Murray Federer Preview

July 07, 2012 | Jeffrey Gilley

Fred Perry and Bunny Austin are two names that have been ringing in Andy Murray’s head ever since Murray turned pro in 2004.  Perry and Austin were the last two men to make the Wimbledon final.  Perry was the last to win Wimbledon in 1936 and Austin reached the final in 1938 but fell to American Don Budge in three sets.

If all the pressure to just reach the final wasn’t enough, Murray now faces the greatest tennis player of all time in Roger Federer.  The odds are not in Murray’s favor as this will be Murray’s fourth major final ever.  This contrasts to Federer who has been in 24 Grand Slam finals, including a record ten straight finals appearances.

Federer beat Novak Djokovic in the semifinals, winning in four sets.  Federer looked five years younger as he dismantled Djokovic from the start.  Novak’s game revolves around movement and Federer, the six-time champion was agressive enough to make sure the points did not last very long and therefore, neutralized Novak’s game.  When the points did last longer, Djokovic had the obvious advantage and won a vast majority of the points.

For Murray to win, he must put all the pressure he is under in the back of his mind.  Having played tennis for eight years, I can easily say that the mental aspect of tennis is easily the most difficult.  Although the crowd will be rooting for Murray, I dont think many expect Murray to win.

If Murray does win, he will have beaten one of, if not the greatest tennis player of all time at his own game and at the same time, will become a legend in England.

Murray’s biggest issue has been the mental aspect of the game.  He completely falls appart mentally when he is not playing to the standard he has set for himself.  Because of that, he loses confidence and makes poor decisions in terms of shot choice and location.  He must realize that the crowd does not expect him to win and in the end, will be content with the result should Federer win.

Murray leads the overall series between the two, winning eight of 15 matches.  But, Federer has had the upper hand as of late, winning five of their last seven matches.

This will be the first time Murray and Federer have met on a surface other then a hard court.  Obviously, this favors Federer.

Can Murray beat the six-time Wimbledon Champion and become a legend in England?  The task is daunting but Murray can win if he plays one of the best matches of his career.

I see Federer winning the match in four sets.  Federer is far too mentally and physically tough for Murray to handle.