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My Sports Year In Review

Posted on 30 December 2011 by Chad Lamasa

As 2011 draws to a close, I’ve been looking back on the year in sports. There have been lots of interesting things this year.

Aaron Rodgers finally escaped Brett Favre’s shadow by winning his first Super Bowl. Then follows it up with a 13-0 run before finally losing this season.

The Boston Bruins winning their first Stanley Cup since Bobby Orr played for them.

The Dallas Mavericks winning their first Championship in franchise history over, the newly minted most hated team in the NBA, the Miami Heat.

All the horrific stuff at Penn State and Syracuse.


Cam Newton proving everyone wrong. Drew Brees breaking Dan Marino’s passing yards record.

Coach K setting the all-time wins record.

The untimely deaths of two Baltimore sports heroes- Bubba Smith and Mike Flanagan.

But the thing that captured my attention the most…..

Three letters:  W W E!

I know what you’re thinking. Really Chad? Really? Wrestling is fake and it’s not even a sport.

Let me give you a bit of a backstory here.

When I was little, I was really into the WWF. Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, and Junkyard Dog were among my favorites. I collected the toys;  many of which I still have, and my eight year old son plays with.

I waited for that one Saturday night a month when Saturday Night Live was preempted by Saturday Night’s Main Event.

I even talked my parents into taking me to a live event at, what was then, the Civic Center.

However, after I graduated high school in 1990 and went off to college, I lost my passion for WWF. The main reason being none of my college friends were into it.

About two years ago, my wife and I went out and my son spent some time with a friend who was watching WWE. He came home talking about it non-stop. He wanted me to watch it with him but I resisted. I figured it would be something he got out of quickly. My son and wife would go upstairs and watch Smackdown and I would watch something else.

Earlier this year I finally gave in and watched an episode with him. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

This past June, Raw came to First Mariner Arena. My son’s birthday is at the end of May so one of my presents to him was tickets to the event. That was it.  I was hooked once again. To be fair, I was hooked before then but going to a live event solidified it.

Since then, I’ve bought a bunch of action figures for both my son and myself, DVDs, PPVs and tickets to the Tables, Ladders and Chairs event a couple of weeks ago.  The TLC event was one of the best sporting events I’ve ever been to. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out.

That first episode, I saw a character named The Miz. He’s a heel, or in layman’s terms, a bad guy. He was on the mic doing one of his trademark rants. Instantly he became my favorite. He may not be the most versatile guy on the mic but he has a lot of humor and sarcasm in what he says. He reminds me a lot of Roddy Piper in this respect. A jerk but funny at the same time.

A lot of people don’t like him because they don’t respect the way he came to WWE, via the Real World. They think he didn’t earn what has been given to him. To me that means he has to prove himself every night and thus earn it even more.

He also finished second on the fourth season of Tough Enough which offers the winner a WWE contract. So he wasn’t completely handed everything.

The best guy on the mic is by far CM Punk. I couldn’t stand this guy when I first started watching again but he always kept me glued to the TV, I couldn’t turn him off. He comes into the ring and sits down to deliver his “pipe bombs”. I always felt like he was a smug jerk. Which he is, but his wrestling abilities and his promo on an episode of Raw in June blew me away and he has become another favorite for me. He’s more cerebral than the Miz though.

As far as the action goes, I prefer to call it choreographed. Yes there are times they miss each other and have to “sell” a punch or kick, but that happens in every action movie. No one has a problem watching Jet Li kick someone’s butt in a movie because it’s fake. It’s still exciting.

I suppose you could make an argument about WWE not being a sport. However you can’t deny the athletic ability of these guys. Particularly, the high fliers. These guys launch themselves off the top rope, off a ladder or scaffolding. They do things they would need wires to do in the movies. Pull up John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Jeff Hardy or Rey Mysterio on YouTube, and tell me they aren’t athletes.

They have to have the execution on some of their moves down perfectly or someone could be paralyzed or even killed.

Yes there are some guys that are just big and fat and don’t have much more than power moves but those guys aren’t as prominent as they used to be. There are many more ripped guys than, out of shape flabby ones.

Plus take into account there is no off season and no breaks. They work about 300 days a year. The only break they get is if they are injured and rehabbing, or suspended for whatever reason.

I love the storylines. They run the gamut. Good versus evil. Revenge, redemption, betrayal, even an occasional love triangle.

Maybe my favorite of the current crop of stories is R Truth. His character is absolutely insane. He rants about “Little Jimmy”, and the head office conspiring to keep him down. He has these crazy eyes and plays the part very well. I almost feel like he isn’t acting.

Not to mention the beautiful women to watch. Several of which are very talented in their own right but WWE needs to figure out how to use them better.

As I’ve gotten back into it, I’ve seen how many guys my age are still into it and never lost their interest. I’ve been able to go to them with questions to fill in gaps that I have.

I now tape Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown every week to watch with my son. It’s definitely become father/son bonding time and if not for him I’d be missing out on a lot of fun.

