Top 10 Baseball Distractions

February 14, 2012 | Glenn Clark

8. Tennis: ATP Tour SAP Open (Saturday 4pm & 10:30pm Sunday 6pm from San Jose live on Tennis Channel); Grand Slam Tennis 2 available on XBox360/PS3 (Tuesday)

Tennis star (and Mrs. Andre Agassi) Steffi Graf once posed for the SI Swimsuit Issue. Kate Upton is your new SI Swimsuit Issue cover girl. See what I did there???

7. NBA: Washington Wizards @ Portland Trailblazers (Tuesday 10pm from Portland live on Comcast SportsNet), Washington Wizards @ Los Angeles Clippers (Wednesday 10:30pm from LA live on Comcast SportsNet), Washington Wizards @ Utah Jazz (Friday 9pm from Salt Lake City live on Comcast SportsNet PLUS), Washington Wizards @ Phoenix Suns (Monday 9pm from Phoenix live on Comcast SportsNet PLUS)

I’m such a nerdy Phoenix Suns fan that you can COUNT on me finally watching a ‘Zards game next Monday at 9pm. In the meantime, here’s a very so-so dunk effort from Blake Griffin to tide you over until he certainly posterizes Javale McGee Wednesday night…

6. NHL: Washington Capitals @ Florida Panthers (Friday 7:30pm from Sunrise, FL live on Comcast SportsNet), Washington Capitals @ Tampa Bay Lightning (Saturday 7pm from Tampa Bay live on Comcast SportsNet), Washington Capitals @ Carolina Hurricanes (Monday 7:30pm from Raleigh, NC live on NBC Sports Network/Comcast SportsNet)

The Caps both stink and play in DC, so I have little interest in discussing anything about them. Instead, here’s a picture of the Alice Cooper bobblehead the Phoenix Coyotes are giving away soon. I’ve never wanted anything any more in my life.

I’m not kidding. If I don’t get one of these cancel Christmas.

5. Auto Racing: NASCAR Budweiser Shootout (Saturday 8pm from Daytona, FL live on FOX)

Because I’m not sure who’s good in NASCAR (how do you think Dale Jarrett will do this year?), here’s two pictures of myself that are somehow related to racing.

Here’s a picture of a guy kissing the bricks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway despite the fact that he has never won anything ever…

And also here’s me drinking a beer out of a mug made of ice in front of the Art Jones Baltimore Ravens car at Indy. That’s all I’ve got today.