Top 10 Baseball Distractions

August 22, 2011 | Glenn Clark

8. Pro Wrestling: MCW Aggravated Assault (Saturday 7pm New Green Room Dundalk)

“Robbie E” from TNA is making an appearance at Aggravated Assault. I assume from pictures that “Robbie E” is a knockoff of a Jersey Shore character.

I’d like to tell you that I don’t know much about Jersey Shore. I would be lying however.

I honest to God should NOT be admitting here that I genuinely find Pauly D & Vinnie to be pretty funny…

7. High School Football: Maryland Christian School @ Gilman (Friday 4pm), Friends @ St. Mary’s-Ryken (Friday 7:30pm)

In the past, I would use the High School Football part of T10BD to post one of those “Jailbait” pictures featuring an underage gal in a swimsuit. It was a dangerous line.

These days, I’m the Program Director here at WNST and I’m expected to be a responsible part of the local media community.

So no more “Jailbait” posts for Glenn Clark. None. You have my word.

Instead, I’d like to take this time to introduce you to 16 year old singer Courtney Stodden, who recently married 51 year old “Lost” actor Doug Hutchinson.


Yes, that’s a 16 year old (married to a 51 year old) posing in a Pamela Anderson “Baywatch” bathing suit.

I told you…no more “Jailbait” pictures. I’m so much better than that.

6. Auto Racing: NASCAR Irwin Tools Night Race (Saturday 7:30pm from Bristol, TN live on ABC); IndyCar Series Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma (Sunday 4pm from Sonoma, CA live on VERSUS)

Former The Price is Right “Bob Barker’s Beauty” Maryeve Dufault made her NASCAR Nationwide Series debut over the weekend in Montreal. I hear her result wasn’t impressive, but there’s absolutely no chance you even remotely care.

Instead, you’d like to take a closer look at Dufault. You know, to find out more about what she brings to the table as a driver…


5. Golf: PGA Tour FedEx Cup Playoffs-The Barclays (Thursday & Friday 3pm live on Golf Channel Saturday 1pm live on Golf Channel 3pm live on CBS Sunday 12pm live on Golf Channel 2pm live on CBS. All golf from Edison, NJ), Champions Tour Boeing Classic (Friday & Saturday 6:30pm Sunday 7pm from Snoqualmie, WA live on Golf Channel), LPGA Tour Canadian Women’s Open (Thursday 6:30pm Saturday 3pm Sunday 2pm from Mirabel, Quebec, Canada live on Golf Channel)

Some guy named Williams McGirt made it into the golf “playoffs”.

I’m serious. Stop laughing.

I don’t know a THING about Wiliams McGirt…well, you know, other than the fact that I used to be a big fan of his brother Dirt.


I’m sure ODB will be pulling for his little bro from Hip-Hop Heaven.