If you keep in mind that the “E” in WWE is for “entertainment”, you just might find yourself enjoying it as much as I do.


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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 27 December 2011 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: Women’s College Basketball-Terrapin Classic Lafayette @ Maryland (Wednesday 12pm Comcast Center), Delaware/ECU @ Maryland (Thursday 7pm Comcast Center); Boxing: Jermain Taylor vs. Jessie Nicklow (Friday 11pm from Cabazon, CA live on Showtime); High School Basketball: Gilman Bristow Tournament feat. Gilman, Mt. Carmel, Coppin Academy (Tuesday & Wednesday Gilman School)

10. Dark Star Orchestra (Wednesday 7pm Rams Head Live), Halestorm (Thursday 6:30pm Rams Head Live), Child’s Play (Friday 7pm Rams Head Live); Rusted Root (Friday 8pm Recher Theatre); SOJA (Saturday 8pm Baltimore Soundstage); Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers (Tuesday 8pm Rams Head on Stage); Matisyahu (Wednesday 7pm 9:30 Club), Drive-By Truckers (Thursday-Saturday 9:30 Club); Charlie Wilson/Melanie Fiona (Thursday 8pm Modell Performing Arts Center-Lyric Opera House); The Roots (Thursday & Friday 8pm Fillmore Silver Spring), Little Feat (Saturday 8pm Fillmore Silver Spring), Wale (Sunday 8pm Fillmore Silver Spring); The Wailers (Thursday 7pm State Theatre); Downtown Countdown feat. Carbon Leaf (Saturday 9pm Hyatt Regency); Downtown Countdown DC feat. Third Eye Blind/Dirty Heads (Saturday 9pm Washington Hilton)

I saw SOJA open for O.A.R. at Merriweather Post Pavilion this summer. Not only did I sense I would enjoy their music, I also sensed there was no possible way these guys ever used any marijuana…

You might have missed it at the end of the year, but The Roots’ “Undun” was one of the best records of the last 12 months…

This is the part of T10BD where we listen to Little Feat play “Fat Man in the Bathtub”…

Look, if I WASN’T an obsessed 3eb fan, I’d tell you that.

9. Baltimore’s New Year’s Eve Spectacular (Saturday 9pm Inner Harbor); Jeff Dunham (Wednesday 7:30pm 1st Mariner Arena); Archer Season 2 available on DVD (Tuesday); Tournament of Roses Parade (Monday 11am from Pasadena, CA live on ABC)

Just for the record, my services are available for NYE at the moment. I have no current commitments.

What services can I offer on NYE? I guess you could say I’m a bit like the moose from Family Guy…

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 13 December 2011 by WNST Staff

Honorable Mention: High School Basketball-Bel Air @ Perry Hall (Wednesday 6:30pm), St. Frances @ John Carroll (Wednesday 7pm); Mixed Martial Arts: Strikeforce-Gilbert Melendez vs. Jorge Masvidal (Saturday 10pm from San Diego live on Showtime)

10. Lyle Lovett and His Acoustic Group (Thursday 7pm Rams Head Live); Bret Michaels (Wednesday 7pm & 10pm Rams Head on Stage); Pietasters (Friday 8pm 9:30 Club), Virginia Coalition (Saturday 8pm 9:30 Club); Devo (Thursday 8pm State Theatre), Phil Vassar (Sunday 8pm State Theatre); Chris Isaak (Monday 7:30pm Birchmere); Anthony Hamilton “Back to Love” available in stores/on iTunes (Tuesday)

I am not a Lyle Lovett fan, but I am a human being. Because I am a human being, I am ABSOLUTELY a fan of this tune. One of the happiest days in my life may have been the day I walked off a hangover into the DC Farmers’ Market and saw a folk band playing the song. If it hadn’t been in DC it would have been the HAPPIEST…

Is there any chance I could go see Bret Michaels and skip everything besides this?

I saw the Pietasters most recently at Artscape this summer. They were fantastic. They always are.

Virginia Coalition is ABSOLUTELY the best band you’re not listening to. Unless you’re not listening to U2. There aren’t people that don’t listen to U2, are there?

9. Glenn Clark’s Christmas Party (Saturday 8pm undisclosed location in Monkton); “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” & “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol out in theaters (Friday); Christian Finnegan (Thursday-Sunday DC Improv)

This is how last year’s Christmas party ended…

That’s my girlfriend cleaning up vomit. The vomit happened to be on the ceiling. It is what it is.

Oh…and last year’s party also involved the following….

Ours were of course much manlier than this, but you get the point. This is not to be missed…like…say…ever.

