Top 10 Baseball Distractions

November 22, 2011 | Glenn Clark

4. NHL: Winnipeg Jets @ Washington Capitals (Wednesday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals (Friday 4pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet/NHL Network), Washington Capitals @ Buffalo Sabres (Saturday 7pm from Buffalo live on Comcast SportsNet)

If you’re like me and you were (mostly) not even aware of the fact that the National Hockey League season had even started, let me catch you up on a few things.

1-The Washington Capitals have been good but not great, and it apparently has something to do with Alex Ovechkin being good but not great. As someone who despises the Redskins (and the things Redskins fans enjoy), I wish he would be piss poor if not completely awful.

2-Sidney Crosby returned from a long layoff after suffering a concussion last season. He immediately scored two goals. He plays for Pittsburgh so he can piss off too.

3-Wayne Gretzky may or may not be trying to buy the Toronto Maple Leafs.

4-Nickelback sucks.

That is all.

3. College Basketball: Florida Gulf Coast @ Maryland (Friday 7pm from Comcast Center live on; Oregon State @ Towson (Saturday 2pm Towson Center); Florida Gulf Coast @ Loyola (Sunday 12pm Reitz Arena)

As you may know, Saturday’s game against the Beavers is a pretty big deal for Pat Skerry’s Tigers. When Craig Robinson comes to town, there are a lot of rumors floating around about a special guest that could be making a visit to Towson Center. You may know him as “The Commander in Chief”…

I can’t confirm that I’ll be wearing the O’s jacket, but I’m seriously thinking about coming out. I assume that will be enough to inspire the Tigers to their first win of the season, right?

(Oh yeah. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are also rumored to be coming to the game since Robinson in Michelle’s brother. But…do you really think that would be a bigger deal than ol’ GMC popping by?)

2. High School Football: Turkey Bowl-Calvert Hall/Loyola (Thursday 10am Unitas Stadium); MPSSAA Playoffs: 4A Semifinal Catonsville @ Old Mill (Friday 7pm), 3A Semifinal River Hill @ Aberdeen (Friday 7pm), 2A Semifinal Edmondson @ Middletown (Friday 7pm) 1A Semifinal Perryville @ Fort Hill (Saturday 1pm Greenway Avenue Stadium), Dunbar @ Overlea (Friday 7pm CCBC-Essex)

My father (the great Tom Clark) is an Overlea alum, much like the great Jamie Costello from ABC2. I’ll be pulling for them…but…you know…I don’t necessarily have a great feeling about it.

In other underage news, Justin Bieber took a paternity test to hopefully prove he didn’t father the child of  fan. Or hopefully to prove he did. What the hell do I know? I’m just a guy.

That reminds me that his girlfriend (Selena Gomez) is OLDER than 18. That makes it okay for me to post this picture. (I probably would have done it anyway.)

1. NFL: San Francisco 49ers @ Baltimore Ravens (Thursday 8:20pm from M&T Bank Stadium live on NFL Network/WBAL11)

I like John Harbaugh. I like Jim Harbaugh. I guess I’ll support whichever Harbaugh is the first to raise a sword.

I believe I just chose my Harbaugh in a very appropriate way.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…