Top 10 Baseball Distractions

February 21, 2012 | Glenn Clark


4. NFL Scouting Combine (Saturday-Monday from Indianapolis live on NFL Network. Coverage during “The Reality Check” on AM1570 Thursday & Friday 2pm)

Trust me when I say I don’t really have any interest in making a second trip to Indianapolis in the span of four weeks. But since I have to go meet the men who will become the next class of Baltimore Ravens, I might as well enjoy myself.

My buddy Patrick Stevens from the Washington Times (a frequent contributor to “The Reality Check”) has recommended I stop by a place called Dick’s Bodacious BBQ, which is popular in Indiana. After one Google Image Search, I’m all in…

I’m pretty trustworthy of Patrick’s judgment. During our trip to Charlottesville, we wandered into this joint…

It might actually be even better than you’d imagine.

3. College Basketball: Miami @ Maryland (Tuesday 8pm from Comcast Center live on ACC Network-WNUV 54 locally in Charm City), Maryland @ Georgia Tech (Saturday 2:30pm from Atlanta live on ACC Network-WNUV 54 locally in Charm City); Morgan State @ Coppin State (Wednesday 7:30pm Coppin State Physical Education Complex); Morgan State @ UMES (Saturday 4pm Hytche Center); Loyola @ Rider (Friday 7pm from Lawrenceville, NJ live on ESPNU); Boston University @ UMBC (Wednesday 7pm RAC Arena)

Maryland-Georgia Tech, eh? I believe it was exactly two years ago Monday that the Terps and Yellow Jackets got together and Cliff Tucker sent them home…


2. Auto Racing: NASCAR Gatorade Duels (Thursday 1pm from Daytona, FL live on SPEED), Daytona 500 (Sunday 12pm from Daytona, FL live on FOX)

The season technically got underway Saturday night with the Budweiser Shootout. I’m not trying to pretend like I know anything about NASCAR, but I know there was a spectacular wreck involving Jeff Gordon…

I also know Danica Patrick…I’m just gonna stop there…

1. NBA: All-Star Game (Sunday 7:30pm from Orlando live on TNT), All-Star Saturday Night (Saturday 8pm from Orlando live on TNT), BBVA Rising Stars Challenge (Friday 9pm from Orlando live on TNT); Sacramento Kings @ Washington Wizards (Wednesday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet)

Here’s the SNL Jeremy Lin video. It’s better than anything you’ll see Sunday night…

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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  1. barnyard Says:

    G.C. What’s with the pic of the NASCAR & no story? I for one & there are thousands like me in the area who are race fans. I like the stocks, F-1 & open wheel racing but your station & a few others never give props to racing. Is this because you are more ignorant & less knowledgable than the peope who occasionaly watch the sport you accuse or is it you just don’t care for the sport? I will take a boring turn left & race @ 150mph any day over an Orioles game, a Capitals, Wizards gane anyday of the wk or year. There is a lot of calculating that takes place in NASCAR racing that would appear banal to the occasional viewer but other than the “Big wreck” which most casual fans tune in for, It is a sport that requires brains, skill, stamina & committment. This is surely something I haven’t seen lately from an Orioles team, Crapitals or Gizzards. P.S. On any given day, a NASCAR or F-1 race will outdraw any football, baseball game in the country. Crowds of 100k plus are not uncommon. The Daytona 500 has over 250k alone.

  2. Matt Says:

    NASCAR sucks.

  3. Paul from Towson Says:

    Glenn, Danica Patrick could lose every race for the rest of her life and as long as she wears bikinis…she will always be a winner in my book. Keep up the great work, my friend. Keep flexing.

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