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 29 November 2011 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: Auto Racing-NASCAR Awards Show (Friday 9pm from Las Vegas live on SPEED); Golf: PGA Tour Qualifying School (Saturday & Sunday 4pm, Monday 3:30pm from La Quinta, CA live on Golf Channel), PGA Tour Chevron World Challenge (Thursday & Friday 1pm live on Golf Channel Saturday & Sunday 12pm live on NBC. All golf from Thousand Oaks, CA); Women’s College Basketball: Big Ten/ACC Challenge-Michigan @ Maryland (Wednesday 7pm Comcast Center), Maryland @ American (Sunday 1pm Bender Arena); Tennis: ATP Tour Davis Cup Final (Friday 8am Saturday 10am Sunday 7am from Seville, Spain live on Tennis Channel)

10. Andrea Bocelli (Friday 8pm Verizon Center); Erykah Badu (Friday 7pm Rams Head Live); Dashboard Confessional (Saturday 7pm Recher Theatre); All Mighty Senators (Saturday 7pm 8×10 Club); Aaron Neville (Monday 8pm Rams Head On Stage); Robin Thicke (Wednesday 7pm 9:30 Club); String Cheese Incident (Wednesday 8pm Lyric Opera House), Ryan Adams (Sunday 7:30pm Lyric Opera House); J. Roddy Walston & The Business (Friday 9pm Ottobar); Mac Miller (Thursday 7pm Fillmore Silver Spring); Ra Ra Riot (Friday 7pm Ritchie Coliseum College Park); Tori Amos (Monday 8pm D.A.R. Constitution Hall); Adele Live at Royal Albert Hall available on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/iTunes (Tuesday)

I really shouldn’t like Robin Thicke all that much. I just can’t help myself…

Dude, Ryan Adams has made so many great tunes but are any of them greater than this?

I feel like I should be a bigger J Roddy Walston fan than I am…http://wnst.net/wordpress/wp-admin/post.php?post=185164&action=edit

I don’t know if Adele sounds BETTER at Royal Albert Hall…but I know this much…no CHANCE she doesn’t sound amazing…

9. Washington Monument Lighting (Thursday 7pm from Mt. Vernon Place live on WBAL11), Mayor’s Christmas Parade (Sunday 2pm Hampden/Medfield); Gary Valentine (Thursday-Saturday Baltimore Comedy Factory); Steve-O (Thursday-Sunday DC Improv); Jim Norton (Thursday-Saturday Magooby’s Joke House)

Is there any chance that when Stephanie Rawlings-Blake flips on the lights at the monument the scene looks anything like this?


And since I’ve already invoked Christmas Vacation, I think it’s only appropriate that we do this…


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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 22 November 2011 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: Golf-PGA Tour World Cup of Golf (Wednesday-Saturday 10:30pm from Shenzhen, China live on Golf Channel); Boxing: Canelo Alvarez vs. Kermit Cintron (Saturday 10:30pm from Mexico City, Mexico live on HBO); Mixed Martial Arts: Bellator Fighting Championships 59 (Saturday 9pm from Atlantic City live on MTV2); College Soccer: NCAA Tournament Louisville @ Maryland (Sunday 5pm Ludwig Field); Women’s College Basketball: St. Joseph’s @ Maryland (Tuesday 7pm Comcast Center)

10. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band (Friday 8pm 1st Mariner Arena); The Bridge Farewell Show (Wednesday 8pm Rams Head Live), Staind (Sunday 6pm Rams Head Live), Reel Big Fish/Streetlight Manifesto (Monday 6pm Rams Head Live); Crack The Sky (Saturday 8pm Recher Theatre); Airborne Toxic Event (Tuesday 7pm 9:30 Club), They Might Be Giants (Saturday 8pm 9:30 Club); Leon Russell (Tuesday 8:30pm State Theatre); Kirk Franklin (Saturday 7pm Lyric Opera House); Daughtry “Break The Spell” available in stores/on iTunes (Tuesday)

I can’t go to Bob Seger Friday night. It’s an incredibly long story (my family celebrates holidays a day late) that I don’t want to talk about. But in honor of the festive weekend, I’ll just go ahead and assume he’ll break out “Little Drummer Boy”…

I can’t believe this is the last time Cris Jacobs and the boys from The Bridge will be playing together. It’s almost impossible. The show is sold out. I might tear up a bit.

I don’t know if I’m an Airborne Toxic Event “fan”, but I know I’m a fan of this tune…

Kirk Franklin is a legendary gospel performer. In one of the most inexplicable moments in music history, he had a smash hit on MTV/Pop radio in 1997. You know you know the words…

9. Glenn Clark’s Thanksgiving Plans (Thursday); Festival of Trees (Friday-Sunday Timonium Fairgrounds); Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (Thursday 9am from New York live on NBC); The Muppets & “Arthur Christmas” out in theaters (Tuesday); Judah Friedlander (Friday & Saturday DC Improv)

I spent much of my adolescence wanting to be Fozzie Bear. If you don’t sing along to this you’re just a bad person…

Also, I’m looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with the Clark family, but I’ll admit I’m a bit confused by why it is that my mother has requested my girlfriend bring buffalo chicken dip to dinner this year. It’s just kinda weird. Whatever we consume, I know one thing. This Saturday I’ll be enjoying a “Thanksgiving Sandwich.” Wheat bread, turkey, potatoes and barbeque sauce. It sounds weird to you, but trust me on this one.

