Top 10 Baseball Distractions

November 22, 2011 | Glenn Clark

8. Canadian Football League: Grey Cup-Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. British Columbia Lions (Sunday 6pm from Vancouver live on

I have a soft spot for the Grey Cup.

While I was actually a month old when the Orioles claimed their last World Series title (1983) and I’ve seen a Super Bowl and NCAA Championship in hoops for the Terrapins later in my life, the Grey Cup for the Baltimore Stallions was the first real championship moment I ever celebrated. Seeing this picture of Mike Pringle still makes me feel a bit gooey inside.

It makes me even happier remembering how much everyone in Canada hated it…

God I loved that team.

7. Video Games: WWE 12 available in stores (Tuesday)

Randy Orton joined Thyrl Nelson Monday on “The Mobtown Sports Beat” on AM1570 to discuss the release of the game, you can check that out in the Audio Vault here at

Enough about Randy Orton. Apparently the Bella Twins are in the video game. That’s neat…

6. Tennis: ATP World Tour Finals (Tuesday-Saturday 7am & 1pm live on Tennis Channel, Sunday 10:30am live on Tennis Channel 12:30pm live on ESPN2. All tennis from London)

No Andy Roddick in this tournament, but for some reason I’ll admit I still get stoked for the photo of the 8 men involved…

Go Mardy Fish.

5. College Football: Maryland @ North Carolina State (Saturday 12:30pm from Raleigh live on ACC Network-WJZ 13 in Charm City); Arkansas @ LSU (Friday 2:30pm from Baton Rouge, LA live on CBS)

Much like last week against Wake Forest, there’s absolutely no reason for anyone to watch the Terps battle the Wolfpack Saturday. Unless of course you’re willing to actually make the trip to NCSU, where there are many Bojangles nearby…

In fact, just go to North Carolina this weekend. Don’t bother with the football game. It won’t be any good anyway. Just go to Bojangles, rinse, repeat.