Top 10 Baseball Distractions

January 16, 2012 | Glenn Clark

8. NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder @ Washington Wizards (Wednesday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Denver Nuggets @ Washington Wizards (Friday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet PLUS), Boston Celtics @ Washington Wizards (Sunday 1pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet/NBA TV), Washington Wizards @ Philadelphia 76ers (Monday 7pm from Philly live on Comcast SportsNet)

If you haven’t heard, Thunder forward Kevin Durant will be starring in an upcoming film called “Thunderstruck.” The movie is apparently NOT actually about the making of an AC/DC stadium anthem, but instead about a basketball player and a 14 year old boy going through a “body switch.”

Because…you know…body switch flicks are always so awesome.

I don’t necessarily think “Thunderstruck” will be the greatest movie of all time. I don’t even think it will be the greatest basketball movie of all time. But that’s pretty tough competition…

This was a movie that alleged Shawn Bradley was talented. I’m still LOL-ing about that.

7. College Football: East West Shrine Game (Saturday 4pm from St. Petersburg live on NFL Network), AstroTurf NFLPA Collegiate Bowl (Saturday 6pm from Carson, CA live on NBC Sports Network)

Since switching over from VERSUS, it appears NBC has big plans for their new sports network. This week alone they have hockey, a boxing match between two fighters who have never even heard of themselves and the collegiate All-Star Game no one wanted to watch!

Then again, this is the same network that decided to dump this…

In favor of this…

We have to be approaching the end of humanity, don’t we?

6. NHL: New York Islanders @ Washington Capitals (Tuesday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Washington Capitals @ Montreal Canadiens (Wednesday 7:30pm from Montreal live on Comcast SportsNet PLUS), Washington Capitals @ Carolina Hurricanes (Friday 7pm from Raleigh live on Comcast SportsNet), Washington Capitals @ Pittsburgh Penguins (Sunday 12:30pm from Pittsburgh live on NBC)

I always hate these matchups because I despise DC and I despise the Steel City. I just feel like we’re all losers in this matchup.

By the way, do the Penguins know they got rid of Mike Comrie? He’s married to Hilary freaking Duff! How do you let him go?

5. Soccer: Team USA women vs. Dominican Republic (Friday 10:30pm from Vancouver live on Universal Sports), Venezuela @ Team USA (Saturday 9pm from Glendale, AZ live on; MISL: Norfolk SharX @ Baltimore Blast (Friday 7:35pm 1st Mariner Arena)

That’s so logical. America and the Dominican squaring off in Canada. I had sorta figured that was going to be the case all along.

So…soccer. I accidentally saw part of the MLS SuperDraft last week. The whole thing was awful except I kinda think soccer scarves are cool. So with Euro 2012 looming, here’s what you can get me for Presidents Day this year…