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 15 November 2011 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: Mixed Martial Arts-UFC 139: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Dan Henderson (Saturday 9pm from San Jose, CA live on Pay-Per-View), Strikeforce Antwain Britt vs. Lumumba Sayers (Friday 11pm from Las Vegas live on Showtime), Bellator Fighting Championships 58 (Saturday 7pm from Hollywood, FL live on MTV2); Soccer: Team USA @ Slovenia (Tuesday 12pm from Ljubljana, Slovenia live on ESPN2/ESPN3.com); MLS Cup: Houston Dynamo @ Los Angeles Galaxy (Sunday 9pm from Carson, CA live on ESPN); College Soccer: NCAA Tournament-Xavier/West Virginia @ Maryland (Sunday 5pm Ludwig Field); High School Soccer: MPSSAA Boys & Girls Finals (Thursday-Saturday UMBC Stadium); Boxing: Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. vs. Peter Manfredo (Saturday 10:30pm from Houston live on HBO); Women’s College Basketball: Towson @ Maryland (Wednesday 7pm Comcast Center), Maryland @ UMBC (Saturday 7pm RAC Arena); High School Football: MPSSAA Regional Finals-4A North Catonsville @ Poly (Friday 7pm), 3A North Aberdeen @ North Harford (Friday 7pm), 2A North Chesapeake-Baltimore County @ Edmondson (Saturday 4pm Poly HS), 1A South Surrattsville @ Dunbar (Saturday 1pm Poly HS), 1A North New Town @ Overlea (Friday 7pm CCBC-Essex), 1A East Cambridge @ Perryville (Friday 7pm); College Field Hockey: Final Four-Maryland vs. Old Dominion (Friday 4:30pm from Louisville, KY live on NCAA.com), NCAA Championship Game (Sunday 12pm from Louisville, KY live on NCAA.com); Canadian Football League Playoffs: Eastern Conference Finals-Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Sunday 1pm from Winnipeg live on ESPN3.com), Western Conference Finals-Edmonton Eskimos @ BC Lions (Sunday 4:30pm from Vancouver live on ESPN3.com)

10. Hank3 (Wednesday 7pm Rams Head Live), Airborne Toxic Event (Thursday 7:30pm Rams Head Live), Brett Dennen (Friday 7pm Rams Head Live), Robert Randolph and the Family Band (Saturday 7pm Rams Head Live), Five Finger Death Punch (Monday 6:30pm Rams Head Live); Chris Robinson Brotherhood (Tuesday 8pm Baltimore Soundstage); Bob Schneider (Sunday 8:30pm Rams Head On Stage); Owl City (Wednesday 5:30pm 9:30 Club), Mike Doughty and His Band Fantastic (Thursday 7pm 9:30 Club), The Kooks (Sunday 7pm 9:30 Club); Ray Davies (Tuesday 7pm Fillmore Silver Spring), Kid Rock (Wednesday 8:30pm Fillmore Silver Spring), LMFAO (Thursday 8pm Fillmore Silver Spring), Warren Haynes (Saturday 7pm Fillmore Silver Spring); Straight No Chaser (Saturday 8pm Meyerhoff Symphony Hall); Drake “Take Care” available in stores/on iTunes (Tuesday)

I start with Brett Dennen, whose tune “Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog)” I play regularly on “The Reality Check”-a fine radio program that airs Monday-Friday 2-6pm on AM1570 WNST.net. You should really be listening…

Then there’s Robert Randolph. Holy hell I have no idea how many times I could possibly post this video. It’s just…it’s just…it’s just amazing.

Bob Schneider’s “Honeypot” is one of the most underrated songs of 2011…

Does the Chris Robinson Brotherhood play Black Crowes songs? I’ll bring my lighter…

9. Cirque du Soleil Quidam (Thursday-Sunday Verizon Center); Russell Brand (Thursday 8pm Patriot Center); Tony Rock (Thursday-Saturday Magooby’s Joke House); Bob Marley (Thursday-Sunday DC Improv); “Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tide” available on DVD/Blu-Ray (Tuesday)

Instead of Russell Brand doing stand-up in Fairfax, is there any chance we could get a concert featuring Aldous Snow and Infant Sorrow???


