad news……The Orioles fell short. They collapsed against a team on a roll. So, what’s another year? We’ve only been waiting 31 years to reclaim the title of World Series Champs. We’re O’s fans, we’re used to it. Actually, I’m tired of waiting. At least we haven’t waited as long as Chicago Cub fans.

The good news…….recognition. For me, it saved the season. Three O’s taking home Gold Glove awards and finally Buck-Buck getting his due with Manager of the Year. I wasn’t expecting Hardy. Thought he made to many errors. Jones is a “voters” favorite. And Markakis, the best fielder in the bunch, simply rocked the league with a 1.000 fielding percentage. I thought they were going to go with the Royals manager, banking it on their one month run and WS appearance. I was pleasantly surprised when they actually gave the award to the manager who deserved it.

As you could have guessed, I watched and errupted when they announced Markakis as the Gold Glove winner for right field. Not there should have been any doubt, but he has been “denied” before. They actually got it right this year. You play in 90%-plus of the games and are charged with NO errors – you deserve the Gold Glove. This was his second. He should have five (5) of them. He is and has been the best right fielder in baseball over the past 8 years. Read my past November blogs for support data. SIGN MARKAKIS!

“J….J….Hardy!”, deserved it. You think the announcement of his name by the fans, will continue like that into next year? It was cool. But, we should do it for the entire line-up. That would be cooler. Annnnnd only during the playoffs. Hardy has one of the best guns in the league. His relay to home from the outfield is unmatched. There is a sense of security when the ball is hit his way. Kind of like when the ball was hit to Cal – more than likely there is going to be an out. It did appear his back problems were worse than divulged to the public. Hopefully he can get that under control, without surgery. J….J…Hardy, signed.

“Jonesy”, is the glue in center. 155 games this year. He shows up, he’s in the line-up, he rarely takes a play off. I believe he was rewarded for those qualities versus having the best fielding percentage and projecting “flashy” efforts. That double play he turned, taking away that home run then nailing the guy at second, was a Top 5 “Web Gem” of the year. His arm is deceivingly strong. Team captain – Adam Jones, signed.

Buck-Buck, the consummate team leader. Steadfast in his approach. Has the respect of his players and his peers. He just needs a couple more “gold nuggets”. He was rewarded his third Manager of the Year Award. With three different teams, each one 10 years apart. “I know I won’t be around for another one in 10 years.” The Orioles and Baltimore appear to be Buck’s swan song. The Orioles organization and fan base is fortunate that we have him. It appears that Buck-Buck is happy here. He is quite the fit with this town. Buck appreciates the fan base and opportunities the front office has afforded him. He has something to work with. He is a fundamentalist.

The O’s either do it with this guy or I feel we may be waiting in a time frame more in the line with those Chicago Cubs fans.

The O’s covet 2 of the best outfielders in baseball, arguably the best shortstop and hands-down, the best Manager. Those four Orioles are solid, “Solid as a Rock” – Ashford and Simpson. Hopefully the rock is not chiseled away before we can get one more World Series Championship in my lifetime. We should count our blessings. True Oriole fans have always known the amount of talent showcased on field these past few years. Finally, the baseball world has woken up and threw some recognition the Orioles Way. Get a starter. Sign Andrew Miller. Dump Cruz. Congrats to the backbone of the Birds (minus Weiters). If Weiters had been playing, the O’s would have had 4 Gold Glove winners. Sarasota can’t come soon enough. Let’s Go O’s!


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Sizing up the Orioles-Royals American League Championship Series

Posted on 10 October 2014 by Luke Jones

With the start of the American League Championship Series now upon us, here’s how I see the Orioles and Royals stacking up in their first-ever postseason meeting …

Advantage: BALTIMORE
Skinny: The Royals play small ball better than anyone, but the Orioles don’t waste outs and have the ability to dramatically change a game with one swing of the bat and scored 54 more runs during the regular season.

Advantage: BALTIMORE
Skinny: Kansas City is very strong in the outfield and behind the plate, but the Orioles have a clear edge in infield defense, which tips the scale in their favor in this category.

Starting pitching
Advantage: KANSAS CITY
Skinny: The Royals’ starter ERA of 3.60 was just a hair better than the Orioles’ 3.61 mark and the veteran presence of James Shields gives Kansas City someone who’s pitched in a number of big games before.

