Forget The World Cup, Wimbledon Is Where It’s At

June 23, 2010 |

I can honestly say I never thought that I would miss out on watching a World Cup soccer game to tune into a tennis match, but there is always a first time for everything.

I think it’s fair to say that American John Isner and Frenchman Nicolas Mahut are the most even competitors in tennis history. After having their match delayed last night due to darkness the two took the court for what was assumed to be a quick fifth set to decide the match, but 7 hours, 6 minutes later the two were dead locked at 59 games a piece before having the match delayed once again for darkness.

The previous record for the longest match wast just 6 hours and 33 minutes. The incomplete fifth set has topped that mark already as the match was gone on for exactly 10 hours so far.

This type of match is why I love sports. It is two athletes putting everything they have into their sport in order to continue in a lose and go home situation. Neither guy looked to be breaking, however, a delay in the middle of a set could change the entire complexion of a match.

The match will continue tomorrow, giving more people a chance to watch history.