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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 18 October 2011 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: Boxing-Nonito Donaire vs. Omar Narvaez (Saturday 10:30pm from New York live on HBO); Soccer: MLS-Portland Timbers @ DC United (Wednesday 8pm from RFK Stadium live on Comcast SportsNet), Sporting Kansas City @ DC United (Saturday 7:30pm from RFK Stadium live on Comcast SportsNet PLUS); College Soccer: Penn State @ UMBC (Wednesday 7pm Retriever Soccer Park); Mixed Martial Arts: Bellator Fighting Championships 55 (Saturday 9pm from Yuma, AZ live on MTV2); High School Football: Perry Hall @ Woodlawn (Friday 7pm), Dunbar @ Poly (7pm), Archbishop Spalding @ Calvert Hall (7pm); Rugby World Cup Bronze Medal Match: Wales vs. Australia (Friday 3:30am from Auckland, New Zealand live on Universal Sports), Final: France vs. New Zealand (Sunday 3pm from Auckland, New Zealand on NBC); Canadian Football League: Montreal Alouettes @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Saturday 3pm from Winnipeg live on NFL Network)

10. Dirty Heads/Gym Class Heroes (Tuesday 7pm Rams Head Live), Jayhawks (Thursday 7pm Rams Head Live), Ani Difranco (Saturday 7pm Rams Head Live), New Found Glory (Sunday 5:30pm Rams Head Live), Mat Kearney (Monday 7pm Rams Head Live); Mike Posner (Thursday 7pm Recher Theatre); J Cole (Thursday 7pm Baltimore Soundstage); Blind Boys of Alabama (Tuesday 8pm Rams Head on Stage), Stephen Stills (Wednesday 8pm Rams Head on Stage), Dick Dale (Saturday 12:30pm Rams Head on Stage), Little River Band (Monday 8pm Rams Head on Stage); Jason Isbell (Friday 10pm 9:30 Club), Taking Back Sunday (Saturday 11pm 9:30 Club); Wale (Saturday 7pm Fillmore Silver Spring); “Weird Al” Yankovic (Wednesday 8pm Warner Theatre), Jackson Browne (Sunday 7pm Warner Theatre); India.Arie (Saturday 8pm Strathmore); Martina McBride (Sunday 7pm France-Merrick Performing Arts Center at the Hippodrome); Coldplay “Mylo Xyloto, Jane’s Addiction “The Great Escape Artist” available on iTunes/in stores (Tuesday); Pearl Jam 20 available on DVD (Tuesday)

I’ve had my ass kicked a bit over not being more familiar with the Jayhawks until recently. They’re quite good…


The name Dick Dale might not mean a lot to you, but if you listen to “The Reality Check” on AM1570 WNST.net (and why wouldn’t you?), you’d be familiar with the theme to “Totally Tubular.” (Someone will yell at me for not also noting that Dick Dale is one of the greatest surf guitarists of all time. I’ve handled that now.)…


The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg introduced me to Jason Isbell (of Drive-By Truckers fame) perhaps without even realizing he had. I’m thankful.


I’d love to be like the rest of the world and just make fun of Coldplay, but DAMN they make good music…


9. Brad Garrett (Thursday 6pm & 9pm Rams Head on Stage); Lewis Black (Saturday 8pm Lyric Opera House Sunday 8pm Fillmore Silver Spring); Paul Mooney (Thursday-Saturday Baltimore Comedy Factory); Dave Attell (Thursday-Sunday DC Improv); Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tide” and “Bad Teacher” available on DVD/Blu-Ray (Tuesday); Maryland Renaissance Festival final weekend (Saturday & Sunday RennFest Fairgrounds Crownsville)

There are few people in the world that GENUINELY make me laugh. Lewis Black is one of those people. (Language NSFW…unless you work in Lewis Black’s office of course.)


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WWE Hell In The Cell Review: 2 New Champs crowned, and People get Arrested!

Posted on 03 October 2011 by Shawn Credle

As evident by starting Wrestlemania with the World Title Match, WWE seems to be experimenting with having a different style of match open the PPVs. This time, it was Sheamus vs. Christian. This match would probably have been either the second or third match on the show traditionally, but was placed as the opener here. Both men worked hard in this match, but it felt like the crowd didn’t get into it until the end.

You think Low-Ki/Kaval regrets leaving now? With the renewed emphasis on faster, more Cruiser-style matches, having an evil Kaval is really needed here. However, we are left with Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara. Having the two share the same name can be really confusing for the live crowd. Who do you cheer for? Perhaps giving the “darker” Sin Cara a new name, and more aggression would give the fans more to get emotionally invested in. Don’t worry, we will see this match again. Raw and SmackDown will be in Mexico City this month. So, I would expect a better performance there.

WWE Tag Team Champions AIR BOOM (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) def. JACK SWAGGER & WWE United States Champion DOLPH ZIGGLER
Outstanding tag match as the reigning champions defeated the two former World Champions. Plenty of near falls and high drama made this match stand out. While the fans can see that WWE is serious about pushing the tag division again, the division needs at least two, preferably four, new teams with feuds in the tag team division that don’t include the titles.

World Heavyweight Champion MARK HENRY def. RANDY ORTON in a Hell in a Cell Match
Great story told by both men here in this match. WWE is making Henry a dominant champion, something that has been missing for a long time. Once again, Mark Henry cleanly pinned Randy Orton. No outside interference needed. The loss won’t hurt Orton at all, as the crowd will always express sympathy when he loses. However, the win will definitely help Mark Henry, as he prepares for main event matches with Orton again, Sheamus probably, and the returning Kane and The Big Show. Perhaps WWE is preparing to present Mark Henry captaining a Survivor Series team against the men he has hurt over the last several months (Orton, Sheamus, Lawler, Kane, and Big Show)?