Advantage: BALTIMORE
Skinny: The trio of Greg Holland, Wade Davis, and Kelvin Herrera is every bit as good as Zach Britton, Andrew Miller, and Darren O’Day, but the Orioles are a little bit deeper beyond that, which is more significant in a seven-game format.

Advantage: KANSAS CITY
Skinny: There isn’t a more lopsided advantage for either club as the Royals stole 153 bases to lead the majors while Baltimore managed just 44 to rank last in that statistic.

Advantage: BALTIMORE
Skinny: The Royals were riding a wave of momentum in topping Oakland and the Angels to advance to the ALCS, but the Orioles endured everything thrown their way this year on the way to 96 wins.

Advantage: BALTIMORE
Skinny: Royals manager Ned Yost deserves credit for allowing his young players to be themselves this season after he was previously more of a taskmaster, but Buck Showalter is the better tactician and it isn’t really close.

Unsung hero – Kevin Gausman
Skinny: In a best-of-seven format, there’s bound to be a start or two that isn’t up to par for either side and Gausman’s stuff in a shorter stint in relief is a wild card that we already saw play out in Game 2 of the AL Division Series.

Prediction – Orioles in six games
Skinny: Once you move past their different styles offensively, Baltimore and Kansas City are quite similar in every other phase of the game, making this series difficult to predict. However, the emotional wave that the Royals were riding against the Athletics and the Angels had a chance to subside over the last five days while the Orioles simply looked like themselves against Detroit and were the better club than Kansas City over the course of 162 games.

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MLB Needs To End This All-Star Game Charade

Posted on 16 July 2014 by Peter Dilutis

Fast forward three months. Our Baltimore Orioles have made it to the World Series for the first time since 1983, matching up against the Atlanta Braves. It’s the situation that we all dream about when we’re kids playing catch in the backyard or taking batting practice on the neighborhood fields.

Game 7 of the World Series. Bottom of the 9th inning. Tied game. Bases loaded. Two outs. Full count. The fans are going absolutely bonkers. Baltimore is a ball four, walk, hit or error away from walking off with their first World Series win in 21 years.

And why is it they are in position to walk off with the win?

Because just three months earlier, Pat Neshek entered the All-Star Game, played at Target Field, home of the 44-50 Minnesota Twins, and gave up three runs to the American League, including a sacrifice fly from Jose Altuve, member of the 40-56 Houston Astros.


It has absolutely nothing to do with what team had the better regular season record. Where the seventh game of the World Series is played has nothing to do with either of the teams participating in the series, unless of course members of those respective teams made an impact, positively or negatively, in the All-Star game.

Rather, representatives from all 30 teams, 20 of which will not make the postseason and 22 of which will not make it past the play-in games, determine where that legacy-defining Game 7 is played.

In what alternate universe does that make sense? You’re telling me that a bunch of millionaires in $25,000 suits got together, deliberated in a boardroom and came out with this solution?

Imagine if Luis Gonzalez’ hit over Derek Jeter’s glove in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series would have simply put the Diamondbacks up 3-2 rather than ending the game? What if history was re-written and that Game 7 had actually been played in New York? In 2001, the American League won the All-Star game. Under our current All-Star game rules, that legacy-defining game would have in fact been played at Yankee Stadium. How might that have changed the legacy of Derek Jeter? He could have six rings instead of five. Joe Torre would have another World Series under his belt. Even Mike Mussina could have a ring to display on his mantle had the location of the seventh game been switched to the Big Apple. Crazy stuff.

We’re talking about a game in which AL manager John Farrell admitted that his main objective was not to win, but to get as many players in the game as possible. And let’s be honest – why does John Farrell care who wins the game? His Boston Red Sox are 43-52, 9.5 games behind the Orioles and they’re more concerned with what kind of young haul they can get for Jon Lester at the deadline than what stadium they’re going to be playing in come October. We’re talking about a game in which Adam Wainwright admitted to grooving pitches right down 5th Avenue to leadoff man Derek Jeter in his final “farewell” All-Star Game sendoff. Jeter doubled in his first at bat and later scored. The American League went on to score three runs in the first inning.

Ultimately, they won the game by two runs, 5-3.

