Top 10 Baseball Distractions

April 03, 2012 | Glenn Clark

4. NBA: Indiana Pacers @ Washington Wizards (Wednesday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Washington Wizards @ Detroit Pistons (Thursday 7:30pm from Auburn Hills, MI live on Comcast SportsNet PLUS), Washington Wizards @ New Jersey Nets (Friday 7:30pm from Newark live on Comcast SportsNet), Washington Wizards @ Charlotte Bobcats (Monday 7pm from Charlotte live on Comcast SportsNet)

“Is Wizards season almost over?” asks a guy who isn’t entirely certain of when Wizards season actually began.

Hey-Thiago Splitter and Aberdeen’s own Gary Neal from the San Antonio Spurs did a commercial together recently. “It’s absolutely freaking fantastic” said the guy who loves utterly bizarre commercials.

There had better be a sequel.

3. NHL: Florida Panthers @ Washington Capitals (Thursday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Washington Capitals @ New York Rangers (Saturday 6:30pm from New York live on NBC Sports Network); College Ice Hockey-Frozen Four: Union (New York) vs. Ferris State (Thursday 4:30pm from Tampa Bay live on ESPNU), Boston College vs. Minnesota (Thursday 8pm from Tampa Bay live on ESPN2), NCAA Championship Game (Saturday 7pm from Tampa Bay live on ESPN2)

Which was better: The Philadelphia Flyers/Pittsburgh Penguins brawl Sunday…

Or this brawl between the Milwaukee Admirals and the Rockford IceHogs?…

Keep in mind, one of the teams involved in the second brawl is named the ICEHOGS. Shouldn’t that be worth like eleventy billion points?

And also, go Coyotes.

2. College Lacrosse: Albany @ Johns Hopkins (Thursday 7pm Homewood Field); Navy @ Maryland (Friday 7pm Byrd Stadium); UMBC @ Towson (Wednesday 7:30pm from Unitas Stadium live on AM1570, Towson @ UMass (Saturday 1pm from Amherst, MA live on AM1570; St. Mary’s (MD) @ Stevenson (Wednesday 7pm Mustang Stadium), Denison @ Stevenson (Saturday 3:30pm Mustang Stadium)

I’ll be at Towson Wednesday night to see the Tigers, who are now back in the Top 20.

I’ll also be pulling for the Terps Friday night against the Midshipmen.

AND I’ll probably spend part of this week looking at pictures of Nina Minami. It’s going to be a big week for me in general…

1. Golf: The Masters (Par 3 Contest Wednesday 3pm live on ESPN, Thursday & Friday 3pm live on ESPN, Saturday 3:30pm Sunday 2pm live on CBS. All golf from Augusta, GA)

I couldn’t fake interest in The Masters to you (unless Tiger Woods is involved on Sunday. Or maybe Rory McIlroy. Or perhaps Chi Chi Rodriguez.), but I do know ONE thing I’m all in on…

The Pimento Cheese Sandwich from Augusta. PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE get me one or twelve.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…