WWE Intercontinental Champion CODY RHODES def. JOHN MORRISON
This segment will be more remembered for the classic IC Title Belt coming back, more than the match itself. Not that the match was bad, but it was one of those deals where something that should have been made to be special, was just thrown out there at the last minute.

BETH PHOENIX def. KELLY KELLY to become the NEW WWE Divas Champion
Why did it take this long for this result to happen? The fluke win at SummerSlam was OK. But, it shouldn’t have taken Beth three times to defeat Kelly Kelly. Now, the Divas of Doom have the title. Hopefully, WWE will not take the belt off of Phoenix, and allow her to defend against the returning Kharma at WrestleMania, in what could be the Hogan/Andre match of the Divas division.

ALBERTO DEL RIO def. JOHN CENA and CM PUNK in a Hell in a Cell match to become the NEW WWE Champion.
This was a great main event match that had the story that I have always wondered why it took 14 years to do…Make someone pay for being outside the Cell. Having Cena locked outside of the Cell was smart. Watching Cena realized that he was locked out, and could not successfully defend the title (as the key was thrown under the ring by Del Rio) was smart booking. What wasn’t smart was taking the title off of Del Rio in the first place, just to give it back to him. Once again, the Mexico City tour plays a major part here. Having Del Rio go home as Champion gives the visual that WWE is looking for when Raw and SD are there later this month.

Watching The Miz and R-Truth attack everyone afterwards, with the Cell being raised and lowered again, reminded me King of The Ring ’98, when the Cell has lowered and raised during the WWE Title match there. Also, with the unpredictability of the segment (Truth & Miz attacked all three participants), you have to go back to the Original NOW, when they attacked everyone (Four Horsemen and Dungeon of Doom….it didn’t matter). You could go even further to the classic finishes and brawls that Bill Watts used to write for the old UWF Universal Wrestling Federation shows from the 80s. Survivor Series seems to be the focus here again, as it seems that Triple H is going to have to recruit a team to stop these “Outside” attacks. Triple H, The Rock, John Cena, CM Punk, and a mystery partner (a returning Mick Foley to Madison Square Garden would blow the roof off of the place) vs. The Miz, R-Truth, and Kevin Nash (The Outsiders, those fired by Triple H), along with Christian and Cody Rhodes (two men very vocal about Triple H’s reign), or even Dolph Ziggler would make Survivor Series a definite must-see event. The road there would be great as well.

By the way, if The Miz and R-Truth can get arrested for what they did, shouldn’t Triple H have been arrested as well?  Just a question.

Overall thoughts: The pacing and delivery of the show was good. Production was top-notch, as usual. However, I think that, after this year, WWE should eliminate the B-show “themed” PPVs. A long feud, like Randy Orton vs. Christian, should have ended in a Hell In A Cell match. Instead, because the feud started earlier in the year, they couldn’t stretch it out long enough to make this PPV, which is a shame. Perhaps with “WWE Vengeance” coming back, maybe the company will go back to the original B-show PPVs like No Mercy, Backlash, Judgment Day, Unforgiven, etc.

The audience is New Orleans were not as hot as they should have been for hosting a PPV. They seemed burned out before the show even started. Maybe too much celebrating the Saints victory from earlier in the day.

It was good to hear Jim Ross back on PPV commentary. However, WWE must make Ross the lead PBP commentator, in order to ensure that the storyline gets over the way they had intended. Right now, Michael Cole’s character is becoming more of a distraction. There’s a difference with being a heel commentator (like Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan, and Paul Heyman), and being the unnecessary antagonist that Michael Cole has become. The only way this can work in the future is if Triple H fires Michael Cole as well, and Michael Cole returns as the manager for The Miz and R-Truth (and maybe Kevin Nash). Everyone suspects that Vince McMahon is the one behind all of the “Chaos” that is going on since Triple H took over. Putting Michael Cole in that spot would be a huge swerve that no one would see coming.