Had Adam Wainwright actually tried to pitch to Derek Jeter, the National League very well may have won the All-Star Game on Tuesday night, awarding them home field advantage in the 2014 World Series. Meaning, of course, that in my above scenario, a run would not walk the game off for the Orioles. Instead, the Atlanta Braves, or whoever their opponent would be in our dream scenario, would get one more at bat in the bottom of the inning with a chance to tie or win the game.

Hundreds of years from now, when all of us are dead and gone, the 2014 World Series winner will live in infamy in countless record books and libraries throughout the sports world. Legacies will be defined. Future contracts will be signed. Statues may very well be erected. Hall of Fame candidacy will be voted upon.

And all of that history could be changed in a flash – because of an All-Star Game played in July amongst members of all 30 MLB teams that served more as a spectacle and farewell tour to Derek Jeter than it did as a real game.

The NBA All-Star game is nothing more than a glorified dunk contest. Roger Goodell has threatened to put an end to the NFL Pro Bowl because the players just won’t take it seriously. And as we saw from Adam Wainwright on Tuesday night, major league baseball players don’t REALLY care about winning. Derek Jeter’s 4th inning moment yesterday was always going to more important than the end result of the game. Undoubtedly, more people know about that moment than know the end result of the game. The same thing happened last year at Citi Field when Mariano Rivera was paraded out in the 8th inning as Enter Sandman blasted over the speakers.

The All-Star Game is an entertainment spectacle. It is NOT a competitive game. Not even close.

By placing such a high importance on the result of a glorified exhibition game, Bud Selig and the powers that be within Major League Baseball are putting the integrity of this great game on the line. It may not seem like such a big deal right now. It’s hard to really understand the significance of something, whether we’re talking sports or life in general, until your life and/or interests are directly impacted.

But when you’re favorite baseball team is on the mound in the bottom of the 9th in Game 7 of the World Series, watching the opposing team walking off the field with a one run win in front of the home fans, perhaps you too will question the logic and integrity of the current All-Star Game format.

In the meantime, I guess all of us Orioles fans should be thankful that the American League won, right?


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Bovada improves Orioles’ World Series odds to 14/1

Posted on 16 July 2014 by WNST Staff

Courtesy of Bovada, (www.Bovada.lv, Twitter: @BovadaLV).


Odds to win the 2014 World Series (Teams in red have longer odds, teams in blue have shorter odds, and teams in black stayed the same) 

Odds on 6/2/14             Current Odds   

Oakland Athletics                      9/1                                5/1

Detroit Tigers                            6/1                                6/1

Los Angeles Dodgers                8/1                                6/1

Los Angeles Angels                  16/1                              9/1

St. Louis Cardinals                    9/1                                10/1

Washington Nationals                14/1                              10/1

San Francisco Giants                7/1                                12/1

Atlanta Braves                           12/1                              14/1

Baltimore Orioles                       25/1                              14/1

Milwaukee Brewers                    16/1                              16/1

Toronto Blue Jays                     10/1                              18/1

New York Yankees                    16/1                              22/1

Seattle Mariners                        50/1                              25/1

Cincinnati Reds                         40/1                              28/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                      75/1                              33/1

Kansas City Royals                   50/1                              40/1

Boston Red Sox                       16/1                              50/1

Cleveland Indians                      66/1                              66/1

Tampa Bay Rays                       50/1                              66/1

New York Mets                          100/1                            200/1

Miami Marlins                            75/1                              250/1

Chicago White Sox                    66/1                              300/1

Minnesota Twins                        200/1                            300/1

Philadelphia Phillies                   150/1                            300/1

Chicago Cubs                           250/1                            500/1

Colorado Rockies                     50/1                              750/1

Texas Rangers                          28/1                              750/1

Arizona Diamondbacks              500/1                            1000/1

Houston Astros                         500/1                            1000/1

San Diego Padres                     200/1                            1000/1


Odds to win the 2014 AL Pennant            

Oakland Athletics                                  13/5

Detroit Tigers                                        3/1

Los Angeles Angels                              9/2

Baltimore Orioles                                   7/1

Toronto Blue Jays                                 9/1

New York Yankees                                11/1

Seattle Mariners                                    12/1

Kansas City Royals                               18/1

Boston Red Sox                                   25/1

Cleveland Indians                                  33/1

Tampa Bay Rays                                   33/1

Chicago White Sox                                150/1

Minnesota Twins                                    150/1

Texas Rangers                                      400/1

Houston Astros                                     500/1


Odds to win the 2014 NL Pennant            

Los Angeles Dodgers                            13/5

St. Louis Cardinals                                4/1

Washington Nationals                            4/1

San Francisco Giants                            11/2

Atlanta Braves                                       7/1

Milwaukee Brewers                                7/1

Cincinnati Reds                                     14/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                                  16/1