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 27 September 2011 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: Golf: PGA Tour Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open (Thursday-Sunday 4pm from Las Vegas live on Golf Channel), Champions Tour SAS Championship (Friday-Sunday 7:30pm from Cary, NC on Golf Channel); Preseason NHL: Buffalo Sabres @ Washington Capitals (Friday 7pm Verizon Center), Chicago Blackhawks @ Washington Capitals (Sunday 5pm from Verizon Center live on NHL Network); Canadian Football League: Edmonton Eskimos @ BC Lions (Friday 10:30pm from Vancouver live on NFL Network), Saskatchewan Roughriders @ Calgary Stampeders (Saturday 4pm from Calgary live on NFL Network); WNBA: Eastern Conference Finals Game 3-Atlanta Dream @ Indiana Fever (Tuesday 8pm from Indianapolis live on ESPN2), WNBA Finals: Atlanta/Indiana @ Minnesota (Sunday 8:30pm from Minneapolis live on ESPN); High School Football: Perry Hall @ Kenwood (Friday 7pm), Southern @ Glen Burnie (Friday 6:30pm)

10. Chris Brown (Wednesday 7pm 1st Mariner Arena); Enrique Iglesias/Pitbull (Tuesday 7pm Patriot Center); Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs (Thursday 5:30pm Merriweather Post Pavilion); Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks (Thursday 7pm Rams Head Live); Psychadelic Furs/Tom Tom Club (Thursday 7:30pm Baltimore Soundstage); Phil Vassar (Thursday 6pm & 9pm Rams Head On Stage); Matt Nathanson/Vanessa Carlton (Tuesday/Wednesday 7pm 9:30 Club), The Bridge (Friday 8pm 9:30 Club); George Thorogood & The Destroyers (Sunday 7pm Fillmore Silver Spring); Elvis Costello & The Imposters (Thursday 8pm Warner Theatre), Joe Rogan (Friday 8pm Warner Theatre); Lindsey Buckingham (Friday 8pm Kraushaar Auditorium Goucher College); Bobcat Goldthwait (Thursday-Saturday Baltimore Comedy Factory); Switchfoot “Vice Verses” available in stores/on iTunes (Tuesday)

Wanna impress your old lady? Ray LaMontagne is probably the thing to do the trick…


I REALLY shouldn’t admit to how much I enjoy this new Matt Nathanson tune…


I hope that instead of Lindsey Buckingham actually PLAYING Goucher Saturday night, he’s instead pre-empted by DeAndre Cole…


If you’ve listened to “The Reality Check” on AM1570 WNST.net (and why in the HELL wouldn’t you?), you’ve heard me play the hell out of “Dark Horses” from the new Switchfoot disc. It’s a GREAT football tune…


9. Fells Point Fun Festival (Saturday & Sunday Fells Point); “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” available on DVD/Blu-Ray (Friday); “50/50″ opens in theaters (Friday); Maryland Renaissance Festival (Saturday & Sunday RennFest Fairgrounds Crownsville); Second City: Charmed & Dangerous (Tuesday-Saturday Center Stage)

The thing about Dark of the Moon is that it wasn’t great, but it WAS a chance for us to see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s ass in the opening scenes. That’s pleasant…


And while we’re here, I’m buying in on 50/50. I think it looks like a winner in general. And I tend to be a fan of Seth Rogen’s work…


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WWE Night of Champions Review: 2 New Champions crowned!

Posted on 19 September 2011 by Shawn Credle

WWE World Tag Team Champions AIR BOOM (Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston) def. AWESOME TRUTH (The Miz & R-Truth) via DQ

This was the best match to open the show with.  All four men work very well together.  Now, most fans will have an issue with the finish of the match.  However, having Miz/Truth get DQ’ed sets up for several things: (1)  In order to continue the overhaul of the tag team division, this finish had to happen, in order to set up multiple rematches later on, and (2) Miz/Truth’s beef is with HHH.  Having the referee DQ them adds to the conspiracy, which I’m sure they will discuss tonight on RAW.  The ref works for HHH, the ref DQ’s them, they attack HHH at the end of the night.  Seems like they are creating a lot of feuds that will overlap with other feuds.  All of this should allow them the time they need to establish at least four new teams in the division.  It has been 10 years since the WWE really put an emphasis on the tag division.  Right now, they are off to a decent start.

WWE Intercontinental Champion CODY RHODES def. TED DIBIASE

This was a solid match.  The problem was that it felt like a bonus match.  There was a lot of buildup to this match.  For the last several months, we watched the problems between the two escalate, until the fight finally broke out between them.  However, instead of announcing that Cody would be defending the title against DiBiase either 2 weeks before, or even on the “go-home” episode of SmackDown the Friday before the PPV, the match was announced on WWE.com.  The crowd just didn’t seem to care.  Maybe, that’s because the company didn’t seem to care to announce that this match was happening.

WWE United States Champion DOLPH ZIGGLER def. JACK SWAGGER, JOHN MORRISON, and ALEX RILEY in a Fatal Four Way match

While I thought that the match was entertaining, it was the outcome that I thought should have been different.  In addition to pushing the tag team division, WWE is also looking to bring “Managers” back into the fold, starting with Vickie Guerrero.  The best outcome here would have been Swagger winning the title and joining Vickie’s stable.  That would have allowed Ziggler to move into the WWE Title Picture.  When the company needs a great TV match against a World Champion, they go to Dolph Ziggler, who has hit homeruns in his television matches against Cena, Edge, and Orton.  Having Vickie explain to both of them in the back that everything is OK, and she will lead both of them to championships, would have been a great way to re-establish how important a manager-led stable can be.

Perhaps for future Night of Champions events, since it seems to be a struggle to add people to the PPV, WWE could have two Scramble matches, one for the U.S. Title and the other for the I.C. Title.


Honestly, they got this one right.  With the way WWE has been presenting Mark Henry over the last several months, having him destroy Randy Orton to win the title was the only way they should have gone.  Orton is very limited with who he has to work with right now (as they have exhausted the Orton vs. Christian feud).  With Mark Henry as champion, he can face Orton in rematches, Sheamus (they never had a decisive winner in that feud), a returning Big Show (who was injured by Henry), and a returning Kane (who was also injured by Henry).  They could even throw in Christian, only because he whines about wanting one more match.

Mark Henry has done everything right over the last year.  His promos have been intense.  And he is destroying people, like the World’s Strongest Man is supposed to do.  I see Mark Henry remaining champion until WrestleMania.  People will grow tired of him.  Fans will really start to hate him.  And that should give WWE the monster “pop” that they are looking for when Daniel Bryan cashes in the briefcase and wins the World Title there.


There’s something about having a title match in someone’s hometown.  It really makes the crowd get emotionally invested in the match.  And that is what happened here as the Buffalo crowd supported Phoenix.  However, Wrestling Rule 101 says that nine times out of ten, the hometown favorite will lose.  The Hardys lost TLC in Carolina, Cena lost in Boston, Edge lost Toronto, Zack Ryder wasn’t even booked for the 3-hour RAW in Long Island.  You see the pattern here?  On occasion, the hometown favorite will win, like William Regal in England or Trish Stratus in Toronto.  But, for Beth Phoenix, that would not be the case.  Give credit to both women for working really hard in this match.  Kelly Kelly could be next in line to win the Trish Stratus/Candice Michelle Most Improved Award.  This was definitely her best match ever.  And a lot of the credit goes to Beth Phoenix.  Now, most fans hated the finish which saw Phoenix lose again.  However, I think that they will take the unusual step of allowing these women to compete once again at the next PPV.  Only this time, inside Hell In A Cell, a first for the Divas.  Now that would create a lot of interest for the Divas division, as they await for Kharma’s return in early 2012.


Why have Cena lose the title to Punk, only to get it back a few weeks later from a wounded Rey Mysterio?  Why have Cena lose the title to Punk again, only to regain it a month later from ADR?  Hmmmm!  There’s that “pattern” again.  One would think that the WWE is nervous about leaving the title around the waist of someone other than John Cena.  However, Cena’s WrestleMania match with The Rock doesn’t need the WWE Title to make it special. So, giving the title back to Cena here didn’t make a lot of sense, unless…… Alberto Del Rio regains the title when RAW is live from Mexico City next month, or ADR regains the title at Hell In a Cell, and defends it successfully at the Mexico City RAW.

Conspiracy theorists would say that this will be the last title reign for Cena, for a while anyway, because Cena is one reign behind Triple H for most title reigns all-time, and four behind Ric Flair.  Now, obviously, we know that this will not be Cena’s last run with the title.  But, what about CM Punk?  The #1 contender match only stipulated that the winner would get the first shot at ADR at Night of Champions.  HHH never said that the loser wouldn’t get a shot at all.  Could we be headed to a Cena/Punk Hell In A Cell Match, or a 3-way Hell In A Cell with ADR?  We should find out tonight on RAW.

TRIPLE H def. CM PUNK in a No-Disqualification Match

Given all of the outside forces that surrounded this match (Miz, Truth, Nash, Laurinaitis), you knew that some, if not, all of them were going get involved.  And that is exactly what happened.  Once HHH announced that his COO title was on the line, there was no doubt that Punk was going to lose.  But both Punk and HHH delivered last night.  And yes, Hunter made Punk look strong by needing Kevin Nash’s Jackknife Powerbomb and multiple Pedigrees to finally knock out Punk.  But, the WWE must be careful here.  Punk is leading the “change” in WWE.  He is clearly the most talked about superstar in the company today.  At some point, WWE is going to have to show that Punk can back up his words.

The last person to push for “change” in WWE was Stone Cold Steve Austin.  When Austin became Stone Cold, his losses were few and far between.   It seems like Punk hasn’t won a match since he signed his new WWE contract.  Maybe, the WWE is creating a situation where the losses will be used as fuel to the fire that burns inside of CM Punk.  Now, when he is allowed to show that fire, that’s when you’ll see the fans go wild.  At least, that is what they hope will happen.


Overall, this was an OK show.  While there were two major title changes on the show, nothing really stood out as something memorable here.  With Hell In A Cell only two weeks away, maybe the WWE was saving those “moments” for there.  Then again, maybe WWE has too many PPVs on their schedule right now.

And by the way, did anyone notice that the main event of Night of Champions, was not for any of the Championships in the company?

What were your thoughts on the show?

And don’t forget, tickets are on sale now for WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, PPV in Baltimore at the First Mariner Arena in December!

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