Miami Marlins                                        100/1

New York Mets                                      100/1

Philadelphia Phillies                               150/1

Chicago Cubs                                       250/1

Colorado Rockies                                 400/1

San Diego Padres                                 400/1

Arizona Diamondbacks                          500/1


Odds to win the 2014 AL EAST   

Baltimore Orioles                                   6/5

Toronto Blue Jays                                 9/4

New York Yankees                                11/4

Boston Red Sox                                   14/1

Tampa Bay Rays                                   14/1


Odds to win the 2014 AL CENTRAL           

Detroit Tigers                                        1/7

Kansas City Royals                               5/1

Cleveland Indians                                  10/1

Chicago White Sox                                50/1

Minnesota Twins                                    50/1


Odds to win the 2014 AL WEST  

Oakland Athletics                                  5/11

Los Angeles Angels                              9/5

Seattle Mariners                                    12/1


Odds to win the 2014 NL EAST   

Washington Nationals                            1/2

Atlanta Braves                                       3/2

New York Mets                                      25/1

Miami Marlins                                        33/1

Philadelphia Phillies                               50/1


Odds to win the 2014 NL CENTRAL           

St. Louis Cardinals                                6/5

Milwaukee Brewers                                9/4

Cincinnati Reds                                     3/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                                  6/1


Odds to win the 2014 NL WEST  

Los Angeles Dodgers                            2/5

San Francisco Giants                            7/4

Arizona Diamondbacks                          250/1

San Diego Padres                                 250/1

Colorado Rockies                                 250/1


Awards and Stats Props

Odds to Win the 2014 AL Cy Young          

Felix Hernandez (SEA)                           3/2

Chris Sale (CWS)                                   5/1

Masahiro Tanaka (NYY)                         15/2

Scott Kazmir (OAK)                               15/2

Yu Darvish (TEX)                                   15/2

Sonny Gray (OAK)                                 12/1

Max Scherzer (DET)                               12/1

David Price (TB)                                    14/1

Garrett Richards (LAA)                           14/1

Mark Buehrle (TOR)                               33/1

Jon Lester (BOS)                                   33/1

Corey Kluber (CLE)                                33/1

Rick Porcello (DET)                               33/1


Odds to Win the 2014 NL Cy Young          

Clayton Kershaw (LAD)                          5/7

Adam Wainwright (STL)                          8/5

Johnny Cueto (CIN)                               10/1

Zack Greinke (LAD)                               12/1

Stephen Strasburg (WAS)                      25/1

Madison Bumgarner (SF)                       25/1

Alfredo Simon (CIN)                              33/1


Odds to Win the 2014 AL MVP   

Mike Trout (LAA)                                   2/3

Miguel Cabrera (DET)                            9/2

Josh Donaldson (OAK)                          9/1

Robinson Cano (SEA)                           12/1

Nelson Cruz (BAL)                                 12/1

Victor Martinez (DET)                             12/1

Jose Bautista (TOR)                              15/1

Jose Abreu (CHW)                                 20/1

Jose Altuve (HOU)                                 20/1

Michael Brantley (CLE)                           20/1


Odds to Win the 2014 NL MVP  

Andrew McCutchen (PIT)                        2/1

Troy Tulowitzki (COL)                             9/4

Giancarlo Stanton (MIA)                         4/1

Yasiel Puig (LAD)                                  6/1

Paul Goldschmidt (ARI)                         15/2

Carlos Gomez (MIL)                               14/1

Clayton Kershaw (LAD)                          15/1

Adam Wainwright (STL)                          40/1


Who will hit the most HR’s in the 2014 Regular Season? 

Jose Abreu (CHW)                                 4/5

Nelson Cruz (BAL)                                 3/2

Edwin Encarnacion (TOR)                      7/1

Giancarlo Stanton (MIA)                         12/1

Mike Trout (LAA)                                   25/1

Troy Tulowitzki (COL)                             33/1

Chris Carter (HOU)                                 33/1

Victor Martinez (DET)                             40/1

Brandon Moss (OAK)                            40/1

David Ortiz (BOS)                                  50/1

Albert Pujols (LAA)                                50/1

Josh Donaldson (OAK)                          50/1

Anthony Rizzo (CHC)                             50/1

Todd Frazier (CIN)                                 50/1

Jose Bautista (TOR)                              50/1

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Bovada improves Orioles’ World Series odds to 25/1

Posted on 02 June 2014 by WNST Staff

Courtesy of Bovada, (www.Bovada.lv, Twitter: @BovadaLV).

Odds to win the 2014 World Series  (Teams in red have longer odds, teams in blue have shorter odds, and teams in black stayed the same) 

Odds on 5/1/14             Current Odds

Detroit Tigers                                        13/2                  6/1                   

San Francisco Giants                            14/1                  7/1

Los Angeles Dodgers                            15/2                  8/1

Oakland Athletics                                  12/1                  9/1

St. Louis Cardinals                                10/1                  9/1

Toronto Blue Jays                                 25/1                  10/1

Atlanta Braves                                       11/1                  12/1

Washington Nationals                            11/1                  14/1

Boston Red Sox                                   14/1                  16/1

Los Angeles Angels                              20/1                  16/1

Milwaukee Brewers                                14/1                  16/1

New York Yankees                                10/1                  16/1

Baltimore Orioles                                   33/1                  25/1

Texas Rangers                                      16/1                  28/1

Cincinnati Reds                                     40/1                  40/1

Colorado Rockies                                 66/1                  50/1

Kansas City Royals                               33/1                  50/1

Seattle Mariners                                    50/1                  50/1

Tampa Bay Rays                                   20/1                  50/1

Chicago White Sox                                75/1                  66/1

Cleveland Indians                                  50/1                  66/1

Miami Marlins                                        150/1                75/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                                  50/1                  75/1

New York Mets                                      66/1                  100/1

Philadelphia Phillies                               75/1                  150/1

Minnesota Twins                                    150/1                200/1

San Diego Padres                                 100/1                200/1

Chicago Cubs                                       500/1                250/1

Arizona Diamondbacks                          200/1                500/1

Houston Astros                                     500/1                500/1


Odds to win the 2014 AL Pennant            

Detroit Tigers                                        3/1

Oakland Athletics                                  9/2

Toronto Blue Jays                                 5/1

Los Angeles Angels                              15/2

New York Yankees                                15/2

Boston Red Sox                                   9/1

Baltimore Orioles                                   14/1

Texas Rangers                                      14/1

Kansas City Royals                               25/1

Seattle Mariners                                    25/1

Tampa Bay Rays                                   25/1

Chicago White Sox                                33/1

Cleveland Indians                                  33/1

Minnesota Twins                                    75/1

Houston Astros                                     250/1


Odds to win the 2014 NL Pennant           

San Francisco Giants                            3/1

St. Louis Cardinals                                15/4

Los Angeles Dodgers                            4/1

Washington Nationals                            11/2

Atlanta Braves                                       13/2

Milwaukee Brewers                                15/2

Cincinnati Reds                                     20/1

Colorado Rockies                                 22/1

Miami Marlins                                        40/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                                  40/1

New York Mets                                      50/1

Philadelphia Phillies                               66/1

San Diego Padres                                 75/1

Chicago Cubs                                       125/1

Arizona Diamondbacks                          200/1


Divisional Odds

Odds to win the 2014 AL EAST   

Toronto Blue Jays                                 7/5

New York Yankees                                5/2

Boston Red Sox                                   4/1

Baltimore Orioles                                   9/2

Tampa Bay Rays                                   12/1


Odds to win the 2014 AL CENTRAL           

Detroit Tigers                                        1/10

Kansas City Royals                               12/1

Cleveland Indians                                  12/1

Chicago White Sox                                12/1

Minnesota Twins                                    28/1


Odds to win the 2014 AL WEST  

Oakland Athletics                                  1/2

Los Angeles Angels                              5/2

Texas Rangers                                      8/1

Seattle Mariners                                    10/1

Houston Astros                                     250/1


Odds to win the 2014 NL EAST   

Atlanta Braves                                       5/6

Washington Nationals                            6/5

Miami Marlins                                        10/1

New York Mets                                      25/1

Philadelphia Phillies                               28/1


Odds to win the 2014 NL CENTRAL          

St. Louis Cardinals                                5/8

Milwaukee Brewers                                9/5

Cincinnati Reds                                     9/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                                  14/1

Chicago Cubs                                       100/1


Odds to win the 2014 NL WEST

San Francisco Giants                            1/2

Los Angeles Dodgers                            8/5

Colorado Rockies                                 12/1

San Diego Padres                                 50/1

Arizona Diamondbacks                          100/1


MLB Awards Odds

Odds to Win the 2014 AL MVP   

Mike Trout (LAA)                                   8/5

Miguel Cabrera (DET)                            7/2

Josh Donaldson (OAK)                          5/1

Nelson Cruz (BAL)                                 7/1

Jose Bautista (TOR)                              10/1

Victor Martinez (DET)                             12/1

Edwin Encarnacion (TOR)                      15/1

Alexei Ramirez (CWS)                            25/1

Melky Cabrera (TOR)                             25/1

Jose Abreu (CHW)                                 25/1

Robinson Cano (SEA)                           25/1

Albert Pujols (LAA)                                33/1

Masahiro Tanaka (NYY)                         50/1


Odds to Win the 2014 NL MVP  

Troy Tulowitzki (COL)                             3/1

Giancarlo Stanton (MIA)                         4/1

Andrew McCutchen (PIT)                        6/1

Yasiel Puig (LAD)                                  7/1

Justin Upton (ATL)                                 9/1

Ryan Braun (MIL)                                   12/1

Carlos Gomez (MIL)                               12/1

Chase Utley (PHI)                                  16/1

Paul Goldschmidt (ARI)                         18/1

Freddie Freeman (ATL)                          20/1

Yadier Molina (STL)                               20/1

Charlie Blackmon (COL)                         25/1

Justin Morneau (COL)                            50/1


Odds to Win the 2014 AL Cy Young          

Masahiro Tanaka (NYY)                         4/1

Felix Hernandez (SEA)                           11/2

Mark Buehrle (TOR)                               13/2

Yu Darvish (TEX)                                   13/2

Max Scherzer (DET)                               15/2

Chris Sale (CWS)                                   15/2

Sonny Gray (OAK)                                 8/1

Justin Verlander (DET)                           12/1

Corey Kluber (CLE)                                12/1

Scott Kazmir (OAK)                               15/1

James Shields (KC)                               16/1

Jesse Chavez (OAK)                              25/1

Jon Lester (BOS)                                   33/1


Odds to Win the 2014 NL Cy Young                 

Adam Wainwright (STL)                          3/1

Johnny Cueto (CIN)                               5/1

Zack Greinke (LAD)                               7/1

Clayton Kershaw (LAD)                          7/1

Kyle Lohse (MIL)                                   9/1

Madison Bumgarner (SF)                       10/1

Julio Teheran (ATL)                                12/1

Tim Hudson (SF)                                   12/1

Michael Wacha (STL)                             12/1

Stephen Strasburg (WAS)                      12/1

Josh Beckett (LAD)                               16/1

Hyun-Jin Ryu                                         20/1

Cliff Lee (PHI)                                       25/1


Miami Heat (Series Prices)                                 +105     (21/20)

San Antonio Spurs (Series Prices)                      -125     (4/5)



Miami Heat                                +3½

San Antonio Spurs                     -3½

Over/Under                   199




New York Rangers (Series Prices)                      +150     (3/2)

Los Angeles Kings (Series Prices)                      -170     (10/17)


NHL PLAYOFFS – STANLEY CUP GAME 1                  

New York Rangers                     +140     (7/5)

Los Angeles Kings                     -160     (5/8)

Over/Under                   5 Goals



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Orioles get 33/1 odds to win World Series from Bovada

Posted on 06 March 2014 by WNST Staff

MLB Odds

Odds to win the 2014 World Series      

Los Angeles Dodgers                13/2

St. Louis Cardinals                    8/1

Detroit Tigers                            9/1

Boston Red Sox                       12/1

Tampa Bay Rays                       12/1

Washington Nationals                12/1

New York Yankees                    14/1

San Francisco Giants                16/1

Texas Rangers                          16/1

Oakland Athletics                      18/1

Atlanta Braves                           20/1

Los Angeles Angels                  20/1

Cincinnati Reds                         22/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                      28/1

Seattle Mariners                        28/1

Baltimore Orioles                       33/1

Kansas City Royals                   33/1

Philadelphia Phillies                   33/1

Toronto Blue Jays                     33/1

Cleveland Indians                      40/1

Arizona Diamondbacks              50/1

Chicago White Sox                    50/1

San Diego Padres                     50/1

Chicago Cubs                           66/1

Milwaukee Brewers                    66/1

Colorado Rockies                     75/1

New York Mets                          75/1

Miami Marlins                            100/1

Minnesota Twins                        100/1

Houston Astros                         200/1


Odds to win the 2014 AL Pennant        

Detroit Tigers                            17/4

Boston Red Sox                       6/1

Tampa Bay Rays                       6/1

New York Yankees                    13/2

Texas Rangers                          8/1

Oakland Athletics                      9/1

Los Angeles Angels                  11/1

Seattle Mariners                        14/1

Baltimore Orioles                       16/1

Kansas City Royals                   16/1

Toronto Blue Jays                     16/1

Cleveland Indians                      20/1

Chicago White Sox                    25/1

Minnesota Twins                        50/1

Houston Astros                         100/1


Odds to win the 2014 NL Pennant

Los Angeles Dodgers                11/4

St. Louis Cardinals                    19/4

Washington Nationals                11/2

San Francisco Giants                15/2

Atlanta Braves                           9/1

Cincinnati Reds                         10/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                      14/1

Philadelphia Phillies                   16/1

Arizona Diamondbacks              22/1

San Diego Padres                     25/1

Chicago Cubs                           28/1

Milwaukee Brewers                    28/1

New York Mets                          33/1

Colorado Rockies                     40/1

Miami Marlins                            50/1


Odds to win the 2014 AL EAST

New York Yankees                    12/5

Boston Red Sox                       11/5

Tampa Bay Rays                       11/5

Toronto Blue Jays                     7/1

Baltimore Orioles                       7/1


Odds to win the 2014 AL CENTRAL

Detroit Tigers                            4/9

Kansas City Royals                   4/1

Cleveland Indians                      7/1

Chicago White Sox                    8/1

Minnesota Twins                        33/1


Odds to win the 2014 AL WEST           

Texas Rangers                          7/4

Oakland Athletics                      2/1

Los Angeles Angels                  9/4

Seattle Mariners                        7/1

Houston Astros                         50/1


Odds to win the 2014 NL EAST

Washington Nationals                1/1

Atlanta Braves                           5/4

Philadelphia Phillies                   15/2

New York Mets                          18/1

Miami Marlins                            25/1


Odds to win the 2014 NL CENTRAL     

St. Louis Cardinals                    4/7

Cincinnati Reds                         15/4

Pittsburgh Pirates                      15/4

Milwaukee Brewers                    14/1

Chicago Cubs                           25/1


Odds to win the 2014 NL WEST

Los Angeles Dodgers                1/2

San Francisco Giants                13/4

Arizona Diamondbacks              8/1

San Diego Padres                     10/1

Colorado Rockies                     16/1

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Paul Blair collapses at local bowling alley, dead at 69

Posted on 26 December 2013 by WNST Staff

Former Baltimore Orioles centerfielder Paul Blair died tonight at the age of 69 after collapsing at a Pikesville bowling alley.

Blair had golfed earlier this week and was an avid bowler. He collapsed after a practice round of ten-pin bowling around 7 p.m. There were several off-duty nurses at the facility, and he was attended to quickly by paramedics, but they couldn’t resuscitate Blair, who died en route to the hospital.

Blair spent seventeen seasons in the big leagues – with the Baltimore Orioles (1964–76), New York Yankees (1977–79, 1980) and Cincinnati Reds (1979). He was the starting center fielder for the Orioles when they won two World Series Championships, four American League (AL) pennants and five AL East titles from 1966 to 1974. One of baseball‘s best defensive players at his position, he earned the Gold Glove Award eight times, including seven consecutive from 1969 to 1975.

Paul Blair spent an hour on WNST.net & AM 1570 this summer with Glenn Clark and Nestor Aparicio, discussing a wide range of topics from Adam Jones to Chris Davis to PED use amongst modern baseball players. You can here it at our BuyAToyota Audio Vault here and here.

More WNSTv video with Paul Blair here:


And in tribute to Paul Blair, a GIF of his famous 1966 World Series catch.

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